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Galaticos Arena, Extreme Sports Center, Ipoh

Project Cost: RM150000

Amount Invested : RM400000

Amount Required : RM150000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: others (Sports)

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

Galaticos Arena is the first Extreme Sports Center in Ipoh Perak that combines indoor Futsal and Radio Control Circuit in one venue. Visit for details. Futsal is the fastest growing indoor sport in the world including Malaysia due to it\’s similarities to football as the worlds most preferred sports. Indoor Futsal can be play all day long regardless of adverse weather condition and appeals to children and adult of all ages and gender. Much appeal to working level citizens or families to have a time to exercise and relax after work daily or weekends.

Why Radio Control circuit?

This hobby is as old as electronics industry. Considered by many as a niche sports with attracts huge interest due to the similarity to actual motorsports. There are 3 most preferred type of circuit – on-road, off-road and drift tracks. Each have its own fans and drivers playing and competing with each other. Annually there are close to 100 races annually throughout Malaysia from small scale races to international races participates by drivers and world champions around the world across all types of cars and tracks.

Market and Opportunity


– Premises located beside trunk road leading to Ipoh Lumut Highway, easily accessible and high visibility with ample parking space
– Up to 24 hrs operation possible
– Having a good customer base whole Ipoh
– Wide exposure to netizens (facebook with 200++ likes)
– Successfully organized 1 Futsal competition of 24 teams with more competition on schedule

RC Circuit

– Pro-level type of circuit design with full facilities for racers locally and around the country.
– Seating capacity 60 person with extension to 100 person possible.
– Successfully organized 8 RC competitions including 1 national level with more on schedule.
– Country wide exposure with customer base around the country
– Operates up to 24 hrs with ample lighting for night time races or normal play

Share holders

Steven Lum – Co Founder and Managing Partner (majority share holder)
CC Lian – (minority share holder)
CW Soong – (Minority share holder)
HK CHua – (Minority share holder)

Current status

Reported sales of RM 33000 (Sep-Dec 2011), RM94552 (Jan-Jul 2012).
Total investment totaled at RM400,000 since its inception.
Funding required – RM150,000 for the following purposes

Futsal flooring upgrading
– From Parquet flooring to high grade rubberize flooring that yields better booking rate and value. Estimated sales increase on Futsal booking conservatively at 75% compare to current sales.
– Estimated costs RM100,000 for 3 pitches upgrade

Roofing maintenance
– To ensure roofing leaks being patch up and sustain for minimum 5 years
– Estimated costs RM10,000

– Enhance overall appeal of the premises to attract more permanent customers to utilize the facilities
– Estimated costs RM10,000

Working Capital
– RM30,000

Equity allocate to the Investors for the funding amount

Proposed equity at 25% for the total investment amount requested. At the end of 3 years (with option to extension), the exit strategy is to sell the company to a corporations with interest on investing in Futsal and RC circuits. The investment will provide a solid infrastructure for Galaticos Arena to aggressively grow sales. After 3 years, the projected conservative sales of RM 1.2M and profit of RM600,000. The company valuation possible within RM800,000 to RM1 million after 3 years. Rough estimation of ROI based on 25% equity share would be in the range of 1.5 to 3 times should the company acquired at the desired value.

Investment risks and mitigating factors

We are asking that the investor be willing to collect their return of investment only upon the complete sale of the business. Should the sale of the business be delayed or become an impossibility, then a separate arrangement to pay out the investor will be agreed at a later time.

Exit opportunity

As mentioned, the Exit Strategy is a pay out to the investor upon the completed sale of the business. Should the sale not happen, then the remaining shareholders of the company may make arrangements to buy out the investor at a sum or rate of return that is agreeable by all parties at a later date.

Contact Information

Steven Lum (

Postal Address : No 1 Jalan Rishah Indah 1 Desa Rishah Indah Ipoh
State : Perak
Post Code : 30100
Country : Malaysia

Telephone : 605-2826070
Fax :
Mobile: 6012-4647560

Choco Berry Shaved Ice and Malt Milk

Choco Berry Shaved Ice and Malt Milk (*first of its kind in the market) seeking Investor/JV partner for aggressive expansion plan

Up-to-date, the company have established 3 signature stores under 2 flagship names in Malaysia; particularly in July 2012, the company had established their first flagship store in Xuzhou, Jiangshu Province China through the appointment of one Master Licensor.

