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Project Title Imagine the advertising opportunity at a website where students are able to study and practice easily for UPSR, PT3, and SPM online, all of that for free.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM600
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description I’m trying to make a website that helps Malaysian student to prepare for their exams (UPSR, PT3, and SPM), similar with or with only one exception, this website is free for everyone. I plan every revenue should only comes from advertisement, which will be carefully controlled so that people will stay comfortable with it’s amount. Other than the fact that this website is absolutely free, I also try to make this website better that the rest of it’s fellow (full-a-mark and etc), by implementing my own ideas on good study techniques, that I really believe is rare and valuable for this website’s promotion.
Business Opportunity I really believe this website has a high chance to grow huge. Firstly, in terms of competition, I think the site will be standing alone in it’s market. I say this because eventhough full-a-mark and is already out there, they don’t hold much threat for this site. Full-a-mark for instance, for SPM, they’re only providing the market with core subjects which is BM, BI, Math, and Sejarah, while my site will be focusing on the science subjects first which is Add Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. We don’t plan to move to core subjects only later on after the growth of the site, because we want to dominate the market for science subjects first. While for competition with, I think, that’s not much to be say at all, because has already got a long history and still isn’t even close to dominate the market, proving probably a sort of incompetency in this area. I really think this site will own the market for it’s own.

Secondly, this site is very likely to have a long lasting market. Let’s think about what will happen if this site really does manage to dominate the market for, say just SPM students. Every year, thousands of students come to the site to practice with sample questions on a daily basis. As good as it sounds, it is actually pretty realistic. Students love to do practice on subjects like add math, especially from a source where it’s free and study is made simple. Even with only that market monthly, it is already a great place for advertising work. Now, even when that year is over, we don’t have to worry about the future market at all. This is because it’s very likely that the next year’s batch of students will only be of the same amount, at least close to it. So, the site will have promising and long lasting market to do advertising every year, as long as we manage to handle good public relation.

Revenue / Business Model The revenue will come through the advertising service inside the site. This is how it works. So users will come to the site to practice the subjects. At the practice page, users will only see mainly two things. The first is the question, and also few buttons to check and show the answer, and the second thing is a section dedicated for advertisements below the whole thing. By guessing on how many potential users that will use the site each day, given that the site works fine and as expected by the users, the advertisement market will be tremendous.
As for who will manage the advertisements, there is still much to decide. To start I’m thinking of maybe google adsense, as that would be easy and great for the site’s search optimization. But later on I think it would be great if the company can handle the advertising work ourselves, as that will allow us to grip the advertising revenue better and also will be great in terms of networking with other companies.
Management Team To be honest, we’re pretty fresh in this whole thing. The team is actually just the two of us, both of us are still first-year students at MMU Melaka and both of us study the same course which is electronic engineering. But, I can assure you we are both very damned commited to this idea and are willing to spend time and money to grow the site. We split the jobs into two. I’m in charge of the tech behind the site, how the site operates, make another page and such. I think it is ok to say that I’m quite good in this job, eventhough I don’t have any formal education on it. Next, my friend takes care of the contents of the site, the practice questions and the notes of each subjects.
Yes, we look a bit inexperienced, and actually I think that’s very true. But I really think you should not underestimate us because I believe we’re very fast learner and the idea of the site is too good to be let go. Because of that, one of the reason we’re reaching is because we want to grow our network and get some professional help. Right now, it’s just the two of us. It will be very good to get more people inside.
If you need more reason to trust in us, then maybe it’s good to add that we’re both Telekom Malaysia’s scholar and we are alright with our studies. So, we don’t do this merely for money. We want to develop the site because we think there’s more from us that we can offer to the world. Please join us if you feel the same way.
Company Background This whole thing started with just an idea, dated back from when I’m still at school, around the year 2015. I thought of how great it will be if I could get the same kind of help I wish this site can provide. As I was still a kid, and with this growing eager to build this idea that I had, I naively learn how to make website myself online, because I don’t know what else I could do to work on it. I learn bit by bit, and work on it until the website is as it is today. At one point I shared this idea with one friend, which was a very shocking time for me because he showed intense interest in it and wanted to help, unlike others who aren’t that interested with my idea. Since then, I relied on him to handle the entire content of the site. He is doing a great job in making sure the content is ready and alright.
Up until now, I have spent an amount of approximately RM600, for everything needed to run the site, and that includes the hosting plan and the premium theme that I use. But because this site is still in it’s early stage, and the fact that I’m still a student, no money is spent on things like advertising and such. We’re still finishing the site, and because of that we haven’t promoted it yet. So, we still have no subcribers, or even any sales or profit statements. Eventhough we’re still in very early stage, I’d hope you wouldn’t look down on us because of it. We’re still kids but we are looking forward to grow up, and we would appreciate any help that you can offer.
Maybe it’s good to note that the website is already up and running right now. But, it is still not done and not ready to be promoted yet, and we’re working everyday to finish it. It would be great if you can have a look at it yourself and feel how everything works. Just search the web for , and feel free to share any opinion that you have.
Funding Milestone The truth is, we’re more looking forward to talk and work with you rather than having funded directly. It’s because we think we would love to get a somewhat professional help to work on the site together. Even that, we still need some help in terms of funding to grow the site.
We are thinking of a fund that amounts to approximately RM25,000 to RM30,000. The funds will mainly be used on two things, the first will be in hiring our own tech guys and teachers, and the second is to promote and advertise the site to the market.
We need our own tech person to improve the site to allow the ‘log-in’ feature, which is for me a very important feature so that the site can be more useful and more students will like it, but happens to be something that I don’t know how to do it myself. So, I’ll need some help to do it. I really think this feature is a must to the site and I’m happy to tell you more about it. But, the elaboration will be too long to be written here. So if you want to know more, just contact me and I’ll gladly explain it to you.
The next will be about the teachers. We need it because that is what the site do, the site provides free question for everyone to practice with. But we can’t just copy the questions from books because that will be illegal. So, we want to hire our own teachers to make those questions. Let’s think about it. If we manage to invest some money in teachers and they provide the site with say 300 Add Math questions. Those same 300 questions will be enough to serve thousands of students all around Malaysia every year, as long as those questions are different than others, reliable and of high quality. So, investing in teachers can very likely be a good idea.
In terms of the arrangement of how the funds will be used, of course much deeper thought need to be made. But right now I’m thinking, first of all the funds will be spent on teachers first, because we need to get those questions first. Then, we need to spend the funds on promotion, and tell the market about the site. From my point of view, if the site is good and reliable, not mentioning totally free for use, students will quickly love the site. The promotion will be kinda easy. And when everything else is done, we can focus on the tech of the site, and improve the features so that it actually helps people study easier. That is when the funds will be used on hiring tech guys.
% Equity Allocation Sorry, but I’m new to this and I don’t quite understand how this works. But, I’m pretty sure we can agree on a good figure that we’ll both like.
Expected ROI Again, very sorry.
Risks and Mitigation Risk for the site mainly will be competition and the possible failure in marketing. Firstly, for the competition. As I already mentioned earlier, the risk is not that threathening. One of the reason I work really hard on the site is because I think the site has a huge chance to dominate the market. It’s only competition will be and, and I already explained why I’m not so worried about them at the ‘Business Opportunity’ section. But, we still need to make sure the site runs smooth and as expected so that it’ll shine above it’s other fellows.
Next risk will be the possibility to fail in marketing the site properly. The site needs to give a strong and good first impression to the market once it is out, and to do that we will need brilliant marketing strategies. Yet once the market is comfortable with the site, then we have already got huge market to do business.
Exit Strategies I’m really sorry, I don’t quite understand about this. I can only assure you every decision coming up will be carefully and thoroughly thought of so that everything will be alright, for us and for you.
Company Name Pictocat
Business Address Batu Caves, Selangor
Contact Person Mohamad Syazani Bin Zulkhairi

Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM500,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, also known as NMSB is the pioneer in the designing of unique small scale Hydroelectric power plant which runs using Kinetics Technologies. In the field of hydro-electrics designs, much will depend on the availability of sufficient water flow and on the height of falling water besides the requirement of a large impoundment of water. These limitations has affected the widespread construction of hydro-electric plants. In contrast, using Kinetics Technology, which is patent pending by Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., the construction of hydro-electric plant will rely on source of Ndb mechanism and water. Further more, Kinetic Technology does not depend on hydrology assessments to assess the potential power via the height and flow rate (Q m/sec) which is done on conventional hydro-electric power plant. In short, using Kinetic Technology opens the scope to wider use of hydro-electric plants.

Additionally, under the governance of Sustainable Energy Authority Malaysia (SEDA) Renewable Energy Act 2011, Hydro-electric business will benefit on 21 years of guarantee income by virtue of the fact that electricity can be sold to Public Utility Firms. Risk of marketability will taken away from the equation.

One of the virtue of using Kinetic Technology power is the elimination of penstock requirements. No huge space is required and environmental and territorial disputes are avoided. Further more, the power plant can be built closer to TNB sub-stations which will ultimately reduce transmission line cost.

Business Opportunity In supplying society with energy, a balance must be struck between competitiveness, security of supply, and the environment. No single energy source is optimal from all dimensions. But Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant is optimal from all dimension due to its design breakthrough and proudly to be declare a Malaysian Patent pending product. Its has a vast market opportunity in rural and estate areas especially existing big Power industries failing to fulfill due to its Initial investment and Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant is design to cater for such market. Easily success of initial prototype can be forecast minimum of 10 Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant demand in SABAH & SARAWAK will be needed.
Revenue / Business Model Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia) is giving Feed-in Tariff (FiT) whereby 0.26 cent p/kwh which is govern by Renewable Energy Act 2011. So based on 2 Mw, prototype we are earning Ex. 2000Kwh x 24Hrs x 30 days x 0.26 cent = RM374,400.00 gross income on monthly basis.
Management Team Muhammad Nazri (CEO & Managing Director)….
2008: Graduated from AIMS in B.eng (Mechatronics).
2000: Graduated from TAFE in Adv Dip on Engineering (Electrical/Electronic).

2002 to Present :.
Dual responsibility taking care of my own business (NMSB) and employed as Sr. Product Engineer at (MOTOROLA / FREESCALE / NXP) reports into US business organization. Core responsibilities to enhance yield, CWATY, unit cost via engaging various engineering, design & marketing team across the world US, France, China & Malaysia to deliver great results via innovative solutions.

Eight Technical Excellence Award in various projects.
Prestigious Diamond Chip award on outstanding project (Low Cost Faraday Cage).
Four KAIZEN project on cost reduction & productivity improvement.

