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DocWeb – Websites for doctors

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Helping Doctors build relationships with patients through Professional Websites & Videos

Today websites are primarily the most efficient way people market their products and services. However, when it comes to medical practitioners, all over the world, it seems to be an aberration. Medical practitioners seldom have their own websites (barring a few in developed countries like US & UK) to promote their services or educate their patients. Ask a doctor why he gets less patients/ is not so popular than his competitor who gets the celebrity patients & is seen on TV shows….he/she will definitely say that they can’t market themselves well enough though they have the best training and similar experience (if not better). This is a pain point for all doctors (even the ones who gets the TV interviews).

We do see several listing directories, clinics and hospitals having their own websites and using the Internet wisely. But none from doctors!

Our research showed that Drs. don’t have their websites because it’s too much of a hassle to create and maintain one; leaving aside the huge investment one has to make for web development, patient education video production, translation services and regular updates.

That’s only half of the problem though. Getting a website up & running means calling up vendors, selecting pictures, giving briefs and then checking every aspect of the output leading to huge of loss of man-hours, which otherwise would have been put on taking care of patients and saving lives (read: earning a livelihood). will be a unique Subscription Based Web Development, Patient Education, Translating, Hosting and Maintenance model for doctors. It is designed to be quick, cost efficient and hassle-free for the people who make our lives better.

Business Opportunity There are 65,000 doctors in Malaysia. But none have their own website! Why?

The challenge faced by Doctors:

The Internet is critical to drive business for doctors. You need to:
– Build Awareness: search and mobile optimised website with patient education videos.
– Drive Engagement: high definition graphics and copy
– Exude professionalism and trustworthiness

Optimising customer interaction
– Contact management of patients
– Scheduling appointments with automatic reminders

Problems with Current Solutions (boutique creative agencies)

Local Developer:
– Variable quality, customer service, and competence – you don’t know what you are paying for!
– Rarely developer knows design, security, servers.
– They don’t have a library of videos to provide or exhibit.
– High costs and risk of developer going out of business

Do It Yourself (DIY) Tools:
– DIY is hard. Most doctors are not experts in design or web applications
– Server Scaling: Do you know how to backup your site?
– DIY is not free. Costs include:
– Doctor’s time (7-10 hours minimum)
– And of course no videos, none or limited stock images
– Localisation & customisation is not possible

Docweb will charge doctors a subscription fee for developing their websites, including patient education videos, hosting on high speed dedicated servers, translation services, regular updates and periodic maintenance for a subscription fee ranging from RM 200 to RM 500 per month.

Our process: A sales person will visit the doctor (either through cold calling or knocking like a medical rep. or through Demo Request on our website). He will then explain the process to the doctor and close the sale.
1. The Dr. chooses his plan (RM 200, RM 350, RM 500 per month)
2. Accept our terms & conditions & sign up with his credit card, email, phone no.
3. Fill up a form (normally takes 10 minutes) which will have all the details of his practise, credentials, specialties etc.
4. Provide his photograph or make an appointment for a professional photographer to drop in (for premium subscribers only, otherwise chargeable)
5. Have a look at several reference websites on the sales person’s laptop – and indicate which one he/she likes or give his own recommendations.
6. Choose the catch lines which best describe his practice or give us his own Punch-Line (e.g. “The Kidney Stone Specialist” or the Cardiologist with 15 years of experience” etc.). We will have a list of punchlines for him to choose from as well.
7. Choose the videos from our library
8. Supply us his own videos/ images/ certificates which he wish to put on the site in a pen-drive or email.
9. Within 1 day, we will call/ mail the Dr. with suggested available names for his website.
10. Within next 5 days the Dr. receives a call & an email with a link to view his site
11. Once he has seen it, he can suggest changes online or speak to our sales person/ customer service
12. If no changes & he is happy with the site, he just clicks on “Accept”.
13. Within the next hour the website will be hosted on our server.

Revenue / Business Model Average subscription amount: RM 300

Every month each sales person adds 10 new subscribers and we have 2 sales persons we will reach around 240 subscribers within a year of operations.
A team of 2-3 HTML designers, 1 IT Administrator, Video Production Team (3 members) and a General Manager will be required to manage the business.

Within 5 years of operations DocWeb can conservatively estimate around 1200 subscribers with revenues of 4.3 million per annum.
The cost would however remain low as the increase in number of NEW subscribers will be managed with the existing team and minimal increase in cost.

The profit margin will gradually increase to around 55% of total revenue.

A detailed financial plan can be submitted upon request.

