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Tendering platform for the private industry ( procurement services)

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 40,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We have been in the medical devices industry for the past 7 years and we found one very common problem within the industry; Doctors are usually unhappy with the products they buy or with the after sales service they receive after the purchase itself.
This problem usually occurs because of the inability of Doctors to find themselves distributors who are properly trained, licensed, registered and managed leading to shady and unprofessional transactions. Having been in the industry ourselves, we found this to be a crisis that was becoming more and more prevalent with no real way to stop.

Along the way, when the usual sales to the private sector Doctors was going on, we came across a government tender that we participated in and found one striking difference, the government facility had a tender system to ensure they get the best deals, best prices, best guarantee of service after sales and once and for all securing the safest deal for themselves and all because they open up a proper tender which forces nothing but the best out of distributors and only really qualified distributors got to participate.

That got our founder thinking, why don’t we create a platform for all private clinics in Malaysia where they post their buying request, we open up the tender for them and suppliers can tender in with proper documentation and specifications to win the deal. That is when was born.

As off now we do not have anything going as this is in the concept stage but we know the private GP market like no one else and we have proof and evidence that this will be a runaway success as the service will not be charged to the doctors, we will charge suppliers. We are basically going to let doctors get the best deals at the best prices for free and all they need to do is demand that all suppliers tender in via our platform.

Business Opportunity There are over 7000 private Clinics in Malaysia along with almost 400 private Hospitals and 300 small to medium range medical centers. One of the biggest problems all of the above facilities have in common is the fact that their purchasing practice is so weak they always end up with the worse products out there with small unprofessional companies selling it to them.
With, we are basically providing an online procurement service to all of the above facilities where we become their procurement department handling purchasing with one small difference, we do it for free! We are only looking to earn revenues out of the suppliers and distributors.

When a facility wants to purchase something as small as a needle right up to an x-ray unit, they can post it up on our website after which we will open a tender for all our subscribing suppliers to participate in and we will facilitate the process right to the point where the end user awards the tender to someone.
This will forever change how the medical industry buys and sells things as only the most qualified and professional companies with the most legit and licensed products will be allowed to sell and the end users will slowly change their standards of buying as we provide them the space to demand for nothing but the best.
The whole private sector is our target market because of the nature of our service. We make sure they get quality deals for quality pricing and we do it all for free, we know we would use the platform if we were doctors. After we reach a certain height in the medical market, we will then move on to different industries as this platform can be used for any industry.

We will also move into providing outsourced procurement services to big corporate companies promising them to increase profitability by 10 to 15% due to high standards in procurement practices.

All of the expansion plans will be discussed in detail when we meet a potential investor.

Revenue / Business Model The model is simple. We have 5 ways that we are going to earn revenues out off:
1) Subscription fee for suppliers:
All suppliers will be charged RM 50.00 per month to subscribe and access our database of buying request posted by doctors and end users. There are about 6000 individual medical devices and pharma companies in Malaysia.

2) Tender document charges:
All suppliers would have to pay a minimum fee of RM 10.00 per tender document they want to buy and participate in. All tender documents will be available for review before they purchase it. Judging by the number of facilities and suppliers and our experience, at its peak there could be nothing less than 350 to 400 tenders opened a day.

3) Advertisement revenues:
Of course suppliers would be able to advertise their products on our platform. There will be an affordable charge of RM 250.00 per product for 7 days of advertising. There will be 30 slots available for advertising. If demand gets too high, we will open bidding for the slot, highest bidder gets the slot.

4) Product registration fees:
For every single product that suppliers want to use in our platform as a competitive product, they would first have to register it in the system with the necessary documents for our approval and this will cost them RM 35.00 per product. There are easily over 30,000 different products in the equipment category alone.

5) Commission out of every deal:
Since we charge such nominal fees everywhere else, we would charge suppliers a 1.0% commission out of every closed deal.

Management Team We are a group of 3 people well versed with the Medical Device industry in the private GP market and also the business atmosphere as a whole.
We have been running our own Medical Device company which we started from scratch to build it to a 15 man company and we turnover about RM 2.5 million a year currently.

