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Project Title Australian sister college in malaysia
Current Status Beginning stage
Amount Invested 400k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We have a 10 years exclusive licensing from an australian institution for running a sister institition in Malaysia. The courses offered are business and hospitality. The HQ is going have in house Degree by this year. The price for the course is affordable. We provide a study pathway to australia for those third level country students.
Business Opportunity Study tour to Australia and China.

We can organise not only study tour to Australia but also to China. We can arrange study tour to visit China.

Revenue / Business Model My partner decided to quit. I can’t run by myself.
Management Team I have more than 10 years in business operation . I owned an aircond engineering company since year 2001.
Company Background Date start 01.07.16
Funding Milestone Funding require for operating. We also consider to sell off the business to those who capable to run it.
% Equity Allocation 80 to 100%
Business Address 6-G, Jalan TPP 1/1, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Contact Person Angelyn

Plus Positivity mobile games development

Project Title Hey, My partner(Switzerland guy) and I are currently running a Mobile games development company that develop games and monetise it. Even better, we would sell mobile games to companies or maybe buyers that wants to monetise himself/herself.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested $10050
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Positivity+ is a company that create numerous mobile games and monetise it with ads. Not only that , we tend to sell some apps to buyers or companies that wish to monetise themselves.
Business Opportunity There are more than 300 mobile games launch on App Store and google play store everyday. This shows that societies tend to play games during their free time or maybe even before bed. Not only that, i think graphics quality for a game is very important as this can be a way that attracts users to continuously playing and bring them some happiness.
Revenue / Business Model Mainly by video ads and banner ads on each game. But its not just normal video ads and banner ads. How do you think when your trying to play a game and there will be ads popping up? frustrated right? Therefore, we are placing ads where benefits users to keep on tapping on it .
Management Team Currently there are only my partner and i operating it . Operation as in marketing, developing, designing and etc. Therefore we are planning into hiring more junior developers with passion of creating more ideas into reality games
Company Background All investment are currently under bootstrapping.
Funding Milestone We are happy to pronounced that we have developed two games on app stores and more to come. Our monthly goal is to create at least 4 mobile games a month.
% Equity Allocation 20% of equity of 1million for 5 years
Expected ROI annual dividend from profit. A sum of money will be given for government bond in order to secure investors money after 5 years even business doesn’t succeed.
Exit Strategies Three ways of exit plan for investors. One of it would be selling off your shares at current market after 5 years or you could continue investing for the next 5 years or maybe lower. Second decision would be company buys back your shares at market price. And lastly, even the business doesn’t succeed after 5 years, there will be a return on the amount of investment from investors. So there won’t be any loss to investors even it fail.
Company Name Plus Positivity
Business Address 33A, Jalan SS2/30

E-Procurement/B2B Marketplace

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 90,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We built an E-Procurement prototype in October 2016 and started testing out the system and we brought the system out to the market . We started building the E-Procurement system prototype because we felt as Medical Device Vendors, we were not given equal opportunity while participating in a Government Tender and felt we could solve this problem by building a Procurement system that advocates this for the private industry.

We brought the prototype to test it out with our clients who are clients and to our surprise the system gave a lot more vendors opportunities and the Doctors saved some money on it. Keeping this in mind, we brought it to larger organisations as we thought it may help bring more vendors into larger organisations and as soon as we went out there, we were amazed with the reception we got and we understood what the real problems are. Below are the problems we identified with over 20 large organisations:

1. Large organisations ( with over RM 30 million procurement a year) were using manual procurement practices. This caused delay in purchasing and stocking, inefficient negotiations which meant they were not buying at prices that they could buy at (higher prices) , and was expensive due to the large manpower needed to handle the manual processes. Some outsourced
their procurement to consultants which in turn became more expensive because what the consultants charge do not justify the savings they create.

2. Some Large Organisations were using E-Procurement solutions that were to expensive. One of our potential clients was paying RM 900,000.00 a year just to maintain the software solution. On top of that, they had to hire more people to operate the platform which increased their administrative cost drastically.

3. The Large Organisations used the same vendors for the same products for far too many years due to the weakness in sourcing new vendors.