As part of strategic growth both locally and internationally, the company have planned ahead directional goals and missions for further executions. Hence, we sincerely look forward welcoming reliable partners specifically in funding sourcing and injections through business financing and M&A (*being acquisition strategy as the market-leader in the niche F&B segment)

Business Nature

Choco Berry targets the niche market segment by selling its signature SHAVED ICE and MALT MILK with several different menu themes. (*First in the market)

Both menu serve the majority market regardless of age group and races. Among our loyalty customer groups are young individuals and families.

Besides the menu, Choco Berry associated merchandising items will become one of the revenue generated streams despite the products will be welcomed by majority groups namely young couples, kids, housewife being the consumer groups; in the other hand business groups too who enter into OEM arrangement with Choco Berry on preferred merchandising items labeling.

Business Objectives

Developing chain of outlets through kiosk AND retail concepts.
Establishing brand name internationally through partnership, JV, licensing and supply chain models.
Ongoing R&D towards generating remarkable menu for new edge experience.
Implementation of specific market growth strategies through product differentiation along with M&A strategies.
Profits allocation towards contributions to the community whom we care.
The Unique Selling Proposition (*USP)

Our main USP relates to the flavors and temptations of taste~
Unlike other similar products, our testimonials gained and positive feedback from end users differentiate us from one simple reason :-
Truly Shaved Experience~
Among our best selling flavors are namely Chocolate, Strawberry, Milk, Yoghurt, Yam, Lavender along with other signatures such as Green Tea, Mango & Passion fruit.
What’s more? The toppings enhanced the taste through several selections ie: Oreo, Almond Flakes, Choco Rice etc~
Current Financial Standing & Proposition

Choco Berry is currently debt-free despite we are generating profits throughout our first year establishment of outlets locally and abroad.

As part of global expansion, we are seeking strategic investors to grow with us who share the same value and business objectives together into establishing Choco Berry as the leading brand name both locally and internationally.

Competitive Advantage

Choco Berry serve new edge menu namely SHAVED ICE and MALT MILK which there aren’t much direct competitors in the market. Furthermore, the menu is specially formulated with recipes and the serving techniques with several toppings.

With the committed team who strive to bring new edge menu to the customers, Choco Berry ensure efficient operations at all time along with R&D efforts.

Value chain is offered by Choco Berry despite the merchandising items become a promotional push strategy and part of generating loyalty customers.

In stream gold prospecting and mining

Project Cost: RM 150,000.00

Amount Invested : RM 30,000.00

Amount Required : RM 120,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as consultant

Industry: others (Metal and Mining)

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

Started in Jan 2012,having involved extensively doing a river prospecting work using a gold detector and traditional method in river exploring for alluvial and small nugget of gold discovery. The selected site of prospecting work are based from the information provide by Mineral and geoscience data.The exploration has been focus along 8kms of river stream and the point of explorations has been determined by the result produced by gold detector and from the theory guided by pro.

Since my permit of explorations allow me to explore not more than 2msq with depth less than 5 foot.however my finding of gold are really driven me to apply a small scale of river mining using a portable mining machine,with a capacity of 5tons per hour. I have been submitted the applications for small scale mining permit and would be expected to be approved and awarded by mid of October 2012.

At present,i have been identified the supplier and suitable model of portable washing plant and the latest model of gold detector with the capacity of 15m in depth under water sonar signal amd 150m of range distance displayed by the attachable monitor and had been already provided the quotations.The supplier will be confirmed order after 30% of downpayment and will be prepared for shipment after 5 weeks from the date of downpayment had been made.

Since the gold mining explorations using hi-tec equipment are rare or never been practised in malaysia,the finance company seems to find themselves not having a good understanding of how this industry could generated income,however,based on my journal and recorded finding of alluvial gold,my calculatons will be equals to 5tons of processing will produced 3gms of alluvial gold..and 8kms of river with a 6 months of project completions,this industry are really provide an excellent ROI within a very shot period..with a more than 50% net profit margin,without any brain cracking to develop a good marketing theory,or suffer of business loss due to high operating cost.

