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Malaysian-owned Cambodia rice mill project seeking investment up to USD34 million


This business plan is prepared with the intention to secure a funding of up to USD34 million to build an Integrated Rice Mill Complex in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. The breakdown of the funding is as follows:-

Machineries USD15.4 million;
Building USD4.65 million;
Land USD0.63 million;
Other equipment. USD0.57 million;
Working capital USD12.6 million
The integrated rice mill will be built on a piece of land with the size of 4.1 hectares. Total build-up of the rice mill is about 31,843 square meters inclusive of electricity sub-station, warehouse, office and etc.

An additional funding is also required for working capital in Malaysia amounting to USD6.3 million to purchase rice. In Malaysia, we already have existing customers and contracts with hypermarkets such as The Store, Giant and Tesco. We also have our own brand namely xxxx and xxxx.

The Company has high aspiration to become a globally well-known player in the production, trading and export of high quality rice. Cambodia, as a third world country is unfortunately unable to meet the international standard due to substandard existing technology and therefore is welcoming foreign investors with new and efficient technology to optimize productivity up to par with the neighboring rice producers which is Vietnam and Thailand. lt is the hope of the country that within the period of 5 years, agriculture will become a major force into driving the economy out of the abyss of the third world stigma.

xxxx Sdn. Bhd. will undertake this venture through its 80% owned subsidiary company which is operating in Cambodia namely xxxx (Cambodia) Ptd. Ltd. The Company was set up with a local and well established partner who has been involved in various businesses and industries. The proposed 4.1 hectares land for the construction of the integrated rice mill complex which will be purchased by the Company is located in the paddy growing area in Cambodia. There is another 5 hectares of land attached to the proposed rice mill that is available for future business

The period between February to July is considered a suitable time to do construction in Cambodia because it is dry season. The rice mill will use LSU type dryer with the drying capacity between 900MT to 1,000MT paddy per day or 25,000MT per month (25-day per month). We estimate one harvest season will run for about 2-month, and there is 2-season in a year. Thus, the rice mill can dry paddy of up to minimum of 50,000MT per season or 100,000MT per year. Our strategy is to maximize the paddy supply throughout the year and not depending on traditional harvest season only. Currently, the harvesting season is not simultaneous in Cambodia. We may have an opportunity to buy more paddy outside our territory of Kampong Cham provided we have enough fund.

Our milling capacity is calculated around 36MT paddy per hour (36MT x 12 hours x 25-day) or 10,800MT per month. If the mill is run through the whole year, it capacity can go up to almost 130,000MT paddy. If we increase the work hours from 12 hours per day to 16 hours per day, definitely we can mill more rice. The recovery from paddy to rice after milled is approximately 56% head rice and 10% broken rice. Beside rice, we can venture into rice by-product business activities such as vermicelli, animal feed, rice bran cooking oil, supply of bio-mass energy and etc.

With financial assistance and facilities acquired, the Company shall have a solid footing to thrive and fulfill its foreign business endeavors and thus will stand a great chance to be successful in managing the rice milling plant, producing rice by products and involved in other related agro-business activities.


Binary Options Trading

Project Cost: RM 1.6 MM

Amount Invested : RM 1.2 MM

Amount Required : RM 500K

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (No any requirements)

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

informatics / multimedia
financial services

Project Stage: early expansion


Company History: Mr Harry Dave
12 years Foreign Currency exchange broker
5 years Standard chartered banker
3 years Citibank banker
Holds a degree in Software Engineering

Product / Service Description:

This is a binary option currency trading business incorporated with Network marketing

Business Opportunity:

This is a binary option business which has 30% growth every month worldwide. Currently incorporating with Network marketing to move expansion up to 65%. The market volume is forecast to be worldwide audience.

Revenue Model:

the current revenue for binary option businesses is USD 2.3 Billion per month. Our business is expected to generate a revenue of min USD 1.5 Billion per month.

Management Team:

We currently consist of 3 SMG’s and with a full force of 30-40 marketing and customer service team. This is not inclusive of Independent outdoor Marketing team which consist min of 150 people.

Current Status:

Investements currently is up to RM 1.2 MM, which consist of creating the platform, MLM software as well as branch setup.

Funding Milestone:

As a funder, we request that you become our entity to provide the back up funds for our company, as we will be dealing with currency as our product. Milestone: a fixed return to the investor on each funding stage.

