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Soft darts machine training & competition platform

Project Cost: 600,000.00

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM600K

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time

informatics / multimedia
restaurants / f&b
consumer goods
financial services

Project Stage:

Information Memorandum:


Soft darts machine was invented in Japan since year 2000, introduced to Malaysia in 2011. Ever since this machine introduced in Malaysia, It eventually attracted many people to start playing, especially girl player. This is because the machine itself is no longer like the old school dart board so boring, need to count your own score and must play in pub or bar.


The machine attracted more player than the old school darts board, it is because the machine come with auto scoring and an interactive monitor that allow player to change their own theme, read ranking, view interactive animation when you did some special skill. Other than that the machine also come with a LED board and good sound effect to attract player attention. Last but not least, the machine is coming with a 4 card slots to insert a total of 8 cards maximum for player to up rank, challenge, collecting theme and also tournament purpose.


Currently soft darts machine in the market is the hottest sport for nightlife business, pioneer was I-Darts, following by Bulls Eye Cafe & Bistro, Afterhour, Napoli Pub & Bistro, The Barrel Kitchen, Our Locus, 66SIX and many more. Due to this, there are many players from these place has trained themselves to be a great darters and some of the bistro or bar organized competition for every week or even a large tournament to send them to oversea for international competition, with this darts machine all the mentioned bar & bistro their business are increasing rapidly and some even can earn 40-50k from 1 machine in just a month.

As I noticed these place can only give them to play at night and there is no real training or competition platform for them to move on. Again soft darts in not only shortlisted for adult, in Hong Kong the biggest darts accessories company JDarts ASIA even encouraged youth to start playing and training as playing darts can assist to train our concentration and fully utilized both left and right brain.


I am plaining to open a training and competition platform that allowing or attract more peoples from different level to play darts from morning till night, of course, we will also be selling darts, darts accessories and some light drinks and foods for additional income, but still the soft darts machine is the major income.


The ROI of this soft darts machine is unpredictable, with just a minimum of RM2.00 for each player, 1 player can easily play up to RM50-RM80 in just 4 to 5 hours and 1 machine is allowing a maximum of 8 players to challenge at 1 time.

About the machine you can either rent or buy the machine as you like, buying 1 brand new soft darts machine is approximately RM32,000.00, If is renting is depend of machine you would like to rent, and they rate the rental differently.

Let’s do a very simple calculation.

1hr x 15games (RM2.00) = RM30.00
RM30.00x 10hrs= RM300.00
RM300.00 x 1 machines = RM300.00
RM300.00 x 7 machines = RM2,100.00
RM2,100.00 x 30days = RM63,000.00
RM63,000.00 x 6 months = RM378,000.00
1 Soft darts machine = RM32,000.00
RM32,000.00 x 7 Soft dart machine = RM224,000.00
Contact Information

Chai Ruong Huei (

Postal Address : 26,Seksyen 27/77, Jalan Kampung stesen, Taman Alam Megah
State : Shah Alam
Post Code : 40400
Country : Malaysia

Oil Refinery Technology


Renewable energy has gained widespread acceptance in Asia, not only helps to diversify the fuel pool, but also ensures energy supply security. The global urgency in curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, coupled with the rising cost of oil and gas, has led countries in the region to introduce proactive renewable energy policies.

Upon completion of a number of years of R&D on the renewable energy, a multi-functional Catalytic Cracking Furnace was invented and developed, with new oil refinery processes and technological breakthrough to convert the waste materials into fossil-based Motor Vehicle Petrol and Diesel fuel.

Current method operates on a type of pyrolysis with extreme temperature and heat under deep pressure cycles, and requires some level of moisture to prevent combustion. These systems are relatively expensive to run due to heat requirements and costly to maintain.

The company through its R&D team has found new method to process the waste oil with more efficient and greener ways to convert it into diesel and petrol. It imitates the natural geological processes to produce of fossil fuels type, this new invention operated under atmospheric pressure and low temperature.

