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Flex-Z-Table (Most Advanced and Complete Innovation of a Table Ever Existed)

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
This innovative table are capable to fold up to four times smaller can transform and able to use as an adjustable dual size hand trolley. This table are also equipped with a table cover(folding cover), making it functional as storage media, and its cover that are adjustable with a lock mounted on it for safety feature.
Business Opportunity The mission is to design and invent a first ever in the world compact, multifunction and innovative table with high consumer and commercial value. Within the era of advancement of various product, the function and the concept of a table still remains the same without any added functionality. We found out that market potentials requires a table that have more functions than the tables that exists which is compacts and multifunctional. Common table are less portable due to its large size, and had limited function its ‘single-purpose’. So it’s the objective of the project to build a table which consist of futuristic element and able to follow-up the rapidity of modern innovation of other products, to be applied to a table, to improve its function and basic characteristic and concept.
Table is a among the most widely used products . So. if we make a innovation of a table it surely able to target a lot of users and what the most important is able to make a very big profits.This is a most advanced and complete innovation of table ever existed. This innovative product will last long on the market because it not seasonal product. The flex-Z table is a very impressive invention because of from a table it can turn into a trolley and has storage media in one invention.
Revenue / Business Model Sell and become world famous retailers vendor like Walmart, Home Depot, Ace Hardware,Costco and etc.
Revenue from product sales and royalties.
Management Team Individual Inventor.
I am the first person in the world to think about this, it like to create a new creation of a product not just innovation or improvement of a product. This is first innovation in the world, I am the first person to think about this and this is the result of amazing creativity of innovation idea
Stage 1 – Industrial Design
RM 14,000
Stage 2 – Mechanical Detail Design
RM 20,000
% Equity Allocation 40%
Expected ROI 90%
Contact Person IZHAM RASHID

Swiftlet Farming House

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM1,000,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Swiftlet Farming House is an industry in which it focusing in farming the swiftlet bird for it to produce edible bird nest in certain quantity depends on the size of the farming house, in which this bird nest also can be consume or extract into various product such as cosmetic , health product and etc .
Business Opportunity As the edible bird nest are limited and only been produce 10% for every outpout world wide in which the demand are 80% which are from the factory and individual consumer it self . We also solving the problem to cure the health of a person as the edible bird nest are rich with nutrients and many more benefit for health.
Revenue / Business Model We’ll make money once the Swiftlet Farming House are completed and has been operation for 36 month in which each house can produce 5-7 kg per month . And the market price for raw edible bird nest in the range from RM3,800.00-RM4,500.00 per kg .
Management Team Our management team are consist of
-Director,CEO&Share Holder (Datu Mohd Faisal experience in this industry more than 15 years also the founder)
-COO &Share Holder(Datu Mohammad Nurilham experience in handling the construction and mangement of project )
-Account &HR (Parida Palibu experience in account department )
-Project Manager (Datu Mohammad Nurilham)
Company Background Start the business in enterprise company on 10/10/2006 and upgrade to SDN.BHD company on 12/2017 which now known as Borneo Movement Wealth Sdn.Bhd . The company has receive an investment from 2006-2017 in an amount of RM4,000,000.00 .
Funding Milestone Now we are required RM10mil of fund in which this fund will be use for the Swiftlet Farming house material for 100 unit ,Land Cost operation , Management Operation & maintainance operation for 36 month . Once we get the fund estimation of the project of building 100 unit of Swiftlet Farming house to be completed is 15 month .
% Equity Allocation 45%
Expected ROI RM15 mil per year after 36 months farming process .
Risks and Mitigation The risk for this investment is if the house are not functional which it did not produce our target after 36 month farming process which the house has to produce produce 5kg per month .
Exit Strategies The exit oppurtunity for investor is when the investment period is end which is 30 years from the date investment made .
Company Name Borneo Movement Wealth Sdn.Bhd (Gerak Borneo)
Business Address Wisma Khoo Siak Chiew ,Lebuh 4 ,9th Floor ,Room 906,90000 Sandakan ,Sabah ,Malaysia.
Contact Person Datu Mohammad Nurilham

