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Southeast Asia’s First e-breakdown assistant mobile app

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM120,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We “Towbago Services Sdn Bhd” are mobile application based service provider and the first e-breakdown booking service based in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Conclusively, we are “UBER TOW TRUCK”(We sign partnership with tow truck drivers) Apart from towing we also provide other services such as Jump start,out of fuel assist and flat tyre service.
Business Opportunity The problem we are solving here are : Finding Nearby Tow Truck Drivers / Breakdown Assistance,Hassle of waiting long hours by the road side,Manual Process of calling via phone to arrange tow truck / breakdown assistance,Couldn’t furnish exact location of breakdown to towers via tele-conversation,No proper structure on charges (Assumption based fares).According to Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research total accidents not including breakdowns its self reaching around 547K per annum.
Revenue / Business Model We will deduct 20% from each job done by the tow truck drivers or we call them as tow rangers.Our minimum targeted job will cost around RM150.00 and we will make RM30.00 out of it.
Management Team Thiban Eaganathan – CEO & Co-Founder-Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd 3 years as Head of Department(e-remit),Air Asia Berhad 7 years with various departments such as Flight Operation, Customer Support, Regional Reservation Control and completing career as a Call Center Manager.

Kulenthiran Balakrishnan – DCEO & Co-Founder-Served Rayani Air Sdn Bhd as Director of Commercial 1 year, 2 months,Go Quo 1 year as a Head of Airline host
Malindo Air 2 Years, Air Asia Berhad 7 years at various departments, such as RRC (Regional Reservation Control), RCMT (Regional Continues Monitoring Team), Flight Scheduling, Revenue management, and Flight Operations,Holds completed Kaizen Lean Certificate and both Green & Black belt for Six Sigma

Sandreswaran Sandran – COO & Co-Founder-Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd 2 year as Manager of MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) ,Dachser Malaysia Sdn Bhd 1 year as Import and Export In charge Manager,Air Asia Sdn Bhd 10 years in various departments such as Call Center Manager, Flight Operations, Finance, Marketing and Internal Audit under Fraud Investigation

Company Background Towbago Services Sdn Bhd started on 27 April 2017 and had invested RM120,000.00 till date.We have launched our mobile apps in android on 6th November 2017 and have attended 11 job.We have 250 registered tow truck drivers in klang valley and 400 downloads in customer app.
Funding Milestone The amount required will be RM600k-RM1mil, This amount of funding will use for marketing and operation purpose where we will expand our business to entire malaysia and targeted milestone will be to have at least 3000 registered tow truck drivers and to have minimum of 40 jobs done per day
% Equity Allocation up to 15%
Expected ROI 30%
Risks and Mitigation -Product awareness on our product
-Rise of public transportation
-Possible competitor from insurance industry
Exit Strategies Investor can exit upon gained profit more then they have invested or by selling over their shares for a good value
Company Name Towbago Services Sdn Bhd
Business Address C-3A-3A Blok C,Centum Corporate Park,Jalan PJU 1A/2,47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor


Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM1,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Provide a platform for connecting resident and house service merchant. The easier way for resident to get the nearby house service merchant information and they can compare the prices of services. House service provider get their advertising effect on their business and easy to get new customer from our platform.
Business Opportunity There are the limitation for residents to get the information of house service provider around them. Residents lack of bargain of power and sometime they don’t know where to get the information. House service provider less of advertising effect to their business around their service area.
Revenue / Business Model Advertising income and merchant feature popup.
-Feature revenue getting from package K2, K3 & H, K1 is for free.
-We provide banner advertising on our website.
Advertising income start after a year from starting the business. We have to get to the target of a specific amount of users in our website only get the advertising income. The income of merchant feature popup estimate will start after half year.
Management Team Hiew Richard is a fresh graduate from Multimedia University. 3-month of internship working experience with local firm. Simulation business project experience from the study assignment. Have the idea to startup the business and has the strong sense of responsibility for the business. Critical thinking and possess excellent planning skill.
Gan See Yeong completed his Bsc Software Engineering from KBU college it affiliated to Nottingham Trent University. 4 years experience in software development, project involve Employee Gift Award System for Bottega Veneta Hong Kong, Hong Kong Elderly Home System, Singapore Exhibitors Management System. Form his software house company in 2017.
Company Background KKKHouse is a startup company in Malaysia on October 2017.
Funding Milestone RM400,000
(Salaries, rental, marketing, office expenses, operation expenses, website maintenance, software development)
% Equity Allocation 8%
Company Name KKKHOUSE
Business Address 41, Jln Ikhtiari 2, Tmn Ikhtiari
Contact Person Hiew Richard