This project anticipates to create not only an alternative source of fuel energy strategic to the country when the world is sustaining a highly volatile fuel prices and fast depleting oil reserves, but an immediate solution to the huge amount of waste materials generated in our home country detrimental to the environmental issues. xxx Sdn. Bhd. is seeking assistance from Funder / Investor to provide financing for Commercialization of the PYROLYTIC DECOMPOSITION AND OIL REFINERY TECHNOLOGY TO CONVERT WASTE OIL INTO FOSSIL- BASED DIESEL AND GASOLINE operated under normal pressure and low temperature with an output of 100 MT per day, In other words, the process shall acquire lesser energy and more cost effective to develop and to be used widely.

The new fund shall be used to purchase manufacturing facilities and equipment. Xxx Sdn Bhd will also acquire experience personnel to further assist the company in achieving its goal to mass produce the diesel fuel. With revenue at RM54.0 million per annum, xxx Sdn Bhd is positive that the project shall bring profit to the company and enhancing the economic growth for the country.

The company has been awarded the following certificate:-

Granted as Pioneer Status Company by Malaysian Industrial Development Authority
(MIDA), thereby enjoying 100% tax free period of 5 years with options to extend another 5 years;

Granted License to Manufacture Petroleum and Petrol Chemical Products Under the Petroleum Development Act, 1974 by Ministry of International Trade And Industry, Malaysia (MITI) to manufacture and market petroleum products;

The technology has been filed for patent with MyIPO (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia) under The Patents Act;

Certified and granted with Green Technology Certificate for an approved amount of RM24.6 Million under Green Technology Financing Scheme by Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water
Contact for more information

Reinforced Engineered Fibreboard

Converting the local agricultural waste and biomass materials into high value added green product – Reinforced Engineered Fibreboard

Market Demand

Reinforced Engineered Fibreboard is an essential wood panel supply, and a popular substitute for plywood and solid wood timber. This product is suitable and crucially required to fulfil the high demand of the many industries and sectors, and these include: 1. Office Furniture products, e.g. workspace, desks, storage system, 2. Home Furniture products, e.g. Wardrobes, hall dividers, bedroom/living room furnitures, 3. Construction, 4. Wall Panelling, 5. Shelving, 6. Roofing, siding and insulation, 7. Decorative and Renovation, 8. Door, frames, jams, etc.9. Laminate Flooring, and Plywood Flooring,10. Electronic PCB,11. Speaker Box,12. Toys, Premiums and Gifts,13. Kitchen Cabinets,14. Wooden Fan,15. Shoe heel,16. Container flooring,17. Automobile,18. Commercial & Institutional Fixtures, and19. Packing and packaging,20. Other wood-products such as shoe rack, bookcases, etc.

Market Size

According to FAO, the production of fibreboard in Malaysia is expected to grow from 1.5 million m3 in 2005 to 2.0 million m3 in 2010. Malaysian consumption of the fibreboard recorded 290,000 m3 in 2005 to a projected estimate of 417,000 m3 in 2010. The export of fibreboard from Malaysia is anticipated to be 1.583 million m3 in 2010, with zero import of fibreboard since 1995. Global Production of fibreboard, therefore, is expected to increase from 60.9 million cubic metres in 2009 to 76 million cubic metres in 2013, based on current expansion plans and estimated capacity utilisation rates. By 2013, North Asia will be producing 45 per cent of the worlds MDF, and China alone will be producing 41 per cent. Global wood panel consumption will exceed 282 million m3 by 2010, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts Inc (GIA).

Market Growth

Fibreboard is the fastest-growing product segment with consumption poised to grow at a compounded annual rate of 9.46% over the period 2001-2010. BIS Shrapnel is forecasting consumption of fibreboard to grow at an average rate of about five per cent per year over the five year period 2009 to 2013. This rate of growth is approximately the same as the forecasts for production and should result in a reasonably balanced global market.

Target Market

The target markets are Malaysia, and the Asia Pacific region particularly the China region and Indian subcontinent region, Japan and Korea that demands higher share of quality fibreboard consumption due to its robust industrial growth domestically. With rapid development of real estate sector in recent five years, China’s furniture and flooring manufacturing both have increased at double-digit growth rate, leaving vast space for high speed development of fibreboard in China. As of 2009, fibreboard consumption recorded 38.48 million cubic metres, up 8.7% year-on-year basis.

