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Eventda, the Online Digital Comparison and Booking Platform for Event Spaces and Services with guaranteed lowest price

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM450,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Eventda Sdn Bhd is a MSC-status e-commerce company which was incorporated on 15 June 2016. Eventda provides an online marketplace for comparison and booking of event spaces and related services. Its listings include hotels’ function rooms, ballrooms, and meeting rooms along with other offerings such as photography, videography, emcee, sound and lighting & performances. Users can now plan and book their entire event on Eventda, pay, attend the event and enjoy while the service providers take care of the rest!
Business Opportunity Market Size:
a) Corporate
Based on MCEA,Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau *case study, business & major events alone has RM18b in economic value.

b) Weddings
With an average of **300,000 mariages each year in Malaysia at an estimated RM30k spend/couple, bring us to a RM9b market.

Problems we are trying to solve:

•Compare live pricing and book instantaneously without having to wait for quotations from multiple sites and people.
•Ability to negotiate via chat functionality
•Ability to check availability of service providers immediately through calendar functions

b)Service Providers
•Increase space utilization
•Increase visibility and transparency. Matchmaking service providers & customers on global scale
•Enjoy free marketing through platform
•Mobile office

Revenue / Business Model EVENTDA’s revenue sources are as follows:

i. Commissions taken for each successful booking for each segment on our platform (10-15% depending on type of service sold)
ii.Additional advertisement placed out by SP’s on including ad space/banner placement

Management Team Kushwin Kaur
•A Management Consultant with Axcelasia Inc. She has led advisory-related engagements covering internal audit, enterprise risk management, business process improvement and fraud investigation for GLCs and MNCs in Malaysia and Indonesia. She has also advised with VCs, fund providers and a corporate registrar in Malaysia.
•She is well exposed to the challenges faced by start-ups and how to remedy them. She is familiar with the key processes and best practices required for a company and even for start-ups. Her knowledge in internal controls, risk management and all things business will ensure our decisions are made with a proper consideration on risk factors and best practices in day-to-day operations.

Dabraj Sing:
•Formerly from Ersnt & Young and went on to join Lion & Lion, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing company as a CFO. In Lion & Lion, Dabraj worked with former Rocket Internet MD & Groupon Asia founders, Mads Faurholt Jorgensen and Raphael Strauch who now successfully runs Compare Insurance group around the world.
•His strong marketing, financial and commercial background will add great value to this project in ensuring our finances are kept in check at all times and all regulatory requirements are adhered to. Dabraj’s knowledge in digital marketing will be essential is scaling our brand name to greater heights.

Company Background Business registration date: 15 June 2016
Platform Launch Date: 1 June 2017
Investment Made to date: RM100k from shareholders, RM250k from private investors
Sales per FY 2017: RM213k
No of service providers: 250 including but not limited to likes of Marriott KL, Equatorial, Armada, Sime Darby and others
Funding Milestone Digital Marketing & traditional marketing expenditure for Malaysia RM200,000
Investment in sales and business development personnel RM200,000
Product expansion, improvement on the current platform and development
of integrated app RM100,000

Total RM500,000

Note: The management team believe that this funding will be pivotal to achieve profitability of the Malaysian market.

% Equity Allocation Up to 20%
Expected ROI 15x in next 3-4 years
Risks and Mitigation a) Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT)

i Strengths
• Real-time booking with prices upfront
• Eliminates quotations and saves time
• Numerous payment option; service provided by MOL payment gateway
• Allows cross-country and continent booking with systems ability to factor in transportation cost and additional surcharges
• Chat function that caters for negotiation and final agreed price is automatically captured by the system for payment purposes

ii Weaknesses
• High initial marketing cost to acquire customers
• High initial investment to educate the consumer on the service provided by the platform and its benefits

iii Opportunities
• Using Big Data Analytics to understand customer preferences and increase conversion

Iv Threats
• New competitors adopting a similar business model

b) Type of Risks and Mitigating Factors

i) Technology (Cyber Security Threat)
– SSL, Firewall Installed, hourly backup of data and source codes to cloud storage system to enable instant platform restore

ii) Financial (Funding Constraints)
– Source for government grant, investment from angel investors and venture capital firms

iii) Operational (Customers bypassing the website directly to suppliers)
– Prices on Eventda to appear cheaper as compared to price on counter at all times
– Hotels requiring board approval for additional discounts inherently protects Eventda from price discrimination

iv) Market (Seasonal Sales)
– Focus on corporate clients who generally carry out seminars, training and events throughout the year

