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Waste to energy in Melaka

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested Not Disclosed
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Details:
(a) Involves Mining the landfill to recover combustible portion to be used to produce power,
thru a Biomass Solid Waste Power Plant of 15 MW, which will be sold to TNB under REPPA
for 16 years, and also to recover recyclables which will be sold to recyclers.
(b) Also building a Solar PV Power Plant of 20 MW, which will be sold to TNB, under REPPA for
21 years.
(c) Finally, after the land is cleared, it will be used for Property Development.
Business Opportunity Turning Landfill into energy which would be sold to TNB and also land will be cleared so that it can be used for development.
Revenue / Business Model We have been awarded with a Contract by the State to manage the landfill.
Management Team You can visit
Company Background You can visit our website
Funding Milestone Not Disclosed
% Equity Allocation 1% for MYR 75K. Open to negotiation and percentage of equity is for nego.
Exit Strategies Public listing by 2020.
Company Name Mogh Bioenergy Sdn Bhd
Business Address Cheras and Melaka
Contact Person Gobikrishnan

Acquisition Opportunity : The most experience​d mobile app company in Malaysia

Looking for buyer for the most experience​d mobile app company in Malaysia

Company Profile

  • The most experienced mobile app company in Malaysia – 9 years in the business, from producing SMS contents to mobile apps and now even Smart TV apps
  • Profitable with 22% net margin
  • Has developed over 60 mobile apps/contents
  • Won 7 local and international awards – UK, France, India, Malaysia
  • Growing number of sales inquiries from Malaysian companies and abroad
  • 20 multi-talented staffs that are capable of developing iOS and Android apps, Facebook apps, web apps and Smart TV apps
  • Has developed 4 promising in-house apps targeted for specific industries that could be replicated globally

Clients’ Testimonials

“I was recommended to work with this company for key launch content for Nokia N9 and was very impressed with the team’s professionalism and execution excellence! This team did not just deliver but ensure their work is at the highest quality and deliver their promise based on the agreed schedule and timeline.” – Eda Lim, Developer Manager, Nokia Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

“Our management is most happy with your efficient fast development turnaround time. We are now thinking of contracting you for all our future apps” – Elizabeth Lay, Business Development Manager, The Edge Malaysia

“It was a pleasure having to work with them during the intense period of the (Asian Cup) tournament and it as proven to us that he is able to work well under pressure. We were happy to have experience his determination and promptness in making sure the success of the project – Edwin Ng, Marketing Manager, Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

“They could be the best supplier we ever worked with”– Nicholas Sagau, Head of IT, Media Prima
Reason for selling

We are getting ever-increasing requests from companies to develop their mobile apps and we could not cope with this demand with our current resources. We are willing to offer majority shares to interested buyers that can inject more resources (working capital to hire more mobile app developers, project managers, testers, account managers) and scale the business regionally.

Why you should acquire us?

Our company wants to reap our true potential. Now, we are just scratching the surface. With your resources and market access, we can be 10 times bigger and better!

Preferred acquirer

Businesses that wish to venture into the ultra-fast growing mobile sector

Biomass pellets manufacturing plant in Johor seeking RM22 mil to expand production capacity.

Executive Summary:

1) This project is a design and built for 2 production lines of Biomass Pellet Mills.
2) Total production capacity is 20 TPH or 10,000 TPM or 120,000 TPY.
3) Raw materials are wood and palm oil waste.
4) Total investment is RM 22 million including factory.
5) Total annual revenue is estimated RM 40 Millions to 60 million.
6) The ROI is estimated 2.2 years (including 9 months factory set up).

Project Status:

1) This project has been obtained GTFS certificate from Malaysia Green Technology Corporation by KETTHA.
2) This project is categorised pioneer status by MIDA.
3) Factory location has been identified.
4) Machinery Suppliers have been identified
5) Raw Material Suppliers have been identified

Company Background

xxx Sdn Bhd is founded in 2011. Company is located in the biggest palm and wood industry state, Johor. xxx initially has set up its pilot plant in Pontian, Johor. After 2 years of research and development on pelletisation technology, xxx has successfully completed and predominated the entire process, started from the collection of wood and palm waste, screening, drying, grinding, and packaging. Finally, xxx is capable to produce wood pellets and palm pellets.

