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Class 1 electrical contractor seeking RM2mil project financing

Project Title : 9 Project

Project Cost: 43 million

Amount Invested : 3 million

Amount Required : 2 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time

Industry: engineering

Project Stage:
second stage expansion

Information Memorandum:

We are Class 1 electrical contractor firm which was establish in 2007 and we are register with TNB A, CIDB G7, MOF,SPAN, PKK 1 ,TELEKOM and ISO 9001:2008. Off hand we success to secure 9 project in hand which was about 43 million for 2 years. Most of our contract is from reputable listed company. There is few of the project almost handing over wile another 5 just newly get awarded. We are looking for for investor who really can finance for upcoming project, and we are looking for some one who really exsperience in electrical contracting line so we can grow even more faster and stronger.

Contact Information

Eric Ng (
Company Name: xxx
Postal Address : xxx
State : Kuala lumpur
Post Code : 54100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : xxx
Fax : xxx
Mobile: 0162211772

Asia eCommerce Conference Business

Project Cost: 1 million

Amount Invested : 100k

Amount Required : 500’000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

RebleX Business Group Sdn.Bhd aims to organize International Conference & Exhibition with the targeted business environments in Asia, Middle East and the west Pacific region. We are committed to produce World Class Conference and Exhibition based on various industries from Information Technology, Banking, Telecommunications, Oil& Gas, and Automobile and not limited to Leadership Conference eg: CEO Forum Asia.

We will brand ourselves as a Asia’s leading conference organizer and utilize “Asia” as our branding approach such as Asia eCommerce Conference ( and leveraging the business to others Asia region eg: Asia eCommerce Conference-Thailand, Indonesia, Shanghai and etc. This does not limit to be expanded to other Western Country such as Cloud World Conference and eCommerce Conference Europe that based on different countries and these will be leveraged through organizing the conference in Europe and other non-Asia country.

Contact Information

Felex Tan (

Company Name: RebleX Business Group Sdn Bhd

Postal Address : 16C-1, 3rd Floor,Jalan Pandan 3/6A,
Pandan Jaya,55100,Kuala Lumpur.
State : WP
Post Code : 55100
Country : MALAYSIA
Telephone : 03-4131 8110
Fax : 03-4131 8110
Mobile: 0123970435

College in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah seeking RM1million short term funding.

XXX International College is a college established under XXX Training Academy. We provide tertiary education to SPM or O-level leaver to pursue their studies in Business or Tourism faculties. Established since 2004 and start operating in 2005 we have almost eight(8) years experience in education line. Line with experience top managements and support by capable 42 staffs and lecturers. Total student population is amount to 528 students with 50 international students. Among these 528 students we have around 311 active students still paying their tuition fees either by themselves or via PTPTN.

We need a total of MYR 1 mill only and this is for our operational cost for six(6) month from January 2013 until we receive PTPTN payment by June 2013 and also to pay Marketing commission. For information, our operational cost is MYR170,000 per month.

By June 2013 we will be receiving MYR800,000 and if the recruitment achieve their minimum target of 200 student by June intake. Then another MYR720,000 from PTPTN by September 2013. From September onwards, we are confident enough to gain profit and strengthen our financial standing.

As of now, XXX does not have the capital to run until July 2013. Therefore we looking for investors that willing to give us an immunity, so that we can reach there.

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Iron ore trading business seeking short term loan

Project Cost: Rm5 million

Amount Invested : Rm100000

Amount Required : Rm 4.9 million

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

energy / natural resources

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

Hi my name is Faiz and i am from Xplor Resources Sdn Bhd. We are a resources trading company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are currently involved in the trading of iron ore supplies and also metallurgical coal.

Our company has recently managed to reach an agreement with our buyer which is an international trading company based in Hong Kong to supply iron ore. We are seeking for a short term loan of rm 4.9 million fo a period of 6-12 month. The funds raised will be used as a working capital to acquire the supplies of iron ore at discounted price by purchasing in cash. We guarantee a return on invested capital of 1.5% each month up till the end of our loan term. We are planning to have the first shipment out in December 2012.