Business & Buddies Program

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM110,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Cantikwall (hereinafter referred as COMPANY) was established in July 2016 and is owned 100% by Malaysian bumiputra. The company is registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) as Qaridh Enterprise with registration number NS0157114-K . The company operate on both online and offline (showroom) basis selling area rugs and wall to wall carpet for Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Middle East, and Europe market. All products are manufactured and imported from various Cantikwall’s partners within Malaysia, China, Turkey and India. Since its establishment, Cantikwall has exponentially grown to be one of leading area rug supplier in Malaysia with more than 80K media social followers up until year 2017

In 2018, the COMPANY has created a program called BNB (Business Partnership and Mentoring Program) aim to accelerate the growth of the company to reach wider market particularly elite hierarchy within Malaysia. The idea was based on the demand and persistent request from COMPANY existing customers that prefer the COMPANY to have branch outlet within Klang Valley vicinity especially in Damansara, Kajang. Bangi, and Kuala Lumpur.

BNB is a BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP and MENTORING program where INVESTOR is given the opportunity to own and run a home décor business outlet with the BRAND and SUPPORT from the COMPANY. A-Z service will be provided in setting up the store outlet based on BNB PACKAGE picked by the INVESTOR. Promotion and marketing will be synchronized throughout COMPANY existing platform including website, media social, existing customer, etc. to ensure SHARED SUCCESS for both PARTIES.PROFIT from INVESTOR’s outlet store will be shared with the COMPANY on certain quantum based on its business performance.No YEARLY licensing FEE required to be paid by the INVESTOR.

Business Opportunity Since its establishment the COMPANY has growth exponentially particularly on online platform and social media. More than 80k followers in Facebook and Instagram were attracted in the space of 1 year plus. Elite and VIP customers including Lisa Surihani, COO of KPJ Group, Datin, Pahang Prince, Sultan Selangor’s wife, and many others have been part of COMPANY supporters and customers. All this is done with capital of RM 300 only when the COMPANY started its operation from home in Seremban.

Having build name for itself, the COMPANY now lacking the “persona” particularly at its showroom in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan. The showroom may lack the prestige which is showcase on our COMPANY’s website and the BRAND CANTIKWALL itself is a hit among online customers. Some customers thought we are huge company with a lot of outlet branch elsewhere. But this does not being reflected on physical store outlet.

The business opportunity is that a lot of customer are looking for modern type of area rug which can be customized to suit their requirements. That is where CANTIKWALL core business is. In year 2017 alone, 60% of our revenue (more than RM 500k) comes from custom area rug. Customization include design, size, material, color, etc. Since our specialty is in handmade carpet the customization is made possible. In Malaysia , they are no company which produced handtufted carpet with its factory located in Malaysia. Most rugs/carpets were imported which caused the price to spike. At the moment we still importing the rug from China, India, Turkey, and USA which require average 4-8 weeks to deliver. Our aim is to have our own local production which can accommodate huge market demand and can cut short delivery time.

CANTIKWALL market so far mostly from Malaysia and Brunei. We have many inquiries even from international customer such as Qatar, Singapore, and UK. Last year we have exported carpets for 2 customers in UK that shows opportunities are there. Having several physical outlets at strategic location such as Damansara, Kajang, and Kuala Lumpur will be the kickstart that is required to boost the COMPANY. This area is occupied by almost 5.9 million people with median household income between RM 5.7K – RM 9.8K. Since the price of our products are suitable for high income earner locating an outlet store within the said territory will further boost the company visibility and able to generate substantial revenue.

Revenue / Business Model Bricks and clicks is basically the business model that being used by our COMPANY by far. Current our COMPANY marketing focus on social media of which 70% of elite customers comes from Instagram. This strategy will remain and improvise over time based on market conditions. The main revenue stream is from selling in stock product and pre-order items. Secondary revenue stream will be wall to wall carpet for hotels, office, and mosque. Third revenue stream will be carpet maintenance products and door to door cleaning services.

