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Shop Hubby

Project Title Shop Hubby (Moving traditional offline businesses online without any buying or selling activities, but instead luring walk in customer for the local retail shops in Malaysia)
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM400,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We have a mobile application done developed and will be launching on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore in two weeks. Our vision is to move estimated 100,000 local retail shops (Excluding F&B and Shopping Mall retailers) online. However, we are not e-commerce sites which sell and buy things online, instead we developed location services technology and Big Data to attract ‘walk-in’ customer for the local shops in Malaysia. We believe in the vision of Virtual Real Estate and transform the local businesses in Malaysia to compete with the Shopping Mall and E commerce website online.
Business Opportunity Moving merchant online sounds ordinary and simple, however the target audience of ours is the local merchants in Malaysia who are NOT tech savvy and have vision to move their business online. By integrating all the merchant and unite them in our platform, each of the merchants will save a huge amount of cost in building or joining other online platform. In simple term, local retailers who have individual shops which sells product will need someone to transform and add value to their business moving forward. We are there on the ground convincing door-to-door in every shops to move them online.
Revenue / Business Model We will charge the local merchant a yearly subscription fees (Or we called it Virtual Rent) which is lower then RM1k per year. They will then get a personalized shop profile parking in our platform. We will then own the rights to promote them and obtaining the data of the shops through various #walkandshop campaign. We are talking about 100,000 shops who pay us RM1k for a whole year fees. The essence of this business model is about economies of scale of the local merchant and the biggest asset is the value of the data which we are going to gathered in 6-12 months time.
Management Team Founder of the company is a young chap who graduated from University of Reading (Top 1 Real Estate Uni in UK) with a BSc in Real Estate. Co-founder is specialized in Finance and Business management who are a graduate from UK as well. Founder has working experience in big corporate like JLL (NYSE:JLL Top 10 Real Estate Firm Global) and Public Bank Malaysia. He is specialized in real estate industry especially the retail market around the world (in terms of enhancing value by innovative ways). Besides, the company has onboard one of the top international IT Firm to develop this app and they are one of the company shareholders as well. Shop Hubby team have a number of mentors around in Malaysia who are experience in startup industry and have contributed to the milestone we achieved today.
Company Background We started our mother company ‘Virtual Real Estate Berhad’ 12 months ago and have raised both founding and co-founder round. Shop Hubby Sdn Berhad is a full subsidiary of Virtual Real Estate Berhad and has been in operation since February 2018. We have now 100 local merchants collaborating with us in Klang Valley and have a traction of 20 merchants signed up with us prior to our launching. Moving forward our conservative projection of our break even date will be Q4 2019.
Funding Milestone RM50k (Founding Round), RM350k (Co founding round), Current round 700k (Seed Funding)
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI Varies
Risks and Mitigation Startup risk includes the competency and consistency of management team. Being a young startup with a group of young chaps might be viewed as a ultimate risk of investors. However, at this round we could prove that we are able to achieve extraordinary milestones within the past 12 months period of time. Moving forward, the rapid grow of the merchant base will require a bigger team to deliver the after sales service. In other word, bigger team requires experience team of management. We are planning to recruit one or two experience executive members to overlook and ensure the team is able to deliver the KPI as planned. The other risk factor which we are worrying about is the expectation of merchants on our early phase mobile application and website. In terms of number of downloads is something we could not control, however we have a full plan of ‘cost effective’ marketing campaign which we think some other startup will not dare to approach. Example is our local shopping bus tour.
Exit Strategies We foresee a IPO plan to LEAP board Malaysia within 3-5 years plan from now. Acquisition and merge plan is temporarily out of the picture even though at this phase, a lot of emerge company is asking us to acquire. We uphold the trust of our existing and future shareholder on the long term vision of this company. Being the platform of third best shopping option is something we wish to achieve. (1st place is online e commerce website, 2nd place is shopping mall, 3rd place will be Shop Hubby on Local Retail Shopping)
Company Name Shop Hubby Sdn Bhd
Business Address Sandbox Co Working Space, Sri Petaling
Contact Person KJ Chow

SavvyMariner Maritime and Marine Software

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 1,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description N.Jayasankar (Founder & CEO)

Entrepreneurial by nature and able to see the ‘bigger picture’, utilizes skills from an extensive background in the maritime sector, within Product Management, Business Strategy & Development and establishing KPIs representing fundamental business drivers.