Management Team Arunava Deb – Co-Founder & CEO, Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd.
– 15 years in Medical Device Industry primarily with German Multi-National company – B. Braun Medical
– Experience in business management, team management, product management, marketing & corporate communicationsHamish Gilbert – Co-Founder & Head of Creative, Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd.
HAMISH is NEON’s creative brain and co-founder, directing all design and animation from initial concepts to final renderings. Originally from Sydney, Hamish has a wealth of experience in animation including 10 years creating cartoons for ABC Kids TV and The British Council, as well as a stint on the production line for international TV sensation, Mythbusters. He has since cultivated his colourful style for a wide range of clients in news, entertainment, science, finance and education. From slick corporate branding reels to intricate explainer videos, Hamish illustrates perfectly what can’t be verbalised.
Company Background NEON is a content video production company specialising in educational, marketing and medical animation videos. Simply put we crystallise concepts and make it into an interesting video using cost effective animation & visual mediums.

Though we are a new entity, we have been successful in acquiring customers like:

• Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Org • Pacific Inter-Link Sdn. Bhd.
• University of New South Wales, Australia
• INTI International Universities, Malaysia
• News Corporation, Australia
• Angel Broking, India
• Tokio Marine Insurans, Malaysia
• Australian Broadcasting Corporation • Tera Shipping, Malaysia
• AMP Capital, Australia

This shows that we have a strong creative team, sound business development competencies and customer relationship building skills.

We have already started building up the Library of Patient Education Videos which will be our key differentiator and customer acquisition tool.

With DocWeb, Neon will move from a transactional business model to a Subscription Business Model for its videos coupled with web development & hosting services. We already have experience in web development, however would have to develop competencies and learn more about the hosting services.

Funding Milestone The funds raised will be put to use in the following ways:

1. Development of Patient Education Video Library (around 60 videos)/ Server Capabilities/Website & Payment Gateways (RM 300,000)
2. Product development (RM 200,000)
3. Variable cost till break even (RM 400,000)
4. Marketing cost – participating in Drs. Meetings & Conferences (RM 100,000)

Total investment required: RM 1 million.

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 240% in 5 years (estimating that total turnover becomes 4.3 million & the company is valued at 4x of turnover, as is the case with most subscription based businesses).
Risks and Mitigation  1. Drs. might not find value in having their websites developed. They might have reservations that the videos look are same as that of their competitors. Some doctors might say that their business is totally dependent on word of mouth and they do not need a website to promote themselves.Mitigation – The high penetration of the internet, DocWeb is confident in getting the numbers even at a conservative level.
The projection after 5 years if 1200 subscribers i.e. only 1.8% of the total market size. With no other competitors in sight this should be a achievable task.
Additional features like translation to Mandarin, Bahasa & Tamil might help to entice doctors to sign up. Since the video production team of Neon will continue to develop videos for the library, newer versions/ additional information will be available for the key ailments to convince new customers.
1 month free promotion campaigns can also be used to bring in new customers.
Finally at 210 customers the business will reach breakeven point and will be able to run at its own cost. This would mean that the business will get time to make course corrections, new strategic additions to move to the next level of customer acquisition.

2. Knowledge of webDevelopment & Hosting Services currently not available with the team.

Mitigation – The team has a fair understanding of the process having made some websites for their customers in WordPress & HTML. Additional staff with domain knowledge is available in the Malaysian market.
Server & IT Admin knowledge can be acquired from the Data Centre service providers.
Subscription & Recurring billing softwares and cloud based services are already available e.g. Chargify which can be easily integrated in the DocWeb system.

3. Foreign status of Co-Founders – Neon Videos has 3 directors (Arunava Deb – Indian Citizen; Hamish Gilbert – Australian Citizen & Selma Nada – Malaysian Citizen). What if their work permits are not renewed by the govt.?

Mitigation – Arunava Deb has a visa to stay & work in Malaysia till 2018 which will be renewed upon expiration. The applicant does not see any reason that the visa might be cancelled. Even at such a case, the business can be easily managed from outside of Malaysia and even expanded to other markets.
Hamish is married to Selma who is a Malaysian citizen. This will allow him to stay and work in Malaysia as long as he wishes on spouse visa.