Exit Strategies a) Merger or Acquisition
– Investors would be able to exit during the merger & acquisition

b) IPO
– Investors will be allowed to sellout the shares during the IPO

c) Sale of shares
– In the event investor obtain an offer to sell his/her shares, approval can be obtain from board of directors to complete the transaction

Company Name Eventda Sdn. Bhd
Business Address A2-20-2, Soho Suite @KLCC, 20th Floor, No 20, Jalan Perak,50450, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Kushwin Kaur

Food and groceries delivery mobile application

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM0
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A mobile application for food and groceries delivery that gives a user the ability to place an order from smartphones at their fingertips.
Business Opportunity Our mission is to provide solutions for our community of working people, students, elderly, disabled people and suburban residents. With our mobile application, we able to influence people with busy lifestyles, heavy traffic issues and job fortuity. Besides that, we give an opportunity for our local merchants to expand their market and values.
Our target market is based on Malaysian population which is 31,381,992 (est July 2017). We target 10% out of Malaysian population beginning from Kuching Sarawak (969,400 est 2017). Our age target is between 15 years old to 65 years old, we believe by doing those target market we are able to improve our mobile application in the future.
Revenue / Business Model 1. We charge our user RM 2.00 per service fee followed by the delivery fee.
(example: 10% population of Kuching Sarawak 96,940 x RM 2.00 = RM 193,880.00)
2. Our merchant monthly sign up fee is RM 50.00, we have more than 2,500 active merchants in Kuching Sarawak
(example: 10% merchant in Kuching equal to 250 merchants x RM 50.00 = RM 12,500.00 per month
= RM 150,000.00 per year
Management Team 1. Andhie Joshua Melling (Founder)
10 years in Business Marketing
8 years in IT
Diploma in Political Science

2. Valerie Sulau (Co-founder)
6 years in Administration
3 years in Business Marketing
Diploma in Business & Information system

Company Background Pre-seed and startup business
Funding Milestone 40% Mobile Application Development
55% Operation Cost
5% Consumable
% Equity Allocation maximum of 20%
Expected ROI minimum of 10%
Risks and Mitigation Risk
1. Pre-seed
2. moderate revenue growth for the 1st year operation.

1. Weak competition.
2. Strong marketing strategies.
3. Growth forecast and research.

Exit Strategies Exit Strategies (5 – 6 years)
1. IPO
2. Merger and acquisition
Company Name Bahtera Megah
Business Address PIBU office, Block 2, 2nd floor, Sultan Tengah Road, 93050 Kuching.
Contact Person Andhie Joshua Melling

UYA ASIA entertainment market place

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description UYA ASIA is an entertainment market place where we are changing the way people shop online.
We launch since 28 Nov 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.

Asia News Today:
Capital TV:

Media Write Up:

Teaser Ads

The Grand Launch:

Company Website and Social Media Sites:

Business Opportunity With integration of new technology, cross border logistics and lifestyle mobile APP, we are expecting good take up rate and high volume of downloads and big database. It’s a common platform between Singapore, Malaysia and China in times to come. We are expecting full swing marketing by end of 2018.
Target to reach out to 10 countires expected with minimum 4 rounds of funding.
Revenue / Business Model 1) Quality Focus
2) The Only Entertainment Market Place integrated with Lifestyle APP (Need to meet up for detailed explaination)
3) One platform shared between Singapore, Malaysia and China (Transaction in Ringgit only thru various payment gateways)
4) Same Day Delivery with 4 Hours (Selected Locations only)
5) Licensed Alcohol Plattform & Distributor in Muslim Country
6) Unqiue tie up with KOTRA (Korea Trade)
7) Exclusive Phone & Laptop Pickup & Repair Services (In Malaysia only)
Management Team We are working on a lean team now with KL and Johor Bahru office in placed.
Need to explain more in details when meet up.
Company Background UYA ASIA is a Singapore company where we already setup the followings:
1) UYA ASIA SDN BHD (Online Entertainment Market Place) – Malaysia
2) UYA ASIA HOLDINGS SDN BHD (Trading Businesses) – Malaysia
3) UYA ASIA ENTERTAINMENT SDN BHD (Events Management) – Malaysia
4) UYA ASIA PTE LTD (Online Entertainment Market Place) – Singapore
5) UYA ASIA HOLDINGS PTE LTD (Trading Businesses) – Singapore
Funding Milestone 2017 – Stage 1: Seed And Development
2018 – Stage 2: Start-up
2019 – Stage 3: Growth And Establishment
2020 – Stage 4: Expansion
2021 – Stage 4: Expansion
2022 – Stage 5: Maturity And Possible Exit
% Equity Allocation 10%
Expected ROI Expected company to be valued over USD 1billion by 2022
Risks and Mitigation Possible risks of new platforms and evolution of current players like Lazada, Fave, 11 Street, Qoo10 in ASIA market.
However im very confident in the new lifestyle APP that we are introducing which we will change the way people shop online in a very short period with decent exposures and creative marketing strategies.
Exit Strategies We are open to merger or even sell the entire business when reach matured stage in 2022.
Business Address VO3-13-17 Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
Contact Person Philip Chow E-Commerce for Automotive Accessories Services