Ir. T. Prabakaran Rajah (Project Manager)….
Nottingham Trent University (1988-1992)
Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering – BEng (Hons.)
Herriot Watts University (2007-2009)
Post Graduate Msc in Project Management (Construction Management).
Professional Bodies:
Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) since 1999.
Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) since 2000.
Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia (STM) since 2001. (up to 275kV Voltage system)
GBI (Green Building Index) Member (MGBC) No. GBIF/0321 since Sept 2010.
Certified Energy Manager (CEM) for Energy Efficiency (STM) since 2010
Registered Chartered Engineer with (IET), UK since 2011.

Past Experience:
Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (1994–2003)
Manager – Transmission and Substation (2002– 2003)
Project Engineer – Transmission and Substation (2000- 2002)
Design Engineer – Substation (1994–2000)

Terry Yap (Marketing Manager)…
1972 – Graduated from Cranfield with a B.Eng in Aeronautics.
1973: Started a direct sales company by the name of Fortiss. He was Involved in planning and marketing of consumer use products throughout Malaysia.

Company Background 2013
Jan – Design Breakthrough.
April – None Disclosure agreement Prepared for Patent Filing.
May – Meet En Edisham [Deputy Director SEDA] to share our RE intention.
Sept – Official Patent Filing done in MYIPO.
Oct – Meet Dato’ Prof Dr Hj Abdul Rahman on forestry land matter in his Office.

Massive re-engineering work and factory assessment were explored during this period to significantly cut construction cost and design cost to cater for smaller prototype within Nazrie (M) Sdn. Bhd affordability!

Jan –
Meet Pn Norzila (PKNS) Sr. Buz Dev Head for funding opportunity. But She had refer us to Worldwide Holdings on our matter.
Meet En Azman (Worldwide Holdings) and doesn’t materialize since needed supporting letter from accredited body such as SRIM to certified.
Presented to SIRIM renewable energy research center technical team.
Received L.O.I from Public Listed company to venture in Kinetic Power plant. under condition sell the Patent Rights off record discussion! Ref Appendix
Received favorable respond from SIRIM.
April to Dec [On – Hold due to raising funding to kick start]

Funding Milestone Budget
Hydro Component:-
2 Mw Generator
In-house Transformer
Switch Gear
DC Supply
Transmission Cable –
Erection & Installation of equipment.
Shipping Ex-Site Ampang
Kaplan turbine
All the above as one lump sum RM5,495,400.00

Approval Cost
Power Systems Studies (PSS) 60,000
Connection Confirmation Check (CCC) 2,000
Grid Parity & Displaced Cost 2,000
State Government & SEDA Quota 100,000
Subtotal RM164,000

Building Construction
Consultant Civil 40,000
Consultant M&E 16,800
Civil Work 500,000
M&E Work 280,000
Road Work 35,000
Kinetic Mechanism 850,000
Subtotal RM1,721,800.00

Total EXPENSES RM7,381,200

% Equity Allocation 40% and negotiable we just need support of 1st running prototype funding.
Expected ROI Less than 5 years
Risks and Mitigation The key breakthrough here is the Kinetics mechanism and the Civil + M&E structure which is costing about 2.5 Million. Therefore, upon the Kinetics mechanism is been installed and tested than other expenses can be kick in. Which significantly making the investment risk lower by 66%.
Exit Strategies Anytime upon the Kinetics mechanism is been installed and tested.
Company Name Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Business Address A-5-9 Empire Tower,SS16/1, Subang Jaya,47500 Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Mr. Nazrie

Beatz Buffet Restaurant

Project Title Beatz Buffet (International Buffet Restaurant with Asian Touch of influence). Hotel Buffet Concept with Affordable Rate. Yes i would like to meet them anywhere.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM150K
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Beatz Buffet (“B”) will be a moderated priced with 100 fine-dining Seat restaurant
Offering food from International Menu with A touch of Asian Influence.

. The Restaurant will be in 2 Lot as 1 for Halal & another 1 will be Non Halal which comes
with Bar Setup.

. The Restaurant Main concept is Daily
Buffet Spread which follows exactly as 5 Star Hotel
Buffet Menu with a Lower & affordable selling rate range compare to Hotels Menu.

. This affordable rate will make a big impact & competitive on market & will pull the
Customers to our restaurant & will get a huge support too from Events & Gatherings

. The Buffet Menu’s which carries are from Local and International menus for Breakfast,
Lunch, & Dinner.
. We will be also having Set Meals & Ala Carte meals.

. The Buffet Menus will carry on 5 type of Appetizers, 1 type of Soups, 7 type of Mix Main
Course, 2 type Action Stall, and 5 type of Desserts.

. All the Menu’s will be done on based average 38% Food Cost & 62% profit range.

. We will be also doing for private family & corporate events based on 80 to 100 pax capacity
& also outside caterings

. The Restaurant Official Logo, Designs & Themes will be made by our Registered Vendor

. We will have our own Suppliers from Local Distributors & Wholesalers.