Exit Strategies The exist strategy for the investor will be by liquidating the investment to another investor during Stage B. The business is unique and has no competitor in South East Asia. We do not see a difficulty in attracting Stage B investors for the project within the next 3-5 years time.
Company Name Neon Videos Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Bangsar
Contact Person A. Deb

Plug ‘N Play IP CCTV Camera

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 30,000RM
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Key Features:
• Platform Independent, can be monitored over Android, IPhone and desktop OR any device where web browser will be present.
• Easy to configure “Plug n Play”
• 8MP HD CCTV Camera with high sensitivity and high frame rate imaging
• 20 FPS can capture with less processing effort and image quality will be HD
• Video support HD 1080p, 720p.
• Video recording using multiple files i.e. MPEG4, MJPEG file format etc.
• Motion Detection, able to detect objects and record accordingly using external trigger.
• Effective pixels (3280 x 2464 pixel) for static images
• Built-in anti-aliasing and IR-cut filter
• IR led for night vision.
• AEC – Automatic exposure control
• ABF -Automatic band filter
• Automatic 50/60 Hz luminance detection
• Automatic black level calibration
• AES – Auto-electronic shutter
• AWB – Auto white balance
• AGC- Auto gain control
• BLC- Back light compensation (selectable)
• DC or Video auto-iris support (selectable)
• Use an external source of radiant IR light for 0.0 LUX operation
• Internal Memory 32GB by default in CCTV Camera
• Wired and Wireless Communication (Wi-Fi)
• 1TB built-in storage in Camera
• Operating temperature range: -30° to 70°
• Temp range for stable image: 0° to 50°
• Operating Voltage: 220VAC
• No Extra Hardware Required ,Camera will do everything.
Business Opportunity Security systems are one of the basic needs of today’s world. CCTV Cameras are one of the basic ingredient used in today’s security system. CCTV Cameras leading market of today’s world.
This CCTV camera Got Following differences with respect to other CCTV Camera which is currently running in the market.
1) Only MY camera will do everything
2) Reducing DVR Cost.
3) Reducing wiring Cost.
4) Data can store over a network any where ,like drop box,google cloud,any storage device etc.
5) Camera by self got default 32gb memory and extend up to 1000gb.
6) No Video Lost until no one will physically damage camera.
7) Reduce Installation cost.
9) Can provide support from remote location.
Revenue / Business Model We have multiple platform to sell this product .

1) We will make channel through eCommerce website where we sell our product all over Asian market first.
2) We are planning to connect with new or under development Building where we can give customize solutions to them.
3) Also we are doing marketing through our brochure where we are passing our products information to restaurants , bungalows , Super markets,Existing Buildings.
4) BTS towers.
5) Making links to Government where newly Metro Stations we can sell this products.
6) Approaching to Corporate offices where they want to renovate existing CCTV system or Newly they want to fix.

Management Team Mr. Abdinav Kumar Singh (Director) Having 7++ years of experience in IT industry as a Security system designer and Telecommunication Expert.
Mr. Satayanarayna Having 14 years of Management Experience. He is one of Independent Director.
Mr. Kartik Having 16 Years of As Business Development Manager. Now he is one Director of this company.
Company Background MapleTree Solutions established in 2011 by well qualified and industry experienced Information technology and Recruitment professionals, which main charter of providing a unique job recruitment platform where the prospective employers and potential employees meet. MapleTree solutions has shown our capabilities with proven track records in mass hiring of companies and big corporate.

MapleTree Solutions is also keen into project implementations with expertise in Application Development, Application Maintenance Service, Web Development, Business Intelligence, Security System Design,Infrastructure, Engineering, Logistics & Health care based applications and other IT enables services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technical training and education services designed for individuals, companies and public organizations to acquire, maintain and optimize their IT skills in Business Intelligence Software and other software.

Funding Milestone We have several Stages to use this amount.
1) Procurement for Cameras (June 2016 -July 2016) Rm 100000
2) Productions of cameras (August 2016-August 2016) Rm 50000
2) Marketing of products (June 2016 onward) Rm 30000
3) Testing and support of devices (August 2016) Rm 70000
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 7 to 8 Month
Risks and Mitigation The major Concern is the time required to approve some ISO standards also the SIRIM Malaysia which take almost 3 moths to get approval and capture the market of Malaysia. But we can start selling to our private links.
Exit Strategies The investor having options for both illiquid asset and liquid both.
Rest other it’s depend on Mutual understanding.
Company Name Mapletree Solution
Business Address Unit 11-12, 11 Floor, 3/137C , Off Old Klang Road, 58200 Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Salman