Next, xxx is currently planning to expand its production capacity to 20 tons per hour or ten thousand tons per month. The project has been recognised by Energy, Green Technology and Water Department (KETTHA) Malaysia and obtained Green Project Certificate under Green Technology Finance Scheme (GTFS) issued by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation. With this project commenced, xxx will be able to reduce significantly the agricutural waste, to provide long-term supply of biofuel energy fulfilling the industrial needs,
creating value for its customers as energy-saving solutions provider, while creating a clean, low-carbon environment. Subsequently, xxx will become the leading biomass pellet fuel provider in Malaysia .

International Demand :

1) Asia – China
• September 12, 2013 the State Council has issued the “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” and clearly stated to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, improve the proportion of clean energy and control the total coal consumption.
• Target : Reduce the proportion of coal consumption to total energy to 65% or less.
• The industrial heating is the main energy market, there are currently more than 50 million units of small coal-fired boilers (>20 tons) and the annual coal consumption is 270 million tons. The 30% of consumption is accounted for an estimated 80 million ton solid fuel.

2) Asia – Korea

• South Korea has adopt Renewable Portfolio Standard, RPS. 14 public and private electric utilities company MUST, at the time in 2015, using a 4% share of renewable energy sources, and then gradually increase to 10% in 2022
• In addition, South Korea will allow to import palm oil biomass due to limited wood pellet sources in September.
• The total consumption in 2022 is estimated 19 million tons as below.

3) Asia – Japan

• Since the nuclear accident occurred at Fukuda, Japan has been actively developing renewable energy projects.
• In July 2012, Japan has began the energy buyback program – Feed in Tariff (FIT), to subsidise and develop various renewable energy.
• For electricity generated by biomass, the FIT price is set from 13.65 to 40.95 yen / kWh for a 20-year contract,
• The main market is industrial heating.
• Japan’s current demand of biomass is one million tons and its demand is estimated will reach three million ton in 2015.

4) Europe

The European Union member agreed to a 20% binding target for renewable energy (including 10% from biomass) by 2020 as well as a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in March 2007. The potential pellet quantities required from 10 million p.a. (2010) to 90 million p.a. (2020)


• Malaysia adopted the “Five-Fuel-Policy” with Renewable Energy as the 5th Fuel for Power generation in 2000.
• Small Renewable Energy Power (SREP) Programme was started in 2001 covered Biomass, Biogas, Landfill Waste, Mini-Hydro.
• National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan (2009)
• Renewable Energy Act (2011) & Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act SEDA (2011)
• Feed in Tariff (FiT) Programme – To encourage building of power plant including Biomass Power Plant Malaysia Energy Policy – 5th fuel Policy

Local Demand:

• The total power generation by Biomass 2015
= Commissioned plant + Plant in progress
= 43.4 + 91.0
= 134.4 MW
Hence, all plants require >500,000 ton wood Pellet annually > 40,000 ton wood Pellet per month.
Assume RM300/ton, Potential Business Value >RM 150,000,000 OR 150 mill annually >RM 12,500,000 OR 12.5 mill per month Not Including factories which needs heating for steam and hot water! E.g. Glove Manufacturer, Chemical Plants, and etc !

Advantage of proposed location:

1) Very close to raw materials sources。
2) Located center of southern johor.
3) Raw material supplies are within 50 km.
4) Palm oil waste is estimated 20,000 ton per month
5) Wood waste is estimated 3,000 ton per month
6) Located center of 2 sea ports.

One2one mobile car services 

Company Overview

The company is principally engaged in the business of oil and gas and processed materials from 14/12/2012 till now. In July 2015, xxxx (M) Sdn Bhd add new business model One2one mobile car service.

Market Overview and Opportunity

  • Our target markets are non luxury car owners for family and commercial
  • Malaysia has the third highest rate of car ownership in the world
  • More than ½ million vehicles added to the road every year
  • An estimated RM 10 billion spent on vehicle maintenance every year
  • Our innovative mobile car service is the first in Malaysia help car owner to save time and hassle on car service.