In excess of 20 years hands on experience gained from within the shipping, banking, food traceability, manufacturing industries, with specific skills in Product, Performance Management, Business and Stakeholder Performance and Analysis, Business Growth and Development.

V.S.M Mohan (Director)

Over 30 years maritime and marine software experience, an accomplished campaigner in Business Development and Sales with Fourteen years of exposure across Technical, Operational and Commercial Shipping across Europe, Central/South East Asia and Middle East.

Rapidly identifying business problems, formulate tactical plans, initiate change and implement effective business strategies in challenging environments to enhance revenue generation, market share expansion and profitability.

Capt. Girish Lele (Director)

Master Mariner with over 40 years experience in the Maritime industry. Based in Monaco since 1997 and has a vast knowledge of the needs of software requirements of the Maritime industry and provides the ‘user’ input and technical input to improve and give finesse to the product.

Responsible for sales & marketing and opportunities in Europe, identify development needs and expand penetration across Europe

1. Team Committed Full Time
2. Business Background with Managerial Experience
3. Technical Background with Solid Experience
4. Collective Experience of more than 80 Years

Business Opportunity Market Segmentation and Size:

1. General Cargo (19601) 235M USD – 42%
A cargo ship or freighter is any sort of ship that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another. Thousands of cargo carriers ply the world’s
seas and oceans each year, handling the bulk of international trade
2. Bulk Carriers (10884) 130M USD – 23%
The work horses of the fleet, these transport raw materials such as iron ore and coal. Identifiable by the hatches raised above deck level which cover the large
cargo holds
3. Oil Tankers (10152) 121M USD – 22%
Transport crude oil, chemicals and petroleum products. Tankers can appear similar to bulk carriers, but the deck is flush and covered by oil pipelines and
4. Container Ships (5154) 61M USD -11%
Which carry most of the world’s manufactured goods and products, usually through scheduled liner services.

Driving factors on Software Compliance imposed by IMO for Ship Owners / Managers to procure an integrated Ship Management Software:

Key Driving factors to use Maritime ERP:

1. Compliance to International Maritime Regulations of IMO (International Maritime Organization)
2. Compliance to Survey and Classification Societies

Why SavvyMariner?

Centralized Financial Management for Maritime Companies:
1. One Off Solution that is designed with Financial management as the Core and foundation
2. All modules integrate seamlessly into the Finance, Budget and Accounting work flows
3. Eradicates fragmented software packages within a Shipping Company

Advanced Business Intelligence:
1. Huge Treasure of data collected across the fleet in real time
2. Automated assimilation and analytical representation of data
3. Provides for informed decision making by Managers
4. Primarily financial judgements can be made accurately and more effectively

Innovative and Futuristic Software Design:
1. New Technological developments in software, [under-utilized for maritime Industry thus far] are exhaustively utilized
2. Application design tools
3. Fleet Broadband
4. Non-implementation of software on Ships
5. Graduated Automation approach to work flows to reduce costs and risks created by human error
6. Easy adaption to further advances in technology

Existing Competitors: (Top 5)

1. Spectec – 12% of Market Share
2. DNV (Det Norkse Veritas) – 4%
3. ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) – 4%
4. BASS – 1.5%
5. SHIPNET – 1.5%

Our Competitive Edge:

