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Biomass pellets manufacturing plant in Johor seeking RM22 mil to expand production capacity.

Executive Summary:

1) This project is a design and built for 2 production lines of Biomass Pellet Mills.
2) Total production capacity is 20 TPH or 10,000 TPM or 120,000 TPY.
3) Raw materials are wood and palm oil waste.
4) Total investment is RM 22 million including factory.
5) Total annual revenue is estimated RM 40 Millions to 60 million.
6) The ROI is estimated 2.2 years (including 9 months factory set up).

Project Status:

1) This project has been obtained GTFS certificate from Malaysia Green Technology Corporation by KETTHA.
2) This project is categorised pioneer status by MIDA.
3) Factory location has been identified.
4) Machinery Suppliers have been identified
5) Raw Material Suppliers have been identified

Company Background

xxx Sdn Bhd is founded in 2011. Company is located in the biggest palm and wood industry state, Johor. xxx initially has set up its pilot plant in Pontian, Johor. After 2 years of research and development on pelletisation technology, xxx has successfully completed and predominated the entire process, started from the collection of wood and palm waste, screening, drying, grinding, and packaging. Finally, xxx is capable to produce wood pellets and palm pellets.

Next, xxx is currently planning to expand its production capacity to 20 tons per hour or ten thousand tons per month. The project has been recognised by Energy, Green Technology and Water Department (KETTHA) Malaysia and obtained Green Project Certificate under Green Technology Finance Scheme (GTFS) issued by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation. With this project commenced, xxx will be able to reduce significantly the agricutural waste, to provide long-term supply of biofuel energy fulfilling the industrial needs,
creating value for its customers as energy-saving solutions provider, while creating a clean, low-carbon environment. Subsequently, xxx will become the leading biomass pellet fuel provider in Malaysia .

International Demand :

1) Asia – China
• September 12, 2013 the State Council has issued the “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” and clearly stated to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, improve the proportion of clean energy and control the total coal consumption.
• Target : Reduce the proportion of coal consumption to total energy to 65% or less.
• The industrial heating is the main energy market, there are currently more than 50 million units of small coal-fired boilers (>20 tons) and the annual coal consumption is 270 million tons. The 30% of consumption is accounted for an estimated 80 million ton solid fuel.

2) Asia – Korea

• South Korea has adopt Renewable Portfolio Standard, RPS. 14 public and private electric utilities company MUST, at the time in 2015, using a 4% share of renewable energy sources, and then gradually increase to 10% in 2022
• In addition, South Korea will allow to import palm oil biomass due to limited wood pellet sources in September.
• The total consumption in 2022 is estimated 19 million tons as below.

3) Asia – Japan

• Since the nuclear accident occurred at Fukuda, Japan has been actively developing renewable energy projects.
• In July 2012, Japan has began the energy buyback program – Feed in Tariff (FIT), to subsidise and develop various renewable energy.
• For electricity generated by biomass, the FIT price is set from 13.65 to 40.95 yen / kWh for a 20-year contract,
• The main market is industrial heating.
• Japan’s current demand of biomass is one million tons and its demand is estimated will reach three million ton in 2015.

4) Europe

The European Union member agreed to a 20% binding target for renewable energy (including 10% from biomass) by 2020 as well as a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in March 2007. The potential pellet quantities required from 10 million p.a. (2010) to 90 million p.a. (2020)


• Malaysia adopted the “Five-Fuel-Policy” with Renewable Energy as the 5th Fuel for Power generation in 2000.
• Small Renewable Energy Power (SREP) Programme was started in 2001 covered Biomass, Biogas, Landfill Waste, Mini-Hydro.
• National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan (2009)
• Renewable Energy Act (2011) & Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act SEDA (2011)
• Feed in Tariff (FiT) Programme – To encourage building of power plant including Biomass Power Plant Malaysia Energy Policy – 5th fuel Policy

Local Demand:

• The total power generation by Biomass 2015
= Commissioned plant + Plant in progress
= 43.4 + 91.0
= 134.4 MW
Hence, all plants require >500,000 ton wood Pellet annually > 40,000 ton wood Pellet per month.
Assume RM300/ton, Potential Business Value >RM 150,000,000 OR 150 mill annually >RM 12,500,000 OR 12.5 mill per month Not Including factories which needs heating for steam and hot water! E.g. Glove Manufacturer, Chemical Plants, and etc !