Contact Information

Faiz suffian (
Company Name: Xplor Resources Sdn Bhd
Postal Address :
Level 26, Menara Citibank,165 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
State : Wilayah persekutuan
Post Code : 50450
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0321697350
Fax : 0321697312
Mobile: 0177612333

Iron ore mine land JV opportunity

Approximately 62,000 acres of iron ore mine land. We are not expecting one investor to take up the entire land but at least a minimum of 1000 acres. We have 2 nearby ports for logistic purpose. Interested investors have to do their own exploration in the land that we will provide.


1. For 1000acres, estimated deposit is around 20million metric tonnes to 100million metric tonnes and its gona be surface mining.

2. Estimated grade is around 57 to 62.

3. Expecting a JV venture, where we will come out with the land and the investor to come out with the financial investment to operate the mine. The proposed JV share ratio will be 51% for the investor and 49% for the state government.

4. If the investor is not keen for JV, they can operate the iron ore mine by themselves 100% but some sort of profit sharing have to be agreed which is subject to negotiation.

5. The Geologist or COA ( Certificate of Analysis ) report is not available for the land as its still a virgin land with iron ore deposits. I sincerely advice you to bring your own geologist and do your own exploration to get a genuine result.

6. For 1000acres, the initial exploration work where rental of machinery needed and that will cost you approximately RM300k to RM500K. Secondly, approximately RM10 million to RM15 million over a period of 3 to 6 months during mining operation depending on the size of the operation. You will get a break even after a maximum of 7 to 10 months with a minimum production of 20k metrics ton per month.

7. What i have sent you is just a summary but document evidence will be presented in the meeting session if the investor is really keen to proceed. The documents are confidential in nature hence we will arrange a meeting session to table it.

Green / Sustainable Property Investment Fund Seeking Private Investors


Total investment amount is RM15 million for 15% of asset management fees from xxx Series 1 (“The Fund”). This is structured as non-cumulative redeemable preferred shares in xxx Capital (“The Asset Manager”). The asset management fees includes both annual and performance fees from the Fund.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Expected dividend payable annually is 22% per annum tax exempt returns (equivalent to 30% per annum gross returns) obtained within 3 years. Tax exemption is enjoyed until financial year 2016.


Redemption is in 5 years and this redemption is principal protected and secured by common share holdings in the Fund by xxx Capital or its appointed nominees. This holdings has a minimum investment amount of RM10 million (about 70% of total investor amount).

About Us

xxx Capital is the first Green or sustainable private equities investment firm in Malaysia. Its mission is to mainstream investments in the Green Economy. xxx Capital’s vision is to future proof our investors’ portfolio to various impending risks whilst becoming the premier sustainable investment management firm in the region. xxx Capital’s motto, ‘Stewardship of Sustainable Investments’, exemplifies its strong commitment to responsible investments with a special emphasis on sustainable property investments. Our value propositions are sustainable investment insights, commercially sustainable leadership and providing targetted attractive returns on portfolios of sustainable investments.

xxx Capital has Malaysian Securities Commission (SC) approvals to manage private equity investments by individual High Net Worth (HNW) and institutional investors. Specifically, the SC approvals are to manage investors within a single account (Type 1: C/A0064/VCM/2009) as well as provide portfolio diversification through a combined Fund account (Type 2: C/A0068/VC/2009). The combined Fund account is called xxx Green Fund Series 1 incorporated as xxx Series 1 Sdn. Bhd. Both accounts have their trustees held by Mayban Trustees Berhad.

ImASIA Mobile payment and transaction ecosystem

Project Title : DO IT

Project Cost: 50 million RM

Amount Invested :

Amount Required : 15 million

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia; financial services

Project Stage: start-up

More Information:

ImASIA Group of Companies through its ImASIA Mobile is looking for partner to participate in Mobile payment and transaction ecosystem. Our global payment and transaction technology have been designed to improve both convenience and safety for consumers, businesses, financial institutions, MNO, MVNO, MVNE and governments, enabling them to use digital currency via they mobile instead of cash, credit cards, debit card and checks.

