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Alternative Energy Electricity Generating System

Project Cost: RM3,000,000.00

Amount Invested : RM500,000.00

Amount Required : RM5,000,000.00 per 1 Megawatts

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; finance; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: seed

Information Memorandum:

Climate Scientist has long warn us that global warming is accelerating due to continuous rise of greenhouse gas emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is from fossil fuel based energy, many Government realize the need to promote the use of Alternative Energy to reduce the greenhouse emission and also because the price of fossil fuel such as Coal, Natural Gas will continue to rise, moreover these resources are not replenishable.

The focus of our concern is to generate electricity free from using fossil fuel, As at today there is no technology/product available to generate electricity that is consistent enough to replace the conventional method of generating electricity using feed such as Coal and Natural Gas.

Renewable Energy electricity that depends on natural resources such as Sun, Wind, River Water, EFB (empty fruit branch) and Gas from Land fills can only be supplementing electricity provider because most of these products/technologies depend on natural resources, which are not consistent enough as feed to generate consistent electricity.

After 2 and half years of research, we have develop a system/product that is able to generate electricity without the need of any feed such as Coal,Natural Gas, Diesel,Sun, Water, EFB and Land fills Gas, however, we just need a start up electricity for 5 minutes only.

In our system, we are able to generate electricity from 100Kw to 1Mw to 10Mw to 100Mw or more, our system is a modular system.

The process flow/technology of our system is already Patented with Malaysia Intellectual Property Organisation (MYIPO) and World wide Patent will be submitted soon.

Being a new product in the World, we need to build a working commercial pilot unit to demonstrate that our product/system is able to generate electricity consistent 24 hours seven days a week, this commercial pilot unit will be the showcase to the industry players locally and from overseas.

To build a commercial pilot unit with substantial electricity output for the industry players to test, we require RM3,000,000.00 of funding ( 400Kw system with consistent output for 24/7) note: 400Kw output is able to provide electricity to at least 340 houses with 2 air condition and basic amenities.

Most likely, after testing the output of our commercial pilot unit, the utility companies will award us Power Purchase Agreement for 21 years at agreed price per Kilowatt.

This year 2012, Energy Commission Of Malaysia will be calling for bidding for 4500Megawatts of electricity, equivalent to approximately RM680 million per month for 21 years. In Malaysia alone, demand of electricity increases between 3.5% to 4.2% per year i.e 680megawatts or approximately RM110 million per month. Our system is the cheapest per Megawatt compared to lowest system available now.

Contact Information

Azmi Mansor (

Postal Address : 46, Jalan 33/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 50480
Country : Malaysia

Swiftlet Bird House

Total Funding Required: RM300,000

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: other (None.)

Proposed Investor’s Involvement: others (Strategic Partner)

Business Development Stage: start-up

Industry: agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare



The objective of this paper is to seek funding from any interested party

1-To invest in the setting up of the first swiftlet bird house or ‘Rumah Burung Walit’ (“RBW”) on a designated 2-acre land of which the land owner has given his agreement in principal and of which the location has been sighted by SNC and the land owner.

2-To create a one stop centre for ‘Walit’ Industry in the district of Tumpat by

(a)starting to venture into the upstream sector i.e. ranching sector of the Walit industry;
(b) by creating the bird house complex that will ensure the sustainability of the bird nest supply to SNC bird nest processing centre (downstream Walit industry)

Strategic Rationale

SN Canarium Sdn Bhd (“SNC”) has completed a 6 month research on the industry and it is proven from the import export data and the support from Government i.e. the setting up of Walit Unit in each state and Walit as part of Economic Transformation Programme, that this industry is never a ‘sunset’ industry.

SNC has indentified that the main reasons why many earliers venturers into this industry failed is due to one reason only that is they did not have the knowledge and they did not know how to get the access to the knowledge. As such they had to rely solely on CONsultant. With the knowledge that ranges from the requirement in the design of the bird house and up to the nature of the swiftlet, SNC can avoid the previous fail path that some venturers had gone to.

Strategic Partnership to be set up between

1) SNC as Mudharrib i.e Entrepreneurial Company that has the knowledge and access to strategic land and established a good rapport with the state’s Walit Unit and PBT; AND
2) Rabbul Maal as fund contributor.

