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Budget Hotel:

Project Cost: RM1.1mil (Depends the size of the hotel)

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : RM1.1mil

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: nil

Industry: tourism / hospitality

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

Mr Lim C.M., Managing Director for Olive Hospitality – He has over 10 years of hotel management experience. He is a graduate of Keris College, Malaysia. Prior joining Olive Hospitality, he was with:
1. Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Malaysia
2. Le Meridien Singapore
3. Pan Pacific Singapore
4. Parkroyal Serviced Suites, Malaysia
5. Arenaa Hotels Group, Malaysia
6. The Everly Group, Malaysia
7. Grid 9 Hotel, Malaysia.

Product / Service Description: Budget Hotel

Business Opportunity:

Tourism Facts: Malaysia welcomes 7.09 million tourists in the first quarter of this year, marking a hike of 10%, from 6.45 million tourists over the same period last year. The industry experienced a remarkable growth and evolved to become one of the country’s fastest growing economic sectors, contributing billions of dollars each year in tourist receipt.

Revenue Model: Revenue generated through room revenue and other miscellaneous revenue.

1. Online Travel Agents (Agoda,, Expedia..etc)
2. Official Website
3. Hotel Direct (Phone in or email)
4. Social website
5. Tour Agency
Management Team: Mr Lim C.M. – Managing Director

Current Status: Planning Stage:
1. Ready Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
2. Renovation costing prepared
3. Operation costing prepared
4. Sales & Marketing plan
5. Ready contractor to start renovation works
6. Ready suppliers for hotel amenities
7. Ready property (few locations)

Funding Milestone: The funding will be used to:
1. Rent out a premise
2. Renovation cost (include purchasing furnitures)
3. Operation cost
4. Licensing fee
5. Miscellaneous

Business Valuation: Open for discussion

Expected Return On Investment: n/a

Investment Risk and Mitigation: n/a

Exit Strategies: n/a


Lim C.M. (
Company Name: Olive Hospitality
Postal Address : Unit 10-06, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43200
Country : Malaysia
Website :


Q&A Mobile Apps seeking RM250K commercialization fund


Final Prototype ready, awaiting funding for IP before releasing into iTunes appstore.


Our business is exclusively based upon app development. We have developed a solution for daily users to find answers to their questions. We give consumers the opportunity to take a picture and ask a question along with it, and this is put into one of the wide variety of categories we offer. Most questions are hard to express in words, it might be something you just saw, or something you just thought of, verbally describing it is tough. Why not just take a picture? A picture expresses a thousand words, perhaps a question like “What car is that?”. This platform is very new to the social networking industry, and we like to think that it has extreme potential with the correct team and required funding. We have established three streams of revenue by commercialising this very unique concept. These revenue streams were well discussed and weighed upon by whom we think are marketing experts in this field. We have made this concept a platform for communication between companies and customers, perhaps a place to discuss products and services.


Customers of all age ranges and background types are welcome to use this as it caters a wide variety of questions and answers. It’s hard to put a target on social platform but if I had to be close, I would say were targeting the age range of 13 – 45.


In conjuctions with experts on the marketing field, we have developed a highly targeted marketing scheme. This is commercialisation through several advertising fields such as social networking, print media, YouTube ads and several more channels. We will hire a marketing agency to help us with the mass awareness we are looking for. These are quoted in the funding part of these documents, and it’s respective costs. We have made a deal with several companies like Skyboard Media and Jannlex Ads for the best pricing.


We make our revenue through mobile advertising.
It’s divided between 3 streams, one for corporate clients, and the other two for individuals, small businesses and classifieds advertisers.


Competitors : Yahoo! Answers,,
These companies are considered indirect competitors, as this form of innovation has never been found before. Current competitors offer merely text-based questions and asking questions with text instead of pictures and videos, which make’s it very difficult to find the answer for your question.

Advantages and barriers-to-entry

Our USP will include these features in comparison to our competitors.
• Image or 10 second video based questions.
• A wall in which all your questions appear.
• 16 diverse categories and 1 social category to choose from.
• Accessibility and Convenience in app layout
• Question Specific Format to focus on the raw question.
• Unique App specific format for uttermost convenience and efficiency.


