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Seeking RM500K to buyover and expand a retail hardware device company

i am looking for angel investor approx 500K to buyover and expand the business of xxx Sdn bhd. Currently their focus is on retail hardware device telecommunication and accessories. the main objective i am keen because it is a healthy company and the owner wanted to sell some of the share to me.

Telecommunication is very competitive which i am not keen to expanding the existing business but i would love to used this platform to expand on wearable tech specialize retail especially smart watch and wristband.their hardcore business would maintain but will focus on e commerce, retail will eventually convert into wearable tech, since the market do not have pebble smart watch for retail and others which i would like to lead this retail market


Introduction of Wearable Tech
a. What is Wearable technology
– Refers to devices that can be worn by users, taking the form of an accessory such as jewelry, sunglasses, a backpack, or even actual items of clothing like shoes or a jacket.
– This are a few areas wearable technology focus on
i. Health
ii. Security & Personal development
iii. Elevated standard of living
iv. Entertainment
v. Others

b. Now & Future market of Wearable Technology
One of the media business wire: As the wearable electronics business powers from over $14 billion in 2014 to over $70 billion in 2024, the dominant sector will remain the healthcare sector which merges medical, fitness and wellness. It has the largest number of big names such as Apple, Accenture, Adidas, Fujitsu, Nike, Philips, Reebock, Samsung, SAP and Roche behind the most promising new developments.
Asia development of reseller market been steady growth no doubt it is still new in today market
According market watch release on 18th June 2014 :- there is 20 Top Company involvement in wearable technology industry as summary listed currently available and many more potential coming soon.

B. Restructuring of Black Studio Sdn Bhd (New Management)

Current Situation
i. Based on their establishment for last 2 years, they current business been into hardware device and accessories for end user

ii. They started to focus on blackberry product 80 % – however market demand has decline which the management converted into varies brands to sustain the business

iii. Retail business especially telecommunication getting challenging and stiff which does not permitted them to expand their market share into retail industry especially telecommunication

iv. Recently the management decided to restructure the whole business objective and looking for new capital injection with new shareholder to expand and still maintain the vision of the company to be specialization in ICT products.

Restructuring Black Studio S/B
Business Opportunity & Direction
I. Directors decided to focus on wearable technology retails as their new direction to sustain and increase the revenue of the company .the decision based on few factors
1. Black studio would be the first to enter into this retail to gain a market share before competitor into this business
2. Based on the momentum of market trend the future of wearable tech especially retail however the normal hardware device market is sustainable
3. The current core business will maintain but reduce a sole dependent to gain sales revenue but most likely will joint venture with local service provider retail concept and manage it.
4. Added more management team and staff to strengthen the business strategies and move forward for better future
5. More retails to be open once complete of changing in partnership with new share allocation

Shareholder & New Management Team of Black Studio S/B
There will be restructuring of directorship once new capital inject into this company for reengineering process. This will enable the growth of the company
1. Propose share after merger
a. New shareholders- 60 %
b. Chang Soon Liang – 30%
c. Bumiputra share- 10 %

Why Black Studio Sdn Bhd ?
a. Company Performance
i. Since 2 year of establishment. The company sales revenue have been maintain no doubt there is a decline of consumer spending

ii. There is few factor contribute to their performance of the company
1. Manageable operation retail cost
2. Management skill
3. Debt free company with good accounting
4. Integrity and good govern corporate
5. Small SME manage to diversified and quick decision making

iii. Due to certain factors that as a barrier to expand their vision
1. Stiff competition for hardware device reseller which cause their profit stagnation
2. Entering of Local service provider will decrease the market share of consumer spending

b. Long term objective goal for Black Studio
i. Black Studio Sdn Bhd is to create a household retail branding into ICT concept store
a. Concept store on specific branded
b. Joint Venture with local telecommunication maintain core business
c. Location and Asset Management available
i. To setup a new retail involvement of high cost initial setup include marketing awareness of the brand-
buying over black studio share will be a good option due to
a. Existing branding of black studio been into markets
b. Set up costing will be reduce due to existing company and asset management
c. Their current retail location is strategic and lower commitment of rental with existing stock available
d. Benefit of taking over black studio

Business still can operate as normal due to existing tenancy agreement and no time wasted
Existing client based – just need to improvise thru digital marketing program
Gradually changing the concept will involve min costing
Business track record for further investment purpose iv. Debt free company


Edmund Wee

Mitigating Global Warming & Poverty through Community-Based Waste Conversion Projects



Global Warming results from increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) in the atmosphere. The problem we now face is that human actions-including the burning of fossils fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and land clearing-are increasing the concentrations of some of these gases, creating the prospect of further warming of the globe.

