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NextGen Management Consulting

Project Cost: RM350,000

Amount Invested : 0

Amount Required : RM350,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy, finance, sale & marketing, other (Internal Audit)

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time, as consultant

Industry: consulting, financial services

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

Why Management Consulting

The Entrepreneurial Institute\’s 2007 report stated that by the year 2010, half of the Asia\’s more than 500 million major enterprise small, medium and large sized companies will need to adopt formal business practices in order to secure their future success as globalization is reaching to it’s peak. We in Malaysia with around 20 million of them are not exceptional from this global phenomena with the rising of raw materiel cost at the highest, without a proper business practice many small, medium and large enterprise will take a dip into slum.
Source: Entrepreneurial Institute, World Bank

Management consulting indicates both the industry and practice of helping organizations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. Organizations hire the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants\’ specialized expertise

Because of their exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations, consulting firms are also said to be aware of industry \”best practices\”, although the transferability of such practices from one organization to another may be problematic depending on the situation under consideration. Consultancies may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. Management consultants generally bring their own, proprietary methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.

Management consulting is becoming more prevalent in non-business related fields as well. As the need for professional and specialized advice grows, other industries such as government, quasi-government and not-for-profit agencies are turning to the same managerial principles that have helped the private sector for years

We plans to capitalize on this by providing Nextgen management consulting services to medium and large enterprise owners and executives nationwide, in businesses with 150 or fewer employees, with a turnover above 5 million that need assistance in strategy and innovation, process and organization, control and finance thru business management audit, business management consulting and business management solution. We will provide sustainable performance enhancement to business owners, executives and employees in maximizing revenue, generate growth and develop a sustainable competitive edge thru our individualized solutions for; operation, delivery, system, marketing, sales, finance and management procedures including formal policy creation

Who We Are

XXX & Company is a Boutique Management Consulting company focused on providing a range of management consulting service’s to medium-large size companies. However, we are not the typical consulting firm providing same set of proven techniques and methodologies for success. NextGen Consulting is what XXX & Company wants to be recognize for, it is how we work and it is how we behave.

We are unique in many ways, from our international and highly educated and experienced partners with years of working knowledge from multinational consulting company in approaching problem solving, and the key of our service is the fact that we engage at the root of the company\’s various departments thus ensuring commitment with business results. Business can often seem like a game of chess, with grandmasters all around making precise and commanding moves with split-second calculations. We help to tip the scales in our clients’ favor by originating bold and unprecedented strategies that are unforeseeable by opponents. We then go even further by helping with the implementation of our advice and essentially moving the heavy pieces on the crowded boards of the market towards checkmate the client’s ultimate victory.

We at XXX & Company make sure that our NextGen Consulting approach does not at any time contradict with international management consulting business etiquette by accrediting our company with this institutes – The International Council Of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), The International Institute Of Business Analysis(IIBA), The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Charted Institute of Marketing(CIM)


In describing our firm’s goals and objectives, we do not retort with the standard cliche lines about high ideals and inherently naive and complex formulas for success. Our goals are simple and clear; our objectives are resolute and tangible. We will be a well-oiled team of expert business consultants and entrepreneurs at heart who believe that immense success can be achieved through long-term business planning and creative problem-solving, and that by applying both diligently, consistently and most importantly, valiantly, one can in turn create incalculable benefits for any organization and the surrounding community.

Our Major services will include Business Management Audit, Business Management Consulting and Business Management Solution.

We also will be partnering with a International Business Consulting Partnership Group – XXX XXX which has partner offices in 50 location across the globe. Thru this partnership we will have a huge resources sharing from other partner company. We will act local think global. They are other partners we will work together such as – cloud computing, management solution, legal, finance, business solution, technology solution.

With this partnership our resources are huge and this will benefit the clients in long term basis and our client retention will increase significantly. Due to sensitivity of intelectual assets we would not describe the full business objective and service in here as we can always provide a complete 5 years business plan on request.