Business Valuation:

we need to meet up to discuss on this.

Expected Return On Investment:

As mentioned, we just require RM 500K for investment. As our dealings are in USD, therefore the rate you invest is at 3.2 per USD 1 Dollar. the ROI is given back at 3.7 per USD 1 Dollar.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

currently the risk is just time over currency, ROI maybe provided back in less than 6 months.

Exit Strategies:

a contract will be signed, whereby the ROI will be returned in 6 months, if not the whole sum will be refunded. Any early termination of contract will result in the refunding of the remaining ROI.


Postal Address : NO 1 JALAN KIARA 4 NUSA DAMAI
State : JOHOR
Post Code : 81700
Country : MALAYSIA
Telephone : 0164213605
Website : n/a
Mobile: 0164213605


Putrabay Integrated Development Project – Support from the State Government


Kuala Perlis is the third largest town in the state of Perlis and has been regarded as the main entrance and the seagate to the world renowned island of Langkawi. According to statistics from the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), more than three million tourist visited Langkawi in 2013, and almost 70% arrived from this humble town and fishing village of 21,000 population, while the rest departed from the port of Kuala Kedah and Penang.

The current ferry terminal in Kuala Perlis is now handling in excess of 2 million passengers annually, and it has already reached its maximum potential of handling capacity. This travel preference informally bestowed to Kuala Perlis by tourists over its southern ports counterparts, is due to the fact that travel time through Kuala Perlis is only 45 minutes, compared to the time taken to travel to Langkawi through Kuala Kedah jetty which is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Tourist entry to Langkawi increased at the rate of 8% in 2012 compared to the year before that. This trend is expected to increase at 5% every year due to the increasing tourism activities and infrastructure upgrading by The Langkawi Development Board (LADA) and The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Malaysia. We expect the increase in tourists to Langkawi to be around 1 million in the next 6 years. However the infrastructure development and facilities offered at the Kuala Perlis ferry terminal is not in tandem with the projected increase of potential tourists using the jetty. This might dampen the interest of tourist using the Kuala Perlis terminal and the state of Perlis might lose out on tourist’s revenues.

Putrabay Integrated Development Project

1. After identifying various weaknesses aspects that are correlated to the increasing number of visitors to Kuala Perlis, XXXXhas proposed a comprehensive initiative to overcome the problems.

2. The proposed solution is an integrated development project called PUTRABAY.

3. This integrated development project will include the following development such as:
a. A new Ferry Terminal with the capacity of 5 million passengers every year.
b. A parking lot with capacity of 1000 vehicles.
c. 8 new passenger ferries (Option-to-build).
d. The first ever Water Theme Park in Perlis.
e. An Outlet Village.

4. These 5 development projects are estimated to manoeuvre the economic growth of Perlis tremendously, in align to the flows of the federal government to drive the Northern Corridor agenda.
5. All of 5 projects are proposed to be built on 2 different areas which are:
a. Pulau Ketam area, that will have the following development:
i. A new ferry terminal
ii. An ample vehicle parking lots
iii. The new passenger ferries
iv. A water theme park
b. Kuala Perlis (vacant side behind Putra Brasmana Hotel) that is to be developed into an Outlet Village with parking facilities.
c. At present, the land status at Pulau Ketam is known as the state land, whereas the land for Outlet Village development is owned by Pens Holdings, a subsidiary of the Perlis State Economic Development Corporation .


1. XXXXis trying to target 5 different funding sources which are :

a. Internal capital injection of RM10 millions
i. This includes the initial funding startups such as site survey professional employment, infrastructure design planning, land acquisition (if approved) and initial reclamation of land to start the site work.

b. Loan fund through multilateral development banks
i. According to the plan company will request the support from Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA), a management body for development of the Northern Corridor.
ii. This support is to facilitate the process of obtaining funds from the appointed development banks by NCIA such as SME Bank, Development Bank and Exim Bank.
iii. On top of that, the company will also get support from Tourism Malaysia for grants to develop the tourism infrastructure particularly to raise the crowd awareness of Visit Malaysia 2014.

c. The company is also willing to share the investment with GLC companies in order to develop the tourism industry at Perlis.