1. Pure Web Based System:
We are the only software providers in the market providing pure web-based integrated software.
2. Integrated System
Our system integrates all the modules and processes into accounting and provides management insight by means of interactive dashboard/KPI and reports
3. Technology
The only software provider in the market to use the latest technology
ASP.NET/ Boot Strap
Mobile Technology – Android
4. Computer Based Training Videos
Due to dynamic composition of Fleet, computer based training videos ensure that the training on software is available for crew/officers full time
5. Additional Modules
1. Shipboard Forms
2. Permit To Work
3. Chartering
4. SEEMP/EEOI – Pollution Analysis

Revenue / Business Model Our Business Model:

Key Partners:
1. Technology Partners
2. Support Partners
3. Implementation Partners
4. Existing Customers
5. Strategic Partners

Key Activities:
1. Innovate
2. Product & Tech Upgrade
3. Marketing
4. Support
5. Deliveries

1. Direct
2. Thru Partners
3. Social Media

Customer Relationship:
1. Direct Sales
2. Sales Thru Partners
3. SaaS

Projections: (projected profit before Tax for next three years)
2020 – 1698865 USD
2021 – 5833689 USD
2022 – 11440745 USD

Management Team 1. N.Jayasankar ( Founder & CEO)
2. V.S.M Mohan ( Director)
3. Capt. Girish Lele ( Director)
Company Background SAVVYMARINE SOFTWARE SINGAPORE PTE LTD was incorporated in Singapore and Malaysia to consistently deliver Enterprise Class Business solutions and software services to all types of Surface Transport organizations with a primary focus on the Maritime Industry.  At this time, with an economic squeeze on the IT Budgets, SSSPL aims at providing the best of the solutions at a significantly less time and cost with a high Return On Investment to their customers.

The people behind the organization with their vast experience in providing solutions clubbed with domain expertise and implementation experience have ventured with a view to facilitate their customers to reach and exceed their business objectives. With focused services, analytic capabilities, exceptional client service, and ability to deliver go-to-market solutions regardless of their complexity, SSSPL is aiming at becoming partners in business.

1. Scalable Business
2. Demand validated by Competitors
3. Internationalization planned and active
4. IP (Copyright) protected with barriers

1. Legally constituted in Singapore and Malaysia
2. Incorporated in 2013
3. Core focus on Enterprise Class Web Based Ship Management Software Solutions ERP
4. Product rolled-out – already in market
5. Advisory Board in Place
6. Expansion Stage
7. Positive Profit

Funding Milestone Total Enterprise Value: 57766620 USD
Investment Ask: 3700000 USD
% share offering: 20%
Enterprise value at the end of 3rd Year – 11553324 USD
% Return on Investment – 312%
% Equity Allocation 20% (negotiable)
Expected ROI 312% (by end of third year)
Risks and Mitigation 1. Existing market leaders bouncing back with web based solution
2. Minimum 12-18 months lead over competition, and hence enough time to establish leadership
3. Global recession slowing down decision making
4. Disruptive pricing : License cost = AMC of Competition
Exit Strategies Option1: Company Buy Back
Company buy back the 20% shares at a price of 11,644,244 USD.

Option 2: Sale of Shares to Third Party
Investor can sell his/her shares to the third party as per the calculation listed below.
PE Ratio: 12 times (IT Sector)
9,558,068.68 * 12 = 11,46,96,824 USD
20% Share Value: 2,29,39,364.80 USD

Option 3: IPO
Offer Shares to Public

Option 4: Merger
Merger with other big professional Software Company or one of our leading Competitor.

Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address xxxx Petaling Jaya 47810 Malaysia
Contact Person N.Jayasankar

NatMobil Online Advertising Programme

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description NatMobil is a digital commerce platform that supports advertisers in their online branding, marketing and sales initiatives. NatMobil was developed to enhance the effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums in pushing out ad messages and integrate it with frontier technology to pull in and engage customers with best-in-class consumer experience, providing a full-fledged branding, marketing and sales platform for advertisers.
Business Opportunity To begin with, we are placing our focus on the automotive industry as our initial trade of vehicle advertising gives us direct and immediate access to a wide market of car users. Problems faced in the industry are advertisers find that there is a lack of engagement between brands of automotive products with consumers therefore consumers are often unsure of whether they are purchasing genuine and cost-saving products from service workshops, which will affect the performance of their vehicle and their own safety.

