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Production of High Density Saw Dust Briquettes & Briquette Charcoal for Export

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 1,500,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Malaysia is a country where you can find Waste Biomass (Waste Agricultural By Products) in abundance.
Saw Dust in huge volumes are found in almost everywhere in the country.
Our project is to add value to this waste materials by converting them to a “Solid Bio-Fuel” called High Density Saw Dust Briquettes or Fire Logs.
Fire Logs are used especially in the European continent for the Fire Places, during the Winter Season. Approximately 1,000,000 Tons of this fuel is needed each year for the fire places during this season. It is also been used as a Fuel for the Steam Boilers, worldwide.
Our Target is to Export this Commodity, Worldwide in a consistent manner.
We have plans to develop a system to produce the same Fire Logs with EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) from the Oil Palm Factories & Wax Mixed Fire Logs when we become financially sound in the near future.
Business Opportunity The Foreign Partner involved in this business, M/s. Demeco Enterprises, Sri Lanka is a pioneer in manufacturing of Bio Mass Briquetting Equipment, since year 2000. The Machinery & Equipment needed for this project is provided by DEMECO, as a part of their investment. Therefore, we have sound Technological Background as far as the Know How & Equipment Maintenance are concerned. We have great chances over others to succeed in achieving our targets within a shorter period of time due to the above reasons.
The market for our products is unlimited, worldwide as explained earlier.
Opportunities for exploitation for new markets are unlimited as well.
Revenue / Business Model Initially, during the first 06 months of operation our targeted volume is around 500 Tons per Month.
This will bring in a minimum revenue of around RM 350,000 each month. After the first 06 months we shall increase the production volume to 1000 Tons per month & then our revenue would be doubled to RM 700,000 per month. At the same time our overhead recovery would improve tremendously.
This business would earn over 60% gross margin, provided it is managed in a professional manner.
Therefore we are very confident in achieving high profits within a short period of time.
We shall continue to expand & increase the volume of production & exploit in to possibilities of producing & marketing additional products as well, as explained earlier.
Management Team The Malaysian Partner is well experienced in the Field of Marketing & would very much capable of marketing our products to high end buyers.
The Foreign Partner is well conversant with the Production Process & Manufacturing / Maintaining any kind of equipment needed for the industry.
This is the Best Combination, any manufacturing business should have.
We will also have an expatriate Production Manager engaged full time in time to come.
Company Background The Company; Demeco Bioenergy (M) Sdn. Bhd. (1186911-M) was established on 10th May 2016 & have leased out a factory premises in Klang area on the 19th of October.
The 1st 40ft. Container loaded with machinery & equipment has already reached Port Kelang & awaiting clearing. Another 40ft. Container, also loaded with Machinery & Equipment is due to leave Colombo, Sri Lanka by Mid November. The 3rd Consignment too would be arriving from China, during the same period of time.
Investment to date would be exceeding RM 1,500,000 by first week of November.
Funding Milestone By end of the current year our total investment would exceed RM 2,000,000. However, there is an immediate requirement to raise around RM 300,000 to facilitate expenses incurred locally (within Malaysia) in order to expedite the process of urgently setting up of this facility.
These funds would be used mainly as working capital & expenses for utilities etc.
If the required funds are received immediately, we could expedite the entire process of commencing the production even at an earlier date.
This would lead us to achieve our targets in a more realistic manner.
% Equity Allocation 15%
Expected ROI Less than 18 months
Risks and Mitigation Frankly, there are no unforeseen Risks, worldwide affecting this industry or in Malaysia as a country.
As Mitigation is an essential factor in business, we have plans to diversify our activities by producing a wide range of products in the future as explained in details, earlier.
Exit Strategies Any prospective investor would be free to exit after 15 months from effective date of the investment or after 12 months by giving 03 months prior notice in writing.
Company Name Demeco Bioenergy (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address PT 71185, Jalan Keretapi Lama / Ku 15, Taman Pererat Makmur, Mukim Kapar, 42200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact Person Mr. Kesavan Periasamy

Power plant services business

Current Status Loss-making, Turnaround
Amount Invested RM2milion
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description I am 36 years business man start power plant industries business since 2005 and have lost in last 2 years of bad collections on subcontractors and now 1 year slowly growing back in track which company dept from 1.5 million drop to RM700k estimations and have wide opportunity in power industry. I need an investor to support me in cash value and back bone for company to growth in 2 year time . We don’t have any bank loan so far due to documentations issue . Looking for real investor help to make young enterprise success .
Business Opportunity Power plant business is one of the sustainable business more dealing with power . The clients is good pay master too.
Revenue / Business Model All system in power plant is critical and power need to be run almost every day . Engineering item resources get item and breaks down task completions is major key for generate the business.
More tender value and since now economic slow down only strong business people can buy expensive tender to participate. Buying tender power are limitations to company week in cash for participating. More participants more business and strategy.
Management Team From 2005 to 2014 we have almost 38 management staff and now 2016 we only have total 7 including my self .

Team are competence of
Creating sales
Admin management
Project executions
Finance management
Sub contracting labours

-when new investor support received new team will perform upgrading and add more staff.