d. Investments with private companies are also likely to provide an injection of capital, expertise and experience in management. Some of the potential private companies to contribute in the investment are:

i. Ferry Line Ventures
1. This ferry operator has a great asset in terms of total ferry, manpower and experience in the public transportation sector.
ii. Pena Group from Thailand
1. Experienced in managing outlet industry and seen as an asset that can be shared in Putrabay development, particularly in luring global and international brands into Perlis Outlet Village (P.O.V)

e. Public Listing
1.This is a long term move most likely in the final stages of the development due to the potential for high earning in the first and second phase

Support from the State Government

1. To accomplish this integrated development project, XXXXhas applied for some measure of support which are:
a. Infrastructure and access facilities to Putrabay Pulau Ketam.
i. The developer requested the state government to build a wider road along the river at Seberang Ramai leading to the main entrance of Putrabay (paired roads).
ii. This is due to the development area at Pulau Ketam (by Putrabay Holdings) that is confined within the proposed site.
2. Support and guarantees from the state government to the company’s application in securing funds from major development banks.
3. Promotion through grants from government in order to romote and attract tourists using facilities at Putrabay.


Waste to Fuel seeking RM2 million fund

Project Cost: RM2 Mil

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : RM2 Mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: early expansion


Background of key managers/founders and shareholding:

Education background for shareholder/ founder is in Chemical Engineering
Experienced in harzardous and msw management for 20 years
Working experience with GLC

Current status:

Constructed 2 technologies for Harzadous Waste Facilities for GLC via Design & Build. (Total Project Cost, RM7Mil)
Currently Operating 1 Hazardous Waste Facility (Project Value RM12 Mil) and 1 MSW facility (Project Value RM30 Mil).
Design, Build & Operate (PFI) 3 Hazardous Waste Recovery Facilities, investment amount RM5Mil. Total Project Value RM50Mil.

Product / Service Description:

The nature of the business is to convert waste (in this case mixed plastic waste extracted from municipal solid waste or plastic industries) through certain processing equipment in order to produce alternative oil (equivalent quality to diesel oil) as a product.

Business Opportunity:

With the implementation of this project, it will be the turning point for the overall management of waste in Malaysia. Currently waste in Malaysia is directly disposed to the landfill. The propose project require certain amount of material in the waste to be processed and convert it to valuable material such as fuel. Potential Market Value of the Project in Malaysia is RM5.6Bil/ year.


Nasli (
Company Name: Ecoaqua Synergy
Mobile: 0196211011


Agri Land of 6.3 acres with 1.3 acres converted and approved to build 17 units 3-storey shop house

Project Cost: RM 5,500,000.00

Amount Invested : RM 500,000

Amount Required : RM3,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: real estate

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

*Agri Land of 6.3 acres with 1.3 acres converted and approved to build 17 units 3-storey shop house
*I have been an International Sales/Marketing Manager for a US firm since 1996
*First time into own business start up which is not a problem
*Wish to develop this land along Kuala Krai – Kota Bharu main road into a mixed development giving a total GDV of RM 19 million (9.35+ 9.65 million)in 4 years
*Will rope in 2 children with Business degree and Finance/Banking degree when the project takes off

Product / Service Description:

*To develop a 6.3 acres land into a mixed development
*Had got approval from MD Kuala Krai for a 17 units 3 storey shophouses
*1.3 acres are approved for the shop houses
*4 acres left planned for residential 18 DSTerrace @310K, 10 DS Semis @430K and DS 8 Bungalows @560K for a total cost of 8 million
*GDV for residential is RM10 million
*Profit will be about 40% to 80%.

Business Opportunity:

* Freehold Land is scarce in Kelantan and swiftlets are abundance
*Shop houses are being converted into Birds’ Nest Homes in Kelantan
*Kuala Krai has highest number of swiftlets roosting and more are coming due to proximity to mountains and abundance of insects specially for swiftlets
* Though slow in development, the businesses are in infancy and growth in 2 to 5 then 6 to 10 years is exponential
* Real estate in South Kelantan will run up to RM 1 billion in the next 5 years where 2000 shop house are built and 4000 more residential houses are been applied since 2012….