Scientific evidence shows that, left unchecked, climate change will impact on many aspects of our society, with far-reaching consequences to human health, global food security and economic development.

One might wonder how significant the relation between a natural phenomenon and an economic condition could be. But, in truth, global warming can have disastrous effects on the progress to overcome poverty. Global warming is a scientific phenomenon in which global temperatures rise because of the release of harmful gases into the environment. The rising of temperatures can negatively impact the advancements made in eliminating global poverty.

Rising temperatures greatly alter agricultural yields. Good crop yields not only help to eliminate malnutrition, but also invigorate the economy by creating jobs and encouraging trade. Drought would leave many unemployed and hungry, which actively denies families the ability to rise out of poverty.

Another problem with global warming is water conservation. Higher temperatures lead to less water, which is already a problem in a number of poverty stricken areas. Another side effect would be severe rains and flooding, again, resulting in hardships. Changing weather patterns result in more storms and high sea levels, both of which can have disastrous effects on agriculture and crop yields.

Global warming’s negative effects do not only relate to changing sea levels, endangered animals, and disappearing glaciers. Its impact is very much related to humans, as it will affect water supply, crop yields, and potential natural disasters. Global warming’s origins may be debated, but its affects are unavoidable. Within the next few decades, temperatures will rise, resulting in terrible consequences especially for those who do not have safe, sturdy shelters and a dependable food source and income.

As the uphill battle against poverty is fought, so must the uphill battle against global warming. Damage has already been done, and while it is hard to undo, changing our ways today has a chance of alleviating the impact on tomorrow.


Research studies have determined that a viable climate change strategy cannot be achieved without a viable economic development strategy, and vice versa. As such, development strategies should alleviate global warming and poverty at the same time and cannot be done through piece-meal/ knee-jerk reaction.

Novel biomass conversion technologies are seen as the main route that will directly help the economy and conserves the environment from poor waste management and utilization. Furthermore, biomass has the highest potential for small scale business development and mass employment. An interesting characteristic of biomass is local production and local consumption.

Since the answer to alleviating (if not eradicating) poverty is not through mere education, gifts, subsidies and health programs but the understanding about the minimum earnings needed by an individual to live decently, global warming and poverty can be answered simultaneously by building Poverty Alleviation into biomass and waste conversion businesses and economics thought/actions.

With that concept, AGRO BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD have initiated and pioneered a New Business Paradigm that simultaneously answers GLOBAL WARMING and POVERTY (GWP) by developing Village level Industries to convert each village into wealth creation centers through the setting up of AGRO-POLYMER INDUSTRY COMPLEX-SUSTAINABILITY ENGINEERED PROJECTS (APIX-SEP) using ZERO-WASTE ZERO-CARBON BUSINESS-MODEL (ZW-ZC-BM).

With HQ in India and established in the year 2010, AGRO BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD is a manufacturer and service provider working towards converting available local Renewable Resources (RR = Plants/vegetation matter, agro-wastes, animal wastes, rain, sunlight, wind and soil) in villages and rural areas into Alternate Energy, Alternate Engineering materials, Bio-Petrochemicals, Bio-Fertilizer, Carbon Sink Engineered products and Bio-water, and also to set up Development projects in Villages in India and worldwide.

Visualizing its’ potential and convinced that a similar concept can have a positive impact in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, me and my group have initiated a collaborative working partnership with AGRO-BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD.

We believe that by introducing the concept of converting the huge cache of wastes and unused biomass into value-added GREEN PRODUCTS and MATERIALS with the activities dispersed in RURAL/FARM/VILLAGE AREAS would help in not only mitigating Global Warming, but would also help change the economic scenario of our nation.

Locating the industry/economic activities to be in village, farm or rural areas using SUSTAINABILITY ENGINEERING and SELF REGENERATIVE RECYCLING (SRR) methodologies in a Zero-Waste, Zero-Carbon Business Model (ZW-ZC-BM) would obliterate the impacts of global warming due to near total independence from fossil fuels and petroleum products, the development of the local villages would offset the problems due to shifting populations; local areas and villages would become centers of wealth creation, resulting in a cascading development effect.


