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Perniagaan papan bergergaji memerlukan RM800K sebagai model kerja

Project Cost: RM 1million. Amount Invested : RM 200 thousand. Amount Required : RM 800 thousand Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: finance Industry: agriculture trade Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Saya mempunyai pengalaman selama 5 tahun sebagai timber grader.Tapi pada tahun saya mengambil keputusan utk berhenti bekerja utk berniaga sendiri dgn membeli dan menjual sawntimber (papan bergergaji). Product / Service Description: Saya membeli kayu secara pukal di matau atau pun terus membeli satu konsensi balak, ...

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Concrete Wall Panel startup project seeking RM2mil

Project Cost: RM3.5mil Amount Invested : RM100,000 Amount Required : RM3.5mil Knowledge / Experience Required: general management finance production sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time Industry: manufacturing Project Stage: concept start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: We are partner of Two, with knowledge of management, finance and production engineering as well. We have years of experience in this industry. Product / Service Description: IBS concrete wall panel is well accepted in Singapore, it is also encouraged by Malaysia government ...

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Hybrid Sports car Project Malaysia

Project Cost: RM250 Million Amount Invested : RM25,000 Amount Required : RM10 million Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance production Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor as consultant others (share holder) Industry: engineering manufacturing others (Automotive Green Technology) Project Stage: concept start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: We want ti make Malaysia’s 1st Hybrid Supercar. We have the technology and a very professional team ready on it. production License and all contacts will be no problem. we need the start up fund ...

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MInD Automation & Robotic Studio

Project Cost: RM500,000 Amount Invested : RM10,000 Amount Required : RM490,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management strategy finance sale & marketing other (Engineering) Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor as consultant Industry: engineering manufacturing electronics industry products others (Mechatronic & Robotics) Project Stage: concept / seed EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Mechatronic Intelligent Design (MIND) was founded on 2012 officially by two friends, Mohd Zhafri bin Baharudin (25 years old) and Mohd Hazeli bin Rasul (25 years old) while being a ...

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Biomass Pellets from wood wastes

Project Cost: RM 7,498,721.00 Knowledge / Experience Required: finance sale & marketing internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time as mentor others (Financial Advisor) Industry: others (Green Technology) Project Stage: concept seed start-up Information Memorandum: Coolup Greentech Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 2012 to commercialise the manufacturing of high quality biomass wood pellets from wood wastes. Our company has been certified as a Green Technology company, under the Green Technology Funding Scheme (GTFS) government’s incentive on 23rd July 2012, in which ...

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Reinforced Engineered Fibreboard

Converting the local agricultural waste and biomass materials into high value added green product – Reinforced Engineered Fibreboard Market Demand Reinforced Engineered Fibreboard is an essential wood panel supply, and a popular substitute for plywood and solid wood timber. This product is suitable and crucially required to fulfil the high demand of the many industries and sectors, and these include: 1. Office Furniture products, e.g. workspace, desks, storage system, 2. Home Furniture products, e.g. Wardrobes, hall dividers, bedroom/living room furnitures, ...

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Liquid Detergent Vending Machine

Introduction This proposal entails in the Design & Development, Testing & Commissioning, Manufacture & Fabrication of The Liquid Detergent Vending Machine for its subsequent commercialisation with the concept for the consumer, entrepreneur, commercial & industrial as well as for social and environmental benefits. The Marketing & Promotional Pitch What problems can we solve and what solutions can we provide? We can provide solutions for problem faced by the:- 1. General Customers & Consumers, 2. Aspiring Entrepreneurs, 3. Manufacturing & Industrialist ...

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Amount Invested : RM 230,000 Amount Required : 2-3 Million Knowledge / Experience Required: Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as mentor; as consultant Industry: Green Project Stage: seed, start-up More Information: Our inspiration to do Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(VAWT) came from lack of electricity in my village BARIO, Sarawak. It is a good investment as government has been spending loads of money to supply diesel subsidy to rural school generator till now which sometime failed to arrive to desinated location. There ...

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Thermal Imaging

Business Overview The company is a sole-proprietorship formed in 2010 and located in Malaysia. Its’ primary focus is the design and manufacture of thermal imaging based platforms for thermal industries. The company aims to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced technology hardware and software within the Original End Manufacturer (OEM) thermal imaging industry. The thermal imaging platforms designed are used in the manufacture of thermal imaging cameras. The platform acts as the main core of the camera. The company ...

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