The total registered passenger cars in Malaysia is over 14 MILLION units, with an estimated car maintenance cost of RM1,800 per annum to purchase automotive products, the forecasted total market size is RM25.2 BILLION per annum. By enabling our omni-channel media (offline & online) and unique marketing strategies, we are able to capture the interest of advertisers to allocate their advertising & promotion (A&P) funds with us and seize the attention of consumers to purchase from us.

Revenue / Business Model Through our advertising programme, we will be able to generate our revenue from multiple streams, offline and online advertising as well as online sales of products and/or services.
Management Team Our team members constitute a strong solid team with over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing
Company Background NatAds was founded in the year 1997. Being the pioneer in the industry, we constantly challenge ourselves to drive new innovations and ideas to help maximize the full potential of vehicle advertising. We have developed a fully functioning app and at the present we are mounting contents on the interface. We are proud to announce that we have secured the commitment of Denso, a global OEM brand to be an anchor tenant in our platform and have also peaked the interest of many other potential clients in the automotive trade to collaborate with us. With the participation of these industry Giants, we are able to leverage on their network and convert this captive market into our loyal customers, projecting a fast growth. We also have access to a database of 45,000 drivers then we can convert into our loyal customers.
Funding Milestone We are looking for RM 500K funding to facilitate and enhance our app for commercialization, in order to help sell more products and services by advertisers. Funds raised will be used mainly for operations, hiring business & IT talents to constantly innovate with the advancement of digital technology and to facilitate the growth of our business expansion
% Equity Allocation 10. Open for discussion.
Expected ROI 3 – 5x more from the invested amount
Exit Strategies When the expected ROI has been achieved. Open for discussion.
Company Name NatAds Outdoor Sdn Bhd
Business Address No 5, USJ5/1C 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Contact Person Howard Kiu

Eldershare, AirBnB for Senior Citizens

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description AN INNOVATIVE CONCEPT WHOSE TIME HAS COME. Eldershare is a ground-breaking new concept in senior living and care. It allows seniors to live together as small groups sharing spacious, well-appointed condos, apartments, and landed homes. This enables them to receive the care and socialisation they need while maintaining a sense of independence. Eldershare helps families find more attractive housing options for their elderly but also offers elderly singles (often widows) a chance to rent out their own homes and share care and expenses with other seniors, In addition, the company rents selected units, making them available to seniors, offering full care, medical attention, activities, meals and companionship.
Business Opportunity FILLS A SIGNIFICANT NEED. Eldershare comes along at a time when the children of an ageing population–both in Malaysia and Asia more broadly–are desperate to find suitable living situations and care for their parents and other relatives who are living long lives, need some help in their daily lives but are ready for a nursing home. Malaysia has a 10% ageing population and this number will balloon up to 20% by 2030. The market is ever growing and our services is one-of-a-kind and affordable, not being done anywhere else in the world yet.
Revenue / Business Model We rent units from landlords and sublet it to elderly tenants. On top of that, we provide care services, meals services, physiotherapy and doctor visits to our units.

We also have extra services such as outings, acupuncture, massages, companion for hospital follow ups, which are affordably priced.

We have elderly landlords staying alone that would like companions as well. We collect the rent and utilities on behalf of the landlord and charge the tenants for care and meal services that we provide.

Management Team Dr. Lim Geng Yan (CEO, Medical Director) – medical doctor with special interest in Geriatric care. Owns and operates a chain of nursing homes in Malaysia (

Ms. Anna Kon (Nursing Director) – registered nurse with vast background in Geriatric care. Currently is the Nursing Director of Jasper Lodge.

Mr. Andrew Mastrandonas (Chief Development Officer) – coming from a background of Telehealth in Singapore and operating Retirement Villages in Costa Rica, Andrew has a vast experience in this field to expand the business.