International Pepper Trading

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Pepper has been known as black gold in Sarawak and it fetched high price from international market. However,there are handful of exporter currently trading pepper from Sarawak. This idea is to harness the current opening in international pepper trading. Most of the current exporter are traditional exporter which has not fully utilising technology in their marketing, this create opportunity for newcomer to obtain customer. Pepper that currently being traded are black pepper and white pepper and these pepper then processed to its classification in accordance to International standard. Those standards are FAQ and ASTA, FAQ is Fair Average Quality while ASTA is American Spice Trader Association quality specification. Pepper will usually be processed at Malaysia Pepper Board Processing Plant at Pending. Several areas in Sarawak has been identified as high pepper yield area and there are hundreds of small and large scale farmers that are willing to sell their pepper at fair prices.
Business Opportunity There are opportunity to compete with other well established pepper exporter in Sarawak. It is due to their method of trading which still very much traditional in marketing and customer preferences. While most of them are focussed at Far east importer, other region of this world are under traded due to trust issue and comfortability. This means, new exporter can develop and trade with new region and create a sound partnership with importer. Apart from that, with new method of marketing and better exposure, new exporter can attract wider range of importer worldwide. Therefore, it is important to balance between numbers of customer and pepper supply to cater to the demands. As farmer trade their pepper to make money, it is wise to preserve ties between exporter and farmer to secure supply and being fair to farmer. Farmer are happy to produce high quality of pepper if it can fetch high price but in current situation, pepper dealer and exporter are bias toward farmer and has led them to produce low quality pepper due to financial constraint.
Revenue / Business Model Exporter will earn a good percentage of profit if they can secure large amount of supply and steady flow of export contract. At average pepper exporter in Sarawak are making 25-30% profit margin. This is due to unfair buying price at farmer and dealer level. Most of Sarawak pepper importer now are food processor, re-exporter and pharmaceutical corporation. Efficiency in supply chain can contribute to higher profit margin because much of the expenditure is in supply chain such as transportation. A thorough and meticulous planning in transportation of pepper supply from farm to port can further propel company growth.
Management Team Management team should consist of general manager that will oversee the overall operation of the company. The general manager will be helped by logistic supervisor,purchasing supervisor and marketing/sale supervisor. The logistic supervisor will handle logistic matter such as transportation and warehousing. Purchasing supervisor will oversee buying of supply. He/she will have to work closely with logistic supervisor to coordinate the transportation between farm to warehouse. Purchasing supervisor are required to monitor its network of dealers to ensure smooth process of acquiring pepper supply. Good planning in supply chain is essential to secure steady pepper supply and create competition amongst exporter. Marketing/Sale supervisor will handle client and quality of pepper to be sold abroad. He/She also involve in extensive marketing and maintain relationship with existing customer. Quality of pepper include licensing and certification of pepper to be exported comply with international requirement.
Company Background D.M Partnership is a registered entity in Samarahan,Sarawak with registration number SAM 234/15. Our business was registered on June 2015 and has kick off since. We designed and launched our own website short after. We also coordinated our own marketing campaign and managed to attract many potential client around the world. We secured 6 export contract initially, however due to work demand we dropped 5 of them and focussed on single contract with high profitability. We have been visited by a multinational corporation spice division manager and keen to work closely with us. We done our research on pepper plantation area and export market as well as pepper quality. However, due to financial constraint, we turned down our business as we could not secure any financing and investor.
Funding Milestone We have been in contact with several bank managers across Kuching and investor from West Malaysia. However, bank is reluctant to provide us financing due to our young age and management incompetencies. Investors had show much interest in our business and willing to invest substantially. We refused their investment due to absurd demand and not able to co-manage the business.
Company Name D.M Partnership (SAM 234/15)
Business Address PIBU SEDC SAMARAHAN, 1st Floor Lot7993 E&F Block 9 Jalan Dato Muhd Musa MTLD 94300 Kota Samarahan
Contact Person Don Makanzie Ak Lock@Sulen

Fastrah Holding Sdn. Bhd.

Project Title Construction Business
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 100,000.00
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description My company already 3 years in operation.
With rm500k revenue every year 20% profit.
In construction fild.
Have many previous project already and having project on going.
-Our Existing Client
1.VVIP (Can’t write here) can tell n show prove when meet. Very potential client)
2. Telekom Malaysia (on going)
3. Private person. (Previous project and potential)
4. Maincon Big Company (potential for growth my company.
5. Others gove job (our potential target).

Need capital or JV to maintain the company before get the job close and need more money for growth the company and increase the revenue and profit.

Business Opportunity To maintain the old client VVIP
To get new big job from telekom malaysia.
To get private person client
To get job from big Maincon Company.
To get job from goverment sector.