Our Technology “Do IT”, is a fully legal payment instrument that is implemented with general principles similar to those of payment cards,using a four party transaction scheme. However, “Do IT” is an entirely new solution that takes advantage of the best characteristics of payments cards, alternative payment methods, and mobile telephony, thus opening up new possibilities and features unseen to date in competing payment instruments.

“Do IT” represents an opportunity to provide new services and payment products, enhancing consumers payment experience. Our “Do IT” technology transforms automatically any existing mobile phone, in an all-in-one transaction instrument, with no need of phone modification or new software, that make our solution totally independent of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and mobile manufacturer. Our solution immediately work with any mobile phone in the market, enabling consumers to collect and redeem bonus points, pay for products and services, top up the balance on pre-paid phone accounts, pay bills, redeem coupons, send and receive funds, use mobile tickets (or in you case buy collect, redeem or validate air line Ticket), and buy and send electronic gifts.

Compared to other innovative technology, our “Do IT” solution is substantially more secure than other services currently available on the market. Transactions are executed over a special communications channel, which is a part of the GSM network eco-system, and the user is identified on the communications transport layer (mobile phone MSISDN) as well as on the application layer (unique to the user PIN) which ensures system access security.

The ImASIA Mobile Network is very cost effective in setup and operations for telecommunications operator, and the merchants, which provide an easy integration and gives access to a complete variety of services, including merchant offers that are tailored to consumers\’ lifestyles and locations, transaction alerts and mobile payments at the point of sale and on the go, to improves consumer purchase experience and security.

The primary benefit for us and our partners is focused on new revenue stream, essentialy from each transactions, platform fees, terminal rental, and the potential for new customer acquisition as an additional benefit for us and our partners. If the merchant acceptance infrastructure becomes widely available, consumers may view the technology as a convenience and purchase products or services that are \”Do IT\” enabled, which will increase customer retention. With \”Do IT\” , we will focus on it\’s core competencies and minimize for our partners the risk and cost of new infrastructure, as well as fraud, privacy and risk as management are handled by ImASIA Processing Center, a trusted platform. Therefore, we would like to follow up and explain further to your group on the above system and its huge potential opportunities.


Tanitek Bio Organic Fertilizer

Project Cost: 2.5 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management; strategy; production; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as mentor; as consultant

Industry: agriculture; biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: concept; seed; start-up

Information Memorandum:

Who We Are

Tanitek is the producer of Grow Bio, a one of its kind bio organic fertilizer that can significantly increase yield, improve crops health and repair soil conditions. It is a top class bio organic fertilizer that is unrivaled in terms of price and performance. Our objectives at Tanitek is to bring a green and cheaper alternative to the industry, vastly improve productivity of growers, help reduce the dependencies on chemical fertilizers and keep the environment green. We believe this is the future of agriculture this is the direction that the market is moving. The timing is right for this venture as prices of minerals and chemicals have skyrocketed in the past few years. The effect of the usage of chemicals also caused huge environmental and health issues that directly or indirectly costing everyone from growers to the consuming public. Fertilizer is a 9.17 billion Ringgit industry in Malaysia in 2010 alone. Therefore, we are very positive that there is a massive opportunity to enter the market successfully with Grow Bio.

Tanitek is founded by two entrepreneurs: Mukhlis Baharuddin and Azzuwan Aziz who have been involved in the biotech and fertilizer industry for a few years prior to setting up the company. They found their gems, Grow Bio as a result of their adventure into the industry after a following a trail of learning and searching and experimentation.

What We Sell

We produce Grow Bio, a perfectly balanced bio organic fertilizer with special blend of species of microbes and fungi. It is a premium bio organic fertilizer product which offer dramatic improvement in crops yield and health and restoration of the soil and it is suitable for all types of crops. Grow Bio is a products that is in a class of its own. Organic and bio organic product in the market suffered from inconsistencies in nutrients output compositions or nutrients release capability that makes them unsuitable for mainstream usage. Grow Bio is the first bio organic fertilizer product in Malaysia that has the capability of stable release of micro nutrients that ensure consistent result. It’s nutrients output consistency and it\’s multiplying effect on productivity, coupled with its relatively competitive price make Grow Bio a viable alternative to chemical fertilizer in many commercial crops.

