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VPOMEWES – The Total Palm Oil Mill Solution

Project Cost: RM3,100,000

Amount Invested : RM100,000

Amount Required : RM3,000,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

energy / natural resources

Project Stage: Startup


Company History: Company History:

Mr. Rama, the Technical Director, is a marine engineer by profession and has over 20 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. He recently quit his job to venture into this project, which he has been developing in his mind for more than a decade. He has spent thousands of hours in designing and redesigning his version of transporter before finally decided to build the actual unit for commercial purposes.

Mr Gopal, the CEO, is a degree holder in the field of Agribusiness, majoring in Financial Management and has worked with local banks and finance companies before. Currently, he is teaching Physics and Additional Mathematics at an international school. He is also a member of MENSA Society International.

Product / Service Description:

We are planning to introduce The Total Palm Oil Mill Solution, which will reduce the BOD level to below 20 parts per million as under the Environmental Quality Act (1974), the Department of Environment has set a limit of 100 parts per million (ppm) for BOD levels before a mill is allowed to discharge is effluent into the surrounding environment.

Business Opportunity:

The processing of oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB) primarily for palm oil also results in the production of wastes, in the form of palm oil mill effluent (POME), empty fruit bunches, mesocarp fibre and shell.
When the industry was at its infancy in the 1960’s, ignorance compelled us to dispose POME into the waterways or to adopt other methods at our convenience. By the 1970’s the growth of the industry was literally exponential, bringing along with it pollution, which the waterways could no longer handle – so much so that palm oil processing became synonymous with POME pollution.
Tonne for tonne, the oxygen depleting potential of POME is 100 times that of domestic sewage. The industry thus faced a major problem, as it virtually lacked any proven technology to treat POME.
It also results in the leaching of contaminants that pollute the groundwater and soil, and in the release of methane gas into the atmosphere.
On average, for each ton of FFB (fresh fruit bunches) processed, a standard palm oil mill generate about 1 tonne of liquid waste with biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) 27 kg, chemical oxygen demand (COD) 62 kg, suspended solids (SS) 35 kg and oil and grease 6 kg
POME is a non-toxic waste, as no chemical is added during the oil extraction process, but will pose environmental issues due to large oxygen depleting capability in aquatic system due to organic and nutrient contents. The high organic matter is due to the presence of different sugars such as arabinose, xylose, glucose, galactose and manose. The suspended solids in the POME are mainly oil-bearing cellulosic materials from the fruits.
Dozens of methods have been developed to control POME pollution, including decanting and drying, evaporation, coagulation, flotation, ultrafiltration, and various
However, there has yet to be any mill in the world which is operating on a zero-discharge basis
Our VPOMEWES system is close to that and on top of that will also produce additional energy to be recycled and fertiliser as added revenue.

Revenue Model:

We plan to introduce our system to over 100 over palm oil mills in Malaysia for RM5 million each (for complete setup). Total cost setup is estimated to be in between 3.5-4 million and therefore, can expect RM1 million profit from each system. We have the capacity to make 4 units per year.

Management Team:

Management Team: Mr. Rama, the TD will head the project and will be in-charge of the whole team
Mr Gopal will be in-charge of overall managemennt and Finance.
Mr. Rajasegaran, a very experienced personnel in the industry, is willing to join full time once the fund is available to start the project.

Current Status: Current Status:

We have already set-up office, fabyard and also done initial brainstorming sessions as well as crucial FEA studies on main truss. Comprehensive Gantt chart is available upon request.

Funding Milestone:

Funding Milestone: We need RM 1 million to start the project as we need to make a miniature model which will be used for demonstration purposes. Once it’s done, we need to get into the marketing part of it by inviting the major players in the market and demonstrate to them.

Business Valuation:

Business Valuation: We propose profit sharing of 30% with the investor.