Serious we make revenue rm500k every year with 20% profit. If u invest with us we can increase more revenue and the profit.

Revenue / Business Model Revenue rm500 every year (3years audit)
Profit 20% every year.
Management Team 2 managing director (Bachelor & ACCA)
3 manager level (Bachelor)
2 Admin (bachelor)
5 surbordinate (Diploma & Bachelor)
4 supervisor for project
20 skill worker (contract)
Company Background 13 Jun 2013
100k investment
500 Revenue / year
20% profit / year
Need 1 more year to archieve 1million revenue.
And increase 1mil every year our target.
Funding Milestone 100k – 300k
1 year of ROI
The next year gain profit 100% -150% profit of the next year.
3 – 5 years contract.
Working Capital
Project Capital
Marketing Capital
Business Growth Capital
% Equity Allocation 10% – 30%
Expected ROI 1 year ROI 100% return with 20% profit
Risks and Mitigation Small risk
Because the company have make revenue 500k every year with 20% profit.

We need capital to growth more n need more capital the brave get new project or for rolling capital.

Exit Strategies Depends on our contract and agreement.
Company Name Fastrah Holding Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Setapak, Danau Kota
Contact Person Mohd Fazreen Bin Mohd Sith

Reality Gamified Game Learning System

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested not yet
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description This innovation relates to blending in the real life cognitive engineering process into this game system where the players have to apply their higher order thinking skills, HOTS to solve the pre-customized questions based on the given content/syllabus.
Reality gamified game learning system is human-centered with unique design and development linked to human factors. This learning game system is blending with the cognitive engineering process. The application of this knowledge can bring human thinking skills to new milestones. This game system implements practices and principles to optimize how people perform to improve and match the standards of overall organizational performance by sharing knowledge among players, nurturing the filtered players’ knowledge, and encouraging innovative knowledge creation. In the process of playing this game system, problems in accumulating and maintaining knowledge during the learning process will be dealt with. The accumulated archived documents (stated in all for different card) can be standardized to be reused and referred to by others. Focusing on these is expected to motivate and to avoid overloading players’ cognitive capacity when assimilating information throughout their learning process.
Business Opportunity Starts from Malaysia (from one state to another), gradually aimed to spread internationally . Example , we have 8000 primary schools in Malaysia.
Next is the Secondary schools , follows by colleges and Universities.
We also targeting the private companies for their staff training and developments activities.Targeted markets :
1.Professional science and technical services (training and development)
2. Educational services ( primary, secondary, colleges, university , tuition centres, home schooling etc)
Revenue / Business Model 1.basic service is free
– basic product for trial2. yearly subscriptions- (premium plan)
– provide on-site trainings, data bank etc.
Management Team Dr.Sylvia Chin
Dr. Chin’s professional objectives are to build a lifelong teaching and learning methods and techniques that can allow different students with different avenues to learn effectively and to increase their Higher Order Thinking Skills.Mr. Ching Yik Fong
Mr.Ching is a professional with more than 10 years experience in the area of attention and service to the customer, sales, and marketing, working with the productivity objectives and targets aimed at the achievements of the company’s short and long-term.
Company Background This product is still at the very early stage.
Funding Milestone We need RM500,000 to kick start this project.
We need the fundings for products manufacturing and distributions plus hire trainers.
% Equity Allocation Malaysia
Expected ROI N/A
Risks and Mitigation 1. Type of risk:
Insufficient fundingRange: HighMitigation
Seeking investors to fill the funding gap.2.Type of risk:
To recruit and retain the right marketing staff and trainers.

Range :Medium

Mitigation :
Extensive internal training will be provided them. This is to ensure they can meet the monthly /yearly targets.

3. Type of risk:

Range :Medium

Mitigation :
This game is one of its kinds which blended real world scenarios with their school syllabus or company training objectives. Suitable for everyone (from young children (age 5 and above))

Exit Strategies by second year.

Mobile socialise application

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested rm150,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A mobile socialise application enhance with the feature of chatroom, reminder, bookmark, My Sav*(applicable on Android only) & sharing multimedia content. This application act as a daily organiser to user.
Business Opportunity For users experiences, chatroom serve as the platform for users to communicate and share. Whilst, bookmark, reminder & My Sav* will be the enhance features to keep/store and manage the important information for user. Each keep/store information will be in pages accordingly.
Revenue / Business Model To generate primary income, getting advertisements from third parties to promote in our application is important. In order to make it happen, volume of user is vital part for a application to convince potential client to advertise with us. Therefore, a right marketing strategy need to be execute to boost the numbers of users.

