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CentEase: Branded Products with Lowest Price

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description CentEase is a business conscious corporation with strong sense of corporate responsibility, geared towards connecting value to needs. CentEase, is an online retailer company, founded in January 2016, by Vernon Voon with his team of 3 and based in Penang, Malaysia. CentEase started its operation on the January, 2016. We defined CentEase’s business as 1st to market and its called B2M2C ( to Marketplace to Consumer). The company provides an easy way to access consumer products through a dashboard that offers direct connection using an e-commerce to sell a wide variety of consumer BRANDED products online to both domestic and international market. CentEase goes to great lengths to ensure that its items are 100% authentic. We work with reputable suppliers/Distributor and brand company to ensure that we only sell authentic, new merchandise that comes with warranty. CentEase is managed by competent professionals with years of experience in the e-commerce industry.
The Founder’s complementary areas of knowledge and insight in the industry are expected to be maximized to harness the prospects in this business. The management team envisions achieving an alliance of a successful, tech-savvy and result-driven online platform service.
Business Opportunity In general, there are 2 options of selling the goods online. The 1st, build your own e-commerce website called B2C. For this option, you have to inject significant of fund to drive traffic to the website in order to grow big.

Another option is open store in marketplace such as Lazada, 11street. It’s called M2C. This is the most faster and cost effective to selling the goods online. However, you will face the challenges to build your own branding.

Revenue / Business Model In between these 2 options, we keep thinking on how we can achieve our mission without burning a bunch of cash. Finally, we found 2 words, leveraging & integration. We’re innovated a new business model, b2m2c.

Through our new business model, we able to offer the lowest price in online market in order to compete other rival.

Management Team Vernon Voon is a deep thinker, future-forward and solution-focused entrepreneur with over 5 years’ experience as a banking financial consultant.

Zoe Lim is the CTO of the company with over 10 years of cumulative experience as web application developer and advanced planning solution consultant.

Loh Yee Jia is the CPO at CentEase, he is a professional sales excecutive with in-depth knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chong holds the media marketing arm of the company with over 5 years of experience in the online retail/ecommerce industry.

Company Background – Incorporated Jan 2016
– In 2016, achieved about RM1.85 mil of revenue with 17% profit margin.
– For, achieved > 3000 register user, 15% is active with just spent less than RM10K marketing.
– Carry more than 60 brands in just 1 year milestone.
Funding Milestone Required RM500K. Please direct contact me to get the Pitch Deck.
% Equity Allocation 20
Exit Strategies M&A by Amazon
Company Name CentEase
Business Address Bayan Lepas, Penang
Contact Person Vernon Voon

The Future of Delivery Service in Metropolitan City

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Millennials Express Delivery (MED) wholly owned by Auroraa Millennials Enterprise (002640451-H) providing a unique delivery service for customers especially in Klang Valley areas with aim to utilize further on public transportation and driven to strive further in reshaping the logistics industry to be more adaptable in green technology for the next generation.

We believe that the right product will sell itself. We all know this. But delivering the product as well is another matter altogether to. As the technology develops into the next level, Millennials Express Delivery aim to be one of the Southeast Asia’s fastest growing logistics company with it’s own unique and segmentation that might as well give a new experience to the consumers to handle their nitty gritty details of their daily delivery.

Not just that, Millennials Express Delivery passionate about breaking the bottlenecks in logistics with different approach, innovative and scalable logistics solutions not just for individual, but as well for the business especially Small to Medium Enterprise (SMEs). Just like it’s name Millennials, we trying to understand better E-Commerce demands, modern consumers and the need to have the utmost reliable, honest and seamless customer experience.

Business Opportunity Millennials Express Delivery going in-depth research of how the public transportation could be one of the main source of delivery service. Recorded by Prasarana Malaysia Berhad or RapidKL, more than 600,000 thousand passengers are using the public railway operators on daily basis such as LRT, KTM, Monorail, ERL and ongoing mega project by Gamuda, MRT line. This creates opportunity for Millennials Express Delivery penetrate into the market as one of its kind logistics provider to metropolitan consumers that are using commuters everyday as main transportation going places.

Malaysia, specifically Klang Valley or Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur areas is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. Considering as the fastest growing metropolitan area of the country and ranked as an alpha world city with its diversity in economic, financial and cultural city of the country. As index by Malaysia Government in 2016, Kuala Lumpur has an estimated population of 1,760,000 million people and increasing by 2017. With this fact alone, Klang Valley are having more than 1,000,000 million local parcel and consignment on daily basis going in and out to other states in Malaysia with average 60% are required for same day delivery or express delivery within Klang Valley.