Business Opportunity This Restaurant will be main competitor To Fine Dinings Restaurants & Hotel Restaurants
Since The concept will be equal to Hotel Restaurants buffet with lowest rate compare to thier buffet in the same time
profitable income
Revenue / Business Model Since Im a Manager in 5 Star Hotel here in Penang Malaysia
I have a huge Contacts in Corporate & Tourism levels.
We will do a major marketing using all social pages, web pages & newspaper advertisement on weekly basis from our Pre opening.
Our main marketing will be direct reservations from whatsapps apps
Management Team Our Full Management & Operation team will be professional hotel F&B crews which ready to hire.
Admin Crew – Accounts/HR Clerk & Sales/Marketing Assistant
Main Kitchen Crew – Sous Chef / Chef De’partie / Commis /Steawards
Service Crew – Supervisor/ Captain / Waiter / Bartender
Company Background Nil
Funding Milestone We need some additional 380K to fund in to launch this operation
The restaurant plan to launch on January 2018
% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI Minimum 25K Per month
Risks and Mitigation No Risk
Company Name Beatz Buffet Restaurant
Business Address Bayan Baru Penang
Contact Person MR.Bala

Noodle Manufacturing Business

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 800,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description – Manufacturing plant located in Northern Penang.
– conquer 90% of the market share for its product in Northern region. ( Penang, Kedah)
– 60 Years old business build up. since 1957, business on going still.
– Supply to existing hawker stall and wet market and some export to Singapore 5 star hotel.
– At the moment all Cash Term business
– The product was certified HALAL and it is the only one Certified halal in South east asia.
– machinery just recently upgraded to better capacity, total capacity 16 ton per day running at 24 hour 2 shift.
– Currently only ruling at 1 Ton per day. All machinery and equipment was under utilise.

Currently looking for business expansion oversea and other product line and enchanment for existing product.
– would like to vent into install cup noodle for its category only.
– this product do not exist in the market.
– this product can replace and obtain the same category product in the market easily.

Business Opportunity – the cup noodle able to replace few giant brand in the market, which we will OEM for those MNC noodle manufacturing for the particular flavour and category only.
– currently do not have any similar product or company or manufacturing able to do so.
– our company is the only one in south east asia and certified HALA for its category.
– this cup noodle can be distribute throughout the world.
– its not only in Malaysia but south east asia must eat food. rated number 7 must eat food by CNN and some other food evaluator throughout the world
– we just need the capital to transform and enhance current recipe and product to better category and supply to the market.
– Instant noodle market is huge and very big potential as the product is totally no one ever started before.
– this noodle our company already done simple research, testing as well as simple R & D for this development, it prove it work well.
– we need more capital to venture in this and start this in a proper way and expand in a proper way.
Revenue / Business Model the demand for this noodle is huge throughout the world.
with the CNN rated asia must eat food.
transform from a traditional type of cooking or method, transform to a more convenience type of preparation and commercialise the product in tis category.
it will be the only one in the market.
FMCG revenue unpredictable huge, because the market demand is huge.
imagine how a traditional type of the food and preparation method being transform to a much convenience way and commercialise and better quality control and total satisfaction guarantee for its category.
we will replace all the noodle in the market, even for MNC noodle like MAMEE and VITS or MAGGIE. for its category.
Management Team Owner and director of the team.
From Sales ( 5M-80M revenue sales), project management, Lean six sigma holder. FMCG industry
One person to handle most of the key operation.
will need to take in more dedicated professional for this expansion.
Etc, R&D engineer in house
Company Background business start at 1957.
total investment made RM 2M to date.
Monthly turn over 80k to 100K for the past 60 years, stagnant and still growing.
was certified by JAkim HALAL on 2016.
The only one and largest certified halal for its product category and manufacturing plant in South east Asia.
None of the MNC able to produce the same product, due to receipt and type of machine to be invest for the niche product.
Other noodle MNC manufacturing invest in General machine to compete in volume and using economic of scale to conquer the market.
however my company and its product category, we focus on niche market and demand, supply through northern region with its own customisation and also premium price to it.
Funding Milestone RM600,000.00
– fund use for R & D
– Machinery for production and enhancement
– Vechicle for own distribution and collection
– Packaging machine.
– Labor and professional worker.
– Operation team of Sales and Business development team.

Funding milestone will report at a pre-set expectation report of the total fund for each quarter.

% Equity Allocation 70-90%
Expected ROI 1-2 Year
Risks and Mitigation We will start the whole enhancement phase by phase.
Market will not reject the product. Definitely it will accept the product.
we need to spend an amount of budget for advertising to boom and push into the market.
else the awareness of the product is very minimum.
for FMCG product, spending on marketing and branding its very important.
Phase by phase will help us to hedge against the risk for the whole investment.
we will slow down the investment if anythings goes wrong.
this investment do not need to dump into a basket, but we slowly distribute accordingly to hedge and leverage against the whole project and expansion plan.
Exit Strategies once ROI
– whoever investor would like to hold the share or the equity , company is ok to allow to hold the equity.
– not necessary to sell back to company if the company is making money.
– owner will buyback all the equity if investor would like to sell back.
– IF everything goes smooth as expected with those minimal calculated risk, one year ROI can be easily achieve.
– IF market downturn, it may need 2 year max for the ROI.
Company Name xxx sdn bhd
Business Address Penang
Contact Person Lee


