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CaliphHeroes Malaysia – Educational & Social Program for Teens

Tijarah Ummah Sdn Bhd, we are a young and modern Social Enterprise (ISE), a community interest company (cic) focusing on its core business as a content provider. We collaborating with reputable local university, The National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)) to develop the first and the only educational and social program in Malaysia targeting teens aged 10 -17 years for all races and background with certification issued by university. We offer a holistic program with All Century Education ...

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Crude Oil Futures fixed interest business

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Amount Invested MYR 45,000 Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000 Description It is an investment business which categorised as financial service business. It basically invest in physical crude oil and futures crude oil. We have own professional traders to do future trading in CFD market with hedging technique. We are able to give fixed interest as return to all the investors in monthly term with one year agreement. Business Opportunity It can create passive income for ...

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Golden Tree Plantation

Current Status Growth Amount Invested RM2,000,000 Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more Description For years,the world’s annual output of timber production significantly out performing for globally market demand. In order to meet the sustainable human need in the production of timber, therefore transform and develop in to the modern forestry plantation is a “good forestry practice”. The Company’s implement the“12/5” Forestry Plantation Plan with a new development and innovation species planting technology from USA which accelerate the growth with amazing fast ...

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First Mixed Martial Arts Promotion in Sarawak

Project Cost: 160,000.00 Amount Invested : 10,000.00 Amount Required : 150,000.00 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance internationalisation other (Sports Marketing and Event Management) Proposed Investor’s Role: full time part-time as mentor others (Partner) Industry: others (Sports) Company Current Status: Concept / Business Plan; others (Start-up) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: – Being in the MMA sports event management for about 2 years while setting up other MMA Promotion across Malaysia continents. – Bachelor Degree holder (CompSc Majoring in Digital Systems ...

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The Green Button ” I Pushed Start” Recycling Program

Project Cost: RM220,000 Amount Invested : RM20,000 Amount Required : RM200,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant Industry: informatics / multimedia others (ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION) Project Stage: start-up Information Memorandum: The project “THE GREEN BUTTON” represents the start of many ideas of environmental protection initiatives held by OPAL Enterprise. The core idea of the project is to dramatically increase the recycling rate, in a particular service area carried out by “THE GREEN BUTTON” management. The term “Green ...

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Bitcoin Virtual Exchange

Project Cost: RM1,000,000 Amount Invested : RM20,000 Amount Required : RM980,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor Industry: informatics / multimedia internet Project Stage: seed start-up Information Memorandum: BITCOINMALAYSIA.COM is a new trading platform for crypto or virtual currencies. It will allow users to trade MYR for Bitcoin (BTC), or BTC for MYR and may consider offering other related fiat currencies depending on demand. This project is launched under BTC INTERNET SERVICES’ consultation and ...

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ItemList – Your Forever Income

Project Cost: RM500k Amount Invested : – Amount Required : RM100k Knowledge / Experience Required: finance production sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor as consultant Industry: informatics / multimedia Project Stage: concept / seed Information Memorandum: Global online shopping mall, new consumption patterns and lifestyles, will lead a new revolution in consumption patterns. ItemList a consumer partners online store, use and consumers, profit-sharing idea to bring a new consumption patterns and lifestyle of the global consumer group. Cash ...

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Scalable Business Merger Model

Project Cost: USD500,000 Amount Invested : USD160,000 Amount Required : USD340,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: n/a Industry: informatics / multimedia, internet, consulting Project Stage: seed More Information: The cottage industry of a web consulting firm has being around since the start of the internet age. Very few of these operators can really afford to offer a total or impartial solution. They struggle to provide project management, Quality, more relevant solutions, professionalism or maintaining deadlines. There is ...

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