Project Title Imagine the advertising opportunity at a website where students are able to study and practice easily for UPSR, PT3, and SPM online, all of that for free.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM600
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description I’m trying to make a website that helps Malaysian student to prepare for their exams (UPSR, PT3, and SPM), similar with or with only one exception, this website is free for everyone. I plan every revenue should only comes from advertisement, which will be carefully controlled so that people will stay comfortable with it’s amount. Other than the fact that this website is absolutely free, I also try to make this website better that the rest of it’s fellow (full-a-mark and etc), by implementing my own ideas on good study techniques, that I really believe is rare and valuable for this website’s promotion.
Business Opportunity I really believe this website has a high chance to grow huge. Firstly, in terms of competition, I think the site will be standing alone in it’s market. I say this because eventhough full-a-mark and is already out there, they don’t hold much threat for this site. Full-a-mark for instance, for SPM, they’re only providing the market with core subjects which is BM, BI, Math, and Sejarah, while my site will be focusing on the science subjects first which is Add Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. We don’t plan to move to core subjects only later on after the growth of the site, because we want to dominate the market for science subjects first. While for competition with, I think, that’s not much to be say at all, because has already got a long history and still isn’t even close to dominate the market, proving probably a sort of incompetency in this area. I really think this site will own the market for it’s own.

Secondly, this site is very likely to have a long lasting market. Let’s think about what will happen if this site really does manage to dominate the market for, say just SPM students. Every year, thousands of students come to the site to practice with sample questions on a daily basis. As good as it sounds, it is actually pretty realistic. Students love to do practice on subjects like add math, especially from a source where it’s free and study is made simple. Even with only that market monthly, it is already a great place for advertising work. Now, even when that year is over, we don’t have to worry about the future market at all. This is because it’s very likely that the next year’s batch of students will only be of the same amount, at least close to it. So, the site will have promising and long lasting market to do advertising every year, as long as we manage to handle good public relation.