Note: Other important parties are DSV, PBT, Designer & Contractor.

Payback period is between 3 to 5 years. ROI is 200% and above after bird house is full.

Diagnosis Services to Health Institution & Clinics


• To offer diagnosis services to health institution and clinics.
• To develop products / test kits for rapid testing. Eg AH1N1 rapid testing kit


Government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics. These are health test. These tests normally is not available in Malaysia. Private institution tend to send it to Singapore, Australia. These technologies are not new, but the adoption is too slow in Malaysia due to various practices and red tapes. In some cases these test are critical for doctors to make a key decision in their treatment and prescription. Every test various in terms of price. It can start from RM 100 to RM 1500 or more


The Founder is a PhD holder and been worked in a research hospital in Malaysia for over 10 years. The founder is an early adoption in bio technology method and techniques in Malaysia. The Founder position as a scientist over these 10 years has contributed to the development of a various diagnosis services in her hospital. These services are not available anywhere except through her lab.

Co Founder 1 has 13 years of IT experience. Co Founder 1 has worked in multinational companies and designed enterprise level solution for the largest companies in the world. Co Founder 1 will manage this company while Founder will focus on product development

Co Founder 2 has 10 years of sales and distribution experience in retail products.

Co Founder 3 has 10 years experience in administration and operations work. Co Founder 3 has experience in business administration and human resource.


It is estimated RM 500,000 is required for office, lab setup and biotechnology machine purchase or loan. This fund will also be used for patent and trademark of the products developed from this lab.
This seed also includes 1 year running cost of the company.

However the goal of this company is to innovate new products and services. The company will be applying for BioNexus status with the new products to expand this company. The funding provided by the government in R&D for BioNexus company is Rm 5 million.


20 percent


Shares buy back or public listing


The wellness industry is the next economy wave and this investment opportunity is rare as the investor will be investing into highly specialized area with high barrier of entry ie : molecular science – in health care diagnosis. The medicinal sciences are looking at molecular level for various answers including cancers and cure. This is definitely a great opportunity to invest in.

TM Point in Kota Kemuning

Project Cost: Rm600k

Amount Invested : Rm180k

Amount Required : Rm420k

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time
as consultant
others (sleeping partner )

Industry: informatics / multimedia, internet

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

1) exclusive agent awarded by TM for the Kota Kemuning area. No other agents will be allowed to cover this area.
2) we just need to rent shoplot, renovate and start business in a month\’s time.
3) return of capital is 12 months.
4) funding needed in stages ie: 20% upon confirmation, balance 80% in stages of renovation and working capital in 2 mths period.

Contact Person

Clement Tang (

Postal Address : No. 9, Jalan Gedombak 11/5G, Shah Alam.
State : Selangor
Post Code : 40100
Country : Malaysia

Telephone : 03-51223934
Fax : 03-51223934
Mobile: 012-3999994

Newpulse Solutions SB Seeking funds for developing version 2


Newpulse Solutions is ready to move forward to develop version 2 to replace its existing BETA version. The new version will focus on providing our leisure travelers and business travelers with a variety of travel related services for South East Asia destinations. Contrary to the BETA version, the new version of separates leisure travelers and business travelers and focus on meeting their specific travel needs.

Business Description

Our business is to provide an online platform where leisure and business travelers can easily book accommodations, make travel arrangements and research their destination online in an engaging way. wants to taps on the unattended needs of leisure traveler who find online travel planning as time consuming and inconvenient. At the moment, leisure travelers have to visit multiple websites to make travel arrangements such as hotels, tours and transportations. To add to the problem, most travel related websites has limited or no travel guide for visitors to research their destination.

Other than that, hotel reservation portals in the market do not provide facilities for hotels to create their own dynamic packages for the hotel such as honeymoon packages, golf packages or Formula 1 packages. Visitors will only be able to choose rooms with or without breakfast. We intend to introduce dynamic packaging features to enable hotels to create packages based on activities, events and festivities. Hotel dynamic packages will definitely save our customers time and money.

These days, business travelers book hotels through the same channel as the leisure market. This is mainly due to most small and medium companies could not commit to the number of room nights required by the hotels to enjoy corporate rates. There is a need for a new booking channel to specifically cater to small and medium companies in order for them to save on accommodation expenses and other travel arrangements. aims to provide business traveler with negotiated rates, transport arrangements and other travel or business related services. Companies need to register their business with us to enjoy our corporate access special privileges that we offer.