Using youtube and create a home decoration channel with weekly program that offer free renovation to selected customer to boost brand awareness.

Target market: Global.

Management Team CEO – AFA : Has been involved in many self initiated business for the past 15 years. Has experienced the ups and downs and gain knowledge the hardway from failure. With this knowledge CANTIKWALL was established and has been the most successful business by far. AFA is chemical engineer background and has been exposed on all the elements needed in running SME while working with various companies before joining the biggest Oil & Gas company in Malaysia. Has good knowledge in website and social media marketing.
COO – Lin: Her background is accounting. Has been working in many retails and F&B store such as McD, Chicken King, PETRONAS Mesra, etc.
Company Background Business start date: September 2016
Investment made : RM 110k
Sales: RM 500k plus (in 1 year)
Gross Profit: RM 80k plus (in 1 year)
Milestone: 1 store outlet in Seremban, rank #1 in google for “rug malaysia”, “carpet malaysia” exceeding competitors that have been in the market for more than 20 years+.
Funding Milestone One Outlet store opening within Klang Valley : RM 250,000
Marketing : Billboard: RM 40k (for 1 year)
Marketing: TV/Radio : RM 50k
Social media: RM 50k
Event: RM 40k
Home Decoration channel via youtube: RM 50k

**the marketing aim to increase brand awareness with target media social followers close to 1 million within 1 year.

Operating expenses for 1 year (grace period) : RM 150k.
Acquiring Own Lorry / Van for delivery: RM 20k (deposit)

% Equity Allocation RM 200,000 for each 10% equity
Expected ROI 20%-35%
Risks and Mitigation Import / export : Potential product loss. As of now 0% rate
Mitigation: Use logistic insurance to cater the loss impact.
Exit Strategies None. This is teamwork. We only looking for PARTNER not INVESTOR. Yes we need the capital, but we need PARTNER that can complete the team to share ideas, to share not only success but failure/ hardtime.
Company Name Qaridh Enterprise (known as CANTIKWALL)
Business Address 23-1, Jalan KLS 4, Kipmart Lavender Height, Taman Lavender Height
Contact Person Ahmad Fitri A’zali

FANA Gelato – Brings Italy to Singapore One Scoop At A Timme

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM25,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description FANA Gelato (FANA) is a gelato and sorbet manufacturing company that delivers a new Gelato experience to Singapore. FANA Gelato originated from the commitment of two partners, Farah and Nadia, to produce artisanal gelato in the Italian tradition and then expose the Singapore market place
to their Gelato creations. FANA Gelato replicates the Italian tradition of fresh, all-natural gelato made from the highest quality ingredients.

With multiple recipes created in the centuries-old tradition of making gelato, FANA delivers elaborate and modern flavors that allow our customers to take comfort in the traditional and find excitement in the unexpected. We will sell gelato in bulk, novelty flavors, gluten free gelato, low glycemic index gelato, and flavored sorbet. Our gelato and sorbet will be prepared in-house daily in small batches.

We will sell gelato in bulk, novelty flavors, gluten free gelato, low-fat and low glycemic index gelato, and flavored sorbet. Our gelato and sorbet will be prepared in-house daily.

By using the finest organic and innovative ingredients and offering innovative flavors, FANA is expected to become a revered product and one that will experience strong demand – both locally in Singapore, and regionally in other Southeast Asian markets.

Business Opportunity In both the U.S. and Europe, gelato manufacturing is an established mature business where it continues to expand.

In Asia, gelato it is in its nascent stage, with ample room to grow and evolve with new Asian-influenced flavors. In Singapore, approximately 50 percent of the gelato comes from global companies shipped from across the world, giving independent gelato makers like FANA the perfect opportunity to introduce freshly made high-quality gelato to consumers.