Revenue Model:

* Gross Development Value is about RM9,350,000
*Gross Profit around RM3,950,000.00 after RM5,400,000
*Giving a ROI at 73% on cost / 42.5% on sales
*Land, roads and building cost is about RM4,700,000 and Public Utilities about RM700,000
*To sell the shop houses off-the-plan to individuals with commercial banks financing the buyers

Management Team:

Gen. Manager: Richard Tan- International Sales and Marketing for 18 years
Financial Controller: Jessamine Chong- Handling accounts and pay for a multinational for over 20 years
Administration: Janice Tan – has 2 years work experience in Human Resources and Recruitment
Sales: Victor Tan – Currently in University South Australia – Will assist Richard Tan in Sales & Marketing
Technical Manager: Richard Tan
Site Manager: To employ a new personnel
Site Sup Raymond Tan- A technician with experience in plaster ceiling and mechanical works

Current Status:

*I am a commission based sales agent and consultant for Bradford White Company, Chicago USA.
* Earning about RM100,000 per year but travels and hotels takes about 20% from the sum.
*The countries I sell steam boilers, water heaters and hot water boilers are: Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.
*Working for people has its upside but not giving the profit satisfaction as compare to business development

Funding Milestone: Basing Total Dev Cost of Money Out over 3 Years @ RM5,400,000

1. Year One—1st Month to 12th Month
Seed fund and – about RM300K to cover the management employees salaries, company vehicles usage, utilities, Insurance, site workers and licence.
Office equipment, chairs, lightings, tables and boards around 20K
Erection of Site Office – About 70K
Land and road clearance – 650K
Foundation and ground beam- 550K
Level Ground and Level 1 work – 950K

*Year Two– salaries and office expenses and others 300K
1st to 6th month
Work on Level 2 & Level 3 –950K
7th to 12th month work on Level 3 and finishing -950K

Year 3 —
Salaries and office usages – 320K
Finishing -340K

Total for 3 years:5,400,000.00

Business Valuation:

#The Investor/s can take over the development project wholly and will OWN the 17 shop houses outright. The owner will take cash of RM 1,300,000.00 when signing over the land title
# The Owner and Investor can go on JV on 30:70 basis, i.e. the owner takes 5.1 units @ 4 inter and 1 corner unit shop houses while the Investor own the 12 units outright. The Investor development cost at RM55/ft for each unit will be RM374,000 i.e. excluding the office and employees costs
# Selling each unit at say average 550,000 will bring in RM6,600,000
#Owner is also happy to get investor to developing 7 units of the frontal row along the main road. The costs and the terms are similar ratio to work on.

Expected Return On Investment:

#Expected ROI on Sales if Investor develop on his/her own is 42%
# Expected ROI on Cost of construction is 73%
* ROI on Sales if taking the 17 units on his/her own is 38%
*ROI on Costs is 49% to 53%, i.e. 12 units own and 5 units to owner

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

*In all investments there are risks and gains. Just like me buying this piece of land and negotiating for the neighbouring lot for I see the potential of growth
*Real estate is no different as the market may be dictated by trends, government policies, importing countries, politics and even bad news like bird flu (even though it is not affected the Swiftlets) and stability of the country.
ROI on costs is determining factor as in this case we are looking at return of at around 16% to 21% per year.
Shophouses are a realty which is a long term investment and capital gains are not always the rosy factor.
Shophouses being commercial could be turned into hotels, small shopping malls, entertainment outlets beside the usual cars & motorcycles shops and showrooms.
It is a calculated risk but the upside is very high to let it go.

Exit Strategies:

@Is the Investor is looking at capital gains, long term investments or plans for other expansion?
@If for capital gains, there is no guarantee as at worst, the investors will recoup the money.
@The maximum value of each shop house is about RM374,000 on JV and RM350,000 when doing the whole project on his own
@If for long term, this project has the opportunity to take off as owner wants to build residential homes for a GDV of over RM 10 Million and owner will surely continue the partnership to continue with investor
@Expansion of development will be the battle cry as owner children will take over the business in the next 5 years.


Richard Tan (
Company Name: Richmond Capital Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : A-3A-3A, Villa Orkid Condominium,
Bukit Pelangi Utama
State : WP. K.L
Post Code : 51200
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 60122117613
Mobile: 60122117613


Sentels Telecom, Business Virtual Assistance and Entertainment.