Advantage of proposed location:

1) Very close to raw materials sources。
2) Located center of southern johor.
3) Raw material supplies are within 50 km.
4) Palm oil waste is estimated 20,000 ton per month
5) Wood waste is estimated 3,000 ton per month
6) Located center of 2 sea ports.

Production of High Density Saw Dust Briquettes & Briquette Charcoal for Export

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 1,500,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Malaysia is a country where you can find Waste Biomass (Waste Agricultural By Products) in abundance.
Saw Dust in huge volumes are found in almost everywhere in the country.
Our project is to add value to this waste materials by converting them to a “Solid Bio-Fuel” called High Density Saw Dust Briquettes or Fire Logs.
Fire Logs are used especially in the European continent for the Fire Places, during the Winter Season. Approximately 1,000,000 Tons of this fuel is needed each year for the fire places during this season. It is also been used as a Fuel for the Steam Boilers, worldwide.
Our Target is to Export this Commodity, Worldwide in a consistent manner.
We have plans to develop a system to produce the same Fire Logs with EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) from the Oil Palm Factories & Wax Mixed Fire Logs when we become financially sound in the near future.
Business Opportunity The Foreign Partner involved in this business, M/s. Demeco Enterprises, Sri Lanka is a pioneer in manufacturing of Bio Mass Briquetting Equipment, since year 2000. The Machinery & Equipment needed for this project is provided by DEMECO, as a part of their investment. Therefore, we have sound Technological Background as far as the Know How & Equipment Maintenance are concerned. We have great chances over others to succeed in achieving our targets within a shorter period of time due to the above reasons.
The market for our products is unlimited, worldwide as explained earlier.
Opportunities for exploitation for new markets are unlimited as well.
Revenue / Business Model Initially, during the first 06 months of operation our targeted volume is around 500 Tons per Month.
This will bring in a minimum revenue of around RM 350,000 each month. After the first 06 months we shall increase the production volume to 1000 Tons per month & then our revenue would be doubled to RM 700,000 per month. At the same time our overhead recovery would improve tremendously.
This business would earn over 60% gross margin, provided it is managed in a professional manner.
Therefore we are very confident in achieving high profits within a short period of time.
We shall continue to expand & increase the volume of production & exploit in to possibilities of producing & marketing additional products as well, as explained earlier.
Management Team The Malaysian Partner is well experienced in the Field of Marketing & would very much capable of marketing our products to high end buyers.
The Foreign Partner is well conversant with the Production Process & Manufacturing / Maintaining any kind of equipment needed for the industry.
This is the Best Combination, any manufacturing business should have.
We will also have an expatriate Production Manager engaged full time in time to come.
Company Background The Company; Demeco Bioenergy (M) Sdn. Bhd. (1186911-M) was established on 10th May 2016 & have leased out a factory premises in Klang area on the 19th of October.
The 1st 40ft. Container loaded with machinery & equipment has already reached Port Kelang & awaiting clearing. Another 40ft. Container, also loaded with Machinery & Equipment is due to leave Colombo, Sri Lanka by Mid November. The 3rd Consignment too would be arriving from China, during the same period of time.
Investment to date would be exceeding RM 1,500,000 by first week of November.
Funding Milestone By end of the current year our total investment would exceed RM 2,000,000. However, there is an immediate requirement to raise around RM 300,000 to facilitate expenses incurred locally (within Malaysia) in order to expedite the process of urgently setting up of this facility.
These funds would be used mainly as working capital & expenses for utilities etc.
If the required funds are received immediately, we could expedite the entire process of commencing the production even at an earlier date.
This would lead us to achieve our targets in a more realistic manner.
% Equity Allocation 15%
Expected ROI Less than 18 months
Risks and Mitigation Frankly, there are no unforeseen Risks, worldwide affecting this industry or in Malaysia as a country.
As Mitigation is an essential factor in business, we have plans to diversify our activities by producing a wide range of products in the future as explained in details, earlier.
Exit Strategies Any prospective investor would be free to exit after 15 months from effective date of the investment or after 12 months by giving 03 months prior notice in writing.
Company Name Demeco Bioenergy (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address PT 71185, Jalan Keretapi Lama / Ku 15, Taman Pererat Makmur, Mukim Kapar, 42200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact Person Mr. Kesavan Periasamy