Contact Information

Nik Mahadzir Nik Mat (

Postal Address : W2/31 Jalan Meranti,Pasir Mas
State : Kelantan
Post Code : 17000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 09-7909390
Fax : 09-7909390
Mobile: 012-3228539

Mix and Match Elements: Garden of Dazzles Retail and Franchise Business (Jewellery)

Project Summary

In an overview, we are primarily jewellers that design and produce our own collection of Swarovski Elements jewellery, as such, we are also Swarovski International’s Ingredient and Branding Partner. Within our collections would be primarily Swarovski crystal jewellery that is of limited production quantities. Having great response from our retail outlet, we have franchised the brand out to potential franchisees, currently, there is already one confirmed franchisee with many more to come. Apart from franchise outlets, we plan to have self owned outlets too.

As highlighted in the marketing profile, we currently carry 2 brands, namely “Garden of Dazzles” and “Eblouissant”, both of which under our company “Mix and Match Elements”. In view of expansion into the Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia markets with master franchising presence in MIddle East, Canada, US and Australia, we plan to invite an investor to form a JV company with us (2 parties) and capitalize on the fund acquired to achieve the expansion plan.
You may visit for a retail overview of the exciting concept.

The total investment required would be MYR 7Million to MYR9Million with 15% set aside as reserve funds to be used operationally. Equity-structured – in the form of a JV company. We are open for discussions.

Contact Information

Mix and Match Elements (Trade name: Garden of Dazzles)

Company’s Physical address:
Suite 12A.12B, 12A Floor, Wisma Zelan, No.1, Jalan Tasik, Permaisuri 2, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Retail Store: Lot KG3F, Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, No.1, Jalan Merdeka 75000, Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: +60129299806 / Fax : +60391739928
Contact person: J.H.Chong +6 012 9299 806

Tekno Integrated Cattle Farming

Project Cost: 12.5 mil

Amount Invested : 1 mil

Amount Required : 10 mil

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: agriculture

Project Stage: second stage expansion

Information Memorandum:

I am pleased to introduce my company Tekno Integrated Farm Sdn Bhd that was set up by a group of young men who have great interest, enthusiasm and passion for the cattle business. The business has been established for quite some years now albeit in a smaller scale in Benut, Pontian.

Recently we have been appointed to operate Ladang Satelit Jelebu by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar. The Jelebu farm began operations in September 2011. This farm has a land area of 120 acres with the capacity for 2,000 cattles at any one time. We are currently operating this farm at about 10% capacity, handling about 200 odd cattles at a time. We want to fully utilize the farm\’s capacity and potential and thus require financial assistance. In order to realise this venture we need a total amount of roughly RM10 million, mainly to purchase cattles, machinery and to cater for an upgraded daily operation of the farm.

Based from our experienced, we are confidence that The Farm has the right ingredients to make your venture a success. We are serious and are fully committed towards the business. Nevertheless, it will be up to you to do the necessary evaluation. Should you need further clarification or require presentation, we are ready for it.

Contact Information

Mohd Saiful Redzuan (

Postal Address : B-14-06, Block B, Jalan Pandan Ria 1, Taman Pandan Ria, Ampang
State : Selangor
Post Code : 68000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60197554534
Fax : +60342700130
Mobile: +60197554534

MyEverCarMart – The next generation of online used car buy-sell direct was founded in June, 2011 by Gavin. The company is in the business of providing an online platform for seller to register their used vehicle for sale and buyer to buy direct from the seller – thereby getting a better deal than selling to 2nd hand car dealer. On top of that, unlike other online platform provider, we also provide value added services via our consignment executive and sales advisors to ensure the whole transaction is hassle free for our client, i.e. the seller and buyer of used vehicle still can enjoy the same level of convinient of selling to 2nd hand car dealer, the difference is that, they got a much better deal.

MyEverCarMart is interested in securing RM350,000 startup capital to execute an aggressive public relations and advertising campaign to educate the selling and buying public about the capabilities, cost, application, and availability of our program – TradEasy. These funds will be used in the initialization of the advertising and public relations plan, continue the marketing and sales push, build the number of company sales personnel, continue operations expansion and provide working capital to respond to the rapidly increasing demand.

We will be successful because we offer something different; a pleasant used car buying and selling experience and most importantly – cost saving for both parties. We will create a purchasing – selling environment that caters to the customer’s financial needs. We are offering a professional service and an experience in used car buying – selling that will bring customers back again, as well as referring friends and family. We estimate an optimistic gross margin over the industry average. We will be successful because of the business model, the excellent team we have assembled and the drive and determination of the owners.

