Connecting Local Entrepreneurs with Global Investors 2nd stage expansion plan

Project Cost: 500000

Amount Invested : 60000

Amount Required : 100000

Knowledge / Experience Required: sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: informatics / multimedia; internet

Project Stage: second stage expansion

Information Memorandum: is a fun and cool way for consumers all around Malaysia to enjoy huge discounts while enjoying fun products and activities in their cities. Each day, offers a new experience / product at unbeatable price in countless cities around Malaysia. We work with the best local business to offer one deal each day at an incredibly price. Consumers check our website or subscribe to our daily alerts. Every morning an e-mail of the latest deal will be sent to our subscribers.

What differentiates with the other group-buying / e-commerce websites is that we choose the language platform of Bahasa Malaysia with allows us to tap into an untapped market segment in Malaysia, the Malay and mid-income market. Our business philosophy is to provide a truly Malaysian e-commerce platform for all Malaysians. It will be an accurate reflection of the Malaysian physical market place replicated online, harnessing all the benefits of the internet.

Contact Information

Pong Yu Wern (

Postal Address : E-10-3 Plaza Damas
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 504800
Country : Malaysia

Telephone : 60122150622
Mobile: 60122150622

Cupcake Business in Malaysia

Business Description

Cupcake xxx is the first cupcake retail bakery and café of its kind in Malaysia. Cupcake xxx has a retail business unit and also a catering unit known as Cupcake xxx.

Cupcake xxx’s retail store consists of a wide range of 24 different cupcake flavours with an extended beverage menu that mirrors the cupcake flavours. Cupcake xxx also offers a limited lunch & dinner menu of pies and savoury pastries.

Cupcake xxx Occasions provides personalized service for customized cupcakes to suit one’s special occasion be it a wedding event, full moon/baby shower, or corporate event.

Cupcake xxx core product is in the service execution of our great tasting and highly acclaimed quality cupcakes. We combine great personalized service and great cupcakes to “WOW” consumers.

Cupcake xxx is a proven business with over 3 years of operations, growing at +22% in the 1st year & +23% in the 2nd year.

We have 35,500 fans on Facebook with 100,000 hits per month on the website. 46% out of 100 people said our cupcakes are the best they have ever tasted & another 31% saying it is very good in a recent survey.

Market Opportunity Overview

Cupcakes fall within the Bakery and Cereals market, valued at RM1.3 billion in 2009 (Malaysia). Cupcake xxx serves both a consumer need and addresses a market opportunity.

Consumer Need:

Working parents & Young Families in Malaysia constitutes 53% of the active eating out consumer population and contributes close to 80% of value sales in the F&B industry. This is a growing consumer segment as the young single adults mature into marriage and young families. The problem is there are very few F&B establishments that really cater to busy working parents and young families i.e. provide a place for parents to socialize while having the comfort of their children nearby and security that they are safe. There are many large café chains that cater to the young working adult like Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf but there aren’t many food retail chains that is a destination for working parents and young families.

Consumers of all age groups find reasons to celebrate life be it birthdays, weddings, etc. There isn’t any one product that can be as versatile in eliciting an emotional response as a cupcake. Ice Cream, traditional cakes, pastry, and donuts cannot because they lack the personalization & versatility found in cupcakes.

Market Gap/Opportunity:

There isn’t one strong retail cupcake brand in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, the GCC countries, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

Cupcake xxx is the first retail cupcake brand in Malaysia that caters to consumers with an impulsive need for a cupcake. We have plans to penetrate the Asian; Middle East & Australasia markets much like how Starbucks, Baskin Robbins & Tutti Frutti have done.