Revenue / Business Model The revenue will come through the advertising service inside the site. This is how it works. So users will come to the site to practice the subjects. At the practice page, users will only see mainly two things. The first is the question, and also few buttons to check and show the answer, and the second thing is a section dedicated for advertisements below the whole thing. By guessing on how many potential users that will use the site each day, given that the site works fine and as expected by the users, the advertisement market will be tremendous.
As for who will manage the advertisements, there is still much to decide. To start I’m thinking of maybe google adsense, as that would be easy and great for the site’s search optimization. But later on I think it would be great if the company can handle the advertising work ourselves, as that will allow us to grip the advertising revenue better and also will be great in terms of networking with other companies.
Management Team To be honest, we’re pretty fresh in this whole thing. The team is actually just the two of us, both of us are still first-year students at MMU Melaka and both of us study the same course which is electronic engineering. But, I can assure you we are both very damned commited to this idea and are willing to spend time and money to grow the site. We split the jobs into two. I’m in charge of the tech behind the site, how the site operates, make another page and such. I think it is ok to say that I’m quite good in this job, eventhough I don’t have any formal education on it. Next, my friend takes care of the contents of the site, the practice questions and the notes of each subjects.
Yes, we look a bit inexperienced, and actually I think that’s very true. But I really think you should not underestimate us because I believe we’re very fast learner and the idea of the site is too good to be let go. Because of that, one of the reason we’re reaching is because we want to grow our network and get some professional help. Right now, it’s just the two of us. It will be very good to get more people inside.
If you need more reason to trust in us, then maybe it’s good to add that we’re both Telekom Malaysia’s scholar and we are alright with our studies. So, we don’t do this merely for money. We want to develop the site because we think there’s more from us that we can offer to the world. Please join us if you feel the same way.
Company Background This whole thing started with just an idea, dated back from when I’m still at school, around the year 2015. I thought of how great it will be if I could get the same kind of help I wish this site can provide. As I was still a kid, and with this growing eager to build this idea that I had, I naively learn how to make website myself online, because I don’t know what else I could do to work on it. I learn bit by bit, and work on it until the website is as it is today. At one point I shared this idea with one friend, which was a very shocking time for me because he showed intense interest in it and wanted to help, unlike others who aren’t that interested with my idea. Since then, I relied on him to handle the entire content of the site. He is doing a great job in making sure the content is ready and alright.
Up until now, I have spent an amount of approximately RM600, for everything needed to run the site, and that includes the hosting plan and the premium theme that I use. But because this site is still in it’s early stage, and the fact that I’m still a student, no money is spent on things like advertising and such. We’re still finishing the site, and because of that we haven’t promoted it yet. So, we still have no subcribers, or even any sales or profit statements. Eventhough we’re still in very early stage, I’d hope you wouldn’t look down on us because of it. We’re still kids but we are looking forward to grow up, and we would appreciate any help that you can offer.
Maybe it’s good to note that the website is already up and running right now. But, it is still not done and not ready to be promoted yet, and we’re working everyday to finish it. It would be great if you can have a look at it yourself and feel how everything works. Just search the web for , and feel free to share any opinion that you have.
Funding Milestone The truth is, we’re more looking forward to talk and work with you rather than having funded directly. It’s because we think we would love to get a somewhat professional help to work on the site together. Even that, we still need some help in terms of funding to grow the site.
We are thinking of a fund that amounts to approximately RM25,000 to RM30,000. The funds will mainly be used on two things, the first will be in hiring our own tech guys and teachers, and the second is to promote and advertise the site to the market.
We need our own tech person to improve the site to allow the ‘log-in’ feature, which is for me a very important feature so that the site can be more useful and more students will like it, but happens to be something that I don’t know how to do it myself. So, I’ll need some help to do it. I really think this feature is a must to the site and I’m happy to tell you more about it. But, the elaboration will be too long to be written here. So if you want to know more, just contact me and I’ll gladly explain it to you.
The next will be about the teachers. We need it because that is what the site do, the site provides free question for everyone to practice with. But we can’t just copy the questions from books because that will be illegal. So, we want to hire our own teachers to make those questions. Let’s think about it. If we manage to invest some money in teachers and they provide the site with say 300 Add Math questions. Those same 300 questions will be enough to serve thousands of students all around Malaysia every year, as long as those questions are different than others, reliable and of high quality. So, investing in teachers can very likely be a good idea.
In terms of the arrangement of how the funds will be used, of course much deeper thought need to be made. But right now I’m thinking, first of all the funds will be spent on teachers first, because we need to get those questions first. Then, we need to spend the funds on promotion, and tell the market about the site. From my point of view, if the site is good and reliable, not mentioning totally free for use, students will quickly love the site. The promotion will be kinda easy. And when everything else is done, we can focus on the tech of the site, and improve the features so that it actually helps people study easier. That is when the funds will be used on hiring tech guys.
% Equity Allocation Sorry, but I’m new to this and I don’t quite understand how this works. But, I’m pretty sure we can agree on a good figure that we’ll both like.
Expected ROI Again, very sorry.
Risks and Mitigation Risk for the site mainly will be competition and the possible failure in marketing. Firstly, for the competition. As I already mentioned earlier, the risk is not that threathening. One of the reason I work really hard on the site is because I think the site has a huge chance to dominate the market. It’s only competition will be and, and I already explained why I’m not so worried about them at the ‘Business Opportunity’ section. But, we still need to make sure the site runs smooth and as expected so that it’ll shine above it’s other fellows.
Next risk will be the possibility to fail in marketing the site properly. The site needs to give a strong and good first impression to the market once it is out, and to do that we will need brilliant marketing strategies. Yet once the market is comfortable with the site, then we have already got huge market to do business.
Exit Strategies I’m really sorry, I don’t quite understand about this. I can only assure you every decision coming up will be carefully and thoroughly thought of so that everything will be alright, for us and for you.
Company Name Pictocat
Business Address Batu Caves, Selangor
Contact Person Mohamad Syazani Bin Zulkhairi