The gelato market penetration in Singapore is 5% of a billion dollar industry with an expected annual growth rate of 32.3%. FANA Gelato is poised to enter the Singapore Gelato market in the development & growth phase, giving us the opportunity to evolve into a top gelato brands.

We have an edge over our competitors because we will be market leaders in aggressively penetrating the wholesale markets in Singapore & Malaysia

Revenue / Business Model FANA Gelato will generate revenue from two primary sources:

 Wholesale Sales: This includes private clubs, country clubs, restaurants, and other entities where the founders have exclusive relationships. Over time, FANA will be distributed to convenience stores and other sales outlets throughout the region, including Malaysia.

 Retail Sales: This includes pop-up stores, carts, vending machines, and e-commerce via the FANA website. In year two, FANA will launch a retail store where gelato is sold directly to consumers. Over time, FANA will launch a network of FANA-branded stores as well as franchised stores.

Management Team Farah – Co-founder/CEO

Farah brings over 20 years of experience in research, sales, marketing, product development, insurance and psychology to her role as the CEO of FANA Gelato. Being both a foodie with a passion for flavors and creativity, and a business person with years of management experience, Farah has the right mix of insight and discipline to drive FANA Gelato to success.

Farah completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English from the respected Sophia College, Mumbai in English, and for the past 20 years has worked as an Insurance executive in the USA. She brings with her a business acumen which will help FANA Gelato be profitable and successful.

Farah also has extensive experience in marketing, the website (RKR), actor Ram Kapoor’s official website, is a testament to Farah’s innovation skills, relationship building, marketing and digital/social media marketing ability. Under the tutelage of Farah, RKR had become the fastest growing fan websites. The site has received mentions in multiple magazine and newspapers. These very marketing skills will help FANA Gelato excel.

Having worked besides her father who was a successful businessman, Farah learned the intricate skills of managing a successful business, hiring personnel, building long lasting relationships and satisfying the customer. Under the guidance of her father, she developed the confidence to own and run a business – it is these business management skills and integrity she brings to FANA Gelato, ensuring its success.

Nadia – Co-founder/COO

With experience in event management, sales, marketing, and operations, Nadia will ensure that the FANA Gelato brand is promoted and managed to ensure robust brand awareness. Nadia will manage the day to day operations of gelato manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Nadia will manage the roll-out of the pop-up shops, carts, and vending machines and ensure they are strategically positioned to maximize sales.

Born and bred in Singapore as well as being a foodie, Nadia has the advantage of knowing the likes and dislikes of the multi-racial locals and people in the region. Based on this, she will be able to develop creative and unusual flavors that will make FANA Gelato unique from the competition. Nadia will also work with Farah in developing new gelato flavors and testing such flavors with local consumers.

Nadia has a Diploma in Integrated Events Management from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. Such skill sets in event planning, marketing, and sales will be critical in promoting the FANA Gelato brand, and creating innovative event-like ways to build brand awareness with the FANA brand.

Having worked as an Office Manager in a small firm for the past 4 years, Nadia has developed a wide range of experience regarding management and employee training. Nadia also brings to her role as COO, strong managerial experience which she learned from her father and uncles, who were successful businessmen. These attributes will assist Nadia in finding suitable employees to help build a strong business that will generate long-term loyalty from its customers.

Nadia has completed a 4 week comprehensive course at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, where she learned to make new recipes, more suited to Asian tastes by maestros

Company Background Final offer to invest in ‘Firenze Vienza’ as been received and all documents have been vetted

We have spoken to potential clients including restaurant owners, Food & Beverage managers of members only clubs & the owner of a hyper market.

We are in the midst of creating our website, designing & building a cart & developing our digital marketing plan.

We have completed a trial run using the machines we will buy & sold 30 kg of gelato. We used a focus group & received positive & constructive feedback. Appropriate adjustments to the recipes have been made, based on the suggestions received.

Nadia has completed a 4 week comprehensive course at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, where she learned to make new recipes, more suited to Asian tastes by maestros.