Financial Analysis

Break Even 8 months
Revenue Growth Year 2 to 5 – 66.75% average
Profit Margin – Year 2 @ 12.7% Year 3 @ 19.3%
ROI – Year 3

As we can\’t provide more elaborate Financial status in here due to privacy of the information. For complete business plan please inquire thru Capital for our contact details

What we are looking for is an investor who have business experience and business network. Investor will be given shares in the company and also be a member in Board of Regents.

Contact Information

Sajesh Kumar (

Postal Address : 85, Jalan Chenderai, Lucky Garden, Bangsar
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 59100
Country : Malaysia

Mobile: 0162089944

Online Business – High-heeled Sandals, Pumps, Boots, and Wedges

Project Cost: RM100,000

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : n/a

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: informatics / multimedia; internet; consumer goods

Project Stage: concept

Information Memorandum:

The idea of selling ultra high sandals, pumps, boots, and wedges (manufactured and imported from China) through an online shoe boutique came about when the Founder, myself, would often feel “invisible”, “intimidated” and “insecure” being around towering girl friends. To ensure that I was not alone, I caught myself casually asking several “closer-to-the-ground” ladies on different occasions and turned out we all agree that high-heeled shoes (read: 5 inches and above) give us overflowing confidence, favorable attention, and a sense of power and control that we could take over the world!

Many would agree that elegant and stylish high heels at brick-and-mortar stores may cost them a fortune. Based on the feedback from the survey I conducted, they would welcome an online shoe boutique that will not only sell high-heeled shoes, but also feature a Blog section where shoe-and foot-related articles (e.g.: how to walk in high heels; how to care for the shoes; foot spa centre reviews, etc.) are published on a frequent basis. It dawned upon me that these women crave for knowledge, and in this Information Age, people seek the Internet to find solutions to their problems. This is where I find that I can add value to customers. This is where I build relationship with them, going beyond the buyer-seller relationship and being the authority in the women footwear industry.

Branding, advertising, and marketing plans will be executed purely online. I will take fully advantage of the website and various social networking and social bookmarking sites. Social media play important roles in driving traffic to the website, and having experience was a writer, I will choose the right keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success. Once the brand is established, I will let the website earn income by subscribing to Google AdSense and several affiliate programs.

This online shoe business will be a good investment because internet marketing goes beyond geographical boundaries. Customers can be from anywhere, and they can shop anytime and at their own convenience. There are many ways to drive traffic to the website and entice the customers to do online shopping. In the future, I plan to design my own collection of high-heeled shoes.

Contact Information

Nadia Ahmad Kamal (

Mobile: 0192345775

Video-based Central Monitoring Services

Project Cost: RM 3 Mil

Amount Invested : nil

Amount Required : RM 3 Mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Partner and/or Investor)

Industry: others (CCTV based , security system)

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

Millions of CCTVs already installed nationwide, all standalone systems. This will bridge the gap and provide a value added service in linking up the clients’ CCTV system(s) online.

The concept of video based Central Monitoring Service, VCMS for short is relatively new to Malaysia. There must be millions of CCTV cameras already installed throughout the country. Whenever a commercial or industrial entity is set up, those with a reasonable investment involved would have an existing CCTV, Alarm system in place. While Alarm based CMS is already a mature industry, estimated subscriber base at forty to Fifty Thousand nationwide, VCMS is in its infancy. All the mentioned CCTV systems are considered standalone, meaning they are not linked to any third party services. VCMS will provide the progression to the next level both in increased security and a value added service to the CCTV industry as a whole. This effectively functions as an additional 24 hr guard.

Technical expertise to design and link up existing systems to the VCMS station will be part of the package. Subscribers will be charged upon the number of cameras installed and monitored. For example, an eight (8) camera system will have a monthly subscription of RM320.00. After a certain period of operations, supposing we have 500 customers, that will generate monthly revenue of RM160,000.00. This does not include outright sales and maintenance revenue.

The figures stated above are eminently achievable due to our pioneering status. The forecast after the third year of operations will stand at 800 subscribers, against a then projected monthly operational costs of RM65,000.00. We expect to have close to 1,500 subscribers before the market tails off. The key personnel/team will be assembled by myself. I am a Mechanical Engineer with 12 years of experience in the CCTV industry. The management team aks for 30% equity, with 100% financing from the investors. This will be a brand new business setup without any previous encumbrances. Setup costs involved; estimate is for close to RM900,000* to begin operations, this is to include a new office with 24 hr monitoring center, equipment, initial stocks, advertising etc. The balance of RM 2 Million * will be held for operational overheads as we grow. From the above figures given, we expect an estimated return of investment in 30 months.

