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Exporter seeking loan for biz expansion – Kuala Lumpur

Our business mainly dealing in exporting activities. Our product are

1) 80% Furniture -All of the product are designed by us and we corporate with the local manufacturer to manufacture the good under our own brand
2) 10% Food and Beverage – Export local brand foodstuff and beverage
3) 5% Autopart – Export local autopart manufacturer
4) 5% International Trade- Purchase from China and Indonesia for furniture and export direct from the origin to oversea customer
Our main market are Europe, UAE, South America and Africa.

We also appointed by USA inspection company as the Malaysia Qualify Inspector to run nall the inspection work for them in Malaysia.

Hospitality Industry IT Solutions Provider

An IT company (commencement date 01-01-2006) with decent financial back up and specialized in total solutions for the hospitality industry is offering investors a serious opportunity with limited risk and potentially high ROI.

The company is specializing in web based total solution for the hospitality industry that supports multiple properties transparently, it is 100% integrated without any need for import of files or interfaces and guarantees a 99,99% uptime. Currently it is the only system in the world that providing a total solution from reservations to back office within a single 100% integrated solution.

The first commercial version of its system has required an investment of over 30 men years, which shows the commitment of the shareholders to enter the hospitality market. As per January 1st 2009 an infrastructure with 31 people was in place. The investment in human resources is important as the company can only afford to have successful installations and high quality R&D. Therefore people need to be trained, support needs to be first class and development must be able to fulfill customer needs even when sales still has to pull off.

The year 2008 was the first commercially important year for the company as its product suite was released in November 2007. As per July 2009 the past achievements have been successful and have resulted in the following situation.

Update as per July 1st 2009: ( Installed Base )

12 in Malaysia;

Summerset, Kuala Rompin
Paradise Sandy Beach, Tanjung Bungah
Hotel Feringghi, Batu Ferringhi
Hotel Piccolo, Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Gambang Resort City, Bukit Gambang
Bubu Long Beach, Perhentian Island (Kecil)
Hotel Sempurna, Bukit Gambang
Hotel Rainforest, Kuala Lumpur
Hotel Starnis, Kota Kinabalu
Gayana Resort, Kota Kinabalu
Bungah Raya, Kota Kinabalu
Hydro Hotel, Tanjung Bugah
6 in Indonesia;

Hotel Grand Aston, Medan
My Hotel, Medan
Hotel Pandurata, Jakarta
Puri Denpasar, Jakarta
Best Western Kuta Condotel, Bali
SBS Hotel School
Currently the company has a portfolio of 30+ contracts for which the installation still has to be realized. These installations will take place in Malaysia, Indonesia and The Netherlands. In addition, forecast first installation in UAE, Vietnam and Cambodia will be realized in 2009 & early 2010, as well.


Based on the financial planning, including sufficient reserves, the Company is looking for an investment of 2,5 million RM (500,000 euro) for which it is willing to issue 10% shares to the investor(s). The share percentage is from the share capital and represents a higher value related to the paid up capital. Therefore the 5% share batches will never be diluted to a lower percentage than issued.

hotel3Considering the fact that the company will be worth at least 75 million Euro by 2012, a high Return on Investment can be expected over a period of 3 years, 2012 year of the IPO. The assumption of 15 times the profit of the year 2012 is a realistic assumption, in particular if the Company can show the annual growth figures as projected.

An investment of 500,000 Euro would result in a minimum capital gain of 7,500,000 euro, 15 times the initial investment over a period of 3 years. The company reserves at least 20% of the profit for dividend purposes, which creates an additional ROI for the investor(s).

The profile and the terms and conditions of the investor are definitely important. The potential investor should not only invest, but also bring added value with regards to the credibility of the Company, which is always an issue during the start up of a new company.

The potential investor, preferably, is familiar with the hospitality business or at least is able to open doors and introduces it to business partners in Asia, Middle East or Europe.
The potential investor should bring added value to the overall management of the company and create a real partnership with the other shareholders of the company.

Seeking funds to expand Law Firm, Malaysia

Project Cost: RM100,000

Amount Invested : RM20,000

Amount Required : RM80,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: others (Legal Services)

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum

I am Salmiah binti Salim, and I am a lawyer by profession. I was admitted to the Bar in March 2007 after doing my pupilage at Messrs Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill one of the largest law firms in Malaysia. After my admission to the Bar, I joined a smaller firm Messrs Rajan Navaratnam. I was in charge of the Conveyancing Department where I was responsible for the overall progress of each files and I was also in charge of marketing for new clients and cases. After close to a year, I decided to venture into business on my own. On February 2008 I established my own firm Messrs Salmiah Salim & Partners. I have been working on my own to grow this firm and recently recruited a partner to assist me in July of 2011.

