Factory for Manufacturing with Halal & HACCP

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount InvestedRM200,000
Funding RequiredRM300,000
DescriptionWe source ingredients, to produce our own, packaging it, and supply to groceries.
We also import products from overseas, and supply to groceries.
Product price range from RM5-20. Target audience: health conscious person.
For the last 5 year, we spent our time only on food research and various laboratory test.
We manage to create our own F&B without preservatives, & healthy.
We supplying to more than 40 outlets around Malaysia & Singapore.
Business OpportunityWhile we begin, we spent most of our funding in R&D, & machines, we have not spend much on marketing.
Now for the next phase, with a bigger factory & certifications, we would like to add new baby & toddler product food, packaging, and marketing.
Currently we been selling to Singapore, & received request from other countries, but we unable to supply due to requirement.
Current we have more than 40 distribution point, we have another more than 50 more distribution point in our waiting list.
Revenue / Business ModelWith our existing network & access, by adding more product SKU & certifications, we can grow much faster.
We been supplying, now is the stage we need to have halal & HACCP to have wider range of target audience & export.
Management TeamWe are the leading healthy Fast-Moving Consumer Goods beverage manufacturer in Malaysia. We have great knowledge in product ingredients. We will only produce food that we will consume our own too, unlike most manufacturer in Malaysia only produce chemicals food for the public.
We are just a small team, we hope to grow bigger and bring awareness to produce & educate the people to eat the correct healthy food.
Company BackgroundWe started since 2014 – Research
2017 Develop
2018 Distribute
2019 Incorporation of Sdn Bhd
Our Annual Sales Turnover for 2018 is RM95,000
Funding Milestone1. Move to a proper factory.
2. Upgrade/New packing
3. Apply Halal
4. Apply HACCP
5. Distribute more locations
6. Massive Marketing
% Equity Allocation10%
Expected ROI10-20%
Risks and MitigationIndustry margin squeeze – volume
brand erosion – educate
Exit StrategiesAfter 3-5 years
Company Namexxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Addressxxxx Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia


Project TitleWorld’s Cheapest Canning Set That Can Process Aluminum Retort Pouch At Only RM7,999 (Compared to RM500,000 and above currently!!!) Millions of poor people, SME, farmers, fisherman etc can now start a small food canning business globally.
Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM200,000
Funding RequiredRM200,000-RM2,000,000 (Those who wished to invest from a minimum of RM50,000 can also do so and will be given equivalent amount of shares.Please read further details below).
DescriptionWe, from the company Eazy Canner Sdn bhd (www.eazycanner.com) invented the first technique in the world to can Aluminum Retort Pouch in a small sterilizer.The whole canning set will only sell for only RM7,999 as compared to RM500,000 an above currently. With this invention which will be patented, millions of poor people, SME, fisherman, farmers, single mothers etc can now start a small food canning business affordably for the first time in the world. Millions of new customer and new jobs can be created.

Food processed using our canning sets and technique can last up to 2 years without having to use any preservative and needs no refrigeration.Users can expect to earn income of between RM1800 to RM7200 a month if using only 1 canning set and if they could sell all of their products.

Our small canning set will comprise 1 sterilizer, 1continous band sealer, 1000 pieces of Aluminum Retort Pouch, 1 digital scale etc.
Business OpportunityPreviously one has to buy and use large and complicated and very expensive sterilizer machine in order to can Aluminum Retort Pouch, the cheapest form of packaging in the world for canning purpose.Small sterilizer cannot be used to sterilized Retort Pouch as the pouch will burst during processing due to pressure differential. However we had managed to solved this problem, by inventing a special technique and very cheap ways to solve it.

By successfully solving this problem as tested by UTM ,University Teknologi Malaysia via its Letter of Approval, we can now offer our small and affordable canning set to millions of new customer globally. Millions of poor people, fisherman, farmers, unemployed people, single mothers can now start a small food canning business cheaply and affordably.We plan to open a branch offering 3S, Sales, Service Spare Part Centre, in each of the 150+ developing countries gradually.So the market is huge at hundred of millions of people globally.
Revenue / Business ModelWe plan to make money by selling the canning set at 100% mark up at RM7,999. Our cost is about RM4,000. So for each set we can sell, we can make RM4,000 each.Our target is to sell 200 canning set a month or 2400 canning sets a year in each of the country we operate.