The 3 of us have 3 different expertise: Management and strategies, Marketing and sales, Negotiations and networking.

We have built a vast network with a good number of years in our bags as experience.

We would wish to reveal more about ourselves when we meet potential investors.

Company Background We have an existing company which have been in the medical device industry but we do not have a company for as this is at concept stage which we can execute with funding.
To know about our existing business which is profitable and which we also got funding from, we will do so when we meet potential investors.
Funding Milestone We would need RM 500,000.00 funding and we are willing to come in with RM 200,000.00.
The suggested RM 700,000.00 will be used for the following:

1) Marketing and advertising : RM 133,000.00
2) Website building : RM 50,000.00
3) Office set up : RM 25,000.00
4) Marketing materials and add-ons : RM 25,000.00
5) Misc : RM 20,000.00
6) Running cost for a year with overheads : RM 400,000.00


The above is just a summary. Will explain in detail to potential investors.

% Equity Allocation 60%
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation The only risk we could really identify would be the risk that suppliers might not subscribe into our service which means no one can sell to doctors, when we looked into this risk we found that when end users demand everyone to tender in and only than they will purchase, suppliers will have no choice but to use our service.
Another risk would be that the end users and doctors themselves will not look into the idea and take it seriously enough to use it. To mitigate this, first of all we will be giving them lots of freebies to lure them into the programe.

Secondly, we have a very good relationship with the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) where we will be having mass marketing events and talks with their help as we are doing this to make sure they are getting the best deals at lowest prices and we already have their support.

Exit Strategies The exit strategy will be explained in detail when we meet potential investors but to put it simply :
1st year to 2nd year = no profits will be taken out

3rd year to 6th year = dividence payment which will ensure ROI and profit for investor

3rd year to 6th year = sinking fund will be set up to buy back shares from investor

Company Name
Business Address damansara intan
Contact Person Thinesh Kumar

Government ICT Peripherals Contract Rental

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM4,000,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Revenue / Business Model MONTHLY RENTAL
% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI 20% PLUS

IT store which is 17 years old and would like to expand it

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description My outlet is currently making money and annual turnover is abt just below 500000
looking at investor who is willing to invest around 50k in existing shop
or 100k in opening up new outlet
Business Opportunity IM in bandar baru bangi also known as university town even GMI (german malaysian institute ) is nearby we have abt 14 colleges and univesities around
Revenue / Business Model As we have been around for 17 years we are looking too expand to a new mall nearby Bangi Soho nearby
Management Team myself the proprietor and two staff
Company Background basically our customer are univesities students , factory workers and residents around b.bangi
Funding Milestone initial setup 17years ago both partner invested total 50 k
% Equity Allocation 50k for partnership 150k for outright ownership
Expected ROI 2 years
Company Name Datasoft Ventures
Business Address Lot2.23 2nd Floor KIP Mall Bandar Baru Bangi(Giant)
Contact Person Mahendra

Overseas Education Services Start-up investment with 355% returns on investment in 6 years

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM52,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP is a consultancy firm dealing with overseas education services. We aim to help and support our students achieve their goals and aspirations in life. We, Solutions Plus Malaysia believe in the power of education. It broadens the spectrum of knowledge which is vital to get hold of your own mind. It is the core ingredient in having dreams and turning it into reality. Having your own imagination and original ideas will make you, OWN SUCCESS. Success helps in the balance of life. To make everyone become self-dependent, a little bit of job security, no inferiority complex and a well-organized understanding of the world. Education might not be the key to happiness but it definitely is key to a lot of other things which come together to make us happy.

Our VISION and MISSION is to provide support to aspiring achievers. To motivate aspirants to excellence, to be independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

We live by OUR VALUES, to COMMIT, to INSPIRE, to be CONSISTENT, and to be OPTIMISTIC at all times.

Quality counselling is the key to helping people. The knowledge, the experience and the expertise we have makes a lot of difference. The love and care for people who need support. The hand that’s always ready to hold for guidance. The commitment in our hearts to do the utmost service and to influence one another to look at the world through new eyes.