Mr. Cristian Andrei Andriesei (Chief Product Officer) – Telehealth background as well. He is in charge of building the AirBNB platform for seniors to find a suitable share living space.

Mr. Alvin Chong (Sales Executive) – Has been managing the sales team in Jasper Lodge with exceptional performance. Understands and knows how to sell senior care and living services.

Ms. Irean Yong (Administrative Executive) – Has been managing the administrative team in Jasper Lodge with exceptional performance.

Mr. Shahmie Ezham (Lead Physiotherapist) – Has been leading the physiotherapy and senior activities teams in Jasper Lodge.

Company Background 20,000 revenue per month from 2 units, profit margin of 20% after taking out marketing costs and staff salary. We filled up 2 units in 2 months.
Funding Milestone RM300,000.x
Two main purposes: Open 20 more units and fund the marketing to fill up the units.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI Multiple folds
Risks and Mitigation Eviction from property management or landlord represents the biggest risk. Hence, we need to make sure that the landlord is aware and agreeable with what we are doing in their unit with a signed agreement, and use ‘investment properties’ or ‘commercial-titled properties’ to operate. These properties are usually the ones that allow AirBNB.
Exit Strategies Acquisition by a public listed company. We already have a candidate that is interested once we have scaled it up to a certain extent.
Company Name Eldershare Sdn Bhd
Business Address 37, Jalan SS 2/3, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person Lim Geng Yan

Sabah sandstone mining and low cost house development.

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description The Business
• This is a cooperation for sandstone mining and low cost house development.
• 1st phase will be mining sandstones from the site and 2nd phase will be having the land for low cost housing.
• Our aim is to provide affordable houses within the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu city centre in line with the government policy in providing first home for lower income group.
• With government support, potential first time home owners will be able to afford houses starting as low as RM230,000 (~56,000 usd).
Business Opportunity The Market
• Sandstone mined can be supplied to the state government for the on-going PAN-BORNEO highway construction.
• Housing development will be the following phase.
• PR1MA (1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme) is a housing development programme under the Malaysian Ministry of Housing and Local Government.
• PR1MA subsidises developers to develop affordable housing for Malaysians household income of between RM2,500 – RM15,000 (~3669usd).
• Currently the nearest PR1MA projects within Kota Kinabalu are sold out at RM243,600 (~59584usd) in a months time.
Revenue / Business Model Business revenue

1 Mining phase,

Market price for sandstone is around 15-30 ringgit per ton.
The mid is around
(15+30)/2= 45/2= RM 22.5 Per ton
Estimated 20,427,311 matic tonnes.

20,427,311 multiply by RM 22.5 = RM 459,614,497.5

That is if the project wants to sell all the material first.

2 housing development

This phase is still estimated as the market price by that time will surely increase.

At this stage we will use the middle of price for all 8 PR1MA current project. The mid price of all the prima low cost housing will be around 224,625.

224,625 multiply by 8,000 units = RM 1,797,000,000 (One billion seven hundred ninety-seven million Ringgit)

• Overrall profit

To maximize the profit for the whole project, will take about 10 to 12 years to complete.

Estimate total profit for this project will be:


RM 1,797,000,000 + RM 459,614,497.5= RM 2,256,614,497.5

(estimated whole construction cost)
RM 85,000,000 + RM 848,255,000 = RM 933,255,000

= 2,256,614,497.5 – 933,255,000 = RM 1,323,359,497.5

Management Team The Team
“All our team members possess experience in various aspects which are relavant and beneficial to the setting up and operation of the business.”

Ooi Chin U
Thank you for interested on our project.

A little inside about me.
Graduated from Bachelor of Property Valuation at Bond university, Gold Coast, Australia.
Work with few company before i decided I should work on my own. ( Sime Darby Property , Stockland Ltd, And Sabajuta Sdn Bhd)
handle more than 200 property cases in my 5 years working experiences.
willingness to push to success, and won’t give up until a project is done.