Our opportunities include:

Target Market: Mass appeal to consumers aged from 2 years – 90 years.
Product: Product role is linked to impulsive treats AND lifestyle celebrations & gatherings which increases the product usage many times over coffee, ice cream & frozen yogurt.
Place: Emphasis on menu and store design that encourages easy take-away and dine-in experience that caters to families.
Distribution: Distribution into other eat-out establishments i.e. café chains, restaurants, etc.
Distribution: Potential for distribution into grocery chains such as Tesco
Product: Cross product innovation between cupcakes and other product categories and pioneer the development of healthier cupcake menu, thereby addressing another market need for guiltless indulgence.
Cupcake xxx immediate focus is in franchising the brand into Asia, the Middle East and Australasia markets. Medium to Long-term expansion will include the European markets.
Background of key managers/founders and shareholding;

xxx – Co Founder & Managing Partner

Has 13 years of solid brand management experience in FMCG companies such as Sara Lee and F&N Coca Cola. Most recently the Marketing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia.
Has a proven track record in leading companies to achieve strong growth in sales and brand penetration. Most notably, at McDonald’s where xxx was responsible for implementing various strategies to drive growth during the recession.
xxxx responsibilities at Cupcake xxx include new business development, marketing, franchise development & sales operations.
xxx – Co Founder & Managing Partner

Has 8 years of banking experience in both Malaysia and Australia
xxx is the brainchild behind Cupcake xxx and was responsible for launching and managing the business in all disciplines including concept and menu development, store design, operations as well as the finances.
xxx responsibilities at Cupcake xxx include product innovation, business operations and finance.
xxx and xxx have a small team of HQ staff that supports them in customer service, admin, kitchen & product operations and new business development. Cupcake xxx Sdn. Bhd. is wholly owned by 2 directors, xxx and xxx.
Current status

Cupcake xxx reported sales of RM758,063 in 2008; RM928,251 in 2009 and RM1,142,343 in 2010.
Both directors have invested an approximate total of RM500,000 into the business since its inception.

Funding required – RM1.3 mil for the following purposes:

IT Infrastructure
Logistic Infrastructure
Remodeling & Equipment
Human Resources
Overseas Franchise Expansion
Working Capital (3 months)
Equity allocate to the Investors for the funding amount

Proposed equity at 30% for the total investment amount requested. At the end of 5 years, the exit strategy is to sell the company to a regional or global corporation that has the intention of penetrating the Asian, Middle East and Australasia market.

The investment will provide a solid infrastructure for Cupcake xxx to aggressively grow sales per store and number of stores in Malaysia and the region. Should the 5 year plan be realized, we project EBIT to be in the range of RM6 – 8 million by the end of the period with a possible company valuation of RM50 million and above.

With a network of retail chains into key markets within Asia, the Middle East and Australasia, we believe Cupcake xxx would be an attractive company for global companies from China, USA or Europe to acquire to increase their presence in those regions.

Company Valuation

We apply the Multiple of Earnings model to the valuation of the company with an estimated multiple of 7 – 9, based on industry standards.

Expected rate of return or IRR

A rough estimation of the investor’s rate of return based on a 30% equity share would be in the range of 6 – 10 times their initial investment, should the company be acquired at the desired value.

Investment risks and mitigating factors

We are asking that the investor be willing to collect their return of investment only upon the complete sale of the business. Should the sale of the business be delayed or become an impossibility, then a separate arrangement to pay out the investor will be agreed at a later time.

Exit opportunity

As mentioned, the Exit Strategy is a pay out to the investor upon the completed sale of the business. Should the sale not happen, then the remaining shareholders of the company may make arrangements to buy out the investor at a sum or rate of return that is agreeable by all parties at a later date.

Online-travel advisor seeking US$475K expansion fund

Brief Description:

xxxx strives to become the one-stop resource center for independent travelers in Asia.

In a growing market for individual traveling xxxx provides first-hand and high-quality information to Asia enthusiasts in the age group of 20 to 35. We serve a cutting edge research database and tools to exercise bookings immediately. We consolidate and improvise the useful tools from travel sites and blogs. The goal is to help travelers making their trip planning quicker and affordable based on their needs.

Each member of the management team possesses more than 10 years of working experience in the decisive division. The product development benefits from the experience in multimedia, front and backend development and marketing . Our marketing and management strategies derived from former projects with global players. We have over 6 years experience in hostel business and are passionated backpackers.