Expected Return On Investment:

Expected Return On Investment: It’s 30% for the first year itself and estimated to be 40% from second year onwards. Comprehensive cash flow analysis is available upon request.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Most of the palm oil mill owners are generally reluctant to any ideas to reduce the POME as it involves a lot of money. They only comply when government gets serious in making them comply with the Law

Exit Strategies:

Investors can exit by giving 3 months notice and all their investments will be paid in full. However, it is only applicable after 6 months.


T Gopal Thirumalai
Kuala Lumpur

Seeking investor to invest on palm oil

Project Cost: RM3,296,000.00

Amount Invested : RM10,000

Amount Required : RM3,286,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: palm oil knowledge

Proposed Investor’s Role: as investor/consultant

Industry: plantation

Project Stage: concept

Information Memorandum:

Currently palm oil demand on world wide quite high and there are a lot of palm oil still in low CPO price. It have a lot of increment in future. Therefore it is oppurtunity to invest on palm oil industry now.

Now I had found a company would like to sell 100 acres of their palm oil company. I would like to plan ask investor invest to buy the palm oil land and appoint the management task to me. Steps for execute the project:
– Suitable palm oil land nearby simpang pulai, Ipoh Perak Malaysia.
-investor will take over the company which is owned the palm oil land
-Investor will appoint my company help to manage the palm oil plantation which included seeding, take care of the alm oil tree, fertilizing, harvest, delivery, selling.
– We will find consultant and palm oil expertise as a team help investor to manage the palm oil.

There are 30 months to maintance the palm oil tree untill have fruit to harvest. But the land already have young palm oil, Therefore we may have less than 30 month waiting period and we can execute steps below
– Find a nearest factory and best deal to accept our palm oil fruit later
– Find a delivery company can help us to delivery our fruit after harvest
– Make a good plan from harvest to delivery at factory.

When the palm oil tree are mature to harvest, we can execute steps below
– Will keep monitoring the harvest process by our management company
– Arrange delivery company to deliver those harvest palm oil fruit to nearest factory as deal earlier
– Claim the payment from factory for investor
Estimated Total initial Cost (land & legal cost) : RM3,286,000.00
Estimated 1st year expenses : RM372,000.00
Estimated subsequence year expenses : RM114,600.00
Estimate gross earning on palm oil yearly (CPO in RM2100) : RM756,000.00
Estimate gross earning on kernel oil yearly : ~ RM20,000.00

Contact Information

Jason (
Company Name: kokwah construction
Postal Address : No 12, Lorong Nakhoda 4, Taman Telok Air Tawar
State : Penang
Post Code : 13050
Country : Malaysia
Telephone :
Mobile: 60166640599


Non Chemical Broad Acre Rice Farming – 1st in South East Asia

An attractive agricultural investment in Terengganu for Malaysian Food Security 1,400 Acres (570 hectares) of Non-Chemical Broad Acre Mechanised Fragrant Rice Farming


South East Asian Countries to date have not implemented Non Chemical Broad Acre Cultivation methods. By participating in the project, Investors have the opportunity to be part of the company that becomes the first company in Malaysian history to adopt these advanced cultivation techniques. Non-Chemical Broad Acre Mechanised Farming is highly effective in developed nations ensuring land is maximised to its full potential for crop production.

Conclusion and recommendation

We wishes to invite investors to a venture which is a compelling way of assisting in the development of the Malaysian rice, poultry and fish culture industry and Food Security requirements of country with the implementation of a ‘Non-Chemical Integrated Broad Acre Mechanised Rice Farming Project’ in the State of Terengganu.

Mechanised Integrated Farming is a concept whereby a number of revenue generators are introduced into the project.

Non Integrated Farming is whereby ‘Agro-Chemicals’ are used and therefore is limited only to rice production only. Every rice granary area of Malaysia is ‘Non Integrated Farming’ as all use the agro-chemicals to cultivate padi.