Investment risks will inevitably be the establishment of competitors once they see the possibility of this business model. Speed will be of essence, adequate funding on our part is necessary for growth. There is a very well established business / industry which is eagerly awaiting our service to complement theirs. This is a crucial element of our marketing efforts.

The major broadband service providers will only be too eager for tie up as they have insufficient content at this time. As the business grows, CCTV distribution, project tendering and maintenance contracts with our subscribers will be the next step in establishing ourselves to be a major player. At this moment, I can’t think of any exit strategy, so will reserve this portion until later. This is one industry that has to be very well set up before we can tie in with our partners in the market, staring small with a limited budget is definitely not feasible. Before the first customer is signed up, everything has to be in place and running, hence the heed for adequate resources.

Contact Information

Patric HY Lee (

Postal Address : Kuala Lumpur
State : KL
Post Code : 58100
Country : Malaysia
hp: +6012-339 8838

Social Network Merchandise

Social Network – a brand and website that creates original social network merchandise such as T-Shirts, caps etc.

Information Memorandum

I founded as an online shop selling social network inspired merchandise in 2009. To bring this brand to the streets and to create more awareness for the website/brand, we recently
launched Malaysia’s (and possibly Singapore’s) First T-Shirt Vending Machines. Our first machine is currently located at the Cathay Cineplex at eCurve Mall, Mutiara Damansara, PJ.

We have also developed our Tshirt Vending Machine business to be offered as a Franchise. There is already much interest in this. We now seek funding in taking this concept further. Our franchise fee is RM88,000 and we are targeting to have 500 machines & franchisees by end 2014.

Our tshirts have been in the market for more than a year now and have proven to be a highly desirable product among the masses. In other words, a Proven Product. Also, we have recently been featured on national TV news and newspapers.

License / Franchise

Upon the success of the vending machine concept, Social Network has launched a franchise program.

Financing Sought:

RM 1 million

Use of Funds

– Merchandise production
– Machine production
– Franchise development & promotion
– Marketing & Advertising

Contact Information


Bird Nest Business


The business i am going to involve is building few bird’s houses depend on how much money i raised, to produce natural bird’s nest, and sell it to the middle men.

Overview of the market and opportunity;

The major consuming market is in China. With the rising income of households, the market is tremendous and beyond what we can imagined. so far, the major exporting country is Indonesia with the blessing of plenty of swiftlets. with the forest fire that happened yearly in indonesia, some of the swiftlets migrate to malaysia, and created plenty of opportunities to malaysian communities.

Why my business model can generate superior, sustainable returns;

his is the critical one how i can comply with the expected return. With the professionals i know, who have 20 years of experience, who help my mother and other relatives built successful bird’s house. with land that my father has and has been tested to have good amount of birds, this is the attributes for successful business. swiftlets count on insects as food to survive, with our land surrounded by rivers and palm estate, this will guarantee the natural source of food for swiftlets for the next few decades.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholding;

William Wong: Business owner cum Manager. Grew up in Jerantut, Pahang , went to Kuala Lumpur for high school education, a dropout of Help Institutes, has worked as a server, salesperson and bar tender.

Johnny Yap : Developer, business owner, over 20 years. recently has a shoplots development project in Jerantut, Pahang.

Current status

Business is in the seeding period, but our bird’s house has generated two KG of bird’s nest after 1st year of operation, which generate RM 9000.

Funding required, purpose and milestone/goals expected to achieve.

i am going to raise 2 millions Ringgit Malaysia, to acquire land, and buildings, as well building bird’s house and facilities, (water and electricity).
As labeled .

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget

Completion of land acquisition Oct 1 2011 Oct 31 2011 300,000
Apply for permits Nov 1 2011 Nov 31 2011 500
Build bird’s house Jan 2011 Jun 2011 1,600,000
Start Harvesting bird’s nest Jan 2013 –
Equity to allocate for that funding amount.

