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Coal Mining in South Kalimantan – Indonesia

Project Cost: $ 3,451,554

Amount Invested : $ 46,296

Amount Required : $3.4 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: others (Mining)

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

Begins with our experience in a mining company, We had formed a new company that fully dedicates its resources to trade minerals or others mine products. The expertise we gained from experience in a mine company, especially in the mine management, quality control of product until shipment, and trading coal.
We are from CV. Hidayah, as the Coal Mining, General Contractor and Trading in South Kalimantan precisely in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The company is engaged in general contracting, coal mining and coal trading. Where the company has a license from the government of Indonesia to address the above-mentioned fields. Other than that the company is already registered in the notary\’s office in banjarmasin.

The company won the trust of the owner of the concession to mine in the area that they have, so we have letter the holder single partnership from the owner of concession. Mr. Syamsul Alam Ashady: Director has 9 years’ experience job in General Contractor, Trading and Mining and Heavy Equapment Dealer. 4 Year as managing operational company. In 2009 syamsul already holds 20 branch companies engaged in the automotive field as Purchasing Manager.

Mr. Syamsul Alam Ashady never plays a role as an operational manager at two different companies, namely in 2008 and 2012. Where the calculation as operations manager for 4 years. He handles general contractor companies, coal mining and coal trading. He had handled directly in the field of coal mining, so the direction and instruction to be more effective and efficient to achieve the desired targets.

Mr. Syamsul Alam Ashady focusing on the Energy and Natural Resources Industry and will continue to use a good relationship with several companies and international business development experience to build a CV. Hidayah as a major energy and power of Natural Resources in South Kalimantan – Indonesia.

Product / Service Description:

Coal Mining with Binuang, Province Tapin, South Kalimantan with an area of 543,10 hectares and deposit estimated that 30,000,000 MT with calorie value in Mine is GAR 4500 KCal. The stripping ratio is 1: 4 with a thickness of coal that is 4 – 8 meters. And the houling distance as far as 32 KM to Port/Jetty is KPP (Kalimantan Prima Persada) that have mileage to the vessel for 18 Hours.

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Syamsul Alam Ashady (
Company Name: CV. Hidayah
Postal Address : Jl. Nakula IV Blok VIIIC No.11 Rt.025 Rw.003 Komplek Bumi Pemurus Permai
State : Banjarmasin
Post Code : 70248
Country : Indonesia
Telephone : +625113264437
Website : n/a
Mobile: +6281351446500

UPM Innovation to Commercialised projects seeking Corporate Partners

Project Cost: RM200k – RM4mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

energy / natural resources
restaurants / f&b
biotechnology / healthcare
industry products

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

In the effort of UPM to strive forward, the university has accelerated its pace with regard to technology transfer to benefit local industries/companies, thus depending less on importing expensive foreign technologies. As a multidisciplinary higher learning institution, the university is all geared into addressing challenges from the fields of science and technology, economics and management, engineering, environmental studies, nutritional science, medicine, information technology, education, humanities as well as language and communication.

Product / Service Description:

UPM Innovation Open Day : Prospering through Innovation is a promotional commercialisation event showcasing technologies and expertise of 16 faculty and 9 institute of UPM.

Business Opportunity:

With a pool of experts from a diverse array of areas and state of the art facilities, we strive to stay ahead in creating breakthroughs.

Revenue Model: Licensing Technologies

Management Team:

PSP-UPM works with researchers to attract corporate partners that can bring inventions and discoveries to the marketplace through technology licensing agreements. Technology licensing agreements promote the development and commercialization of UPM technologies by granting rights to commercialise such technologies to companies in return for agreeable licensing fee, royalties, equity and other fees. PSP will assist throughout the agreement process. In negotiating technology licensing agreements, we strive to ensure that the needs and interests of UPM and Industries are met. Central to this effort is our duty to protect and preserve the independence, values and interests of the university`s research community, including academic freedom, scientific integrity, the pursuit of knowledge and open exchange of ideas and information.