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description allow car enthusiasts, to purchase car body kits, soundproof, and tints via e-commerce platform set up in and drive straight to the nearest workshop based on their preferred installation location with PROVEN professional services with warranty at least 1 year of the products.
Business Opportunity There are a lot of e-commerce platforms selling auto accessories parts such as Maxaudio, Lazada, Shopee, Mudah, etc but none of them offering services. is here to integrate the specialist car workshops in every urban area based on their specialty with the local car enthusiasts. Local car enthusiasts no longer required to hunt around the services around the town, and straight drive their cars to the specialist workshops in their area for the installation/services.

Revenue / Business Model We take 20% commission on each transaction on site
Management Team Founder – Kelvin Ang
1) car enthusiasts who know well how the buyers suffering when looking for the profresional workshops that run the workshop with good business ethic too.
2) car blogger for past 5 years ( started out as blog in 2012)
3) Past experience as engineer in MNC and startup in SG, with great exposure for what its take to grow and run a company
4) Event organizer in Meetup platform SG – more than 900 pax members
5) Account Manager in 3M in 2015 – know what it takes to close deal and partnership with other company
6) Self learned Digital Marketing Skills – improved the’s Google page rank from 0/10 to 6/10.
Company Background Started in Apr 2018
Investment made to date – RM2000
1) Marketing and market validation – RM1K
2) Operation and platform set up – RM1K

Secured 3 partnership in just Butterworth, Penang. Yet to expand to the island and other area northern area.

Funding Milestone Amount of Funding required – RM100,000
Marketing and Branding – RM40,000
Web development – RM20,000
Operation and Hiring – RM40,000
% Equity Allocation 50
Expected ROI 200%
Risks and Mitigation Market researches and validation will be done before each new category is formed. We will start with the car bodykits, soundproof basic package for the hottest ride first such as Perodua Myvi, Honda City, Civic, Toyota Vios before creating another new category.

If the new category is not working, then we will close down the category and stop working on the digital marketing for the selective category.

Exit Strategies Liquidation and close, when the revenue is no longer upraising or declining.
Company Name
Business Address 34, Tingkat Bagan Baru 10
Contact Person Kelvin Ang

XUsed: The next unicorn in waste industry

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description XUsed is a technology platform for trading recycle waste. Also known as ‘Uber for recycle waste’. XUsed is a recycle waste collector without any garbage truck and warehouse for storage. XUsed is aiming to be the ‘SEA Waste Bank’ with Big Data in the next 5 years.
Business Opportunity The government is spending RM2.2billion a year in managing waste. The recycle waste industry is a huge business opportunity. However, many people look at it as ‘less sexy’ business. Therefore, it becomes an exclusive industry for certain players. XUsed is taking this advantage due to lack of competitors and experienced in the market since 2015. XUsed started in B2C segment with schools as our main customers (There are 10,000 schools). Starting this year, XUsed has ventured into B2B segment. In 2019, Environmental Syllabus will be introduce in schools and this will increase the amount of recycle wastes from students. Recycle waste will produce as long as human race exist. Hence, the business opportunity is endless and XUsed is looking to expand to other SEA countries.
Revenue / Business Model XUsed makes money from taking percentage from recycle waste collected. The average profit is 100%. Example, XUsed buys Aluminium from sellers at RM1.70/kg and sell back to our partners at RM4.60/kg. It is a profit of 270%.
Management Team Saiful Adli bin Mokhtar – CEO and Founder. 15 years working in MNCs. Experienced working in banking and O&G industries. MBA with operation background.
Ahmad Faiz bin Ramli – COO and co-founder. IT background. Handling the operation side of XUsed.
Current full time employees is 4 staffs.
Company Background XUsed started as a used cooking oil collector in 2015. Received grant worth RM30,000 from MAGIC in 2016 and launched XUsed website ( XUsed received an offer of investment worth RM250,000 in exchange of 30% equity. XUsed did not proceed with the offer because the current business model is sustainable. In 2017, XUsed started with 2 schools as a pilot project. Due to overwhelming response, in 2018 XUsed has received numerous requests from other schools. Already operating at 53 schools and approval from 57schools. (1% of market share). XUsed is also expanding to B2B segment and Hap Seng is the 1st customer.
Funding Milestone RM500,000
70% – Expansion and marketing
15% – Admin and operation
15% – Product development
Milestone: Every RM100,000 = 200 schools = 200,000 students
% Equity Allocation 15% – 25%
Expected ROI ROI is 10% per annum.
Risks and Mitigation Risks: All competitors such as I-Cycle and HelloGold are exchanging recycle waste to vouchers. They may change their business model and adopt cash.
Mitigation: Need to expand and be the 1st Waste Bank in SEA.
Exit Strategies Exit Strategy: Sell the company to another organisation in 3 years time with 5 times higher valuation. GreenTech are interested with our Big Data and expressed their interest to buy XUsed.
However, XUsed is planning to raise funds through Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) in the near future. Hence, any Angels invest in XUsed will increase their value in a short period of time.
Company Name XUsed Global Solutions
Business Address Unit A3-3A-36, Level 3A, Leisure Commerce Square, Jalan PJS 8/9 Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person Saiful Adli Mokhtar (SAM)