Company Background Started in 2005 until present . Highest turn over is 4 millions per year . Lowest turn over is 500k per year .

We have making 30% profit .

Investment made up to now is RM2milion .

Funding Milestone All investor funding will be delivered return in 5 years time depend on amount of funding taken.

First stage funding
-dept recovering
Second stage funding
-Upgrade entire system and do sales until funding amount reaches 70%.
Third stage funding
-reserved cash value when second stage funding empty . More business purpose .

% Equity Allocation 50% If they buy the company at 2 milions
Expected ROI Average of 20% per year
Risks and Mitigation No risk . Team work required and care fully managed the finance . Company director will sign up insurance for dept recovers in case anything happen to the owners of company.

There will be risk of low sales margin due to high competition can cost the roi at 14%. Economy down term we can return all capital investment in period of time .

Exit Strategies I would like go for long term and growth with investor . Possible to be like warant buffet and make investor good return and growth together for next level of wealth and help the community.

All money invested will be guaranty return. I need strong investor stay with us.

Eco friendly attractive stationery

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested > RM 500 K
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description 1. Company manufacturing and with original design concepts of eco friendly stationery. Operational for more then 10 years and with international customer base.
Products currently manufactured in China.
Company has been restructured and require funds for working capital mostly as orders start to come in and marketing overseas has seen success.
Business Opportunity Huge potential..certified for school sales and child safety certified.
Revenue / Business Model Esseantially using contractors to manufacture to design and shipping to international markets.
Currently sold to Japan, Mid east, India and also found in Malaysian schools and stores.
Revenue currently at >RM 1M but need cash inputs to grow up to RM 5M per annum.
Margins are >25% but can improve if manufacturing re structured.
Management Team A JV between USA, Singapore and Malaysia environment lovers and animal protection enthusiasts.
Company Background >10 years old and found more as a hobby, the product has caught global liking. Ver attracitve and easy to sell. Children love it, students love it and animal and envirnmentalists love it.
The products are superior, but the business management has been less the satisfactory to be honest.
New out of box thinking required. More money required.
Mostly to build stocks for quick turns which will see higher turnover and better cash flow.
Funding Milestone Initially a sum of RM 150 K required and the rest can be arranged.
% Equity Allocation can be discussed. 1 or 2 current shareholders willing to part for a sum
Expected ROI 18 months to 24 months
Risks and Mitigation Unique products, brand getting good recognition and acceptance.
Manufacturing in China getting expensive and and movement in currency will impact margins.
Require volumes to start a facility in Malaysia. Or a facility in Malaysia will help drive volumes!!
Exit Strategies 1 or 2 shareholders not critical to business willing to opt out for a sum to be discussed.
Company Name Obon International Sdn Bhd
Business Address Kota Damansara, Selangor
Contact Person Mohan

Manufacturing carbon products form biomass

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested >400K
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Model, unique and breakthrough biochar manufacturing plant in Perak.
Fully set up, require cash injection for working capital and some capital to make it auditable.
Business Opportunity The products will require acceptance form international customers. Samples have been delivered and orders are possible after first production run.
Revenue / Business Model The raw materials are easily source biomass. The gross margins if sold internationally are in excess of 60%.
Low labour content.
Revenues can be about RM 100 K per month with current capacity at 70% utilisation.
Adding on capacity is low cost in the RM 50K region.
Management Team The leader is a former very senior leader of a US company, doing this on retirement.
Other partner is a entrepreneur with contacts in supply base and inroads to government projects if required.
Third partner is sleeping partner.
Company Background Started in 2015 it is a eco company with technology provided by a university and government agency.
It is currently running tests and awaiting for packaging machinery to arrive from China.
Plant is expected to be fully operational and in production mode in Januray 2017.
Funding Milestone At the moment funding requirement is less then100K (ringgits).
Willing to do it any way required including interest bearing loan, convertible shares etc.

Ampang Original Yong Tau Fu Sdn Bhd

Current Status Loss-making, Turnaround
Amount Invested 600k
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Ampang original yong tau fu was first brought now to Johor Bahru in 1994 after 8 yrs we decided to sell back to Ampang . After a short lapsed we revive in 2014 Ampang original YonG tau fu the non- pork version and was acceptable by the market . Currently we have 2 outlets and a central kitchen which can produce for 5 outlets.
We are looking into another new segment of the market the halal and non- pork eater market. At the same time we believe franchising in this business is widely acceptable and encourage .
Business Opportunity Ampang original yong tau fu is an household brand for many of us and is easily recognized and acceptable to the market. Our vision is to franchise the business into every recognized shopping centers, food courts , food trucks and fastfood kiosk.
70 % of the un tap market if is halal certified .
Central kitchen can also produce for hotels, airlines and other wholesale supplies.
It is a very easy business to do , anyone can manage and be train with simple cooking. Peace of mind from having to solve workers problems, chef runaway, recipes stolen and duplicate .
Products are easily recognized and can be a breakfast item, lunch items and dinner items. Is light yet is healthy and filling.
Ingredients are only fish paste and vegetables and breancurd . Good and healthy for any category of people. Young or old.
Revenue / Business Model Untap 70% of the Malay and non-pork eater market.
Franchise holder can get goodwill and franchise fees
Products are versatile, it can turn into steamboat joint or tim sum restaurant or just stand on its own
Fast food kiosk at mall and shopping outlets
Online food delivery and food truck for young entrepreneurs who no experience in food business.
Wholesale market supplies are abundance – hotel, other restaurants and airlines
Management Team Existing we have 13 workers , 4 in production, 2 managers and the rest service staff.
Managers are well experienced in running the day to day business , while one of the managing director are focusing on production and formulation of other food line.
Company Background Started in 1993 in Johor Bahru after 8 years we sold back to kl reasons was to focus on the young children at home.
2014 we revived and Ampang Original YonG Tau fu was reborn and 2015 we opened our 2nd outlets.
We had put up an advert on business licensing wanted on and 4 Malay responded but they needed a halal cent to begin with.