The Mechanised Integrated Farming concept comes from several years of research in perfecting the cultivation pf padi without the use of any agro-chemicals and we achieved a net padi yield of double the national average.
The project will produce annually a total of:
• 3,958 tons of high quality Fragrant Rice once fully planted;
• 4,000 tons of Duck Meat;
• 2,700 tons of Tilapia fish.

The food production above has a market value in excess of RM70m P/A once fully developed.
The project requires RM50m which can be generated by both Equity Investment and Debt Financing.

Unique selling proposition of the integrated farming project

The land has been identified, which are well situated for the Integrated Farming project;
Environmentally responsible, utilising mechanised farming techniques, reducing dependency on manual labour;
Proven management team will implement high yielding international farming techniques including irrigation control, modern facilities and non-chemical agricultural inputs, therefore producing high returns;
Access to an international team of experts in the field of agriculture and rice production/milling;
As the padi is cultivated using ‘Non-Chemical Agro Inputs’, aquatic life (Tilapia) is introduced into the irrigation channels thus creating an ‘Agro-Aqua’ project;
Duck rearing to produce high quality organic meat and eggs;
Several years of research has been spent on the perfection of non-chemical crop production in Malaysia;
High net yield returns due to the project being an Integrated Farming concept.
The Investment

The project requires RM50m to fulfil its objectives. It is anticipated that the financing will initially be financed with a combination of investment and debt financing.

Strengths and opportunities

Malaysia currently imports around 95% of its total consumption requirements of Fragrant Rice and with a result that there is an imbalance between supply and demand. This is partly the result of the growing populations in Malaysia and the lack of companies wishing to enter the rice cultivation industry as a whole

The project company will lead the way with its Non-Chemical cultivation approach which will establish techniques not seen in Malaysian padi production to date.

The project should be perfectly located near to a river ensuring adequate fresh water supply required to cultivate the padi. Additionally, it will also ensure ample supply of fresh water during ‘Erratic Climatic Changes’ in the weather, guaranteeing a 2nd crop P/A in the dry season and a 3rd crop every 2 years.

The project will be self-supporting as the company will build its own small Rice Mill, Duck Abattoir, Fish Processing Factory, Storage and Distribution.

The company is well-placed to drive up productivity as a result of both its preparation of the land and superior Australian management techniques.

*Investment Memorandum is available upon request and signing of an N.D.A


Singapore company seeking financial partner for Global Expansions of its Gas-to-Liquid process tech

Project Cost: <$5M

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : yes, ~$25M

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Operations/Engineering)

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Advisor)

energy / natural resources
industry products

Project Stage:

early expansion


Company History:

Single step Gas to Liquids process for oil and gas producers to monetise stranded natural gas. Parent company established in 2004, now commercialising the GTL plant after decade of R&D with recent appointment of Singapore Managing Director to head ASEAN sales. Rated as preferred technology for mitigating gas flaring by a regional National Oil Company. Expansion capital sought for rest of ASEAN.

Product / Service Description:

Direct conversion of gas to liquid oxygenates
Lower CAPex than peers & higher IRR
Rough field capable = early production system
Smaller footprint, mobile and redeployable
Liquid oxygenates, biodegradeable

Business Opportunity:

The target market is stranded gas in ASEAN, much of which is currently flared/vented. (roughly 2 billion cubic metres in each of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, rest of Asia-Pacific). By converting the gas to a liquid, volume is reduced by ~500x with consequent storage and handling savings, making it viable to transport. USGS estimates 300 trillion cubic feet gas in unexplored reservoirs (greenfield) 90% of which is offshore. These are either small, acidic or complex geophysics making them marginal. The GasTechno process enables extra revenue giving additional margin against oil price fluctuations.

Revenue Model:

Each gas site will have 3 components from sale of products

– CostGas = Operation expenses incl royalties
– CAPex = Project Finance via leasing of GTL-plant
– ProfitGas = free cashflow – split among JV partners incl dividends

Investors can enter at different risk-return points ranging from secured %ownership of GTL plant to equity.

