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Metal Fabrication in Road Furniture Business

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested WORKING CAPITAL+ASSET = RM200,000 TO RM500,000-00
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Natura Infra Sdn Bhd is a construction company dealing with Road Furnitures, Signages, and other Road Related products. Our website can be view at Currently, we have relocated to No.5, Jalan Alfa Impian 1, Taman Perindustrian Alfa Impian, 43300 Kajang,Selangor D.E.. The reason is to venture into metal fabrication of Channel Post and Packer for Highways GuardRail use. At later stage, the company would like to venture into W-Beam fabrication according to AASHTO 180. In this preliminary stage, the company will enhance itself by ISO 9001 QMS requirement. Thus, the company is looking for funding to buy machines for the metal fabrication business.
Business Opportunity The metal fabrication of this product is not required by JKR yet. Though, in order to make it as the next standard requirement, we would like to produce Post and Packer Channel according to AASHTO 180 standard. Meanwhile, in the market, there are few players who already engaged into W-Beam product according to AASHTO 180 standard, but not on Post and Packer Channel. Thus, there will be opportunities to make the Post and Packer Channel according to a certified standard by SIRIM. At the same time, the company is now sourcing for other road related product from other countries to market it for Highways and our Local road uses.
Revenue / Business Model The business model revenue is using simple approach to get its profit. A Gross Margin of 30% is to be expected on top of the cost of sales from the product. The business model will get a SIRIM QMS approval for its end-to-end SOP Manual. The company is also looking forward to implement current OSHA standard during its manufacturing process for its employees and personnels.
Management Team The management team will comprise of 3 division. 1.Office 2.Factory Operation 3.Site Work/Supervision. All these division will be connected and integrated to each other as a team.
Company Background Natura Infra Sdn Bhd, previously known as Cosmobile Sdn Bhd started its venture into telecommunication prepaid line in 2004. When the company was in bubble back in 2008, the previous management has then decided to hand it over to new owner, which is Natura Infra Sdn Bhd. In June 2009, Natura Infra took the lead and convert the company business into civil construction areas. The struggle stays until year 2014 where the company suffer few losses on its income statement. In 2015 Natura Infra has been awarded more contractual jobs than in its previous year. In 2016 the company has recruited few permanent staff members to sustain its core unit in this road furniture and accessories business. Since then Natura Infra has grown relocate to a new place for a brighter future to come.
Funding Milestone So far, the company has never raise fund from other sources except from friendly parties.
% Equity Allocation up to 50%
Expected ROI 30% – 40% gross and 10% net/clean margin
Risks and Mitigation TBA
Exit Strategies Anytime
Contact Person xxx

Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd Discretionary Trading Services

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM150K
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description We are a business division of Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd that specializes in Equity Portfolio Management Services for sophisticated investors who has the financial resources to invest in the stock market but do not have the resources in terms of expertise and time to devise, manage and construct an equity portfolio that generates consistent returns from the stock market.

Based on our back-testing records, we managed to achieve investment returns above 25.0% for year 2015 and 2016, respectively and for 2017, some of our portfolios are sitting from 4.0% to near 10.0% net investment gains at this current juncture.

Business Opportunity For the past 20 years, statistics have shown that most mutual funds or multiple investment services in the financial industry has failed to outperform their respective benchmark indices or generate consistent and sustainable investment returns for their investors owing to the structural issue that regulators have imposed on the investment management players and the relatively high cost of investments for their financial products.

We recognize this persistent problem that is engulfing the industry and created a solution to the benefit of our investors. Our structure eradicates the high cost structure by removing the management fees and sales charges which is common in most mutual fund products as we have created a low cost model and we have also built our own ideal portfolio composition and holdings, which plays a significant role in the performance of most investment products that is available in the financial industry.

Here we are targeting SME business owners, corporate owners, directors, High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, cooperatives, government agencies to participate in our services to optimize their financial resources and diversify their wealth by investing into companies/sectors that is different from the sectors that they have high investment exposure.