We started a year ago with just a simple idea, to help people achieve answers to their everyday questions. From the spark of an idea, we have currently just completely our final prototype before release. This is a long way for this company, and for the mere concept of this app itself. I think just the idea of such an easy concept in which people team up as a society in order to answer each other’s questions. As primitive as this idea is, it has the potential for very high commercialisation too, that is the aspect we had difficulty implementing. We finally achieved this by integrating highly targeted mobile advertising into the app and made it much more appealing and unique then ads on other apps.


The AMAZON S3 server which we use to store all the image uploads are guaranteed for fast image/video processing and is able to store huge amounts of storage. This server is made to offer space in the most efficient way possible. Company’s like twitter use this very exact server.


Funding required
RAIKA Enterprise would like to ask a little over MYR250, 000.

We are willing to give 25% of the allocated investment fund back to the investor in relation to the funding amount.

The funding that we have required includes Intellectual Property Rights, in the unfortunate and unlikely chance that this business does not succeed, we will sell the IP rights in the market, which will likely go to the highest bidder.

The company is entirely funded by the both the parties in this partnership.
An estimate amount of RM22, 000 has been invested in this company.

*Note: Complete business plan ready


A B2C Internet Platform seeking RM120,000 commercialization fund

Amount Invested : nil (new business idea stage)

Amount Required : RM120,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: informatics / multimedia; internet

Project Stage: idea stage

Why do I need the funding and how it will going to use on: hiring a web developer (senior web developer) or a web agency to complete the further working stage (coding, conversion, database etc), cloud hosting needed for every year. Currently the interface design of every pages for this website has been fully completed.


About me:

Jeff Pow, a web themes and graphic designer with 10 years of experience, and have been dedicating their time to helping companies and individuals custom design, redesign and improve their corporate and portfolio websites; making them simpler, clearer, fast-loading and more professional. Jeff Pow is now a full-timer, working with a web agency from Kuala Lumpur since August 2013 till now.

Since 2011, Jeff Pow has been brainstorming an idea which consists of ordering, reservation and social media in one new B2C eCommerce platform. The idea was keeping on enhancing its core features and usability along the past 4 years, in order to cope the eCommerce market needs.

Product / Service Description:

The purpose of this proposal is to introduce an innovative business opportunity in buying, selling and integration Platform. This platform is created to bring all online fashion stores, and online shoppers into one simple platform. At the meantime, vendors are able to know more about users behavior through browsing, discover great new stuff, events daily and to do do online purchase and payment, as well as to share out anything they think it will ‘bomb’ out their friends too. You can know more about its initial core value of the idea via my attached proposal.


Jeff Pow (
Company Name: —
Postal Address : 592-D, Jalan Seaview 10, Taman Seaview, Ujong Pasir, 75050 Melaka, Malaysia.
State : Melaka
Post Code : 75050
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 012-2680673
Website : —

Seeking RM100K for Arabiya restaurant at PJ

Project Cost: RM200,000

Amount Invested : RM100,000

Amount Required : RM100,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

I’m working with a partner who is an entrepreneur and running a film production company. We have about 4-5 months worth of experience in running an arab concept restaurant previously before starting this restaurant

Product / Service Description:

The restaurant concept is based on middle eastern food. Staffs and cook are from yemen. We plan to make current restaurant as a central kitchen and supply to kiosks and food courts daily around klang valley. We also planned for local delivery around pj area. Future planning include to have our restaurant and concept franchised to public via PNB

Business Opportunity:

We are the sole arabic restaurant around pj area. As you know, the market potential in pj is huge as there are lots of housing area and offices. Currently we had been running based on regular customer from previous owner which are mostly foreign (middle east) student.

Revenue Model:

Money will be based on daily sales of food. We will leverage the cost by having a centralized kitchen to cook and supply to vendors that own a kiosk around klang valley area. We are also offering catering function and food delivery services(around pj area) and will get into government tender as well

Management Team:

I myself is a doctor by profesion and had experience in running online business for past 2 years and about 4 months experience in f&b.
My partner is an entrepreneur with experience more than 20 years in various business ventures partly finance, film production, hotelier and f&b

Current Status:

We had buy over the company owning the restaurant and currently had spent about 150000 to buy over the company, re-branding, minor renovation and overhead costs. Unfortunately since starting we still running at loss but slowly picking up as time goes by. We are projecting daily sales between 3-4k in the next 2 months as we just started marketing.

