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Management-Buy-Out (MBO) of a Medical Supply Company in Subang Jaya

General Business Activities

xxxxxx was established in 2002 and currently paves the way as one of the market leaders in medical equipment supplies in Malaysia. xxxxxxx’s success can be partly attributed to its strong partnerships with European and American brands, whom allow xxxxxx to act as an authorized representative in the Malaysian market. This officially allows xxxxxx to provide customers with a total solutions package for medical supplies, which includes importing, sales and after care services.

A loyal customer base of over 13 years has given xxxx the opportunity to continuously expand and increase its range of products and services. A key element of securing this customer base rests with the professional after care service provided by xxxxx, steadfastly committed and efficient.

Company Strategy

  • Purpose To be a leader in providing a total solutions package of medical supplies
  • Vision To provide quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers
  • Mission statement To build long term relationships with our customers & clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology

Core values: We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith; we grow through creativity, invention and innovation; we integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functions

Goals: Regional expansion in the field of medical supplies and develop a strong base of key customers. To continue to increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services.

Scope of Work

Supplies of medical/dental imaging equipment to hospitals, universities and private clinics in West Malaysia, with a focus on Klang Valley , Melaka, Johor. xxxxxx is currently engaging in business development activities on the island of Penang.

Financial Considerations

xxxxxx sets realistic but equally challenging sales target every year. These goals take into consideration the global economic outlook, currency exchange rates and the various taxes imposed by the government of Malaysia. xxxxx has met an annual increase of 20% in sales volume, raking in over RM2.8 million in sales in 2015 alone. Access to audited account information is available upon request.

Business Proposal 

I am xxxxxx the Business Development Manager for xxxxxx, I am also a minority shareholder in xxxxxx, I have been working in xxxxxx for 7 years now and I have developed this company from RM250,000 total sales to RM2.8million as of last year total sales. This amount comes from only 1 kind of product which is imaging (e.g. X-Ray Equipment)

I have an idea to change xxxxxx from an Imaging company to a Total medical/dental healthcare service provider. For this Idea we need larger investments but the returns are much higher.

What I am requesting from investor is that you buy out the majority share of the current company boss and sit as a major shareholder, and I’ll continue working here for you to manage the business with more investments I can assure you we can make more money.

The current owners are willing to sell it for RM600,000 this includes all licensing documents as you can see below , Brands that the company holds and also 2 cars worth RM300,000 it’s an Honda Accord and a BMW 320I

Once this is done you’ll hold 80% stake in the company and it would be great if I can hold remainder 30% stake as your good will. I will take this business into another level.

What the investment that I would require is RM1 Million. This amount will be used mainly to purchase stocks from suppliers and I have a method to get better pricing from suppliers if we purchase in Bulk all our equipment’s does not have an expiry date so your investments are safe unlike opening a restaurant or hotel where you need so spend money on renovation and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll make your money back.

Please take note that not all 1 million will be used to purchase stocks, In terms of this investment I would like you to control the funds and I’ll manage the business and grow it for you and for me at the same time.

In the first year of you coming I would like to change to look of xxxxxx, I would like give it a more fresh look, at the same time concentrate on quality and after sales service.

CANTIKA.COM: Premier Health & Cosmetic Hub


E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing fields of business in the world. The usage of Internet around the world has grown over 400% from year 2000 to the year 2015 and keep on increasing year on year with healthy growth. Revenue in the Malaysian “e-Commerce” market amounts to USD 1,199.8 Billion in 2016 and revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (2016-2020) of 24.30% resulting in a market volume of USD 2,864.0 Billion in 2020. User penetration is at 58.35% in 2016 and is expected to hit 77.31% in 2020. The average revenue per user currently amounts to USD 87.93.