Meanwhile, we also offer three types of portfolio that cater to the diverse needs of our market segments, namely Aggressive, Moderate and Conservative, with each having their respective portfolio composition, selection of stocks, degree of volatility and investment returns expectations (dividend + capital appreciation or 100.0% capital appreciation).

Revenue / Business Model We place a lot of emphasis on our fundamental research in selecting small, middle and large capitalization companies/stocks that displays strong earnings growth coupled with healthy balance sheet (with an improving equity position, less or no gearing, preferably those with strong cash flow visibility) and companies that will continue to post strong earnings growth over the next 3-4 quarters or so. The nature of earnings growth must be meaningful and not due to one off events such as disposal of property, plant or equipment or financial assets but rather expansion of a new product line, diversification into a new market segment and many more.

Once we have identified these companies, we will keep them into our monitoring list to watch for potential development in terms of prices, technical analysis and market psychology by using our proprietary technical approach. For each and every position that we take, we aim to achieve returns of at least 3.0-5.0x higher than our cost as we place a strong emphasis in our risk to reward assessment and we seek to compound our investment gains over time so our investors could benefit not just from several investment positions but consistent performance of winning investment positions over a relatively long period of time.

Management Team Ryan Lim
Experience in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Equities Research before spearheading this new business division under Malacca Securities, specializing in fundamental and technical research, equity portfolio management and portfolio restructuring.I also have two team members that assist me with day to day fundamental research and equity portfolio management.
Company Background Our company has been in the stockbroking business for more than 50 years in Malaysia and our company is well backed by its sister company, Scientex Berhad, which is owned by the Lim family in Malaysia. The family is also one of the top richest family in Malaysia.
Funding Milestone We have not achieved any milestone at this current juncture because this is the area where we are still lacking. Hence, we would really like to speak with potential investors that appreciate our value proposition.
% Equity Allocation 100
Expected ROI 15-25% Per Annum
Risks and Mitigation We have a strict stop loss policy in every investment position that we take. This is to ensure that our clients do not suffer substantial losses on their investment principal and by implementing this, we would also manage to protect our investment gains over time. This is one of the most crucial component in our portfolio management and we adopt a no-nonsense approach when it comes to this section.
Exit Strategies Investors can simply withdraw their capital.
Company Name Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
Business Address No 58A & 60A, 1st Floor, Jalan SS2/67, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Person Ryan Lim

Consumers to consumers food tech startup. Airbnb of the food industry

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Ygg – Connecting People Through Food

Ygg is an online platform that connects producers of home cooked food (Chefs) with consumers. We aim to be the first large scale consumer-to-consumer (C2C) company in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Our competitive advantage will be the network effect generated by our first mover advantage in the food C2C market as well as our focus on delivering satisfaction to our ecosystem which includes Chefs, consumers and employees. Just like how Airbnb is dominant in spite of competition, we aim to have such a wide base of users that it will not make much sense to switch to a different competing platform.
Our research has shown that there is unmet demand for both suppliers and consumers of home cooked food. A portion of the population crave home cooked meals when they miss meals at home. Home chefs who want to sell their products do not have a platform where they can access a large customer base. In addition, customers of existing food delivery services feel that delivery has much to be improved on in terms of variety, speed of delivery and customer service. More than 90% of home cooks we surveyed were willing to list their food for sale and more than half of consumers would be willing to purchase food from non-commercial establishments. The market is thus ripe for Ygg to provide an effective solution and this is also supported by the various market analyses we have conducted.

Aside from a platform for Chefs to list their food, Ygg will also provide a delivery service. Revenue will be earned by charging a commission from the listed price and a flat rate delivery fee. Assets will include a motorcycle fleet while the main operating expenses will be wages, fuel and maintenance. If our coverage of Malaysia reaches our objective of 80,000 meals delivered daily, our gross margin in the long term can exceed RM 100,000 per day. This long term target will require venture capital financing. It naturally follows that international expansion is planned once the Ygg business model has been proven successful.
In the short term, before chefs start to list on the Ygg platform, we will hire an in-house chef to cook tasty and affordable meals on demand to establish our presence with consumers. The chef will be based in Johor Bahru and serve the Molek area, a business district with a lack of easily available good food. Once we can deliver 100-200 meals daily and establish smooth operations, we will commence inviting Chefs to list on Ygg upon passing our quality checks.
Our initial funding requirement is RM 200,000 which will allow us to purchase assets such as delivery equipment and give us enough working capital to last us around 6 months, by which time we target to have achieved our short term meal delivery goals and be able to operate sustainably on that scale. Once that milestone is achieved, we will seek further funding to expand regionally.