Current Status:

Our scores: Highest R&D grant received RM97.4 million
Number of IP protections yearly = 100+
Number of Commercialised technologies = 70
Current Success – Commercialisation of a Vaccine = RM4 million

Exit Strategies: Government policy


Asrizam Esam (
Company Name: Putra Science Park
Postal Address : UPM-MTDC Building , Universiti Putra Malaysia, Jalan Maklumat
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43400
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-89471294
Website :


Johor agarwood project

Johor agarwood project – It has very good return 32% IRR and ROI 1.73 time and very safe to derive at this return (due to the structure of the deal where I lock in 4000 trees)
Facts of situation

XXX is a Malaysian company, principle business is to inoculate agarwood trees. 20% of the company is held by a Taiwanese. The rests Malaysians
XXX has secured the rights to inoculate more than 50,000 trees.
One of the projects is a 14,000 matured trees sitting on 3 titles of land in same area, of which XXX has secured the rights to inoculate and incur all cost but in return, will be entitled to 50% of the revenue.
XXX is shifting 4000 out of the 7000 trees into a company (Newco) where we are invited to invest.Approach
XXX will inoculate these 14,000 trees in method that is suitable for Taiwanese buyers, of which predominantly will use it for traditional Chinese medicine
These buyers have issued buying contract/obligation to products to be produced by XXX
The 14,000 trees will be harvested by 2016 or 2017 for these Taiwanese market
Projected return of the company will be RM 8 mil based on average harvest of RM 2,000 per tree
The Deal to Us

Investors will invest RM 1.55 mil for 50% of the Newco. Investors will get RM 1.5 mil worth of Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares and 50% paid up capital of Newco
Newco will pay RM 1.5 mil to buy 2000 trees.
XXX will inject 2000 trees for 50% ordinary shares of Newco
RCPS will be redeemed by RM 3.1 mil of the company’s profit.
Newco has 4000 trees to derive at this profit
Subsequently, 50% shareholding will be bought out by XXX at par
Due Diligence

Verification of Taiwanese market – need a visit to Taiwan to see the Agarwood application market
Confirmation of acceptance of technology – verify with Taiwanese buyers
Verification of XXX owning the trees – need to vet the agreements
Identification of 14,000 trees – need to count the trees
Other matter

Payment of 2% annual management fees and 20% of profit sharing to Capital
Will apply for Bio Nexus status for this company
If agreeable to invest, need to pay a 10% refundable deposit before visit to Taiwan
Investors can be syndicated from various people with minimum amount of RM 250,000 per investor


Clean Technology, zero waste mangement project

Our proposed project is based in Malaysia. Malaysia, together with Indonesia are the world’s largest palm oil producers in the world. They consume 40% of the world’s total fertilizer production annually. Malaysia produces 21 million tons of oil palm waste per year, an environment hazard.

There are 420 oil palm mills in Malaysia, only about 40 have implemented waste management control, however, none of the systems todate is as superior and efficient as ours. The attached power-point slides presentation on CDM on Composting show the difference between our Invessel System as opposed to the conventional Windrow System.

Our technology is patent pending for Malaysia & Indonesia. Our zero waste technology processes 100% of liquid and solid oil palm wastes into organic compost fertilizer. The system has been proven to be the best option and solution to reduce global warming effect, in accordance with research report by the Institute of Agricultural Technology and Biosystem Engineering, Germany.

We are proposing to build the first plant, capital cost for each plant is RM 41 million (approx. US$ 14 million ) . We plan for 10 plants over 5-7 years. Each plant produces minimum 36,000 tons of compost fertilizer, from about 72,000 tons of oil palm solid wastes. This is a small step towards resolving a huge environmental problem.

We are able to secure debt financing up to 70-80% from lenders such as the Malaysian Development Bank if we can secure an equity investor. This project qualifies for zero tax status in Malaysia, an incentive to invest in oil palm waste management projects in Malaysia.( We are open to any structure of financing, whether equity or debt or a combination of both.


Film Production: The Movie Poster Ghost

Project Cost: RM300,000

Amount Invested: RM150,000

Amount Required: RM300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: nil

Proposed Investor’s Role: nil

Industry: Movie Production

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:
-date of Penang
-berminat in productions
-pengalaman handle productions a year
-cita ideals like film

Product / Service Description:
-amat interested in film Ghost pole and received on youtube (episodic stories 1 to 6) I believe the film “Ghost Poster The Movie”
-have team RND company
-We also have the class and music class

Business Opportunity:
To make a movie, to handle relatively high cost. I am confident to make a ghost movie poster for youtube channel deamira already finished and has followers who tersendiri.Dengan result of our professional editors I was 100% sure this film will get the highest rating.