We have set-up AGRO BIOGENICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD to operate as the MANAGEMENT CENTRE for community-based agro-resources and renewable resources conversions industrial projects to mitigate Global Warming & Poverty (GWP) simultaneously.

The business objective is to commercialize the innovative interconnected industrial complexes, APIX-SEP, in villages, farmlands and rural areas with the goal of making a significant difference to the growth of nation and region. As the parent company, AGRO-BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD will provide the Appropriate Engineering and Total Know-How.

AGRO BIOGENICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD will design, devise, construct, operate and implement the APIX-SEP to utilize, convert and recycle Organic/Vegetation RENEWABLE RESOURCES (Non-farm plant vegetative materials, Felled and fallen trees, and Shrubs, weeds and grass clippings) and Non-Toxic Wastes (Agro-Industrial wastes, Farm/Plantation Waste, Food waste, Timber Industry waste and Organic Industrial waste).

These are huge resources not yet considered for any economically viable products, by mainstream production technologies and economics paradigm. In fact, we are not utilizing these appropriately. There are more than 100 million dry tonne of biomass generated in Malaysia on yearly basis to be tapped into higher value chain but studies have indicated that less than 10% of it are being used, wasting almost 90% or more of the total biomass. Neither have we correctly and fully identified all of these nor have we visualized the huge potentials to utilize all of these to develop the overall national economy in a sustainable manner.

However, together with our parent company, we have taken up the works of converting all these resources into Economic Development resources, through a MISSIONARY zeal and these are the renewable resources that would be the main systems in the AGRO BIOGENICS scheme of things.

Looking at the huge cache of Renewable Resources … the plants/ vegetations/ animal world … as the answer to energy/materials needs of mankind and focusing on two new technologies, Natural Fiber Polymer Composites (NFPC) and Carbon Sequestration Technology, AGRO BIOGENICS’s main thrust will be:

1. Natural Fiber Polymer Composites- based Engineered Green Products and Materials
2. Bio-Petrochemicals/Green Bio-Chemicals from vegetation resources (pure green sulfur, organic silica and building block chemicals).
3. Carbon Sink Engineered Products (CSEP) that are “reacted” and converted using Industrial wastes + CO2 (the waste being environmental pollutants otherwise). Examples of Carbon Sink Engineered products are “Green Cement”, Construction Bricks and Prefabricated walls/partitions.
4. Value-added byproducts such as Bio-Energy (electricity and heat to provide self-sustainable energy system), Bio-Fertilizer and Bio-Water.
5. Carbon Sink Engineered Products (CSEP) that are “reacted” and converted using Industrial wastes + CO2 (the waste being environmental pollutants otherwise). Examples of Carbon Sink Engineered products are “Green Cement”, Construction Bricks and Prefabricated walls/partitions.
6. Value-added byproducts such as Bio-Energy (electricity and heat to provide self-sustainable energy system), Bio-Fertilizer and Bio-Water.

The Target Markets for the end-products are Construction, Automotive, Industrial, Communication, Furniture, Textile, Crockery and Sporting Goods.

The setting up of APIX-SEP programs would be through a cooperative arrangement, through joint ventures involving AGRO-BIOGENICS and one or more of the following groups:
1. Federal or State Government in their rural development and poverty eradication effort
2. Educational Institutions as part of their CSR activities.
3. Entrepreneurs and/or Corporate companies who wish to take advantage of the huge market and profitability potential.
4. International Institutions, who may support by way of various assistance such as “Seed Capital”, Net based support, UN support and the like.

The initial plan is to set up two Pilot Projects in Malaysia …to be named: APIX_PILOT, piloting a small scale cluster modules in a farmland/village/rural area of 30 ha to 35 ha, to be followed up later with more systems with bigger land allocation (up to 100 ha). It should be noted that APIX-SEP – the ZW-ZC-BM – could be set up even in an area bereft of any agricultural activity; and in this case the locally available vegetation and other animal/ human wastes could be the starting materials for the SRR processes.


With rising energy costs and the threat of global warming, many businesses are now recognizing the benefits of using technology to reduce their carbon footprint and to minimize waste, while having a positive impact on their business”. As such “Global warming” is the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century.

The use of materials from renewing resources is attaining increased importance as sustainability, industrial ecology, eco-efficiency, and green chemistry are guiding the development of the next generation of materials, products, and processes.