Secondly, income come from the application itself, a page of voluntary contribution able to generate secondary income.

Third, this is the most interesting part as do our users number grow, a new generation of advertising feature will add into this application whenever our download statistic reach substantial amount. Whenever user use this feature, a chargeable fees is applicable. We will make advertising as convenient as possible on users finger tip.

Management Team This application was supported by a team of reputable software developer from India. For time being, it does not need any server maintenance work force; as virtual server provider do cover up this part. As user expand, self-owned server might be needed to accommodate large number of users as storage with existing server provider is limited.
Company Background Idea initially was founded in year of 2014. As steadily progress, a company was founded to take over the application on July 2015.
Funding Milestone nil
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI unexpected
Risks and Mitigation Competition will take place whenever any others mobile application follow our feature and repackage into their own feature. Therefore, a copyright or trademark need to be drawn into our features.
Exit Strategies To be discuss
Business Address Solaris Mont Kiara Jalan Solaris 4 50480 KL
Contact Person alex

Online platform to compare exchange rates

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 20,000+
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description I live in JB and often go to Singapore with my family for visiting. We used to find money changer from place to place. Few months ago, while we were exchanging currency with a merchant, a man who carried a bag approached us and asked the merchant for exchange rate of SGD 30,000 to MYR. Due to focusing on counting the right exchange for us, the man already left for the next money changer before the merchant responded to his expected rate. By that time my mum and I are shocked by the man’s behavior, we would never carry that much of cash and look around for expected money changer.

Thus I created the platform for money changers to promote business as well as for users convenience and safeness. Using our services, users can review and find their expected money changer without running hither and thither. Besides, merchants could share their information to customers more efficiently.

The services platform we provide consists of web app and mobile apps. is a web app for merchants to upload and submit data, users who downloaded our mobile apps can retrieve real time data from it.
is the mobile app for users to view real time exchange rate and find high exchange rate/nearest money changer.

Business Opportunity We help people to find expected money changer (whether the highest rate or nearest to users), without running hither and thither, and the existing platform can be replicate to border of many different countries (China & Hong Kong, US & mexico) with ease. And we are currently developing the international version platform for the globe. We are confident that we are the very first/few company which do this.

Peer-to-peer car rental market place

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Description Roadaz is a peer-to-peer car-rental marketplace. It provides an online interface through which private car-owners and small, locally owned rental operators can rent out their vehicles, allowing them to set their own prices and availability dates, as well as selecting who they rent their cars out to. Roadaz takes a 25% service fee on all transactions from private car owners, and a discounted 15% from small operators via the app.

The concept of peer-to-peer car-rental derives from similar proven systems such as AirBNB, (US) and (EU).

Business Opportunity The current online car rental market in Malaysia proves to have the following issues:

– Limited fleet of vehicles causing shortages during peak times, ie. weekends and holidays
– Not user-friendly and provide little support
– Unreliable and costly
– Tourists look to user reviewed resources, eg. TripAdvisor and AirBNB

Roadaz aims to take a percentage of this market by providing the following:

– Unlimited fleet, providing a wide range of vehicles across Malaysia and surrounding markets
– 24 hour support system
– Easy-to-use reliable and familiar online booking platform
– Cheaper rental rates
– Cars and their owners will be reviewed by previous renters providing transparency for future renters
– All members are strictly verified and rentals insured through our comprehensive policy

Market size:

– Malaysian car rental market Est. yearly revenue: US$910 million
– Malaysian online car rental market (15% Market Share*) Est. yearly revenue: US$137 million

Capitalising on Small Local Operators (5-50 vehicles)

– Small operators make up 60% (US$546 million) of the Malaysian rental market
– Lack online infrastructure and support systems
– Inadequate budget for marketing

By partnering with the smaller operators Roadaz can control a larger percentage of the market by offering the following:

– Online booking system
– Discounted commission on rentals (15%)
– Large marketing budget
– Online and offline support
– Roadside assistance
– Vehicle tracking

Revenue / Business Model Roadaz works on a basic commission model:

– 25% on all private rentals
– 15% on all small operator rentals

Alternate income sources:
– Affiliated partnership offers
– Travel insurance

Management Team CEO- Tunku Khairil Ibrahim
Successful entrepreneur within the hospitality sector with 10 years Managing Director experienceCTO – Milan Milosevic
Over 10 years experience in Web Development/Design and e-commerce platforms with mobile integration