In Malaysia, 80% of the people aged between 18-45 are Internet users. These numbers encourage companies to build websites and to come up with new ways of serving their customers online. In many cases in B2C businesses this means creating an online store or a “web store”. In addition the number of companies that operate almost fully through the Internet
is growing all the time. One of the most hype and most trade item on social media platform is local health & cosmetics  products. Although our local brands and product still not up to international standard but trust me the demand is huge in Malaysia and local Malaysian support local brands and no wonder this industry gave birth to many Millionaires. Although the demand is huge, the amount of web stores selling LOCAL health & cosmetic product is minimal. We have been looking up these stores and have found out that these local stores are almost unknown and the execution of these online stores is quite poor.

We have great knowledge in wide aspects of business and provide an excellent platform for entrepreneurship career in cosmetic & beauty industry. We believe in what we do and by having E-Commerce platform, it will increase the quality of our local brands to be at par with international brand standard and at the same time tapped a market demand that is huge and are able execute with minimal investment. This business plan is for an online health & cosmetic store called CANTIKA.COM

All stars fitness at USJ Selangor

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 250k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Existing operational and profitable business with a readily available client base. The fitness centre is located in a residential and corporate offices.
Business Opportunity The current business owners are diverting into other industries hence this is a great opportunity to take over the operating facility.
Revenue / Business Model This business makes profits through membership packages and personal training packages.
Management Team Existing team
Company Background Current fitness centre have been operating for three years.
Funding Milestone RM400,000 required to fund the leasing deposits and tenancy agreement deposits.
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 2years
Risks and Mitigation The risk is not being able to achieve the sales as inferred in to forecasted PnL. However, this can be mitigated wig good management and sales team. Continuous monitoring of monthly sales and the staff base is also important.
Exit Strategies 2 years upon signing the agreement.
Company Name xxxxx
Business Address USJ
Contact Person Waran

DocWeb – Websites for doctors

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Helping Doctors build relationships with patients through Professional Websites & Videos

Today websites are primarily the most efficient way people market their products and services. However, when it comes to medical practitioners, all over the world, it seems to be an aberration. Medical practitioners seldom have their own websites (barring a few in developed countries like US & UK) to promote their services or educate their patients. Ask a doctor why he gets less patients/ is not so popular than his competitor who gets the celebrity patients & is seen on TV shows….he/she will definitely say that they can’t market themselves well enough though they have the best training and similar experience (if not better). This is a pain point for all doctors (even the ones who gets the TV interviews).

We do see several listing directories, clinics and hospitals having their own websites and using the Internet wisely. But none from doctors!

Our research showed that Drs. don’t have their websites because it’s too much of a hassle to create and maintain one; leaving aside the huge investment one has to make for web development, patient education video production, translation services and regular updates.

That’s only half of the problem though. Getting a website up & running means calling up vendors, selecting pictures, giving briefs and then checking every aspect of the output leading to huge of loss of man-hours, which otherwise would have been put on taking care of patients and saving lives (read: earning a livelihood). will be a unique Subscription Based Web Development, Patient Education, Translating, Hosting and Maintenance model for doctors. It is designed to be quick, cost efficient and hassle-free for the people who make our lives better.

Business Opportunity There are 65,000 doctors in Malaysia. But none have their own website! Why?

The challenge faced by Doctors:

The Internet is critical to drive business for doctors. You need to:
– Build Awareness: search and mobile optimised website with patient education videos.
– Drive Engagement: high definition graphics and copy
– Exude professionalism and trustworthiness

Optimising customer interaction
– Contact management of patients
– Scheduling appointments with automatic reminders

Problems with Current Solutions (boutique creative agencies)

Local Developer:
– Variable quality, customer service, and competence – you don’t know what you are paying for!
– Rarely developer knows design, security, servers.
– They don’t have a library of videos to provide or exhibit.
– High costs and risk of developer going out of business

Do It Yourself (DIY) Tools:
– DIY is hard. Most doctors are not experts in design or web applications
– Server Scaling: Do you know how to backup your site?
– DIY is not free. Costs include:
– Doctor’s time (7-10 hours minimum)
– And of course no videos, none or limited stock images
– Localisation & customisation is not possible

Docweb will charge doctors a subscription fee for developing their websites, including patient education videos, hosting on high speed dedicated servers, translation services, regular updates and periodic maintenance for a subscription fee ranging from RM 200 to RM 500 per month.

