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GreenMan Eco Workers Camps

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM1,000,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description GreenMan MCM Eco Workers Camps – Bringing the 1st ever Branded GreenMan Eco Workers Camps to the Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure and other
heavy industry projects

What is a GreenMan Eco Workers Camp?

Every large Project requires a lot of workers; usually they are not from the local area so they need to be accommodated for the life of the project.
Typical accommodation quarters (or camps) are thrown together with no thought for the workers lifestyle during what can be a long, difficult and lonely time.

International contractors and engineering firms are looking for better standards and sustainability, to meet their corporate requirements – this need is not being addressed currently.

What’s the difference between a GreenMan Eco Workers Camp and a normal camp?

Normal Camp

* Traditional buildings
* Standard design
* No innovation
* No creativity
* Lots of waste (power, water, food, rubbish)
* Limited entertainment
* Limited services
* High cost structures
**No Humanity**

GreenMan Eco Camp

* Fastbuild sustainable insulated buildings
* Novel designs
* Innovation & creativity are built in
* Zero waste (solar power, rainwater harvesting, food composting, recycling)
* Many entertainment and personal hobby choices
* All services
* Low cost structures / high margins
** Workers are Human – We treat them like it**

Business Opportunity We have the opportunity to buy outright an existing 480 bed workers camp servicing the massive US$50B+ Pengerang project in Johor Malaysia.

By focusing on sustainability and superb living conditions for the workers (mostly foreign workers), we can service those foreign contractors who are looking for improved conditions for their employees – and charge a premium for it.

Once we have the first camp and convert it to the Greenman Eco Workers camp conditions, we can model the Camp and expand by setting up greenfield camps or buying over other camps.

The existing camp we want to acquire is already in profit (marginally) with huge upside available in the immediate term. (See project overview for financial details)

Revenue / Business Model Existing revenue model sees annual revenue of RM900K, with marginal profit. This is based on less than 30% occupancy; we can immediately double the occupancy on takeover and quadruple profit and revenues within the first year.
Management Team Dennis McMahon (Australian) – 25+ years in Asia Pacific operating business and managing projects
Adam Kiss (Hungarian) – 5+ years managing logistics operations throughout Europe
Redza Hafiz (Malaysian) – 10+ years construction and materials sectors
Company Background The takeover company will be GreenMan MCM Sdn Bhd, a new company set up to commercialise the GreenMan tiny Home modular building system. The Greenman modular building system enables fastbuild sustainable buildings, which will allow us to expand the capacity of the existing camp. Currently the proxy company is Green Business JV Marketing Sdn Bhd, while we set up the GreenMan MCM Sdn Bhd.

The target company has been in operation since 2015 and has setup and run the existing camp successfully for more than a year

Funding Milestone Funds needed

Funds Use

RM1.2M for acquisition (100%)
RM300k for initial conversion to Greenman Eco Workers Camps configuration (inclusive of solar power and rainwater harvesting, which immediately reduces monthly costs by RM30K for annual savings of RM360K)

% Equity Allocation Currently offered as a debt package with 15% per annum interest and quarterly P & I payments over 3 years; however, equity is available up to 20% for the full invested amount of RM1.5M
Expected ROI Offering 15% per annum paid quarterly over a 3 year loan period
Risks and Mitigation Company shares and assets to be pooled and offered as collateral for the loan; target company already in revenue and in profit.
Exit Strategies Once we have established the GreenMan Eco Workers camp model, we will be looking to scale by licencing the systems to other camp operators and investors.