Project Cost: RM900,000

Amount Invested : RM700,000

Amount Required : RM200,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: trade

Project Stage: second stage expansion


Company History:

Sentels Sdn Bhd is designed to implement business activities in three Business areas such as Telecom, Business Virtual Assistance and Entertainment.

In Telecom Industry: Sentels Telecom Solutions To Provide the following services:

1. Special Recource Provision
2. Project Management
3. Engineering Services
a) Managed services
b) RF Services
c) Operation and Maintenance
d) Technical Support
e) Consultancy
4. Automotive software tool provision

Some initial Information can be found in (Just to highlight that Telecom Solution Division is not yet established)

In Business Virtual assistance: Sentels Business Solutions Provide the following services:

1. SMM 2. Posting on all Social Media Channels (Facebook, Twitter and etc.) 3. Social Media Management (Planning, control and reporting) 4. Paid Targeted Ads 5. Customized Promotional Campaigns 6. SEO 7. Online Marketing 8. E-mail Marketing 9. Business Optimization 10. Task management solutions 11. Project management solutions 12. Accounting solution 13. Time Management solutions 14. Document Management solutions 15. Other Tasks 16. Event management and organizing 17. Email management 18. Online accounting and inventory counts 19. Billing (invoicing/collecting) 20. Travel arrangements 21. Secretarial duties (contact management, appointments, etc.) 22. Phone or live chat support 23. Additional services at your request.

SBS (Sentels Business Solutions) is also not yet established the Business Unit is in stage of Investigation and analysis.

The third Business unit or in other word Business Division is Sentels Entertainment Solution.

As the 3-th Division required less resources comparing to other 2 divisions to establish we decided to start establishment of this unit first and the decision was made last year in May
and first POS we have launched on 08 August 2012.

What is the activities the SES is implementing currently?

1. We purchase world class latest generation attraction equipment and by locating this equipment in various shopping malls or theme parks. We are doing the operation of the equipment and we provide share access to the particular attraction ride for certain amount to daily visitors, in another word company generates sales from ticket selling at the counters located near to our attraction rides.
2. We provide some of our portable attraction rides or simulators for events and parties organised by third party companies.
3. We organize events and parties for corporate companies or for individual.

Product / Service Description:

With the high effort of our well organised and high educated team within one year company manage to open 4 outlets in Malaysia, 2 in Kuala Lumpur 2 in Penang Island.
With to be highlighted that we are now on negotiation phase with another 3 shopping malls to launch 3 more outlets before the end of 2013.

Our mission is locate more then 12 outlets in Malaysia within 3 years time from day 08.08.2012 and by using the all potential power of well established company to
start implementation of other to division operations SBS and STS) and get all 3 divisions up and running within 5 years.

Senoptium is a high-end entertainment firm with a reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in management. In one years of operation, with initial MYR 600000 pay-up capital
annual sales have increased to well over MYR 500000.

Sentels Sdn Bhd was formed by Emil Petrosyan in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in may 2013. The company experienced steady growth since its inception and incorporated in 08 August 2012. Last year Gross Sales of MYR 500000 were achieved.

Business Opportunity:

The company is having currently 4 operation locations 2 in Kuala Lumpur and 2 in Penang Island. The company’s short-term objective (within the next 2 years) is to increase number of operating outlets and to achieve annual profit, net after taxes, of MYR 1000000 by 2015. Its long-term objective is to maintain a sales level of MYR 2M per year and move into Establishment process of SBS and STS (Sentels’ Business Solutions and Sentels Telecom Solutions).

Revenue Model:

We purchase world class latest generation attraction equipment and by locating this equipment in various shopping malls or theme parks. We are doing the operation of the equipment and we provide share access to the particular attraction ride for certain amount to daily visitors, in another word, company generates sales from ticket selling at the counters located near to our attraction rides.

Our Company currently providing entertainment solutions which are unique in Malaysian Entertainment market. And we are holding firm partnership agreements with number of world leading concept suppliers, and similar agreements can help us to remain unique in this market and expand the business. We generate cash in our POS located in every outlet and by selling the attraction ride ticket we generate the total sale. Though we have online purchase system as well, main cash flow is still generating at the outlet POS.