Revenue / Business Model With strategic location each network station all along 10 operator’s line in Klang Valley, it will be accessible for delivery service get thru and business partnership with those operators by acquiring a kiosk into each train station as the aim is to bring the service even closer to the consumer.

Accumulated nearly 600,000 thousands passengers are using train station as their main public transportation getting to their place on daily basis, the possibility in having a customers to drop of the parcel or consignment are infinite and beyond. Which it will be such a lucrative business model to make it happen soonest as possible.

The timeline of available train station covered Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and part of Negeri Sembilan with expectation of delivery within 1 Hour, 3 Hours and maximum 6 hours fixed depending on the delivery shift and interchange local train network to get the parcel or consignment deliver to the receiver.

As researched, there’s about 217 train station in total with 26 interchange city station that connected to each other and this will be much more easier to ensure delivery can be made without concerning traffic congestion for the late delivery or whatsoever that traditional logistics are facing for years in last-mile delivery.

Not just about public transportation, the service are also eco-environment whereby there will be no costing involved in fuel & gas to handle the deliveries between the operations and fleets. Millennials Express Delivery (MED) would like to maintain its integrity in supporting green environment and how serious the climate changes needed our attention to evolve into something greater not just for the local community but as well globally in future.

According to World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI), Co2 emissions that stemming likely from our transportation mode contribute our score increasing even faster at 3.2% since 2010. And in numeric, precisely 8 metric tons per capita and expect for the increase in yearly basis. In order to be part of company that change the logistics industry, it is necessary to provide consumers non-harm methods of delivering their parcel or consignment besides being reliable and fast.

In near future, considering on how successful the train network station being pioneer in delivery service, it shall be expanded to buses network station as well as drop and pick areas. This business model will be applied the same for expansion in major metropolitan cities around Southeast Asia network of trains and to other countries globally, nothing is possible.

As for example, Indonesia recorded as one of the highest passengers in the world besides India in using train station network to be connected into their regions with accumulated up 268,400,000 million on 2015 are using it from North Sumatera and Aceh, West Sumatra, South Sumatra and Lampung. Same for urban railways of Greater Jakarta and Greater Surabaya provided by KRL Jabodetabek are also in focus for Millennials Express Delivery require rapid expansion of the service.

Management Team At the moment, Auroraa Millennials Enterprise are wholly managed by Edd Jainudin himself and require management All Star team to ensure this project can be done. But as being a mentoring, Auroraa Millennials Enterprise are having professional advisors on board to ensure the insight of logistics technology can be harness further and adaptable to green environment as in the business model.
Company Background As the owner and founder of Auroraa Millennials Enterprise, Edd Jainudin has 5 years of extensive experiences in Operations and Logistics from i-Pmart Technologies Sdn Bhd, Rocket Internet GmbH, Catcha Group Berhad and as well Flairwork Technologies Sdn Bhd.

Various experiences in logistics and supply chain industry and field, Edd Jainudin are passion with vision and driven to reshape-ing the industry by going further into green environment business with purpose for a better world.

With that, he gathered it into one scalable 3PL solution which called as Millennials Express Delivery (MED) to define further on how the generations in metropolitan city can benefited in using the service much more faster, reliable and no harm to say, delay-proof delivery.

Auroraa Millennials Enterprise (002640451-H) was established in Klang Valley, W.P Kuala Lumpur in 2017. Auroraa spelled as (əˈrôrə) referring to the Roman Goddess of Dawn that provides a beautiful luminous phenomenon that consist of streamers or arches of light. Meanwhile, Millennials pronounce as (miˈlenēəl) are the demographic cohort following Generation X to Y who were born from the early 1980 to early 1999’s

Funding Milestone Nett estimation of USD $3,000,000 will be needed for start-up of Millennials Express Delivery business model in order to ensure operating of the service are at optimal rates for the first year of it’s launch. For the start, Millennials Express Delivery will focus with LRT Kelana Jaya as it’s brand awareness before the following years expansion can be done to 9 operators train networks.

According to the conservative estimates, Millennials Express Delivery is expected to maintain a healthy financial position over the next three years. Our company is expected to break even in the 1st full year off operations. We also expect to be profitable in the first year of operations, with profits increasing over the next two years, as we establish and increase our customer base.