Revenue Model:
DE Amira Motion Picture one of the companies seeking bakat2 acting on all ages. This class received all ages.

Management Team:
Asma Corporation – CEO
Fazlina Radzuan -COO
Azizul Abidin – Cheaf of RnD Team
Team -RnD Abdullah Abd Razak
Mohd Sharizan Padzil – RnD Team

Current Status:
Investments that have been made ​​so far by the existence of RM100,000 acting classes and music classes as well as group DELOVA marketing unit. Classes are between RM50 and RM500 only. We also take orders for commercial video ads from companies that have products and so on. Video commercial ads RM20,000 45seconds-

Funding Milestone:
If we accept that we will utilize the funds in full to make movies Ghost The Movie Poster .This is the most important equipment of shooting and also pelakon2 famous.

Business Valuation: the advantage of investors:
-can be found in the location filming
-5% of film profits
-the name will appear on ending FILM
-will be awarded at each promotion FILM

Expected Return On Investment:
If the target company exceeds RM1 million movie … 5% will be given along with the number invester in target 2 years.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: The risk:
-Movie received no response because according to the time and manner of marketing.
– do not reach the target.

Exit Strategies: A variety of ways and can be negotiated.



Company address:
No 23, 1st Floor, Lorong Delima 1,
Taman Seri Delima, 14000 Bukit Mertajam

Telephone: 0195116898
Mobile: 019-5116898

Seeking RM1.3mil to kick start project: “16 units bungalows at Sepang”

Project: To develop 16 units bungalows at Sepang”
One of the government arms confirmed to buy over 12 units.
Project duration estimated around 18 months.

Total estimated project cost: RM13,000,000.00
We need only RM1,500,000.00 (11% of the total cost) to kick start the project.

Subsequently the cash flows will be generated from stage claim payments.

Investor’s ROI can be negotiated.

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Seeking funder to build 2 storey Semi-D at Penang

Project Cost: RM650,000

Amount Invested : RM5,000

Amount Required : RM650,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (house interior design)

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: engineering, others (construction)

Project Stage: concept

Information Memorandum:

Currently property demand on penang very high and there are a lot of condominium build at the island. Average selling price would be reach 400-600 psf. Penang people may not affortable on island property. Most of them are choose to buy house at mainland. This may one of the factor that mainland property demand keep increasing. Especially landed property at mainland.

Now I would like to plan build two landed semi-d at mainland near raja uda there and sell it. Steps for execute the project:
-Suitable land to buid the semi-d already found near raja uda
-Find architect/ID help us design the internal and external layout for bank valuation
-Find property agent/marketing help us to publish and sell the houses we plan to build
-Need a management team to handle site problem, those related project documents and Q&A from purchasers side.

Once we have buyers for those house, we can execute steps below
-Find lawyer to help us do everything regarding legal documents like S&P with purchaser
-Need an architect to cooperate with C&S and M&E consultant regarding the design layout to provide us drawing and BQ.
-Need find main contractor to quote base on drawing and BQ from architect
-For cost saving, we can find subcon separately and park under management team
-Need find electrical, plumbling, door & window, painting subcon contractor separately and provide drawings to them for quotation, These can handle by management team as well.
-Start to clear site by mobilization and excavation
Mangement team will start planning the work progress with consultant, main con and subcon.
-Progress claim from puchaser’s bank may help to cover the rest expenses on the project execution.