The Ygg team, comprising Royston Tieh, Perry Chen, Luke Lim, Shaun Yeap and Ellis Choy are excited to spearhead the next revolution in the F&B industry and are committed to sparing no effort to ensure that Ygg will be successful.

Business Opportunity The Food Technology Industry
Americans spent US$210 billion on take-away food in 2016 (Morgan Stanley, 2016) which makes up a quarter of all US restaurant sales (National Restaurant Association, 2016). Only 5% of this market is captured by online food delivery services (Morgan Stanley, 2016) which explains why food technology (tech) companies raised US$6.8 billion (Rosenheim Advisors, 2016) globally in 2015. The largest amount of capital raised by the food tech industry in 2015 was the US$2.23 billion raised over 3 rounds of funding by, a Shanghai based online food delivery company serving the Chinese market.Food tech companies have much to do to grow the slice of market share which online food delivery represents as a proportion of the total take-away food market. Whilst companies such as Deliveroo and Foodpanda have similar target audiences for restaurants and consumers in a business-to-customer model (B2C), Ygg is differentiated by offering delivery of home-cooked food in a customer-to-customer (C2C) model which no other company provides at this moment.
The sharing economy has proven that spare capacity of people is a valuable resource with existing market players being strongly challenged by the new C2C businesses. We believe that Ygg can be to the food industry what Airbnb was to the hotel industry. Our first mover advantage in the food C2C business will give us a good chance to gain the network effects that can serve as a powerful barrier to entry to others seeking to copy our business model.
We plan for Ygg to serve Johor Bahru first, before scaling up to the rest of Malaysia. Eventually, we hope for Ygg to be serve the world, with every family having installed our Ygg app.
Revenue / Business Model Our Service

The Ygg business consists of 2 main parts, an app-based online marketplace and a delivery service. The online marketplace is where our Chefs list their food offerings and users can place orders. Ygg will have our own in-house delivery service.
The Ygg app is designed for ease of use by both the Chefs and our users. Aside from having a virtual shop front where Chefs can post food photos, descriptions and prices, the app will also let the chef set a quota for each dish as well as the time period that dishes are able to be ordered. Users will be able to request delivery within a particular time window and make special requests to the Chefs. Real time delivery status as well as time estimate will be available. Various payment options will be accepted including cash and electronic payment. A review section will be provided for users to provide their feedback on the quality of the food. Users can opt for self pick up at a discount to save on the delivery fee.
Our Chefs will mainly be non-business owners although Ygg will also invite food stall operators such as hawkers to list on the app. Those without a valid licence to sell food will have to undergo a hygiene course to provide assurance to our users that the food will be safe to consume. Quality of food will be verified by Ygg tasters before Chefs can list on the app.


Ygg will generate revenue by charging for its services. There are 2 main sources of revenue, which are the commissions from the chefs and the delivery fees. These will be in line with the industry norms.
Ygg will take a commission from every transaction conducted on the Ygg app platform. We will charge 25% of the listed price.
We will charge a RM2 delivery fee for each delivery. This will help to offset the costs associated with delivery personnel wages, petrol and maintenance of our Motorbike fleet.

Taking a conservative view, if our delivery coverage in Malaysia after 2 years can reach the coverage which Deliveroo has in Singapore after 1 year, we could be delivering 80,000 meals a day in Malaysia and generating a gross margin in excess of RM 100,000 daily.

Management Team Royston is the one who first gave serious thought to commercialising the food C2C business and he put together a team to make it a reality. Royston went through the school of hard knocks after he drop out of college and is now a small business owner. He is currently a partner in a car workshop business and his other past business ventures include a used oil trading business. Royston hopes that he can one day contribute to society by finding sustainable ways to help the underprivileged. He is always on the lookout for scrumptious foods. Royston will lead the overall planning for Ygg.