Price Competitiveness

Attributing to its low costing for its agricultural waste materials being the major raw material feedstock, there are ample room for strategic pricing strategy at different market levels. The product is environmental friendly and an excellent cost efficient substitute for plywood, and in general at a discount of 35% to plywood prices, and a discount of 10% to traditional fibreboard prices

Industry Competitors

The fibreboard industry in Malaysia currently has 14 plants with a total annual installed capacity of 2.9 million. For 2008, the export of MDF totalled at RM1.2 billion. With excellent technical properties of the project’s reinforced engineered fibreboard, it will be a much cheaper option, and yet an excellent substitute for the traditional formaldehyde-glued fibreboard, and hence there is no direct competition per se.

Entry Barrier

The entry level is considerably higher as the wood being the primary feedstock for fibreboard manufacturing is a scarce resource, and mostly involves expensive and huge investment.

Niche Market

The company is synergized to address a niche requirement in the wood panel industry to offer an alternative supply of reinforced engineered fibreboard with excellent properties that the traditional fibreboard suppliers unable to satisfy

Financial Projection

Return of Investment (ROI) = 753%
IRR = 83%

Mobile Games Company

Gamesbrewer is a mobile games company aspires to be the next Rovio, creator of the hit game Angry Bird. We several proof of concept games on both internet and mobile available on our website. Earlier in September, Gamesbrewer has released a mobile game on the Android platform called Guppy Labs. Gamesbrewer aims to provide high-quality, fun, diversified and impeccable users experience catering to gamers of Android market.

Currently Gamesbrewer is trying to expand the list of released title and requires funding to purchase the large amount of development assets like graphics, special effects, and soundtracks. Gamesbrewer is also seeking to expand its talent pool by hiring more programmers and graphic artist.

The principal management are Jonathan Ho, Radlan Nahalan, and Timothy Boyou, whose combined experience brings office management, high levels of customer service, and over 11 years in IT and Management.

We have firm commitments to distribute several quality mobile game products. Our plan is to launch several games developed using a new game engine frameworks called Unity within 120 days of finalizing financial arrangements.

The new games will be targetted at both Iphone and Android platform, and revenue of the games will be generated from in-game apps, sales from App Market, and telco bundling schemes.

Cloud Nettor (Cloud Computing)

Cloud computing is where the ICT industry is heading and it is already a big thing in the overseas market, but have yet to gain momentum in Malaysia. It is driven by and contributes to the realisation of four major computing concepts: utility computing, on-demand computing, autonomic computing, and Green IT. My partner and I formed the company officially 3 months ago after months of research and identifying the best strategy on how to tap into the local market while promoting the use of cloud computing in the clients\’ daily business practice. It can revolutionize the way a company communicate and collaborate, and streamline their whole business process such as accounting, HRM, ERP and CRM.

We plan to bring cloud computing to schools as well, by first focusing on private schools and institute of higher learning. We are working towards getting the enterprise partnership status with Google, which would instill more confidence to the potential clients to use our services while enabling us to approach bigger corporate clients like TNB, MAS and other listed companies.

We envisioned Cloud Nettor to be a MSC status company as early as in the first quarter 2012. We have vast potential to expand to other APAC region as we grow our connections. For example, my old contacts in Kazakhstan (which I dealt with during my oversea assignment while working in an oil and gas company previously) has shown much interest in our range of services and has even talked about forming a partnership to cater to the local market over there.

Mechanical training and academy

Project Cost: 300,000

Amount Invested : 15,000

Amount Required : 285,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; finance; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor; others (Sleeping partner)

Industry: others (Education)

Project Stage: concept; start-up

Information Memorandum:

Our main concept is to provide high quality education service to our students. We would like to educate more responsible and know-what students to improve the mechanical business in Malaysia. We will provide them the SKM 1,2,3 and the City & Guilds certificate for graduate students. Not only that, we are also importer of car scanner, whereby we will giving training to our distributors and end user where no other car scanner provider doing it. We wish to expand our business to whole Malaysia with this academy and opening more Tayar,Car maintenance branch to our top students to operate, by then we can keep expanding our business not only in Education, but also in terms of car maintenance business and car scanner supplier.