Our process: A sales person will visit the doctor (either through cold calling or knocking like a medical rep. or through Demo Request on our website). He will then explain the process to the doctor and close the sale.
1. The Dr. chooses his plan (RM 200, RM 350, RM 500 per month)
2. Accept our terms & conditions & sign up with his credit card, email, phone no.
3. Fill up a form (normally takes 10 minutes) which will have all the details of his practise, credentials, specialties etc.
4. Provide his photograph or make an appointment for a professional photographer to drop in (for premium subscribers only, otherwise chargeable)
5. Have a look at several reference websites on the sales person’s laptop – and indicate which one he/she likes or give his own recommendations.
6. Choose the catch lines which best describe his practice or give us his own Punch-Line (e.g. “The Kidney Stone Specialist” or the Cardiologist with 15 years of experience” etc.). We will have a list of punchlines for him to choose from as well.
7. Choose the videos from our library
8. Supply us his own videos/ images/ certificates which he wish to put on the site in a pen-drive or email.
9. Within 1 day, we will call/ mail the Dr. with suggested available names for his website.
10. Within next 5 days the Dr. receives a call & an email with a link to view his site
11. Once he has seen it, he can suggest changes online or speak to our sales person/ customer service
12. If no changes & he is happy with the site, he just clicks on “Accept”.
13. Within the next hour the website will be hosted on our server.

Revenue / Business Model Average subscription amount: RM 300

Every month each sales person adds 10 new subscribers and we have 2 sales persons we will reach around 240 subscribers within a year of operations.
A team of 2-3 HTML designers, 1 IT Administrator, Video Production Team (3 members) and a General Manager will be required to manage the business.

Within 5 years of operations DocWeb can conservatively estimate around 1200 subscribers with revenues of 4.3 million per annum.
The cost would however remain low as the increase in number of NEW subscribers will be managed with the existing team and minimal increase in cost.

The profit margin will gradually increase to around 55% of total revenue.

A detailed financial plan can be submitted upon request.

Management Team Arunava Deb – Co-Founder & CEO, Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd.
– 15 years in Medical Device Industry primarily with German Multi-National company – B. Braun Medical
– Experience in business management, team management, product management, marketing & corporate communicationsHamish Gilbert – Co-Founder & Head of Creative, Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd.
HAMISH is NEON’s creative brain and co-founder, directing all design and animation from initial concepts to final renderings. Originally from Sydney, Hamish has a wealth of experience in animation including 10 years creating cartoons for ABC Kids TV and The British Council, as well as a stint on the production line for international TV sensation, Mythbusters. He has since cultivated his colourful style for a wide range of clients in news, entertainment, science, finance and education. From slick corporate branding reels to intricate explainer videos, Hamish illustrates perfectly what can’t be verbalised.
Company Background NEON is a content video production company specialising in educational, marketing and medical animation videos. Simply put we crystallise concepts and make it into an interesting video using cost effective animation & visual mediums.

Though we are a new entity, we have been successful in acquiring customers like:

• Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Org • Pacific Inter-Link Sdn. Bhd.
• University of New South Wales, Australia
• INTI International Universities, Malaysia
• News Corporation, Australia
• Angel Broking, India
• Tokio Marine Insurans, Malaysia
• Australian Broadcasting Corporation • Tera Shipping, Malaysia
• AMP Capital, Australia

This shows that we have a strong creative team, sound business development competencies and customer relationship building skills.

We have already started building up the Library of Patient Education Videos which will be our key differentiator and customer acquisition tool.

With DocWeb, Neon will move from a transactional business model to a Subscription Business Model for its videos coupled with web development & hosting services. We already have experience in web development, however would have to develop competencies and learn more about the hosting services.