After more than 3 years of blood sweat and tears I can safely say that the business has passed its critical stage and is starting to gain momentum in both presence and number of cases. Currently I intend to further expand the business by registering as a panel solicitor for the various banks to increase the potential of getting more cases. But this expansion exercise will require more working capital as payment for panel work takes 2 to 3 months. I am confident that with RM100,000 it should be adequate to help my business cash flow as we take on more cases and more workers. I am confident that the principal investment can be returned in a matter of just 2 years together with a healthy dividend of 25%. Please contact me for further clarification on my proposal.

Contact Information

Salmiah Salim (

Mobile: 0163227159

AquaDolf Swimming & Watersport

Project Cost: RM100,000
Amount Invested : RM20,000
Amount Required : RM80,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy, sale & marketing
Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor
Industry: others (Watersports Industry)
Project Stage: early expansion

More Information:

I’ve already registered an enterprise under ROB since 2009 under the name AquaDolf Swimming & Watersport. Primary business is providing swimming class. Our niche segment is private lessons and we specialized in teaching adult ladies. Currently AquaDolf have 4 female instructors to accommodate to the demands. Me myself have been teaching swimming for more than 8 years, starting as just coach assistant, doing it for freelance and now doing it fulltime.

Besides operating swimming classes, we also conducting lifesaving and CPR courses for public and corporate. Since 2009, in our record, we\’ve taught more than 300 students, and some of them are still continuing their lessons with us for workout purposes. We operate in a rented bungalow house at PJ Oldtown (it\’s a good location with easy landmark and access), owned by my family. Currently our pool is an above ground pool, with 32 (w) x 18 (l) feet in size.

Our strength in this industry is our small market concentration. As all of our key personnel and instructors are female, it is easy for us to tap the market of adult ladies. This is because, most ladies feels more comfortable learn swimming with lady instructor. Furthermore, we\’ve created a private and fun swimming experience at our private pool. This private pool is only use for swimming class only and is not open to public and even to men. As for loyalty, most of our students stick with us because we\’ve created an after sales program which include, free stroke evaluation, fun swim session. We also created a secret group in Facebook for our current and former students which will update and give them extra tips and free workout plan.

We plan to build a permanent and deeper swimming pool at the same location so that we can serve our students better. By having a permanent pool will also enable us to accommodate to bigger group classes. In next 1-2 years, we plan to send 2 instructors (including me) to take up professional course in scuba diving so that we can now expand our service in scuba courses. Long term planning is for us to create a franchise for swimming class for ladies.

Maslinda Abd Talib

Low Cost CRM Solution for Small Businesses in Asia

What are we doing?

.Upgrading Businesses from MS Excel – Everybody’s First CRM to a REAL CRM Solution
.So far have migrated more than 40 SME’s, some from pretty large Excels (20 worksheets / 15MB)
.Successfully migrated MYOB South Asia from Siebel CRM

What CRM can help SME’s Do

.Share sales data across individuals and teams
.Create and execute campaigns across marketing channels
.Capture leads directly into CRM, Generate automated Quotes, Invoices & Payments
.Manage schedule, calls, meetings and emails from a single location
.Centrally manage and share all customer service issues
.Create real-time reports and dashboards on any CRM metric

No Excuse for not using it

.On Demand – No need to buy any Server or Software, just start using it
.Easy-to-use, customizable, can use it Any Time, Any Where or on Any Device
.Free Trial, Online Activation, Support, Pay As you Use, Stop Whenever you Want
.Secure Servers, Automated daily Backups, No Data loss
.Multiple Editions – Starting from US$7 per user per month

What’s our Game Plan

.100% Focus on Asia and SME’s
.System supporting all Asian languages & currencies
.Local support number, talking in local language
.Local bank account for easy & comfortable payment
To reach Top 10 Asian countries in next 3 years!!

Who are we Competing with?