Business Model

Our one2one app referrers viral effect model to get members estimated 38,000 members/year. Our revenue resources are

  • Car service with 15% net profit for each car service charge at average price of RM162
  • Agency franchise fee for each franchisee who join us.
  • We estimated both income above will generate 2 million net profit in 2017.

Funding Request

xxxxx (M) Sdn Bhd would like to use 20% of the shares to raise RM 1.5 million for develop mobile car service to save car owner’s hassle, time spend on road and waiting time at workshop

Owner’s own funding to-date is RM 900K and had been achieve 400 members sign up since Nov 2015 without the one2one app and marketing team.

With the one2one app just completed by end Nov 2016 and collaboration with marketing team , we expected the number of members sign up will be increase estimated 38,000/year and increase to 600k of members in year 2018.

Contact us for more details

Cambodia Property Development Project

Potential ROI up to 90% in 3 – 3.5 years

Checkout the Link below on Investment Potential in Cambodia

We wants to introduce medium cost apartment to the medium income market in Cambodia.

This project is to help the middle income group in Phnom Penh because most developer are building too costly flat houses and high end condominium

Purchase available Land size 60m x 232m below $100/sqm ( we have found land Below Market Price )

We require US$4.5mil. to start of with 2 Blocks of the Apartments and than roll over the fund to build the next 2 more Apartment Blocks + 2 Lots of Link Houses to complete the project

Total 264 units of Apartments + 21 Terrace Garden Link Houses

Facilities Available :
Security Gated Community
Children Playground
Management Office
Adult Exercise Area
Public Area Maintenance & Cleaner
BBQ / Steamboat Area
Café for Asian & Western Food
Car & Motor Parking Space
Mini Mart & Laundry Services

Foreigner Purchase Price US$55’500 – US$59’500
Cambodian Buyer : 5% – 10% discount

Note :

This project have the capacity to grow into few more similar projects in Cambodia

We are a small company in Cambodia looking for Investor who want to own the entire project above which we will be constructing, consulting and managing it for the investor

Thank you

xxxx Co., Ltd.
Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh,
Kingdom of Cambodia.

Halba & Co. Restaurant & Lounge

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 32,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description A fine dining restaurant with Seaview on the shore of Malacca Straits with the FIRST Lounge that celebrates the Cigar & Tobacco (Gentleman’s Lounge) located in The Jetty Bandar Hilir area. With Malaysia Innovative Cuisine (a newly structured of typical along with traditional Malaysian cuisine) as it’s core of the business, the restaurant will also become an exclusive place to consume high grade and luxury wine and champagnes which can be an attraction to the tourist which seek and exclusive place to leisure in Malacca. .
Business Opportunity There are plenty of fine dining restaurant focusing onwards international without effort to elevate our own local cuisine to a fine dining standards.The Lounge will also become the First & Only lounge in Malacca which celebrates the fans of Cigar and Tobacco product which have a suprisingly demand in the city as the lounges available there are focusing in attracting young crowds while our target for the company iare the well-established adults.

Located just 300 meter from the city centre and tourist attractions (A’Famosa & other cultural sites) and also in the exclusive area of Mahkota Resort and Holiday Inn. The location is also the spot for the passengers of luxury cruise (Royal Caribbean Cruise, Star Cruise etc.) which the port are located just 1 km from the building.

With current economic growth of Malacca supported mainly by the flow of Singaporeans who spend their time every weekend (estimated 15 millions visitors annum) and backed by a strong and active tourism activities.

Revenue / Business Model The revenue will be generated mainly from the foods and beverages where the cost of preparing a plate of dish is lower than the other cuisine but still can be sell at a high price as the way of serving, and construction of the dish will be in international standards. Cigar & Tobacco product will be the secondary income along with the venue are suitable for a medium capacity function. (3 shop lot combined).Targeting middle and high class local community as well.
Management Team The company will be divided into two management which the operation management and administration management. The restaurant will be lead by the Chef de Cuisine who will monitor all the operation section with the assistance of one Restaurant Manager to lead the service team. The administration management will consist of Administration Manager and an assistance to cover all the documentation, human resources affairs and all related matters. The staffing will consist of 4 kitchen crews, 5 server/waiter, and 2 stewards.
Company Background The company was founded by a young Chef who have been endorsed by well known Chef Zubir, Malaysian Culinary Team Chairman and award winning Malaysian Chef, Chef Federico Michieletto a world known Culinary judge, international Food Critics, Bocuse D’or award winning chef from Italy who based in Malaysia.