Funding Milestone:

Fund given will be allocated into(according to priority) :
1. Settlement of debts (reducing the overhead incured)
2. Marketing (boosting the local community awareness and increase sales in the next 4 months)
3. Increasing/upgrading the cutlery and tables/chairs (in coping with the projected increase in customer)
4. Cahsflow for at least 3 months (backup for the first 3 month)
5. Minor renovation

Business Valuation:

Looking at 2 options here:
1. Profit sharing basis where 10% = 40000
With maximum share offered is 20%
(based on our forecast sales in the next 3 months and future value for the restaurant )

2. Share holders basis where 10% = 100000 with maximum share offered is 20%
(based on the company paid up capital)

Expected Return On Investment:

About 10% ROI if based on 3k sales daily for next 2 years

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Can be discussed

Exit Strategies:

1. Profit sharing can be bind with 2 years contract.
2. For share holder, can sell the share ownership to the company back in 2 years according to current share value. in case the business not doing well, we can sell off the restaurant + goodwill and the money will be distributed according to share.


Mohamad ezran (
Company Name: Arab star group sdn bhd
Postal Address : G001, Millenium square, jalan 14/1,seksyen 14, petaling jaya
State : Selangor
Post Code : 46100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0125204002
Website : FB: arabiya restaurant
Mobile: 0125204002


ALF seeking to raise RM200K working capital

Project Cost: RM300,000

Amount Invested : RM100,000

Amount Required : RM200,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
financial services

Project Stage:


Company History:

The founder has 18 years in the IT industry with the past 15 years as a pioneer in Internet Banking, Loans Origination System (LOS), Basel II Collateral & Limits Management System and risk-related technologies for the financial sector. Previous clients included top tier conventional and Islamic banks in Malaysia and Singapore.

Product / Service Description:

The financial platform that is designed is to control the entire credit request between the borrower and lenders in real-time. It is a financial platform designed for equity investors who have background in the financial services sector as the technicalities involved are bank retail and SME lending.

Business Opportunity:

It addresses the challenging troubles in obtaining retail, SME and microfinance loans in Malaysia by the common person. Allows instant access between the borrower directly to multiple financial institutions and for borrowers (especially Relationship Managers) to expand their thinning borrower based of pipeline immediately.

Revenue Model:

Revenue is from pre-paid upfront payment from large FSI and credit card swiped up front from individual agents. Estimated of RM45million in five years based on Bank Negara 2013 data on Loans Approved by Purpose.

Management Team:

Founder with more than a decade experience running a previous start-up from single person to 51-employeees before selling out. And Chief Technical Adviser who was instrumental in developing the one-time TAC used by many banks in Malaysia today.

Current Status:

Technical flow and wireframe design done. Paid-up capital of RM100,000 has been invested. In process of meeting with private equity investors for additional funding to start coding work and establish marketing activities.

Funding Milestone:

The initial funding request of RM300,000 is for the first quarter start-up. I foresee revenue to be immediate upon product launch from up front payment from financial institutions and agents.

Business Valuation: Up to 50%

Expected Return On Investment: Within first year.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Resistance from tier banks as this will disrupt their way of conducting business. However, can be mitigated by having Tier 2 banks use this application to inflict and siphon credit business from the Tier 1 banks.