Currently we have a central kitchen and 2 retail outlets .
Investment are all cash and we have invested 500k and needed a further push for a breakthrough.

Funding Milestone We need another 500k to 1 mil for expansion depends on how ambition we want.
Mainly to look for a Malay partners and to get the halal certification , franchise certification in placed.
We highly believe there’s a untapped market and is a good opportunity for investor to come in at this time where everything is been properly laid and set up .
There’s also halal food grants and funding from SME loans which we can explore.
% Equity Allocation 50 to 100%
Expected ROI 60%
Risks and Mitigation Calculated risks … Depends on market economy .
Exit Strategies Any time
Company Name Ampang original yong tau fu Sdn bhd
Business Address 2, jalan kempas utama 3/1 Taman kempas utama 81200 Johor Bahru
Contact Person Fancy tan

High Growth Malay Authentic Food Restaurant at International Premium Outlet

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM2.5 million
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description HIDANG is a Malay traditional concept dining restaurant. Hidang is currently operating its full-fledged restaurant at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, Malaysia. The premium outlet mall is being the nearest premium outlet mall to Klang Valley and located at the prime location nearby Kuala Lumpur International Airports which is the main gateway to Malaysia.

The restaurant served an authentic Malay cuisine. The brand name been created for xxxx Sdn. Bhd. The dishes that we serve are inherited from our ancestors for generations and then been altered or translated by our experienced chef to suit current style. Most of our Signature Dishes are selected from the Malay favorite dishes from various states in Malaysia.

To further stimulate the appetite of HIDANG’s guests, we bring back the traditional heritage of Malay kampung (village) style – the ambiance and the feel that distinctly HIDANG. We adopted elements from Malay houses with wooden craft and traditional Malay windows adorning the walls. Complete with a set of “Tangga Melaka” (traditional staircase) and a deck for guest to experience eating while “bersila” – which means sitting cross-legged, Hidang truly captures and brought forward a true Malay experience to diners.

Having presence at international level shopping mall such as Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, based on company F&B business master plan, we are planning to expend our brand to international destination such as London and Australia in near future.

Business Opportunity The traditional Malay concept dining in Malaysian market is yet to be exploiting aggressively. Although it is supposed to be the culture of Malaysia yet not many company able to deliver this authentic concept within the mall environment. In local Malaysian business environment, most of the authentic Malay restaurants are normally owned by well-known or celebrity chef in Malaysia. The demand is very high, yet the cooking method makes many entrepreneurs not be able to deliver the authentic Malay quality of food. At Hidang, our Executive Chef and other kitchen crew are well equipped with the skills. Looking at our current demand where, many local and international target market are hunger for Authentic Malay Cuisine. This is proven from our experience in our current operation, where most of our customers are from Local market and they are converted to become loyal customers to us. The beauty of the business, we are becoming the attraction for many travel agencies to bring their customers to dine at our restaurant. The main factor is because of the Hidang being a one stop center for dine and to show the element of Malay Culture. We are basically working hard in exposing Hidang to local and also international market at Malaysia. We had been featured in local newspapers and magazine.

At the same time we are also introducing the delivery concept where we have started to deliver our authentic Malay dishes in “Hidang Bento”style. Currently we are focusing on Airport Community which housing approximately 14,000 employees and shall expending to nearby township such as Nilai, Sepang, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The market is extremely huge and highly potential.

Looking at our company business master plan, we are planning to expend Hidang at international destination such as London and Australia. We are choosing these two destinations due to super high demand on authentic Malay food. There are many initiatives had been done by the government to market and introduce Malay Food at international destination such as London. Malaysia Kitchen is one of the most successful programs organized by Malaysia Government in bringing Malaysian food to the world. We could also see a lot of Malaysian taste restaurant had been successful in Australia. These are simple business case study that we took when we develop our business masterplan. We would like to bring Malay food and showcase the culture to the world.

At the same time, this plan shall also linked with our another business related to the travel industry under “ xxxTravel”. This shall provide affordable and good deal price for travel needs such as accommodation, flight tickets, cruise fare, ground service and many more.