Manufacturing carbon products form biomass

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested >400K
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Model, unique and breakthrough biochar manufacturing plant in Perak.
Fully set up, require cash injection for working capital and some capital to make it auditable.
Business Opportunity The products will require acceptance form international customers. Samples have been delivered and orders are possible after first production run.
Revenue / Business Model The raw materials are easily source biomass. The gross margins if sold internationally are in excess of 60%.
Low labour content.
Revenues can be about RM 100 K per month with current capacity at 70% utilisation.
Adding on capacity is low cost in the RM 50K region.
Management Team The leader is a former very senior leader of a US company, doing this on retirement.
Other partner is a entrepreneur with contacts in supply base and inroads to government projects if required.
Third partner is sleeping partner.
Company Background Started in 2015 it is a eco company with technology provided by a university and government agency.
It is currently running tests and awaiting for packaging machinery to arrive from China.
Plant is expected to be fully operational and in production mode in Januray 2017.
Funding Milestone At the moment funding requirement is less then100K (ringgits).
Willing to do it any way required including interest bearing loan, convertible shares etc.

For Sale: Manufacturer of Motorized Oil Palm Cutting Machine

Asking Price: RM2mil

2015 Revenue: RM2mil

Have have invested about RM1.5Mil over the 5 years, RM1Mil from personal funding, working capital and RM500K is via bank injection.

This is consider at very low price already, we have spent over 6 years developing this business and we have done a lot of R&D for tall palm too.

Tall palm is key problems to the industry and our solution will be a key solution in the coming years once Oil Palm price is a bit higher.

We are collaborating with Canadian engineer for Tall Palm and have tested the product for the past 3 years.

This business has potential to go global in a big scale. Besides solving labours issues in Oil Palm, Date Palm Pruning in the Middle East, Coconut pruning, Palm Wax trees in Brazil for Food Coating.

So far half of product sold global however at small scale due to our financial constraint we only sell online, we exported to Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia and Peru.

We are looking for new owner who has the capacity to go global with the products to serve Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South America (Colombia, Peru, Brazil) and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana), India all this are the potential customers.

We foresee the business is too big for a small company like us to capture the market, might as well we will let go to more capable company in terms of marketing, distribution and production.

Veg Halal & Kosher Reduced Fat Cheese

Project Cost: RM5 Million

Amount Invested : RM1.6 Million

Amount Required : RM3.4 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Funding)

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

Industry: manufacturing

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

I am the researcher & inventor of microbial renent, enzyme & culture from plant and palm oil. I has so far successfully invented 9 types of highest demand cheese and ready for commercialization. My team consist of 7 super skilled manpower including cheese mongers, experienced marketing & operation team members.

Product / Service Description:

Our completd R&D and on sale products are mozzarella, cream cheese, prime spread, edam, cammembert, brie, blue cheese our very own green cheese, nachos spread, blue dip etc all are veg based & reduced fat using our own microbial rennet,enzyme & culture.

Our Technology :

Our technology had successfully cuts down the tenure of cheese maturing process, aging & briening. For instance a conventional blue cheese processing requires 9 – 12 months aging period to generate the oenicilium into blue mould but with our technology the total aging process takes only 6 months. For mild cheddar normal aging is 3 months – D’Qisra cheddar is ready in 3 weeks. We intend to commercialize the project in Enfield, North East London since the source of material such as milk, milk protein are from France.