.Local CRM Providers: Scattered, No Regional reach, lack of will to expand beyond comfort zone, Second CRM has vision & capabilities to be a strong regional playe, NetSuite, RightNow, Oracle: Great Stuff, focused on SME’s, but SME’s of US, UK and not of Asia , econd CRM is fully focused and Grounds up for Asian Market

.Microsoft, Sugar CRM, Zoho :The REAL competitors, but our strong local focus and better customer support is a major edge against them.

Who are WE

Deep, Chief Executive Officer (13 years of industry exp) BE, MBA from India
Sarab, Chief Operating Officer (10 years of industry exp) BSc, MBA from India

How much we Need and Why?
Accelerating Growth
.Looking for US$1 million (for next 2 years, starting 2013)

Use of Funds:

Technical 28%
Operations 33%
Sales & Support 21%
Marketing 18%

Major Activities in Year 2013

Sales, Marketing & Partnerships
Product Improvement & Integrations
Branding, PR & Advertising
Regional Offices (Partners Network)

Contact Information

Soft Solvers Solutions Sdn Bhd
C-G-17, SME Technopreneur Centre, 2270
Jalan Usahawan 2, Cyberjaya, 63000, Selangor, MALAYSIA
Tel: +603 8315 6101 Fax: +603 8315 6102

Vietnam Property Development Project


The promoter/ investor has obtained all necessary licenses and permits to develop the project.
The project broke ground in 2009 and significant foundation and piling works are 40% completed.
The project has pre-sold 50 units out of the total development of 334 units.
The development company will obtain a new market valuation of the project land in next 1-2 months.


Provide development financing commitment of US$15.0 million to be disbursed progressively over the project development cycle.
The project inflow can be structured as pure debt option or convertible debt option to be discussed and agreed later.
The development company shares and land can be pledged as security for all development financing.
The new investor has further option to build Phase 2 in adjacent plot of land on JV basis.


Limit of Facility : US$15.0 Million
Tenure of Facility : 24-30 months
Interest : 8-9% per annum
Fees: 1-2% per annum of funded facility
Convertible option (exercise period 6-12 months)
Security: Shares and Land
Purpose: Development Financing


Local Banks have been forced by State Bank of Vietnam regulations to reduce loans to property development projects without 30%+ equity in the project development costs. This punitive requirement affects many developers in Vietnam who are forced to find overseas partners or funders to complete the project.


Debt Agreement – registered with State BANK OF Vietnam for repayment of loans and interest in future periods.
Convertible Debt Agreement – option to exercise debt to equity conversion of loans
Business Co-Operation Agreement – legal framework to establish clear nexus of investors and project owners in the development of project.
Asset Pledge Agreement – create legal charge over shares and land of Company
Both parties can appoint independent legal counsel to execute these Agreements in Vietnam.


Project licenses, development permits and approvals
Project design and approved engineering drawings
Land title deeds
Company and share ownership forms
Financial plans

All documents available for inspection during site visit and after signing LOI’s and Confidentiality Agreements.

Education furniture manufacturer seeking RM500K to finance its Pagoh University Hub project

Project Cost: RM4,000,000

Amount Invested : RM300,000

Amount Required : RM500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

Industry: manufacturing

Company Current Status: Break-Even, Profitable


Company History: 25 years in the education furniture line

Product / Service Description:

Due to the GST We need more cash to row for the mentioned project
And project will be ended no latest than May’2015
And we proposed for 20% return on the money invest from the project to the investor

Business Opportunity:

Since this is short term investment, we have solve all the requirement of the university and our experience enable to help the end user
The education furniture market is still have room for good margin.

Revenue Model:

We are no the agent or distributor
We are manuafacturer, we are able to help our client to solve problem as well in the profitable way
We made our money from the trust of client and as well as the cost cutting in the process of production

Management Team:

This is weak part of company
I myself involved in marketing and project management
factory run by one of my skilful staff

Current Status: Starting the project

Funding Milestone: RM500,000

And first two month Cost investment + claiming process
third month onward fund return
and after will be using the initial investment to row and generated profit

Business Valuation: Will let investor to suggest

Expected Return On Investment: 20% for 9 months

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Since the whole project is developed by Simedayby Property Sdn. Bhd.
and land is using their existing land reserve. And the whole project is financed by Maybank
So the risk of collection payment is minimized
And the only risk is whether the project will be delay

Exit Strategies:

so far this is the biggest educational project in Malaysia
and it will be a good trade reference for who involved in the project