Perry Chen has a double honours degree in engineering and business from the National University of Singapore. Perry has worked 3 years for oil giant ExxonMobil where he led numerous projects and troubleshooting efforts which saved millions of dollars and earned him multiple awards. Also a decorated former national level athlete, Perry enjoys strategy games, travelling and savouring good food. Perry will lead the business development and operations strategy for Ygg.

Luke Lim is accredited by ACCA to be a Certified Accounting Technician and has experience in the logistics and supply chain sector. Luke has managed vehicle fleets and has led customer service and operations teams. Luke will lead the sales and operating team for Ygg. His love for the pork rib dish bak kut teh is legendary.

Shaun Yeap has a master of science degree in Computer Games Programming and also a degree in interactive software technology. He developed the core of the Ygg application. Shaun is by nature a thinker and he believes that everything has a reason for existing or happening. Shaun will lead the full-stack development for Ygg.

Ellis Choy graduated with a degree in Interactive Software Technology and has 3 years experience with mobile programming specialising in SMS mobile payment and 2D multiplayer games. His two loves are aesthetics and food and as a result, he likes to discover food that evokes a sense of beauty. He studied that because it gives aesthetic pleasures and he loves to create it with codes. Ellis will ensure that the Ygg application has an intuitive user interface and a fantastic user experience.

Company Background About Ygg

Ygg was founded to meet the craving for home-cooked food. The founders were lamenting how late hours at work led to eating out during one leisurely yum cha session and discovered that we missed the food cooked at home, especially after too many days eating at hawker centres or ordering food delivery. Home cooking, a labour of love, was still the most healthy and delicious. Having had meals at one another’s homes in the past we agreed that all our families cooked tasty meals. What if, we asked, there was an app where we could order fresh home cooked meals delivered to us instead of the common restaurant options available on existing food delivery apps?
Will home cooks (we call them our “Chefs”) want to sell their food for some extra income? We did some surveys and it turns out that housewives thought it was a great idea. Others who liked being able sell food in a non commercial setting included those for which the sales would be an important supplement to their income and those for which cooking and/or baking was a hobby they wished to be able to make some money from. Our surveys also told us that people wanted an alternative to restaurants for food delivery.
And that’s the story of how Ygg came about. Ygg is a platform to connect Chefs with lovers of home cooked food with maximum convenience.
Ygg is short for Yggdrasil, also known as the “World Tree” or the “Tree Of Life” in Nordic mythology. Its roots and leaves touch different worlds, connecting them together. Likewise, we imagine that our Chefs provide nourishing food to our users who in turn provide welcome cash to sustain the livelihoods of our Chefs.

Funding Milestone Funding Requested

We request an initial funding of RM 200,000 to prove our concept in the area of Molek, Johor Bahru. A quarter of these funds will go towards asset purchases of delivery, kitchen and office equipment. The rest will be working capital for 6 months to fund wages and operational and marketing activities.
As Ygg is essentially a network good, it is crucial to seed our food sharing platform with food that will readily be available for order and delivery. To this end, we will hire a full-time in-house chef who will be able to provide a limited menu of dishes on demand from a central kitchen. The price of each meal will be kept under RM10. 2 helpers will be provided to the chef to facilitate order acknowledgement, kitchen operations and food packaging. A team of 5 full-time delivery personnel will do the deliveries.

This proof of concept testing will differ from our envisioned full scale service in several key areas. Firstly, there will be no home-based chef to provide food as their offerings will likely be limited in variety and their availability window for food preparation is likely to be small. Our full-time chef will ensure that all orders will be met. Secondly, we will only accept cash until we have sufficient scale to justify adding electronic payment. Lastly, we will provide the distance between the central kitchen and the location of delivery but no time estimate until we reach the right scale.