4. SME’s do not invest in any sought of Procurement solutions as they were expensive and ineffective. There were no low cost yet comprehensive Procurement/ B2B marketplace in Malaysia where Malaysian SME’s could purchase more effectively that they could afford.5. Vendors are blocked from entering Large Organisations and offering their products or Services due to monopoly by the bigger Vendors via personal relationships with procurement personnel.

Our Solution

The 5 problems above were the major findings in our Market Research in addition to the micro details in features, we figured out what we should do and how to build our solution. We decided to build a platform that has all the basic Sourcing and Purchasing Features with comprehensive Reporting capabilities which they pay a subscription for (As low as RM 25.00/mth). Besides the procurement capabilities, we also provide them with free access into our marketplace. Below is a list of methods we innovatively decided to solve the problems:

1. We are building a platform that automates the Purchase Recquisition, Request for Quotation, Tender opening, Tender submision, Approval, Branch Management, E-Bidding, and P2P (Marketplace). This will ensure that the sourcing and Purchasing segments of a companie’s procurement is automized and all that is left after they leave our system is to release a Purchase Order on their Finance Systems. This will significantly save money on manpower as we will ensure their vendors are registered properly and participate in the RFQ’s, Tender Request or respond to their Purchase Request on the Marketplace.

2. Buyers can choose to use the platform for free or if they need better features or reports, they could choose the RM 25 a month, RM 75 a month or the RM 150 a month plans which gives up to 24 users access. This cost is the absolute lowest on the market. To access the marketplace, it is free for all buyers. This solves the issue of Large Organisations spending Millions trying to streamline their procurement and end up spending more with administrative cost. We offer them a solution so cheap they could not refuse us.

3. Our strategy to pooling Vendors onto the system is simple, everytime a new Buyer signs up, they have to bring their vendors along onto the system. Each Large Organizations has at least 500 vendors and we can bring in half of them along with the buyer. This means everytime a new buyer signs up, new vendors also sign up along with the Vendors our team independantly source for everyday. This sought of creates a shared environment on the marketplace where all the buyers pool their vendors for everyone to use. This ensures increased choices for every buyer on the platform.

4. Our pricing for buyers is so low even the smallest of businesses can afford to use us. We have a free plan which has all the features with limitation is sufficient for the Micro and Small Businesses in Malaysia where they get to use a proper sourcing and purchasing platform to save cost with state of the art features at no cost at all.5. Since the platform is off open nature, any attempt of favorism or monopoly support shown by procurement personnels on the platform is easily identifiable and reportable. This ensures every Vendor has an increased opportunity to supply their product or services to any organization as long as they are qualified.

As For the Vendors :

1. Vendors have equal chances to supply to larger Organizations.

2. Vendors can choose to use the system free or pay a subscription to us which is either Free, RM 58 monthly or RM 150 monthly depending on the size of the company and requirements of features amd reports. The Free plan is sufficient for the Micro and Small Businesses which is most important as affordibility is our core mission.

3. Depending on which plan they choose, they have to pay us a certain % of commision on every Sale made ONLY VIA THE MARKETPLACE. We do not charge for RFQ’s or Tender Participations. For the free plan, they pay us 3% out of every sale, for the RM 58 plan they pay us 1.5% out of every sale and for the RM 150 plan, they pay us 0.5% out of every sale.

4. With such low charges and commision, they can actually reduce their sales and marketing cost as we bring them constant deals everyday and they pay us less than they would pay a typical Sales Staff.

Business Opportunity From our research, we found that there are about 400 + GLC’s, 26,000 + Large Organisations and 973,000+ SME’s in Malaysia. When we went out to the market and spoke to Vendors, Managers, Procurement Professionals and so on, we found our own way to categorise these companies and businesses in a way we could relate to and could possibly make our client. We categorised buyers into 3 different categories :

1. Large Organisations – Those who purchase above RM 10 million a year
2. Medium Organisations – Those who purchase above RM 250,000 a year
3. Small Businesses – Those who purchase above RM 10,000.00 a year.