Lam Kean Beng (
Company Name: FMB wood Work
Postal Address : lot 5B, 7A & 8A
Kawasan Perindustrian MIEL
Batang Kali
State : Selangor Darul Ehsan
Post Code : 44300
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0178834399
Mobile: 0178834399


Online Forex Trading Brokerage FoX

Project Cost: RM 290,000

Amount Invested : RM 25,000

Amount Required : RM 175,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

informatics / multimedia
financial services

Company Current Status:

Concept / Business Plan


Company History:

ABDUL HADI CHE MOHAMED. Holding a Bachelor of Medicine (Hons) from RCSI, Ireland. Hadi Rosol is a Founder of Gadget Site (Gadget shop based in Low Yat and Kota Bharu). Previously managed FortisFX, local brokerage firm as consultant and IT Director . Has 7 years of experience in forex and online trading which includes expertise in risk and legal management,training, digital marketing and general management.

(2) MOHAMAD HASLAN. Holding qualifications of Accountancy from UiTM. As a Co-Founder to Mocaz LLC, Haslan is recognized for his marketing experience that started since 2000 especially in online trading.

Product / Service Description:

1)Fox is a provider of online forex trading, CFD trading and related services. Our mission is to be recognized as trustworthy brand globally by offering the best execution, competitive pricing and excellent liquidity to clients via laptops and apps.
2)Social trading experience with honest dealing and diverse choice of securities. Profitable to clients as well.
3)One-stop centre for artificial intelligence development, training centre for online trading and traders’ shop.

Business Opportunity:

FoX is participating in a $3.8 trillion market daily turnover market that will have a 5% growth rate per year for next decade for retail market. FoX will be targeting the young age 18-50 years old. The major trend in the market is toward regional sales in South East Asia and China. The market has seen a significant surge worldwide primarily fueled by the recent internet boom and online presence in this region.
For the most recent study done on the Foreign Exchange market, please visit the Triennial Central Bank Survey

Revenue Model:

1) Straight Through Processing: The lowest risk and lowest money is made if your brokerage doesn’t take any risk, but just takes trades from customers, sends them to a liquidity provider automatically, and on the way asks for some commission and some spread
2) Closed loop dealing desk: The second business model is to take more of the risk : The customer buys from the broker and sells to the broker. If the customer makes money, trader loses money, and the contrary. Most small retail customers have no experience and 95% of them WILL lose money. In this model, which is more like gambling for the customer, most customers spend 95% of their deposits in 2-3 months.
FoX will use hybrid model- Send some customers to the liquidity providers and keep some in house

Management Team:

Matrix structure

Managing Director
Risk and Legal Management Director
Sales & Marketing Manager-regional officer, trainers and introducers as team
Finance & Account Manager
IT Director-programmer, web designer as part of team

Current Status:

1)Funding – For this project, we are still in the Conceptual Stage where we are aggressively searching Funds, Loan, Grants or any others to give birth this project.
2)Marketing – 12 experienced marketing agents nationwide has been identified and awaiting FoX launch
3)Website development – 2 experience programmers awaiting feedback on funding to start project with template of website has been decided
4)Risk and legal – Mr Haslan has undergone training to monitor software report and trading execution

Funding Milestone:

1st Stage : Registration, Legal, IT aspect RM 125,000
-entity creation at offshore financial centre
-bank account opening and funding
-trading platform evaluation and purchasing
-platform installation
-setup STP vs dealing on the platform
-find STP liquidity provider
-implement STP setup

2nd Stage : Hiring, Marketing and IT RM 20,000
-hiring employees
-IT setup ( website,datacenter, office , internet, dealing desk ..) -Marketing setup ( create docs, gather information, decisions…)

3rd Stage : Testing and Training, Marketing, Financials RM 30,000
-beta demos on platform
-beta live (fake live customers )on platform
-training employees
-risk-control setup testing
-alpha demo testing (small number of real customers ) on platform -alpha live testing (small number of real customers ) on platform -setup company financials ( customer deposit, withdrawal, accounting)
-marketing ramp up

Business Valuation:

20% – 25% based on investment made and role of investor (mentor)
We will discussed until terms and conditions agreed

Expected Return On Investment:

Expected ROI upwards of 50% within the first year
Representative office in all 14 states within 2 years
Further discussion with investors during meeting