Management Team:

The Singapore operations will be headed by C.S. Balaji, with further engineers and sales reps to be appointed. 25 years of rich experience in various functions such as Supply Chain Distribution, Business Partner Management, Business Operations, Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Project Management, and Application Engineering. Most notably 15 year GE Oil & Gas – creating the APAC customer application centre for measurement & control.

Current Status:

Technology deployed for US shale plays (2Q2015), now aggressively expanding (2015-16) worldwide via licensing partnerships & JV. Recently passed Phase 1 Technology Qualification of DNV-GL (necessary for marine insurance). Traction to date:

2013 – Field Demonstration Plant
Early Adopter Program
Ocean Tomo Top Michigan Patent

2014 –US subsidiary + sales office
Private Placement Memorandum
GasTechno® Diesenol patents filed
N. Dakota Grant (commercial)

2015 – UK Holding company
Singapore Managing Director
Preferred technology (NOC)

current revenue from pre-FEED studies, discussions with various O&G owner/operators in SEasia.

Funding Milestone:

Aiming to establish a reference site which can serve as hands-sales demo + training site. (<$5M)
Technology Qualification Phase 3 for full Design-Operate-Transfer of a commercial GTL plant (~$25M) including product delivery/sales.

Business Valuation:

Independent valuation of Intellectual Property (transfer pricing study) have estimated worldwide patents worth ~$80M. Split among countries for projects up to 25% will be available for < $5M (site specific)

Expected Return On Investment:

Aiming for a x3-5 revaluation on completion of Technology Qualification (marinisation, scaling up, de-risking). A secured interest in the GTL plant will yield ~10%, with equity investment aiming for 30% IRR (depending on project financing).

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

R&D risk is absorbed by parent but residual engineering/deployment risk to reach health/safety/environmental standards of national oil companies. This can be reduced by a pre-qualification regime.

Scaling risk – currently designed for US shale operations < 1MMscfd but larger GTL plants needed. Address through DNV technology qualification (issed Statement of Feasibility).

Marinisation risk – additional cost of adapting for harsh environment will add 20-30% to existing costs making economic viability marginal in some cases. Hedge against product price fluctuations and minimum feedstock volumes.

Exit Strategies:

Either tradesale or listing on UK AIM market within 5 years.

Looking for investor to trade on soft commodity sector.

Project Cost: RM 500k

Amount Invested : RM 100k.

Amount Required : RM 400k

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Not Required.)

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Not Required.)

Industry: trade

Project Stage: ongoing


Company History:

We are a team of full time traders (All Malaysian).
We specialized in various product ranging from equity, forex and futures.

Product / Service Description:

We trade futures contract of a physical product and have the option of taking physical delivery on the particular product we trade.
For example: crude palm oil.

However due to commodity price are fructured on a daily basis. We took advantage of the low hanging fruit (low risk trade) of that particular product at a specific particular of time. As agriculture product is seasonal too.

Business Opportunity:

Palm oil

1 Contract have about 25 tans.
for example: it’s priced around RM 2150 x 25 tans = RM 53,750.
But with a future contract with only a margin of RM 4000. We could control a 25 tans virtual contract from the Bursa Exchange.

Somewhere around last year 2014. We discovered a particular strategy that can make us a consistent return over the years. However, we are full time trader managing our own fund and this particular strategy is longer term and lower risk with lesser return. We would like to open to our investor.

Revenue Model:

Our revenue model is very simple:
1. As we are trade thru Exchange.
2. All are daily cash settlement.
3. We simply ask our investor to lock up their capital on a 6 month basis.
4. Profit sharing. Negotiable on an individual basis on a gentleman agreement.
5. We are trading thru banks, so your platform risk is taken care of.

Management Team:

Mike Ooi – 6 years experience in investing equity and full time trading futures.

Current Status:

On going, Funds collected are deposited on client own account, we just trade based on their own account.

2013 – 40% based on the capital provide.
2013 – 250% baed on the capital provide.