If investor fund me with that money, i am going to give 15 percent of the asset value of the business to the investor.

How did I arrive at that figure?

This is a asset based business, majority of the money will be spend on land and buildings, overtime, land and buildings will gain in value, especially in developing country , growth in property value is always faster than developed nations.

as well when the production comes into play ( second and third year), with proceeds of sales, it will strengthen the assets as well the market value.

Expected rate of return to the investor.

This is a long term business plan,and will go on for decades. as in my conservative estimation, it will take the sixth year to break even. And after break even, i am going to reward the investors 20% of their initial principal or money invested.

Investment Risk and mitigating factors

International investment involves plenty of different risks, ranging from foreign exchange risk, political risks, and failure of business.

As explained earlier, This is an asset based business, and require little payroll, ie labor. currently bird’s nest production has become one of the major income for malaysia, and the government is supporting it.

And bird’s nest export is expected to grow from 1.5 billion to 5 billion in 10 years. bird’s nest business has been prevailing in asian market for many decades,especially in China. it is going to prevail, as chinese has higher income these days.

Another concern is the failure to attract swiftlets. with the professionals as my friends and business consultants, the risk can be diminished to a very low level.

Exit opportunity

80 percent of the money i raised is to acquire properties, with the increased demand in land for lucrative return, it is very easy to liquidate the business, ie put the property for sales. i had seen the land in Jerantut went up like crazy in recent years, as there are plenty success stories for bird’s house investment.

Malaysia’s Largest Event Listing Website


Mission: To be the largest and most popular event listing portal for everyone in Malaysia

Company Status

EVENTS was founded in January 2011 and our business is online advertising. It is currently a Sole-Proprietorship, which will be converted into Private Limited Company (limited by shares) upon successful funding. Our principal office is located at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our company is at the start-up stage of business, having just finished developing our portal. The next process is commercialization (advertising and marketing), which requires funding from investor(s). The funds received will allow us to promote and create awareness of our website throughout Malaysia using radio, television, newspaper and online news website.

We also intend to promote our service to our government.

Our Service

Our company, through our portal provides low cost advertisement solution for event organisers who do not have large budget to promote their event to the public. By listing their event on our portal, organisers can reach more people out there especially those with specific interest/passion but do not know events around them that match their interest/passion

Our portal serves small to medium ad market which has been ignored by other types of media (radio, television, newspaper) in Malaysia.

Our portal address is

Our Customers

Our customers will be small to medium event organisers. Large organisers may use our portal to complement their marketing effort.


Revenue will come from:
1) Event Listing Services – estimated RM15,000 per month
2) Banner Advertisement – estimated RM45,000 per month

Banner advertisement will be our major source of revenue (75%)


We have no direct competition in Malaysia, but there are alternatives to our service in the marketplace, which is the traditional media. However, we have a strong competitive advantage because of our low cost service due to non-physical business nature (online business).


The greatest risks we have in our business today are:
. Low entry barriers – Portal is easily replicated
. Weak brand name – Our portal is not popular enough to the public

Management Team

Our team has the following members to achieve our plan. 5 men and women who have a combined 27 years of experience; 5 years in marketing, 2 years in product development, and 20 years in consultancy.

Capital Requirements

We seek around RM600,000 which will enable us to execute nationwide promotion programme. The investor will have 49% of equity in the business. In 2 years we will provide an exit, which we expect to be in the form of distribution of profits.

Offshore Support Vessel Company

Offshore drilling support vessels for companies like Petronas, Shell, Exxonmobil.
These vessels are used for transporting exploration items from shore to platforms. This startup is a lucrative business and I have already spoken to a company which has vessels, and the company is based in India. If we establish a partnership with this company, and set up a local company in KL, being a local player, we can get jobs from Petronas, Shell, Exxonmobil on long term contract.

I am looking for an investor who is willing to invest in this startup offshore vessel business with initial investment of USD$ 1 million with profit sharing of 20%. We can replicate our success in international market in future like Bumi Armada who have recently won a big multi billion dollar offshore support vessel contract with Petrobras in Brasil

Description of business:
To provide offshore support vessels to cater to local oil & gas industry.