Funding Milestone Investments Made
25,000 SGD
Investment Opportunity
150,000 SGD

FANA plans to buy stakes in an existing set up ‘Firenze Venezia’ which is a 2.5years old company and after studying their current sales reports till date the company is expected to make 600K SGD as revenues in this financial year.

We plan to buy controlling stakes in this company:
Space and Set up
Full range of required machinery
Knowledgeable Staff including a strong Business Development Personnel

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 15% – 25%
Risks and Mitigation Unknown brand because the current has not invested in brand building and marketing. We will mitigate this by rebranding the brand and having a strong marketing strategy in place.
No Online Presence- once we acquire the business we plan on hosting a complete e-commerce website where patrons can place orders and buy our products. The website is being designed by a well established company in the USA
Purchasing Cost Controls – FANA will seek the best pricing and quality for all containers ingredients. Market price fluctuations will guide purchasing to ensure the company meets and exceeds profit expectations. As ingredients will be sourced from around the world, we want to ensure the best possible price.
Equipment Costs – FANA requires comparatively fewer items of equipment to run an efficient operation, resulting in lower startup costs. This will in turn result in lower ongoing maintenance costs.
Staff Turnover / Training Costs – Lower than normal staff turnover due to sound management philosophy and a rewarding working environment will help FANA reduce training costs and enhance employee satisfaction. Reduced staff turnover should result in fewer errors and minimum product waste while improving patron satisfaction and repeat business.
Labor Costs – FANA will closely monitor labor costs to ensure that staff levels are matched with the busier and slower times of the year. As mentioned, holiday seasons will require greater staff levels regarding the carts and pop-up stores. The manufacturing facility may require additional staff when there are spikes in orders.
Exit Strategies We will pursue several possible exit strategies:

1. Franchising and IPO: Expand the model of our flagship store into a successful franchise with stores worldwide. Go public, starting an IPO and generating cash to grow the company worldwide.
2. Stay Private: FANA could continue to operate as a profitable private entity, distributing dividends to shareholders or buying them out until liquidity opportunities become available.
3. Be Acquired: The gelato and sorbet industry is highly-fragmented and could witness consolidation in several years. Larger food companies seeking a presence in Southeast Asia could acquire FANA to expand their brand.

Company Name FANA Gelato
Business Address 523B Tampines Central 7 #10-85 522523 Singapore
Contact Person Nadia Saeed

Picture perfect beverages that bring hype in social media

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM1,500,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Dream Color concept is to be the leader of social media beverages. It will heavy depend on social media posting and hype to generate traffic for the brand and its store. dream color will also be the pioneer drink services available for deliveries and online order placements.
Business Opportunity Dream Color concept in the beginning was just a simple fruit juice. The challenge for us is to make it social media worthy and delivery friendly. The bottling concept made delivery reasonable and more convenient. Drink delivery and online ordering system is a un tapped market and the opportunity to exploit is endless.
Revenue / Business Model Franchisee sales and in store product sales and product royalty
Management Team The existing management team is lead by a founder who has 7 years experience in entrepreneurship oweing 2 business entities. The operations team consist of 2 managers from top F&b players of the industry and a creative marketing strategist wo is expert is strategy execution.
Company Background Business officially operated on 3/7/2017 the brand has 5 outlets at the movement and ten thousand follower on Facebook with almost perfect reviews.
Funding Milestone RM800,000 will be heavily used to boost the brand’s social media presence and initiate the online ordering and delivery system
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation Not being a successful system as people might not want to place their online order
Exit Strategies Sell the master franchise rights to potential investor
Company Name Rainbowdream Retail
Business Address V2-08-07, lingkaran SV, sunway velocity, 58100 kuala lumpur
Contact Person Siti Aishah

Fleet Operator

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM2M
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Our company secured and owned a fleet operation contract from a PLC to supply and operate between 50-70 private vehicles for passengers transportation ranging from saloon cars, SUVs and MPVs.
Contract value is above RM50M over 3 years with option 3 years to extend.
We are required to supply (purchase) progressively and operate complete with driver.
Payment claims are to be made and paid by quarterly.
Contract is formed with secured payment guarantee.
Business Opportunity Opportunity to increase the contract to a further RM50M more.
Market is expending as it is parallel with the government initiative to improve public transportation.
Revenue / Business Model •Our revenue is based on a firm contract of progressive payment inclusive cost of cars and operation.
•Our cost is for a one-off payment to purchase vehicle.
Management Team The management team is currently being managed by the company’s directors.