Most hotel reservation portal uses point or cash back reward program. Bookers these days do not consider it to be the main reason for loyalty and would prefer to be rewarded instantly. We understand that for leisure travelers, shopping expenses commands a big percentage of their spending and this is often overlooked by them. In view of this, aims to introduce free shopping vouchers as a reward system that will be unique, relevant and can be redeemed immediately. This will help our customers to save on shopping expenses while on vacation and will also help local businesses to drive customers to their outlet or stores.

The current trend for travelers today is to bring at least one smart mobile device. Travelers are using their mobile devices during trips to explore, navigate and book travel and they are hungry to do even more, according to PhoCusWright’s study of the travel activities marketplace, When They Get There (and Why They Go): Activities, Attractions, Events and Tours.

Some hotel reservation portals in the market do have their own mobile application but only limited to hotel bookings and hotel location finder. In view of this trend, intents to provide free mobile application as booking incentive where bookers can manage travel objectives, book hotels, locate hotels, locate nearby restaurants, redeem shopping vouchers, view travel guide and even have their own eTour Guide.


Newpulse Solutions has so far created BETA version and would embark on the version 2 of the portal to capitalize on the growing online hospitality and tourism industry and the gap that exist in the market. We currently have 200 hotels from around South East Asia and received hundreds of bookings from all over the world. Our objective for the BETA version was to test the acceptance of our target customers and collecting valuable data. Although we have built the portal without any reward program, limited number of hotels and with limited amount of monthly marketing funds, we are still able to receive hundreds of bookings not only from Malaysia but from all over the world.

Management Team

Reynolds Chua Guan Teck (CEO).

Founder of Newpulse Solutions Sdn Bhd and
Has 5 years experience in hospitality industry in the capacity of IT Manager in Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur and Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.
Part-time Project Management trainer and Network Security Administrator trainer for EC-Council.
Experienced in web designing and development and has successfully developed web projects for 8 clients to date.
Uses own funds for the early development and marketing of the BETA version.


Funding required
In order to achieve substantial growth, Newpulse Solutions is seeking RM986,300 of investment funding for the first phase for set up of Newpulse Solutions office, capital expenses, operating expenses and advertising for the first year of operation. The most money spent will be on salaries of our high-skilled personnel and advertising via online and offline.

Use of proceeds
Newpulse Solutions will carefully use the funds to set up the office, hiring high-skilled personnel and advertising the portal via online and offline advertising.

Equity interest exchange
Newpulse Solutions will allocate 30% of the equity to the angel investor for the funding amount of RM986,300 and various assistance and mentoring given to Newpulse Solutions.

Exit strategy
Newpulse Solutions’ exit strategy is to buy back equity from angel investor or through acquisition by a larger online travel portal.

Funding history
Our start-up cost amounted to RM100,000 was raised by the founder due to his commitment to dominate the online hospitality and tourism market place. The funds were used specifically to develop the BETA version of the portal and to market it online.


Reynolds Chua, the founder and CEO
Mobile: 012-636 6998 or email:

Company : Newpulse Solutions Sdn Bhd
Company reg. no : 691969-x
Date founded : December, 2008
Company address : Level 28, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Virtual Office)
Industry type : Hospitality / Tourism
Company stage : Early Stage

Human Capital Consulting Firm

Total Funding Required: 150,000.00
Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: general management
Proposed Investor’s Involvement: non-executive director
My Business Development Stage: start-up
My Industry: energy / natural resources; consulting
Brief Description:

xxxx is a Human Capital Consulting firm offering specialized executive search and recruitment solutions, and human resources advices to companies to achieve their strategic hiring and human resources management objectives within the oil & gas, power and renewable energy, and manufacturing industries and hospitality sector.

Irene Chen, a co-founder of xxx have over 20 years working experience in human resources and administration serving MNC locally and abroad mainly in the oil & gas industry. In addition, she has 10 years experience as a Recruitment Manager/Senior Recruitment Consultant with leading Executive Search/Recruitment agencies in Malaysia.

xxxxSdn Bhd, Co commenced operations in mid January 2011 through the funding of the Chairman who is now resigning and withdrawing from the business due to personal problems. As a result, xxx no longer has funding with immediate effect which in turn adversely affected the operations of the company.