Funding Milestone:

Funds are on client individual account. So it’s on going process.

Business Valuation:

Equity wise, investor will owned 100% of the money on their account as we simply execute the action using your account.
Amount of the equity will be based on client comfortability. Suggestion amount min. RM 30k for starting.

Expected Return On Investment:

2013 – 40% Gross Return of Investment on a yearly basis.
2014 – 250% Gross Return of Investment on a yearly basis. However 2014 was an exceptional years which every decade it only happen around 3-4 times.

On average we can safely estimate at around potential of 40%-100% ROI a year based on past charts.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1. Leverage risk. Example: Over leverage.
2. Platform Risk. Example: Banks server downtime.
3. Execution Risk. Example: Wrong button press.
4. Directional Risk. Example: while we are shorting the palm oil but the palm oil increase in price.
5. Timing Risk.
6. Weather Risk. for Agriculture product.

Exit Strategies:

You are welcome to exit anytime you want.
However, we would hope the investor are long term, that have the patience of more than a year to stay with us for us to show the result as soft commodity are highly dependent on cycles.


Secretaries week event seeking RM418K

Project Cost: RM418,000

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : RM418,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:

tourism / hospitality

Project Stage: Project


Company History:

Namely Mr Shahriz Taher and is principally involved in the provision of Entertainment and Event Management services.
Being by nature an event management company, it is of no doubt that alike many of our competitors, we are experts in handling and putting together standard functions such as, Annual Dinner & Dance, Family Day Celebration, Theme Parties, Official Openings, Product Launches, Conventions and Conferences

Product / Service Description:

This is a yearly event that has being populated since ever. Beginning the Divas and superstar artist performing ‘Secretaries Week’ at Johor Bharu it grows tremendous widely to the local artist enhance giving the chance the new artist to perform. Most of the attendees are from the Private & Corporate Sector, Small, Big and Rich Companies are eagerly to attend this function. Basically the function will take 1 day of performances starts from 12.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. There are several itineraries that involved opening gambit, emcee presentation with joy and laughter, interaction by the emcee and the audiences. Then the real action is the performance by the diva artist.

Business Opportunity:

The problem I face now is financial problems. The idea and concept is the base of my experience has been run before. The ideas presented are unique. Sales market is very encouraging because I combine renowned artists Malaysia and will be presented in Johor. Target market for citizens malaysia and singapore. I have a close relationship with the media is one of my platform to exploit the market.

Revenue Model: ticket sales

Management Team: n/a

Current Status:

Revenue : RM719,760.00
Profit : RM 301,760.00

Funding Milestone:

Proposal for refinancing is the basis of our responsibility to conduct sales and marketing to implement ticket sales for this event. The proposed benefits of profit received will be divided into 70% for investors and 30% for our party of ideas, concepts and copyrights are given.

Business Valuation:

Our party will give the profit from ticket sales to investors of 70%. Total profit can be calculated through the sale of tickets of the price that we propose in our paperwork/proposal.


Postal Address : 18-4-15 indah mas apartment
State : kuala lumpur
Post Code : 56000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0123174656
Mobile: 0123174656 Page Rank and Alexa Ranking Boost

Project Cost: RM10,000

Amount Invested : RM15,00

Amount Required : RM8,500

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing
other (Internet Marketing)

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (automotive)

Project Stage:
second stage expansion


Company History: website was created with the intention to share to everyone about test drive experiences, especially for people who are looking for new or second hand cars.
These stories would provide them as 3rd party opinion which they can use as guidance to aid in their decision making before they purchasing a car. We also included car tips for driver to ensure their car stays in tip-top condition. Car tips include a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) installation stuffs and self maintenance knowledge which help users to save money on the costly maintenance and modification.

Product / Service Description:

An Malaysia automotive blog that blogging about Penang cars test drive reviews. Not only that, we blog about car care and DIY auto tips too. Our stories are 100% genuine!