Drivers are paid on contract basis.

Company Background Company was incorporated in 2016 as air transport agent.
In the Q3 of 2017 we were awarded with the fleet contract starting with 2 vehicles and 50+ vehicles in Q4 for contract commencing in January 2018.
Funding Milestone Min. of RM5M up to RM10M.
To purchase vehicles and cost of operations.
Claim by quarterly.
% Equity Allocation Equity for funding of min RM20M
Expected ROI 25-35%
Risks and Mitigation None. Secured contract with guaranteed payment
Exit Strategies Min of 1 year contract for investor.
Company Name  xxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Suhaimi


Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM120,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description To be the first “all-you-can-get” pet shop in Sandakan. Raymzi’s Pet Planet will carry all pet essentials that mainly focus on cats and dogs and reptiles and birds and fish as well. Raymzi’s Pet Planet is a second branch of Raymzi’s Cat Planet.
Business Opportunity Pet shop that is planned to be built is way different from any other small pet shops that exist in Sandakan these days. Raymzi’s Pet Planet will come out with Pet Cafe that is going to be the first and it is surely going to be an awesome place in Sandakan, surely. Where we have spayed and neutered stray cats (also known as ordinary cats in Malay called Kucing Kampung) that is now have turned out pretty and clean to roam around the cafe for guest to enjoy and in return the cats will be given Tender Loving and Care (TLC) they deserve.
Revenue / Business Model • We aim to become the pioneer in getting and supplying quality pet essentials at low cost that can compete what is sold at supermarket because our team is expert enough on fulfilling the needs of pets.

• We provide animal grooming service that is one of the popular services and we will bring in treatment machine that no other pet shop in Sandakan has delivered so far.

• Pet boarding is no longer boring for them. We will have a mini playground where animals are not just spend their time in a cage but they now can roam the mini playground as they like but being monitored.

• Movie session for kids. This what makes our pet cafe different. Such session is a platform to nurture kids to love animals as they are and help them when they need it. It’s fundamental. Now you know what movies we are going to show them- Lassie, one of them

Management Team Great thing about our Pet Shop is, we are also a retailer and a solely appointed agent for some brands.
Survive, thrive and grow!
Therefore, I firmly believe, opening a pet shop that comes together with pet cafe is worth it. Raymzi’s Pet Planet is going to bring this ambience to the town of Sandakan. Yet, one of my aims to have a pet shop primarily is to educate public to become a responsible pet owner and to nurture kids to have compassion towards animals as what our team is currently doing; spay neuter and re-home and it is a tiny message where we will carry the message to tell the world, animals have souls
Company Background Raymzi’s Pet Planet is officially opened on October, 22nd 2017. Become the center of supplying pet essentials, we successfully caught attention several brands to carry them and supply them around Sabah only. We gladly achieve above target in daily sales.
Funding Milestone We are working on our second level; Grooming and Boarding business.
RAYMZI’S PET PLANET offers service what other pet shops do not offer in Sabah. We brought in Spa Machine for problem skin pet.
% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI RM300,000 and 18% return per annum
Risks and Mitigation Have you seen Dewi Pet Shop? The shop itself has more than 11 branches in the whole Peninsula Malaysia.

This is to convince you, dear investor, this business you are plan to invest is a great business that surely gives return that you required.

Exit Strategies Give us completely one year to complete the whole building, bring in several stocks, educate public and buyer on pet essentials then we gladly return the CAPITAL and RETURN to investor(s).