Major concern on total startup logistics of Millennials Express Delivery will be to have a sufficient cash on hand to meet our payment obligations and be prepared for unexpected needs of cash. Our conservative projections indicate that our unique business is able to generate positive cash flows and sufficient cash reserves.

The company’s profitability as measured by its profitability ratios, is excellent and will gradually increase over the next five years.This performance will probably be rewarded by a higher market price when the company decides to go public, IPO.

The start-up costing are not limited to developing a green technology of kiosk stand-alone machine that will be located each station, custom electric motors for each station in order to deliver the parcel / consignment, to develop website and mobile apps for iOS and Android, sales and marketing materials via online / offline, retail spaces for rent accumulated for 12 months including utilities bills and for internal operations such as office rental, hiring employees and equipment’s for work e.g uniform, notebook and etc.

% Equity Allocation Max 20% will be allocate for the investor depending on the value / amount of investment.
Expected ROI 100% of ROI annually starting from the full 3 years in operations.
Risks and Mitigation We believe with the following negotiations we could increase the confidence and as well improve management and investor communication;

1. A board position and possible consulting role of the investor / co-owner
2. Good communication between company management and the investor (Example: quarterly reports, monthly updates and etc,)
3. Setting clear return objectives for the management (Example: projection potential returns, sales projections and etc.)
4. Not taking certain actions without investors approval such as selling all or substantially all of the company’s assets, setting stock options programs, issuing additional stock to existing management, selling stock below prices paid by the investor or creating classes of stock with liquidation preferences or other rights senior to the investors class of security.
5. Stock price protection, an anti-dilution provision that will result in the investor receiving more stock, should the company issue stock at a lower price that paid by the investor.
6. Corporate governance provisions.

We don’t plan on going public before the end of the first 5 (five) years of operations. However, Auroraa Millennials Enterprise believes that the level of financial resources might become an important competitive factor besides expansion to other region of SEA. And it may later chose to raise additional capital through debt or equity financing, to strengthen its financial position, stimulate growth and provide flexibility to take advantage of business opportunities that may arise.

Exit Strategies We recognize that any investor in a startup company, no matter how well on paper, ultimately needs an exit vehicle. Our purpose is to provide the best alternative to protect investor’s interest, while maintaining the potential growth of Auroraa Millennials Enterprise and its sub company Millennials Express Delivery, the liquidity and the profitability of future operations.

To overcome the potential threat of our company might in case show no sign of either going public or going bankrupt, we are open to discuss with the investors directly for the several exit alternatives and include the best provisions in the agreement that are expected be reached by the time of the incorporation.

There might be several options that could be discussed while considering alternative methods for the investor to turn illiquid securities into readily trade-able securities or cash. These options include but are not limited to;

– IPO (Initial Public Offering)
– Acquisition Terms
– Liquidation terms, certain rights and liquidation preferences over common stock
– Selling to a friendly buyer
– Preferred stock, redeemable at option of the holder
– Convertible preferred stock
– Investors right of first refusal in the next round of financing
– Anti-dilution measures
– Buy-back after the initial five years

Company Name Auroraa Millennials Enterprise (002640451-H)
Business Address Setapak , Off Genting Klang Road, 53300, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Person Edd Jainudin

Big Bowl Ramen Cafe

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000.00
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Café business in Malaysia has been very dynamic, sprouting out fast and some disappearing just as fast, and is considered by financial institutions as high risk business. Thus, before deciding on proceeding with a café franchise, careful considerations has been made before selecting Big Bowl Ramen as it fulfills the following criteria,
1. Unique presentations of food that catches attention, Big Bowl Ramen and the low priced small bowls are more likely to attract high word-of-mouth marketing.
2. Merging Japanese Ramen with local street food taste gain high acceptance from Malaysians, increasing the likelihood of repeated visits.
3. Availability of several local favorite traditional food such as Laksa and Custard Egg, moving towards this direction in menu selection is a safer path.
4. Pricing is lower than average market rate but is still able to gain attractive returns, this help place Big Bowl Ramen in ‘Best Cost’ position.
5. Available of location with high student density from private college.
6. Constant support in terms of management, staff training, and marketing from the original branch. – New branch will be marketed in existing Facebook Page to help jump start the opening.
7. Last but not least, all ingredients are from halal suppliers, thus, able to cater to target market of different faiths.
Business Opportunity 1. Product
– Students like something new and affordable, able to fill their stomach with minimum spending. Big Bowl Ramen has small bowls costing RM1.90 but larger than the portions in boat noodle, giving students value for money. Big Bowl Ramen’s big bowl comes in 4 flavors, costing RM29.90 for two person portion, one of the lowest priced ramen in the market. (compared to RM 22-26 average price per bowl of Ramen)
– Working adults need something fast and convenient, but yet suitable for their taste especially after a long day of work. Big Bowl Ramen focus on comfortable environment with good service. The food focus on local flavors instead of mimicking Thai or Japanese flavor.
– Ingredients from halal source suitable for all races generally, hard to find halal ramen. – able to cater to muslims.
– Traditional Ipoh dessert such as egg custard to increase spending per customer and visits during tea time.
– Food presentation is simple and nice, avoiding unnecessary decorations to reduce cost.
– All supplies will be from halal suppliers.
– Product will take best cost positioning.