A majority of our customers are novice and unexperienced travelers. Often information provided through the internet is confusing and not interactive whilst printed guide books are heavy and outdated.

Our product helps users to save time and cost by using our navigator. The trip can completely be planned prior to the start of the journey which avoids financial strains. We merge all relevant information from our database and provide affordable flights, accommodations and tours according to their destination. Also, through our community backpackers can connect with self-minded travelers and exchange their experience through our community.

Our target group consists of travelers between 20 and 35 years from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Roughly one fifth of all travelers in Asia are backpackers. The number of travelers is expected to increase about 9% annually – driven by budget airlines and a higher demand from China, India and East Asia. Furthermore, social networks such as Facebook have contributed an enormous impact to the tourism industry as a whole.

Our strategy is to be ranked at the top of search engine, banner advertisement and keep reaching our growing community through Facebook and Twitter. We will continue working with our affiliates to provide products relevant to our users. Our future blueprints include the creation of mobile apps, produce journals, brochures and printed travel guides. Finally, offering affiliate program and JV with hostels, tours, dive centers and travel agencies.

We gain revenues through Google AdSense, commissions from affiliated partners, providing affiliates, off and online shopping such as travel guides, books and traveling gears, franchising and consulting fees.

Concierge and lifestyle management company in KL seeking RM300K for early expansion

Date Founded: 25/9/05
No. of Employees: 6
Annual Sales: 500K
Total Funding Required: 200K-800K

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: strategy, sale & marketing
Proposed Investor’s Involvement: full time, part-time, as mentor, as consultant, non-executive director
My Business Development Stage: early expansion
My Industry: tourism / hospitality
Brief Description: Executive Summary

Company Background and Principal Activities

xxxx Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia on the 25th September 2005. The authorised capital of the company is RM 100,000.00 ordinary shares of nominal value RM 1.00 each. The company presently has an issued and fully paid up capital of RM 100,000.00 comprising 100,000 ordinary shares of nominal value RM 1.00 each.

xxxx Sdn Bhd is a concierge and lifestyle management company, which provides exclusive concierge and lifestyle management services and customised programs to its discerning clients in Malaysia and beyond. We’re the pioneer of its kind of concierge and personal assistant service in Malaysia, that serves people who live beyond the dreams of others and wish to maximize their abundant life to the full.

xxxx Sdn Bhd draws on extensive local knowledge and experience to provide the utmost concierge services to its clients. xxxx Sdn Bhd has build a concierge team that consists of ex concierge staff from hotels and resorts.

At the beginning stage, xxxx started its business by providing:

1. Personal Concierge and Assistant
2. Corporate Concierge & Employee’s Benefits Program
3. Property Concierge Management and Front Desk Outsourcing Solution
4. Professional Butler and Concierge Training, exclusive representative of Magnums Butler International, Australia.

After spending some times on researching the local market, we found out that there is a great opportunity for us to explore since this is a niche market and has a plenty of chances to prosper.

xxxx Sdn Bhd has identified few industries that have a great potential to succeed:

Banking and Financial Industries
Medical Concierge for hospital and health care centre
Project management for new buildings such as hotel, resort, spa, commercial and residential building, shopping mall and many more.
Private Butler service for high profile clients, private event and party, golf industry, private jet and yacht industry.


Personal Concierge and Assistant
Finding it difficult to organise yourself nowadays? With the work demands, travelling down time and home commitments, many of us find that there is not enough time in a day. XXXX Sdn Bhd helps people managing their busy lifestyle and time so that they can focus on what matters the most for them. We provide the personal concierge service to the most which in the past is only for the rich.

Finding the balance between work & life will eventually benefit the individual, business and society when a person’s life is balanced and healthy.

xxxx Sdn Bhd’s concierge and lifestyle management programs can be tailored make to best suits its client’s specific requirements and needs.

Besides providing concierge services to its clients, it can be incorporate to others assistance such as vehicle break down assistance.