To start up with this business, we need to have few equipments, books in place which will will quite big modal to purchase in order to train our students in academy part, this will cost at least RM90,000. Location and the size of the shop is part of the issue.To get a strategic location in Penang, the monthly rental fees might cost RM8000.
Capital for the company – RM100,000 (for 2 years)- Teacher salary, expenses, furnitures, and other assets
Stock for Car scanner – RM30,000
This are just a rough figures, however, we are strongly believe that this business will be very profitable in the long run due to we have more network connections and business idea to be reached after this.

Contact Information

Jace Phoon Long Kwan (

Ruggedized Store

Project Cost: RM1,800,000

Amount Invested : RM300,000

Amount Required : RM1,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role:

Industry: telecommunications; electronics; consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

For your knowledge Brilliantseed Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is a 100% owned company managed by Malaysian venturing into tough and rugged telecommunication equipments. The company itself has already been appointed as a master distributor and dealer for Sonim mobile phone from The United State and Seals mobile phone from The United Kingdom. We has successfully made a binding agreement with Handheld Technolgy from Australia to bring in their rugged tablet, notebook and PDA for our local market.

The BrilliantSeed Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is applying for a capital funding from any venture capital companies of MYR 1,500,000.00 (Malaysian Ringgit One Million Five Hundred Thousand ONLY) to support our mission to open a one stop concept store for tough and rugged telecommunication gadgets. The store concept is a one and only in the world. We believe, the supporting capital fund will give us the jumpstart to our vision.

We believe that the Ruggedized Store project is a unique concept which can attract consumers who are looking for a gadgets that is ideal for them. The gadgets that we bring in are mostly used by the professional who works and play in an extreme environment. With no competitions from the existing mobile phone and other telecommunication gadgets dealer here in Malaysia we are pretty sure this concept will be a successful project.

Contact Information:

Azahar Deress (

Postal Address : A-1-19, Block A, Jalan PJU1A/20A, Dataran Ara Damansara
State : Selangor
Post Code : 47301
Country : Malaysia

Telephone :
Fax :
Mobile: 0183725576

Scalable Business Merger Model

Project Cost: USD500,000

Amount Invested : USD160,000

Amount Required : USD340,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: n/a

Industry: informatics / multimedia, internet, consulting

Project Stage: seed

More Information:

The cottage industry of a web consulting firm has being around since the start of the internet age. Very few of these operators can really afford to offer a total or impartial solution. They struggle to provide project management, Quality, more relevant solutions, professionalism or maintaining deadlines. There is also no consistency for globally represented clients as each country provider has a different programming system, conform to different standards and have different opinions on design, Search Engine Optimisation etc. The rapid changes in the web industry has kept small operators on the edge of rising labour costs and non-value adding costs, such as accounting, administration, legal and other necessary disciplines to run a company professionally and efficiently.

The time is right to form a global company to address the rising demand of clients as mentioned above. This ‘cottage’ industry will be forced to mature as the software industry needed to, and in time these smaller operators will start to disappear. Clients globally need more security in knowing their providers will be around when they need repairs, upgrades or entry into new technologies, a security the small operators cannot provide. That is where we come in!

Instead of trying to expand globally by establishing branch offices globally, which has a very large price tag, we have decided on the merger route. With mergers we automatically attract people who are familiar with the business world, and understand margins, profit and cash flow. They are instant managers. We merge companies together who have different skills and products, which may be used in the global market, rather than just local markets. By merging we have control of who joins and who doesn’t join. This empowers us to target companies with either skills the group needs or global clients the group want to supply products to. Mergers allow the group to leverage sales of other products to an immediate audience, that being the current clients of each individual company. Costs for administration, marketing and project management are greatly reduced as these services would be centralised. A group of merged companies are able to take on large projects either in one region or projects that span multiple regions. We have already started with the merging at this stage. We have prepared a business plan and ROI and would very much to share this plan with you.

Super Human Coaching Program

Project Cost: MYR 25,000

Amount Invested :

Amount Required : MYR 25,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time, others (Investor only)

Industry: internet; consulting; biotechnology / healthcare; others (Life Coaching)

Project Stage: start-up
Information Memorandum:

LIFE COACHING IS ONE OF THE MOST LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES EVER. PERIOD. People are constantly looking for information on how to better their lives especially in these current uncertain times. Demand for life coaching and information products is exploding.


