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Project Title MusoMusic: A Music Monetisation Ecosystem Platform and App for Independent Music Creators Worldwide to Distribute and Publish Their Works Globally. Current Status Concept / Business Plan Amount Invested RM25,000 Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000 Description MusoMusic is a music monetisation ecosystem providing a variety of affordable services from publishing administration to music distribution (to over 300 stores eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play) to providing value-added services, to fan engagement, radio airplay promotions and more. We take the ...

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Wedabo marketplace and eCommerce platform for young creativity

Project Title Not many young generation in SEA especially Malaysia, have an opportunities to be like Jimmy Choo and introduce their creative around the globe. WEDABO want to be a pioneer, trade the lifestyle and culture among youth population in SEA. Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Amount Invested RM500,000 Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000 Description Current situation in Malaysian young entrepreneurs in fashion, product, arts, music, toys, streetwear, sportswear, sports equipment and anything that related with lifestyle and culture, having ...

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Clickme App Solution

Project Title What happen when Uber meets tinder over hh finder? Current Status Concept / Business Plan Amount Invested Rm900 Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000 Description Put Uber, tinder and happy hour finders and that exactly how clickme came about. A booking matching partner for happy hour. Business Opportunity Mainly for people who hang out after work at preferred bistro or bars where no PR provided and everyone needs someone to talk to. So we targeted 5pm-10pm for the booking ...

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Eventda, the Online Digital Comparison and Booking Platform for Event Spaces and Services with guaranteed lowest price

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested RM450,000 Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000 Description Eventda Sdn Bhd is a MSC-status e-commerce company which was incorporated on 15 June 2016. Eventda provides an online marketplace for comparison and booking of event spaces and related services. Its listings include hotels’ function rooms, ballrooms, and meeting rooms along with other offerings such as photography, videography, emcee, sound and lighting & performances. Users can now plan and book their entire event on Eventda, pay, attend the ...

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Food and groceries delivery mobile application

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready Amount Invested RM0 Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000 Description A mobile application for food and groceries delivery that gives a user the ability to place an order from smartphones at their fingertips. Business Opportunity Our mission is to provide solutions for our community of working people, students, elderly, disabled people and suburban residents. With our mobile application, we able to influence people with busy lifestyles, heavy traffic issues and job fortuity. Besides that, ...

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UYA ASIA entertainment market place

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested RM2,000,000 Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more Description UYA ASIA is an entertainment market place where we are changing the way people shop online. We launch since 28 Nov 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. Asia News Today: Capital TV: Media Write Up: Teaser Ads The Grand Launch: Company Website and Social Media Sites: Business Opportunity With integration of new technology, cross border logistics and lifestyle mobile ...

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