Business Opportunity:

Halal certification in Europe esp. in UK and Russia has opened a tremendous growth of halal market and niche untapped market for halal cheese worth multi million of Euros. Russia, UK, Saudi & Emirates cheese market alone worth at least Euro 1Billion annually. being Muslim manufacturer, we strongly confident that we could highly compete in the market where there is only 1 or 2 companies in UK who are offering halal cheese to the global market. Hence we plan to grasp 5% only of the halal global market in these regions for the 1st year for an annual sale of Euro50 Million only. Full market analysis is available and will be tabled during full presentation or pitching.

Revenue Model:

With a capital of RM3 Million or approx. UK Pound 500K will enable us to rent a small factory in Enfiled (UKP 60K), purchase of 1 packaging line (UKP 125K), printing of new packaging (UKP 12K) and purchase of material (UKP30K) and overhead for 5 months (UKP 73K). I have purchased 1 300Kg cheese processing machine from Italy, 1 50kg soft cheese processing machine from Scotland and 2 units 6L material processing machine from France. These 3 machines capacity is approx. 51 – 54 tons of cheese monthly @ 3 containers. Cost per container is UKP 45,300 (RM272K) and our minimum net profit is approx UKP 17,000 (RM 102K) thus our total minimum net profit is UKP 51K (RM306K) @ UKP 612K (RM3.67 Million) annually.

Management Team:

Our team members consist of 2 skilled cheese mongers, 1 engineer, 2 skilled production assistants, 2 international marketing execs, 1 certified accountant and 1 sales exec.

Current Status:

I am packing and moving back my machines to London by January 2016 and plan to commence the operation in London on the 3rd week of January. The machines are currently in Shah Alam, Section 7. Though we have start operation and test market in Malaysia since November 2014, but the transportaion cost of the material by air + custom charge, airport tax + GST has made of material cost unbearly expensive. Hence our margin is only a mere RM0.20 – RM0.50 per kg which is far below the actual profit of RM5.0 – RM30/kg (average UKP 2.0/kg @ UKP2000/ton if the material is brought to UK from France.

Funding Milestone: Packaging machines, factory premium, overhead & material to achieve monthly sales of UKP 135K per month @ 3 container @ 51tons

Business Valuation: RM3.0 million for 49%

Expected Return On Investment:

ROI Ration 1.2 or approximately RM1.4Mill for 1st year.
1st year 49% RoI : RM686,000.00
2nd year RoI : RM 2.45Million
3rd Year RoI : RM 4.4 Mill
Total 3 years project RoI : RM7.53 Million

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Mitigating factors :

1. We shall label few of our newly invented cheese as Nottinghill Cheese and Natwich cheese ie theorigin of the milk. This is also to caprture the attention of tourists in UK. Some cheeses will be packed in Red Double DeckBus Tin Can and Red Phone Booth Tin Can to refelct the images of London. The Factory will also be named London cheese House the 1st of its kind in London.

2. I have patented the IP of the formula & the brands & logo

Investment Risk :

1. Copy cat

Exit Strategies: We will :

A. start commercializing and selling our microbial renent & enzyme to open market or
B. license off our technology Or
C. sell our brand.

This are quite common practice in the cheese industry globally. For instance Irish Dairy Board had purchased 70% equity of AlWazeer Trading (Saudi manufacturer of cheese spread) for Euro 27Million in 2013

Alcohol Manufacturing and distribution in SouthEast Asia

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested USD 8 million
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description We alcohol manufacturer inclusive all kind of spirits ,wine etc.We have local and export market.Our plan required funding to complete the project.
Business Opportunity Business opportunity for local market of population of 70 million people with only less then 10 manufacturer the whole country.There is no new licenses issued since year 1997 till todate.We also have export market and would like to expand to brewery soon. (please note that this project is not in Malaysia)
Revenue / Business Model huge market of local and export.
Management Team We have experts who work with us for pass 10 years from NZ and other country.The business owner himself has years of experience managing 2 distillery from two different country.
Company Background The company has clean record and in this business for more then 10 years.
Funding Milestone Funding required USD 3 million for 2 years and roi can be acheived in 2 to 3 years
% Equity Allocation can be discuss
Expected ROI 2 to 3 years
Risks and Mitigation Increase of raw material and global recessions may effect slightly.
Exit Strategies buying back shares by the company at desired value by the investors in 2 years.