After a slow start due to festivities in January and February 2011, xxx have started in March 201, to sign up clients from the oil and gas industry and manufacturing industry. Job order worth RM100k to RM300K have been received and work were in progress but have now been suspended due to non-availability of funds to continue the operations.

The oil and gas industry is booming in the words of a Senior Manager of a leading
MNC oil and gas Operating Company in Malaysia and the job market for oil and gas professional is highly in demand. Irene Chen have forecasted that the revenue of xxx could raise to RM500K with a proper set up and sufficient investor funding at this stage. Therefore, the ROI to investor is between 1 to 2 years.

It is envisaged that xxxx Sdn Bhd will become a leading oil and gas recruitment company in Malaysia and expanding into South East Asia.

Rent a Glam

We are a group of students from Taylor’s University that has successfully qualified for the Top 5 teams in the Maybank-Moneytree YES 4 Business Plan Challenge. In our business plan, Rent a Glam, we aspire to carry out an online business where we plan to rent out designer dresses and suits for fashionable men and women. Along with the outfits, accessories will be recommended and also rented out to customers who would like to get a complete look from our website.

The main aim of this business plan is to give both men and women to try on outfits from different designers and allow them to have more selections of outfits for different occasions. We would like to engage the Malaysian fashion designers so that in the course of providing for the Malaysian customers, we are also allowing the designers to make their brands more integrated in the community. Besides, when men and women are wearing the designer outfits, they will get noticed by others and therefore it helps to promote the designer brands.

What makes us different from other on-line business that also offers outfits renting services are:

(i) we strives to offer a wider range and selection of dresses/suits
(ii) we are offering at a lower price (around 20% of the retail price)
(iii) focusing mainly on outfits designed and created by Malaysian fashion designers
(iv) full access to customers in all areas as it is all done online

We are very interested to carry this plan out and let consumers to have a whole new level of experience with the Malaysian fashion industry. The success of similar websites such as Rent The Runway (US) and Girl Meets Dress (UK) made good examples of such business.

Current Status

We are now currently looking for funds so that we can actually start this whole business plan.

We currently have 3 mentors who are guiding us namely Jolene Sim, Tan Su Zhen and Ngui Ing Ing. Su Zhen and Jolene are the founders for Mainstream Online Buzz Sdn Bhd (MOB) and former graduates of the Maybank MoneyTree YES Challenge. MOB is a social media agency that helps brands attract and retain quality customers via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. Ngui Ing Ing is a successful entrepreneur who has many years of experience and knowledge.

We have also contacted Saito college. One of the lecturer in Saito, Mr Roger has agreed to assist us in getting a collaboration with the college as the fashion designing course is very new and just started to enroll students. Besides, we had also proposed to the fashion design lecturers, who are also fashion designers themselves, to have their designs showcase in our website. We will continue to visit colleges to get collaborations with their fashion design faculty.

Other than that, we have also a few well known bloggers who have agreed to advertise our website in their blogs and showed support to our business plan. The bloggers are Shopaholic’s Den and Shopping Roll. We will continue to reach out to different personnel in various related industries in order to guide us in our business.

Start up and revenue model

Start up amount Website 100 Dresses (40*1,000) 40,000 – around 40 dresses at RM 1,000each Suits (15*1,000) 15,000 – around 15 suits at RM 1,000 each Store room (6*700) 4,200 – A store room of RM 700 per month and included 6 months. Advertising cost 5,000 So we can roughly say that RM 65,000 is needed to start the business

For the first 3 months, we are targeting 5-10 rentals per month and this will cover the monthly expenses only. Then for the months onwards, we are expecting amount of rentals to increase so that some part of our revenues will cover the cost of capital. So for the next 6, 9 and 12 months, expected rental will be 20, 35 and 40 respectively.

We will be targeting to break even after 15 months where our cost of capital will be covered and 60 rentals should be made in each month.

For the subsequent months until the second year, an estimation of 40-100 rentals each month should be made in order to make profits that range between RM 8,000- RM 20,000 (refer to the contribution margin per piece of outfit). We will be reinvesting the profits to provide more choices to the customers, which will be made accordingly to the amount of profits.

