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ItemList – Your Forever Income

Project Cost: RM500k

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : RM100k

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia

Project Stage: concept / seed

Information Memorandum:

Global online shopping mall, new consumption patterns and lifestyles, will lead a new revolution in consumption patterns. ItemList a consumer partners online store, use and consumers, profit-sharing idea to bring a new consumption patterns and lifestyle of the global consumer group. Cash rebates, in addition to who consumption in ItemList in consumer, will receive a 10% (example), consumers the friend join mall consumption can also be permanently get friends 1 purchase 5% of the total amount (example) as forever income, introduce a friend when a friend 1 2 added shopping malls consumption, consumers and friends will each get a friend 2 to buy 5% of the total amount (example) as a forever income.

*Forever Income will be terminated when a friend or friends stop consumption in the mall, all the cash rebate and commission will take the integer to calculate.

ItemList take share profits and consumers will attract new consumers to join and repeat sales. In the consumption of the mall, within six hours, will send you purchased the product.
When ItemList consumer group to reach a certain number of global dividends will be distributed to eligible consumers, which will attract new consumers to join.

* The global bonus cash rebates and commissions mantissa integration (1-2%) disbursed to eligible consumers.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholder;

Jimmy Seah – Method Founder/Developer
Highest academic level Cert. I want be create a company can be a partner of all human,change and improved their life on my ItemList.

Current Status: Seed Stage.

Funding required

Research And Development: RM 500,000
Company set up: RM 100,000
Advertising: RM 100,000
Cashflow: RM 500,000
Total: RM1,200,000

How much equity are you willing to allocate to the Investors for that funding amount? 30%.

Ongoing potential market.
Whole world market will be control by ItemList percentage is 35%

Expected rate of return or IRR; 100% Annually.

Investment risks and mitigating factors; Believe I can change the world by the ItemList,but I need a chance from you,thanks.

Contact Information

Jimmy Seah (

Postal Address : Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
Mobile: 0163163699

Child Encirhment Center, Kuala Lumpur

Project Cost: 200000

Amount Invested : 50000

Amount Required : 150000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: others (Education)

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

We are a startup company, and in the midst of of setting up children encirhment center. With advance technology and the need for encirhment for children, we are combining both technology and nurturing children into one. We have created our own program, based n science and mathematics on how the children could benefit from learning fun way from tender age. This is purely Malaysian owned program, looking to grow the program and make it big. With partnership with support of a bumi partner, we believe we cold grow this bigger. We are in need of RM150k for us to be successfully executing this. We have a place to start this up. Everything is in place, only funds is required now to make our dream come true.

Contact Information

Sumita (
State : Selangor
Post Code : 46100
Country : Malaysia

Clean Tech for Activated Carbon

Project Title : Clean Tech for Activated Carbon

Project Cost: 3,000,000

Amount Invested : 500,000

Amount Required : 2,500,000

Display Contact Information : Yes

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; finance; production; sale & marketing; internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time; part-time; as mentor; as consultant

Industry: energy / natural resources; engineering; manufacturing; biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: seed

Information Memorandum:

Green Technology, Product has Ready buyer, 370% in 4 years

Traderinasia Sdn Bhd.

Industrial product – Activated Carbon that has ready buyers in market. Replacement technology to manufacture activated carbon with 0 emission, 0 pollution. yet, extra production. Require funding for equipment.

Proposal Summary:

Using the new technology we are highly increase the profit margin. In first year we can offer our investor up to 43% ROI. The global activated carbon market was worth $1.8 billion in 2011 and is estimated to reach $3 billion by 2016, growing at a CAGR of 11.1% from 2011 to 2016. The powdered and granular activated carbon segments are the key revenue generators for the activated carbon market. The demand for activated carbon (AC) is expected to grow due to the new demand in mercury control technology for industrial air purification applications. Whereas, we have custom made equipment that is use to better increase the productivity of activated carbon as well as lower the operating cost and zero emission. with this equipment we are able to sell the product at a very high profit margin. Therefore, we are looking into getting investor to fund the equipments and generating higher net worth.