3p optimization systems dmcc

Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description One of the key challenges in the industry is having real time visibility on the critical information on Toxic Gases and H2S . This are very hazardous elements that could cost lost of life and shut down of facilities , which can cost millions of dollars lost in revenue.
By implementing MOS (Metal Oxide System) Tracking System , we can manage the sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients also includes equipment calibration alerts . It has the ability to deliver MOS real time viewer with users can view information real time which will also provide equipment reliability , calibration alerts for preventative maintenance, and location changes from a single application . With our experience, expertise and commitment towards the industry we want to make the working environment more safe and efficient
Business Opportunity ADCO (Abu Dhabi Oil Company for Onshore ) has huge issue on the sensors for the toxic gases and H2S , as it has to be manually monitored and calibrated regular , as this is a very critical . If wrong reading it could cost human life and facilities shutdown . Which in turn could lead to Millions of revenue lost .
We were approached to make a study for the best solution . Based on the functional study by implementing real time monitoring and predictive analysis . We could reduce the cost by 70% and increase equipment utilization by 40%

Currently 80-90% H2S and Gas detection data are being collected manually . Proposed solution is to provided integrated and automated solution to have data access and calibration of equipment. The potential market for this is big and untapped .

This solution cuts across Upstream , Midstream and Downstream market as all the the process will have toxic gases and H2S sensors that requires constant monitoring .

Other Market
mining industry , Power Plants and Refineries which provides the same type of sensors which are manually monitored .

Revenue / Business Model Currently we are working on ADCO requirement which is 30,000 devices , there are only from 2 Fields . In Total ADCO has 8 fields .
We have funnel size of USD2Million for the first 6 months . This are only from Middle East , have not included SEA region .
Iran market we are looking at another USD1Million
We are working with TYCO with their device and packaging our software for ADCO project .
Locally we are in talks with Petronas and RAPID team , Also have been in discussion with partners in Indonesia and India on potential deployment on trial basis for the end users there.
Management Team CEO/BD – Worked with Top 10 , Fortune 500 companies . Experienced working across Middle East , Africa , Europe and Asia Pacific . Delivered Complex projects and solution – while in Shell and Halliburton . Increase solution sales for Roxar Middle East and Africa by 60% and Integrated Roxar into Emerson Flow group .
COO – Worked with SHELL on numerous senior management role across Africa , Middle East and Asia . Strong Procurement and Legal background .
Technologist – One of the few online intrusion and fraud security certified in the world .
Company Background 3P core business function is to enable oil and gas companies to optimize their production with proper set of tools, processes and experts in predictive technology . 3P, have also tied up with some of the leading production optimization companies in US and UK. As 3P being projected as one solutions company for production optimization, our core skill is in optimization , predictive analysis and IIOT implementation . As part of our production optimization offering , we have MOS core functions which could provide predictive analysis and calibration tracking, which can manage the calibration and sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients.
We started at Middle East and decided to relocate to Asia Pacific because we are group of Malaysian whom believe we can contribute to our local economy by leveraging our local talent and growing them globally
Funding Milestone Month 1 – Staffing and Development — RM450K – hiring core engineers and completing the development

Month 4 – Implementation and Deployment – RM350K – Getting the team to site to implement and deploy

Month 7 – Sales and Marketing – RM400K – increase funnel and growth from the existing funnel.

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI Within 3 yrs 50-60% return
Risks and Mitigation Key Challenges
New brand in the market
Customer confidence
Customers/end users are ready to use latest technology with lot of precautions, references, proofs etc.
Educate customers
Geographical challenges ,as most of the organization works in a clustered method

Excellent Products, Excellent Technology
Focused on the applications and products
Ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and adaptability
Excellent trial at the largest oil producer in UAE on different applications , different fields
Technical Experiences
Big players are cutting down staff as their over head is big . We are Lean and Agile

Exit Strategies 3 Year , investor can cash in at the market rate to the company .
Company Name 3p optimization systems dmcc
Business Address 708 , 1 Lake plaza , Cluster T , JLT , Dubai