2. Place
– PV128 at Setapak, 1700 Square Feet.
– Estimated 15 Tables, 9X4 person seater, 6X6 person seater.
– Operating hours estimated from 10am to 10pm to capture high density time of students.
– good location near student residential area.
– busy area with working adults during peak hours.
– Nearby high-end cafes with target crowds such as Korean and Japanese cafes.
– Students usually frequent cafes with nice atmosphere even after peak hours at night.
– High density student location to attract high initial visits and high subsequent Word-Of- Mouth marketing to ensure consistent customer flow.

3. Price
– RM 29.90 for 2 person portions for Big Bowl Ramen, compared to market average of RM 22-26 for one person portion for Ramen.
– One person portion available at RM 15.00, My Voice Café priced at RM 24.80.
– RM 1.90 small bowl noodles and porridge but significantly bigger portion compared to Boat Noodle.
– PV128 is filled with fancy Cafes with food and drinks priced at average of RM 10 above, Big Bowl Ramen is definitely very competitive in terms of food price.

4. Promotion
– Facebook marketing through announcement of new branch through existing Page.
– Flyers and brochures couples with targeted Facebook boost to target KL area.
– Positive comments from existing customers in Facebook.

Revenue / Business Model Monthly revenue to breakeven:
Monthly Fixed Cost: 3 Front, 2 Kitchen
Rental MYR 5,500.00
Insurance + License Renewal MYR 200.00
Utilities MYR 4,000.00
Maintenance MYR 300.00
Marketing MYR 1,000.00
Salary for 5 workers MYR 11,000.00
Total MYR 22,000.00

Monthly Variable Cost 35% of raw material
Minimum Sales to cover fixed cost MYR 33,846.15

Estimated profit per month
30 days operation MYR 60,000.00
35% cost of raw material MYR 21,000.00
Salary for 10 workers MYR 11,000.00
Electricity MYR 3,200.00
Water MYR 600.00
Rental/Insurance /License renewal/ maintenance MYR 6,000.00
Marketing (FB marketing, Flyers, Ads) MYR 1,000.00
Gross Profit MYR 17,200.00
14% Royalty MYR 2,408.00
21% for Investor MYR 3,612.00
Profit after minus of other stakeholder’s portion MYR 11,180.00
Own Salary (50% Remaining profit after investor) MYR 5,590.00
Net Carry Forward MYR 5,590.00

ROI for investor:
Invested Amount MYR 200,000.00
Investor Earnings per year MYR 43,344.00
ROI 21.67%

Management Team Main Support: Original Ipoh Branch
– Marketing
– Recipe
– Management
– Other related supports