Solutions Plus Malaysia doesn’t promise work after graduation, we don’t promise wealth BUT success in your own field of interest. We commit to bring support to our future achievers. We inspire one to believe there is future. We, Solutions Plus Malaysia embraces everyone like family, supports everyone like a friend. Treats everyone like VIP.

We live in a fast paced world. Everyone is busy. Everybody’s time is precious. To achieve the mission and fulfil our vision in the most efficient way, we sought partnership with one of the top agency in India .We are currently connected with MEDWAY Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd. MEDWAY Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd. has been doing successful business for more than 10 years. They are the experts in the crucial part of recruitment and conversion that is Profile assessment and Visa process.

Our services
1) University placement assistance
2) Career Counselling
3) Programme Counselling
4) Job Placement Assistance
5) Travel and accommodation assistance
6) Immigration/ visa process assistance

Business Opportunity We assist candidates who are interested to study, work and live in New Zealand. We help with student’s enrolment, funding through scholarships, Job search, visa process and information on the pathways to permanent residency. Based on migration profile generated by UNICEF of Malaysia, a steady growth in migration to first world country is clearly shown. Since there are strict migration policies in the countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada, students are looking at other option and that is New Zealand.

New Zealand education is equally good. It is also internationally recognized. Gaining professional qualification in New Zealand is logical, with 1NZD – 2.78RM currency exchange rate. New Zealand is the current preferred migration location.

Our target market:

1) Undergraduates
2) College graduates
3) Students with Postgraduate qualification
4) Students with Masters qualification
5) Working professionals
6) Non-working Professionals

Revenue / Business Model We earn income from every successful university placement. Commission received by Medway from University/College from the students referred or processed by SPI to be shared in the ration of 70:30 (70% SPI 30% Medway).

The commission from University/College is normally received 4-6 weeks after the student starts his course.

For the first 20 students, 20% on the net tuition fees. For 20 students up- commission of 25% and up of the net Tuition fees. Commission rate is negotiable depending on the number of students sent. Some private colleges offered a direct 40% agreement with Kharissa (SPI) alone. (No sharing with Medway)

10% of year 2 fee paid at the beginning of year 2. And 7% of year 3 fee paid at the beginning of year 3. From this income, Medway Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd absorbs 30% of our year 1 fee as they are assisting us on the administration work with universities and immigration.

Years of study varies depending on the student’s qualification.

Management Team KharissaUyBienes

– She is a registered agent and is currently Medway’s Director of marketing in the Southeast Asia Region. She has full knowledge about New Zealand Education, The programmes offered to international students, equipped with Immigration policy knowledge. With its crucial parts the assessment and visa application. She is the knowledge point of contact. She deals with counselling, training counsellors, attends education fairs along with New Zealand College and university representatives.

Shasikumar Ramalingam

– He works on business matters such as advertising and marketing, business development, HR and recruitment and direction of business. He also works on financial and growth through market research.

Company Background Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP (Malaysia) and Solutions Plus International (Philippine) was set up in September 2015. Both started operations in October 2015. A total of pre-set up investment made is around RM70,000. The breakdown is as below:

Office set up Philippines inclusive licencing and permit of operation: RM10,000
Lending with interest: RM55,000 (Fully utilised for marketing, set up of premise and travel for agreement and business set up in both countries)
Virtual office, training and recruiting in Malaysia: RM3,500

Full list or receipt and accounts will be presented during presentation.