At a time when we are facing SHORTAGES in all Engineering Materials (Wood, Metals, Cement etc) due to a Two-fold problem of Global Warming and Environmental degradation, those products now available in the market are “traditional” systems with certain costs and many “drawbacks”. However, ALL products under AGRO-BIOGENICS do not have such drawbacks, cost lesser and Unique being CO2 Reducing GREEN products… at Costs that the traditional products cannot compete.

However, though it needs a very low capital investment (around RM 150,000) but have high growth potentials and high profitability (it is estimated that the potential businesses involved through utilizing available Renewable Resources (RR) are about US $15 Trillion to $20 Trillion), we do not have the Working Capital to start-off and implement a pilot project. As such, we would like to explore the possibility of working together with an ANGEL INVESTOR or VENTURE CAPITALIST to start the business operation of AGRO BIOGENICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD.

Let us combine together to make this happen… thereby paving the way for offsetting global warming, shifting populations… and above all, eradicating poverty…to be brought about not through subsidies and incentives, but through creating value to so-called wastes and useless renewable vegetation and plant resources; not through grants and loans, but through offering work and wages to those in the locality, and empowering people…all these finally resulting in government tax earnings, bringing about more cascading development of local villages and surroundings.



Fertigation farm in Kedah seeking RM47,500 investment

Project Cost: RM 47,500

Amount Invested : RM 19,000

Amount Required : RM 28,500

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (PASSIVE)


Project Stage: second stage expansion


I am Gugen from North. I am an ex-lecturer, currently turned agroprenuer and running an agriculture academy called ANB AGROTRAINERS.I am working on 2 acres of land and growing 14000 plants of chilly,conducting training and as well as creating by products of chilly. I am the sole owner of the company and I have team of 2 managers and 11 staffs. Currently I see bright prospect for expansion and franchise. I am seeking investors to work with and willing to share reasonable ROI.

Company History:

Been expanding since 2010. Lot of trial and error initially, now gaining momentum in growth

Product / Service Description:

My idea is to grow my own agriculture produce (which I am doing now) and expand to produce my agriculture by products.

Business Opportunity:

The market for chillies is vast locally and at international level. I would like to tap into this growing market. First step, I had the need to improvise my produce, I did that by years of trials and now manage to have my sustainable business model.

Revenue Model:

I currently make money by selling my produce directly to market. With a little help I can go further to work on sustainable expansion.

Management Team:

I have a solid management team, consisting of me, my 2 managers and 11 staffs.We consist of Indian,Chinese and Malays. All of them are trained in fertigation farming, and 3 of us, including me, have been trained by expert trainers in this field. Also certified.

Current Status:

I am 4 years in this field. I have made investment worth RM35000 before and made ROI of 45% from it. Now expanding and seeking some good investors to participate and gain from my growth too.

Funding Milestone:

The funding will be used to achieve targeted agriculture produce. I am prepared to sign up a CONTRACT FARMING paper, in which I will be the vendor for the investor.

Business Valuation:

I need to discuss on this.

Expected Return On Investment:

Projected ROI is 45% in 8 months (1 full harvest), I am willing to take 15% and the investor can take his/her 30%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

I don’t see any risk here. Weather might be a problem at times but sustainable with apt management of crops.

Exit Strategies:

The investor can stay on for minimum of 8 months. I would prefer if the time frame is at least extended to 1 year 6 months minimum, enough for me to complete 2 harvest.


Guru (
Company Name: Anb AgroTrainers
Postal Address : Kulim, Kedah
State : Kedah
Post Code : 09600
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0164620821
Mobile: 0164620821


Seeking RM800K for Procure & Supply of Iron Ore Business

Project Cost: RM3.5m

Amount Invested : RM300k

Amount Required : Working capital

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: merger & acquisition


Our principle plan is to invite an investor for the total working capital or a collateral worth about RM800k for Exim Bank to provide the working capital. Of course the total working capital investment of RM3.5 million is preferred as it will immediately activate the implementation of the project whereby Exim Bank will require, the usual bank processing timing, about 2 months. We have everything ready including the stock to be crushed to suit the size required by the client.

Company History:

Company existed actively for 8 years as an International Procurement Company

Product / Service Description:

Secured Order in hand and upon success of first shipment, buyer intent for 3 years supply.

Business Opportunity:

Managed to convince a compliance international company worth about USD 20 billion. Source of supply is direct not third party.

Revenue Model:

Sale minus cost straight forward.

Management Team:

Combined experience of more than 20 years in similar trade from in house and contractors.