Investor investing a minimum of USD 40,500 at one time. The money will be used to purchase the corresponding machine. Each machine is abled to produce 0.4 ton a day and each month 12 ton. Our buyer will buy up the 12 ton at USD 5000. after minus the operating cost and raw material cost ( 45%) , we have a margin of USD 1458 which pay back to the investor. And repeating this every month

Contact Person:


Post Code : 47810
Country : Malaysia

Automated water PH and Salinity level monitoring, logging and alert system

Project Title: Automated water PH and Salinity level monitoring, logging and alert system for aquaculture and environment protection using personal computer

Project Cost: RM99,000

Amount Invested : RM2,000

Amount Required : RM97,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
industry products

Project Stage:

Information Memorandum:

1.Project proposal

To build a PH and Salinity Level monitoring system that could be linked to computer via (USB port/WIFI/Ethernet cable). The system must be able to record data (PH and Salinity reading) into database at pre-programmed intervals. Other features listed below. a. View and print recorded reading; b. Backup recorded reading; c. Export recorded readings to Microsoft excel for chart plotting and data analysis; d. Send alert if the data is out of predefined value range(Example if ph is below 5 or ph is beyond 9). Alert could be send to user via email and SMS or shown in the computer’s screen directly.

2. Advantages of the proposed system

a.More frequent water quality reading as compared to Manual reading. Most manual reading could only be done once every hour since it involved a person to get the work done. The proposed system could be configured to read every minutes or even more frequently depends on fields of application.

b.More accurate and punctual reading since reading time is control by computer and data is recorded automatically without human intervention.

c.Lower operation cost (a system could easily replace 10 person’s work in terms of taking water sample, reading, data entry, print report)

3. Project Duration (Total 6 months)

a. Parts sourcing and Installation(1 month)
b. Programming (2 months)
c. Testing and debugging (2 months)
d. Packaging and marketing preparation (1 month)

4. Funding requirements

a. Prototyping (RM 99000 Est)
b. Patent/certificate for utility Innovation in Malaysia
Including Agent Fee (RM 5000 Est)
c. Patent/certificate for utility Innovation worldwide
Including Agent Fee (RM 50000 wild Est)
d. 6 months salary (RM 24000)
e. Product marketing (RM 10000)

Contact Information

Ang Siaw Tiong (

Company Name: n/a
Postal Address : lot 4675, sublot 25 Taman Park View
State : Sarawak
Post Code : 93250
Country : Malaysia

Retail-based search engine

Project Cost: RM 500,000

Amount Invested : RM 200,000

Amount Required : RM 300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; sale & marketing; internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor; as consultant

Industry: internet; consulting

Project Stage: seed;start-up

Information Memorandum:

Second platform is a first retail-based search engine in Malaysia, that allows consumer to track relevant nearby merchants based on location and requirement, present the result in a map. Second platform stands out from other competitors in the market through create a closer connection between merchants and consumers via constant updates news and create passive updates for consumers.

The platform aims to help merchant to create branding awareness by promotional deals and prompt update news to consumers. Besides that, merchant is able to generate future marketing strategies through some basic analysis tool and comments from consumers. On the other hand, consumer accesses to the platform to entitle for daily complementary voucher, receive updates news from favorite merchants and review merchant’s performance through review from other consumers.

Contact Person

Chris Ooi (

Postal Address : 10D-01-04-008 Sri Ledang, Wangsa Maju
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 53300
Country : Malaysia

Flight Simulations Service

Project Cost: RM 1,000,000.00

Amount Invested : RM 0.00

Amount Required : RM 1,000,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

tourism / hospitality
industry products

Project Stage:

Information Memorandum:

SH Flight Simulations (SHFS) has interest to opened the flight simulator centre in Space U8 Shopping Centre in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam which would caters for enthusiasts, public and also professional users. The purpose of this new venture is designed for people for those who want to feels a ‘real’ flying of an actual aircraft. The simulators are perfect thus avoiding any problems that are might occurred in real life. The cost of actual flying on reality costs around more than RM 500 for 20 minutes and RM 1,500 for one hour on airlines flight simulator. SH Flight Simulations (SHFS) offers a public with a low cost flying flight simulator at affordable prices ranging from RM 100 for 30 minutes and RM 200 for one hour depending on equipment that SHFS will be using later.

This project requires RM 1,000,000.00 which will be use to purchase / lease the equipment from respective vendors and also for advance operational expenses for 12 months.

Muhammad Shahir Sayyid Bin Damanhuri (

Contact Information

Muhammad Shahir Sayyid Bin Damanhuri
Postal Address : 53 Jalan Ubin U8/19A
Bukit Jelutong Seksyen U8
State : Selangor
Post Code : 40150
Country : Malaysia

Semantic In Guru Pakar

Project Cost: RM500,000

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : RM500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (Semantic Learning Technology)

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

I involved in multimedia education contents development since 2001, where my company awarded MSC status in 2004. I quit the company in 2010. Currently working as freelance consultant for application project management,now lead the team to support MyIPO online ITMS system. Semantic is the future web language to reach contents. It is new for Malaysia, and currently only Mimos actively involve in this research. But soon it will become famous and common in coming decade.