We also forecast our revenue will be supported from the sales of the Retort Pouch and spare parts.

We will also give free equivalent share that has been subscribed in 4 other companies as below to all investors once our research is completed and we are ready for commercialisation:So our investor will get another free revenue from the 4 companies below fro free if we really can complete all the research below.
1) We already know up to 99% on how to produce electricity cheaply and abundantly from solar, without having to use any solar panel and needs no battery, but can run 24/7/365 days. We can make billions of we can sell this electricity globally.
2) We already know up to 70% on how to produce petroleum from air and seawater or any water.We can makes billions form this also
3) We already knew a little bit in how to produce pure gold without having to do any mining at all.But this one is the most difficult to complete and may takes years to complete.
4) we already knew on how to convert used plastic into diesel.
Management TeamCurrent Management Team,
1) Abdul Rahman BIn Muhammad -Myself as Founder and Inventor and Director, Have worked as auditor and accountant in a public listed firm, as compliance officer,as corporate executive involved in corporate exercise locally and abroad in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.Once I ran a Petrol Station for 2 years.Now I am doing full time research and invention on 21 other high impact invention that will impact billions of lives globally, like in RE Renewable energy etc.
2) Md Mokhsen Bin Kasebullah – Director, a Medical Doctor under the KPJ Group. My classmate since form 2 in secondary school.He is an inventor too and has many ideas on how to invent many other high impact invention that will impact millions of lives globally.
3) My wife is one of the cheque signatory and advisor.She has helped me with cash capital to help complete the project.She is a Math teacher and an accountancy graduate, just like me.
Company BackgroundWe started the company on 29.3.2017.
The stated capital on the company accounts is only around RM30,000 but we had poured about RM200,000 of our own money into this not to mentoed about RM300,000 in lost opportunity income as I am doing thsi reserch full time for the past 10 years, and RM116,000 of grant we had won from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd.
So far we had not made any sales yet. As we do not have any capital to kick start the business.We are trying to raise RM200,000 to RM2million.Investor can invest from RM50,000 per investment.Hopefully we can pool a few people to make up RM200,000 or even RM2million soon.
Our above invention had won the highest marks in a local Competition that gives out RM500k as prize money, however sadly we did not get the money as we had refused to give 60% of our company share as bribe to one of the judges.This proves my integrity and honesty.And yes we can proves this claim as we have all the proof.That guy has already been terminated after a a report was made to the CEO and a Domestic Inquiry held.
Funding MilestoneWe are hoping to raise between RM200,000 to RM2million.
Our company is eligible to apply for a Commercialisation Grant from MTDC (Malaysia Technology Development Corporation) worth RM500,000 and RM4million. However they wanted to see us having at least 30% of the applied amount before they could consider our application. If we can get funding of RM200,000, we can then apply for the RM500,000 grant and then use the money as capital to buy stocks for re-sale and also as operation cost for salary, shop rental etc.And if we can raise RM1 or RM2 million, we can then apply for the RM4million grant. In both cases, if we managed to get the grant, we can then pay back the invented amount very fast, probably within 6months to 1 year back to the investor.
% Equity AllocationIf invest RM200,000 we will give 4% equity and if invest RM2million will will allocate 40% shares.
Expected ROIExpected ROI to investor : 1st year=(0.9 times), 2nd year=(10 times), 3rd year=(18times). This is because we plan to open 10 new overseas branch each year.We can email to u the cashflow forecast for you to see if this is achievable and logical based on assumption if we can sell 200 canning sets a month in all countries we operate.
Risks and MitigationRisk of Investment.
1) Risk of new and cheaper competitor.
1a) Mitigating factor -Our sterilzer is the only one in the world that is gasket less on the cover, this saves lots of money for buyer as it needs no constant replacement. Our sterilizer is the quietest/silent in the world, our sterilizer really proven with a high temperature data logger able to reach temperature of 121 degree celcius. Most cannot reach that temperature.Our sterilizer has been tested for 10 years already and has passed UTM test on 5 critical areas.
2) Risk of investor not able to monitor or control their investment.
Some investors will be offered board member and some even as cheque signatory if one were to invest the maximum of RM2 million.
We will give audited accounts to all investor as required under the law.Management account can also be given or requested.
Exit StrategiesWe plan to list our share in Bursa Malaysia under appropriate listing once we are qualified in 3-5 years times.
Business Address16 Lorong 5, Jalan Sentosa,Kampong Dato Onn,80350 Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact PersonAbdul Rahman Bin Muhammad