Current Status:

Confirmed Order by an established international company. Development cost more than RM300k. Projected sale of about RM4.0 million per shipment. Profit about RM400k per shipment.

Funding Milestone:

Local bank has reviewed business document with positive respond. Application to a local bank requires a collateral worth 20% of total working capital required valued at about RM800k.

Business Valuation:

Equity 50:50 of gross profit share. Sale minus cost received based on formal quotations from service providers and source of raw material.

Expected Return On Investment:

Within 2-3 months.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

No risks. Stock available and buyer is confirmed with agreement.

Exit Strategies:

Appointment as company director and as shareholder of company with paid up capital of RM1.0 million and authorised capital of RM5.0 million. Client pays cash upon delivery FOB basis and directly to specific bank account. Investor can be the signatory of bank account.

Supporting Documents:

Confirmation Order from Mitsui to my company
Sale & Purchase Agreement
Letter of Intent signed between both parties for 3 years supply upon success of the first trial shipment
Latest Report for the extension of supply from 31 October 2014 to 31 January 2015
HSBC Letter of Support
Iron Ore Stock available
Full Report by CCIC on the available stock which is acceptable by Mitsui
Profit & Loss Projection based on actual quotation available
Empayar Baiduri SSM Report


Ridzwan Azizuddin (
Postal Address : 13, Jalan Ibu Kota 5, Taman Ibu Kota
State : Gombak
Post Code : 53100
Country : Malaysia
Website :
Mobile: 0133747179


New Concept Retail handphone shop at Bangsar seeking RM200K short term loan.

A small enterprise company been operate for 2 1/2 years at bangsar (purely retail handphone shop).

We have propose a new retail concept store (combination f&b and telecommunication) to SME bank. Our chances of getting the expansion fund is high due to loan officer fully supported the ideas even the side visit has been done. they propose to world telecommunication 500k Working capital with the condition of 30% cash deposit.

our retail concept have huge potential to growth due to less competition and i foresee potential to growth and patten the concept is there.

As the above method , World Telecommunication is actually looking for short term loan to the company – here is our proposal for sleeping partner

Loan amount is RM 200,000 with the interest rate of 8 % per annum
exist Plan is 3 year
on top of 8 % we are offering for 6 % additional profit sharing after tax until 3 year of exist plan for investor
This is just a proposal and can be negotiated.

* Business Plan Available


Alternative Capital Management

Project Cost: RM2,500,000

Amount Invested : RM50,000

Amount Required : RM2,000,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: n/a

Industry: financial services

Project Stage: early expansion


Company History:

More than 10 years experience in the financial industry in Malaysia (Corporate Advisory, Corporate Finance, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Affairs)
Completed MBA in University of California in US, as well as a full member of the Chartered Alternative Investments Analysts Association (“CAIA”).
Working and Network exposure in southern California (US) and southern British Columbia (Vancouver/Victoria).
Recently returned to Malaysia and started Kaia Capital Management in mid-2013.
Product / Service Description:

We are strong believers of ‘Alternative Capital Investment’ in financial markets.
Based on alternative investment (AI) strategies practiced in the US, we intend to bring in these know-how tools to Malaysian markets.
Instead of trying to outperform the Beta markets, we seek Alpha and ‘Alternative Beta’ returns.
Initial focus was on directional Long strategies but we have recently engaged in Long/Short strategies – in anticipation of more market volatility in the next 6 months.
xxx Capital Management is the vehicle.
Business Opportunity:

– Our USP is the usage of cutting edge ‘Alternative Investment’ (AI) tools and know-how.
– Our competitive advantage is sustainable since the portability of such Alpha and Alternative Beta returns is not easy (require a lot of quant research) to replicate and highly experential-based.
– Our key assets are both our AI knowledge and our AI network… globally.

Revenue Model:

– Returns are based on Alpha (non-market) and Alternative Beta (market but via AI strategies only).
– Returns are periodic (quarterly or half-yearly).
– Returns are based on cash profit realized via capital gains and dividend incomes.
– Superior returns are common in the AI world – as we apply non-traditional capital investment methods/strategies.
– Sustainability arises from the lagging effect of transferring knowledge from the developed markets (US/Canada/Euro) to the emerging markets.