Encore Med Online Appointment and Smart Queue System in Healthcare

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 450,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are specializing in online appointment booking and advanced queue solution in healthcare sector. We believe that the current pain point for healthcare is the long waiting hours and poor patient experience. Driven by passion to improve healthcare quality in this region, we wish to make our highly-scalable idea into reality and to expand our penetration not only to the whole Malaysia but also other countries in this region. We offers online booking apps sync with doctors’ roster, centralized appointment and walk-in dashboard for healthcare service provider, live queue checking, smart queue screen and self-check in kiosks for patients.
Business Opportunity We offer complete solution to reduce waiting time of patients. According to our past experience, we are able to reduce waiting time up to 50% in healthcare settings. Besides, in contrast to the conventional booking platform, our booking system is valid by a few clicks on the phone and promises real booking time slots to visit doctors. Patients able to queue from home and check live queue anywhere, instead of waiting in congested clinics. Healthcare efficiency is improved tremendously by dispersing the patients equally and automating appointment booking and self-check in system. With 350 hospitals and 11000 clinics in Malaysia and nearly 7000 hospitals in SEA, we estimate the market size to be 100 million USD per year.
Revenue / Business Model Our revenue is generated based on annual subscription fees from doctors, one-time project based software implementation fees for hospitals and advertising fees. We charge RM 1920 per year for a doctor or service. The fields we cover are vast, which include medical, dental, physiotherapy and aesthetic. For hospitals, depending on the level of system integration and customization, we charge the one-time fees accordingly. Another source of revenue is from the advertising fees from advertisements on our Apps, queue screen and kiosks. The advertising fees are ranging from RM 300 to RM 1000 / month depending on the advertising packages selected.
Management Team Our team is formed by a group of vibrant and passionate professionals. Our CEO/founder is graduated from Nanyang Technology University major in Software Engineering. He started his career in Singapore and accumulate vast experience as a Software Engineer in healthcare related software company. He founded an e-commerce company, Repotech in 2000. Our co-founder,Dr. Tai Tzyy Jiun is Director of Business Development. He graduated as Medical Doctor (M.D) from University Malaysia Sabah 2010. After completing compulsory service in government hospital and primary health clinic, he joined Qualitas Medical Group for 2 years. Nicholas Tai is the Marketing Director whograduated from Nanyang Technology University major in Petrochemical Engineering. He was recruited by Keppel Corporation and he was awarded with top 5% performers in his company. With experience of opening 2 boardgame cafes in Johor Bahru and participation of public speaking seminars, he joined us to deliver an integrated marketing strategy for our company. Dr. Sim Hui Xin is the Director of Business Operation. She graduated from Melaka Manipal Medical Colleage as doctor (M.D) with flying colours and after completed service in government healthcare settings, she worked as an Occupational Health Doctor in Johor Bahru.
Company Background We started our company in November 2015. Investment made to date were RM 450,000. Our clients include a few of the most prestigious medical groups in Malaysia, Sunway Medical Group and KPJ Group. We also serve renowned other hospitals like Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre and Mahkota Medical Centre and a number of centres such as Sunfert Fertility Centre, Tey Maternity Centre, Lee Eye Centre and Taipei TCM Centre. To date, we have 150 doctors subscribed to our software, 35385 active users and nearly 300,000 successful appointments made.
Funding Milestone We require RM 1,000,000 for this Round A investment. We target 10 hospitals and 10 clinics in 2018 and a RM1,000,000 of revenue by the end of this year. Our aim is to achieve 5% of total market shares in this region in 3 years.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI CAGR: 20-30%
Risks and Mitigation Relative performance
This risk pertains to the extent to which the management organisation fails to achieve the relevant benchmarking with the entities it manages, as a result of which our major hospitals and other clinics may decide to withdraw their assignments from EncoreMed. This risk is mitigated by monitoring our own performance via our relevant benchmarking on a monthy basis such as daily active user rate and customer satisfactory feedback by our maintenance team led by our doctors.