Timber slab, wood epoxy coffee table.

Current StatusGrowth
Amount InvestedRM50000
Funding RequiredRM300,001 to RM600,000
Saya Zulkifli dari Meru, Klang. Sedang mencari dana untuk membeli peralatan mesin berteknologi, bagi mengembangkan perusahaan pengeluaran kayu jenis HeavyHardwood seperti chengal, merbau, jati dan lain lain, diproses utk papan perabot hiasan dalaman dan kayu saiz utk pembinaan rumah kayu traditional, potensi perusahaan ini amat luas samaada domestic atau pun eksport. 
Terkini adalah projek coffee table jenis kayu dan epoxy river, tempahan utk supply kepada pengeluar sofa 200unit coffee river epoxy table sebulan. Untuk mencapai pengeluaran sebegitu memerlukan mesin berteknologi tinggi untuk pengeluaran yg konsisten, Dari segi kajian kasar berdasar pengalaman saya sebagai tukang kayu, perniagaan ini akan terus berkembang kerana permintaan tinggi dan kurangnya industri ini diceburi oleh Bumiputera. 
Pembuatan tidak terhad kepada epoxy table, juga akan mengeluarkan papan lantai, gazebo, perabut kayu berkualiti, dan kayu ukir/larik. 
Boleh hubungi saya melalui whatsapp atau call +60147223343 Zulkifli.
Business OpportunityPasaran produk kayu tidak terhad kepada pasaran domestic sahaja, ia lebih besar jika dieksport ke negara timur tengah, ini kerana di negara timur tengah seperti Arab Emirates, Arab Saudi mereka gemar kepada produk asli dan kayu solid, juga boleh di eksport ke negara maju dengan nilai pasaran yg tinggi, serta pembuatan bagi memenuhi kuota tempahan sedia ada.
Revenue / Business ModelSumber kayu yg natural banyak di dapati dari pembekal pendalaman. Kayu jati diperolehi dari Kontraktor Plus Hiway dgn harga berptutan, dan akan dijadikan produk mewah. Kayu kelas heavyhardwood diperolehi dari pembekal balak dan di belah kepada saiz meja ataupun saiz scantling, dibeli secara pukal. Cengal contoh nya dibeli pukal dengan harga Rm3200.00 pertone dibelah sebagai slab meja dijual dgn harga Rm8000 – Rm 9000, kayu jati hiway Plus dibeli dgn harga Rm2800.00 dijadikan papan lantai dan kayu perabot mewah dijual dgn harga Rm8000 – Rm10000 pertone setelah dibuat papan lantai, kayu ukir, kayu larik serta produk hiasan. Juga ada berhubung pembuat perabot asli natural art di Thailand.
Management Team1) Saya sebagai pengurus dan tukang mahir,
2)2org tukang belah kayu (out stations)
3)2org tukang mahir.
Company BackgroundBermula sejak tahun 2012 berdaftar di Alor Star Kedah, pernah membina sebuah restoran bernilai lebih Rm300k berhampiran Alor star kepala batas airport.
Funding MilestoneDiperlukan dana sebanyak Rm300k @ lebih bagi membeli mesin membelah balak yg saiz besar, wood lathe machine, dan berberapa lagi mesin berteknolgi tinggi, utk mencapai pengeluaran 200slab epoxy river sebulan begi memenuhi permintaan pengeluar sofa ternama.(Rm550 per slab) Keuntungan pelabur dijangka 20% dari junlah investment setiap bulan.
% Equity AllocationInvestor 49%
Expected ROI20% – 25% dari jumlah jualan.
Risks and MitigationRisiko rendah kerana produk kayu solid ini sentiasa ada permintaan. Dan produk kayu sentiasa tidak cukup dalam pasaran.
Exit StrategiesPulangan keuntungan pemula 3bulan pertama hingga seterusnya.
Company NameAgenda murni trading
Business AddressNo 63, jalan bukit cherakah 42200 kapar, klang
Contact PersonZulkifli yahya

FANA Gelato – Brings Italy to Singapore One Scoop At A Timme

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM25,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description FANA Gelato (FANA) is a gelato and sorbet manufacturing company that delivers a new Gelato experience to Singapore. FANA Gelato originated from the commitment of two partners, Farah and Nadia, to produce artisanal gelato in the Italian tradition and then expose the Singapore market place
to their Gelato creations. FANA Gelato replicates the Italian tradition of fresh, all-natural gelato made from the highest quality ingredients.

With multiple recipes created in the centuries-old tradition of making gelato, FANA delivers elaborate and modern flavors that allow our customers to take comfort in the traditional and find excitement in the unexpected. We will sell gelato in bulk, novelty flavors, gluten free gelato, low glycemic index gelato, and flavored sorbet. Our gelato and sorbet will be prepared in-house daily in small batches.

We will sell gelato in bulk, novelty flavors, gluten free gelato, low-fat and low glycemic index gelato, and flavored sorbet. Our gelato and sorbet will be prepared in-house daily.

By using the finest organic and innovative ingredients and offering innovative flavors, FANA is expected to become a revered product and one that will experience strong demand – both locally in Singapore, and regionally in other Southeast Asian markets.

Business Opportunity In both the U.S. and Europe, gelato manufacturing is an established mature business where it continues to expand.

In Asia, gelato it is in its nascent stage, with ample room to grow and evolve with new Asian-influenced flavors. In Singapore, approximately 50 percent of the gelato comes from global companies shipped from across the world, giving independent gelato makers like FANA the perfect opportunity to introduce freshly made high-quality gelato to consumers.

The gelato market penetration in Singapore is 5% of a billion dollar industry with an expected annual growth rate of 32.3%. FANA Gelato is poised to enter the Singapore Gelato market in the development & growth phase, giving us the opportunity to evolve into a top gelato brands.

We have an edge over our competitors because we will be market leaders in aggressively penetrating the wholesale markets in Singapore & Malaysia

Revenue / Business Model FANA Gelato will generate revenue from two primary sources:

 Wholesale Sales: This includes private clubs, country clubs, restaurants, and other entities where the founders have exclusive relationships. Over time, FANA will be distributed to convenience stores and other sales outlets throughout the region, including Malaysia.

 Retail Sales: This includes pop-up stores, carts, vending machines, and e-commerce via the FANA website. In year two, FANA will launch a retail store where gelato is sold directly to consumers. Over time, FANA will launch a network of FANA-branded stores as well as franchised stores.

Management Team Farah – Co-founder/CEO

Farah brings over 20 years of experience in research, sales, marketing, product development, insurance and psychology to her role as the CEO of FANA Gelato. Being both a foodie with a passion for flavors and creativity, and a business person with years of management experience, Farah has the right mix of insight and discipline to drive FANA Gelato to success.

Farah completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English from the respected Sophia College, Mumbai in English, and for the past 20 years has worked as an Insurance executive in the USA. She brings with her a business acumen which will help FANA Gelato be profitable and successful.

Farah also has extensive experience in marketing, the website RamKapoorRocks.com (RKR), actor Ram Kapoor’s official website, is a testament to Farah’s innovation skills, relationship building, marketing and digital/social media marketing ability. Under the tutelage of Farah, RKR had become the fastest growing fan websites. The site has received mentions in multiple magazine and newspapers. These very marketing skills will help FANA Gelato excel.

Having worked besides her father who was a successful businessman, Farah learned the intricate skills of managing a successful business, hiring personnel, building long lasting relationships and satisfying the customer. Under the guidance of her father, she developed the confidence to own and run a business – it is these business management skills and integrity she brings to FANA Gelato, ensuring its success.

Nadia – Co-founder/COO

With experience in event management, sales, marketing, and operations, Nadia will ensure that the FANA Gelato brand is promoted and managed to ensure robust brand awareness. Nadia will manage the day to day operations of gelato manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Nadia will manage the roll-out of the pop-up shops, carts, and vending machines and ensure they are strategically positioned to maximize sales.

Born and bred in Singapore as well as being a foodie, Nadia has the advantage of knowing the likes and dislikes of the multi-racial locals and people in the region. Based on this, she will be able to develop creative and unusual flavors that will make FANA Gelato unique from the competition. Nadia will also work with Farah in developing new gelato flavors and testing such flavors with local consumers.

Nadia has a Diploma in Integrated Events Management from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. Such skill sets in event planning, marketing, and sales will be critical in promoting the FANA Gelato brand, and creating innovative event-like ways to build brand awareness with the FANA brand.

Having worked as an Office Manager in a small firm for the past 4 years, Nadia has developed a wide range of experience regarding management and employee training. Nadia also brings to her role as COO, strong managerial experience which she learned from her father and uncles, who were successful businessmen. These attributes will assist Nadia in finding suitable employees to help build a strong business that will generate long-term loyalty from its customers.

Nadia has completed a 4 week comprehensive course at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, where she learned to make new recipes, more suited to Asian tastes by maestros

Company Background Final offer to invest in ‘Firenze Vienza’ as been received and all documents have been vetted

We have spoken to potential clients including restaurant owners, Food & Beverage managers of members only clubs & the owner of a hyper market.

We are in the midst of creating our website, designing & building a cart & developing our digital marketing plan.

We have completed a trial run using the machines we will buy & sold 30 kg of gelato. We used a focus group & received positive & constructive feedback. Appropriate adjustments to the recipes have been made, based on the suggestions received.

Nadia has completed a 4 week comprehensive course at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, where she learned to make new recipes, more suited to Asian tastes by maestros.

Funding Milestone Investments Made
25,000 SGD
Investment Opportunity
150,000 SGD

FANA plans to buy stakes in an existing set up ‘Firenze Venezia’ which is a 2.5years old company and after studying their current sales reports till date the company is expected to make 600K SGD as revenues in this financial year.

We plan to buy controlling stakes in this company:
Space and Set up
Full range of required machinery
Knowledgeable Staff including a strong Business Development Personnel

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 15% – 25%
Risks and Mitigation Unknown brand because the current has not invested in brand building and marketing. We will mitigate this by rebranding the brand and having a strong marketing strategy in place.
No Online Presence- once we acquire the business we plan on hosting a complete e-commerce website where patrons can place orders and buy our products. The website is being designed by a well established company in the USA
Purchasing Cost Controls – FANA will seek the best pricing and quality for all containers ingredients. Market price fluctuations will guide purchasing to ensure the company meets and exceeds profit expectations. As ingredients will be sourced from around the world, we want to ensure the best possible price.
Equipment Costs – FANA requires comparatively fewer items of equipment to run an efficient operation, resulting in lower startup costs. This will in turn result in lower ongoing maintenance costs.
Staff Turnover / Training Costs – Lower than normal staff turnover due to sound management philosophy and a rewarding working environment will help FANA reduce training costs and enhance employee satisfaction. Reduced staff turnover should result in fewer errors and minimum product waste while improving patron satisfaction and repeat business.
Labor Costs – FANA will closely monitor labor costs to ensure that staff levels are matched with the busier and slower times of the year. As mentioned, holiday seasons will require greater staff levels regarding the carts and pop-up stores. The manufacturing facility may require additional staff when there are spikes in orders.
Exit Strategies We will pursue several possible exit strategies:

1. Franchising and IPO: Expand the model of our flagship store into a successful franchise with stores worldwide. Go public, starting an IPO and generating cash to grow the company worldwide.
2. Stay Private: FANA could continue to operate as a profitable private entity, distributing dividends to shareholders or buying them out until liquidity opportunities become available.
3. Be Acquired: The gelato and sorbet industry is highly-fragmented and could witness consolidation in several years. Larger food companies seeking a presence in Southeast Asia could acquire FANA to expand their brand.

Company Name FANA Gelato
Business Address 523B Tampines Central 7 #10-85 522523 Singapore
Contact Person Nadia Saeed

Non-Toxic Mosquito Repelling Manufacturer for Sale

Manufacturer of a range of natural, non-toxic & safe mosquito repelling products for environment and also a mosquito repelling personal care protection products freely use in anywhere , anytime.

2017 Revenue: RM210,000

Selling Price: Negotiable

Key Facts:

  • Establish since 2004
  • A research & development company specialize in Botanical Extracts formulation products
  • Specialize in air sanitizing and natural insect’s repelling products.
  • Exporting insect’s repelling raw material and transfer technology .
  • Manufacture mosquitoes repelling products supply to Malaysia leading grocery retails and export.
  • OEM Manufacturing.
  • Own brand mosquito products.
  • Own brand air sanitizing product.

Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd

Project Title Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd also known as GACS has currently grown from service company to manufacturing and had heavily invested in technologies in conveyor system. We are the first ASEAN company who design and fabricate tubular conveyor and also we have invested in automation to focus on Edible oil market
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested 100,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Global Automation Combustion Solution has 3 main division in the company which is summarize at the bottom

1) Automation :
Technologies are leading the way in the 21st century. We are currently focusing on data transmission for process plant for monitoring purposes and also to reduce cost production to our end user. Our target market at the moment now is in edible oil industries. We have successfully implement the system on one of an Indonesia Group monitoring the process plant around Indonesia in the central office in Jakarta

2) Combustion
We are highly recognised in this field for our expertise. We are trained in various type of burner, control system and also able to integrate our own automation to the biomass boiler. We have contracts with reputable company such as Alfa Laval,Aalborg, HTI Gesab and also Desmet Ballestra. WE are currently now embarking to design our own boiler control system which is target to release on mid of 2018

3) Conveyor
GACS take pride to be the first local company to design and fabricate this type of conveyor in ASEAN region. Our tubular conveyor is house design and have been tested over since 2015. WE are continuing upgrading the system to benefit our costumer. Since introduction to the market,we have sold 10 units and we are currently targeting to invest in our own assembly line

Business Opportunity Refering to our 3 main core business. We have simplified as indicated

1) Automation. The technologies used in the edbile oil industries is still the 1980s system which uses plc. However we see a growing trend in remote monitoring and also production reduction we have introduce PIS which is also known as Plant Intelligent System. A system that can easily plug and play on existing process plant and transmit it to Headquarters. It also have the capabilities to generate report as per ISO standards. PIS can also integrate with warehouse, Lab, marketing division and also Production department. This will reduce hig percentage on dependency on human which inevitably reduce error. Since it is a new inception and with lower price compare to American product, we have at least 90 percent market in edible oil to penentrate

2) Combustion. We are highly sough after for our expertise in this region that stretch as far to Africa and to Australia. Our expertise is well known among the industries and with a compatible price, we have 20 percent of the market in the edible oil industries. Our costumer profile such as Wilmar International, Alfa Laval, Desmet Ballestra, Sungai Budi Group, Sinarmas Group, Angel Cosmetic and many more. Creating our own boiler combustion controller will be first in this region as mostly all controller are imported from Germany or Italy.

3) Conveyor system. Tubular drag conveyor is widely known in food industries and also in America and Europe. However after market research, it is relatively a new market in this region. Instead of being an agent of a Company for American or European company, GACS decided to go against all odds and to design our very own conveyor. Spend nearly rm300,000 on the Research and Development, we are proud to be the the first tubular conveyor company in this region. Since it is a new system in this region, the market has high potential which is 90 percent market availability.

Revenue / Business Model We have currently move to a light industry area in Penang to able to set up assembly line and production line. Our plans are to used the invested money to built up a unit in the office. We will installed video cameras around the sample unit of the conveyor and share it to our website. With this idea, potential costumer can easily log in to our system and view the conveyor running in 24 hours with various type of material to convey. With such implementation, we are targeting to expand the market to Australia, New Zealand, Africa and even to penentrate South America. Using our own automation team to set up the system, we can keep the cost low and also we can utilise the Internet as a tool of marketing.
Management Team Global Automation Combustion currently has
1 Administrative personnel
4 technical personnel
1 Country Manager in charge of Indonesia Market
Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd planned to hire 3 more technical personnel, 1 Administrative personnel and 1 sales personnel for Malaysia market
Global Automation Combustion Solution plans to hire 2 technical personnel for Research and Development in the 3rd Quarter of the financial year
Company Background Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is a Penang based company that was set up in the year 2012. When Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd was set up, it was purely a service company that only concentrates on boiler servicing and automation services.
The primary focus of the business was concentrated on Edible Oils industry. Working closely with Desmet Ballestra (M) Sdn Bhd and Alfa Laval Sdn Bhd which are strong players in the Edible Oil Industries, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd began to expand his costumer base in the year 2013. Working closely with HTI GESAB from Germany for high pressure boiler, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to import boiler parts from Hti and sell to costumers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
In the year 2014, the founder of Global Automation Combustion Sdn Bhd decided to take a drastic decision to convert Global Automation Combustion Solution to System Integrator and Development Company. Expanding its knowledge in Labview for software and gaining strong momentum in the boiler business, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd influence in the Edible Oils industries began to take shape. Penetrating to Wilmar International was a huge success for Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd as Wilmar International is the largest edible oil producer in the world which is own by the Kuok Group.
Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd expands to another division in conveyor system in the year 2015. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to design tubular drag conveyor for conveying system. A system which is common in the European and America market, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd have successfully set up a system in Surabaya for Sungai Budi Group. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd proudly claimed the first unit in South East Asia and it was design and built locally. The founder of Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begin to recognized the potential of the tubular drag conveyor in other industries and begin to massive promote the system.
In the year 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution had successfully sold 6 units of the conveyor system and begin to penetrate into other market. Beside by the conveyor system, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd also expand its automation department. With a new system to remote monitoring all the process plants around the globe, Sungai Budi Group had agreed to purchase the system to monitor their process plant around Indonesia through VPN. With the agreement, Global Automation Combustion continue to upgrade its automation department and invest in technologies. In March 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution hired a sales representative in Surabaya, Indonesia to support the market expansion in Indonesia.
Funding Milestone Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is seeking to:
1) Establish an investment from passive investor of USD300,000 to prepare for company future expansion plans as stated below :
a) Expand the current workforce from 6 people to 14 people to cater the increase of project undertaking by the company. Planning to increase additional 2 automation engineer, 1 mechanical engineer, 2 technician/fitter to operate the machine, 1 sales personnel and 1administrative staff.
b) Expand the office premise to fabricate and machining parts for conveyor system designed by in house engineering team and also to undertake mechanical projects.
c) To purchase 1 unit stamping machine, 1 unit bending machine, 2 unit welding machine and hydraulic press machine
d) To set up a small Research Development in software and hardware for automation and programming for the 3rd quarter financial year
e) To open a service centre in Sandakan, Sabah and Nonthaburi Thailand for 2018 plan
f) To purchase 2 four wheel pick up truck for material transporting in Penang office and Surabaya
% Equity Allocation to be discussed with investors
Expected ROI 3 years by projection
Company Name Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook http://www.gacs.com.my
Business Address 60, Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong 1, 11600 Penang, Malaysia
Contact Person Jeremy Tan Shyh Hou

Business Environment Conveyor Belts

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description 1.1 Statement of purpose

This business plan has been developed to obtain an equity injections for the existing operations of Manmax (M) Sdn Bhd inorder to settle existing liabilities and expand our product market in Malaysia.

It also serves as an operational outline and plan for the first 3 years. The existing shareholders intend to raise a capital of RM 1,700,000.00.

1.3 Business Description
Business environment Conveyor belts are used in almost every country in the world and, in one form or another, in almost every industrial sector; from air transportation and mining to packaging and supermarkets; from vending machines and office equipment to agricultural, food and process industries, and also in the treadmills of gymnasium. As a broad generalization they are classified as either bulk carrying conveyor belts or light conveyor belts. This generalization however has its limitations and some applications could be described as bulk carrying, but the type of conveyor belt employed might be described as a light conveyor belt.

Business Opportunity The potential market for the product sis very promising. Our Products are being widely sold in worldmarket.
Revenue / Business Model Our financial projection for Year 1 is a PBIT of RM246,000. Year 2 is projected at a PBIT of RM4,966,000.00. Year 3 is projected at a PBIT RM7,366,000.00
Management Team The Management Team members have strong backgrounds in Business Trading and has been involved actively with end user and believe this plan would position well in the market.
Company Background Available in our business plan
Funding Milestone we require RM150,000 for our current order
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI 10
Risks and Mitigation Avaiable in our Business plan
Exit Strategies Upon repayment of amount invested , 2 months time
Company Name MANMAX (M) SDN BHD
Website/Facebook http://WWW.MANMAX.COM.MY
Contact Person MS ANJALAE

Metal Fabrication in Road Furniture Business

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested WORKING CAPITAL+ASSET = RM200,000 TO RM500,000-00
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Natura Infra Sdn Bhd is a construction company dealing with Road Furnitures, Signages, and other Road Related products. Our website can be view at www.naturainfra.my. Currently, we have relocated to No.5, Jalan Alfa Impian 1, Taman Perindustrian Alfa Impian, 43300 Kajang,Selangor D.E.. The reason is to venture into metal fabrication of Channel Post and Packer for Highways GuardRail use. At later stage, the company would like to venture into W-Beam fabrication according to AASHTO 180. In this preliminary stage, the company will enhance itself by ISO 9001 QMS requirement. Thus, the company is looking for funding to buy machines for the metal fabrication business.
Business Opportunity The metal fabrication of this product is not required by JKR yet. Though, in order to make it as the next standard requirement, we would like to produce Post and Packer Channel according to AASHTO 180 standard. Meanwhile, in the market, there are few players who already engaged into W-Beam product according to AASHTO 180 standard, but not on Post and Packer Channel. Thus, there will be opportunities to make the Post and Packer Channel according to a certified standard by SIRIM. At the same time, the company is now sourcing for other road related product from other countries to market it for Highways and our Local road uses.
Revenue / Business Model The business model revenue is using simple approach to get its profit. A Gross Margin of 30% is to be expected on top of the cost of sales from the product. The business model will get a SIRIM QMS approval for its end-to-end SOP Manual. The company is also looking forward to implement current OSHA standard during its manufacturing process for its employees and personnels.
Management Team The management team will comprise of 3 division. 1.Office 2.Factory Operation 3.Site Work/Supervision. All these division will be connected and integrated to each other as a team.
Company Background Natura Infra Sdn Bhd, previously known as Cosmobile Sdn Bhd started its venture into telecommunication prepaid line in 2004. When the company was in bubble back in 2008, the previous management has then decided to hand it over to new owner, which is Natura Infra Sdn Bhd. In June 2009, Natura Infra took the lead and convert the company business into civil construction areas. The struggle stays until year 2014 where the company suffer few losses on its income statement. In 2015 Natura Infra has been awarded more contractual jobs than in its previous year. In 2016 the company has recruited few permanent staff members to sustain its core unit in this road furniture and accessories business. Since then Natura Infra has grown relocate to a new place for a brighter future to come.
Funding Milestone So far, the company has never raise fund from other sources except from friendly parties.
% Equity Allocation up to 50%
Expected ROI 30% – 40% gross and 10% net/clean margin
Risks and Mitigation TBA
Exit Strategies Anytime
Website/Facebook http://www.naturainfra.my
Contact Person xxx