Some of our concierge services are as below:

Corporate Concierge & Employee’s Benefits Program

xxxx Sdn Bhd employee’s benefits program helps corporate to achieve:-

 Attract, acquire and retain top talent
 Position as the “Best Place to Work For” or “Best Employer”
 Focus on work priorities and increased commitment to the work
 Increased productivity and reduce absenteeism
 Increased the work place morale and motivation

Our employee’s benefits program is designed for high usage of the staff, so they can focus on their work and spend less time on personal chores.

Corporate concierge can be an onsite and virtual model. Onsite concierge will be staffed in the office and a virtual concierge team can be reach by phone, fax and email. A combination of these two can be customized to best suits the corporate needs.

Besides the employee’s benefits program, corporate can engage with our concierge services for:-

 Business meeting and conventions
 Fully customized luxury weekend get a way package
 Team and relationship building
 Corporate gift
 Exotic and luxury car rental and chauffeur service
 Private assistant and butler to the high level executive

Property Concierge Management and Front Desk Outsourcing Solution
Information and concierge counter outsourcing will be the main focus of xxxx Sdn Bhd in these coming years. xxxx Sdn Bhd would like to use its knowledge and experience to penetrate every building in town, no matter is a commercial building, residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, universities & colleges, airports, and many more.

Our concierge team had underwent a professional butler and concierge training. The butler and concierge training is conducted by Magnums Butler International, Australia.

All of the concierge team is carefully selected and most of them have an extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality and marketing. They know very well the best way and manner to serve the people.

The rate of consumerism is increasing in our country and so does the demand for high-end goods and services. xxxx Sdn Bhd is proud to provide the butler and concierge solution to the properties in town.

Currently xxxx Sdn Bhd is running concierge counter in Menara HLA, Jalan Kia Peng and has build a good rapport with the tenants and is going to start its second concierge counter in HP Tower in Damansara. The concierge team in the building is providing our customized concierge service and ordinary guests reception service.

Butler and Concierge Training

xxxx Sdn Bhd is the exclusive Malaysia representative of Magnums Butler International, Australia.

Magnums Butler International is world leader in luxury butler service training offering professional & vocational programs for professional private butler, hotel butler and luxury yacht stewards and stewardesses.

Besides training, we also undertake to assess hotel butler and concierge and report on the findings to the management team of the hotel. If successful, butlers are awarded a lapel pin in recognition of their achievements, this is well favoured by hotel clients to monitor their butler and concierge service progress.

International clients and major hotels group who benefit from this training include:
– Ritz Carlton
– Shangri-La Valley Wing
– Shangri-La Academy, China
– St Regis: Four Seasons
– Burj Al Arab, Dubai
– Westin, Dubai
– Mandarin Oriental
– Oriental Bangkok
– Grand Hyatt
– The Royal Livingstone, Zambia
– And many

Private Butler Service

xxxx Sdn Bhd is on its way to executing its private butler service to the Malaysian market in the few months time.

The private butler can serve high profile individual clients, corporate, and can be cater for private party and event, it will be an awesome experience for the visitors to the event when they are professionally served by a butler from xxxx Sdn Bhd.

Our butler is professionally trained by Magnums Butler International, Australia.

Clients Loyalty Program
Corporate are working harder than ever to earn the customer’s loyalty on their products and services. To keep the clients happy and come back for the service and product again is very important as in this day, getting new clients is no an easy case.

With the concierge service and clients loyalty program that customized towards the needs of the corporate, we are creating a true connection and relationship between you and your clients.

Acquire customer:-

 Enhance the value of your product and service
 Differentiate through lifestyle enhancing benefits and services
 Elevate you brand to a “real life experience”
 Serve your clients anywhere and anytime, 24/7 and globally
 A better understanding of the clients

Earn loyalty and drive client retention

 Deliver an indispensable service tied to your company
 Impact your clients life with the purchase
 Interact more regularly with your clients

Concierge Service in Banking & Financial Industry

Bank and financial institutes are constantly upgrading their service to attract more and more clients. Concierge and lifestyle management service is one of the elite service that best serve the clients.

xxxx Sdn Bhd had been invited to participated in the concierge service provider selection in Asia to provide concierge service to its credit card and elite members by American Express, Singapore.