Management Team: Our management team consist of following members:

Emil Petrosyan: Founder and CEO
Gevorg Tuniev: Business Development Manager
Rateb Alrayyess: Regional Business manager
Jages Waran: Outlet Operation Manager (Penang Branch)
Adriano Santhana Executive Manager (Penang Branch)
Mohamad Shazwan: Outlet Operation Manager (KL Theme Park)

Current Status:

The company is having currently 4 operation locations 2 in Kuala Lumpur and 2 in Penang Island. The company’s short-term objective (within the next 2 years) is to increase number of operating outlets and to achieve annual profit, net after taxes, of MYR 1000000 by 2015. Its long-term objective is to maintain a sales level of MYR 2M per year and move into Establishment process of SBS and STS (Sentels’ Business Solutions and Sentels Telecom Solutions).

To implement these objectives the company is seeking an equity investment of MYR 150000 to MYR 300000. The funds would be used to launch 3 more outlets one in Gurney Paragon Shopping Mall, second in Giant Hypermarket Mall in Banting and the third one in Penang.

Senoptium is a high-end entertainment firm with a reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in management. In one years of operation, with initial MYR 600000 pay-up capital
annual sales have increased to well over MYR 500000.

Sentels Sdn Bhd was formed by Emil Petrosyan in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur in may 2013.

The company experienced steady growth since its inception and incorporated in 08 August 2012. Last year Gross Sales of MYR 500000 were achieved.

Funding Milestone: RM 150000 to RM 300000

The funds would be used to launch 3 more outlets one in Gurney Paragon Shopping Mall, second in Giant Hypermarket Mall in Banting and the third one in Penang.

The equity will be used in process of acquisition of new attraction equipment or as security deposit to Shopping malls.

Business Valuation: Upon discussion

Expected Return On Investment: One year

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Exit Strategies: Upon Discussion


Emil Petrosyan (

Company Name: Sentels Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : A-05-10 Empire Tower, SS16/1 Subang Jaya
State : Subang Jaya
Post Code : 47500
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 60196069033
Website :
Mobile: 60196069033


Sambill Park (M) SB

“World of Fun with Upin & Ipin”

What’s It All About

“World of fun with Upin & Ipin” is a 12-month long carnival type of party brought to you by Sambill Park (M) Sdn. Bhd. The carnival consists of Live Performance, Amusement Rides, Inflatable Games, Games Zone, Upin and Ipin Exhibition Area, Merchandising Area and Food Section. This is the biggest Cartoon Character Theme Park with prospect of the Support and Jointly organized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. We are looking for RM1.1 million with guaranteed 20% ROI + full initial investment after one year (with mortgage of our company own land properties).

Company Facts:

SBP Event & Management Sdn. Bhd is a subsidiary of Sambill Park (M) Sdn. Bhd. , an established Funfair Operator in Malaysia who operated for more than 20 years.
SBP Event & Management Sdn. Bhd. is the Sole Events Organiser holder rights for National-level events, World Of Fun With Upin & Ipin (WOFUI).
Sambill Park currently own 13 amusement rides and 10 games containers with more than 10 variety list of choices.
Vast network with all the operators in Malaysia and government agencies.
Experience: Granting Government license, Funfair Operators, Consultation, Supplies of amusement rides, repair and maintenance of amusement rides, and Games booths container maker.

The License Holder
Les’ Copaque Production is a MSC-certified animation and film production company based in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Founded in 2005, it is best known for the production of the commercially and critically acclaimed TV series Upin Ipin and Geng : The Adventure Begin. Les’ Copaque was established in 2005 as a platform for young creative Malaysians to showcase their talents. The name comes from a local slang “last kopek” which means “final chance”, which was modified to appear as a French word for aesthetic reasons. By 2011, productions for the fifth season of Upin & Ipin commenced. Aside from Upin & Ipin, the new series focuses on Malaysian tales.

Upin & Ipin : The Story
Upin & Ipin is a Malaysian television series of animated shorts produced by Les’ Copaque production, which features the life and adventures of the eponymous twin brothers in a fictional Malaysian kampung. Upin and Ipin are five-year-old Malay twins who live with their elder sister Ros and maternal grandmother Uda in a wooden house in Kampung Durian Runtuh. They have lost their parents in their infancy. Upin and Ipin study in the village’s Tadika Mesra (Friendly Kindergarten), where they befriend a motley bunch of classmates, including the adorable and right-thinking Mei Mei, a jocular and poetic Jarjit Singh, the firm but clumsy and short-tempered Ehsan, an easygoing and sarcastic Fizi and an entrepreneurial and meticulous Mail.