Estimated Total Cost: RM1,326,400
Target Total Selling Price: RM1,600,000

Contact Information

Jason (
Company Name: okkconstruct
Postal Address : No 12, Lorong Nakhoda 4, Taman Telok Air Tawar
State : Penang
Post Code : 13050
Country : Malaysia
Telephone :
Website :
Mobile: 0166640599

Flying Inflatable Boat (FIB)

Amount Invested: Existing and Ongoing

Amount Required: RM100,000 / FIB unit

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale and marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as a mentor
as consultant

tourism / hospitality
others (flying adventure)

Project Stage:
others (Existing and Ongoing)

Information Memorandum:

Greeting 1 Malaysia,

First time in Malaysia! FLYING INFLATABLE BOAT (FIB) or Flying Boat Float. Countries outside the FIB boat is very popular for the purpose of ‘adventure’, for flight sports, for fishing in the lake or river that can not be passed by ordinary vehicles and multi-purpose again. Very enjoyable because of land can land straight into the sea, river, lake, or vice versa. Can fly as high as 500 feet above sea level and cost up to 2 hours. FIB can be put on tow boats as usual, and carry anywhere. It is suitable for tourism and can generate revenue very unusual.

Due to the FIB has just introduced in Malaysia, FIB POLARIS (M) SDN BHD opportunities to those who like to buy FIB this contract and leases to our flight club for the purpose of promoting the introduction to the rest of Malaysia in collaboration with TOURISM MALAYSIA soon. Of course, your investment will generate revenue in the FIB very fancy and pretty!

Here’s how this investment is carried out with the details:

Flying Inflatable Boat (FIB) The FIB 503 worth RM100,000 model that plugs manufactured in Kuantan, Pahang. The factory is owned by FIB POLARIS (M) SDN BHD, which also owns FLYING ADVENTURE CLUB which was established earlier this year.

What we offer is for investors to buy these from FIB FIB POLARIS (M) SDN BHD with RM100,000 in which the purchase price is valid for one year contract. Once the purchase is made, and one-year contract was signed, FIB will be leased to FLYING ADVENTURE CLUB for promotional purposes in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia to be carried out this year.

Adventure Flying Club will pay returns for investors beginning of the following month after the contract is signed RM7,000 per month x 12 months contract = RM84,000 profit (eg sign a contract in May, the beginning of June). When an investor purchases the contract expires, the Adventure Flying Club will reimburse RM100,000 to investors. So at the end of a 12 month contract, the investor will earn a profit of 84%, payable in monthly installments @ RM7,000 + RM100,000 principal investors.

Your earnings in short:
If you are investing for:
1 unit FIB: profit of RM7,000 per month x 12 months = RM84,000 + RM184,000 to RM100,000 =
2 units FIB: profit of RM14,000 per month x 12 months = RM168,000 + = RM368,000 to RM200,000
3 FIB unit: profit $ 21,000 per month x 12 months = RM252,000 + RM552,000 to RM300,000 =
…….. and so on.
The total investment is open to the ability of investors and investors may repeat this contract whenever you can.
Note: For funding under RM100,000 please refer to me.


Contact Information

Dr Norain (
Company Name: Polaris FIB (M) Sdn Bhd
Postal Address: 474, 1st Floor, Jalan Beserah, Kuantan
State: Pahang
Post Code: 25250
Country: United States
Telephone: +60148830060
Mobile: +60148830060

If interested, or for factory visits / club, please call / sms @ 014-8830060 for further procedure.

Best regards,

Dr Norain,



Logging Project in Sarawak

Project Cost: RM6million

Amount Invested : RM1.5million

Amount Required : RM4.5million

Knowledge / Experience Required: n/a

Proposed Investor’s Role: n/a

Industry: others (Forestry)

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

Logging project in Sarawak (3000 Hectares)
Legal concession with export licence
Managers with more than 40 years experience in logging and timber production and export
With ready buyers and markets
Require investment to buy heavy machinery and for working capital
Capital input can be in stages
Guaranteed multiple times ROI in 3 years

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BAM National Badminton League 2013


First ever National Badminton League

Sanctioning bodies
– Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)
– Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM)
– Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN)
– Ministry of Youth & Sports (MYS)
– Sports Commissioner (SC)

The key elements of what the event stands for includes the following:
– The first BAM National Badminton League in Malaysia-
– A full promotional programme leading up to the Event.
– An “up close” Event where spectators feel very much of being part of the sport.
– Development opportunities of the sporting element around the Event.

Longevity through a minimum 3 year agreement
Inaugural Event held in August 2013 at Stadium Bukit Juara and Stadium Titiwangsa
Television coverage/ Full marketing campaign
The Event has developed a resort feel for players and spectators alike in central Kuala Lumpur.
Attracting the best players in the country

About the Organizers:-

Badminton League Malaysia Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2011 by two partners Lee Kok Choong and Yap Zhi Chau.