But unfortunately, xxxx Sdn Bhd was not selected due to reasons of insufficient working capital and manpower to provide concierge service to such a huge number of their card members, which cover the geographical areas of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and China.

Banking institutes that has private lounge and restaurants for their elite members, are also increasingly looking for concierge and butler services.

Medical Concierge

Malaysia can be the hub of medical services and treatments in Asia with it’s strategically geographical location. Its excellent medical services at reasonable price is another attraction.

Medical travellers from overseas are seeking more options and interaction when they choose which country and hospital to have medical treatment. A medical concierge will definitely be an ideal person to contact and help them and their family during the period. Medical concierge will assist the patient and their family once they arrived in Malaysia until the post-procedure management after they return to their country.

xxxx Sdn Bhd’s medical concierge model is very simple, we set up an integrated solution and partnership with variety of vendors and suppliers, such as airlines companies, travel agencies, hospitals and health care centres to provide the most cost effective and the best medical treatment in Malaysia.

Background of the management team

Executive Dircetor

Aged 31, a Bachelor Degree in Computing and Information System graduated from Sunway College, Malaysia. A multi-tasker holding multiple portfolios with more than 5 years business experience in sales & marketing in Malaysia.

He is the key man behind the curtain of business and marketing strategy planning as well as business development.

Lifestyle Manager

Aged 41, Highly experience and knowledge concierge. He spent almost 15 years of time in Malaysia as hotel concierge, before moved aboard to Singapore. In his 10 years time in Singapore, he gained a lot of ideas and experience as concierge.

He has built a good rapport and relationship with most of the hotel concierge in Malaysia and is the team leader when we have private party or event.

Concierge & Leisure Manager

Aged 42, has vast experience in F&B industry and worked as a concierge in several hotels in Malaysia. Spent years of his time in Jakarta, Indonesia to help its clients to set up a restaurant and worked as a consultant in Sales & Marketing for the restaurant. He is also responsible for restaurant’s cost management, implementation of “Point of Sales System”, inventory management, Human resource management, and provide training to the staff.

He has build a wide business network in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, especially in F&B industry.

Growth Plan

xxxx Sdn Bhd is seeking a financial investment range from RM 300,000.00 to RM 1,000,000.00.

The fund will be carefully deploy and use in marketing & advertising purpose to create an impact of the concierge service that we provided to the targeted markets and publics.

xxxx Sdn Bhd monitors and measures its human resource strategy very closely to ensure that the company will achieve profitability and sustainability in their concierge and lifestyle management industry in Malaysia and expands to other countries like Singapore, Thailand, China and Indonesia in the near future. Sending our concierge and butler for training will make sure our team has the up to date knowledge and idea in concierge and butler industry.

A call centre will be an ideal investment for xxxx Sdn Bhd because it will enhance it concierge business and provides a 24 hours contact solution to its clients.


The directors of xxxx Sdn Bhd strongly believe that the company would eventually be the leading concierge and lifestyle management company in Malaysia and expands to other countries in less than 3 years time.

As such, the company shall focus its attention to continuously provide the finest concierge service and products to its clients to meet the customers changing need and live their abundant life to an unrestricted and unconstrained level and thus, providing a solid financial returns. – Reputable Online IT & Electronics Store

Project Cost: 1,000,000

Amount Invested : 100,000

Amount Required : 900,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage:
second stage expansion
Information Memorandum:

We’re among the most reputable online IT Shop in Malaysia since 2005. Our online shop ; modernoPC.Com is a well-known name among online-tech-shoppers in Malaysia.

We operate under company name ModernoPC Sdn. Bhd and we\’re based in Subang Jaya SS15. Our business operation runs online and via retail store located in the heart of Subang Jaya Commerce Centre.

There’s no proper online IT shops in Malaysia till this date that have a good, reputable and customer-trustable platform like us. We\’re offering investors an oppoturnity to become part of Malaysia biggest online retailer in recent future.