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

-To be prepared for unexpected market movements and unexpected events
Solutions:To be connected to news sources at all time
-To be prepared for the situations where you need to act quickly (technology problems in the middle of the night)
Solution :Have backups and a plan for calling on software / hardware providers in those situations
-Forex is relatively new and faces regulations that are changing daily. Solution : Focus on simple securities first, then move into more complex and highly regulated ones
– Minimize your risk with a contingency plan to acquire extra capital (grant)

Exit Strategies: n/a


Abdul Hadi Che Mohamed (
Company Name: FoX Capital
Postal Address : Lot 2631, Kg Galok, Chetok Pasir Mas
State : Kelantan
Post Code : 17060
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +6097941180
Website : –
Mobile: +60179423469


Tour of Sarawak 2016

The Tour of Sarawak cycling championship (TOS2016) organized by Fadz Industries Sdn Bhd with the collaborations of both the Ministry of Social Development of Sarawak dan the Ministry of Sports and Youth Malaysia will be held from the 13th to the 17th of January 2016 themed “Sports Tourism is the Next Big Thing” is expected to bring about an impact in which will placed Sarawak on the world map, especially amongst the world cycling community. This 5 day long championship will start from the city of Miri, ending in the city of Kuching and will raced across major cities and towns of Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei, Betong, Sri Aman, Serian and Sematan.

The participation by 20 international cycling teams from continents such as Australia, Asia and Europe will definitely attracts the attention of local and international media representatives on doing wide coverage through electronic media, printed media, websites and social medias from all over the world. Ever since the official Tour of Sarawak 2016 was launched by YB Tan Sri William Mawan, the Minister of Social Dvelopment Sarawak on last April this year, this championship also has attracted quite a number of teams stating their interests in registering their teams to participate this international championship.

Thus, the organizing timing of theTour of Sarawak 2016 is spot-on so as Sarawak not to be left out in launching a cycling sports tourism product which has already been implemented by neighbouring countries such as Sabah, Brunei, Indonesia, Philipines and other countries around the world.

The Tour of Sarawak 2016 international cycling championship has been officially registered with of the Malaysian National Cycling Federation and with the technical assistance of the State of Sarawak Cycling Association, will be officially included in the Union Cycling Internationale’ official tour calendar, making this championship on par with other similar cycling championships within its class, thus placing Sarawak as a Sports Tourism Product in the world professional cycling communities.

Sarawak’s tourism and cultural products will obtain an opportunity to receive wide media coverages at local, regional and international levels. Officials, race teams, local and international medias will directly experience the lush beautiful landscape and various cultures in Sarawak through the locations and race routes throughout the championship.

The concept of economic spillover effect through the hotel usages in Sarawak, other than the business opportunities presented to the local Sarawakians throughout this championship, will greatly boosting the micro economy of the state. The good relationship with local media publications borne positive reports that will attract the interests of Malaysians towards sports cycling and will depict a positive outlook regarding the socio-political and socio-economic of the state of Sarawak.

The concept of making the Tour of Sarawak as a new stage to measure the excellence of Asian sports cycling which was practiced by other officially recognised cycling championships in Malaysia, where almost all the best Asian and international teams came to compete.

More info:,

Logging and land clearing for oil palm plantation in Kelantan

Project Cost: RM 5M

Amount Invested : RM 2M

Amount Required : RM 3M

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time

Industry: agriculture

Company Current Status:
Merger & Acquisition


Company History:

Had been started as an Investment Consultants since 2008 and have a track records assisted Taiwan Investors in logging operations in Kelantan in year 2008 and having a vast experience in logging operations activities in Kelantan, by providing a professional consultations and service starting from logging licence application and involved in logging operations.

Product / Service Description:

Have been deposited sum of money to acquire the leasehold right for a total of 14500 acres of Hutan Simpan Kekal timber compartments, which divided into 12 subs timber compartments in HSK Berangkat and HSK Stong Tengah and 10000 acres of total clearing timber for a land preparations for Oil palm plantations projects in Hutan Simpan Lebir,Gua Musang, Kelantan.

Business Opportunity:

Our team had been offer for a direct nego timber concessions and oil palms land from Kelantan state agency for logging and forestry ( Kompleks Perkayuan Kelantan ) and Yayasan Kelantan Darul Naim to transform 10k acres of the leasehold land into Oil palm estate. The Revenue from logs and sawn timber will be the source of fund the plantation cost, which is estimated RM 8000/acre for 7 years length of periods before oil palm production started generating sales revenue for company.


Nik Mahadzir