The company established in 23rd November 2016 by a partnership with a young businessman from Kuala Lumpur which have made a decision to screw everything up as the fund supposed to be his part which he never deliver due to his own personal problems. The restaurant is ready to operate just two weeks after the supposed fund to be received.

The total investment made to date was RM 32,493.00 which covers the rental deposit along with deposit of installment to the previous owner of the restaurant and topping up also service and kitchen basic equipments and utensils.

Funding Milestone The total fund required for me to start the operation of the restaurant is RM 250, 000.00 to be able to complete and run smoothly for the first year of business. The fund will also be used to upgrade the kitchen equipment, (adding another stove, oven working station etc.) along with some renovation for the Lounge Area (bar counter, interior, furniture and etc). A total RM 49, 000.00 and RM 3,500.00 will be allocated to pay the remaining balance from the deal with the previous restaurant owner and also the Holiday Inn The Jetty Management.
% Equity Allocation 55%
Expected ROI 200
Risks and Mitigation The risks of investing to the company are not so wide as the nature of business are totally different than what the current business that the City can offer but it still will consist of a few normal investment risks. With equipments and utensils valued nearly RM 200,000.00 along with renovation of the restaurant which easily evaluated at RM 100,000.00 in value will be the mitigating factors for the business investors.
Exit Strategies The opportunity for the investors to exit the investment will be available after 24 months of operation and the total investment will be returned safely without hesitation from the company.
Company Name Halba & Co. Restaurant and Lounge
Business Address Lot F105-F107 The Jetty Holiday Inn, Jeti Parameswara No 12A,Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz Bandar Hilir. 75000 Melaka Malaysia
Contact Person Dzul Fiqri Zunizam

Custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software

The only company that offers clients a custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software along with manpower at no cost.


Problems worth solving

  • Inequality with vendor selection
  • Certain Vendors monopolize the market
  • Corruption in procurement departments
  • Ineffective procurement systems
  • No right software fit for organizations
  • Outsourced procurement services and software are expensive

Our solutions

  • We build custom made cloud based purchasing
  • Portals have open vendor listing and transparent price competition.
  • Since it is open, corruption or monopoly becomes limited.
  • Odd purchasing decisions can be detected and reported.
  • We have tools such e-bid to create real savings.
  • We offer manpower to handle clients purchasing
  • We do all of the above at no cost so we create administrative and software savings as soon as we start.


  • We do not charge buyers
  • They see value in our no charge service and sign on with us
  • We build their custom platform
  • We register their pre-existing vendors and we source for new vendors
  • They start purchasing through our portals
  • We charge the vendors 3% out of every transaction
  • All payments are upfront

Funding needed: RM2 million

Will primarily be used for customized website building, manpower, marketing and branding efforts.


We currently have the following in the pipeline :

  • RM 490 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a large local GLC. Final stages of negotiation on the LOI. (Operations start in May 2017)
  • RM 30 million annual procurement via our platform deal with an oil and gas firm. Negotiating LOI terms now. ( Operations start in February 2017)
  • RM 230 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a Malaysian based MNC. Have a meeting scheduled to finalize terms and operational concerns. (Operations expected to start in April 2017)
  • RM 60 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a Malaysian based Public listed company. Negotiating operational terms now. (Expected to start in February 2017)
  • RM 70 million annual procurement via our platform deal with an Oil & Gas firm. Have agreed to start using us and negotiating LOI now. ( Expected to start in March 2017)

Although some of the above are already in the final stages of negotiations, projected revenues are based on the transition needed for these companies to completely start purchasing everything via our platforms.

We are not just a media company , but an ecosystem

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM260,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Goody Technologies was founded in June, 2015, with a single mission which is to improves the profit making process of the new generation. We are a platform that covers many areas such as providing and integrating information, providing ads services, interlinking platforms, etc. It focuses on creating an ecosystem where the new generation can improves their earnings and life quality while the SMEs developed by them could better be sold.