KL Branch:
– Manager: Myself
– 3 front staffs & 2 Kitchen staffs per shift

Company Background Big Bowl Ramen was owned by Mr. Henry, serving food which focuses on local traditional tastes and flavors. One of the main attractions is the two person portion Big Bowl Ramen, which despite using Ramen, the taste has been adjusted to suit local taste. Located in Jalan Market (旧街场三奶巷), Big Bowl Ramen attracts visitors to Ipoh from all over Malaysia and also from Singapore. Since the food taste suits these visitors, this allows Big Bowl Ramen to develop a crowd of supporters.
Big Bowl Ramen was bought over by Mr. Henry during August 2014, in Ipoh Town. During then, the existing restaurant was not doing well and received unfavorable reviews. Seeing the opportunity to improve the existing business with the aid of strategic location, Mr. Henry took the challenge to transform the existing business, which includes change of menu, alteration of taste to suit the locals and ensuring only high quality ingredients to preserve texture, taste, and hygiene. Mr. Henry also changed the management style to build up a culture of excellent customer service, each staffs took pride in serving customers well.
From June 2015 onwards, Mr. Henry finally managed to revamp this restaurant, gaining consistent good reviews and attracting crowds of customers, several which frequented his restaurant several times. Mr. Henry managed to establish consistent positive profits started then until this day.
Big Bowl Ramen caught attention as one of the viable franchise since through meeting with the owner, he is a humble person with a strong passion in restaurant business. He shared his management concept which focuses on making things simple, encouraging each employee to take ownership of their responsibilities and being rewarded for positive comments. After testing food from the menu and going through customers’ reviews, it is clear that despite being very business-minded, Mr. Henry took pride in serving generous portions to customers for very competitive price, without compromising the quality, taste, and atmosphere.
Funding Milestone Cost:
Estimated Cost
Franchise fee MYR 40,000.00
1 month worker training
1 week training at KL
set up management
Transportation & Accomodation during training MYR 5,000.00
Vaccination for 6 workers MYR 1,200.00
5 Fridges MYR 2,000.00
Utensils MYR 9,000.00
2 Airconds (3 HP) MYR 8,000.00
Renovation MYR 35,000.00
Furniture MYR 30,000.00
Rental RM5500 (2+1+1/2) MYR 19,250.00
Insurance + licenses MYR 5,000.00
Initial Raw materials MYR 3,000.00
Petty cash MYR 42,800.00
Total MYR 200,250.00

Operation forecast:
Planned Business Hour 10am-11.30pm
Estimated Number of Tables 15
Estimated Spending per hr per Table MYR 50.00
Peak Hours
12pm-2pm (per table) MYR 100.00
6pm-8pm (per table) MYR 100.00

Tea Time low occupancy rate
2pm-6pm (25% Occupancy per hr)
Best MYR 800.00
Mid MYR 400.00
Low MYR 200.00

Breakfast (10am-12pm) 25% Occupancy
Best MYR 400.00
Mid MYR 300.00
Low MYR 200.00

Supper (8pm-11.30pm) 25% Occupancy
Best MYR 400.00
Mid MYR 300.00
Low MYR 200.00

Sales are estimated to be RM 50 per table per hour. 3 scenarios (low scenario, medium case scenario, and best case scenario) for the sales forecast are projected.
• Gross profit is at 65%.
Low scenario:
– 50% occupancy during peak hours (12pm – 2pm, 6pm – 8pm)
– 4 tables occupancy during tea time hours (2pm – 6pm)
– 4 tables occupancy during breakfast hours (10am – 12pm)
– 4 tables occupancy during supper hours (8pm – 11pm)
50% Occupancy
7 tables per hour for peak hours
12pm-2pm MYR 700.00
6pm-8pm MYR 700.00
low tea time MYR 200.00
Low breakfast MYR 200.00
Low Supper MYR 200.00
Total per day MYR 2,000.00

Estimated profit per month
30 days operation MYR 60,000.00
35% cost of raw material MYR 21,000.00
Salary for 10 workers MYR 11,000.00
Electricity MYR 3,200.00
Water MYR 600.00
Rental/Insurance /License renewal/ maintenance MYR 6,000.00
Marketing (FB marketing, Flyers, Ads) MYR 1,000.00
Gross Profit MYR 17,200.00
14% Royalty MYR 2,408.00
21% for Investor MYR 3,612.00
Profit after minus of other stakeholder’s portion MYR 11,180.00
Own Salary (50% Remaining profit after investor) MYR 5,590.00
Net Carry Forward MYR 5,590.00

ROI for investor:
Invested Amount MYR 200,000.00
Investor Earnings per year MYR 43,344.00
ROI 21.67%

Further scenarios are reflected in the business proposal.

% Equity Allocation 70%
Expected ROI 21-30%
Risks and Mitigation The Ramen business is indeed competitive, however, our unique selling point does not only depend on the Ramen, The big bowl Ramen is one of our attractions as it is priced lower than market average and the 4 types of flavors offered are based on local taste such as Laksa and other flavors, at the moment, this cannot be found in other Ramen restaurant. The new location is filled with Chinese students attending private college nearby, thus, I believe that based on the price positioning and target crowd, it is one of the best location for this type of food.

Apart from the big bowl Ramen, there is the RM1.90 dish, which took similar positioning as the boat noodle. I am attracted to it since the portion is bigger than the typical boat noodle, and since ‘boat noodle’ concept became famous in 2014, up til today, people still queue up for it, thus, this is another market segment that we can capture.