Funding Milestone The funds raised will be put to use in the following ways:

1. Development of Patient Education Video Library (around 60 videos)/ Server Capabilities/Website & Payment Gateways (RM 300,000)
2. Product development (RM 200,000)
3. Variable cost till break even (RM 400,000)
4. Marketing cost – participating in Drs. Meetings & Conferences (RM 100,000)

Total investment required: RM 1 million.

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 240% in 5 years (estimating that total turnover becomes 4.3 million & the company is valued at 4x of turnover, as is the case with most subscription based businesses).
Risks and Mitigation  1. Drs. might not find value in having their websites developed. They might have reservations that the videos look are same as that of their competitors. Some doctors might say that their business is totally dependent on word of mouth and they do not need a website to promote themselves.Mitigation – The high penetration of the internet, DocWeb is confident in getting the numbers even at a conservative level.
The projection after 5 years if 1200 subscribers i.e. only 1.8% of the total market size. With no other competitors in sight this should be a achievable task.
Additional features like translation to Mandarin, Bahasa & Tamil might help to entice doctors to sign up. Since the video production team of Neon will continue to develop videos for the library, newer versions/ additional information will be available for the key ailments to convince new customers.
1 month free promotion campaigns can also be used to bring in new customers.
Finally at 210 customers the business will reach breakeven point and will be able to run at its own cost. This would mean that the business will get time to make course corrections, new strategic additions to move to the next level of customer acquisition.

2. Knowledge of webDevelopment & Hosting Services currently not available with the team.

Mitigation – The team has a fair understanding of the process having made some websites for their customers in WordPress & HTML. Additional staff with domain knowledge is available in the Malaysian market.
Server & IT Admin knowledge can be acquired from the Data Centre service providers.
Subscription & Recurring billing softwares and cloud based services are already available e.g. Chargify which can be easily integrated in the DocWeb system.

3. Foreign status of Co-Founders – Neon Videos has 3 directors (Arunava Deb – Indian Citizen; Hamish Gilbert – Australian Citizen & Selma Nada – Malaysian Citizen). What if their work permits are not renewed by the govt.?

Mitigation – Arunava Deb has a visa to stay & work in Malaysia till 2018 which will be renewed upon expiration. The applicant does not see any reason that the visa might be cancelled. Even at such a case, the business can be easily managed from outside of Malaysia and even expanded to other markets.
Hamish is married to Selma who is a Malaysian citizen. This will allow him to stay and work in Malaysia as long as he wishes on spouse visa.

Exit Strategies The exist strategy for the investor will be by liquidating the investment to another investor during Stage B. The business is unique and has no competitor in South East Asia. We do not see a difficulty in attracting Stage B investors for the project within the next 3-5 years time.
Company Name Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Bangsar
Contact Person A. Deb

Expansion for Medical Device Company (collateral ready)

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM 180,000.00
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We are a medical device company that has been in existence since 2012. We started off with just 2 staff and RM 30,000.00 and today we operate with a total of 10 staff and we are generating revenues up to RM 1.7 million a year with profits as well.

We got our first round of funding from an investor in in early 2014 and now we are looking to grow and make good profits and we have new products that is proven to have demand with excellent margins within our Medical Device Industry.

We have already made a name for ourselves within the industry and we have over 200 existing clients which will ensure whatever product we bring in for expansion WILL SELL and will sell very well.

However, since we only received a small funding in our first round, this time we need a bigger investment to make it happen.

Will explain in detail if there are potential investors.

Business Opportunity We have been dealing with big medical devices such as blood analyzers and ultrasound machines over the past 4 years and with the current market situation, selling big devices can be a challenge since Doctors are facing tight cash flow situation everywhere and our profits are also decreasing because of extreme competition.

With the newly introduced GDPMD (Good distribution practice for Medical Devices ) License, the government has a put a stop to many one man show medical device reps and small unauthorized companies. This is where we saw our opportunity as we are already licensed.

We identified that the Diagnostic world is heading towards rapid testing kits and in 2015 alone, the Malaysian government spent about RM 25,000,000.00 on rapid testing kits and the private sector spent about the same.