There are more than 5 million businesses in total registered in Malaysia but not all of them are active and of course, not all of them can be our customers. Taking both the factors into account, we were confident we could at least go for 5% of the registered companies which gave us the following numbers:

1. Large Organisations – 1,320 potential clients
2. Medium Organisations – 9,750 potential clients
3. Small Businesses – 38,900 potential clients

This brought our target market to a total of 49,970 potential clients who can be buyers or vendors on the system. We also understand that we cannot go for a large client base like this immediately especially in the B2B space so we devised a strategy to do it :

1. We are only approaching GLC’s and Large Organisations that purchase at least RM 30 million a year or could give us at least 250 vendors on the system, whichever or both.

2. Using this strategy, it enables us to collect more and more vendors and stabilise our revenues.

3. Once we have completed the target for our large organisation, we will than approach the medium enterprises with mass marketing and it will create awareness with the micro businesses too. According to Frost & Sullivan, worldwide Sales for B2B E-Commerce will hit USD 12 trillion which indicates there will be a rise in B2B E-commerce trend in this country too. That being said, the opportunity is vast as there is no proper Malaysian marketplace that caters to the B2B segment and there is no clear market leaders.So far on our opportunities really created :

1) we approached a total of 49 customers and got appointment with 27 of them. That is a 55.1% success rate in converting from phone call to appointment.

2) out of the 27 appointments, we have already attended 18. Out of the 18, we have 11 of them who said they will or might try the system. That is 66.1 % rate of interest generation among clients.

3) we have 9 future appointments lined up (out of the 27)

4) out of the 18 we have met, 3 gave us an OUTRIGHT NO. That is a 16.7 % total rejection rate.

5) out of the 18, we have 5 on the fence kind of clients which converts to 27.8%.

We have got large GLC’s and MNC’s ready to beta test the system. We just don’t have enough money to complete the product and need the investment to do so.

Revenue / Business Model It is a subscription and commission model. We earn a certain percentage out of every sale on the marketplace and all vendors and buyers are to pay us a certain subscription monthly.

This was all derived AFTER talking to our potential clients. More will be revealed to potential clients.

Management Team There are 6 of us on the founding team. A total of 55 years experience between us, 13 businesses started from scratch, 7 sold successfully, and worked on one successful project previously together. Will reveal more to potential investors.
Company Background Started in August 2016 and we have put in RM 90,000.00 of our own money. We are looking to pilot with our beta testers in April 2017 and we are looking for the funds to do so.

Large GLC’s and MNC’s are ready to beta test.

Funding Milestone We are looking for a total of RM 693,000.00 investment to launch, pilot and run operations for the first year. Our situation currently is that we have spent the money to build a prototype, bring it to market, conduct R&D and market research and we are ready to build half a product. We need the funding to finish building the product for the ready Beta Testers and to run operations.

We need RM 60,000.00 first to complete the solution and the investor can evaluate whether or not to put in the rest that is needed purely to support the operations as companies that are beta testing are large.

% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 2 years.
Risks and Mitigation Will reveal to potential investors
Exit Strategies Will reveal to potential investors

Online Medical Device and Consumables Store [CLOSED]