For the third year to 5 years, we will be targeting at 200-500 rentals per month, and will be planning to open a physical shop, as well as expanding our business to other areas.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Oliver Yan
phone number: 010 241 7596

Spice Import – Export

Our Company imports spices from Indonesia to meet the demand from wholesalers and suppliers from Malaysia and Singapore. The spice commodity trade has for centuries been a niche area of limited supply and unlimited demand. We offer services to meet this demand to supply these spices to our established clients from Penang and Singapore and plan to expand to the international market within a few years.Company Background:

Our Company is a partnership that was established on 28th April 2011. It was founded upon the idea that there are only a few ‘true’ suppliers in the market and we were approached by suppliers in Indonesia for a joint venture to assist them to meet the massive demand from Malaysia and Singapore. In the nature of this business, it is irrelevant whether we are a Sendirian Berhad or a Partnership as long as our buyers have a company to make Purchasing Orders towards. However, we plan to become a Sendirian Berhad to help grow our business in the long run.


Our service is simply this. We provide capital to our partners in Indonesia to help fulfil their present and future demands from the buyers. The Indonesian spice market has been very hard to penetrate and to gain access, but our company has special access that others don’t. In essence, we find capital, we buy the raw spices as orders, process, package and ship it to our buyers. All of this will be handled by our Indonesian partners. We buy the spices cheap, we sell it to our buyers with a profit.

Technologies/Special Know-how:

Our Company has access to the Indonesian market due to the close family relationship our partners has with our Indonesian suppliers. Our Indonesia Partners have been in the spice industry for more than 10 years. Our Partners processing and storage plant in Padang, Indonesia is accredited and approved by the FDA. This allows us to potentially supply to the US,Middle-east, and European markets.

Distribution Channels:

Our partners in Indonesia receives Purchasing Orders (PO) from the buyers. All PO that are received by them will be transferred to the name of our company in whichever orders that we assist to facilitate. So the flow shall be as such : Buyers -> Us -> Suppliers. We receive PO from the buyers, we make PO to our suppliers at cost price. All contracts are Free On Board contracts. Thus, all shipping and insurance cost are beared by the buyers. The shipping route is as such : Padang, Indonesia (factory) -> Port Klang -> Penang or Butterwoth Port (according to buyer).


It goes without saying that the demand of spice in Malaysia, let alone the world is huge. In Malaysia alone the demand for cinnamon alone is 300 tonnes a month. With that said, our partners have existing and future purchasing orders from various wholesalers and suppliers in Malaysia and Singapore, (Sheng Kimn Hong, Yussof Taiyoob, IEAB, SpiceKing, Teong Fatt, just to name a few) thus business is absolutely guaranteed. There is no possible way of making a loss. Worst case scenario is that if there are absolutely no orders in the future. If this is even likely, then no money will be invested as there is no purchase to process, thus there will be no loss. Due to the unique business we are in, whatever principle amount that is used to process the orders will be rolled time and time again without jeopardizing profits. Thus, in all probability it would be very hard, if not impossible to make a loss.


There isn`t much competition in our business as there are only a few players in this industry. The demand is unlimited, the supply is unlimited but the suppliers are. Our partners in Indonesia have established themselves for 10 year and whoever seeks to venture in this business needs to go through a steep learning curve, especially for foreigners. But our company has privileged access that others can only dream of due to the close relationship that our company has with our Indonesian suppliers. The only downside of this business is the fluctuation of prices in the spice market. However, our profit will not be affected as the profit margin does not fluctuate. The timeline to process each order would also not affect us eventhough the prices does indeed fluctuate. For example, the buying price for nutmeg today is RM13/kg but the selling price is RM16/kg. Profit is RM3/kg. Buying prices in the next 8 months is RM11.50/kg, but our selling price will be RM14.50/kg, so the profit will still be RM3/kg. The timeline to process nutmeg takes approximately 15 days, so either way profits are not affected.

Soap for Crack Heels

Project Title : Soap For Crack Heels

Project Cost: 15,000.00

Amount Invested : 10000.00

Amount Required : 5000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: others ()

Industry: consumer goods

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

We produce a soap to cater for crack heels problems. R & D was done and it is proven that the soap can heal the crack heels problem. Our soap are force to go through long hours of labour intensive in order to produce the consistency of quality.