Project Title Online grocery store
Current Status Concept – Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM15,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description E-commerce & M-commerce business model , Selling grocery , house hold product , health& beauty , office appliance , electronic accessories . Order via mobile app or website . delivery to home .
Business Opportunity Solve the main problem as Malaysian facing today which is shortage of time to get house hold product , grocery , baby product and so on . market entire malaysia , but due to capital issue , will start at JOHOR first . then expand to KL , Penang & Malacca .
Revenue / Business Model Our business make money from product that we sold . Same as traditional grocery store . what make us special is we do delivery . and consumer can order product by the smartphone they holding everyday .
Management Team Based on the capital amount investors invest to our business . planned to have product & stock management team , social media marketing team , delivery team .
Company Background August 2016 , start developing mobile application and website . complete July this year . Now looking for product distributor . and lastly capital to start the business .
Funding Milestone RM50,000-RM70,000 . buying product ,social media marketing, hire management team , delivery team .
% Equity Allocation 10-12
Expected ROI 10-20%
Risks and Mitigation Delivery costs and product damage . to lower the costs of delivery we will work closely with delivery team, Exp: time and product for single delivery man carry .hire part time delivery team if necessary .
Exit Strategies Sell the share back to us , or new investors . when business expand more than 3 cities .
Business Address No 7, Jalan Lembah 32 , Taman Desa Jaya , 81100 Johor Bahru , JOHOR
Contact Person Mr.SOH

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Grooming Societies

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Han-Yeon is a skin care brand distributed by JE Commerce Sdn Bhd, a skin care division under cosmetic and wellness group which has been the prominent leader in skin care and cosmetic products for the last decade. Our company has been one of the trend setter and market leader in Asian cosmetic market since our intervention. We have multiple marketing platforms servicing different sectors in retail consumables, salon, e-commerce and so forth. Our consumer base is wide, targeting different age group, buying behaviors and different trends.
Derived from the Korean cosmetic trend, Han-Yeon brings cutting edge technology and innovative products to the world. Our distinctive formulations cater for various skin type and different age group. Han-Yeon mainly uses natural plant extracts as its main ingredients combining modern technology to produce the finest formulation. Han-Yeon is manufactured under stringent manufacturing procedures with accordance to GMP regulations. Our products are SGS laboratory tested to be safe and free from toxicity. Products are also registered with relevant health authority.
Business Opportunity We basically solve everyone’s problem since everyone needs skin care. Skin care and cosmetic market is huge in Malaysia and neighbouring countries with consistent double digit growth. The market caters to teenagers as young as 12 years old on acne problems, whitening solution requirement for age group between 20-40 while anti-aging products are favourite among people between 45-65 of age. The cost of sales is about 30%, meaning that we have a gross profit of 70%. Our prices ranging from RM98-RM268.

We intend to explore into salon brand platform by introducing a new brand to the salon market, meaning that we distribute products through beauty salon. There is about 7,000-8,000 beauty salons in Malaysia with estimated market size of RM100mil annually. Our Advisor Mr Jonas Yap has 10 years experience in beauty salon’s trade and is the founder of Aviderm skin care with a network of 250 beauty salons. We have 250 beauty salons ready to be explored.

We are also exploring the slimming and wellness industry since consumers are very health conscious these days. Our Advisor is also the founder of a wellness and slimming brand namely – Wellmark which is being distributed by about 100 salons. We intend to do cross selling with Wellmark.

Revenue / Business Model We sell our products to online resellers, they usually market products through FB,Instagram,Wechat etc. We have 3 discount structure for our resellers- 30%,45% and 60% depending on their order intake.

We are exploring into skin care for beauty salon. Salon operators will usually gain a profit of 50-60% from the retail selling price.

Total expected annual revenue is about RM5mil for the first 3 years.

Management Team Jane Khor – Chief Executive Officer
Tax auditor in an accounting firm for 5 years.
Passionate in Beauty & Fashion Industry.
Took up entrepreneurship and founded Han-Yeon Skin CareJonas Yap – Advisor
Held managerial position in several Public listed companies such as Angkasa Marketing Bhd and Ann Joo Steel Bhd.
Ventured into skin care industry since 2007.
Founder of several skin care brands such as Aviderm & Wellmark.
Company Background JE Commerce Started in May 2016. We have invested on an underpriced property worth RM2mil with a market value of RM2.4mil. Our annual revenue is about RM500,000 with an estimation of RM3mil annual turnover for the coming financial year once all the projects kick start.
Funding Milestone Han-Yeon Women Entrepreneurship Programme is created to promote female entrepreneurship in Malaysia. Currently we have about 200 potential upcoming women entrepreneurship lining up for this programme. Candidates are usually office workers, beauticians and house wives seeking opportunity to start up own business.

Project’s Objective

1) Create an E-Commerce website with Personalized domain catering to our entrepreneurs to conduct E-Commerce marketing. Most of them are still using conventional ways such as “PM” to conduct sales. (Allocation of RM50,000) We expect to boost sales by more than 300%.
2) Organize roadshow in various shopping malls. Each apprentice will be given opportunity to organize and lead a roadshow event. They will be evaluated at the end of the event. Our aim is to organize 50 roadshows within a year. (Allocation of RM150,000) Each roadshow is expected to generate revenue of RM10,000. However, the main objective is to build up consumers data base for our retailers and brand awareness.
3) Zero start up cost for potential entrepreneur. We provide training, marketing platform, A&P activity and products for them to start at no cost at all. (Allocation of RM50,000) We expect to recruit up to 500 retailers from this project.