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 120,000.00
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We started off originally as a Medical device distributor in 2012 and up till 2016 we were importing medical devices and selling them to doctors. We generate revenues of about RM 1.3 million a year doing this business and we have a team of 5 staff, we have a running office and an existing client base of about 120 clients (clinics) actively buying from us. We are licensed to import and distribute medical devices in Malaysia by the Medical Device Authority of Malaysia.
Business Opportunity We realised in early 2016 that there was a huge decrease in the medical device distribution business and sales started going down for us and generally doctors were not investing in the type of devices we were selling which are a little high end as products we sell are all above RM 20k per unit and were not necessities. In late 2016, we decided not to fight the trend and get into absolute essentials like tubes, needles, syringes, bandages and smaller equipment such as Blood Pressure monitoring devices and glucose monitoring devices. We gathered all the importers and manufacturers in Malaysia and negotiated the lowest prices possible and decided to launch an online store in early 2017 selling 300+ consumables and small devices for clinics and hospitals. We decided to sell at least 30% than market price as right now what the doctors really need are cheap prices to survive rough conditions. We launched on the 5th of January 2017 and received some orders and we think with marketing push, this website can make it. We do not have the cash or manpower to make it happen so we need an investment.
Revenue / Business Model We know almost all the local importers and manufacturers in Malaysia who do not sell directly to clinics. What they do is they have agents or distributors sell their products for them and the mark up in this industry is usually not lower than 100%. What we did is we approached all of them, negotiated better prices and started posting it onto our online store. We only mark up 20% from the prices given to us which makes the products on our page substantially cheaper than what they are getting from their usual distributors. The model is simple, we do not keep stock. We only post the products up and market the website, each time we get an order, we receive payment first and we execute the order using that payment. We needed this risk free model to stay safe and we intend to continue using this risk free model. We have had doctors who advised us that the prices are fantastic, we just have to work on getting the word out.
Management Team There are two of us on the management team and collectively we have 36 years of business experience running 7 different types of business over the years. We have been together in this company since 2013. We both hold bachelor degrees and grew our company to a RM 1.8 million revenue company in just 1 year with a RM 100,000 investment. Will reveal more to potential investors.
Company Background We started this company in October 2013 and started operations in January 2014. We have put in RM 120,000.00 of our own money into this business since inception.
Funding Milestone We are looking for a RM 350,000.00 investment . The use of funds will be as following :

1) RM 250,000.00 will be used for online, magazines and physical marketing (physical sales meetings). We know exactly which websites to advertise with, which magazines to advertise with and how to physically meet and deal with doctors. This includes money we are looking for to hire people to be in the sales team. It is important to have a physical touch besides online marketing in this industry.

2) RM 100,000.00 will be used for operational costs and buffer cash.

% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI ROI within 2 years and profits thereafter. We have prove this can be done.
Risks and Mitigation will reveal to potential investors.
Exit Strategies Will reveal to potential investors.

The Future Biggest Car Selling Platform

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description In the current auto market, buying and selling has been much easier compare to the past decade where the existence of CarList, Mudah and several online platform to help buy, sell and trade car, but when it comes to selling, people often thought about and second hand car dealer which both is time consuming where seller have to survey all around the city for different car dealer who offer different price or waiting online for a long period of time till a potential buyer reach out. Another hand, car dealer needed car inventory to keep their business running and it has been a problem for dealer to buy inventory all the time. 

In this case, we could have make a much easier and faster solution with a new system where consumer will be able to sell their car within 30 minutes and helping car dealer to buy their inventory easily. Technically, it is a platform that allow consumer to make an appointment online and come for a free inspection in our check point and we’ll offer a fair price to buy their car within a short period of time FOR FREE and walk out with money. Here comes the question, doesn’t it require a lot of money? No we don’t. We’ll have another platform that running at same time that has all the car dealers in KL included and once a car have arrive and we will put the picture and condition of the car up to the platform for the car dealers to bid and inspect, once the car dealer has confirmed the budget then we will offer the price to consumer and once it’s transfer, we will transfer at the same time while taking a cut from the car dealer. ( which similar to runner who help car dealer to look for cars and take commission in between deal ) This will be a totally independent platform where we only focus on BUYING CARS FROM SELLER and SELLING TO DEALER. Especially it is all free for seller who want to sell their car, therefore it would be attractive to people and once it has come to a mature point where people in Malaysia mention about car selling, it will not be mudah or car dealer anymore, but our platform. This idea will totally change they way people sell their car in the near future and it would be one of the greatest car buying platform in the future.
Business Opportunity As I mentioned above, we solve the problem for both seller and buyer ( known as dealer ) by creating a platform for easier and faster car selling experience, where seller will be able to sell his car and receive money on the spot in lesser few hours time.

We’re looking at the entire auto world industry. The whole auto world’s buying, selling and trading activity, average local market involve in over 50,000 buying, selling and trading of cars each month. Therefore our aim is to get in hand with every single auto deal in auto market.

Simple math : If only 2% of local auto goes through our platform at the beginning of the time. It would be 1,000 cars.
For example : If we take a RM1,000 cut off every car that went through our platform, it’d be 1,000,000 ( ONE MILLION) in total sale revenue.