Albin Cha
Co Funder
“I hold a B.S degree in Civil Engineering from University of Glasgow and subsequently pursued my dream in Aircraft Maintenance. I am a registered aircraft maintenance engineer with EASA and CAAM with the skill in problem solving and a goal to strive for success in all my dream and ambition.”

Bernard Liew
Panel Lawyer
Graduated with a LLB (Hon) degree, an barrister-at-law and a member of Gray’s Inn, London and currently an advocate and solicitor of High Court of Malaya practising law in Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in general litigation, commercial contractual dispute resolution, corporate advisory, debt recovery, shareholder dispute, restructuring of company, company winding-up, bankruptcy etc.

Company Background This is a new company so we have nothing to go though here. but all of 3 of us have the experiences to deal with land matter or property in Malaysia, Specially Sabah.
Funding Milestone Business starting cost.
The Deal

Looking for 700,000US$ – Min per Investor 100,000US$

The Deal

Seeking for a total of RM 3,000,000 (~731,175 USD), to complete the full geotechnical report.

after the geotechnical report, then only can start first phase of the whole project. first phase will be 85 million and the second phase need to do more calculation as that won’t be the first prirority

• Quarry operation cost

To get to the point of getting ready to start mining will require at least 1 or 2 year in preparation for all the machine and lincese.

As mentioned, 85million is the estimated price to get 1.1 running

65 million for the property ownership, 122.35 acres.

The other 20 million is cost for setting up the company, acquirement of the mining licenses, equipment and machine to operate.

Note: operation cost is not included at this stage.

• New Township.

This part will slightly cost more than 800 million to 1 billion ringgit Malaysia to complete, however this is just a rough estimation, the real figure should be calculated by a Quantity surveyor and a project estimator.

% Equity Allocation depend on how much the investor willing to put in, but minimum funding amount will be at 3 million. which we will provide 5-7% equity of the company that holds the land.
Expected ROI if investing 3 million ringgit first year. expected to return at least 6-9 millions ringgit in 3-4 years time.
Risks and Mitigation there are no risk that involved if investor just looking for investing the 3 million for the report. we will allocate at least 5% of the company as security.

when we sell the land we will give back the investor 3 million plus 5% of the sale of the land to the investor.

Exit Strategies after the geotechicnal report is done, we will start planing our strategy as which is the best way to go.

Either we can sell the land , which we can pay investor and the interest straight away or we can continue work together with the investor to proceed with the first phase of the project.

if we decide to sell the land with the geotechnical report. we expected to sell the land within a year time.

Company Name ooi & cha property consultant SB
Business Address 487 Jalan sangkancil kota kinabalu
Contact Person lewis ooi

Energy Efficiency for Building

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested  –
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are energy saving company certified(ESCO) by the energy commission Malaysia. We provide energy audit services and energy efficiency project to facility in Malaysia. With few patented energy saving product, we guarantee minimum 10% saving on the electricity bills. Currently we are exploring opportunity to Indonesia.
Business Opportunity With few customer in Malaysia like Hotel and petrol station, we provide energy audit and energy saving solution to our customer. Electricity consume are high with the current pull back of government subsidy. Average monthly consumption on current base customer are about 300k per month.
We are planning to expand our team to generate more income.
Revenue / Business Model We profit sharing with customer on the monthly saving.
300,000 with 10% saving will be 30,000 a month. With 50%/50% sharing with customer.
Company will get monthly RM15,000 per month.
Management Team Wong Kang Woon (Managing Director) marketing & operational
Wong Kang Jen (operation manager)
Carry out energy saving solution
Jaya(energy Manager)
To carry out audit
Jezamine Lim(CFO)
Company Background Started year year 2016. Exploring market in Malaysia but unfortunately the energy saving awareness in Malaysia was low, we had spend alot time in promoting and explaining to our customer. Beside that we are giving free trial to proof the energy saving. That time consuming. Per project need about 6 month to finish a circle. Investment made till July 2018 are about RM1.5 million.
Funding Milestone We need funding about RM 300,000 to purchase more equipment in conducting energy saving audit. Beside that we are negotiating on additional energy saving product for better energy saving
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 18month
Risks and Mitigation 1)Time consuming as energy audit take time with limited audit equipment.
2)awareness of energy saving in Malaysia are not so high that requires more time to proof to customer.
Exit Strategies When investor return of investment achieved in 18 month.
Company Name xxx SDN BHD
Business Address Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Wong Kang Woon