Semantic Guru Pakar is my propose project.It means understand what you ask as guru pakar, and answer and assist you as guru pakar. This is my simple concept. Semanctic Guru pakar not like other education application, only interactive in answering, but not in learning and assist way. Example: F4 Sejarah, we can ask Semantic Guru Pakar,\”Apakah ciri-ciri Tamaddun Islam?\”, \”Apakah sumbangan-sumbangan Tamaddun Islam ?\”, \”Berikan saya latihan-latihan berkaitan Tamaddun Isalm\”

Semantic Guru Pakar understand and answer base on what you ask, and the answers given follow the curriculum and syllabus. So it much different like what we learn now, dropped down the menu, and select form,then subject,then the topic and so on… That is not i want.

Intelligent Agent (IA) plays the major role in bridging the learner and Semantic Guru Pakar. And it will be design as a character in front end to understand the learner, and design the learning route with Semantic Guru Pakar. Understanding and well design ontology is the key to decide how good and efficient the sytem it. I am very confidence in this part because my educator background. Semantic Guru Pakar will begin with Guru Pakar Sejarah , seen it will be compulsory taken and pass subject in SPM to qualified the SPM certificate. In 2011 total 468,808 students sitting for SPM examination, this amounts will growing year by year, and thisvolume is not include others forms, and others subjects. My intention to come out this system as app to support 3G phone, table pc and Tab note. The learners can subscribe app to access to this Semantic learning platform. The subscription fees from RM10-RM19.

I have professional knowledge and education background to lead the project success. I am confidence and hungry in designing education learning application. I invested a lot with own money since 2001, but I failed because poor marketing, and lack in strategy. But it wont be the reason to stop me for continuing in R&D. So I sincere hope can get some investment both in money and knowledge, especially which lack in. Will submit my details once requested by any angel Please visit http:// and to understand my product development history.

Contact Information

Tan Kok Chin (

Postal Address : 29, Jln Indah 1/1, Tmn Universiti Indah
State : Seri Kembangan
Post Code : 43300
Country : Malaysia


Commercialization of the technology of catalytic transmutation of inorganic stone particles to rapid liquified phthalate-free plasticizer

Project Objective:

To commercialize the technology of catalytic transmutation of inorganic stone particles to rapid liquefied Phthalate-free bio-degradable plasticizer (mineral Plasticizer)

To develop a manufacturing plant for the production of 18,000 ton annual capacity of bio-degradable mineral plasticizer from the natural stone being the major feedstock

Technology Benchmarking:

 Existing technology produces traditional phthalate-based (a by-product from petroleum process) that belongs to a family of chemical substance have been in use for about 50 years. The compound phthalate esters contribute to significantly deteriorating health changes in human.

 Restraint resources of petroleum products and high cost of raw material.

 The excellent technical specification and technical properties of the innovation of the project while predominantly using bio-degradable and non-phthalate stone powder as the major feedstock will susceptive to benchmarking against the traditional plasticizers.

Market size & Demand:

 World consumption of plasticizers in 2008 was estimated at 5.6 million ton with a global market value of USD11 billion

 The majority of this, about 90%, is used for polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a polymer used in diverse applications such as coatings, plumbing, construction materials and plastic bottles

 This market is likely to experience continued growth as the market for polyvinyl chloride has grown by approximate 4-5% annually.

 Plasticizers are not only additives such as pigments or fillers, they are major components that determine the physical properties of polymer products, and commonly used compound for the plastic making industry.

Market & Financial Risks:

 The project anticipates the market demand is high attributing to the scarcity of petroleum being the major raw materials to the traditional suppliers, the project’s stone particle based phthalate-free plasticizer is set to accomplish in the operation.

 Relatively low risk due to highly diversified application and usage of the innovation.

 The ample supply of stone particles in the country poses minimal risk that may unlikely affect the operating performance and result, therefore the project expects significant gains on the contribution margin.

 The slowdown in growth of the global economies and financial crisis in the recent years, coupled with the infamous fact of an energy crisis since 2008 somehow has stimulated the creation of a niche requirement for an alternative cost effective supply of product without compromising on the quality.