We are also introducing a new salon brand to the market. (Allocation of RM150,000) We will start up with 3 main series of skin care namely acne,whitening and anti-aging. We expect to recruit 150 beauty salons within a year, generating RM2mil of sales.

% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 10-12%
Risks and Mitigation 1) Possibility of fierce online competition for the next 5 years. Therefore, we need to adapt O2O strategy ( Online 2 Offline / Offline 2 Online ) to avoid the red ocean.
2) Failure to control the increasing size of retailers. This is a tough task faced by most of the companies since online business is mainly confined to online communication. More physical offline meetings and activities should be conducted.
3) Non performing beauty salons is a major issue. Since beauty salon requires territory protection, we have to ensure that they perform on the specific area in order for our product to reach out to the consumers at that particular area. We will have to appoint another salon or replace the non performing salon to keep the consumer’s buying momentum going.
Exit Strategies 1) Since it is a multiple selling platform company, it is easily sold off and cash out for investors and owners. Potentially buyers are companies from grooming industries and companies running online market place for cosmetic products. Right timing will be when the consumer data base is strong but competition getting fierce and profit margin being slashed.
2) Asset investment and keeping expenses low for a good net profit. This attracts buyers when it is necessarily to cash out.
Company Name JE Commerce Sdn Bhd
Business Address NO.8, Jalan Awan Makmur 1, Taman OUG Square, Jalan Kelang Lama 58200 KL.
Contact Person Jonas Yap

Charity Drinking Water

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM5,000.00
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description ​Hi all,

With our business tagline: You Drink, We Donate, we are a start up company selling drinking water with a cause, every 500ml and 1500ml bottled water sold, a Malaysia Ringgit 0.20 and 0.30 cents will be donated to specific charity bodies here in Malaysia, supporting orphanage studies, building homes, meals and jobs for homeless people and many more.

Targeting corporate office, factory, government bodies, hotel and resort, tourist attraction, hypermarket, mini mart, petrol station and etc.

We are engaging lawyers, accounting firm and audit firm to keep our donation activities record 100% transparent to the public and investor.

Please support us to support others.

Thank you and best regards,

Jeffery Meah

Business Opportunity We targeting corporate office, factory, government bodies, hotel and resort, hospital, hypermarket, mini mart, petrol station and etc. From retails to bulk buying and long term supporting contract.

Drinking water is essential in individual daily life and corporate needs.

There are still NO active bottled water company with a good cause in Malaysia.

Still compiling Malaysia bottled drinking water market size and growth opportunity, but we see the great opportunity in the business and we like to support charity bodies in Malaysia.

Revenue / Business Model Will starts in the region of Johor, distribute in Johor Bahru, Pontian/Kukup, Desaru/Pengerang, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Muar, Mersing and Segamat.

Looking at 650,000 bottle in first year, revenue forecast at RM1mil.

Management Team Me myself as founder of the company, assist with 1 Campaign Manager.
Planned staffing: 2 Account/Admin/HR Clerk, 1 warehouse keeper and 1 van driver.
Company Background We started our company in year 2017, with more than 10 years experienced in business development, good local and global connection, we hope this start up – Drinking Water with a cause, will grow into a company with variety of product in future, helping more charity bodies the same time we grow the company.
Funding Milestone Oct-Dec 2017 – RM100,000.00 (1st order from factory, warehouse rental, staff salary, pre-owned van…)
Jan 2018 – RM65,000.00
Feb 2018 – RM65,000.00
Mar 2018 – RM65,000.00
April 2018 – RM65,000.00
Risks and Mitigation 1. Required good drinking water producer as long term partner.
2. Transportation cost.
3. Direct competition – Price war
Company Name Lights Of Vision Embrace Sdn Bhd
Business Address Setia Indah
Contact Person Jeffery Meah


Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We named our company as TAMSY Clothing. The choosing of this name as the symbol of our product is cat themed. TAMSY stands for our cat’s name and it is also the name given to males who are really great best friends according to Urban Dictionary. We want to produce clothes that are high quality fabric with elegance and a combination of urban street style. Type of clothing line based on development of the latest fashion sense. The aim for creating this business is to promote and develop the market of fashion in Malaysia & Globally. TAMSY is a clothing brand company which offers exclusive clothes. In providing the product to our target market, we have outlined several aspects that we believe a special attention should be given to it such as brand, quality, packaging and labeling. A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design that recognizes the product and distinguishes it from other product. It put in value to the product and encourages customer loyalty. We will come up with different cats and every season is a different cat. Customers will be keen as our products are limited edition and they are able to collect different cats every season!
Business Opportunity From urban streetwear to elegance, TAMSY is sure to focus on the latest fashion trends. We ensure to produce only high quality fabric to the general market in Malaysia & Internationally. TAMSY is a brand that sells Men’s & Women’s clothes we will offer high-fashion clothes for any types of occasions or everyday wear. Every RM1 of our sales revenue will be donated to SPCA Selangor for their food supplies and others. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Selangor, Malaysia (SPCA Selangor) is a non-profit animal shelter in Selangor, Malaysia that aims to help animals that cannot defend themselves such as cats, dogs and other pets.
Revenue / Business Model To promote our product, we have decided to launch these systematic promotion strategies. The selected strategies are shown below:

-Place Strategies
We have chosen Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley) as our strategic marketing area, based on some factors below:-
Kuala Lumpur has an estimated 2016 population of 1.76 million people in an area of just 94 square kilometers (243 square kilometers). This gives the city proper a very high population density of 17,310 people per square mile, or 6,890 per square kilometer. Greater Kuala Lumpur, or the Klang Valley, is a large urban agglomeration with an estimated population of 7.2 million in 2016 with a population density that is nearly equal to that of the city proper.