The competitive risk is the risk relating to the relative competitiveness of the management organisation in its industry, as a result of which the company can no longer has an edge over the competitors for their clients. This risk is mitigated by putting close emphasis on our development team by closely communicate with our clients to draw up and maintain a business continuity plan to ensure that our apps solution continues to be the number 1 solution in the healthcare industry.

Management fee
This describes the risk that EncoreMed’s fee income is lower than its expenses. This risk is mitigated by identifying fee income developments in a timely fashion and if necessary responding to same with cost-control measures

Exit Strategies As this round of investment is mainly for the scaling up of our company solution, next round of investment will come in a year’s time to focus mainly on market expansion to our neighboring countries such as Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia, and this is also where the investors can choose to join or leave our company.
Company Name Encore Med Sdn Bhd
Business Address SOHO SUITES @ KLCC B1-08-01 NO. 20 JALAN PERAK, 50450 KUALA LUMPUR.
Contact Person Dr.Tai Tzyy Jiun

EROOM – Organized Property Rental Website

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Looking for a property for rent in current available websites are difficult, multiple messy entries, inaccurate and lack of information, not able to filter room preferences based on important factors. Room rental websites should be as easy as hotel rental websites. We designed a table system that fits in important variables such as type of property, gender and races preferences, price range, and also accurate availability date for the users to search for their preferred properties. We have also integrated a map view, whereby users can see directly where is the property and it’s surrounding, also with the relevant filters.
Our next step is to develop an app for this website to make it more accessible to users.
Business Opportunity We have currently 100 registered users, with around 20 of them are property agents. Hostelhunting and Ibilik dominating the market, Ibilik sold for RM13.5million in year 2013 and are still growing currently, we see the opportunity for a better systematic way for both the tenant and landlord.
Revenue / Business Model 1) Advertisement from property developers and also traffic flows
2) Big Data for property developers, restaurants, food deliveries companies, and also marketing companies.
Management Team Founder, Alfred Tew is the regional manager responsible for Southeast Asia region of a German medical equipment manufacturing company. He has a wide exposure on marketing activities in different customer segments, and also high exposure to the latest trend around the world as he is a frequently travelling. His main responsibility in this team is leading the marketing and identify business opportunities.

Managing Director, Chio Chin Kiat, has vast experienced in managing projects. He overseen daily operations of a manufacturing team, and is responsible also for the finance, budget planning, quality assurance. His main responsibility will be managing the daily operation of our company including the legal processing and taxation.

ICT Director, Ler Wei Lik, he is currently a back end system developer for one of the most complicated industry, the casino and resorts company. He is very familiar with the ICT systems, programming language, and server maintenance. He will be responsible for the development and stability of the website and mobile app.

Company Background We are an app and website development company. To date we have a few projects on-going. We are relative new player in the market, and are looking for an investor to grow with us and scale it to a bigger market. To date, the EROOM website, which is one of our project, we had secured 100 registered users. 20 property agents, and the numbers are growing constantly.
Funding Milestone 1) Social Media marketing (RM100,000)
2) EROOM App Development (RM60,000)
3) Legal Professional Fee (RM20,000)
4) Operation Fee (RM120,000)
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 30%
Risks and Mitigation The running cost of the website and app is relatively low. They are just some server maintenance cost.
Exit Strategies We are aiming to sell the whole system in 3 to 5 years, and valuation to be 10% higher than iBilik, around RM15Million with all the database.
Company Name LCTT Applications
Business Address 29-17, First Floor, Jalan pesta1/2, Kg. Kenangan Tun Dr. Ismail, 84000 Muar, Johor
Contact Person Alfred Tew

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