5.5 million fans!!! (

Source of Income

– Entrance Ticket
– License Merchandise
– Games Booth Collection
– Exhibition Ticket Collection
– Sponsorship
– Rides Collection
– Food Booths Rental
– Inflatable Area Ticket Collection


Option 1: Zone Investment

(1) Entrance Zone: Cost RM 400,000; Income: All tickets collection – 10% loyalty fees back to SBP. Pros: All visitors must pay to go into the theme park. ROI is more than 50%; Cons: No guaranteed return. Sponsorship package will take out part of the entrance number.

(2) Merchandise Zone: Cost RM 250,000; Income 40% of the cost per item – 5% loyalty fees back to SBP. Pros: Merchandise unsold can sell to the souvenir shops . Limited edition merchandise can be purchased. Sponsors or companies will purchase from you. Cons: No guaranteed return. Warehouse concern

(3) Exhibition Zone: Cost RM 200,000; Income: RM5 – Adults RM3 – Children; Pros: Main attraction in the park , Learning and education zone to benefits kids, Sponsorship opportunity. Cons: No guaranteed profit. Hassle Maintenance and operations.

(4) Inflatable Zone: Cost: RM 100,000; Income: RM5 per entry (Children); Pros: Only kids area to enjoying one time fees. Sponsorship opportunity zone. Guaranteed 20% return from SBP. No loyalty fees. Cons: Maybe affected by rain, Not the main attraction in the park

Option 2: Project Investment

Investment Amount : RM 800,000 in cash and RM300,000 in jointly bank loan
Total Investors: Up to 5 individual or companies
Investment ROI: Guaranteed 20% per annum and 15% for the 2nd year by Sambill Park.
Predicted ROI is 51% , please refer to the investment calculation with the attached separate sheet.
Guaranteed Mortgages
Sambill Park’s land in Taman Len Sen worth RM500,000 and all his assets worth RM1.5 millions.
Investors Share
Additional of 3% FREE share per each RM100,000 investment in SBP Events Management Sdn. Bhd. which cover the profit of Rides Zone, Games Zone. Future projects opportunity

Contact Information

Daniel Wong

SBP Events & Management Sdn. Bhd (co. no. 369377-H)
Office: 32-1-2, Block D, Jalan 2/101C, Cheras Business Center, KM8, Jalan Cheras, 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Warehouse: Lot 26971, Jalan Cheras Mewah 10, Cheras Mewah, 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9131 8227 Fax: 03-9130 8227

Sentinel DVD Copy Protection

Project Cost: RM3.0 Mil

Amount Invested : RM 2.5 Mil

Amount Required : RM 500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: informatics / multimedia; manufacturing

Project Stage: others (Transfer Technology)

Information Memorandum:


The Company currently has developed and owns prototype software called SENTINEL SYSTEM, which will prevent DVD movie from unauthorized copying.

Sentinel System aims to prevent all sorts of copying (and copyright infringement) by taking control of the layout and access of a CD. This means that a DVD protected with the Sentinel System would be able to play on a Personal Computer and a DVD player but would not be able to be copied.

The system does not need intervention in terms of hardware; thus, end users will not notice any changes unless duplication takes in place.

“Sentinel System” is developed to address a major global issue, that is, content piracy. Piracy of DVD/VCD is a huge problem worldwide amounting to USD Billions in losses. The amount of losses is still climbing yearly.


Sentinel System works as a set of CDROM media layout control, access control and program control.

It uses access control to access to and from the protected CDs and ensures that the data on the CD is the only media it executes from.

Sentinel System uses a combination of encryption, code protection and multiple levels of polymorphism to make it a very secure system.

It also involves program control by protecting itself (the Product) from being hacked and makes it virtually impossible to create a “crack”.

The system does not need intervention in terms of hardware thus; end user will not notice any changes unless duplication takes in place.

Sentinel system value is that it is a system that can be installed on all parts of the delivery chain (operating system such as Windows, Mac and VCD, DVD players) and can be installed on any hardware or software platform. The product itself has been created to suit the changes in hardware/software platform standard.