We plan on an IPO exit for our equity investors within 2 years of initial takeover, subject to market conditions. The debt funders would see

Company Name Green Business JV Marketing Sdn Bhd
Business Address A2-27-09 Parklane OUG Phase 3 Jalan 1/152 Puchong 58200
Contact Person Dennis McMahon

Drinco drive thru beverages store

Project Title A modern drive thru beverages store with the potential to expand into a full fledged convenience store in which consumers can use an app to order and pay online beforehand.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Drinco is a modern 24 hour drive thru convenience store that specializes in selling all kind of beverages to consumers. Our consumer’s ranges from road users stuck in traffic, late night travellers and people who prefer to get their drinks on the go without having the need to get down of their vehicle. Just think of us as a modern 7/11 concept convenience shop with an addition of drive thru services.
Drinco will adapt technology in its business model as it will allow consumers to order their drinks online before even reaching the store. With the existence of an online app, Drinco aims to cut down waiting time for consumers in drive thru lanes. This will allow Drinco to develop an edge in providing a quick and efficient service.
Our vision moving forward will be to introduce new products other than beverages and services such as mobile top-ups which are essential to consumer daily needs. In addition, Drinco aims to expand by establishing at least one store located strategically in every state in Malaysia and introducing delivery services. In 5 years, Drinco sustainability will be enhanced by moving into the global market.
The key to our success will be marketing strategy where we hope to develop Drinco as a cool brand among Malaysian consumers.
In conclusion, Drinco aims to be a disrupter in the convenience store industry by using technology in majority of its operations.
Business Opportunity Drinco solves the problem faced by modern convenience stores where it hopes to reach wider range of consumers by providing an online platform. This platform will allow consumers to order their beverages online before reaching the store thus making it an easier and quick shopping experience for consumers.
In addition, Drinco will also introduce drive thru services for consumers who look to buy their beverages on the go without the need to get down of their vehicles. Consumers which are targeted in this segment are road users, those who are stuck in heavy traffic, athletes who are on road after their training are in need of drinks to satisfy their thirst, and also for those who just want to get quick drinks for late night parties.
Drinco provides a simple idea to solve the issues faced by millions in the country and is line with the modern technological world. Its competitive edge lies on the fact that Drinco will be the first convenience shop to offer drive thru services to its consumers and Drinco aims to achieve market share by locating in busy roads with heavy traffic and in major highways in the country.
The number of convenience store in Malaysia is growing at a CAGR of 2.5% during 2014-2020.
The retail industry of Malaysia is expected to grow as the players are introducing the retail commerce service, which leads the modern grocery. Further, the share of convenience store sales in total retail sales has also been incorporated for the country.
The problem with these convenience stores is that they are not that convenient anymore in this modern society and tech driven world. Consumers would still need to get down of their vehicles and get into a brick and mortar store. This is where Drinco comes in and solve the problem by providing an online platform and drive thru services for consumers.
The targeted market for Drinco is as follow:
1) Workers stuck in traffic after work
2) Athletes who would want to buy some drinks after training or to training
3) Casual road users on normal roads and highways looking for quick fix to satisfy their thirst
4) Ala carte fast food buyers. Limited choices of beverages in fast food outlets
5) People who would want to buy some quick drinks and snacks late night for parties or outings
6) Coffee drinkers in the morning
As can be seen above, the targeted market consist of many potential consumers for Drinco. These consumers can be sustained as Drinco loyal customers with the introduction of point rewards system in the app or introduction of member cards which in return can be used as debit cards for many purposes.
The potential of the market is huge in this untapped industry and Drinco aims to be a disrupter in the convenience store section and have a first mover advantage in this industry.
Revenue / Business Model xxx
Management Team xxx
Company Background This is just a business idea/concept at the moment. I have approached an IT company to develop the web and app as well as the drive thru technology. But i can’t proceed with them as i do not have the required capital to start off the business. A suitable investment would be needed to kick start the business.
Funding Milestone xxx
% Equity Allocation 15%
Expected ROI With the 15% equity allocation, investors will earn back their initial investment by the end of year 3 and then gain profit for the following years.
Risks and Mitigation The convenience store industry is competitive in Malaysia. 7-11 leads the way in terms of market share and it’s followed by the likes of 99Mart and other small players in the industry. But Drinco is different in many reasons because it is a niche technology driven convenience store unlike many in the market. It will be a unique new in nature convenience store which will be face by many similar competitors in future following the same idea. Hence, Drinco is adamant to constantly develop its strategies and utmost importance will be given to business development to ensure it leads the industry.
In terms of competitive landscape, Kuala Lumpur is filled with convenience store but none of them are on the go. Drinco aims to establish a first drive thru beverage shop in Kuala Lumpur as the targeted market potential is huge in the area. In the end of year 2, Drinco will look to establish a store in Ipoh as the owner is from Ipoh and have knowledge of the local market potential. This will be followed by developments in other states in Malaysia.
Drinco aims to be a leading drive thru convenience store player in the industry in 5 year time and expand internationally. The potential is huge in this market and Drinco will be the first to tap into it.
Other risks may come in form of economic uncertainty.
Exit Strategies I believe in sharing economy as it is the way to move forward. Investors can exit the business after 5 years by the time in which they will already have made up a considerable amount of profit from their initial investment or they can continue to be partner with us as long as the relationship is profitable and good for the business.
But, if there is an unexpected situation in future in which the company decides to go fully private or public, investors will be given their fair share of equity amount they own in the company based on the company’s valuation upon their exit. Note that i expect the company’s valuation to be in the range of RM50-RM200 million by year 5 if growth strategy is followed thoroughly.
Company Name Drinco
Business Address 8 hala sepakat 10 taman pinggir rapat perdana ipoh,perak.
Contact Person Harjinder Singh (Harjin)