Our strength is that after June 2016, not all companies can import medical devices into Malaysia and even more so for rapid testing kits as it is heavily regulated and we are qualified. Not only that, we managed to find the cheapest and most competitive rapid testing kits to step foot into Malaysia.

We can sell our products at least 30% cheaper than market and still make a 100% profit margin.

Will present in much more details for potential investors.

Revenue / Business Model We have already built relationships with the following stakeholders:

1) Medical Magazines
2) Medical social media operators
3) Over 1500 clinics
4) Over 100 hospitals
5) Over 70 individual distributing companies.

We do sales via all the channels above and we personally have so many clients. 200 + clients are our core clients but if we calculate our networking, Clinics and Hospitals we have sold small things to, agents we sell products to and so on, we have close to about 400 to 500 clients.

This being said, we have identified with our current network, we will be able to sell 17 different types of rapid testing kits with a total of 10,000 kits sold every month with mark ups of at least 100%.

This will give us PROFITS of nothing less than RM 48,000.00 a month and revenue of nothing less than RM 96,000.00 a month.

We have the network, we have the products, we have the license, WE JUST DON’T HAVE THE FUNDS so that’s exactly what we are seeking.

Will show in precise details to potential investors.

Management Team We are the same management team that started this company 4 years ago.

Will reveal ourselves to potential investors.

Company Background We started in 2012 and started off in a room with RM 30,000.00 with none of our own products. Today we have a proper office, 4 brands that we represent and built a market presence for here locally, proper service engineers and sales men, proper licensing and quality management system and we have invested a total of RM 180,000.00 in it so far.

Our whole team is young (all below 30) and we are looking to take the next step forward. We do not have any big debts with anyone (except payables to suppliers which we are more than capable of settling off) and we have a good clean collection record as well.

We started off small and today we generate revenues of close to RM 1.7 million and we are targeting RM 2.5 million in 2016-2017 financial year (without the new funding and products).

We are a clean, honest company with excellent market reputation and we are sincerely looking for funds to expand in an honest way.

Funding Milestone We need RM 450,000.00 in one go and no more after that.

We will use the funds for :

Product registrations with the Medical Device authority = RM 50,000.00
Product Evaluations = RM 20,000.00
Stock purchase for 3 months = RM 165,000.00
Marketing and advertisement materials = RM 20,000.00
Hiring of new staff and salaries for one year = RM 195,000.

First year we expecting to reach profits of at least RM 400,000.00.

We will pay out investor 50% of profits every year until ROI and after that 25% of the profits every year after that.

% Equity Allocation 25
Expected ROI 2 years (max)
Risks and Mitigation The only real risk in the investment is that stock expires before sales and of course, not being able to sell the products.

We have solid concrete proof that we have been in this business long enough and there is a market for the rapid test products. All we need to do is set an appointment with potential investor and we can explain the rest.

Exit Strategies We will pay 50% of the profits to investor untill ROI is returned every year (expected 2 years max).

Once ROI returned, investor will get 25% of yearly profits which includes our current equipment sales as well.

Besides that, we will offer a director fee of at least RM 4,000.00 a month for investor which amounts to RM 48,000.00 a year and we do not require Investor to work.

Also we will set a sinking fund for investor every year where 10% of the profits will be retained in the fund and will not be used in case investor wants to leave and we can use those funds to buy back the shares.

If shares is valuated above the sinking fund value, us the current Directors will pay for the shares ourselves.