Exit Strategies:
1. IPO
2. Sell IP


Vincent Chin (
Company Name: Akros One Solution Sdn. Bhd.
Postal Address : Level 36, Menara Maxis,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 50088
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0326157255
Website :
Mobile: 0193288820

The Box Office

Project Cost: RM 700,000

Amount Invested : nil

Amount Required : RM 700,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: others (Entertainment)

Project Stage: concept


Company History: Experience

2014 – Present (7 months) Event Manager Missing Link Resources, 2010 – 2013 (3 years) Advertising WAGO / Random Alphabets, Jan 2012 – Jun 2012 (5 months) Radio Announcer Media Prima 2010 – 2012 (2 years) Production Co-ordinator ASTRO

Product / Service Description:

An independent shoplot cinema where movie lovers can have the epic experience by watching selected movies which never been showed in local cinemas. Rather than watching them at home, to enjoy the movie at the cinema at its best comfort that Box Office provides according to the movie premiering and theme setting for the cinema to follow as the movies. As for the concept as a whole,the cinema has its 60’s – 70’s look , having the classic box office and elegant style kind of setting where everyone can experience watching with loved ones and friends instead of being at home. Cater to that, is the cafe downstairs would be one of a kind as the interior design would be local made art work placed around which can be sold to customers. In another words, art work in the cafe would change and the setting of the place is trendy and would make people make it viral with the epic concept of DIY furniture and props.

Business Opportunity:

Trend and a very strategic location (SS15, Subang Jaya) Targeted market would definitely be the young generation as they are into epic, cool, trendy places to go and doing what they love, bumming and watching movies. The setting and the whole idea of following themes of the movie would be rival with social media tools.

Revenue Model:

Allocated only limited seats of 50. RM 15 per ticket. 5 showtimes per day. RM 3750 daily income. Excluding F&B sales.

Management Team:

Running solo in management of Box Office, by hiring and F&B team of 4 and a partner to assist.

Current Status: Concept.

Funding Milestone:

Locking down location of 2 stories of a shop lot, renovation including furniture and designing of the two stories, technical installment. 3 months maximum allocated for 100% results.

Business Valuation: 5% of income made monthly

Expected Return On Investment: 3% interest upon RM700k investment

Investment Risk and Mitigation: As this is new in the market, this would interest many young people, for sees risk on selection of movies, depending on market targeted.

Contact Information

Devaraj Balakrishnan (
Company Name: The Box Office
Postal Address : D-9-09, Damansara Perdana Exclusive Condo Jalan PJU 8/1, 47820 Petaling Jaya
State : Petaling Jaya
Post Code : 47820
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 0175557572

My Green E-Box seeking RM300,000 to set up factory

‘Sustainable waste management & renewable energy system’

A digester system that uses organic waste especially food waste to produce biogas that can be converted into:

1) Feed-in-tariff electricity
2) Cooking gas
3) Fertilizers

Project Type:

Green technology that reduces carbon foot print and solve environmental issues generated by 15,000 tonnes food waste produced daily in Malaysia and produces sustainable renewable energy and fertilizers that other food waste management system does not provide.


To manufacture 1 cubic meter digester units to be sold to:
1) Pre-ordered 4 Green Schools through Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) – 4 units
2) Pre-ordered export markets – 70 units
3) 106 schools in Seberang Perai districts through MPSP
4) 10,136 schools in Malaysia
5) Export markets

Key Results:

1) Awareness to 5 million households through school children’s
2) Exports to foreign countries
3) Indicators to measure reduction in carbon foot print, food waste problems, pollutants, and organic waste
4) Application of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
5) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs


1) Reduce environment impact
2) Development of biogas industry


1) Biotech India – technology partner
2) Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai – pilot testing
3) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) – R&D for local patents up to 6 cubic meters
4) Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) – R&D for industrial and farm models local patents
5) Aalamee Society – Matrade partner and export market for Mauritius and Madagascar
6) Department of Science and Technology, Phillipines
7) Koperasi Nillam Johor Berhad – marketing to Malaysia cooperatives

Expected Financing:

RM300,000 to set up factory to manufacture 1 cubic meter units

Financial Arrangement:

1) One off investment with 20% returns in one year. OR
2) Investment in return of 10% equity in the company.

Twenty37 M-Commerce Platform specialize in Groceries & Shopping

Project Cost: RM3,000,000

Amount Invested : RM500k-RM800k

Amount Required : RM500k

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing
other (Mobile Commerce)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (M-Commerce)

Project Stage:
early expansion
others (Ready to Roll out)


Company History:

Founder & CEO of Twenty37 and a Technoprenuer. Graduate in Computer Science Degree. Understanding coding and software architecture and design. Created the software and backend. Responsible for Vision and objective of the company. Previously worked with a US based company and has vast experience in IT more than 10 years in experience. Build, Design and Deploy KL Sentral SSM software, hardware and architecture. Ensure Internal operations of office.