Goody Technologies started off with just two very close friends, and a year later, it grows into a groupof 12, with 6 core personnel. Although it is hard to start up a company focusing on networking technologies in Asia, but together, we believe that it is definitely possible if we are doing it as a team. Inspired by Google, we managed and operates in a more relaxing style in order to give space for employee’s growth. After a year of sweat and tears, we are proud to say that we have over millions of users. While enjoying the pride, we do not planned to stay put with our current fame,but determined to further our footsteps in building a healthy and complete ecosystem and to improves the society.

Business Opportunity The Market
1.Problem – We don’t have a good Lifestyle Content (Chinese) in SouthEast Asia
Solution -We created with QUALITY CONTENT , 10 Million Pageviews within a month2.Problem- We don’t have enough in-house editors to create content
Solution- We provide Partner. to let all youngsters to have a chance to be our editor and earn money at the same time .3.Problem-Businesses don’t have a platform to connect with social media talents to talk about Advertisement
Solution- We created GOBIZ , to allow business deal with social media talents to talk about Advertisement , at the same time we will provide the data , ads performance for the business.
Revenue / Business Model Our Revenue Model:

Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd:
i)Advertorial Ads and sponsorship fees
ii)Website AdsBlock & Banner advertising fees
iii)Social Media Marketing fees
iv)Platform Fees (from editor & social media Partner)

Management Team AARON LIM HOO CHEN – Managing Director
ALEX OOI KEAN LIM – Executive Director
ELAINE NEOH EE LEAN – Head of Administrative
ZEFF TANG KHENG HOOI – Senior IT ExecutiveMalaysia
YEOH YEE HUA – Supervisor of IT Team
Company Background Jun 2015 –
Founded Goody25.comDec 2015 – reach 4 Mil Pageviews
50 Freelance online EditorsFeb 2016
Transform Editor platform into Partner.
100+ online active Editors
First Company Funded by Angel investor

Apr 2016
Founded reach 10 Mil P.views (Highest)

Sept 2016
Prepare to be Sdn.Bhd
Launch Social Media Partner(SMP) APP pre-launch

Oct 2016
“Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd” Formed
Ready for second round investment (angel)

Nov 2016
Officially Launch for VIP
(Social Media Talents)
to accept & negotiating Ads at Gobiz

Funding Milestone Jun 2015 – 65,000 ( Paid Up Capital )
April 2016 – 200,000 ( Invested by 4 Angel Investors )
Nov 2016 – 100,000 ( Another round of Investment )
Company Name Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd
Contact Person Aaron Lim

Seafood import business from Kalimantan,Indonesia to Johore,Malaysia

Funding required: RM1mil to RM2mil

We have our group of clients and consumers ready to purchase. Our monthly revenue from profit is estimated to be at RM 1.8 million.

Cold storage facilities, food processing plant, import/export of fisheries and seafood from indonesia project proposal

xxx Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia in 1992 have proposed to implement a project which involves the import of fisheries and seafood from Indonesia to Malaysia as well as the construction of a Cold Storage Facility and a Food Processing Plant in Endau Fishery Port , Johor Bahru.

To materialise this project, this proposal will summarise the total financial expenses involved in the construction, installation and acquisition of machineries and equipments for the Cold Storage Facility and the cost of overheading the export and import of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia at Endau Fishery Port, Johor Bahru.

The said Project will be constructed by a local multinational company, xxx SDN BHD who specialises in manufacturing complete range of products for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. On the operational aspects of the projects as well as the import and export of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia will be solely handles by xxx who has an established team manpower and management to oversee the business processes.

The potential clients xxx hopes to capture once the Project is fully implemented are the local companies, importers exporters as well as the international market. xxx has also worked out an understanding with various Government agencies as well as multinational companies ( in the form of memorandum of understanding) that these agencies and companies will be utilising the Cold Storage Facilities once they are implemented.

The total project cost, inclusive of pre-operating expenses and working capital requirements is USD$10 million which includes the cost of installation, land acquisition, machineries and equipment.

** Full project paper ready. Contact us for details