Revenue / Business Model We make money by taking a cut from car dealer for every successful deal and an admission fees for every service we provide to our customer.
Management Team This entire platform service will be powered by CHY AutoWorld / Yap Brothers. As known as one of the most experienced and biggest car dealer in town. We will be replying on some of their system to improve efficiency in this middle man platform which is a definitely benefit to our business due to their experience in the auto industry and familiar work with auto buy, sell and trade.
Company Background This idea came up about 3 months ago back in October of 2016.

This is only starting phase where we already have our teams ready but an investment fund.

For this business, we will require a space for customer to bring in their vehicle and store the vehicles that our dealers bought from while waiting them to collect it. With this, we might think that it requires a huge space and high cost in renting, but no. I’ve came up with an idea of using the underground carpark of CHY AutoWorld which is pretty empty and free for access, so we can store as many cars as possible in the underground carpark. Meanwhile we need an office upstairs and just a couple parking space for customer to park their cars while we inspect and make an offer for them.

all price quotation are listed up to maximum possibilities, as we always expect the worst case and normal case instead of maximum capital.


Office renovation : 30k
Monthly Rental : 10k
Monthly Salary : 8k
Monthly Marketing : 20k

Monthly Sale %

Minimum : 1% x 50,000 ( average of monthly local auto activity ) = 500 auto deals x RM1,000
Sale Revenue : RM500,000

Medium : 5% x 50,000 ( average of monthly local auto activity ) =2,500 auto deals x RM1,000
Sale Revenue : RM2,500,000

Monthly Cost : 40k + 38k = 78k
Annual Cost : 40k + ( 38k x 12 ) = 496k

Minimum Monthly Total Profit : RM500,000 – RM78,000 = RM422,000 NET PROFIT
Maximum Monthly Total Profit : RM2,500,000 – RM 78,000 = 2,322,000 NET PROFIT

Minimum Annual Total Profit : RM6,000,000 – RM78,000 = RM5,922,000 NET PROFIT
Maximum Annual Total Profit : RM30,000,000 – RM496,000 = RM29,504,000 NET PROFIT

Funding Milestone RM600,000 would be the total amount of funding required and with this amount investor will be able to expect a constant growth of our business due to the budget of pushing media marketing by spreading brand awareness. As we believe with the high amount of budget we aim to invest in media marketing will bring us a huge customer base and better brand awareness in the market.

First of all we are expecting about RM300,000 ( 50% ) for the production of app, website development, renovation and rental down payment.
Once the business is ready to go, we will be expecting another 50% for the company on its sustain and constant growth need.

% Equity Allocation Total amount of RM600,000 will be receiving 40% of our company share. RM150,000 for 10%.
Expected ROI Funders will be receiving over 3.9x the total amount invested in the business in a year. Minimum Annual Profit : RM5,922,000 x 40% = RM2,368,800
Company Name
Business Address
Contact Person Edmund Yaw

Achik Eat Clean Healthy Food Delivery

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Achik Eat Clean provides healthy food delivery. We started our bussiness in August 2016. We are based in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. Our products are healthy lunch box and we would love to cater for dinner and breakfast in near future. We also plan to open a restaurant and expanding our bussiness to the whole state in Malaysia. Our customer segments are 25-40 years old working professionals, people searching for healthy food and health concious personnel.
Business Opportunity We cater to people who has no time to cook and wanted to have a better meal choice. Malaysian has the higest obesity figure in South East Asia. We wanted to help Malaysian by educating eating right lifestyle and healthy.
Revenue / Business Model Partners: Advertising agencies, food suppliers
Key activities: Deliveries, call center operations, marketing, administration operations, business development, social media, food storage
Key resources: Chefs, delivery men, management employees, capitals, motorcycles
Value proposition: We aim to offer Healthy, Delicious and Affordable healthy meal box. Those values are hard to be combined together, but our job is to achieve it. This will be achive through high quality service and delivery.
Customer relationship: Offers, social media, feedback form, call center
Channels: facebook ads, social media and online ads
Management Team Business development: Faeznur Farok (Benny)
Operation Manager: Ahmad Abdul Salam
Head Chef: Zaqwan
Company Background Date start business: August 2016
Investment made to date: RM10,000
Sales: RM 30,000 per month
Expenses: RM12,650.00
Net profit: RM4,927.00
Funding Milestone Marketing: RM860.00 / month (fb ads)
Rental: RM1,250.00
Bills: RM 600.00
Delivery: RM8,000.00 / month
Company Name Achik Eat Clean
Business Address Jalan Tasik Utama 6, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Jalan Tasik Utama 6, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumput
Contact Person Benny