Palm Leaf Processing Machines (Technology)

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 450 000 USD
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Dear Sir

I am Denis Kipson and I would like to introduce our company Kipac armature d.o.o. – that has been in production of special machines for the past 45 years.Our company has developed,patented and manufactured FORAGE MAKER – machine for separating the fibres from the soft part of the leaf oil and coconut palms.The leaves that been separate is good as new and cheap source of livestock feed and fibre can be used in other industry ( textile,brooms and etc.).

We wanted to use this opportunity to present our Business Plan (investing into new and innovative technology of machine for separating midribs from the soft part of the leafs oil,coconut and date palm and facility for producing animal palm compound silage).

On the 12th Malaysia Technology Expo 2013 our machine was awarded the gold medal for the invention.

We are working on this project last 6 years and we have made a detailed analysis potential of manufacturing machinery for separating midribs from palm leaf and producing facility for produce animal palm compound silage for all kind ruminant whose forage is the green mass, which is obtained from the leaves of oil, coconut and date palm for countries which have large amounts of palms.

Our new innovative way of producing animal palm silage allow intensive cultivation of all types of ruminants in countries that do not developed cattle breeding and have large amounts of palm leaf which don’t use. Leaves have used such wastes which are burned.

We are looking for a partner that can help us to start producing new machinery and facility for producing animal palm compound silage.

If you are interested in our project I can send you more details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any documents or information, that may help process.



Desinićka 14
10000 Zagreb

TEL: 00385 1 3691-971
FAX: 00385 1 3633-745

Business Opportunity Starting from the fact that in many countries huge quantity of palm leaves has been collected every year and since we have found that oil palm leaves and date palm leaves could be used for the production of voluminous forages needed for the ruminant feeding we have been developing technological and technical solutions in order to make the palm leaf compound silage production efficient, ecologically acceptable and profitable. In this respect we would like to emphasise that we have already produced a prototype of the oil palm leaf processing machine that may be used in the preparation phase of the compound silage production.

The objective of this Prefeasibility Study is to elaborate the alternative model of milk-and- meat production in countries that dispose with a large number of oil and date palm trees. Namely, in accordance with the expert research palm leaves could and should be the source for the green mass production. It is the base for the livestock feed production and the intensive cattle farming, accordingly. In order to utilise the palm leaf as an ingredient in the ruminant ratio a new technology proposed in this Prefeasibility Study should be applied. It is about the entirely new and innovative model of livestock breeding which could be implemented by the use of the innovative palm leaf processing machines, compound silage production facilities and the innovative compound silage recipe mixture.
The intention of this Prefeasibility Study is to show that the milk production can be organised in the corresponding countries by the usage of the green mass obtained from de- fibred palm leaves, particularly. The oil palm and date palm leaf could be a base for the livestock feed – the compound silage production enabling a considerable increase in the milk and meat production. The mission of this Study is to show that there are possibilities of the dairy development and an increase in the milk production using own national natural resources.