Regarding the sales performance of the current store, since 2015, the lowest sales per month is RM40,000 and the highest sales is RM80,000. I believe that it is repeatable since most of his crowds are local tourist from other states and also from Singapore. That current location in Ipoh is one of the tourist attraction and thus, is very seasonal, I have thus, tabulated the ROI based on the current worst case scenario to ensure chances of survival even if it only achieve that during certain months. However, I was estimating better sales from the new location InsyaAllah as based on my observation, apart from students, working adults did frequent the cafes there during peak hours.

Exit Strategies In the event should this business not work out despite our careful planning and after contingency plans have been put into action, the following exit plan will be put into action.
1. Either all tangible assets owned by the business will be sold or the business will be sold based on the estimated market value. – Will be decided base on which option would fetch higher amount.
2. All remaining cash from the business account will be withdrawn.
3. Proceeds from step 1& 2 will be used for the following purposes, according to the order of decreasing priority as such,
– Outstanding rental
– Outstanding salary to be paid
– Outstanding utility bills
– Distribution to investors based on the percentage of their investments
Company Name Big Bowl Ramen Cafe
Business Address Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Person Lim Shi Jun

Aquanaust Dive Shop Sdn Bhd

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM110k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description I believe by having a good customer services to would always generate repeat orders. I am a PADI scuba instructor and of cause we conduct scuba courses and trips and at the same time we are a sole dealer for one of the dive equipment brand from Europe.
From time to time we do coral propagation program for divers to expand their knowledge of the importance of corals for our earth.
Business Opportunity the current issue im facing right now is that i have spend the initial money on rentals and renovation and products. I know that the market for divers is huge in Malaysia as we have some of the best place to dive and for leisure, so here i am writing to find investor who believes in tourism and the need of marketing funds to create more awareness of our dive gear and in future in resorts as well.
And we are planning to tap into the japanese and korean market which is currently staying or working in malaysia
Revenue / Business Model to generate income from courses , trips and equipment.
Management Team currently im working alone on this and i have another partner but he is basically a silent partner. A well planned management team would be another 2 assisttant.
1 instructor and another person who handles retail sales and bookings
Company Background we started the business in the year of mid 2015. we manage to make a deal by having xdeep as our main equipment and it has been very well known in other country. divers and instructors are asking about the product from indonesia and thailand as we are the current dealer for south east asia
Funding Milestone the fund we require is mainly for marketing purposed and to get in more equipment to display and hopefully have enough fund for some of the dive expo in malaysia
% Equity Allocation willing to let go 30%
Risks and Mitigation there is risk in due to the current situation of the whole economy that many mid – lower income are not spending that much but to target to higher income bracket
Exit Strategies i believe if the team is strong and by having a mentor will benefit us in progressing. this is a 3 yr plan. tourism and leisure is a long term investment.
Company Name aquanaust dive shop sdn bhd
Business Address no27-2, jalan pjs 8/17, dataran mentari, 46150 bandar sunway, selangor
Contact Person Ken

Proposed Construction of Masjid Baru Kampung Pemukat, Lawas, Sarawak

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM250,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description The project is currently ongoing. It is a government project, and is monitored by Jabatan Kerja Raya. The project is to build a new mosque for the villagers of Kampung Pemukat, and is expected to complete this July, 2017. However, due to the lack of funds, the project is progressing slowly.
Business Opportunity The market in Lawas is huge, and if the mosque is completed, the local council is preparing to provide more projects in the future due to the small population of capable contractors.
Revenue / Business Model The profit from this project is expected to be around 20-30%.
Management Team The management team for this project consist of:
1. Project Director
2. Project Manager
3. Finance Controller
4. Project Engineer
5. QA/QC Engineer
6. HSE Supervisor
7. Civil Supervisor
Company Background This is the company’s 4th construction project, and the project started at the end of October 2016.

The company is currently involved in Oil and Gas business, as well as Civil Works and Mechanical Works.

Funding Milestone Amount required is as below:
300,000 – Piling Materials & Works
200,000 – Raw Materials Purchase (rebars, metals etc)
100,000 – Man Power
% Equity Allocation 10% of funding amount
Expected ROI 10%-15%
Risks and Mitigation Agreement between Main Contractor and Sub Contractor – Joint Account is opened and the payment from JKR will be paid into the account.
Exit Strategies The investor may discuss the exit strategies once with us anytime.
Company Name xxxxx SDN BHD
Business Address Shoplot 253 (Lot 946), 1st Floor KCC, Tanjung Batu Road, Bintulu Sarawak
Contact Person Terence Baru Meechang