– Product Strategies
TAMSY is a clothing brand company which offers exclusive clothes. In providing the product to our target market, we have outlined several aspects that we believe a special attention should be given to it such as brand, quality, packaging and labeling.

– Quality (High quality material)
The quality of a product can be main positioning instrument for a business. As to maintain our product quality, we provide a good or professional tailor who can sew nicely and care of our quality. To achieve this, we always keep updating with our supplier to make sure our material is good.

– Price Strategies
The price of a product can be defined as the amount of money charged to the customer for a particular purchase. Pricing is important as it is the only part in the marketing mix that generates revenue. When we perform a study on the competitor’s prices, it will help us in allocating price for our products. In order to put a price on our product we are using ‘competition-based pricing’ concept and make a comparison regarding quality and quantity that TAMSY Clothing produce.

Management Team This business is based on a team operation. The staffs consist of General Manager, Administration Manager, Operational Manager, Marketing and Sales Executive, and Financial Manager. There are a lot of advantages of partnership business. As there is more than one owner, a lot of idea talents and skill can be pooled together for better management.
Company Background We started in June 2017, and the amount invested for this project is RM2000 and the return of the profit achieved to this date is RM3950.
Funding Milestone Below shows the costing and fund required for our brand :-

Production Costing – RM24,250 (Mens Tee, Mens Long Sleeve Shirt, Ladies Crop Top Sweatshirt Ladies Front Split Top, Unisex Sweater, Track Pants Men/Women)

Marketing Cost – RM40,000 (Social Media Ads/Boost, Advertisement Video Shoot, Celebrity/Public Figure Endorsement, Brand Ambassador, Booth & Vendors)

Miscellaneous – RM36,100 (Photoshoot, product Shoot, Graphic Designer, Packaging, stickers, Merchandise, Website, Posters/Bunting, Office Rental Deposit)

Total Funding Required – RM100,350

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI Amount Invested – RM100,000, Amount Returned RM188,040 (RM88,040 Investment Gained), ROI 88.04% (2 years), Annualized ROI 37.13%
Exit Strategies – Strategic Sale
– Partial Sale
– Retraction Rights
Company Name TAMSY
Business Address N0. 46 Jalan SL 4/2, Bandar Sg Long, Cheras, 43200, Selangor.
Contact Person Najwa Suhaimi

Vitramed for SEA

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Vitramed has built a name for itself in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore as a specialist supplier of exciting products to those in the gastrointestinal fields of medicine.
Our success has been built on several factors:
• Ensuring our customers see us as reliable and trustworthy.
• Making GI our speciality allowing us to build a good understanding of our customers in the industry.
• Maintaining a small number of well trained staff and supporting them with technology.
• Truly having our customers’ interests at heart, in particular by only supplying products that we believe in.
• Focusing on supplying innovative new equipment rather than trying to compete selling commoditised items
Vitramed provides latest technology that is used during emergency, diagnostic and treatment in patients with GI related diseases
Business Opportunity 80 to 90 percent of all hospitals that has an endoscopic unit in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore are Vitramed’s clients. Vitramed also participates in all major gastro hepatology and surgical conferences/exhibition/workshops within these countries.

In 2017, Vitramed in Indonesia was incorporated. Vitramed is expected to continue to grow in these territories in years to come with introduction of new products and devices. Among the new products including the plastic bioabsorbable stents for pancreatic/biliary strictures, medication and treatment for h.pylori resistant patient, constipation treatment as well as for treatment of UC and Chron’s disease. In addition to that, Vitramed is in the process of setting up its manufacturing department for its supplemental food for patients with Colonic or Gastro diseases.

Revenue / Business Model The business in Vitramed is divided to several different types of products.
1. Diagnostic devices – Urea Breath Test System for detection of helicobacter pylori, Hydrogen breath test for detection of intolerances in the GI tract
2. Emergency – Danis Stent for esophageal varices, EndoClot new hemostatic system for stopping GI bleeds
3. Accessories – common and new accessories related to endoscopy including biopsy forceps, polypectomy snares, injector needles, needles and endoscopic surgical accessories, ERCP accessories
4. Treatment – Infrared coagulator for Haemmorhoids (internal and external)
5. Medication – Compounded medication treatment (Ulcerative Colitis, Chron’s, H.Pylori, Constipation)
Management Team Management Team including Directors who perform weekly meeting on performance and issues and operational decision making

Sales is managed by the General Manager – Head of Office

Sales Team comprises of Manager and Product Executives – Main role to drive sales

Support staff from office as Business Development Executives – Product Registration, Training, Administrative, Maintaining Stocks

Outsourced Finance staff – to manage Financial matters

Company Background xxxx
Funding Milestone xxxx
% Equity Allocation 20-25% stake in Vitramed (Asia) Sdn Bhd, which would give substantial shareholdings in other territories as Vitramed Asia would hold corporate shareholding on the rest as well
Expected ROI Expected ROI is between 2 to 3 years of operations
Risks and Mitigation 1. Technological advancement which would make products less competitive – continuously improve products to upgrade devices
2. Operations does not meet expected sales – Continuously monitor and weekly meeting is part of the SOP, would send managers from HQ to run operations if necessary
3. Insufficient funds to expand in those territories due to demographics (political, population, government regulations) – Funds to be transferred from HQ to support each territories
Exit Strategies 1. Listing the Group into the stock exchange
2. Disposal of Company’s assets
Company Name xxxx
Website/Facebook xxxx
Business Address xxxx Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person Suresh Ratanam

Video Game Company

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 3,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Business Proposal :
Business Opportunity There were 1.3 billion mobile gamers at the end of 2013.