We\’re looking for investors to fund on our company expansion by increasing our inventories & produt ranges, aggresive offline & online marketing and upgrading to a bigger processing facilities.

Our aims is to grow big and we firmly believe that we can with the right amount of capital to invest with.

Please visit our website : for more details of our business.

Contact Information

Abdullah Adil Bin Mohd Akhir (

Telephone : +603-5621.7381
Fax : +603-5621.7381

Collection, Trading & Recycling (Bio-Diesel) of Used Cooking Oil (UCO), Selangor

Required RM2mil funding; Guaranteed 10% yearly return from investment.


Due to the huge waste and pollution from wastage it’s necessary to take the right solution to manage, to recycle and reuse our waste to reduce the wastage and pollution. Especially used cooking oil (“UCO”), it’s not only causing our sewerage system overflows, it’s also causing the health of animal and human by reusing it as food. The majority of used cooking oil in Malaysia is reuse for animal feeds. To overcome this problem, we should reuse the used cooking oil as fuel, Bio-diesel.

Who we are

We are dedicated to the Green Program to reduce the discharge of toxins into Earth’s environment.
We aim to minimize wastages and depletion of natural resources by recycling resources in an efficient and effective manner adopting environmentally friendly technology.
We strive to make the practice of environmental friendliness simple to adopt and apply.

Our Strength
8 years experience
Buyer contact (animal feeds)
Recognize by PBT / State Government
Facilities ready (UCO)
License to process Biodiesel

Our Weakness
Limited Lorry
Distribution Network / Effectiveness
Biodiesel facility not enough


Due to the high competition, there would be higher volume of UCO in Malaysia. Because more collector to approach/educate more restaurants/people to store and sell UCO, whether it’s in town or village.

The fast growing of Bio industrial had given us more option to market our products (UCO / Biodiesel) to the bio industrial like oleochemical (bio-soap) or alternative energy industrial.

Market Summary

Past : UCO business > 20 years. Price Cheap or free. Collection is targeted on volume costumers.

Present : More competitive with Bio-diesel industrial. UCO volume increase with higher competition. UCO become more useful.

Future: UCO become more popular & higher demand by oleochemical & alternative energy industrial.

Prospective Customer: Restaurants, Hotel, Food processing factory, Factory’s canteen (Perodua,Sharp), University / College / School, Training Center (MBB,Petronas).

Use of Fund

To make the company grow faster, we will build up more depot at every state as collection centre. Every collection centre will be having few lorries to collect UCO at the particular state. The accumulated UCO will be transferred to HQ. From HQ, we will deliver to animal feeds factory or we process as biodiesel.
(Details on use of fund will be furnished upon request)

We need to upgrade our HQ to get ready for higher volume of UCO transaction.

UCO Trading Risk Mitigation

The pricing for UCO is affected by the Commodity price of Crude Palm Oil (CPO).
We take advantage of increasing CPO prices which in turn is passed on to the purchasers of UCO.
We take advantage of reducing CPO prices which in turn is passed on to the purchasers of Bio-diesel.

Collection Capacities

10,000 storage sets = 10,000 Collection Points.

Each lorry collect up to 250 collection points, twice a month (20.8 / day).

40 nos. lorry
= 40 x 250 points x 2 (per month) x 20L
= 400,000L


Proprietary Mobile Advertisement Platform Provider

A proprietary mobile advertisement platform provider is seeking private investors for its expansion plan. The platform would serve audio advertisements through the mobile dial tone – corresponding Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Short Messaging System (SMS), Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and Data Portal Services that enable lead initiatives and sales initiatives for vendors/advertisers, through a simple action by the interested prospect (i.e. pressing * when the advertisement is played). Code: mobile advertisement

The Company provides Value-Added Services solutions to mobile subscribers with the objective of decreasing mobile subscription rates, and increasing value to mobile subscribers through various promotions by advertisers. It’s proprietary mobile advertisement platform serves audio advertisements through the mobile dial tone, while incorporating an action button for mobile subscribers to respond to advertisements that appeal to them immediately.