The location of Molek is ideal for testing the Ygg concept. It is a commercial district with limited food outlets and travelling in and out of Molek as well as parking are inconvenient. Office workers make do with average and crowded food establishments or send people out to take away food for consumption in the office. By targeting several blocks of offices in Molek, we will be able to carefully control the exposure of Ygg and hence ensure that our fledgling cooking and delivery team will not be overwhelmed. Scaling up within Molek will simply be a matter of increasing the Ygg exposure to more office blocks.

We aim to be cash flow positive (from operations) by month 3 of our operations and have the capability to break even within 6 months. The basic monthly fixed costs amount to RM15-20k. In the median scenario where we deliver 250 meals/day, our monthly operating profit will be RM10k. Our stretch target of 750 meals/day would mean hiring additional chefs and monthly operating profit may hit RM50k.

% Equity Allocation 12%
Expected ROI Break even of seed funding in around 8 months to 1 year.
Risks and Mitigation Threat Of Substitutes
As mentioned in the ‘Bargaining Power Of Buyers’ section, there are many substitutes to food delivery.
However, for the specific service which Ygg provides, which is a C2C food platform, there are limited substitutes aside from eating at home or being invited over for a meal at a friend’s or relative’s home. Even for these options, a certain degree of reciprocity and compromise is expected. A person cannot keep visiting their friend every day even if he loves their cooking without being unwelcome after long.
That being said, the threat of substitutes is deemed to be low.Threat Of New Entrants
The threat of new entrants is high. If we prove that food C2C is something which consumers are willing to pay for, there will inevitably be other companies which seek to emulate our model. The set-up cost is low as if delivery is outsourced or riders are required to own a vehicle, it does not cost much to set up a competing C2C platform. Existing food delivery companies such as Foodpanda can also enter this market with minimal cost.
However, the real barrier to entry is network effects. The first company to saturate the population with their app and host a large number of home cooks will be dominant. Home cooks would prefer to list on a platform with high traffic and consumers would search first on the platform with the most options. The network effect is the same reason that eBay, Amazon and Airbnb have been so difficult to displace although the cost is minimal to set up a similar system to theirs.
Ygg will work hard to saturate the market such that companies contemplating entering the market would need to be wary of the network effect and Ygg’s dominance.Competitive Rivalry
We expect the competitive rivalry to be fierce, for both recruitment of chefs and for consumers.
Network effects will be the key to success and the company with the most chefs and consumer traffic will be dominant. Within the food C2C market, which does not yet exist, companies will compete to get chefs to list on their platform. Speed will be of the essence to ensure chefs will list on Ygg first.
For customers which view Ygg as just another food delivery company, they have multiple options. They have a checklist of requirements including price, quality, freshness, variety, ability to customize and speed of delivery which every company that delivers food will try to show that they are the best at.
Company Name YGG
Business Address 19, JALAN UNGU 6 TAMAN PELANGI 80400