Funding Requirements

The founder has spent RM50,000 pre-operating expenses in the business as shown in the following table. The company is now seeking additional RM350,000 for the following purpose:

RM100,000 for company and office setup, including fixture and furniture and office equipments.
RM250,000 working capital, mainly for marketing and promotion.
The Investment Offering

The company is offering up to 30% ownership of the company to one outside investor/funder with an investment of a minimum RM350,000 in investment capital. This owner/investor will share in the annual dividends plus 3 times return on investment at exit in year 3.

* Register to view Executive Summary / Business Plan / Owner’s Contact Info

iGENios Integrated Operation Systems Solution for Enterprises

Project Cost: RM3,000,000.00

Amount Invested : RM1,200,000.00

Amount Required : RM1,800,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time, as mentor, others (Financial Funder)

Industry: All

Project Stage: second stage expansion

Information Memorandum:

iGENios model is the only SaaS/ASP solution in the world which allows much flexibility for customisation, when it comes to Financial and Accounting Mgmt system, Human Capital Management System (HCMS-HR), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning. Every customer requirement is tailored and custom to their specific business needs. All modules are fully integrated.

The sub-core module includes Finance ERP, TrackWISE, DiscMAN, BI, Workforce Management, End Point Management, Document Management, CRM.
To maximise market acceptance and capitalisation, iGENios needs to be bundled with financing via a low interest package over a repayment period of between 3-5 years.
For SME that qualifies for financing or government grants, the core iGENios bundle should not cost more than RM150,000 over 3 years .
For larger enterprises, a financial package could be worked out with a repayment schedule over 5 years.

Here, all implementation, management and personnel training of the related the business usage of the related software will be undertaken by iGEN Techology Sdn Bhd’s able personnel as the core objective is to ensure that the users only concentrate in the things they do best and leave the IT bit to us to manage and nurture to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability. iGENios solutions could also be configured in such a way, where monetary transaction between businesses could be auto credited and debited via a common banker who will also bank roll the financial aspect via a similar or related group of vendors or customers. We are half way thru development and requiring an additional RM1.8 to 2.4M to complete the whole application package. However, the application is modular and can be sold separately as well.

Contact Information

Syed Alman Zain Syed Alwi (

Postal Address : B-10-07, Dataran 3 Two, No.2, Jalan 19/1, Section 19,
State : Petaling Jaya
Post Code : 46300
Country : Malaysia

Telephone : +603-7960-6628
Fax : +603-7960-6629
Mobile: +6012 382 3400


Mahir Permai – Energy Drinking Water System

Company stage: Prototype ready and market ready (Given 9980 schools nationwide, revenue is projected RM84 million)
Organisation chart: Currently 2 founders & 1 manager
Shareholding structure
1. Yap Eng Ho (50%)
2. Mohd Syahfizal b Md Zainudin (50%)

Business description
Mahir Permai Sdn Bhd is a company setup to undertake this project with the Ministry of Education.
i Mahir Permai is addressing a national need in that there is no free drinking water in public schools.
ii Moreover there is also a national concern by Ministry of Health that school children are fast becoming obese and diabetic.
iii Mahir Permai has proposed to the Ministry of Education to supply Energy Drinking Water System to all primary and secondary schools in Malaysia.
iv There are a total of 9,980 primary and secondary schools under the Ministry’s purview.

Our Product -Energy Drinking Water System

How does it work?
i Plug & play concept – Municipal water is piped into our system and the water will be filtered into drinking water quality
ii Robust and hardy – made of 100% stainless steel
iii Made in Malaysia (90%)
iv Electricity free
v Acts as a notice board – Educational materials can be printed onto our water system
vi Free 24 months of Maintenance and Upkeep
vii Water is tested by accredited labs, namely Consolidated Lab (KL) & Spectrum Laboratories (Penang).

Target customers are prioritized i Primarily, Federal Government or Ministry of Education ii State Governments iii Yayasan or NGOs iv Corporate Social Responsibility Program/Initiatives

Management Team
1. Yap Eng Ho – Founder
2. Mohd Syahfizal b Md Zainudin – co-Founder
3. Roles: Jointly develop the product and create a market requirement
4. Contribution: Monetary, network , product development, proposals & marketing
5. Yap Eng Ho – Formerly with Public Bank, and extensive business network with contractors and suppliers.
6. Mohd Syahfizal – Formerly Head of Corporate of PNS. Extensive business network with government

Funding Requirements

Funding required – RM1,000,000
Use of proceeds – Mainly downpayments plus other operational expenses
Equity interest exchange – negotiable
Exit strategy – Buy back
Funding history – Founders’ fundings of not less than RM350K

Mahir Permai Sdn Bhd is a Special Purpose Vehicle Company set up to undertake projects. As such, Mahir Permai does not have any historic financial records and even if it does, it does not reflect it true position.