Revenue / Business Model There has been identified the three major market niches on the demand side of the market exchange. These market niches are:
1. Planters
2. Livestock Feed Producers
3. Farmers.

Planters are identified as the potential investors or those entrepreneurs who may be interested in solving their own problems, i.e. the huge annual quantity of palm fronds that has to be cut in accordance with the palm cultivation procedures. It is about palm leaves that have been treated as the waste with the real disposal problem they generate instead of treating them as the valuable national natural resource usable in the compound silage production.

What are the potential narrower market niches for the palm leaf processing machines and compound silage facilities to be supplied to? These are the following major ones:
• Oil and date palm planters who get the opportunity to enter the production of compound silage by proactively using of the present waste – palm fronds and leaves for this purpose;
• Livestock feed producers who could innovate their production by substituting the present standard silage mixtures with the innovative ones in which palm leaves make one of the important components;
• Farmers who may convert the extensive cattle farming into intensive ones that should change the development of animal husbandry in general generating the increase of production and decreasing the production costs at the same time.

Management Team Authors of the project:
Mr. Mladen Kipson , constructor Engineering
Mr. Mustafa Nušinović, Ph.D. Economics
Mr. Drago Vrbanac, M.Sc.- B.Sc. Crop Science; M.Sc.- B.Sc. Animal Science Mr.
Mirko Tomičević, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Company Background Company Kipac armature d.o.o. – that has been in production of special machines for the past 45 years has invest 450 000 USD in that project.
Funding Milestone 8,100 000,00 USD
% Equity Allocation 44,88 %
Contact Person DENIS KIPSON

Hybrid Advertising Medium Services seeking RM 150k

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested NA
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We introduce reliable and affordable advertising services through outdoor and indoor billboards, meeting consumers’ requirements, provided with interactive digital form and static as opposed to a mass of static billboards being erected unoccupied and not delivering clear messages and hence, polluting people’s views as of nowadays.
Business Opportunity We came up with an innovative idea in providing consumer advertising convenience in displayed contents and motions to advertised companies. This allows not only interactive displayed messages attracting potential eyeballs, but also given alternatives in advertising contents creatively similarly to TV advertising. This would basically solve business problems such as not having enough attention paid to the displayed contents.

We have engaged a few designated suppliers in delivering best quality assured billboards to give consumers a confidence and a leap of faith to advertise digitally and more effectively. We are currently on hold of the products deliverance as we have not got enough fund to purchase to which brought me to requesting for funding, networking and mentoring assistance from investors.

Of some observations and statistics, proven that advertising business gains profitable challenges and outcomes accordingly. To sweeten the deal, as witnessing that companies develop on a big scale be it production based, other offered services which put advertising outdoor and indoor modes as their biggest marketing chase.

To support the former, advertising business continuously develops, influenced by the environment change and updated trends and needs.

Revenue / Business Model This business will profit huge as consumers, on average pay RM 10,000 and more for 1 ad space of a billboard regardless of the board size, as the main concerns put on potential eyeballs passing by the targeted area and to deliver the message clearly and publicly.

Our billboards can fit up to more than 10 companies which gives a forecast profit of at least RM 1 million annually and narrowing down to more than RM 50,000 on monthly basis.

With promising ideas gathered and marketing catches acquired, expected 2nd year profit of at least RM 2 million annually and narrowing down to more than RM 100,000 on monthly basis.

Management Team This company is led by 4 key members;

– Azril (Business Developments/Financial)
– Daniel (Logistics)
– Zack (Management/Operation)
– Saffwan (Marketing/Communication)

Company Background Our company is established in October 2017 by SSM and we have been gathering relevant info, studied on the business and products for about 6 months.

We have completed our business plan for perusal and ready to fully function effectively on August 2017 onward.

We have also engaged a few premises for two way acknowledgements and interests and responses received are workable.

We have also listed targeted clients and have been in contact with a few of them for acknowledgements and interests.