There were 1.5 billion mobile gamers at the end of 2014.

Reliable sources prefer counting revenue instead of population past that point, but if we maintain growth rate of 15.3% per year we can predict that we started 2016 with 1.7 billion mobile gamers and could potentially end the year with up to nearly 2 billion.


STRENGTH: The games industry is growing at a phenomenal pace. During the each of the last two years, with new consoles entering the market, worldwide growth was in excess of 16 percent per year.

• Expensive hardware and software
• Production flows
• Direct competition with other developers

OPPORTUNITIES: There are opportunities in games everywhere you turn. At the low-risk end there are plenty of success stories from small studios who focus on casual games. There are emerging opportunities in Xbox Live Arcade and mobile games. At the riskier end, there are plenty of contracts to be secured for console titles, though these generally are given to seasoned developers. Across all of these areas, there are many opportunities for contractors and outsourced work. All skill sets are in demand in games today.
• Penetration of new markets in Middle East/Europe/Asia
• Partnership with other studios
• Strong Growth in Mobile, PC and Console gaming market

THREATS: The biggest problem facing the games business today is escaping its own heritage. Traditionally, games have appealed to 18-35 year old males who have a certain level of tolerance for violence and repetitive game play mechanics. In order for games to expand their demographic and really become a mass-market form of entertainment, developers and publishers will need to shake those roots and embrace new genres and play styles. Games have the potential of never breaking out of the stereotype of being toys for teenage boys.
• Software developers abandon game development because of lack adequate profits
• Hardware Complication
• Piracy

Revenue / Business Model The capital will be spitted for different projects such as video games, merchandise store and web projects.

How we making money from video games:
-In Game Store
-Selling of digital copies and DVD copies of games

How we making money from merchandise:
-Selling of graphics tshirts,graphics mousepads,graphics posters,3D printed models and etc.

How we make money from web projects:
-Social Network for gamers will be monetized.
-Video Sharing platform for gamers will be monetized.
-Online esports platform will be used to organize gaming competitions and revenue will be generated through admission tickets and sponsors.

Management Team Mukesh Maran – Founder & Game Developer
Ikmal Hakim – Co Founder , Programmer & Game Developer
Miguel Rivera – Programmer , Modeller & Level Designer
Muhammad Suhail – Programmer
Waqar Shah – Level Designer , Environmental Artist & Modeller
Aamir Mughal – Programmer
Company Background Joe Games is a video game publishing start-up . Joe Games is a team of programmers, 3D Modellers, 3D Designers, Animators and Developers.

Currently Joe Games is workingon the first game title of Joe Games named Long Run which is set to be the biggest endless runner game in the market. Mukesh is bootstrapping this start-up. Joe Games have more than 7 members working on different part of the game.

Joe Games is looking to expand the business by publishing more games which should be developed in shorter times with quality. Selling merchandises such as printed t-shirts, caps, mousepads, posters and 3D models. Joe Games also seen opportunities in distributing gaming peripherals and gears. Some web projects are also in pending and waiting to be financed. Joe Games is aimed to be the largest video game company in Malaysia

Funding Milestone 1. Per Game Project (Including marketing and publishing) –
MYR 1200 – MYR 50002. Webstore (Development of Online Store and Purchasing of Stocks) –
MYR 10,0003. Development of social network (1 Year Operating Cost Including
Marketing) –
MYR 12 ,000

4. Development of video sharing platform (1 Year Operating Cost) –
MYR 4,000

5. Development of online esports tournaments platform (1 year Operating
Cost) –
MYR 3,000

Co-founder do not have to invest the total sums at one time. Co-founder
can invest based on projects. Co founder also has their rights to approve
and disapprove projects if studies shown that the respective project will not
give us a good ROI.

Co-Founder that play a role as a silent partner will get an equity of 25%
from the company while co founder that play a role as a director will get an
equity of 30% – 35%.

By completing all the plans described above, JoeGames will have the
capability of reaching certain goals such as:-

1. Owning the world biggest social network for gamers
2. The only game company which develop games for education purpose
which is ads free (Edu Purpose Game)
3. Owning one of the creative clothing line in Malaysia (Webstore)
4. An official game company in Malaysia

A total amount of MYR 55,000 is needed for the operation of JoeGames for a period of 15 months. Financing by co-founder can be done on monthly basis after the submission of proper documentation from the founder and reports on the work progress are submitted.

% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI 5% -10%
Risks and Mitigation No.2,Jalan Hang Tuah 6/2,Taman Muhibbah , 86000 Kluang Johor
Company Name Joe Games
Business Address No.2,Jalan Hang Tuah 6/2,Taman Muhibbah , 86000 Kluang Johor
Contact Person Mukesh Maran