Car wash operator for 500 petrol stations

Current Status Contract awarded
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description We are a car detailing service provider offering full range of car detailing services. Currently operating three outlets across klang valley. The fund to be obtained is to operate more outlets in Malaysia, creating a brand where consumers trust. We want to create a brand when consumer think of anything relate to car, they think about out brand. The fund will not be used on normal shop lots but to develop car detailing outlet in PETROL STATION where it has high traffic daily and fixed customers. With more outlets we will be able to obtain more members,obtaining more market share in the industry, thus a big step closer in becoming a user preferred brand.
Business Opportunity We have been awarded a contract to be the car wash operator by an oil company which owning up to 500 petrol station in Malaysia. Car washes in petrol station are proven to be very profitable due to their high traffic, customer daily routine behaviour. But most of the car wash operators in petrol station only offer car washes where the basket size is extremely small. We are appointed by the oil company because we are proven to be expert in increasing the basket size by adding more services such as polish, waxing, coating and other services. The market of the project is extremely big because most of the petrol stations are located at very strategic location, the traffics are high which is a very good opportunity for us to create branding awareness.
Revenue / Business Model Based on the three outlets that we are currently operating, we are making a revenue of at least RM35,000 per outlet averagely throughout the year. Operating cost placed between RM18,000 to RM23,000 per month. With the new project awarded, we forecast to see a 30% increase in revenue with the same operating cost. This case the profit margin became much higher as compared to operating a normal shoplot car detailing business.
Management Team We are a company with an employee size of 16 people.
The management is divided into three department, business development/sales team, marketing department, and operating department.
Business development is in charge of getting projects and sales into the company. Our marketing team have been coming out with at leat 3 promotions/deals to attract new customer and to retain existing customer. Marketing has also previously successfully make us partner will big brands like telco and banks. The operation team will manage the quality of the service also to manage ground staffs at a day to day basis.
Company Background Business start date: 8/8/2015
Investment made: RM500,000
Av. Revenue/mth: RM35,000 x3 outlets
Av. Profit/mth: RM10,000 x3 outlets
Milestone achieved: Awarded with best automobile winner @ SME & Entrepreneurship award, a partner of 1M4U, existing of 1,700 member nationwide
Funding Milestone At the primary stage, we are looking into RM2,000,000.00 to develop 10-15 outlets at the petrol station in 2017. We are expecting a return of 8% per month on the amount funded.
% Equity Allocation 49
Expected ROI 100% ROI at the end of third year
Risks and Mitigation Oil company to terminate the contract due to bleaching of contract/ end of the service contract. However we will be working at our best to avoid that from happening.
Exit Strategies Company to buy back the shares on the 5th year at a fixed agreed amount.
Contact Person MA HAN PIN

Smart Home & Building Control Technology

Project Cost: RM10 million

Amount Invested : RM2 million

Amount Required : RM8 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

real estate

Project Stage:


Company History:

Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer & experienced ELV Solution provider company in KL & Selangor

Product / Service Description:

Integrated Smart Home & IP Video Intercom System for condominium and building control for building and factories.

Business Opportunity:

We have developed a full spec smart home system which functionality wise is comparable with international big brand conglomerates. Apply to every condominiums. Targeted profit will be 2 million per condominium which has 300 lots.

Revenue Model:

Supply & install integrated smart home & video intercom system to condominiums.

Management Team:

Lead by MBA engineers, technical support by engineers and site works supported by experienced ELV contractor partners in Klang Valley.

Current Status:

The products, the system is ready. We need partner to market and sell it to real estate developers. So the best investor will be the property developers itself as smart home concept is trending. Example, Google and Microsoft is buying smart home companies. Because this will be the future, basic need of a home someday.

Funding Milestone:

Finalize the hardware packaging, specific app for ios and android, finalize the design of the current software. Marketing expanses.

Business Valuation:

8 millions for 20% stake. Investor can easily get back the investment with 4 condominium projects (300 lots).

Expected Return On Investment:

100% in 6 years.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Delay of project.

Exit Strategies:

Sell the technology to another developer who has condominium projects.


Patrick Au (
Company Name: VYROX International Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : No. 13, Jalan BPP 8/3
Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor, Malaysia
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43300
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-82136222
Website :

Sphere Golf and Recreation

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description ‘Sphere Golf and Recreation’ is a recreation complex primarily focused on golf.
Malaysia’s first driving range with an automated electronic scoring system (GESS).
The electronic scoring system (similar to bowling/ electronic dartboards) is a proven concept to attract non-golfers (approx. >70% of customers) and also to cultivate an interest in golf.
The automated electronic scoring system is ready to be deployed and will operate including a website and app, with social media platforms integrated to suit the technologically savvy market.
Business Opportunity Be the first driving range in Asia which provides the GESS (Golf Electronic Scoring System) technology.
The sports complex will be the first sports and entertainment centre.
Our target audience is based on people from age 4 – 60 years old but primarily focus on young adults.
Connections with royal members and government of Malaysia.
Creating major events at the sports complex with our wide range of contacts from the sports and celebrity world globally.
We are initially focusing on establishing it in Asia first before we expand the brand globally.
Revenue / Business Model Financial planning indicates 5-year equity IRR of circa 25%.
We have simplified the cost by only focussing on providing the technology and services to fit in the technology at the driving range.
RoI timeframe is within 12 – 18 months (Our calculation for 120 bays)
Management Team xxxx
Company Background We are relatively new in the golfing world and we are seeking for investors globally.
Funding Milestone xxxx
% Equity Allocation xxxx
Expected ROI Using the Discount Cash Flow (DCF) method over a 5 year period, the Project is likely to deliver a pre-tax IRR more than 25% to equity holders
Risks and Mitigation xxxx
Exit Strategies xxxx
Company Name Sphere Golf and Recreation Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address 71, Jalan 5/4J, Lorong Tanjong, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person YTM Dato’ Indera Tunku Harunnarasheed Putra