Overview of market & opportunities:
Petronas has 5 years of planned exploration activities with IOCs like Shell, ExxonMobil, TOTAL etc and there is a high demand of OSVs within Malaysia. Across our border, we have big players in Middle East like Saudi Aramco & Brasil – Petrobras, who has rendered home grown Bumi Armada a contract till 2014 (below is the website) and this has also been sited in Star Business in Jan 2012. In Brasil, Petrobras has 80 offshore drilling platforms and have severe shortage of OSVs (

Why my business model can generate supperior returns:
Due to severe shortage of vessels worldwide, all oil companies are looking for these OSVs globally. And they are willing to pay a premium price for these vessels.

Financial projections:
1 vessel – USD$ 20, 000 per day rental x 30 days = $ 600, 000 per month x 12 months = USD $ 7.2 mil per year for 1 vessel. So, for 3 years, expected revenue is $21.6 mil for 1 vessel. My plan is to have 10 vessels to be chartered for local oil companies which yields $210.6 in 3 years

Key managers / founders – TBA

Current status of business: Startup

Funnding required: USD$ 1- 3 million
Purpose: License fees, salaries for vessel crew workers, logostics costs to move vessel from dock to offshore, shipyard fees at Kemaman Supply Base or Pasir Gudang

Equity for shareholders: 20% p.a (negotiable)

How did I arrive at this figure: Expected growth of OSV business is ~ 20% p.a

Expected rate of return for investors: 20%

Investment risks: Very low given the exponential growth of oil & gas exploration activity. Middle East has been intensifying drilling activities. And so is Brasil and US deepwater explorations.

Exit opportunity: IPO

Contact Information

Ramesh Bharan (

Springkel Out-of Home Digital Advertising

Project Cost: RM900,000

Amount Invested : RM50,000

Amount Required : RM850,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; finance; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor; as consultant

Industry: others (Advertising)

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

Springkel Sdn Bhd is a interactive digital out of home (DOOH) advertising company. We focus on interactive mobile screen to advertise our client\’s advertisement. We operate our business in the heart of the city Kuala Lumpur.

What our company does here is, we strategically run our outdoor digital screen media in hot spot areas in the city to provide high presence and partner with outdoor mamak, other cafe chain and pub to give Malaysian tea chat culture new high definition sound and screen for entertainment and advertisement. We create, consult, manage and execute their advertising campaign requirements with precision, high retention rates and interactivity amongst their target demographics. We will be selling our services through two method, interactive video advertising and creative event organizing. Ideal for-Standing out between the crowd, busy pedestrian areas, high class street retain atmosphere, reaching specific audiences, recruitment drives, new stores and product launches, film premiers and PR opportunities, sporting events and concerts, conferences or trade shows, in-store displays etc.

Based on our market, the rise of the digital advertising, with a total global growth rate of 15% in 2009 from 6% in 2005, we believe that the Malaysia digital ads market and outdoor media will gain more market share in the future according to ASA Malaysia . According to Magnaglobal, Malaysia\’s advertising growth rate will be 10% from 2010 to 2016, especially Digital out of home advertising. Magnaglobal research found out that the compounded annual growth rate from 2011 to 2016 is 15.7% and is in the top three fast growing medium in advertising industry. We found out that there is a shift in advertising spending to high consumer targeting and High consumer Experience. This is what Springkel Media could provide to advertiser by organizing event for example. We could also have high consumer targeting because our target audience will be segmented by different area.

We have found that there are similar businesses in other place, one of the famous in United Kingdom is SA SCREEN MEDIA. SA has the largest fleet of Digiadvans in the world concentrating on Interactive Digital Out Of Home advertising (iDOOH). Their business has expanded widely throughout Europe and UK countries. It will be a good example for this business and a good benchmark for our company. Currently we are the only company who wanted to operate this kind of method in advertising. We strongly believe it will happen in Malaysia.

Our projected sales and profit, with our realistic assumption, we believe our net profit margin will be around 50% for the next 3 years. As we are the first mover in this venture, we believe the strong demand in advertising will support our projected statement. We plan to expand our coverage in Klang valley rapidly to dominate the niche market share to create a strong barrier of entries and expand to other major cities of Malaysia.