“Smart Deodorant Wipe” seeking RM950K startup fund

Project Cost: RM1mil

Amount Invested : RM50K

Amount Required : RM950K

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

consumer goods
biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

We’re a group of people who had been doing marketing and trading. We had been doing this product with our research team to meet up the market needs.

Product / Service Description:

“Smart Deodorant Wipe” is a combination of wet tissue/baby wipe, deodorant and sanitizer. The whole idea for making this product is to replace wet tissue/baby wipe, deodorant and sanitizer. Instead of using 2-3 of those items, “Smart Deodorant Wipe” will fulfill all your need 3 in 1. So far in Asia there’s only a few country having deodorant wipe but its only for armpit use and there’s no full body like ours.

What makes our product unique ?
– Its for full body wipe.
– It can protect your body odor up to 28 hours.
– 100% free alcohol, aluminum, paraben.
– It can remove dead skin.
– It can remove skin discoloration.
– Its suitable for all type of skin (even a 3 years kid).

Business Opportunity:

We did a pre-launch last year August 2014 in Malaysia by giving away free sample because we wanted to see how the market response to our new product. The response was very positive and our selling price its affordable by a survey from taxi drivers, lorry drivers, foreign workers. We did give some sample to Kelantan when they’re suffering flood, they don’t have “clean” water for shower and those bacteria it’s harmful to health. So our product does help them to clean up without shower. Even a stroke patient they couldn’t get to bath, this product will help them to clean up their body easily and remove bacteria and odor. We’re the only one who own this unique product now and we’re aiming it to go international, corporate, government department (military, fire fighter, police, etc), hotels, airports, airlines, etc.

Revenue Model: We need a total of RM950K

– RM200K for cost of operation, marketing expenses, managerial, office used. *optional
– RM300K for “Smart Deodorant Wipe” product.
– RM250K for advertisement in Electronic, Social Media and Promotions.
– RM200K for our 3 months campaign prizes.

First month:
1. First Month (without product):
– Product wellness, branding, awareness to publicize by the Dr Mohamad Ariff in newspaper (i.e. KOSMO newspaper – Malay Edition)
– Negotiation with corporate and retailers
– Negotiation with Universities, Colleges, Co-operations, NGO`s
– Distribution of Flyer, Bunting, Online and Offline

2. Second Month (with product):
– Support Charity Event (Marathon, Cycling, NGOs activities etc)
– Negotiation with Golden Screen Cinema Group (GSC) – advertisement
– Negotiation with corporate (Petronas, Shell & Petron)
– Negotiation with corporate and retailers
– Start deliver product to customer
– Distribution of Flyer, Bunting, Online and Offline

3. Third Month:
– Contest in KOSMO newspaper
– Fully supply to retailers chain nationwide
– Target marketing and sale:
– 28million of population x 0.25% = 70,000 people x RM7.10
= RM497,000.00
(estimation of success at 50% = RM248,500.00

4. Fourth Month:
– Target marketing and sale :
– 28million of population x 0.3% = 84,000 people x RM7.10
= RM596,400.00 (estimation of success at 70% = RM417,480.00)

5. Fifth Month:
– Target marketing and sale :
– 28million of population x 0.4% = 112,000 people x RM7.10
= RM795,200.00 (estimation of success at 85% = RM675,920.00)

6. Six Months:
– Target marketing and sale :
– 28million of population x 0.5% = 140,000 people x RM7.10
= RM994,000.00 (estimation of success at 95% = RM944,300.00)

Management Team:

We have a product development manager who will handle all the advertising, marketing, corporate, and operation. We have a special project manager who will handle all the logistic, special project (medium-small retails, corporate), management. We have a General Manager who will handle all the finance, planning, target, production. We have a Research Team who will handle the upcoming products (there’s 3 more new product). We have a clerk who prepare all the paperwork. We will look for few more district officer to handle our retails account.