Funding Milestone Requested Funding
RM 110,000.00
Funding’s High Level Breakdown
Inventory: RM 15,000.00
-includes other expenses to be listed upon further discussions-
% Equity Allocation 25%-30%
Expected ROI 1 year
Risks and Mitigation There are no risks to this business other than to locations being strategic/non-strategic for publishing and being in accordance to consumers’ demands.

We have also accumulated a few strategies for customer retention and our main value is to deliver good quality products, simply by ensuring products delivered are in accordance to our needs.

Exit Strategies 25%-30% of annual profit to be distributed to the investor and within a year, we will discuss on management buyout within that period at a fair market valuation.

Further discussions are arrangeable.

Company Name EEL LED Enterprise
Business Address Subang Jaya
Contact Person Azril

Auto Accident Claim Service

Project Title Auto Accident Claim Service and export vehicle spare parts
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description I am represent xxx to expand our business locally auto accident claim service. Road accidents are horrors that usually involve collisions of two or more vehicles on the road or highway. Accidents arise from driver negligence, technical problems of vehicles, weather and so on. Therefore, the insurance services company is responsible for repairing the vehicle to receive payment by claim to the insurance company. Auto insurance services workshop is a hospital for accident-prone cars. Then, a company moving to the export market in Bangladesh since we are able to get guidance from the government to penetrate the market.
Business Opportunity -According to ministry of transport, there are over 500,000 accidents each year from 2006-2015. Hence, auto accident claim service has high demand to solve a problem the accident vehicle. We have an excellent network with a towing truck group to deal with accident vehicles.

– Given Bangladesh’s population of 156.2 million people, its total $40.5 billion in 2016 imports translates to roughly $260 in yearly product demand from every person in the country. With proof of fund, a government of Bangladesh welcoming a foreign business and we can get the official appoint for supply such as palm oil, computers,auto parts, and many more. So, we are focusing to supply auto part and once official appoint, a government will help to guide, client payment and tax exemption our business.

Revenue / Business Model A company make agreement with towing truck group about percentage income and their task to ensure a company receive vehicle constantly every month. About export, we target 2 shipment per month and 30 percent profit margin per shipment. The income is expected average MYR 65,000.00 per month before expenses costs at 50% .
Management Team – I will arrange for management and financial. I have experience to run a car workshop and involved in the car workshop for 5 years.
-Amirul will be manage physical work such as assembly parts,bodywork and painting. He is a owner of Amex Tone Enterprise and already 10 years in car workshop.His cousin is one of the members of parliament Pabna district, he will be guider,adviser,protector and arrange our business in Bangladesh.
Company Background xx is located at xxx Sungai Gadut, 71450 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and Registration No SSM is xxxx. The premise operates from 2014 and operates a painting, repairing, welding service for cash. During the 3 years of operation, the company’s work and earnings are economically self-sustaining. Therefore, we want to expand our business through the following business plans.
Funding Milestone Rm 700,000.00-1,000,000.00 for start-up and 48 months business operation.
Expected ROI Total = 120% in 48 months of the invested amount. [ 84% Investor, 36% Management team]
Risks and Mitigation a] Auto accident claim service – available in our business plan.

b] Import,export- 1] Late payment by clients
2] Competitor supplier
3] Currency rate
4] Damage goods during shipment

Exit Strategies 1] After 20 months operation, an investors can withdraw their capital of amount invested , 6 months repayment.

2] Sell a company to a new investor.

3] The company operation more than 1 1/2 years seeking to apply for a loan through a consultant as a repayment to investor.

Company Name xxxx
Business Address xxxx Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person Ikhwan Azim