Management Team:

– xxxx (CEO & Chief Investment Officer)
– xxxx (Chief Risk Officer)
– xxxx (Compliance Officer)
– xxxx (Fund Manager)

Current Status:

Initial research on suitability of certain AI strategies were done since 2008.
Application in Western (US) markets since 2009.
Recent Start-Up capital (RM50K) invested in Malaysian equity market since June 2013, with 2-month ROI of 11.9% (realized & unrealized gains).
Thereupon, private limited company xxx Capital Management Sdn Bhd) was incorporated.
Secures commitment by a Singapore investor for Seed Capital of RM100K, with target drawdown by 4th Quarter of 2013.
Need another RM2.0mio (Max) as next Funding Need (by 1H 2014) to access global markets and better prime brokerage rates (below 0.05%).
Funding Milestone:

– Depends on funding quantum.
– Depends on Investor(s)’ risk-return profile and appetite.
– Funding milestone to be discussed in due time.

Business Valuation:

– My Start-up of RM50K at par value.
– The Singapore investor of RM100K Seed Capital also at par value.
– For next funding stage, we are open to discussions on post-money valuation of either xxx Capital Management or another SPV (likely to be based on P/E ratio or dividend growth model).
– We are open but believe in being fair and equitable in creating win-win situation for all.

Expected Return On Investment:

Am looking at long-term annualised ROI of 8% per annum ABOVE a mutually-agreed benchmark index.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Market Risk, Volatility Risk, Counterparty Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Currency Risk, Time (Theta) Risk, Political Risk, Regulatory Risk, Macro-economic Risk.

Exit Strategies:

– Sell to Funds of Funds (FOFs)
– Sell to Family Offices (I have worked at two Family Offices of billionaires in Msia, with direct access to patriach/founder).
– First right of refusal on share disposal back to me.
– Distribution of highly liquid assets (Cash + Marketable Securites), and voluntary winding up.


Seek project funding of RM400K at Precint 16 & 18 Putrajaya

Completion of Lake Development:The Propose Construction and Completion of Promenade at Precint 17%19 and The Remaining Works at Precint 16 & 18 Putrajaya

Project Cost: RM1,742,000.00

Amount Invested : RM570,000.00

Amount Required : RM400,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

Industry: engineering

Project Stage: second stage expansion


Company History:

GREATWAY AG ENGINEERING SDN BHD founded by Nasrul Hafiz and Che Mat Ghani. Che Mat Ghani was experienced in engineering works and specialist in oil & gas industries.

Product / Service Description:

Recently AG Group of companies hold and run for few companies and able to get the job from government and GLC and total job in hand valued up to 22 million MYR to kick off by year 2015.

Business Opportunity:

Opportunity for investment OR total sub contracts for short term. AG Group in the midst of capitalization in due to get financial facilities from local banks.

Revenue Model:

We are able to get the job from internal linkage especially from government OR GLC (PETRONAS, tanjung offshore, etc)

Management Team:

1) Che Mat Ghani – Management, Technical and Business Law
2) Nasrul Hafiz – Sales & Marketing, Investment, Business Development

Current Status:

Contractor: Greatway AG Engineering Sdn Bhd
Paymaster: Cypark Resources Sdn Bhd (subsidiaries for Putrajaya Holding)
Contract Amount: MYR 2,283,436.00
Operating Cost: MYR 1,742,000.00
Estimated Profit: MYR 541,436.00 (23.7%)
Maximum Fund Required: MYR 400,000.00
Return of Investment: 1:1025 (10.20%)
Contract Period: 4 months

Funding Milestone:

Payment Mechanism: A new account shall be open at a convenience branch (Funder) under the contractors name with unrevockable resolution (co-signed by both parties). This account letter will be presented to cypark as the paymaster.

Business Valuation:

Funding by projects. Preferably short term.

Expected Return On Investment:

10.2% for this project. More next project will be offered to benefits both party.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Funding by project. Risk reduced.

Exit Strategies: J

Joint bank account will be closed once project completed. Further JV can be discussed to benefits both party.