Doctor n me

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested rm40000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description -currently doing doctor booking appointment project
-In year 2016, millions or American consumers will have their first video consults; be prescribed their first health apps and use their smartphones as diagnostic tools for the first time. 2016 also will be the year that many Americans, faced with higher deductibles, manage medical expenses with new tools and services rolled out by their insurance companies, healthcare providers, banks and other new entrants.​

This will be the year that, shift by shift, visit by visit, nurses doctors and other clinicians learn to work in new ways, incorporation insights gleaned from data analysis into their treatment plan.​In year 2014, the demand for Malaysian healthcare services increased in line with the population growth, better life expectancy, medical tourism, rapid aging and rising middle income group. It is anticipated that this rising trend will continue in 2015. Malaysia now has 13 Joint Commission International (JCI) and 78 Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) accredited hospitals, aiming to play a part in the growing health tourism business. ​

Malaysia is fast becoming the destination of choice for medical tourists behind Thailand and Singapore, driven by affordable costs, specialised hospitals, high-quality medical care and short waiting times. ​

According to the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), the number of foreign patients seeking medical treatment in Malaysia would expand from 770,000 in 2013 to 2 million by 2020. Most medical tourists to Malaysia are from Indonesia, followed by India, Japan and China. Future growth is expected from the wealthy Middle East.​

rapid population growth and rising per capita incomes, research predicted Malaysia’s private healthcare revenue to grow at a CAGR of 17% from 2012-2018.​

Despite low spending on healthcare at 4.4% of its GDP, Malaysia had the second-highest health expenditure per capita in the ASEAN region in 2013 at USD 423.​

According to the MHTC, around 800,000 foreign patients seek medical treatment in Malaysia, generating revenue of MYR 680mn in 2013 and MYR 820 in 2014. Indonesian patients remain as one of its major source, representing almost 50% of the revenue and 60% of the arrivals

Business Opportunity There are 10 to 15 million doctors in the world but according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a shortage of 4.3 million physicians, nurses and other health workers worldwide.

one more thing
total 70 billion population in the world
when we are selling ebook/health care
we just target 1000 people to subscribe
1000 ppl x rm100=rm100,000

Revenue / Business Model when we are selling ebook/health care
we just target 1000 people to subscribe
1000 ppl x rm100=rm100,000doctor all around the world
first 100 doctor xrm100=rm10,000

live chat with doctor(future project)
1000 people x rm100=rm100,000

Management Team ceo-mr chong
cto-mr alwin
Company Background 15 january 2016
contact me for further details
Funding Milestone rm100,000

internet marketing
human resource capital

% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 30%
Company Name doctornme
Business Address penang
Contact Person chong

Wearable badminton sensor

Project Title Wearable badminton sensor
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description My name is Jimmy. I am currently 32-years-old, working as a Java Team Leader in a procurement project. I am passion in badminton but I get injured so often because of wrong posture. I hope to have one-to-one coaching session with a coach but it costs me more than RM100 per hour. Therefore I wonder is that possible to reduce the training cost by using motion sensors?

For the past 16 months, I have been developing an analytic software (with sensors) to help badminton player to perform better.

To use my analytic software,

1) Sportsman need to apply sensors to his / her limbs.
2) The sensors will send motions data remotely to a server.
3) The server will analyze the sensor data and then provide various notification to a sportsman. The software will analyze the acceleration, rotation and direction of different parts of limbs and tell the sportsman to move in the expected way.

Business Opportunity Wearable devices are getting popular nowadays. See

Motion sensors are getting better. Although they are still expensive and not 100% accurate, this give me more time to write a better software while waiting for their maturity.

Badminton is not common in western countries. In silicon valley, few giant companies are doing wearable devices software. However, it is unlikely for them to create a badminton software as the popularity of badminton is still low there.

In future, the technology used can be extended to other expensive sport like golf and football.

Revenue / Business Model A complete badminton sensor app (Including all required hardware sensors and software) cost RM499.

A badminton racket can cost up to RM1,000 and a badminton shoe can be sold RM400. Other than that, a badminton player still need to pay for his / her shirts, pants, badminton strings, badminton grips, courts rental and etc.

So, RM499 seems expensive but it is affordable if the product is good enough.