Project Title Online grocery store
Current Status Concept – Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM15,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description E-commerce & M-commerce business model , Selling grocery , house hold product , health& beauty , office appliance , electronic accessories . Order via mobile app or website . delivery to home .
Business Opportunity Solve the main problem as Malaysian facing today which is shortage of time to get house hold product , grocery , baby product and so on . market entire malaysia , but due to capital issue , will start at JOHOR first . then expand to KL , Penang & Malacca .
Revenue / Business Model Our business make money from product that we sold . Same as traditional grocery store . what make us special is we do delivery . and consumer can order product by the smartphone they holding everyday .
Management Team Based on the capital amount investors invest to our business . planned to have product & stock management team , social media marketing team , delivery team .
Company Background August 2016 , start developing mobile application and website . complete July this year . Now looking for product distributor . and lastly capital to start the business .
Funding Milestone RM50,000-RM70,000 . buying product ,social media marketing, hire management team , delivery team .
% Equity Allocation 10-12
Expected ROI 10-20%
Risks and Mitigation Delivery costs and product damage . to lower the costs of delivery we will work closely with delivery team, Exp: time and product for single delivery man carry .hire part time delivery team if necessary .
Exit Strategies Sell the share back to us , or new investors . when business expand more than 3 cities .
Business Address No 7, Jalan Lembah 32 , Taman Desa Jaya , 81100 Johor Bahru , JOHOR
Contact Person Mr.SOH

Crowdfunding Businesses for Everyone

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We, Vmake Biz, aim to provide an online platform for potential businesses or existing business owners to seek small to medium amount of investments from the general public to either build on new businesses or expand upon existing ones. What we aim to achieve is to provide a fair opportunity and a space for local businesses that caters from simple to niche ideas. Business ideas can range from a local grocer in a rural area to local brands looking to make a mark in their own industry. At the same time, allow the general public to support an idea that they believe in and support their establishment.
Business Opportunity Our platform caters to small and medium businesses including home businesses. A section of the industry where they can only rely on Financial Institutions or family and friends to fund their business. Most crowdfunding platforms are currently directed to once off projects, such as Kickstarter or Mystartr, or are equity crowdfunding targeted at major/breakthrough businesses in larger sums, such as PitchIn or Crowdonomic. All these platforms vary from our targeted market, and currently do not overlap with our target market.

The crowdfunding market shows a considerable growth of 10-20% annually projected up to 2021 (source: Statista, 2017). And with the Government’s SME Masterplan (2012-2020) aim of contributing 41% of our GDP by 2020, it is a vastly untapped area with great opportunities.

The general public are also now more educated in terms of investment, however a lot of their investment options are limited, as Mutual Funds and Shares has a high entry level price while fixed deposits do not give exciting returns. With our platform, the general public can invest starting from as low as RM10, making it accessible to a wide reach of users. This gives investors an opportunity to be investors to an idea that appeals to them, and at the same time be a customer of their supported business.

Revenue / Business Model Business owners will firstly get their funds through our platform, and from the total funds our business will take 8% (including GST) as commission and the remaining 92% goes to the business.

Business owners will then be bound for 6 years, to return 30% of their nett profits after tax yearly to their investors through our platform, where each investor will get a percentage of returns based on their percentage of contribution to the funding. Our business will also take a 8% Commission from the nett earnings, leaving the business 62% of their nett earnings to reinvest or redistribute.

There are various terms and conditions for the above basic principle as well, all vetted through legal advice and are ready for reference which we can provide upon request, as they are too lengthy to be included here.

Management Team The current Management Team consist of the two founders, Su Fay May and Tong Ngee Chong.

Su Fay May is the current CEO and acting CMO for the company, while Tong Ngee Chong is the co-CEO and acting COO for the company. We are currently in search of a CFO to cover the financial aspects of the company.