Contact Information
Yap Eng Ho
h/p: 016-6616884

Mahir Permai Sdn Bhd
23 Jln BPU 8 Bandar Puchang Utama, 47100 Puchong , Selangor Darul Ehsan

Heritage Food

Executive Summary

Angels Mentors Sdn Bhd is a private limited company which was incorporated on 12th of April 2010 with paid up capital of 500,000 ordinary shares at RM 1 each. It is owned by 2 shareholders, Mohamad Sabrie Mohamad Salleh and Mohamad Salleh Bin Soehod. The company owns the “Heritage Food” brand and is operating as a café in Bangsar and provides catering services. “Heritage Food” competitive highlights are;strong fundamentals on Standard Operating Procedures, supply chain security, cost savings on raw materials, innovative production & management methodologies, dedicated team, sales flexibility and strong growth plan. The company has been in operation since 17th July 2011 and has recorded cumulative sales of RM 115,000.

For this project, Angels Mentors Sdn Bhd requires an investor to finance RM 200,000 for the purposes of renovation and marketing expenses. The shareholders have agreed to invest RM 33,500 which is 14.3% of the total project cost of RM 233,500. Projected valuation of the company upon year 3 (Preference Shares Redeemed) is RM 1,103,687.50. Returns available to the investor would be RM 75,922. For further information on valuation please refer to Appendix A.

Contact Information

Heritage Food is a company wholly owned by Angels Mentors Sdn Bhd. The company details are as below:
Company Angels Mentors Sdn Bhd 893011-A

Operations Incorporation: 12th April 2010 Operational Date: 1st May 2011
Office Address E-8-6 (Suite 3.5), Megan Avenue 1, No. 189 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

Restaurant Address No 51, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 50900 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
Contact Details Telephone : +603 2333 8991 Fax : +603 2333 9000 E-mail :

Advance Home Decor

Executive Summary

Advance Home Decor started off as a retail lighting store that caters mainly for the middle and lower market segments. We are currently located at Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. We have officially begun our operations on 13th Nov 2010 and is less than a year old. However, during this 9 ½ months, we have manage to turn a RM20,000 business to a RM60,000 business monthly. This is mainly achieved thru implementation of a computerized inventory and sales system together, marketing, good management practice and a great team.

With this success and confidence, we are planning to move into the next phase of our plan. As the name of our company implies, we are now looking into expanding and implementing a concept store that will incorporate interior design with lighting. Our intention is to capture 60% of the lighting market thru this new concept store. In general, we plan to use the system that has been developed to expand to a total of 10 retail outlets. Objective of this proposal is to secure funding for the concept store.


Advance Home Decor is setup as a partnership between Mr Chew and Ms Loong. Mr Chew Eng Lee, PMP has been active as a project manager for the past 10 years. His last major
project was a business modernization project in China which involves shutting down, relocating and implementing SAP system all in one go. His last positions was operations manager for a chemical company with responsibility in Malaysia and Singapore. In his free time, he has been actively consulting clients on home interior, kitchen cabinets and occasionally commercial projects. Mr Chew Eng Lee is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Ms Loong Teng Wei has been in the lighting Industry for well over 10 years with a hugh network of connection in the market. She is well known in the market as a very successful friendly business woman. Her last position prior to the setup of Advance Home Décor was showroom manager. In this role, she was responsible for the outlet sales, P&L, purchasing other than helping many clients to fulfill their lighting needs. Ms Loong Teng Wei is a diploma holder in business and marketing. Her vast knowledge is valuable and has been key to our success. Mr Chew Eng Lee will handle all the administration, interior designing work, marketing and strategic planning work while Ms Loong Teng Wei is handling all the sales and operations of the lighting busines.

Contact Information

Mr. Chew ( )

Advance Home Decor
03-5161 1151
22G Jalan Bendahara 8, Sentosa Business Park, 41200, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, Malaysia