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Production of High Density Saw Dust Briquettes & Briquette Charcoal for Export

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested RM 1,500,000 Funding Required RM300,000 or less Description Malaysia is a country where you can find Waste Biomass (Waste Agricultural By Products) in abundance. Saw Dust in huge volumes are found in almost everywhere in the country. Our project is to add value to this waste materials by converting them to a “Solid Bio-Fuel” called High Density Saw Dust Briquettes or Fire Logs. Fire Logs are used especially in the European continent for the Fire ...

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Manufacturing carbon products form biomass

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested >400K Funding Required RM300,000 or less Description Model, unique and breakthrough biochar manufacturing plant in Perak. Fully set up, require cash injection for working capital and some capital to make it auditable. Business Opportunity The products will require acceptance form international customers. Samples have been delivered and orders are possible after first production run. Revenue / Business Model The raw materials are easily source biomass. The gross margins if sold internationally are in excess of ...

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For Sale: Manufacturer of Motorized Oil Palm Cutting Machine

Asking Price: RM2mil 2015 Revenue: RM2mil Have have invested about RM1.5Mil over the 5 years, RM1Mil from personal funding, working capital and RM500K is via bank injection. This is consider at very low price already, we have spent over 6 years developing this business and we have done a lot of R&D for tall palm too. Tall palm is key problems to the industry and our solution will be a key solution in the coming years once Oil Palm price ...

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Veg Halal & Kosher Reduced Fat Cheese

Project Cost: RM5 Million Amount Invested : RM1.6 Million Amount Required : RM3.4 Million Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Funding) Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time Industry: manufacturing Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: I am the researcher & inventor of microbial renent, enzyme & culture from plant and palm oil. I has so far successfully invented 9 types of highest demand cheese and ready for commercialization. My team consist of 7 super skilled manpower including cheese mongers, experienced marketing ...

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Alcohol Manufacturing and distribution in SouthEast Asia

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Amount Invested USD 8 million Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more Description We alcohol manufacturer inclusive all kind of spirits ,wine etc.We have local and export market.Our plan required funding to complete the project. Business Opportunity Business opportunity for local market of population of 70 million people with only less then 10 manufacturer the whole country.There is no new licenses issued since year 1997 till todate.We also have export market and would like to expand to ...

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“Smart Deodorant Wipe” seeking RM950K startup fund

Project Cost: RM1mil Amount Invested : RM50K Amount Required : RM950K Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant Industry: trade consumer goods biotechnology / healthcare Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: We’re a group of people who had been doing marketing and trading. We had been doing this product with our research team to meet up the market needs. Product / Service Description: “Smart Deodorant Wipe” is a combination of wet tissue/baby wipe, deodorant and sanitizer. ...

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Perniagaan papan bergergaji memerlukan RM800K sebagai model kerja

Project Cost: RM 1million. Amount Invested : RM 200 thousand. Amount Required : RM 800 thousand Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: finance Industry: agriculture trade Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Saya mempunyai pengalaman selama 5 tahun sebagai timber grader.Tapi pada tahun saya mengambil keputusan utk berhenti bekerja utk berniaga sendiri dgn membeli dan menjual sawntimber (papan bergergaji). Product / Service Description: Saya membeli kayu secara pukal di matau atau pun terus membeli satu konsensi balak, ...

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