Taiwan Fried Chicken Master Franchise seeking RM1mil expansion fund

Business overview

We are the master franchisor of xxx Fried Chicken in Malaysia.  Currently we are have 5 outlets which is located at Sunway Putra, DAMEN USJ, Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley , Sunway Velocity Mall. Upcoming outlet we will have Genting Sky Avenue (tentatively open on March 2017).

And we operate our own central kitchen to do marinate process and supply to each outlet.

xxx was set up on year 2014, November. then we send 2 key person to Taiwan for training (3 months). After back from Taiwan, we set up our own central kitchen and start looking for lot to operate our 1st store.  Our 1st store (Sunway Putra) open on November 2015.

Currently Mr xxx holding 50% share and Mr xxx holding 50% share.

I personally know this brand since year 2007 when I first visit to Taiwan. I personally love their fried chicken very much . on year 2013, I start contacting Taiwan HQ to inquiry about the possibility of bringing this brand to Malaysia. after having a almost 1 year discussion and market survey and study (Taiwan boss visit Malaysia several times), then we successfully gain the franchise rights from Taiwan principal.

Key Team member

Mr xxx – act as General manager. Overlooking operation, production (central kitchen), marketing

*** assist by personal assistant Ms xxx

Mr xxx – act as finance & account director. Overlooking account, finance.

*** assist by personal assistant Ms xxx

Mr xxx – act as area manager. Handling outlet operation.

Market overview

We are confident that our 44 years secret recipe fried chicken are well accept by majority of the population, no matter which age group, sex, races.  Our selling price (RM9 per pack) are slightly higher compare with our competitor (SHILIN, Pasar malam brand), but it is still affordable by all income group .

Based on estimation, we are looking at the potential of having 50 – 100 outlets nationwide. FYI, SHIHLIN are operating around 70 outlets now in Malaysia.

Our central kitchen will have 10% Gross profit by supplying to each outlet.

Our outlet will have 60% Gross profit – 3% loyalty to Taiwan.  Currently our outlet revenue are averagely RM40,000 per month.

Funding request

We are looking forward to open another 4 outlets in Year 2017 (to make it in total 10 outlet by end of year 2017). Each outlet will cost us around RM140,000 (renovation), RM50,000 (equipment), RM30,000 (rental deposit and etc), RM20,000 (cash for rolling) and 6000 USD franchise fee per outlet (based on the total amount / 20 stores).

So we are looking at around RM270,000 per outlet. X 4 outlets, approx RM 1 million.

Investment risk and mitigating measures.

When we first introduce our brand in Malaysia, we find it difficult to look for nice location in shopping malls due to our brand are still new and shopping mall leasing department are mostly skeptical on our brand. After having a few outlets , people start knowing our brand and Major shopping malls (example Midvalley) even welcome & invite  us to have outlets in their shopping mall. By having 5 outlets now, we learn some experience and now we got the bargain power to negotiate with shopping mall/landlord to get a better location / rental rate.

Equity allocation.

We would like to value our company worth RM5 million. 2.5 X of our current up to date investment in term of $. We would like to  liquidate our share in return to get fund.


If based on our best performance outlet (Midvalley and Velocity).  Investment RM247k (franchise fee , renovation (can consider as asset), equipment (can consider as asset), renovation deposit( asset).  Based on RM60,000 sales. Profit before tax will be around RM10k per month X 12 months = RM120,000 per annum . ROI are 48% per annum.

Exit potential.