Business Opportunity:

We are facing the barrier to growing our page rank to higher level. Through building good backlinks, we are able to hit to next level of business.

Revenue Model:

At this moment, we make money through sponsored posts, paid guest posts and Google Adsense. My business model can return superior return by serving as automotive care guide, 3rd party reviews from various auto products.

Management Team:

Our organization is very simple and few of the members are freelancer.

Current Status:

At this moment, we are able to made between RM200 to RM600 per month. We are growing our figure.

Funding Milestone:

Currently our page rank site is 2. We are working to achieve to page rank 4 with the fund. By the time we have the page rank 4, our sponsor posts price will increase and thousand of visitors will visit our site each day.

Business Valuation:

SEO service usually cost around RM3k to RM6K. We will fully utilize the fund for growing our website.

Expected Return On Investment: 30%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

At certain time, there may don’t have any sponsor posts available. That time we don’t have any income except depending on the Google Adsense ads.

Exit Strategies:

Investor can exit the business anytime with just losing half of their capital for the 1st year. We will try to compensate what we have at the moment.


Ang Tzu Thian (
Company Name: Penang Car Reviews N DIY Car Care
Postal Address : 34,Tingkat Bagan Baru 10
Post Code : 12000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 60124857728
Website :
Mobile: 60124857728


Factortrade – Procurement Services within the Factoring Market

Project Cost: RM 2m to RM 5m

Amount Invested : RM100k

Amount Required : RM 2m to RM 5m

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as consultant

financial services

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

Diligent Alliance Sdn Bhd was formed by 2 partner, Mr. Derek Lee and En. Radzi Ibrahim to venture into providing procurement services within the factoring industry in Malaysia. This is the first service of its kind in the country. En. Radzi is the CEO of the company and have 20 years of experience in the factoring industry with several companies. He has vast experience in the areas of marketing, operations, finance and top management. Mr. Derek Lee was from the banking industry and factoring industry holding key positions. He was formerly the vice chairman of the Malaysian Factors Association and is still the key person instrumental in the activities of the association.

Product / Service Description:

Factortrade is a form of bridging for the purchase of goods where the payment is secured via factoring facilities.

Business Opportunity:

The market is estimated at RM2.0 billion annually (statistics from MFA, Malaysian Factors Association). Factortrade is the solution for major problems faced by suppliers and vendors of mainly the Government, GLCs, etc which is unavaibility and difficulty in funding their purchases. Factortrade is focusing on a niche market segment and is in collaboration with established factoring institutions in the country.

Revenue Model:

Revenue is the profit margin on the goods sold. The business model can generate gross annual returns of 30% p.a. for the business, which is achievable via churning the capital up to 10 cycles annually. This is possible as risks minimised with the factoring mechanism and resulting in secured and the shortest tenor of payment.

Management Team:

The management team comprise of the two directors of the company. The organisation consist of two main departments i.e., operations and finance. The management/shareholders is involve in the day tod ay running of the business.

Current Status:

Currently we are ready to launch the service known as Factortrade. Collaborations with selected factoring companies have already been finalised. The required business infrastructure and system are in place. We are now actively looking for investors to provide the funding and be part of this venture.

Funding Milestone:

The funding is solely for the working capital requirement of the business i.e., for the purchases of goods. Funding can be based on tenor with an agreed fixed annual return rate payable every quarter, half yearly or annually.

Business Valuation:

For equity allocation, we are open to discuss based on the investor’s requirement. We are open to good proposals as our main priority is to get the business off the ground. However we shall appoint the investor to the board and the investor shall be in control of the funds they invested in.

Expected Return On Investment:

ROI offered is between 8% to 10% p.a. depending on the tenor of the investment.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The funds invested shall be control by the investor. The management shall market for low risks deals (trading projects, contracts, purchase orders etc) i.e., good terms deals and table it out to weekly directors meeting for approval whereby the investor shall have the final say to approve.