Advertisement follow-ups would be done through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Short Messaging System (SMS), Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) or Data Portal Services to generate valuable leads for advertisers. Advertisers would be offered 3 main product packages in the form of Cost Per Impression without Location Targeting (RM0.10), Cost Per Impression with Location Targeting (RM0.30) and Cost per Action (RM1.00).

mobile content businessWe have estimated the local market size for Cost per Impression to be RM 306 million; based on 5% shifts from incumbent platforms like television, radio and newspapers plus local digital advertising spend. As for Cost per Action, it takes the cinema industry as an example to portray that with 1% of total cinema revenues generated by the Company’s platform and it gets a cut of 10% of ticket sales price, the revenue generated would be RM140, 000 per year. There are many other verticals that our company’s platform can be used, like the Events Industry (estimated size RM75 million per year), and small targeted launches from advertisers.

The Company has currently built strategic relationships with Nokia Siemens Network, a huge Telecommunications Infrastructure and Consultancy Provider, Indosat, the 2nd largest Telecommunications Services Provider in Indonesia, and MindShare, a local subsidiary of one of the largest Media Buying conglomerates in the world, WPP Group. On the local scene, the Company is currently manufacturing a pilot to be launched with Digi Telecommunications to launch its platform in Malaysia.

The Company is currently building a team of Mobile Value Added Services Software Engineers to engineer the production of the platform. A prototype would be built as soon as the team is in place.

Mobile Content InvestmentThe Company also managed to gather the support of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia through its Cradle Grant, in the form of RM150, 000 funding, aimed at supporting homegrown Technology Start-ups through the Pre-Seed stage.

Potential Returns on Investment

Based on pessimistic 3 years Income Statement Projections, Inventors returns would be as follows:

2010 2011 2012
Profit Before Tax (PBT) 3,240,000 16,200,000 32,400,000
Return on Investment (ROI) 400% 900%

Oil & Gas Manufacturing Fabrication & Machining Services

Leader in the design, and manufacture, maintenance and services provider of engineering disciplines to the oil and gas sector, upstream and downstream facilities, Industrial and Resource sectors throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. With operations in all three major areas the company has strategic plans to increase market share in these regions.

The Company primarily began by servicing the heavy marine industry and carrying out heavy Business Opportunityfabrication for the mining industry. It later become a major supplier to the Oil and Gas sector by offering designing and manufacturing skid based water and chemical treatment equipment. It then involved installation, commissioning and planned maintenance of the equipment it produced. Typical systems included Water Treatment Plants, Oily Water Separation systems, Process/Metering Skids, Polymer Dosing/Chemical Injection Systems and Pump Stations.

The company has in recent years shifted its focus to take advantage of the growing market in the oil and gas industry by providing additional services such as complete EPCM packages and continued EPCC for both onshore and offshore activities. The Company today offers our clients a complete “Turn Key” packages, not only capturing the reliability and expertise of the Westralian systems, but also the continued site representation for field support.

The industry in general is continuing through a growth period as a result of increasing activities in the oil and gas sector as well as the mining industry. Due to experience in these market sectors, the intentions are for the business to continue the expansion into these focused market areas and have the manufacturing advantage of being the prime manufacturers as well as strategically locating itself to take advantage of the increasing levels of activity.

Key management has had considerable experience in this field, and has been involved in large scale projects in their individual capacities. The team has identified strong business prospects within the oil and gas sector, and will embark on its commercial plans within the next quarter. At present, management is in the midst of recruiting talent and resource in building and propositioning its products and services into the market.
The business strategy of the Company has always been to focus on providing an innovative product and high quality service to its customers. Revenue growth is expected to average over 30% over the next 3 financial years, with a major part of this contribution coming in from local companies.