Medical Tourism Portal

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM40,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We are launching an online Travel Portal specific to Healthcare & Wellness Tourism. In our Medical Tourism Portal , we will have
Listing of Healthcare & Wellness Packages offered by Leading Medical & Wellness Centers in Asia.
E-Commerce of Healthcare Packages
onlineFlight Booking – From anywhere to everywhere
Hotel Booking
Local Cab/ Car Booking
24/7 Customer Support
Business Opportunity Medical Tourism Industry Valued at $100B; Poised for 25% Year-Over-Year Growth by 2025.

In a just released report issued by VISA and Oxford Economics, the Medical Tourism industry was projected to growth up to 25% year-over-year for the next 10 years as an estimated three to four percent of the world’s population will travel internationally for healthcare and health-related treatment

In its just-released 2016 report, industry-leading journal, Medical Tourism Index™ (MTI), listed the top destinations which features India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Dubai from Asia as leading Destinations

Revenue / Business Model Referral Commissions from Medical & Wellness Centers ( Service Providers ) : Avg 20 %
From Online Flight Booking : Avg 10%
From Online Hotel Booking : Avg 25%
Banner Advertisement in the portal
Management Team Dhruba Bordoloi – Chief Executive
Resource Plan :
Content Developers
Web Developers
Graphic Artist
Web Administrator
Account Managers
Customer Support Executives
Company Background The project is promoted by AVANZENS TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD which is a start up Software Consultancy company founded by Dhruba Bordoloi. Dhruba has over 20 years of experience in ICT Industry in Enterprise Software, E-Commerce and CRM domain
Funding Milestone Funding Required RM500,000 which will be used mainly for
Portal Development
Buying API for online Flight & Hotel Booking from Distributors
Digital Marketing to promote the Portal in Middle East, Africa, Europe and US
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI More than 100% in the 2nd Year
Risks and Mitigation Getting new Customer – Mitigation plan – Collect Database of Tourist from Agencies and run E-Email Campaign
Customer Retention – Mitigation – We will Loyalty Program where the traveler will be getting special offer in the next trip
Exit Strategies Investor can sell his equity.
Website/Facebook xxxx
Business Address xxxx Bandar Sri Permaisuri Cheras Kuala Lumpur,56000 Malaysia
Contact Person Dhruba Bordoloi

Petrol Station with F&B Drive-Thru

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A Sdn Bhd company has been setup for the sole purpose to undertake a new business opportunity to develop and run a petrol station business along a coastal highway in Melaka. The offer was made by Petron Malaysia in 2015 and currently is due for the land conversion by land office. However, there is also some dues to the landowner for the 1.4 acres before the conversion can be done. In dire need to expedite the project progression by offering equity to the funder. I can be contacted at 0133947723. Thank you.
Business Opportunity Relinquish equity for a sum to ensure the project progression. A sum of RM800,000 is needed to pay for the land purchase, land conversion premium and consultancy fees. In return, part of the sum will be converted to equity takeover for 40% of the company.
Revenue / Business Model The anticipated revenue to the company is about RM300,000 per annum with a turnover of about RM10,000,000 per annum. This is a long-term stable growth bussiness. The asset to the company will be the land, building and business.
Management Team I am leading the business myself.
Company Background New start-up with RM400,000 invested yo partially purchase the said land.
Funding Milestone 1-2 years payback period.
% Equity Allocation 40
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation Asset. Shares.
Exit Strategies First Right of Refusal (FRR) shall be given to me for the re-purchase of the equity.
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address KL
Contact Person Adly Bin Yacob