Nasrul Hafiz (
Company Name: Greatway Ag Engineering Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : 12A, Jalan PB9/1,
Presint 9
State : Putrajaya
Post Code : 62250
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-88618382
Website : nil
Mobile: 013-2652525

Felimar Resort Project (Updated Version), Vietnam

Project’s name : FELIMAR RESORT
Location : T1,T2,T3, Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Area : 3,284,446m2

NPV Analysis-100% on the Sale(Loan USD20,000,000 Interest expense 10%)

Net Profit = (1) Cash 138,608,605 + (2) Real Estate Assets 87,000,000
Total investment (Total assets) = (3) Borrowings 20,000,000 + (4) Paid-off Expenses for Project: 7,000,000
225,608,605 / 27,000,000 x 100% = 835 % ( RETURN ON INVESTMENT )
183,228,608 / 27,000,000 x 100% = 678% (NPV RETURNON INVESTMENT )


1. Plan for loan borrowing:
1) Loan amount: min. $20,000,000 / max. $30,000,000
2) Loan Term: 3 years
3) Annual interest:min. 10% / max. 20%

2. Plan for arrangment of the development capital (Development Costs :$ 200,137,801)
1) From the outside investment (Loan): $20,000,000
2) From a part of sale amount of land lots: $39,409,080
3) From a part of sale amount of villa (total sale amount: $279,337,326): $140,728,721

3. Collaterals to be provided for loan security (loan amount: $20,000,000)
1) 100% of project’s share (the estimated value of the project is $20,000,000)
2) Letter of Commitment issued by the local government of Binh Thuan Province (regarding the issuance of Red Book within 120 days upon the loan amount to be invested.
3) The Red Book (or Land Use Right Certificate) with total area of 3,284,446m2 (the estimated value of the Red Book is $80,000,000)
4) The Funding Commitment issued by AGRIBANK, a state-owned-bank of Vietnam. Through this commitment, the Bank can undertake to finance for the project by accepting the project land which has been completed the civil works and infrastructure as collateral.

4. Plan for principal repayment (loan amount: $20,000,000)
1) From the profits of development capital: $138,608,605
2) From the sale amount of functional land lots: the estimated value is $120,000,000
3) From the loan amount borrowed from AGRIBANK, a state-owned-bank of Vietnam. This loan amount is obtained by providing functional land lots and the buildings as collaterals.

5. The payment conditions to the lenders and the brokers who are willing to invest $20,000,000 of the loan amount:
1) To be paid maximum 10% for commission fee (included the processing fee)
2) To be paid maximum 20% for annual interest.
3) To be held maximum 49% of project’s share
4) Have a right of appointing a construction contractor
5) Have a right of appointing a company who will sell the villa and functional land lots.
6) The lending company could appoint a person to supervise the process of construction (Sun Resort Vina Co., Ltd. will pay the salary for this supervisor)


The project is the first international mixed-use resort project in the nearby region of the
coastalSouthern of Vietnam.
In comparison with the payments for site clearance and compensation, till now the project land value is beyond it a very far distance. The big profits of this can easily be seen, because if we only count for the land purchase, it is clearly that the land value is increased at least 20 times.
Currently in Vietnam, the situation (or condition) for doing business in villas and resorts is still stable. At cities, it is not favorable to do business in apartments; however, it will be completely favorable if we do business in resorts.
The process of paying for site clearance and compensation expenses is done simultaneously with the construction & villa sales installment process, and also simultaneously with the infrastructure construction process for villas.
Because this is the first sales installment, if the business condition is favorable, the huge profits that we can gain from the small investment fund can immediately be seen.
This project is a wide-scaled luxury seaside resort project with the white sandy beach’s spread of 80 m and beach’s length of 3 km.
Particular strong points of our project:

1. There is a 3.5 km beautiful white sandy beach.
2. It is the first resort which has a Powered Hang- glider Practice Field in Viet Nam.
3. It is the first resort which has a Relaxed Hospital in Vietnam.
4. It is the first resort which has Marina facilities in Vietnam.
5. It is the first resort which has Leisure & Entertainment facilities in Vietnam.
6. It is the first resort which has a Workshop and Seminar Center in Vietnam.
7. It is the first resort which has a Vietnamese Traditional Village in Vietnam.
8. It is the first resort which has a Shopping Mall in Vietnam.
9. It has Condominiums and 5-star hotel bordering the beach.
10. Resort land lots can be subdivided to sell for foreign sub-investors individually based on their nationality.
11. It is the first resort in Viet Nam that provides facilities for beach sports such as motorboats, powerboats, windsurfing, jet-skis, etc.
12. We can do business on rowing games on the lake because we have already planned to construct a man-made lake in Silver Town area.
13. It is the first resort which has a Golf Course in Viet Nam.


Seeking additional RM500K to venture into Malaysia cattle/beef industries

Project Cost: RM800,000

Amount Invested : RM300,000

Amount Required : RM500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance; internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

Industry: agriculture; trade

Project Stage:

Government of Malaysia orders obtained. All relevant papers and procedures completed. Pending working capital for cattle, air freight, logistics, portable abattoir. Infrastructures – we are using MOA (dept veterinary svs feedlots).