The paid-up capital of the Company incorporated in Malaysia is RM1 million and Australia AU$500,000, and Abu Dhabi (AED$1 million).
Assets; Combined Malaysia/Australia AU$1.2million plus stock plus inventory
Current Project Values Australia; AU$ 1.5 million
Invoiced Value AU$ 1.3 million
Letters of Intent Value Australia; AU$ 5.1 million
Current Project Values Malaysia; MR$ 1.5 million
Invoiced Value MR$ 250,000
Letters of Intent Value Malaysia; MR$ 5.1 million
Project Negotiation MR$ 9.9 million
Project Negotiation Abu Dhabi AED$ 50 million

It is the intention of the current corporate owner to relinquish shareholding in the total group for an investment into the organisation to allow the group of companies to meet the expansion strategy as set out.

The investor would see the shareholding being divided into a 60% / 40% ratio, for a investment of US$5 Million.

Should the investor not wish to take up shareholding, then the organisation is prepared to Profit share on all projects derived from the introduction in the region of introduction. This profit sharing would be at a rate of 5% to 8% of the net profit.

The Company is seeking private fund to invest in its group of companies in Malaysia, Australia and Abu Dhabi.

Opportunity To Own A Fast Growing Fish Spa With 4% Monthly Returns

Opportunity to own a fast growing fish spa with 4% monthly returns i.e. 48% yearly returns on investment from as low as RM50K. Established last year with paid up capital of RM 500,000, the company is fast growing and having fixed income every month now…….Code: SPSSB
Business OpportunityOpportunity to own a fast growing fish spa with 4% monthly returns i.e. 48% yearly returns on investment from as low as RM50K.

Established last year with paid up capital of RM 500,000, the company is fast growing and having fixed income every month now.

Currently they are running an entrepreneur program to their members where the member not only can be part owner of the spa, but also can make money out of it. Because of that, its membership grew huge. They have to expand their current outlet with more facilities to facilitate the expected increasing in membership.

The company is seeking RM500,000 from private investors for the expansion of its current facilities to fit 500 pax of members. The company has come out an investment plan to its potential investors with a good profit sharing of 4% per month for 5 years in lots which is RM 50,000 per lot. This idea has given them a fix income every month and therefore, they have no worry of paying out to their investors.

Production of OPF Hay Feed Pellet

Project Cost: MYR168 million

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : –

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance; internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; others (Business Partner)

Industry: agriculture; manufacturing; industry products

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

This proposal focuses on the production of pelleted livestock feeds from oil palm fronds targeted for the local and overseas market. In specific, this initiative seeks for processing and marketing of livestock hay feeds based on oil palm fronds (OPF), palm kernel cake (PKC) and Kenaf.

Abundant supply of agro-industry wastes in Malaysia particularly from oil palm industry has created interest in turning the waste product into animal feeds. Currently, Malaysia is still the leader in oil palm production, which produced approximately 18.77 million metric tons (on a dry matter basis) of oil palm fronds since 1994. Oil palm fronds can be used as a substitute for grasses in cases where forage of fodder is a limiting factor. The recommended level of oil palm fronds in the total mixed rations ( on dry matter basis) are 50% for beef cattle and 30% for dairy cattle and goats.

Livestock hay feeds based on oil palm fronds (OPF) have tremendous export potential with established markets in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Worldwide annual gross turnover of products in this category amounted to more than 30 million metric tons (worth in excess of USD3 billion). In order to capture a portion of this overseas markets, we propose to build a state-of-the-art-factory that will have a capacity of producing up to 18,000 metric tons of OPF pellets per year. Total expenditures are estimated to be about RM3.74 million. In addition, a pre-operational expenditures is of RM1.5 is needed to sustain at least 12 months operation primarily for the purchase of raw materials (OPF), start-up and payment of salaries. The total project investment shall be about RM5.24 million for the next 5 year.

Our projected cash flow analysis indicated that the investment would yield an encouraging Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of about 22%. Furthermore, this project is considered to be an economically viable venture because production breakeven point (9,400 metric tons per year) was reached when factory output was at about 37% of maximum production output.

Contact Information

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Postal Address : 23A Jln Muafakat 1, Taman Meru Selatan
State : Klang Selabgor
Post Code : 41050 Klang
Country : Malaysia

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