Co-Founder and MD of the Twenty37. Managed the Sales and Marketing. PR and Events coordination of the operations outside. An Accountant by Profession. MIA and chartered accountant. Responsible for external sales, collaborations, marketing and bringing the company to the next level. Previously in Financial Consultant basis and carry a CFO title in other companies.

Product / Service Description:

Twenty37 is a M-Commerce company specialize in Groceries & Shopping. Twenty37 will change and revolutionize the experience you purchase a product via the twenty37 app on your smartphones.

Business Opportunity:

Problem 1: Traffic and congestion
Problem 2: Lack of parking Facilities
Problem 3: The promotional items or product ran out of stock
Problem 4: The inconvenient long checkout queue

Twenty37 App give the consumer the chance to purchase items and scan the item via our app. Our app is integrated with the QRCode scanner that allow consumer to scan the item at LRT stations, Universities, Office Lobby and etc to create “Instant purchase rate” conversion rather than the conventional promotion on newspaper. where you tend to forgot the items when tomorrow comes or too late to pick up the promotional item and it ran out of stock. Consumer market for groceries and crowd given in the LRT stations monthly 22 million users traveling via the trains. It will allow Twenty37 to penetrate the conversion in a easy matter.

Seek RM480K for Cili Fertigasi farm in Kelantan

Project Cost: RM 480,000

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : n/a

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: agriculture

Project Stage:


Company History:

I am graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Actuary. Before this I worked at various company and I decided to start my business. I have established a company and firstly I manage to sell meat for 1 year and now I decided to make Chilly farm for about 7 Acre land through fertigasi method.

Product / Service Description:

My product is Chilly (CILI MERAH). I plan if I get capital for about RM 480,000, FIrstly I will buy a 7 Acre land for about RM14,000 each acre and its cost RM 98,000. Then, I will buy fertigasi tools for about RM 168,000 for 28,000 chilly tree. ANother is for (BAJA) and poison and employee salary. For BAJA and Racun It cost RM70,000 for 1 season (6 months) and employee salary for RM 142,800 for 1 season (6 month). All it cost RM 478,800. (Farm of chilly generate revenue RM 294,000 for 1 season (6months))

Business Opportunity:

The problem is how to make chilly farm. Firstly, I cultivate chilly back of my home for about 120 trees. Then I went to Jabatan Pertanian Kelantan and ask for opinion and favour. I got guideline for 120 chilly tree. After that, I have a plan to expand my chilly, but I need a capital to open chilly farm. But for 120 chilly trees, I successfully success.

Revenue Model:

FOr 1 tree of chilly, it can generate 3kg to 6kg per 6 months. FAMA take chilly for RM3.50 per kg. For 28,000 chilly tree can generate at least RM 294,000 (28,000 x 3 x RM3.50).

Management Team:

For organisation, I have 2 uncle ready to work for me. For another employee I decided to advertise to find 23 workers. It is 3 employee manage for 1 acre (4000 chilly tree). ANd at my office, It need 2 employee as take care for account and general matter.

Current Status:

Right now, I dont start any plantation as I have moved to new house and it dont have a land to do chilly farm. At my old home (I rental house), I got RM 1470 for 6 months for 120 chilly trees.

Funding Milestone:

For RM 480,000, for first month, I will buy 7 Acre land, fertigasi tools, pay employee salary and buy BAJA and poison. ANd another is for management for 1 season (6 months) included employee salary.

Business Valuation:

Right now I dont have any investor and my company is just Enterprise. My proposal is to get a loan (geran kerajaan RM 500,000)

Expected Return On Investment:

If I got a loan, I prefer to find approximately 8% – 15% per year who will charge me for their charge.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk is the chilly tree maybe will be attack by virus but it can be poisened. Second risk is employee, employee who work for a while we will find another employee through advertisement or maybe we will take indonesian workers to for replacement.