Project Title MusoMusic: A Music Monetisation Ecosystem Platform and App for Independent Music Creators Worldwide to Distribute and Publish Their Works Globally.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM25,000
Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Description MusoMusic is a music monetisation ecosystem providing a variety of affordable services from publishing administration to music distribution (to over 300 stores eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play) to providing value-added services, to fan engagement, radio airplay promotions and more. We take the hard parts out of readying and distributing their music globally. We will continue to strive to be better than any of our competition and add new patches to our platform development from time to time.
Business Opportunity 1) Music Creators find it difficult to monetise their music digitally and 2) most times have to wait for up to 2 years to start seeing their royalty payments from streaming and music downloads. 3) They also have to go to multiple vendors to ready their music for distribution.
MusoMusic offers a one-stop solution for independent music creators to ready, publish and distribute their music across all channels available worldwide simultaneously and generate automatic reports on how their music is performing, report on royalties collected via an E-Wallet app that the creators can choose when and how much of their collections they want to transfer to their connected bank or PayPal accounts.
Global value of the entire music industry currently is about US$17.1Billion (2017) and it is growing rapidly. Regional calculations of the music industry covering Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Japan is worth US$1.8Billion with approximately 2000 new independent creators created yearly within this region.
Revenue / Business Model Primary Revenue Sources are from Distribution, Publishing and Royalty Management. Secondary Sources of Revenue are from our services that include but are not limited to Mixing and Mastering, Cover Art Design, Lyric Video Production, YouTube Monetisation, Global Radio Promotions, CD & Vinyl Manufacturing, Merchandising and our built-in store sales for digital and physical music as well as merchandise. There’s a third source of revenue slated for development at a later stage for fans to buy tokens to donate to their favourite artistes and bands. These artistes and bands can also use these tokens in exchange for collaboration projects with others on our ecosystem.
Management Team Kevin, CEO has a Diploma in Audio Engineering and has 26 years of experience in the music and broadcast industry. He started as an engineer in a few recording studios in the early 90s. Since then, he has been a systems integrator for recording studios and radio stations worldwide.
Flora Rajadurai, CFO and Co-Founder has extensive experience in the Telco industry for over 15 years, is a qualified chartered accountant and has worked for several Australian and Malaysian public companies for over 12 years in the areas of regulatory, strategy, carrier services, systems, finance and marketing.
Michael Yip, CMO and Co-Founder has 22 years in the broadcasting and entertainment industry across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong with an extensive business providing event management and digital media solutions across Asia in the past 12 years.
Alexis Lexchinsky is our A&R Manager and has a decade of experience in the electronic music scene, from DJing across Asia to artist management and event production, promotion, and support in Japan.
Company Background We have been operating using my other company Thenexus Sdn Bhd, established in 2002. With funding, the first order of business is to setup a completely new entity for this venture. We have spent a little over 25000 of our own funds to get the beta website made, met up with marketing and industry professionals in Malaysia and Singapore, organised some events to get early adopters on-board and are currently getting validation responses from music creators and labels worldwide on our many offerings. Development and Operational Expenses are high valued and we require the funding to be in place to build the MVP, start our marketing and work on building the complete platform and the mobile E-Wallet app. We have deduced that with the MVP, we can already start generating revenue.
Funding Milestone Total RM3,800,000.
1. 500,000 to build the company infrastructure, acquire all licenses and professional memberships, purchase required hardware and software, hire key personnel, develop the platform and app into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and start our marketing push. Expected milestone to be achieved is MVP within 6-8 months with a working office studio and start on-boarding early adopters for real-world testing.
2. 2,000,000 to expand company strength, launch product, hire more key personnel, complete second phase of product development, extend marketing, application for MSC status. Expected milestone to achieve is 100,000 paid songs on our distribution catalog.
3. 1,300,000 to carry company through to Year 3 to be used on continuous product development and massive marketing push. Expected milestone 200,000 songs on our distribution catalog and direct to stores API connections. We will be profitable by the end of Year 3.
% Equity Allocation 25%
Company Name MusoMusic
Business Address No. 588, Jalan 17/17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person Kevin Suresh Chand