Current Status:

Start up. We’re looking for investment to be made by mid of July 2015 because Hari Raya coming soon and we wanted to let more people know about our product from advertisement in tv broadcast about wellness. Hari Raya everyone going back hometown and it’s holiday and people will talk and share about what they saw in the advertisement.

Funding Milestone:

First month:
RM 45K renovation & equipment. *optional
RM 12K rental & utilities. *optional
RM 50K for wellness advertisement in KOSMO.
RM 15K for labour cost, compliment, marketing (on & off line)

Second month:
RM 4K rental & utilities.
RM 15K for labour cost, compliment, marketing (on & off line)

Third month:
RM 4K rental & utilities.
RM 15K for labour cost, compliment, marketing (on & off line)
RM 200K for promotion & advertisement.
RM 50K 1 unit Van/lorry. *optional

Fourth month:
RM 4K rental & utilities.
RM 20K for labour cost, compliment, marketing (on & off line)
RM 150K for Contest Prize 3 months campaign.

Fifth month:
RM 4K rental & utilities.
RM 20K for labour cost, compliment, marketing (on & off line)

*Note : the production cost is not included.

Business Valuation:

We would like to propose for this fund RM 1million into the company and we will give 40% of the company equity. Why RM 1million ? It’s better to propose more than less but if it turn out to be lesser so that’s gonna benefit the investor. We just wanted to make it happen for this project.

Expected Return On Investment:

With our lowest percentage calculation of RM 1million funding, expected rate of ROI will be 9-12 months.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Once the money pump in, we will patent register this product belong to us and if we couldn’t sell or fail with our marketing. We will sell the whole trademark to another owner.

Exit Strategies:

If the investor wanted to leave us, we will buy over the equity with the present valuation.


Gary Lim
Pulau Pinang

Perniagaan papan bergergaji memerlukan RM800K sebagai model kerja

Project Cost: RM 1million.

Amount Invested : RM 200 thousand.

Amount Required : RM 800 thousand

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: finance


Project Stage:


Company History:

Saya mempunyai pengalaman selama 5 tahun sebagai timber grader.Tapi pada tahun saya mengambil keputusan utk berhenti bekerja utk berniaga sendiri dgn membeli dan menjual sawntimber (papan bergergaji).

Product / Service Description:

Saya membeli kayu secara pukal di matau atau pun terus membeli satu konsensi balak, kemudian saya hantar ke sawmill utk di potong, kemudian terus di hantar ke port klang utk di dieksport ke singapura, taiwan, india, dubai, sri langka dan lain2.Penbeli biasanya nembayar secara tunai ataupun LC.

Business Opportunity:

Peluang di dlm industri exsport timber ini sgt bagus tapi memerlukan modal yg besar.

Revenue Model:

Kita beli kayu balak dgn harga Rm1000 per tan, kemudian hantar ke sawmill utk di potong menjadi papan dgn kos Rm250 per tan, kemudian kita hantar ke port dgn trelar dgn kos Rm100 per tan..Jadi semua kos tersebut menjadi Rm1350 per tan.Kita dpt jual kpd buyer dgn harga Rm 1700..jadi Rm1700-1350=Rm 350 per tan.Jadi kita mendapat untung sebanyak Rm350 per tan.

Management Team:

Sykt saya mempunyai 2 0rg pekerja sepenuh masa sahaja.Seorang sebagai pengurus besar dan seorang lg sebagai penolong pengurus besar.

Current Status:

Sykt saya beroperasi di Terengganu.Sykt memerlukan modal yg segera.


Shahul hamid bin hamzah (
Company Name: Timber & Mineral Trading.
Postal Address : No.135, Jalan Anak Balai Besar, Dungun
State : Terengganu
Post Code : 23000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 09-8444352
Website : None
Mobile: 019-9691590


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