The current technology in copy protection available in the market currently can still be copied by using widely used free software such as \”DVD Decryptor\” and other software which can be easily downloaded from the internet. Sentinel system have been tested and can protect itself from mostly available ripping software such as DVD Decryptor, Alcohol 120, Nero Burner, AnyDVD, and other ripping software which can be download from the internet.

Sentinel System copy protection have been compared with protection from Rovi Corporation and currently Sentinel System still can protect itself. We are inviting interested party to acquire the technology or help us to meet international businesses for technology transfer purposes. Sentinel System is ready from market implementation.

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State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 56000
Country : Malaysia

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Developer seeking loan for developmenet project of RM130M at Lumut, Perak

The project is in Lumut, Perak on 4.98 acres of leasehold 99 years. It is a mixed developement with 2 floor of retail shops, 2 blocks of 580 nos of serviced residence and 1 block of hotel, 21th storey.

Status:- Development order obtained. 2 floor of retail shops will be firmed by latest Apr14, 1 block of serviced residence had been booked and soft launch is planned on Apr14, hotel will be management by well know international operator.

We are looking for investor for the amount of RM130M for 4 years to complete the entire project.

We have obtained the land title leasehold of 99 years (effect Dec 2012), please find the project cash flow during construction till operating business.

The project is a mixed development commercial building consists of

1. 2 floor retail shops, 96 nos – lease agreement firmed up end of Apr14

2. 3 floors of car park

3. 2 floors of facilities, hotel lobby, banquet hall

4. 2 blocks- 14 floor of serviced resident, 580 nos. – 1 block of serviced apartment booked (280 nos)

5. 1 block – 14 floor of hotel, 238 rooms. – managed by well-known international hotel operator.

* Complete project paper available


Waste to Energy Power Plant in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


The Office of the Ministry of Economic Development of Sri Lanka on March 2013 had given approval to XXXX (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a Company incorporated in Sri Lanka to build, operate and run the Batticaloa Waste-to-Energy Power Plant of 5 MW using Municipal Waste in the Eastern Province of Batticaloa in Sri Lanka.

Initially a subsidiary company of a Malaysian Company, listed in the Malaysian Bursa funded all the basic researches and feasibility studies and had obtained all the approvals, necessary to operate the Power Plant, on the understanding that the Company will come up with the total investment of the Project in exchange for 80% equity in XXXX. All approvals had since been obtained from an estimated expenses around US$ 200,000 for a period of 6 months. Unfortunately by late 2013, the Company could not proceed and was delayed. Ultimately the option to participate in the project expired.

Waste Studies for Batticaloa had been done by an independent waste management consulting group, HMRE Consulting Group , based in Germany, to confirmed the suitability and availability of Feed-stocks. Six municipals had signed the feed-stock agreements, plus a letter of assurance from the Deputy Minister that there will be sufficient feed-stocks to operate the Plant. A few meetings were held with the off-takers of Electricity, Ceylon Electricity Board, together with the officers from the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Energy. Assurance had been given that the Ceylon Energy Board will sign the Power Purchase Agreement for the off-takes of electricity from the proposed plant, when the plant is in operation. Once XXXX is officially registered with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka with new Investor/funders, official letter of approval will be issued, prior to official PPA been signed.

XXXX will be designing, fabricate and installed the latest advance gasification technology, using proven fluidized bed technology and maximizing the electricity output, based on turnkey installation. XXXX will jointly operate the plant for one year, after installation and commissioning. After the one year period, XXXX will be willing to enter into an Operation and Maintenance contract at a reasonable fee.

Another alternative will be for XXXX is to take minority Equity Stake out of the Foreign Portion of 80%, and be responsible for the management of the Power Plant’s operation.
The land for the site of the Power Plant has already been allocated with a size of 22 acres in Batticaloa Province with easy road access and also main power grid nearby, which will be part of the contribution by the XXXX to the Joint Venture project.

Based on the 10 years profitability projection, it is reasonable due to the favorable factors surrounding the project, to expect a Return of Investment (ROI) of 17%. ( If based on 80% Equity, it will be around 14%). In conclusion, the Waste to Energy Power Plant in Batticaloa in Sri Lanka, is a very viable project due to the fixed financial income with assurance of supply of sufficient feed-stocks, high rates for electricity off-takes, as well as world class technology, yet economical, more durable and little maintenance requirement.