Exit Strategies:

It take 2 year to settle all loan. I am very confident in 2 years, I will pay all my loan.


Nik nur asraf bin nik sulaiman (
Company Name: ASMULA NIAGA
Postal Address : Lot 1699-A Taman Uda Murni, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu
State : Kelantan
Post Code : 15400
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0199170256
Mobile: 0199170256

Cat Café in high-income pet-friendly neighbourhood

Project Cost: RM350,000

Amount Invested : RM30,000

Amount Required : RM320,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Strong Interest in F&B and Cafe Business)

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor; as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b; consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

This café idea was born from the passion of Isabelle’s love of cats and Agnes’s desire to bring up the level of coffee appreciation in the café scene.

Product / Service Description:

This café is not your typical cafe as the typical coffee menu is removed in favour of a simpler and layman-friendly ordering format. This will allow people to taste and experience many different coffee methods without knowing much about coffee. Aside from the unique coffee experience, the cats in the cafe not only serves as an interactive environment but its also to support a social cause. Most of the cats will be taken from shelters/rescued and be up for adoption.

Business Opportunity:

Western coffee culture has boomed in recent years due to growing number of cafes in Malaysia. This has increased the overall quality and appreciation of coffee. However most café patrons still do not know much about coffee; and its wide range of variants and flavors. The learning curve to appreciate coffee is rather steep. We aim to solve this problem by creating a layman-friendly method to introduce and expose the average café patron to the different tastes and styles of coffee. The other problem is many of these cafés lack differentiation among themselves besides a “theme” or “ambience”. As more cafes pop up, there needs to be a greater differentiation to stand out of the crowd, not only to survive but to thrive.

“Cat-therapy” would be the attraction pull to entice customers, serving as our unique proposition and differentiation among existing cafés. Malaysians have always loved cats. Whether as pets they own at home, or stray cats along the streets, Malaysians are generally very receptive towards cats. Most people experience an uplift in their moods whenever they feel the warmth of a cat companion. Furthermore, cats have become an internet phenomenon, spurning off jokes and ‘memes’ which Malaysian internet users can appreciate. The café will also have pet sheltering and fostering community support built into the business model. This will not only give it staying power from the community support, it also gives the business a higher cause to strive for.

Revenue Model:

As we’re located within a pet-friendly community of high-income earners, the higher spending power and cat attraction enable items to be priced at premium. Revenue stream will flow from drinks and dessert during tea time, as well as meals from lunch and dinner crowd.

Management Team:

Our team members are deeply passionate about what’s at the core of a Cat Café – Cats and Coffee! The team comprised of 3 key members, each member’s role will be defined as below:-

Passionate about cats, the Cat Lover will handle all operations pertaining to cat management. Will also handle marketing and public relations with the community.

Highly skilled and passionate in the art of coffee making, the Coffee Lover will manage all aspects of food and coffee operations within the café.

Creative and strategic thinker, the Business Strategist sees the big picture, creating synergy in business direction and market opportunities. Will also handle public relations with the community.

Current Status:

We have done extensive research and groundwork, allowing us to set things in motion immediately once the funds are available. The following factors have been confirmed and identified:

– Identified outlet location – tight-knitted community of high purchasing power with strong support for our cause.
– Working on café flow and menu.
– Confirmed sources for coffee beans.
– Confirmed cat area layout to ensure overall positive wellbeing of cats and patrons.
– Understanding cat behaviour to ensure harmonious and peaceful interactions among cats, and between cats and patrons.
– Worked out operational work flow on cat maintenance such as cat dietary needs, space and territorial needs, litter box maintenance, cat engagement and mental stimulation.

Funding Milestone: Funds will be allocated into CAPEX and OPEX for first 6 months. We propose to break even by end of 2nd Year.

Business Valuation: To be discussed upon meeting.

Expected Return On Investment: Yearly ROI of about 45%, Return on capital by end of year 2.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Risks and mitigation to be revealed and discussed upon meeting.

Exit Strategies: Shares to be sold back to owners within 3 or 5 years.


Isabelle (
Mobile: 012 – 333 5326