We assume that once we grow up to certain size (example 10-20 outlets), there might be potential F&B group would like to acquire us.

Current retail market are suffering due to Malaysia economic . Although xxx Fried Chicken are new in Malaysia market but we still manage to sustain and gain profit in such tough situation. Our profit are low at this moment due to weak ringgit currency, but still manage to have 60% GP (if Ringgit are RM3.8 to 1 USD, our GP will increase another 2-3%).  So we think now is the best timing for investor to come in, with a lower entry cost.

And we do also believe our fried chicken business can sustain for long term (Taiwan got 44 years history), due to we are not a “hit & run / trend “business. Nowadays there is  a lot of F&B new concept in Malaysia which doesn’t sustain in long term, such as the bubble tea trend, cheese tart/cake, yogurt ice cream and etc.

Magic Joint Treatment Oil

Project Title I have developed a natural oil which kills pain in minutes. Can be used for muscles, joints, and other aches. Shows amazing results and I have many customer testimonials to back that statement up with.
Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested Rm 40,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description This product has sold over 10,000 pieces in the past year and that is without any high level marketing or advertising. Just be word of mouth. Imagine the number of sales if there was an investment which could allow advertising and marketing to the right consumer.
Joint and muscle pain is one of the most common pains associated with elder folk and people who are heavy. This product works fast and is very effective. The cost of production is very low compared to the profit which could be be reaped.
Business Opportunity This product can be the next big pain killer. It really starts to show effects immediately. It has been tested and proven. I have many customer testimonials from around the world. I have exported to over 10 countries. The market is huge considering most individuals suffer from muscle and joint pain as soon as they hit the age of 40+ and also people who are heavier than average. Just have to massage this oil on the area of pain for a few minutes and instantly they feel relief from the agonizing pain.
Revenue / Business Model By using the funds to do high level marketing and advertising for this product, it will for sure be a success. Not only in Malaysia or Asia, but all around the world. Again, the cost of production is low and the profit could be extremely great. Profits could be seen within months.
Management Team A smart marketing director would be needed. Also individuals to handle orders and delivery.
Company Background Started November 2014. Investment made to date is RM 40,000. Have profited over RM 90,000. Have exported to multiple countries. Get orders all the time from people who have used it or hear about it.
Funding Milestone RM 100,000 would be sufficient enough to start with. Then how much you invest depends on how big of a business you would like it to be.
% Equity Allocation 75
Expected ROI Difficult to say but can be discussed
Risks and Mitigation Very low risk because of cheap price of production.
Exit Strategies I don’t think any investor investing in this product will need an exit strategy. The sky is the limit with this product because of its efficiency. But can be discussed.
Company Name Magic Joint
Business Address Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Ali Hoosein

TAA 3651 Media Partnership – VerifiedSocial✓™

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 50,000.00
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description™ utilizes deep embedding messaging tactic to push campaigns to targeted X, Y and Z generation of the world. Campaigns will be altered as such the subliminal message thru auditory or visual to the limits of human perception.™ understands traditional advertising has a major problem in viewability. Consumers are less forgiving to displayed and audible advertising (non-relevant triggers). The community tend to psychologically filter out non-relevant information which results in loss of intended campaign communication. The uniqueness of subliminal perception, occurs whenever stimuli presented is below the threshold or limen for awareness are found to influence thoughts, feelings, or actions. Traditional advertising tend to blast non-relevant triggers that has resulted in technologies like “ad-blocking”. We are here to break the traditional advertisement eco-system.

Ultimately, we will spearhead communications in an effective manner for government programs or corporate companies that will receive a greater reaction and loyalty from the general public of Malaysia. Using deep embedded technologies, we will be able to initiate concrete recall on psychological effect from the large population on periods of importance like during the period prior of an election (we will need investment to acquire technology to assist in rapid data mining on incoming traffics from known sources like facebook, twitter, etc). This services may be acquired by the government or the highest bidder within the private sector.

Business Opportunity Currently, we would acquire potential stories through feeds and news creation and match advertising that is only relevant with the stories that is uploaded within the world wide web. We would also acquire social media leaders followers to create a trend that will trigger mass acquisition on product or program. Data mining visitors interests and peaks on what is the next big trend. Probe markets, on what is relevant next.