Lee and Chau both shared a common passion for promoting Badminton as our true national sport. Our vision is to bring back the glory of world-class badminton to Malaysia. This became the driving force behind our mission and objectives.

With 11 years of event experience in Lee’s family badminton business (Michael’s Badminton Academy & Sports Sdn Bhd) which among several renown accolades earned them a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records for largest badminton tournament and hall, 6 years of Chau’s badminton online presence ( and global networking which brought sports tourism a refreshing dimension, this was indeed a promising partnership formula for success.

Event Overview

Dates : Round 1- Round 7 – August 15th to August 18th Semi Final & Final – August 24th & August 25th
Venue : Stadium Juara & Stadium Titiwangsa
Sanctioning : BAM, OCM, NSC, SC,
Format of Play : 8 local clubs to be pre-selected 3 singles, 2 doubles (Thomas Cup format – Men’s Event) Round Robin format for Preliminary Rounds; Top 4 teams in the league will play in the knockout stages.(Semis Finals & Finals)
Prize Purse : RM 1,000,000
Spectators : Targeted over 5,000 spectators to visit during the event.
Media Broadcast : The Event will televise to an audience of over 300,000 households.
Website & Social Media: Targeted over 100,000 unique users.
PR Value : Targeted to exceed RM 5,000,000 in local media value.

Badminton has a long and glorious history in Malaysia. Although it’s not born here, Malaysians have already adopted this sport as their own. It’s without doubt badminton is our national sport. We as a Badminton nation have won many international tournaments from the day we started competing on the international scene. In fact we won the first 3 Thomas Cup in a row when this tournament was first started in year 1949. The Thomas Cup event is equivalent to World Cup in Football.

Over the years, Malaysia has produced many great players who ruled the badminton scene. Players like Chan Peng Soon, Eddy Choong, Punch Gunalan, the Sidek brothers, Foo Kok Keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Ong Ewe Hock and of course the current World No. 1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

All these players and many more of them that weren’t mentioned, were top players in the international scene. This is also the reason why Badminton is so much followed in Malaysia. There is a huge talent pool to choose from.

But until now, even though Badminton is so popular here, there aren’t any Professional Badminton leagues being organized in Malaysia. Countries like Denmark, China and Indonesia all powerhouses of Badminton have Professional Leagues of their own.

Hence, we are organizing the Badminton League in Malaysia that will be participated by Professional Badminton Clubs, It is our vision to make this league the most popular Badminton League in the World and make Malaysia ‘the’ place for Badminton. Just like England is famous for the English Premier Leauge (Football), USA is famous for the NBA (Basketball) and India is famous for the IPL (Cricket).

There are many more examples of successful professional sports league but for our research purpose, we have used the above 3 sports leagues to present the potential for a sports event to becoming a viable and thriving business.

The main sources of income of Professional sports league are broadcasting money, title sponsorship money, radio contract money and commercial contract money. For instance, the EPL is currently generating about £3.5bn a year from broadcasting rights alone and another £40mil to £50mil a year from Title sponsorship. As for the NBA, it is currently generating about $ 1bn a year from broadcasting right alone and millions more from sponsorships.

The above 2 leagues have been established for many years and has come a long way to achieve the popularity and fan base that it posses now. But with the IPL example, it was only established for 6 years and the current brand value is already at $ 2.9bil. It earns around $100mil in broadcasting rights and around $15mil annually from sponsorships.

We know for a fact that a successful sports league can generate substantial revenue and we believe that our Badminton League will be successful too because we have put in many hours of research, studies and also garnered the official sanction from BAM and support from all sports bodies.

We both have been in the badminton industry for some years and we understand the industry. We have a good relationship with the Professional players and clubs and we also have great ideas to make the content interesting. We are currently seeking the initial funding to kick start and guarantee the launching of this league and also a seasoned investor to help us on striking broadcasting rights deals and sponsorship deals.

Contact Information

For further information, kindly contact us at Badminton League Malaysia Sdn Bhd:-

1) Mr KC Lee 012-2330508
2) Mr. Yap Zhi Chau 012-2235045