Ms. Su is currently in charge for the general direction for the company. She has also planned out various marketing strategies which requires funding to be executed, and is the think tank of the company. Mr Tong is in charge of the operations, SOP and technical aspects of the company, ensuring that all the processes and details are all in place.

We currently have a legal adviser that assists us with the legal aspects of our business. We also currently have a third-party web design team to maintain and upkeep our website functions.

Company Background We begin setting up the company in 2013, which we then then took 2 years to design the website, payment system and terms. We had a soft launch in 2016, but currently do not have any projects under our platform.

A total of RM 50,000 has been spent to set up the company, including the build-up of our platform, legal advises, audits and various expenses.

We currently lack the funds to perform marketing strategies and to gain awareness in the market.

Funding Milestone We are looking for a total of RM 100,000 funding for our marketing and various expansion efforts.

RM 40,000 will be used for advertising and promotion of the platform through social influencers and existing businesses. Social platform advertising is also included in this amount, but as a secondary medium.

RM 20,000 will be used for upgrade of website function, to improve user friendliness and smoother payment.

RM 10,000 will be used for maintenance and running of the platform.

RM 30,000 is planned to used to do a test expansion to the nearby countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

% Equity Allocation 10% for RM 100,000
Risks and Mitigation If in event of slow uptake after executing marketing strategies, the platform is to be put up for sale for acquisition after 2 years.
Exit Strategies 1) Buy back of 10% equity in 5-10 years for RM200k or 10% nett profit during year of exit, whichever is higher.

2) 10% of total sum from deal struck with acquirer.

Contact Person Su Fay May

Project Title A Lifestyle Media Portal with High impact at low operating cost
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description With the advent of the internet and social media , Traditional media especially print media has had a hard time converting their brands to digital formats. As old school mentality pushes them to start high cost Websites at a time where competitions is high and readers attention are focused on very specific niches. Also revenue value of digital advertising continues to drop.

Imagine producing good quality content at low cost in turn generating revenue from cheap add sales and making a profit.

Business Opportunity The idea is simple, Build a site with engaging and participative readership, operating at costs which will make cheap add sales at (40 to 60 percent lower) than the current competition profitable.
Revenue / Business Model A multi- tier add sales offering via the site and it’s social media channels.
Management Team Sarah Mai (editor),

Reuben Ravi (operations),

Company Background was Established in January 2014, and over the years have a acquired a strong readership with 360,000 views a year and social media presences that focuses on the 20 – 35 year old upmarket demographic.
Funding Milestone An amount of 210K will be need for the 1st year with an additional 210K for the 2nd year. Where it will be used as follows,
– 30% content development
– 40% sales and marketing
– 20% operations
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 15% a year after 2nd year
Exit Strategies If general targets are not met investor may exit after the 1st year.
Company Name
Business Address 193 Jalan 8 Taman Tan Yew Lai 58200 KL
Contact Person Reuben Ravi

Local Phone, with tag line “Travel Connect”

Project Title A travel phone platform with in house mobile App that provide local connectivity and travel guide for all travelers
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM250,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description LocalPhone (LP) with tag line “Travel.Connect” is a one-stop mobile solution that provides the tourists who are visiting Malaysia a simplest and most convenient way to stay connected within Malaysia and their beloved ones abroad. LP is a revolution to mobile connectivity for tourists as it integrates local hospitality and local cultural experience through a user-friendly mobile application.
Business Opportunity Problems that exist in the market:
High roaming charges – Users will receive a high bill charge when they return to their home land if they accidentally turn on data roaming. Their account will get barred once reach credit limit even though the bill is not out yet, this will cause hassles to them.

Inflexible travel/prepaid Sim packages – Data plan for prepaid Sim that exist in the market is 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. Customers have to buy 1-week plan even they will only stay for 4 days. The balance of credit and data will be burned. This will waste traveler’s money. Besides, prepaid sim calls and data rate are more expensive and only come with limited access.