Crowdfunding Platform for pre-Startup

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM4,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are doing crowdfunding for pre-startup who already had the idea but don’t have any resources or money to kick start their idea. We raise money for startup to build their prototype and try connect them to angel investors who invest in their field. We will crowdfund by selling merchandise and the merchandise will not be the product of the startup. Crowd that interested with the startup idea can purchase the merchandise to support their ideal startup idea. Public will receive the merchandise within 3 days after they bought the merchandise as a reward for support. We also sending promo code or free services for the public who support the company when the company successfully launch. It also solve some crowdfunding issues which are company successfully raise fund but do not proceed as they promise. It also can be take as a market validation for the startup idea.
Business Opportunity We solve the most important problem for entrepreneur who want to kick start their idea but don’t have any money or resources. We hope that creative and fun idea do not stop just because of the barrier of financial and resources. Malaysia startup ecosystem is booming and it already become a trend for many youngsters.
Revenue / Business Model We will split the profit of the merchandise with the startup. We also will invest in some of the startup which are potential. We will try to provide some resources and connection for the startup we invest for example refer them to our angel investor who invest specifically in their field.
Management Team Currently we have 2 partners who fully commit in company. I am Eison Ho as managing director and my partner Tan Shuan Li and managing partner.
Company Background We start our company on early May 2017. We planning to launch our platform on end of June. We will connect with some of the private and government university in Malaysia to set up a community in each of the university for their students. We will connect them on early Jan 2018.
Funding Milestone We currently looking for RM252, 000 for setup our company and doing marketing for our company.
After 2 years, we will move to VC for series A funding to expand our services to overseas such as Thailand and Indonesia.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI The expected ROI for investor will be 20% for first year and it will break even on the 2nd year.
Risks and Mitigation The risk will be the concept accept for SEA residents because most of the people in SEA is more conservative. They won’t just donate to someone they don’t even know for no reason. They will like to take some rewards back after they support. Also the risk for people misuse our services as a platform to get fund but not making any progress to their idea.
Exit Strategies We will adsorb the share back after 1 year based on the amount that both parties agree on that time.
Company Name Ant Starter
Business Address Suite 5-1-2, Block F, Jalan 4/101C Cheras Business Centre, Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Eison Ho

Limited Edition Fish Storage Freezer

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Executive Summary
Limited Edition (LE) Fish Storage Freezer is to stabilize the amount of fish in the community and provide a storage option for fisherman when supply exceeds demand. A series of freezers will be available for fisherman to store fish for future sale or transport out of Sungai Udang. In addition, block ice machines will create ice blocks for preserving fish while out from the sea and also create ice blocks for the use of coffee shop.
Upon deposit of the fish into LE Fish Storage Freezer, the fisherman will make a down payment on the storage fee. Upon withdrawal of the fish, the remainder of the fee will be tendered. The fee is based on both the amount of fish in storage and the length of time spent in the freezer. All ice will be paid in full at the point of sale
Business Opportunity Definition of the Market
• Critical Needs of the Market
Today, block ice is only organized by 2-3 supplier for the population of more than 1000 residents in Sungai Udang. There are currently only have few options for the purchase of block ice.
In the area of the Storage Freezer, there is no direct competition in or near Sungai Udang. There is only one cold store available in Sungai Udang to purchase the fish from fisherman and keep for freezing for outside sales.Profile of Targeted Clients
There are two services provided by the LE Fish Storage Freezer and therefore two client types – users of Block Ice and users of Frozen Storage.
A typical client for Block Ice is a fisherman with a need to preserve fish for short periods while out from thesea and the owner of coffee shop in Sungai Udang area who need the block ice for business purpose. A fishing excursion can last from one to four days, and during that time block ice is used to preserve fish until they return to land. Block Ice sold by the LE Fish Storage Freezer will mimic options available in Sungai Udang without the transport complexity.
A typical client for Frozen Storage is a fisherman with a need to preserve fish for long periods. With no long term preservation methods currently available, much is wasted or sold at a loss during the height of a season when large surpluses of fish are available. This fisherman will pay for the ability to store fish during the height of the season, so that it can be sold later in the year after the fresh stock has been exhausted. This client may also pay for his fish to be frozen so that it can be transported out of Sungai Udang for sale in Penang or another large city.
Note that the term “fisherman” as used in this section may also refer to the owner of the fishing boat. In some cases, the fisherman is an independent operator of their fishing boat. In many cases however, a collection of fishing boats are owned by a local businessperson and the “fishermen” are employees of that owner. Under this arrangement, fishermen are often paid for their time in both cash and a percentage of the catch. Therefore, both the owner and the fisherman may be clients when the yield is high.