Product Competitiveness:

 Due to its low costing for its stone particle materials being the major raw material feedstock, there are significant margin contribution for competitive yet drastically affordable pricing mechanism at different market channels

 According to ICIS source, for the market condition in July 2010, the traded prices for various phthalate-based plasticizers such as DINP and DOP ranged from RM6,618 to RM7,378 (€1,525 to €1,700) per ton due to market tightness

 The product is eco-friendly friendly and a perfect cost efficient replacement for traditional petroleum-based plasticizer, and in general at a discount of 55% to the current traded market prices to EU region

Potential Revenue Generated:

 Production volume: 18,000 ton per year
 Projected revenue: RM54,000,000.00
 Selling price: RM3,000 per ton
 Profit: 35.32%

Laundry Outlet – Sabah

Project Cost: RM80,000

Amount Invested : RM10,000

Amount Required : RM70,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

Arm with knowledge gained from my partner’s work experience in her previous company of which also operating a large laundry factory, I am planning to open up a laundry outlet at Cyber Square, Jalan Ganang with a total cost of USD26,150.00. The project cost inclusive of purchase of equipment, pre-operation expenses and working capital for 3 months. From the total start up cost, I plan to obtain financial assistant amounting USD24,650.00 whereas I would be able to contribute a sum of USD1,500.

Cyber Square is a very strategic location for Laundry outlet as it is easily accessible from the main road. It is also located near the Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Rafflesia Medical Centre, 2 apartments consist of a total 3312 units of apartment and a housing consist of 400 units residential units. Another 4 more housing projects is currently under development and shall provide more business opportunity in the near future. There is only 1 other laundry outlet in the said area, I am confident with better service, longer operating hours and more competitive pricing, our laundry outlet is able to compete and control at least 50% of the market size.

Our laundry outlet provide services as such normal cleaning, cleaning of comforter, bed sheet, curtain, ironing and others.

Based on the current market trend and our observation, the demand for laundry services is on the rise, especially among the younger generation who are busy with daily lives and longer working hour. The increasing needs for comfortable living and fast, efficient service quality also contribute to a positive scenario for future of laundry service market.

I hope with your assistant, I shall be able to make this plan a reality and develop the potential of this business thus improve our quality of life.

Contact Information

Chalvador Masandul (

Postal Address : Lot F-216, Ganang Villa, Jalan Ganang, 88200 Kota Kinabalu
State : Sabah
Post Code : 88200
Country : Malaysia

Cigar Boutique & Cafe

Project Cost: RM 390,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time; as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b; consumer goods

Project Stage: concept; start-up


Rico Caballero will be an upscale cigar boutique establishment, located at Solaris Mont Kiara and will be carrying such products:

• Premium Cigars
• Gourmet Coffees

Rico Caballero will cater to the people who enjoy some of life’s finer pleasures. With the heart of the boating community on one side of Rico Caballero and the most affluent area of Kuala Lumpur on the other, it should do very well.

The primary factors in making Rico Caballero a success will be positioning, service and satisfaction to our prime class client. With a solid positioning strategy, service that is second to none and a “smart” inventory, success will be eminent. With all of these factors into play, we expect the sales to grow at a rate of 10-15% per month minimal. The cigars will be the revenue-maker in the beginning, but the gourmet coffee, Italian simple cuisine and fine wine from premium chateau should balance out the revenue within 18-24 months.


• To become the premier cigar boutique in Kuala Lumpur.
• To have a 10-15% growth rate per month during the first year.


Rico Caballero will be an establishment that offers a few of life’s pleasures and unparalleled service. Rico Caballero will cater to those who enjoy fine Cuban cigars, a nice exquisite cup of premium roasted coffee and it will be inviting to those who may not be familiar with such things but want to learn about them.

Rico Caballero will be for young and old generation of smokers with distinguished enthusiasm preference and expectation about the finer thing we could offer.


Location: Rico Caballero is right next to the heart of one of the largest boating populations in the country. Located at The Strand, Kota Damansara, it’s knowns as The Red Boulevard, replicate Rouge Boulavard in Paris. Analyst has projected that the premise will be another uprising hot spot to replace Bangsar and Solaris. Neighbouring with several prime bistros and clubs in the same premise. It will easily draws crowd to enjoy a finer thing that life could offer.

Image: As stated earlier, Rico Caballero will be an establishment that caters to specific tastes. However, in order to attract such tastes Rico Caballero must offer an environment conducive to the selling of such items. Rico Caballero will have the aesthetic atmosphere and ambience that the specific tastes are after when buying these items.

Service: Once we have attracted customers to our establishment with our image, we will keep them coming back with our knowledgeable and accommodating service.

Selection: Although we will cater to those who enjoy finer things does not mean we will include only the wealthy. With a solid selection, Rico Caballero will be able to please a wide variety of budgets and tastes.

Contact Information


Post Code : 56000
Country : MALAYSIA
Fax : 03-91712393