Market we aim to acquire in phase 1 of business operation by year end 2018.
Digital Advertising Market – Malaysia – RM 1,397,292,143.22 (2016/2017)
VerifiedSocial✓TM taps realistic market of 0.2 % – RM 27,945,842.86

Digital Payments Market – Malaysia – RM 3,648,317,843.80 (2016/2017)
VerifiedSocial✓TM taps realistic market of 0.2 % – RM 72,996,356.87

Facebook Users in Malaysia 10.9 Million Users
Instagram Users in Malaysia 4.9 Million Users
Twitter Users in Malaysia 2.1 Million Users
Whatsapp Users in Malaysia 24.7 Million Users
Wechat Users in Malaysia 7.02 Million Users (statistics provided by STATISTA)

Revenue / Business Model Membership Subscription to VerifiedSocial✓™ Lifestyle Platform Customer Front :
32.26 Million Population in Malaysia
17.8 Million Population uses smartphone (statistics provided by STATISTA)
RM 2/month (based on market above): RM 35,600,000 / Realistic market tap at rate of 0.8 % burn rate per month : RM 248,800Sponsored Campaigns :
RM 0.40 for each click or eyeball on planned campaigned by client

In-Platform Credit For Purchase :
RM 1.99 credit purchase – Purchase for followers, recognition and spotlight campaign to all users on platform or
RM 5.99 credit purchase – Purchase ELITE Experience Within Their Day to Day operation or
RM 8.99 credit purchase – Purchasing for direct access to enhance their posting within VerifiedSocial✓™

Management Team The management team for VerifiedSocial✓™ both came from companies that deals with digital currencies like PayPal and the Royal Bank of Canada. They harnessed the understanding on how to streamline work processes within their digital respective. We will be the leaders in digital acquisition in future advertising/communication campaigns. Capital would be apart of a vision that will mobilize psychological and emotional triggers that will entice the Malaysian populace to be a part of a movement that goes in the interest of governments, transnational companies and local SMEs through web applications and mobile application alike. Each team member brings deep knowledge, expertise and understanding to the table needed to create a product that is relevant for the X, Y and Z generation of any community. We are driven by a common passion for wanting real-time information assisting us in our day to day decisions. We believe VerifiedSocial✓™’s relevant capabilities lies in our passion to provide a socially advanced technology that may support you in your own way of life. VerifiedSocial✓™ wants to be there to provide helpful information, during mysteriously awkward moments
Company Background When was the last time you received a piece of information on your social media that you can with out a doubt accept it and state that the information you received has not been watered down or spiced up ? This is why we created VerifiedSocial✓™. VerifiedSocial✓™ was incorporated on 23 Jun 2016, RM 50,000 was invested in acquiring a foot hold on digital economy loophole within the government infrastructure and the rapid development of front end of VerifiedSocial✓™ web application. We have had
Funding Milestone Funding Required : RM 2,500,000.00
Usage :
1. Talent Hiring
Front End Developer / Full Stack Capability
Back End Developer Focused
Business to Business Marketing Officers
2. Legal Support
Trademark Acquisition
Increase Brand Protection Advisory
3. Accountancy expertise on growing financial health of the company
% Equity Allocation 18.5 %
Expected ROI 10.5% / 2 Years
Risks and Mitigation Years : 2
Rate of return : 10.5%
Initial investment : RM 2,500,000.00
Inflation rate : 3%
Tax rate : 24%Yr A.Int Taxes Net Return Total
0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 RM 2,500,000.00
1 $0.00 $61,165.05 $120,873.79 RM 2,620,873.79
2 $0.00 $64,122.35 $126,717.98 RM 2,747,591.76

Your original investment of $2,500,000.00 will be worth $2,747,591.76 after 2 years. This assumes an annual rate of return of 10.5%. All values are shown after inflation is taken into account.

Exit Strategies Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Merger/Acquisition by year end 2019
Company Name TAA 3651 Media Partnership – VerifiedSocial✓™
Business Address 9, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Mukhri