Pocket Wi-Fi that is unable to make calls -Users who rent pocket Wi-Fi will face problems if they wanted to book Grab/Uber because they don’t have a local number to contact with each other. Normally drivers will not call their International number. In addition, users also can’t manage to call any local numbers for inquiry especially fixed line numbers.

We combine travel sim and pocket Wi-Fi features into one. We will provide a smartphone with unlimited data, calls, and SMS throughout the visit to Malaysia, assisted by our user-friendly mobile application that provides e-ticketing, souvenir purchase, popular F&B hotspots, transportation guide and info, emergency hotlines and etc. Users may also create Wi-Fi Hotspot tethering to share internet connection with their friends and families just like how pocket Wi-Fi will do.

On 2016, total arrival to Malaysia is 26.8 million, if we only targeting 0.06%, we will have potential customers of 16,000. It is a very huge market as our government is targeting total 31 million arrival on this 2017.

Revenue / Business Model Monthly subscription fee from Agent Partners
Advertising fee (From Local Phone & Agent)
We are selling theme park E-tickets through our Mobile App
We are selling souvenir and Local Food through our Mobile App
We are selling discount voucher through our Mobile App
Merchant listing fee
We are collecting big data and customer behavior
when our number is significant we can talk to Uber/Grab for referral fee
Management Team CEO – Mr. Yeoh Meng Lai
Telecommunication Industry for 11 years
Sales & Marketing experience for 12 years
Top Performance team awards in many large events
Capital mechanism experience

COO – Mr. Oscar Ong
Medical Industry for 11 years
Sales & Marketing experience for 12 years
Capital mechanism planing

CFO – Mr. Khor Joo Yong
Insurance Industry for 11 years
Team lead in charge of the Company’s business planning, profit forecast, performance tracking
Team lead in charge of highlighting key risks to Company’s business and involved in the underwriting process to mitigate such risks

Company Background We incorporated last November 2016, investment up to date is RM250000, we currently have 1 Agent and coming soon 3 potential Agents that will subscribe with us and on going discussion on progress.
Funding Milestone We need RM2 million funding, and the usage of funding will go to:
Smart phone purchase: RM707,870 (35%)
Marketing and others: RM516,745 (26%)
Management expense: RM447,968 (22%)
Mobile Apps development: RM200,000 (10%)
Telco expenses: RM127,417 (6%)

With this fund, we target to reach 1400 subscriber per month and a total of 16,800 subscribers in a year and company valuation of RM20 million.

% Equity Allocation 10%
Expected ROI 33%
Risks and Mitigation Our risk is customer may feel that our smartphone is slow performance, network slow and there is no agent will subscribe our service. To mitigate these risks, we plan to invest on a higher spec smartphone, research the best operator network in Agents located area. Also we will create a win-win situation for all our agents where we allowed them to gain revenue from our mobile app. With this, agent will continue support us because our product is no more a costing for them but it is a tool to generate revenue.
Exit Strategies We plan to IPO on July 2022.
Contact Person Mr. Yeoh Meng Lai

