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Fame Trikes Superbike Manufacturing and Import, South Africa

Project Cost: $2million Amount Invested : $50,000 Amount Required : $2million Knowledge / Experience Required: general management strategy Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time as mentor Industry: manufacturing trade Project Stage: start-up Information Memorandum: FAME TRIKES , mainly importing from CHINA and manufacturing TRIKES. FAME will import a wide range of trikes from 150cc to V8 engines that cost from $1,500 to $60,000 USA dollar. FAME will manufacture a SUPER TRIKE that is ALL WHEEL DRIVE. A design engineer is currently busy ...

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Car brake shoes manufacturer at Indonesia

Project Cost: RM 970,000 Amount Invested : RM 430,000 Amount Required : RM 540,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time Industry: manufacturing, industry products Project Stage: early expansion EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: PD. Spartindo Jelita Part has been established since 1996 which mainly focuses on brake pad of motorcycle. It was formed by Mr. Hasan Chahyadi Tjhang with the vision to accommodate Indonesia with high quality brake pad and affordable price. He spotted a huge market ...

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Seeking co-investor to take over a Singapore wire mesh company

Due to our nature of business, we knew one of our supplier who are willing to let go his business for retirement in Singapore, and we’re seeing a potential of this market therefore would like to take over the business. However, due to the amount of investment is quite huge so we’re seeking for investment fund to support us. Here’s the briefly break down of their financial outlook Selling price: 1.8 Mil (not include the properties warehouse) Revenue : 3.2 ...

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Vietnam Waste Management Plant Project

Investment in municipal waste separation, recycling, composting and bale-press packing plant with a capacity of 2,000 tons per day in the form of BOT Contract for 49 years in Hanoi, Vietnam The need for the project investment and the investment objective: Hanoi City has 6.2 million people living in an area of 3,300 km2, with an average density of 1,880 person/km2. The City is divided into 29 districts and towns. It has diverse terrain conditions, including: mountainous, midland and lowlands ...

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