Biggest Automotive Microfranchise in Malaysia stepping up the game for ASEAN market

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM3,500,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description VervX Malaysia Is an organization that primarily focuses on the direct sales of Automotive
Service Products and Parts to end users. By eliminating unnessecerray tiers in the supply
chain, we have been able to provide our users with high quality automotive products at
competitive (wholesale) prices. Our methodology has enabled us to grow to approximately
100,000 users across the country including Borneo over the span of 7 years. The vital
ingredient in our formula emulates incremental and sustainable growth. Methods of the
past, as well as new innovative ideas are are constantly reviewed remodeled and tweaked
to keep up with the ever-changing technological, lifestyle and current economic climate.
We hope to be a panacea for all our customers needs.

Last year as part of our expansion plan, we introduced Asia’s first Automotive microfrancshise
program to assist new and existing entrepreneurs to engage, collaborate and innovate the
automotive industry through a successfully formulated structured business plan. We have
gained remarkable popularity, success and growth through this initiative of ours. Today, we
have more than 150 microfrancshise outlets making us the biggest automotive retail outlet
The success and our growth for the past year have attrated big brands and players in the
automotive market.


Business Opportunity To raise RM 10,000,000.00 in funding

With the funding, we intend to tap into the existing Malaysian market as well as expand our
scope to the Asian region. Being the first automotive microfrancshise program in the World we
see a lot of untapped potential here in Malaysia and Asia’s emerging markets, and with the right
amount of funding, we will be able to unlock its true potential and take the business to soaring
heights . Another vital point of raising this capital, is that we want our investors to be a part of our
business journey, we would like our investors to grow with us in tandem.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our potential investors Preference Shares for
Vervx Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Preference shares are shares that are given to investors that guarantee a fixed return annually
for investors. They have a life span of 5 years, and after that will be bought back by the
company for the face value the investor as invested. Another option for investors after the 5
years is to convert the preference shares to common shares.

Investors get security knowing that regardless of the company’s financial position yearly, they
will receive their dividends. Dividends received are 100% tax free. Shareholders get a
preference share certificate to show they are shareholders of the company. Also, should the
company undergo liquidation, preference shareholders get first rights to claim their capital as
opposed to normal shareholders and directors. This enables investors the chance to see growth
and build trust as our bond strengthens.

The major drawback is preference shareholders are not entitled to any voting rights. Also since
their dividends are fixed they are not entitled to the dividends given to common shareholders
which is performance based.

Preference shareholders will enjoy an annual return of 25% fixed dividend pay-out yearly. This
is regardless of the company’s financial position. Upon ending the tenure with us, the capital
invested is bought back by the company so the capital portion of the investment is secured.

Revenue / Business Model We would like to explain the profit breakdown in details to the interested Party. As the Financial
mechanism are broken into 4 different income stream under on business.
Management Team KEVIN RAJ – CEO
Company Background VervX Malaysia Is an organization that primarily focuses on the direct sales of Automotive
Service Products and Parts to end users. By eliminating unnessecerray tiers in the supply
chain, we have been able to provide our users with high quality automotive products at
competitive (wholesale) prices. Our methodology has enabled us to grow to approximately
100,000 users across the country including Borneo over the span of 7 years. The vital
ingredient in our formula emulates incremental and sustainable growth. Methods of the
past, as well as new innovative ideas are are constantly reviewed remodeled and tweaked
to keep up with the ever-changing technological, lifestyle and current economic climate.
We hope to be a panacea for all our customers needs.
Funding Milestone 10,000,000.00 in total preference shares offered. Will set upon the targeted coutries as the capital grows.
% Equity Allocation Cummulative Reedemable Convertible Preference Shares of RM1.00 each. 25% Dividends
Expected ROI 4 years
Exit Strategies Each Preference Shares can be sold back to the common share holders with a 6 months notice period.
Contact Person KEVINRAJ