Our purpose of this business plan is to seek for funding for the start-up and working capital. That fund would also be used for the truck modification, engineering work and working capital.

Contact Information

Wong Choon Tian (

Postal Address : A-15-8 Desa Cindaimas Condo, Jalan Sekutu.
State : WPKL
Post Code : 58200
Country : Malaysia

Academic Workshop – Method by heart

Suitable for Standard 4 onwards. UPSR,PMR,SPM even Tertiary level. Compiling method of study from Japan, US and UK. 3 hour workshop module explaining how to cope with subjects in school using ‘very adaptable concept’ applications.

An overview of the market and opportunity, including why your business model can generate superior, sustainable returns;
STATISTIC BY MOE ( Data as on Jan 31st, 2012 )

Number of school
Primary Secondary Total
7,723 2,296 10,019

Number of pupils/students (Enrolment)
PreSchool 186,298
Primary 2,804,405
Secondary 2,281,775
Total 5,272,478

Number of Teachers
Male Female
Primary 72,266 164,047
Secondary 55,155 121,252
Total 127,421 285,299

*If only 5% from this figure would attend the workshop at only rm15/person, the estimated potential that can be generate from this workshop is nearly RM4m.
*Ongoing market.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholder;
Muhamad Zaki Bin Mustafa – Method Founder/Developer
Highest academic level PMR. Had to choose to leave school to help family.

Current Status
Pre Establish.
Documentation process.
Investment made to date –RM500,000
12 years RND
3 years monitoring on test subject – Result :

Funding required

Research And Development: RM 500,000
Company set up: RM 500,000
Advertising: RM 500,000
Cashflow: RM 500,000
Total: RM2,000,000

How much equity are you willing to allocate to the Investors for that funding amount? 40%.

Projection from RND and expenses to date.
Ongoing potential market.
Minimum rate expectation of attendance from the industry at 2.5%.
Collaboration of sponsorship to the programme.

Expected rate of return or IRR; 20-30% Annually.

Investment risks and mitigating factors; Team management, marketing and collaboration that are not understand the value of academics.

Contact Person

Muhamad Zaki Mustafa (

Social and marketplace platform in Malaysia seeking startup fund

Business Concepts

Revozon site is a site consists of social platform and marketplace platform. The main thing Revozon doing is to indulge in Revozon’s marketplace to make the platform better. The social platform can be treating as a “Facebook” or “Google+” clone. The reason I emphasize on Revozon’s marketplace because the platform is easy to scale to become next “”, “”, even “”. This will further bring the Revozon’s social platform to enter social media market. All people are buyers; they buy for daily use, buy and sell, buy to enrich their lives.

Revozon exist to help sellers to sell by target at specific people based on buyers or communities interest and buyers will instantly get notice on new products they interested listed on Revozon’s marketplace via their profile, home page. Now, buyers and sellers can now buy and sell more effectively and efficiently through our system.

Revenue Model

1) Members who sell in Revozon’s Marketplace

Useful application is provided by us to guide the seller. We will build various features and applications that suit certain seller’s wishes. For instant, we will
provide application for seller who wants to know their numbers, example: profit, lost, margin, etc.

2) Members who advertise in

Charging members by cost per click (CPC). CPC is the sum paid by an advertiser to Revozon Network for a single click on their advertisement, which
directs one visitor to the advertiser’s website.

3) Company who advertise on once the Revozon scale.

Charging on company once we merge with Job matching engine, Social group buying, Social group selling, B2C or even B2B in Revozon’s marketplace.

Competitive advantage

Competitors: My main competitors would be marketplace site, auction site, as well as e-commerce companies.

What makes different?

1) Marketplace platform for easy scaling.
2) Social platform allows members to connect/know new people.
3) Grouping feature enhance the privacy demand by public. For seller, is easy to let his buyers to get more attention on his store and products.
4) Organise in manner. For Ex: users can share as many as videos and collect in videos platform where they can view back anytime they want.

Currently rank 2,761 in Malaysia according to although have not yet launch.
Contact Information
Choo Beng Aik(Derrick)
014-6611 305