The milestone we have reached to date is stated below

Total students under counselling: 15
Total students application under process (awaiting offer letter and visa approval): 9
Total student visa approved to date: 1
Total student visa declined: 0
Total students for July intake to date: 25
Total pending income: RM184,870
Pending commission pay out date: August 2016
Total operating period: 4 months

Funding Milestone We are looking for investors that could fund us for partial start-up. This funding will be directed to marketing mainly in education fairs throughout Malaysia and Philippine. The funding requested and usage allocations are as below:-

Total start-up investment proposed RM120,000.00
Marketing from March 2016 to August 2016 47.5% / RM57,000
Operations from March 2016 to August 2016 52.5% / RM63,000

Projected sign up expected in this period: 40 Students
Projected income with this estimation: RM295,792

% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI 355%
Risks and Mitigation Risk
Education is recession proof hence the only risk involving this business is stated below.
– Only 2 major intakes a year with 2 commission pay out months (March and August)

Mitigation Plan
– If operating cost could not be covered while waiting for commission to be paid out, a security deposit of RM1,000 to be charged to all applicants who are qualified. This security deposit will be refunded to applicant or their family once they start their course in New Zealand

Exit Strategies The exit option that has been planned upfront is for a shareholder buy back. We have strategic plan to buy over from the investors with profit sharing after.

We are proposing a full buy back in 1 year with 12% interest.
And we are also proposing a 10% return of company profit for the next 4 years

And as closing and appreciation, we would like to add another year profit sharing of 10%.

Based on the understated income and realistic cost, the total profit projected for the first 6 years are as below:

1 RM247,584.00 RM134,400.00
2 RM407,894.40 RM40,789.44
3 RM521,702.24 RM52,170.22
4 RM587,732.46 RM58,773.25
5 RM660,365.71 RM66,036.57
6 RM740,262.28 RM74,026.23


Company Name Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP
Business Address Level 28, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Contact Person Shasikumar

Model Preschool in Penang, Malaysia

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description The service is a model preschool incorporating a play-based, wholesome curriculum catering for a multi-racial clientele aged 4 years to 6 years. The learning programme is age-appropriate which has been devised to develop the young minds with a balance of IQ with EQ.
The basis of the curriculum emphasizes play and exploration which is age- and developmentally appropriate for the early learners. Key Development Indicators (KDIs) are used to chart the progress of each child in development areas such as the arts, literacy, mathematics, physical education, health, social studies, science and technology. Children’s initial experiences with these content areas form the foundation for later understanding and success. They develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and linguistically, giving them a holistic, balanced growth.
The program aims to nurture creativity, enabling the children to appreciate diversity, practice sustainability, promoting health and safety while involving parents as partners in the education process.
The objective of setting up of the model preschool is to create a lasting foundational learning concept through play. A play-based and fun learning environment is important to stimulate and nurture both the EQ and IQ of a child which is crucial for his or her well-being. The ultimate aim is to develop the child holistically.
Business Opportunity The preschool is to adopt an ‘out of the box’ approach towards teaching such as incorporating more play and EQ into the curriculum which will differentiate its service in the market. Early childhood education in Malaysia is a hugely growing market with a lot of potential for growth. This is evident from increased birth rate in the country coupled with increased awareness among the parents to start education earlier for their young ones to get a headstart at Primary schooling. The operations team is widely experienced in this field and has operated four centres successfully for almost 20 years in the states of Perak and Penang. The facility will cater to a multi-racial customer base thus increasing its reach and drawing clients from a larger pool. The introduction of the four major languages in the country is an added advantage. The target clientele are middle to upper income level parents who are into a different approach towards early learning. The pupils will be from a multi-racial background with emphasis given to the English language as the medium of learning.
Management Team The business is to be managed by a Steering Committee consisting of Vickys Art Ventures and the investor as the ‘sleeping partner’. Vickys Art Ventures will be actively involved in the running of the day-to-day operations of the preschool. The investor and Vickys Art Ventures will be the persons making all decisions for the business operations after consultation among each other in a meeting.
The business structure will be that of an enterprise for a start and then operate as a private limited company (Sendirian Berhad) based on business and expansion needs.
The operations staff comprises the following:-
Principal – 1 person full-time who also handles clerical work
Kindy teachers – 3 persons full-time
Teacher’s aide – 2 full-time
Daycare carer – 1 full-time
Cleaner – 1 person full-time
Cook – 1 person full-time

The investor(s) is expected to play the following role:-
 Partake in planning for the business
 Attend meetings held at regular intervals
 Input of ideas and resources that the business needs
 Participate in the growth and development of the business