Property development In Kuantan

Current Status APDL obtained.. All ready to go.
Amount Invested RM30, 000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description I have an existing property development which I have spent 4 years to obtain all necessary approvals from all the authorities and have recently obtained the Advertising permit and Developer’s licence. In short I am able to launch and sell tomorrow.

I have been through a painstaking time to come out with a concept of affordable modern living in a developing and challenging city of Kuantan where most residents are still not used to condominium living like in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. The city has full of potential as there are many government departments and education hub moving there. The prices for this new design apartment living is still cheaper by 25% compared with landed terrace houses in the same vicinity.

Business Opportunity Affordable with modern living concept on Kuantan.. APDL obtained.. All ready to go.
Revenue / Business Model GDV OF RM196m
Management Team To keep the cost low, we hv a small team of a ceo and director
Company Background xxxxx solely has this project.. Spv can be dissolved voluntarily after project ends for distribution of dividends.
Funding Milestone 15m to buy into the company as land cost for equal partnership of 50%…the rest of 12m – 15m start up cost can be thru bank finacing or advance from your good selves
% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI ROI of 66% pre tax
Risks and Mitigation Cheaper pricing with 30 amenities will be a favourable factor to gd sales
Exit Strategies 3-4 years to entirely exit.

Manufacturing Toothpaste without fluoride

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Toothpaste as we know is an agent for mouth cleansing. but do we know the exact materials added/used in toothpaste companies. Mostly are harmful for humankind. Not immediate effect but in a small range. Medical business people are gaining a lot by toothpaste form diseases. Diseases not in a conscious point but it works subconsciously. So i came with a different type of inventing toothpaste.
Business Opportunity As we know, today’s generation is not a generation of believing everything in raw. They tend to Investigate and health conscious. So our business opportunity is to target that health conscious into business. Advertising and Make people believe that Ingredient in Toothpaste is not so good for health. Automatically their eyes would search for the replacement and at the moment our Product will Get in MArket. Once they try i bet no Going back for them. Our toothpaste is 100% winning product in coming years & can give various work opportunities for Malaysians. I also have spoken to exporters from overseas. It is also doing good. Bear In Mind, toothpaste is a billion dollar market as everyone in this world using as to start their day. Even You. So opportunity is as big as The world.
Revenue / Business Model Money is no big deal. As our product brand speaks Then it will turn into a big treasure. Branding is the most Important thing for the fortune of money. Such as “Colgate”. Whatever brand we use to brush our Teeth but we tend to Use the word “Colgate” instead of toothpaste. That’s the power of Branding. Simple as below :
Capital – production – survey people’s need – marketing for Brand – keep advertising – come out with product in market – sell through distributor.
Management Team We can negotiate on Our Meeting if you don’t mind
Company Background Started on April 2017. Lack of capital for mass production.
Funding Milestone RM 300,000
% Equity Allocation 35%
Expected ROI 1- 2 Years
Risks and Mitigation Its my Dream. Anyhow can Make it.
Company Name Coalgae
Business Address 658, Jalan 24, Tmn perindustrian Ehsan Jaya, Kepong, 52100, K.L
Contact Person Jasinderraj Selvaraj