Advisor – Erman Akinci
Director of Business Development – CATCHA GROUP

Company Background Founded in August 2016, Roadaz (part of the Fixya Solutions Group) is a small locally managed business that employs a team of 5, with partnerships within Malaysia and internationally with the following companies:

– Technoduce India (Application development & support)
– AIG (Insurance Provider)
– AAM (Roadside Assistance)
– Katsana (Vehicle Tracking)


– 80% completed web app
– Native mobile apps in development. Estimated launch: 30 days after web app
– 150 registered cars pre-launch

Funding Milestone Asking Investment: MYR4 million investment in return for 25% equity

Capital Usage:

Marketing & Customer Acquisition

Initial 6 months strategy
– 25% on aggressive campaign focused on customer acquisition
– 15% on inventory acquisition

Next 12 months strategy
– 12.5% customer acquisition
– 12.5% inventory acquisition
– 5% general brand awareness

Salaries & New Hires
– 20% Support, sales and admin staff
– 5% Founder salaries

Capital Expenses
– 5% Office setup per market

Growth Strategy:
Milestone 1 – June 2016
Finalise and field-test web and mobile apps

Milestone 2 – July 2016
Initial launch across major cities within Malaysia with 250 registered cars

Milestone 3.1 – July 2017
Expansion of customers reaching 1000 available cars & 19 000 registered users

Milestone 3.2 – July 2017
Regional expansion into following markets:
– Cambodia
– Vietnam
– Indonesia
– Thailand
– Implementing airport drop and go facilities

Milestone 4 – July 2018
– 5000 cars
– 95 000 users

Milestone 5 – July 2019
– 15 000 cars
– 285 000 users

% Equity Allocation 25%
Company Name Roadaz
Business Address 67 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar 59100 KL
Contact Person Milan Milosevic

Seaside Fine Dining And Open Top Bar by the Bay

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description We are planning to open a food and beverage business. This is involving fine dining as well as leisure/casual evenings. This will cater to all types of people especially the business class group to hold their meetings and conferences in our venue. We have plans to open it by the Johor coastline by the seaside to bring the relaxing atmosphere to the patrons. Furthermore there will be an open top bar to cater to the younger crowd for the evenings. We will also have a mobile food truck to cater to the industrial section for lunch servings. We have an estimated 100k ready customers to be served in this industrial section every day.
Business Opportunity With Johor poised as the next gem in Peninsular Economy growth and with the key developments in the state under Iskandar Development Corridor , we are strongly believing that our concept of fine dining will be taken to the next level with our concepts . We have generated mass market attention via surveys on how to capitalise on the F&B market as well as ready customers in the industrial sector for our Mobile Truck Food Business.
Revenue / Business Model With our planning and execution we are expecting triple returns in 3 years time as well as expansion to Singapore market too .
Management Team We have a strong management team of 5 top level execs and our top notch marketing team.
With new expansion growth we are planning to recruit more to join our company .
Company Background We started this company on Aug 2014 and has been growing ever since on our consultation business’s and mass multilevel marketing projects.
Funding Milestone We require around Rm 2 million to Rm 3 million to make this concept a reality as soon as possible as the market in Johor is really heating and growing as we speak.
Majority of the funds will be used for development physically of the venue and as well as manpower and service enhancing cost.
Expected ROI We are willing to pay an annual interest of 4% on the total investment yearly
Risks and Mitigation We will be proposing a five year repayment plan with the interest being paid annually first and the initial investment paid at the last year of financing .
To top it we are proposing a 25% profit sharing as well to the investor yearly.
Exit Strategies The investor may stay after full repayment of the investment for the continued profit sharing of 25% in the revenue of the business or may have the option to quit the agreement upon complete settlement of the investment by us.
Business Address JOHOR BAHRU

Autism Central

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM40,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We will be an Autism Center providing effective and efficient therapy to children with Autism. We will provide a holistic approach encompassing Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy, Social Living Skills, fine and gross motor skills training as well as parents and community empowerment.

More details will be explained to potential investors.

Business Opportunity There are an estimated 30 million people in Malaysia and according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children have autism. This means there are estimated 441,000 people with Autism in Malaysia. There is also an ever increasing prevalence with the rate of people having autism doubling every 10 years. Given the estimated number of autistic children we have in Malaysia, and the lack of proper facilities to aid these children to cope/face with the challenges in life in Malaysia, we look forward to start up a center with a holistic approach to meet the demand.

Furthermore, current market demand is exceeding available services leaving many parents on the waiting lists. With a good business model available to attract clients over, we are confident to be operationally break even in the first 2 months. Seeing as this is a mix of educational and healthcare, it is the perfect combination of recession proof businesses and we are confident to thrive no matter the economic condition.