Totally free from any machine manipulation and petroleum based chemical. Major ingredients are Beta Carotene, rice bran oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Canola oil and Lye.
Know-how: The inventor of the secret recipe is also a great sale person. She has been in sales and marketing industry for more than 15 years. Other than inventing new product lines she also is the best person to do the sales and marketing activities. The rest of the team is included the accountant with qualified academic background and a person who will manage everything pertaining to business operation from managing the day to day sales, delivery, refund, advertisement, public relation and etc. He has more than 10 years working experience in running operation department previously.

Competition and Market Conditions:

Currently in the worldwide market there are only cream and lotion as a topical solution for crack heel. Now with our new breakthrough after long and interesting experimenting we have finally found a much more simple, easy and convenient way yo solve the crack heel problem. It\’s just take a bar of Soap and a shower away! Don\’t believed us? Please ask for a sample from us and experience yourself.

Growth Potential:

Growth potential for this product is tremendous since it\’s compatible with our fast and hectic lifestyle. It\’s simple,easy and convenient is everybody dream in modern life. The price is way below any average soap for such a luxury soap like ours. Imagine of distributing the innovation in worldwide market. Tremendous with no direct competitors.

Reasons for Seeking an Investor:

We have done and invested from our own pocket for all the experimenting, re- doing, re-making, sampling, testing, giving out sample to public for free for major feedback, re-work and etc. We also have registered our company trade mark under intellect property to brand name our product. We have also spend money in purchasing boxes, container and other miscellaneous for the business. What we are lacking now is only the new capital outlay which we are already exhausted from our pocket to produce more stocks if we would want to sell on internet. We are looking for USD 2,000 as an initial investment to produce the stocks. Since we already completed our website, the moment our stocks is ready all we need to do is to launch the product. Any investor who is interested with our project has tremendous future expansion, we are willing to offer 50%-50% equity share. This business only need total investment less than USD 20K very much lower than any other businesses but for a such a huge potential. Since the recipe is belong to us, we are the innovator and it\’s exclusively belong to the company. That will be the best business traits for any company.

Contact Information

Roslinda Mohd Ali Jaafar (

Mobile: 48696249804

CloudStat – Data Analysis on the Cloud

The freedom of data analysis and its experience exchange on the cloud.

With the open statistical support environment, CloudStat allows users to analyze data on the cloud at anywhere, anytime across multiple platforms while connecting with other experts all around the world to exchange data analysis experience. Users don’t have to worry about the hardware maintenance, software updates and no download or installation required.

Macro: Software as a Service market will hit US$ 40 Billion by 2014
Micro: Data analysis market reached US$ 25 Billion in 2009
According to Gartner, by 2014, four major trends will emerge and mature, completely transforming the data analysis markets, which are mobilised, software integrators (not vendors), combine collaboration and social decisions making environment. These indicate the bright future of Cloud-based data analysis, as a totally new market.

Main Competitors
RevoDeployR by Revolution Analytics
BioCep: ElasticR by CloudEra

Competitive Advantage
Providing three (3) urgent values the current commercial products can’t provide:

1. Freedom of analysis (Easy user interface and applying SaaS: Anyone can analyze at anywhere, anytime with any OS and platforms.)
2. Unlimited analysis support (Applying PaaS: Having the most open, complete statistical support, large database, and supercomputer as backend.)
3. Instant Experts (Social Network: We can share, ask and get answers immediately from our circles or people all around the world.)

CloudStat was granted pre-seed investment from UKM (Usable Cash RM 97,400) in 17 January 2011 for 10% and Founder’s RM 50,000 start-up investment (including loan). Besides that, CloudStat was granted government’s Prototype Research Government Grant in 24 September 2011.

Chew Kai Feng
Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Incubator

Revenue Model
The main income sources are from Sponsorship and Virtual Credit (Subscription).

Being the first cloud-based social statistical software, we want to be the leader and standard in the cloud statistical services field with 30,000 monthly premium subscribers and annual revenue $ 100 million USD by 2015, and pursuing a public offering (IPO) in 2016.

Contact Information
Kai Feng Chew ( )
More contact information: