Category Online Platform / Apps Page Rank and Alexa Ranking Boost

Project Cost: RM10,000

Amount Invested : RM15,00

Amount Required : RM8,500

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing
other (Internet Marketing)

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (automotive)

Project Stage:
second stage expansion


Company History: website was created with the intention to share to everyone about test drive experiences, especially for people who are looking for new or second hand cars.
These stories would provide them as 3rd party opinion which they can use as guidance to aid in their decision making before they purchasing a car. We also included car tips for driver to ensure their car stays in tip-top condition. Car tips include a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) installation stuffs and self maintenance knowledge which help users to save money on the costly maintenance and modification.

Product / Service Description:

An Malaysia automotive blog that blogging about Penang cars test drive reviews. Not only that, we blog about car care and DIY auto tips too. Our stories are 100% genuine!

Business Opportunity:

We are facing the barrier to growing our page rank to higher level. Through building good backlinks, we are able to hit to next level of business.

Revenue Model:

At this moment, we make money through sponsored posts, paid guest posts and Google Adsense. My business model can return superior return by serving as automotive care guide, 3rd party reviews from various auto products.

Management Team:

Our organization is very simple and few of the members are freelancer.

Current Status:

At this moment, we are able to made between RM200 to RM600 per month. We are growing our figure.

Funding Milestone:

Currently our page rank site is 2. We are working to achieve to page rank 4 with the fund. By the time we have the page rank 4, our sponsor posts price will increase and thousand of visitors will visit our site each day.

Business Valuation:

SEO service usually cost around RM3k to RM6K. We will fully utilize the fund for growing our website.

Expected Return On Investment: 30%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

At certain time, there may don’t have any sponsor posts available. That time we don’t have any income except depending on the Google Adsense ads.

Exit Strategies:

Investor can exit the business anytime with just losing half of their capital for the 1st year. We will try to compensate what we have at the moment.


Ang Tzu Thian (
Company Name: Penang Car Reviews N DIY Car Care
Postal Address : 34,Tingkat Bagan Baru 10
Post Code : 12000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 60124857728
Website :
Mobile: 60124857728


ePerolehan Directory 2012

Project Cost: RM 492,700.00

Amount Invested : RM 180,000.00

Amount Required : RM 312,700.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: others (Publishing)

Project Stage: seed

More Information:

The project is a joint initiative between our company, Trendnexus Sdn Bhd and Commerce Access Sdn Bhd – a subsidiary of Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd (CDC) – capitalizing on the renowned ePerolehan, the Exclusive eProcurement solution for the Malaysian government.

The Commercialization of ePerolehan Directory 2012 is basically turning the directory from a cost center for CDC into a profit center. TrendNexus, as a media company, realizes the very high value of the said directory as a commercial media since it is a main reference to over 36,000 government procurement managers & officers. For the 140,000 companies registered in ePerolehan, it is a MUST to be highly visible in the directory.

The directory (as a media) offers high visibility and exposure of the advertisers, sponsors and premium listers directly to their main target audience – the 36,000 Government procurement officers all over the country, as well as GLC\’s and SME\’s. The comprehensive registration and renewal (profiling) process of ePerolehan system makes the directory the most up-to-date, most validated / reliable and most accurate business directory in the market.

The total projected revenue of the project is RM 5,387,400.00 over the contract period of 12 months, with 50% nett profit share between the two companies.

The initial funding sourced to assist in mobilizing the project is RM200k to cover for the shortfall at the beginning of the project. We are looking at a short term loan in the period of 6-8 months with an interest allocation offered at 20% per annum.


JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up, Philippine


The new kid on the electronic block, JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up company that offers that aims to position itself to become the market leader in offering companies the ability to sell their products, present bills and receive payment electronically and consumers to buy and pay for the dues online.

JuanTribe Inc. will address the consumer’s desire to have one destination cater their every need. Company revenues will be generated from two specific resources: (1) Multi-tiered commission for receiving payments. If merchant partners receive more than the base amount per month, they’re eligible to apply for a Merchant Rate—which lowers their fees as their sales volume increases. (2) Rate per transaction commissions. (3) Sale of sponsorship packages for premier site placement. The Company will develop and market its own branded storefront service.


JuanTribe Inc. will provide a comprehensive set of valued added consumer services that will be specifically catered to our audience and product sponsors. These services include:—is an online and offline EBPP (Electronic bill presentment and payment). It is a form of electronic billing in which a company presents (sends) its bills and customers pay these electronically Online and Offline.

Future Brands

o MartJuan
o JuanMarketPlace
o / aims to be a leading solution provider and operator of an Electronic Service Delivery Network (ESDN) and Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment (EBPP) System, platforms that allows organizations to reach out to their target audiences. intends to strategically put up stations and/or kiosks nationwide, where the users will have convenient access to more than a hundred services, including bills payment, prepaid reloading, hotel and resorts reservation, flight and cruise reservation and etc.

* Note: Full Business Plan Ready


Jeremy Lloyd de Jesus
Mobile: 63 917 908 9362
Phone: 02 907 4551