Conducted 2 years R&D on cattle/beef industries
Own Licenses and ESCAS and pre-booked 150,000 heads of cattle at a time from Australian Sideline Partners (an aggregated cattle supply)
Secured government agencies’ (DVS, MOA) facilities (feedlots & abattoirs) and supported by FAMA to get the goods direct to consumers (‘tiada orang tengah”)
Owned a specialized formula of animal feed with proven result (double weight gain) with half of the retail cost to farmers

Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (traceability system link to DVS)-DAFF/MLA
Implemented by Australia to control livestock export industry (recognised by Malaysian DVS)
XXXX is one of only a few ESCAS compliance company in Australia
XXXX cross-owned Australia & Malaysia shareholdings (49%:51%)

Indonesia is the largest importer live cattle.
Malaysia is importing 95% of beef consumption
Upstream – Feedlot breeding, feeding
Downstream – processing, beef based products, retailing
Related downstream – animal feed production & supply

EPP 5 – DVS, focuses on integrating and rearing an additional 300,000 heads of cattle in large oil palm plantations by 2020.
Cattle breeding and rotational grazing programme (Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP).
3 core players are FELCRA, Ihsan Permata Sdn Bhd (Jcorp) and Espek Livestock Sdn Bhd (RISDA).

Export Licensed – XXXX Australia Pty Ltd
Import Licensed – XXXX Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Export Permit – Approved in Oct/Nov 2014
Import Permit – Approved in Oct/Nov 2014
Purchase Orders – from ADUN KEDAH to GAM & ATIEN (co-trader)
ESCAS Approval
Audited Feedlots in Malaysia

Export Licensed – XXXX Australia Pty Ltd
Import Licensed – XXXX Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Export Permit – Approved in Oct/Nov 2014
Import Permit – Approved in Oct/Nov 2014
Purchase Orders – from ADUN KEDAH to GAM & ATIEN (co-trader)
Support & Guarantee letter of MOA to Financial Institutions to finance XXXX on Cattle Pilot Project
Support letter from Prime Minister’s Dept to FELDA for granting the Livestock Grant to XXXX Malaysia

We have engaged forwarders and direct Air Cargo companies like MH, SQ & TOLL GLOBAL.
B747 could fit 300 heads of 250 – 300 kg size of cattle with 115,000 kg gross weight
The Charter cost is USD135,000 to RM200,000 per trip from Sydney Airport to KLIA.
The schedule is fixed and we have to arrange the transfer from farm to the Export Terminal for chemical treatment and inspection approval (DAFF)
The travelling hours is ~ 8 hours plus

We have engaged other Exporters & ship owners to carry our cattle
A ship could fit 3500 heads of 420 kg size of cattle
The Charter cost is USD1.2 million per trip from Sydney Airport to KLIA.
The travelling time is 7 days from Darwin Port to ASWP in Malaysia.

Stone Quarry operations in Peninsular Malaysia

Project Cost: RM2,500,000

Amount Invested : RM1,000,000

Amount Required : RM2,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

energy / natural resources
industry products

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

Our company has been awarded with a 30 years concession (ending 2043) by a state government to operate on a stone quarry to facilitate the state government infrastructure, development programs and their land reclaim projects with a guaranteed products buy-back from the government and open to those in contruction industry players.

Product / Service Description:

The quarry are generally used for extracting building materials, such as dimension stone, construction aggregate, sand, and gravel

Business Opportunity:

With 30years concession on this project and continuos products demand from the state government and other industry players, this is a low risk project.

Revenue Model:

All products produced from the quarry are contractualy bound to be sold back to the state government. However there is no restriction for the company to sell the same to other buyers mainly those from constuction industry.

Current Status:

All initials administrative are completed pending full operations.

Funding Milestone:

Our company has invested approx RM1mil in this project. Additonal funds are sort solely for operational purposes. With the additonal funds, the operation would start immediately.

Business Valuation: We are offering a ratio of 20:40:40(Investor).

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

This is state government project approved by the state via its investment GLC company. Investor(s) are welcome to view and evaluate all related approval papers and documentation related to this project including a site visit to the said quarry location.

Exit Strategies:

This is a long term investment. However subject to futher discussions, investor do has the option to exit after 12 months.