SUPER HUMAN – A Breakthrough System and Comprehensive Program to produce Outstanding Health (Loose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Cure High BP, Rid off Diabetes, turn-around any disease under the sun. ), Outstanding Career, Financial Abundance, Outstanding Relationships, Guaranteed!


Super Human™ is a revolutionary SYSTEM and Technology encapsulated in a comprehensive online coaching program designed to help people completely turn around their lives in every major area which is Health, Career, Relationships, Family and Overall Fulfillment and Happiness by providing training, coaching and step by step action plan via a private membership online portal.

Super Human™ provides detailed information on the working mechanism of nature, life and the universe, a step by step action plan for the client to follow, software to measure, monitor and record progress and much more.

Clients are sold access to the online membership portal and receive weekly training Videos, that provide information as well as the detailed action that the client needs to take for that week. Training media used in the portal is mainly Pre-recorded Video yet, PDF transcripts and audio are also featured in some parts of the program.
In addition, clients also experience live webcasts through our exclusive internet TV channel as well as Live Offline events which are a part of the program. Personal and group coaching is also available as a part of the system to those clients who wish to have more value out of their investment.

The entire program is divided in 8 Phases and covers Diet, Exercise, Emotional Mastery, Mental Programing, Stress Management, Meditation, Spiritual Connection, Purpose Discovery, Value Creation, Wealth Creation, Mind Training, Muscle toning and body building and a whole lot more.

Coaching program will be created and run by Thomas Adams and his team of Trainers/Experts who will be training the SYSTEM.

Super Human™ is a fully owned copyrighted content of The Thomas Adams Experience.
Super Human™ is considered as independent publishing material.
As of now, Super Human™ is a purely INFORMATION BASED PRODUCT.

Revenue Streams:

1.One-time purchase to access each coaching phase of the program.
USD29.90 (RM100) to USD997 (RM3000) per phase of the program
Online Membership Portal Access for on-going training.
Monthly Membership Fee of USD19 (RM60).
2. Partner Sales Commissions (Physical, Digital Products).
3. Software and Mobile Apps for Health Monitoring and Life Management.
4. Live Webcasts.
5. Live Events/Seminars.
6. Speaking Engagements.
7. Private Coaching/Consulting. (One-on-one coaching, group coaching).
8. Mastermind Programs. (Premier Membership Clubs).
9. Corporate Training.
10. Merchandise.
11. Endorsements.
12. Sponsorships.

There are NO HARD GOODS associated as of now. However, because using hard goods like supplements etc. are an integral part of getting results from the program, we will be getting into private labels or joint ventures to provide hard goods to clients via an online shoppe.

NOTE: Complete biz plan and description video already prepared. Please contact me for more info.

Contact Information:

Thomas Adams (

Telephone : 03 4031 2874

Mobile: 60172005989

Social Network Website

I have named my website domain as ‘’. This domain ‘revozon’ is referring to place for new revolution.

I plan to build a social network site based on web 3.0 concept. This social network site with build-in consumer-to-consumer(C2C) auction marketplace as selling, buying and promoting platform for people from different background. Now everyone can make money through my site including seller in my C2C marketplace even members from social network site(please refer to point 1.2 on why people will like my website and how they make money through my site?). This website is different from other existing website as most website is based on web 2.0 concept and they uses community site to keep in touch with their customers and clients whereas I’m using social network site to connect people around while allow members to sell, buy and promote their products or services. All members including individuals or company are welcome to open a store in my website to promote/sell their products or services. Generally, anything can be auctioned on the Revozon C2C Marketplace as long as it is not illegal and does not violate the Prohibited and Restricted Items policy that created by Revozon Network. Services and intangibles can be sold too.

The main service I provide is to serve in social network as these are the people where sellers/promoters from Revozon C2C marketplace can be targeted. I plan to build various features and applications that link together with Revozon social network and Revozon C2C marketplace so that members will have different experience of buying and selling.

I intend to evaluate the numbers of members sign up to my website and to improve the effectiveness of each site. For C2C platform, would be allow sellers and buyers to meet while they can keep in touch via my social network. Besides that, members also use Revozon social network as a place to gain knowledge, keep in touch with friends, family and other members or discuss about the product they bought from Revozon C2C marketplace.