Management Team Jimmy Lee (Founder)
– 10-years-experience Java programmer.
– A team lead of a software house in Cyberjaya.
– Currently developing a procurement system for government.
– Like to explore various technologies like Bluetooth and wearable devices.
– Learn advance Mathematics when free.Lee Ying ying (Co-founder)
– 3-years-experience in Marketing.
– Currently working in a software consulting firm in Sri Hartamas
– An active toastmaster member.
– Outspoken and able to communicate well.
Company Background We haven’t setup a company yet.
Funding Milestone First funding → RM150,000 for developing the product. (Expected to be complete in a year.)
% Equity Allocation To be discussed.
Expected ROI It is hard to provide an estimate return but the amount could be big. This is an innovation and not a clone geographical product.
Risks and Mitigation – Competition. Usense (See is doing another similar product.
– Strong sensor is important to provide accurate data yet the price could not be affordable by the public.
– Although it is expensive, sportsman may still prefer to have face-to-face coaching sessions.
– It maybe tedious for users to apply sensors to their limbs.
Company Name We haven’t register a company yet.
Business Address 21, Lorong Sungai Daun 1. Taman Sri Mutiara. Off Jalan Kapar Batu 4. 42100 Klang
Contact Person Jimmy Lee
Contact Number 0122075069

ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: 6 years old health/beauty product brand owner

Established brand, market-ready with tremendous potential for growth. Highly profitable.

GMP Ready, Halal Certificate by Jakim, continuous growth trend

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Company overview

The company has been established in the market for more than 6 years with its own range of premier health/beauty product to serve the different needs of demand in the market. Products focus based on the principal of holistic approach to improve the quality of life of one’s. With its own brand, a wide range of its products already well-accepted in the market and there are still huge untapped market to be explored for growth.


The company production line operates from a rented facility in Kuala Lumpur where 6 full-time and 2 part-time employee to run the day-to-day operation. Due to the extensive technology used in the supply chain, employee headcount has always been kept to minimum to lower the operation cost but with high efficiency. The premises are sufficient to support the business growth and development for the next 2 years as the facility productivity is only running at 30% of its capacity. Location are ideally situated for direct access to the highway and routes to other parts of the city.


• Gross Revenue: RM1.26 million
Net Profit: RM631K

Selling Price: Negotiable

Please email your interest to

C’AMOUR innovative skin care

Project Cost: RM 100K

Amount Invested : RM 10K

Amount Required : RM 90K

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: consumer goods

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

Jeannie Chung is a passionate member of the beauty community who believes in innovating the skin care market. She has built C’AMOUR from scratch-developing the product formulation, packaging, concept and operations-and now, she is seeking funding to share her expertise and products with the rest of the world. Jeannie has a BA in Chemistry from Northwestern University, USA.

Product / Service Description:

Have you been trying various beauty products and not finding the right solution for your skin’s needs? C’AMOUR redefines the problem of beauty and offers an alternative solution for you.

1) Skin problems are more specific than simply anti-aging, whitening or hydrating. Each woman has a unique skin profile that requires a unique solution. Therefore, C’AMOUR offers more choices, like skin lightening, dark-spot corrector, skin-discoloration prevention, skin-renewal, and sunblock cream for skin whitening purposes. C’AMOUR brings more specific solutions to your specific needs.

2) The customer can combine 2 or more functions into a single product. More value for less money.

3) C’AMOUR has various cream textures-thick and creamy, light and smooth and much more- to personalize the cream to fit your skin type. Furthermore,
you could customize the type of fragrance that you want to add to your product according to which one you like best.

C’AMOUR infuses practicality with simplicity to make your beauty regime more pleasurable. Beauty is personal.

Business Opportunity:

According to BusinessWire, the global beauty industry generated revenues of USD 379 billion in 2013. The global beauty market has been growing at a steady CAGR of 4.5% and is anticipated to reach USD461 billion by 2018.

C’AMOUR exploits untapped opportunities in this market by introducing more personalization of skin care and increasing efficiencies in operations and selling to add value to our products without increasing our selling price.

Revenue Model:

COGS = 12.5%

Management Team: Foreign partnership to introduce brand overseas in US and Singapore.

Current Status: Pre-revenue stage. Need capital for launch.