Revenue / Business Model Our business model is a recurring revenue model based on an hourly rate charges. With the therapy frequency of 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, there is a healthy profit margin being made. Furthermore, there needs to be a minimum of 6 months before any significant improvement is seen and therapy generally lasts for a minimum of two years, usually longer. This means that a single client would be a recurring revenue source for at least 2 years. With a vision for great expansion, the positive cash flow for this business is a great sustainable income source as there are minimal operational costs as well as relatively low capital expenditure. Additional income streams would come from giving parents extra options such as tuition, nutrition, transportation, as well as home visits.

Basing purely on just the therapy revenue, with 2 new clients every month, our first year revenue would reach just above RM1 million.

Management Team The management team has engaged a board of advisors to draw upon their expertise in the area. The first is Dr. Alvin Ng, a Clinical Psychologist who is sought after by the media for his expertise, giving talks on Lite FM and BFM as well as interviews on The Star among many others. He was also a consultant to the Ministry of Health regarding Family Health and Ministry of Education regarding Child Mental Health. Besides that, he is also a mentor for the government initiative Cradle Fund. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in Sunway University teaching Learning Disabilities and Abnormal Psychology.

Our second advisor is Ms. Woo Pei Jun, a Developmental Psychologist who is specializes in dealing with children as it is also her passion. She has experiences Supervising Child Assessment and Psychological Testing of children in the United States. She had also conducted child therapy programs to manage children’s behavior. Besides that, she is also the go to person for many parents with special needs children as she helps them connect with people or organizations involved to that are able to help them, thus giving us a direct link to our potential clients.

There are 3 Co-founders on the management team each with different strengths that compliment each other. The management team has known each other since university and has proven to be able to work together to get things done. The first is Jason Yim, who will be the CEO of this company. Having graduated from Lancaster University fully self-funded from scholarships and government study loan in the field of Psychology, he went on to work at an investment firm dealing with crowd funding and commodities. Through his experience there as a relationship manager, he managed his client’s investment portfolio and actively sought new clients through sales and marketing channels such as cold calls, roadshows and events. He also has experience managing events and workshops that educated the public on financial literacy. Furthermore, he assisted in the business development of a new project to ensure a successful launch. By working in a small company which still very much acted like a startup, he gained immense exposure on how a healthy company culture is like and was able to work closely with the company’s founder who achieved a Rm100 million annual turnover by the third year in business.

The second is Terence Lok, who will be the Director of the company. He was a very active member of the Leo movement and became the chartered club president and a regional coordinator for his region and district. He had to oversee the club activity and act as a team leader to resolve any issues to ensure the projects were able to be done successfully. He has organized many projects as a chairperson and one of the most impactful projects was having an event that promotes awareness for baby hatch. Under his leadership and the help of his director and club members, he was also awarded as an Outstanding President and Outstanding Club in Malaysia by the Lions Club International. Since then, he has worked in Human Resources for Tropicana Corporation Berhad and has learnt the ropes of employee compensation and benefits, employee’s monthly claims, as well as managed staff attendance reports.

The third is Darryl Ng, who will be the COO of the company. With experiences working in a special needs center, he exceled at teaching the children academic syllabus that advanced their proficiency in English. Having a trait for good analytical and problem skills, he has since moved on to becoming a management trainee for Lonpac Insurance Bhd, learning the ropes of the different departments in the corporate structure. He was promoted to Branch Strategic Performance Executive, handling branch operations and coming up with new strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of the branch operations. Having a competitive nature, he was also extremely active in sports, winning multiple competitions in track running and table tennis.

Company Background Although currently in the conception phase, we have clearly identified everything we need to start the business. This also includes interviewing for therapist positions, a venue to rent, and license being processed. We just need the initial funds to start.
Funding Milestone We would require a startup capital of RM250,000 used for rental, renovation and working capital for the first 4 months. Operational cost would be break even at 5 clients, pure profit after that.
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 3-5 years
Risks and Mitigation As current market demand itself is more than available services, the main risk would be not being able to hire fast enough to cope with the demand. With that said, we have an attractive compensation and career package to offer to our employees and we have already started the hiring process to ensure once funding is received, we are able to start almost immediately.
Exit Strategies We will distribute 25% of the yearly profits to the investor and with a time frame of 3-5 years, we will offer a management buyout within that period at fair market valuation.

More information can be further discussed.

Company Name Autism Central
Business Address
Contact Person Jason Yim