Exit Strategies:

We prefer that the investor remains with us for at least 2 years, we require the time to established the business and we shall be looking for strategic long term partners in the future to grow the business to a higher level.


Muhammad Radzi Ibrahim (
Company Name: Diligent Alliance Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : No. 1-3, Jalan Solaris 2, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
State : Wilayah Persekutuan
Post Code : 50480
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-62099991
Website : 03-62099992
Mobile: 0166347552

Investor free registration to define your investment search – just let us know what you’re looking for: a great unique selling preposition (USP); a strong management team; a good market opportunity or the potential of good returns based on realistic financial projections.

Investor Registration

Seeking RM300,000 to acquire F&B Business at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Project Cost: RM450,000

Amount Invested : RM150,000

Amount Required : RM300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing
other (F&B)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
others (short term investment)

restaurants / f&b

Project Stage:
merger & acquisition


Company History:

The name of the bar is dLegends Bar. It’s casual yet an elegant bar located at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. It has been in business for 4 years now and has been meeting its sales target consistently. Their clientele ranges from young middle class working adults to business owners. The owner is venturing into a bigger scale business and would like to let go to a trusted person. I have been managing the Bar for a year now and has been actively involved in every aspects of the business.

Product / Service Description:

The bar offers western with Asian fused dishes. Their Signature dishes are the pork dishes, mainly the pork satay, pork pizza and pork burger. Some say they serve the best pork pizza in the world and their Guinness on tap is so fresh, you just have to try it to experience it.

Business Opportunity:

Since the bar has been in business for 4 years now, many issues/problems have been addressed. Since the environment of the bar caters to young working adult, who always come over after work, problems of drunk customer has never arose. Many of our clients consist of regulars who keep coming here as they feel homely with its cozy and relaxed ambiance. the market is growing around this area as there are more new offices moving into the office block which is just a stone throw away.

Revenue Model:

The bar has been making money since 3 years ago, and it has been meeting its target consistently. The profit has been increasing year after year. i will be getting lock, stock, barrel.

Management Team:

The bar currently has 4 kitchen staff and 1 head chef. The front of the bar is managed by 2 managers and has 4 bartender/waiters. The staff works 6 days a week. The managers are also involved with the cash flow and stock inventory.

Current Status:

The owner is selling the bar to me and my partner at RM400k. Up to date both my partner and i have RM150k and will require additional RM250k for the deal to go through. Revenue a month has constantly been above rm80k and profit made is from 20-25%.

Funding Milestone:

The funding will be used to buy the whole business lock stock and barrel.

Business Valuation:

We are willing to pay investors 12% dividend a year based on their capital. this will be for a period of 2 years. so for example, a RM100k investment will give rm12k dividend per year. since we payout the dividend on a monthly basis, investor will get RM1k a month. After much calculation, we felt that figure is appropriate as its return is relatively high but not too high to affect our monthly profit.

Expected Return On Investment:

The ROI would be minimum 1 year and maximum 2 years. After 1 year period, the investor can decide to take back all their capital, or if they decide to enjoy the dividend payout, maximum will be 2 years.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk is minimal now as the business has been running smoothly with consistent profits.

Exit Strategies:

Investor can always exit after 1 year, but if the investor would require their capital before the 1 year period, we are willing to negotiate the terms.


Danny Vallaipan (
Postal Address : b8-2-204 pangsapuri sri meranti
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 52200
Country : malaysia
Mobile: 0166666684


Seeking RM500K to buyover and expand a retail hardware device company

i am looking for angel investor approx 500K to buyover and expand the business of xxx Sdn bhd. Currently their focus is on retail hardware device telecommunication and accessories. the main objective i am keen because it is a healthy company and the owner wanted to sell some of the share to me.