Funding Milestone:

TOTAL = USD 21 400 / RM 90 K


Expected Return On Investment: 40%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1) Initial low investment in capital
2) Small quantities to allow pivoting
3) Heavy investment in marketing and researching customer behaviour and buying pattern
4) Proper management decision



Company Name: C’AMOUR
Postal Address : 0000
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 50480
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60142298652

Patented Healthy Beverage seeking RM8mil commercialization fund

Project Cost: RM 8.2mil

Amount Invested : RM 20k

Amount Required : RM 8.2mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

Total we have 4 co-founders:

Lee Kar Weng – 28 years old, graduated from Mechatronics Engineering, 3 years experience in tooling & process engineer in a electronic MNC company, 2 years experience in family business company management.

Chee Chii Ching – 33 years old, graduated from Electronics Engineering, 10 years combined experience of senior tooling engineer, lead technical & sales consultant.

Teoh Kok Sheng – 35 years old, graduated from Mechanical Engineering, 12 years experience in tooling and R&D engineer.

Chow Ming Zhong – 29 years old, graduated from Industrial Engineering, 6 years experience in industrial engineer, specialize in production planning and cost optimization.

Product / Service Description:

Our planned business fall into Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) category. We plan to setup a production plant to manufacture beverage product. Below are the specialty of our beverage product:

1) First in Malaysia (As far as we know, it is also first in the world, as we unable to find similar product while we doing our research)
2) We have applied patent for our product.
3) This beverage contain NO preservative, NO coloring, NO natural/artificial flavoring, NO chemical.
5) Product align with lifestyle trend, healthy.
6) It has high market potential as result of all specialty above.
7) It has high export potential as it has long shelf life.

Business Opportunity:

This is a patented product, nobody can produce a similar product in 20 years of patent protection period. In Year 2013, total off-trade volume of beverage (flavored, non-flavored, carbonated, non-carbonated) by Malaysian is 726 Million Liters. This industry’s growth is directly proportional with Malaysia population growth. It is projected to achieve close to 1 Billion Liters consumption on year 2018.
Information Source: Euromonitor

Revenue Model:

Business Model:
1) Capital: RM 3.5m
2) Contingencies: RM 700k
3) Cash flow for 180 days: RM 4m

Distribution Channel:
1) Hypermarket
2) Retail chain store
3) Petrol station
4) Pharmacy chain store

Projected Revenue:
Year 2015/16 – RM 15.3m
Year 2016/17 – RM 22.3m
Year 2017/18 – RM 29.2m

Projected Profit (Before performance incentive & tax)
Year 2015/16 – RM 3.30m
Year 2016/17 – RM 4.91m
Year 2017/18 – RM 5.75m

Management Team: Lee Kar Weng – Director of Finance, HR & Admin
Chee Chii Ching – Director of Sales & Marketing
Teoh Kok Sheng – Director of Engineering & R&D
Chow Ming Zhong – Director of Operation

Current Status:

We are at start up stage. Projected revenue & profit are as below:

Projected Revenue:
Year 2015/16 – RM 15.3m
Year 2016/17 – RM 22.3m
Year 2017/18 – RM 29.2m

Projected Profit (Before performance incentive & tax)
Year 2015/16 – RM 3.30m
Year 2016/17 – RM 4.91m
Year 2017/18 – RM 5.75m

Funding Milestone:

1) Capital: RM 3.5m
2) Contingencies: RM 700k
3) Cash flow for 180 days: RM 4m

Business Valuation:

We will start with offering 20% of company share. However, reasonable counter offer package will be considered.

Expected Return On Investment:

ROI on capital: 18 months
ROI on capital & cash flow: 28 months

Investor return based on 20% company share (Combined cash & re-invest value)
Year 1: 7.22%
Year 2: 10.83%
Year 3: 15.99%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

One of the risk is we are pioneer and have no reference product on the market.

Exit Strategies:

Investor/Investors may exit anytime by selling on hand company share.

Contact Person

KW Lee
State : Cheras, Selangor
Post Code : 43200
Country : Malaysia


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