Mission Statement
The mission of the LE Fish Storage Freezer is to provide economic stability and increased opportunity for the residents of Sungai Udang.

Revenue / Business Model Description of the Products and Services
• Block Ice
Block Ice will be produced at the LE Fish Storage Freezer using potable water. It will weigh approximately 5KG per pack. The ice will be sold at market rates, or between RM4-RM7 per pack and to be paid in full at the time of purchase.
• Fish Freezing and Storage
Fish Freezing and Storage is altogether a new concept for the fishermen of Sungai Udang, and as such requires close observation during initial operation. All parties, including employees, customers, the management of LE Fish Storage Freezer must be prepared to make changes to the business plan if conditions warrant. However, all parties must agree not to make changes to the concept of operations during the first six months to ensure that accurate trend data is available.
Fees will be charged for both flash freezing fish and for storage of frozen fish. Fishermen who pay for only flash freezing will likely transport the fish to market outside of SungaI Udang. Those that pay for freezing and storage will likely sell the fish in Sungai Udang once fresh supplies dwindle. Any customer that wants to deposit fish in frozen storage must pay for flash freezing as well.
Fifty percent (50%) of fees will be paid in advance of services being rendered. The remainder will be paid when the fish is retrieved. Fees for fish storage will be assumed at 1 month, unless more time is paid for in advance. Any fish left in storage for over three (3) months without receiving a supplemental payment will be forfeited to LE Fish Storage Freezer ownership. The fisherman who made the deposit and failed to pay for additional time in the freezer will be penalized by requiring all payments for the next six (6) months to be paid in full prior to flash freezing or storage. A table of rates follows (all rates subject to change):
A table of rates follows (all rates subject to change):
Service Rate Notes
Flash Freezing – Frozen RM2 per KG Takes 24 hours
Weekly Storage – Frozen RM1 per KG Also Requires Flash Freezing
Monthly Storage – Frozen RM0.50 per KG Also Requires Flash Freezing
** Normally the fisherman will come back with tons volume of fish.
Management Team Business Goals and Objectives
The objective of the LE Fish Storage Freezer is to stabilize the fishing market in Sungai Udang, provide future opportunities for sale outside of Sungai Udang, and create economic opportunities for the residents.
Initially, LE Fish Storage Freezer will managed locally by my own family and we will also employ the following people to handle the different responsibilities from its various tasks;
• Chief Executive Officer
• Human Resource and Admin Manager
• Store manager
• Ice block machine repair and maintenance manager
• Distribution and Delivery Driver
• CleanerRoles and Responsibilities
Chief Executive Officer
• In charge of creating the organization’s vision, policies and directions and ensuring its effective implementation
• Responsible for creating the organizational budget
• Meets and negotiates with high level clients in order to secure deals on behalf of the company
• Provides counsel, coaching and also disciplining of key staffs all in a bid to achieve organizational goals

Human Resource and Admin Manager
• In charge of recruiting, selecting and carrying out orientation of new employees in order to get them attuned to the organization
• Conducts staff induction or new members
• In charge of employee welfare and other incentives
• Ensures the smooth running of the company administration-wise

Store manager
• In charge of interacting with customers and ensuring that they make a purchase
• Ensures that ice blocks in supply is in conjunction with the requirements of the management
• Ensures that the store is always kept clean at all times and carries out light repairs on defects when necessary on behalf of the organization

Ice block machine repair and maintenance manager
• Carries out repairs and maintenance services on company’s ice block making machines
• Repairs ice block machines for clients on behalf of the organization
• Handles any other duty as assigned by the human resources manager

Distribution and Delivery Driver
• Drives and maintains the company’s delivery and distribution vans
• Ensures that ice blocks are delivered at the right destination
• Drives safely at all times and obeys all traffic regulations

• Cleans the premises and ensures that it is kept clean at all times
• Ensures that the cleaning supplies are always in stock
• Carries out other duties as might be determined by the Human Resources Manager

Company Background xxxx
Funding Milestone xxxx
Company Name xxxx
Business Address xxxxx Nibong Tebal Penang
Contact Person Esther Tan