Telecommunication is very competitive which i am not keen to expanding the existing business but i would love to used this platform to expand on wearable tech specialize retail especially smart watch and wristband.their hardcore business would maintain but will focus on e commerce, retail will eventually convert into wearable tech, since the market do not have pebble smart watch for retail and others which i would like to lead this retail market


Introduction of Wearable Tech
a. What is Wearable technology
– Refers to devices that can be worn by users, taking the form of an accessory such as jewelry, sunglasses, a backpack, or even actual items of clothing like shoes or a jacket.
– This are a few areas wearable technology focus on
i. Health
ii. Security & Personal development
iii. Elevated standard of living
iv. Entertainment
v. Others

b. Now & Future market of Wearable Technology
One of the media business wire: As the wearable electronics business powers from over $14 billion in 2014 to over $70 billion in 2024, the dominant sector will remain the healthcare sector which merges medical, fitness and wellness. It has the largest number of big names such as Apple, Accenture, Adidas, Fujitsu, Nike, Philips, Reebock, Samsung, SAP and Roche behind the most promising new developments.
Asia development of reseller market been steady growth no doubt it is still new in today market
According market watch release on 18th June 2014 :- there is 20 Top Company involvement in wearable technology industry as summary listed currently available and many more potential coming soon.

B. Restructuring of Black Studio Sdn Bhd (New Management)

Current Situation
i. Based on their establishment for last 2 years, they current business been into hardware device and accessories for end user

ii. They started to focus on blackberry product 80 % – however market demand has decline which the management converted into varies brands to sustain the business

iii. Retail business especially telecommunication getting challenging and stiff which does not permitted them to expand their market share into retail industry especially telecommunication

iv. Recently the management decided to restructure the whole business objective and looking for new capital injection with new shareholder to expand and still maintain the vision of the company to be specialization in ICT products.

Restructuring Black Studio S/B
Business Opportunity & Direction
I. Directors decided to focus on wearable technology retails as their new direction to sustain and increase the revenue of the company .the decision based on few factors
1. Black studio would be the first to enter into this retail to gain a market share before competitor into this business
2. Based on the momentum of market trend the future of wearable tech especially retail however the normal hardware device market is sustainable
3. The current core business will maintain but reduce a sole dependent to gain sales revenue but most likely will joint venture with local service provider retail concept and manage it.
4. Added more management team and staff to strengthen the business strategies and move forward for better future
5. More retails to be open once complete of changing in partnership with new share allocation

Shareholder & New Management Team of Black Studio S/B
There will be restructuring of directorship once new capital inject into this company for reengineering process. This will enable the growth of the company
1. Propose share after merger
a. New shareholders- 60 %
b. Chang Soon Liang – 30%
c. Bumiputra share- 10 %

Why Black Studio Sdn Bhd ?
a. Company Performance
i. Since 2 year of establishment. The company sales revenue have been maintain no doubt there is a decline of consumer spending

ii. There is few factor contribute to their performance of the company
1. Manageable operation retail cost
2. Management skill
3. Debt free company with good accounting
4. Integrity and good govern corporate
5. Small SME manage to diversified and quick decision making

iii. Due to certain factors that as a barrier to expand their vision
1. Stiff competition for hardware device reseller which cause their profit stagnation
2. Entering of Local service provider will decrease the market share of consumer spending

b. Long term objective goal for Black Studio
i. Black Studio Sdn Bhd is to create a household retail branding into ICT concept store
a. Concept store on specific branded
b. Joint Venture with local telecommunication maintain core business
c. Location and Asset Management available
i. To setup a new retail involvement of high cost initial setup include marketing awareness of the brand-
buying over black studio share will be a good option due to
a. Existing branding of black studio been into markets
b. Set up costing will be reduce due to existing company and asset management
c. Their current retail location is strategic and lower commitment of rental with existing stock available
d. Benefit of taking over black studio

Business still can operate as normal due to existing tenancy agreement and no time wasted
Existing client based – just need to improvise thru digital marketing program
Gradually changing the concept will involve min costing
Business track record for further investment purpose iv. Debt free company


Edmund Wee