MyPasaronline – Fresh food for your family

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description MyPasaronline will gather local vendors and their products and make them available online for Malaysians. MyPasaronline (MP) will establish a centralized warehouse in which to store the fresh products for same day delivery. MP will establish and promote a healthy competition between local vendors and bigger supermarkets. MP has a three year plan in which it looks to conquer the malaysian market by providing quality service, fresh food, and borrow the business model of uber by involving the public in deliveries so they can earn income.
Business Opportunity Available online grocery shopping service do not have fresh produce on standby (no physical goods). Theses websites and app instead have their employees shop for their customers at stores in place of the customer. This takes longer and is a more expensive approach to shopping. By buying goods from local vendors such as kampong suppliers, we can get fresh goods at more affordable prices and can store goods at warehouse (physical goods).
Revenue / Business Model Difference in profit of margin. MP will cut out the middle man, by obtaining groceries and products fresh from suppliers and local vendors, MP can increase the margin of profit of products by 30-50%. A local vendor was found selling 1.5kg of whole chicken at Negeri Sembilan or Kuala Selangor for RM5.00. Tesco and others sell the same item at an average of RM15.00
MP will have its own warehouse and chiller for the storage and distribution of products and will charge for handling fees. MP will have its own logistics fleet and charge for delivery. MP will also introduce in the future a scheme where customers can also deliver goods and earn income.
Management Team Only CEO and two developers so far. However, for development, only one more operations assistant and marketing officer is needed for the period of 6 months. After 6 months, MP will look to generate a positive income.
Company Background CEO started his company in July 2016 and worked full time as a legal and business consultant. A single individual working full time, he has been able to record a positive RM100,000 money in to the company until to date.
Funding Milestone – Operational strategy : RM50,000 for human resources, research and development.
– Marketing : RM100,000 for marketing both offline and online including hiring of influencers, campaigns, targetted ads and promotional activities.
– ICT development : RM50,000 for the development of the website and app in 5 months.
– Logistics arrangements : RM250,000 for the rental of vans, motorcycles and warehouse rental and renovations.
– Miscellaneous – RM150,000 for ICT Hardware such as RFID for location tracking of deliveries, and other dorect expenses that might arise. If not used this money will be reserved as rolling capital for investors.
% Equity Allocation 40
Expected ROI 20%
Risks and Mitigation Market risk – New disruptive model however, PasarTap has successfully done this, owing their products to Mydin instead of having their own warehouse. Diversifying purchase of goods from a variety of vendors based on supply readiness and selling price.
Financial risk – Costs ripping into balance sheet can be mitigated by lowering other costs without sacrificing quality. Vans can replace motorcycles for delivery thus eliminating the need for custom made baskets and a fleet of motorcycles. Warehouse rental can also be reduced to shoplots for cheaper rent and easier accessability.
Exit Strategies Initial public offer, Private Offerings of shares to raise funds, Overseas Venture Capital involvement to maintain security and positive cash flow.
Company Name xxx Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address xxx Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana
Contact Person Nor Aiman

Crowdfunding Platform for pre-Startup

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM4,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are doing crowdfunding for pre-startup who already had the idea but don’t have any resources or money to kick start their idea. We raise money for startup to build their prototype and try connect them to angel investors who invest in their field. We will crowdfund by selling merchandise and the merchandise will not be the product of the startup. Crowd that interested with the startup idea can purchase the merchandise to support their ideal startup idea. Public will receive the merchandise within 3 days after they bought the merchandise as a reward for support. We also sending promo code or free services for the public who support the company when the company successfully launch. It also solve some crowdfunding issues which are company successfully raise fund but do not proceed as they promise. It also can be take as a market validation for the startup idea.
Business Opportunity We solve the most important problem for entrepreneur who want to kick start their idea but don’t have any money or resources. We hope that creative and fun idea do not stop just because of the barrier of financial and resources. Malaysia startup ecosystem is booming and it already become a trend for many youngsters.
Revenue / Business Model We will split the profit of the merchandise with the startup. We also will invest in some of the startup which are potential. We will try to provide some resources and connection for the startup we invest for example refer them to our angel investor who invest specifically in their field.
Management Team Currently we have 2 partners who fully commit in company. I am Eison Ho as managing director and my partner Tan Shuan Li and managing partner.
Company Background We start our company on early May 2017. We planning to launch our platform on end of June. We will connect with some of the private and government university in Malaysia to set up a community in each of the university for their students. We will connect them on early Jan 2018.
Funding Milestone We currently looking for RM252, 000 for setup our company and doing marketing for our company.
After 2 years, we will move to VC for series A funding to expand our services to overseas such as Thailand and Indonesia.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI The expected ROI for investor will be 20% for first year and it will break even on the 2nd year.
Risks and Mitigation The risk will be the concept accept for SEA residents because most of the people in SEA is more conservative. They won’t just donate to someone they don’t even know for no reason. They will like to take some rewards back after they support. Also the risk for people misuse our services as a platform to get fund but not making any progress to their idea.
Exit Strategies We will adsorb the share back after 1 year based on the amount that both parties agree on that time.
Company Name Ant Starter
Business Address Suite 5-1-2, Block F, Jalan 4/101C Cheras Business Centre, Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Eison Ho

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