Company Background The owners of Vickys Art Ventures have for 18 years operating four preschools successfully in the states of Perak and Penang mainland. The centres built a good reputation among its clientele and became well-known for its care quality and producing high-achieving pupils. The principal, Ms. Vicky is very passionate about childhood education and welfare while striving to find new and innovative ways to make early learning more fun and interesting to preschoolers. This has culminated into the creation of a preschool learning program known as ‘Total Learning Concept’.
The program was adopted for use by NGOs like CHILD in 2014 encompassing 28 preschools throughout Malaysia under its care, 15 Tamil(SJKT) preschools under a project awarded by SEDIC in 2015 for the state of Kedah and are being used by more than 25 private kindergartens in Penang, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu for the past 4 years. Ms. Vicky has travelled nationwide training preschool teachers to become more effective in their work from 2012 till 2014.
Funding Milestone The proposed investment of RM300,000.00 by the financing investor(s) which will give them a 70% stake or returns in the form of net profit. As for the active partner being Vickys Art Ventures which will contribute their expertise, knowledge, time and intellectual property which will give it a 30% ownership as well as a 30% profit from the business.

SharperShopper – an online comparison website for groceries

Project Title SharperShopper is an online comparison website for groceries. We enables users to compare prices across a number of supermarkets in Malaysia.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 90,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description SharperShopper is an online comparison website for groceries, household items and health and beauty products in local supermarkets. We enables users to compare prices across a number of supermarkets in Malaysia. We aim to help people save as much as 30% by using our site to compare before buying. We aim to serve as a community benefit to make sure grocery shoppers get the best value for their grocery purchases. Assuring shoppers with the best prices and discounts. Shop wisely, conveniently, and of course, save money.
Business Opportunity Grocery items are becoming more expensive. Inflation is rising in Malaysia. Cost of items are becoming more expensive than ever with the recent implementation of the Goods and Services Tax and the currency depreciation of the Ringgit (MYR). Grocery shopping is a MUST for every individual, whether buying once a week or once a month, they must buy groceries and household needs. By using, your savings could reach up to 30% by knowing which supermarket has the cheapest items for the things you want to buy. Buying things at promotional prices or discounts and making every Ringgit value count, would be a necessity to leading a comfortable lifestyle in Malaysia. We have made a local survey on the need to have a grocery comparison website. Close to 95% of the respondents agreed for a need to have a big and full scale grocery comparison website. We have about 2,000 plus visitors a month.

In the future where grocery shoppers will shop for their groceries online. And they can save much more by making comparison for the items they want to buy by using the app. TESCO Malaysia went actively online allowing deliveries since 2015. Giant (Malaysia) and AEON (Malaysia) will begin its launch in 2016. The rest will have to follow suit to maintain their market share of customers.

Revenue / Business Model We have 3 revenue sources.
(1) Paid advertisement by major supermarkets in our website space.
(2) Pay Per click for each reference from our website directed to the supermarket online delivery website for order purchase.
(3) Mini, smaller retailers promoting their grocery items online in our comparison platform.
Management Team The team’s strength is that they are very pro-active and hardworking. They are motivated by helping others make the best purchase of their Ringgit’s worth. We are a team of careful shoppers with good and sharp skills in managing grocery expenditures and would like to share with everyone on saving the most important
and expensive part of necessity spending, which is our groceries. Making it cheaper & affordable by shopping wisely.
Company Background Company Name: Megah Fortune Sdn Bhd
Website name:
Date Founded: June 2015
Address: E-2-22, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Investment Made to Date: RM 90,000
No profit
Funding Milestone RM 600,000 for the first 2 years
Current traction of visitors at approximately 2,000.
To increase traction base to 10,000 by first half of 2016. RM 250,000
Increase to 50,000 by end 2016. RM 200,000
100,000 by first half 2017 and subsequently 300,000 by end 2017. RM 150,000
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 5 years at 20 times their investment
Exit Strategies 1) Trade sale
2) Flotation
3) Going Public
Company Name Megah Fortune Sdn Bhd
Business Address E-2-22, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.