Who We Sell To

Grow Bio is applicable to all types of crops. Therefore, we sell to everyone that grows anything! Basically we market to all types of growers and planters for example:
• Big plantations
• Small holders
• Individual farmers
• Parks
• Orchards
• Gardeners
• Hobbyists
• Nurseries

There are 6.89 million hectares of cultivated land in Malaysia according to the statistics from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and every single acre can be fertilized with Grow Bio. It’s that simple!
Financial Summary

Tanitek is planning to setup a new production plant, establish distribution channels and embark on a full scale marketing campaign nationwide .Implementation of the plans will entail the following notable items:
• RM 80,000 to set up a new factory with 600 metric tonnes holding areas and a small microbiology lab for soil and bio input analysis.
• RM 150,000 to acquire machinery that will be used for mixing and packaging.
• RM 50,000 to setup 2 warehouses in Kedah and Pahang.
• RM 80,000 will be needed to purchase bio inputs (bacteria, fungi) and composts
• RM 800,000 will be spent on salaries of 25 people for 12 months in the first year of operation.
• RM 400,000 will be allocated for marketing purposes that will involved television, radio and newspaper advertisements. This will includes appearance in live segments of popular television stations and also participation in expositions and exhibitions around the country.

Based on our analysis, we need around 2.1 million Ringgit to maintain a good working capital and cash flow. We are going to achieve this by seeking funds from any of these sources:
• Private investors
• Institutional investors
• Government grant

We are expecting sales for the first year to reach 6,000 Metric Tonnes which translates to 18 million ringgit in revenues. This number is based on the targeted market penetration of about 0.6% or equivalent to about 2907 hectares of oil palm plantation. This is roughly the size of a combination of to 3 or 4 small and medium sized private plantations. Just for comparison, the total size of oil palm land in 2010 is around 4.5 million hectares. Majority of the sales will be driven by direct sales which will amount to 60% of total sales. The remaining 40% will come from large private and quasi government plantations. We expect sales to increase by twofold in the fourth quarter of second year operation.

Contact Person

Azzuwan (
Postal Address : H1-2-203, Persiaran Meranti, Bandar Sri Damansara
State : Selangor
Post Code : 52200
Country : Malaysia
Telephone :
Fax :
Mobile: 016-9707071

Oil Palm Plantation Take Over, Sabah

Project Cost: RM2,000,000

Amount Invested : na

Amount Required : na

Display Contact Information : Yes

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as mentor

Industry: agriculture

Project Stage: na

Information Memorandum:

Growing global demand for edible oils and biomass fuel has resulted in tremendous increase in the demand for oil palm, thus mark a significant leaps in oil palm production and planted area. With its easy maintenance and high production, oil palm is a highly profitable agricultural investment with a production life span of 20 to 22 years. Fruit production also increase with an average of 15% per year with the plant’s maturity and reaches its peak production at age 6 or 7. Upon full maturity, aged oil palm can be removed and replaced with new oil palm of which shall commence production within 2½ years.

Having worked in the oil palm plantation and experienced in opening up new land for oil palm plantating, we are well verse with the income generating potential of an oil palm plantation and we have identify a 600 hectares of oil palm plantation located in Ulu Bongawan, Membakut, Sabah, Malaysia for the purpose of taking over. The said plantation has been planted with oil palm ranging from 2½ years to 4 years of age, with current production of 900 metric ton per month and expected to reach 1500 metric ton per fortnight at peak production. Ulu Bongawan is situated 60km from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu and easily accessible by road. There is an established collection center near the plantation thus selling outlet is readily available at this area.

The funding required is RM2,000,000 to fund the acquisition of land, vehicle, plantation equipment and working capital for 6 months in order to take over a 500 acres oil palm plantation.

Contact Information

Chalvador Masandul (

Postal Address : Lot F216, Block F, Ganang Villa, Jalan Ganang, 88250 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
State : Sabah
Post Code : 88250
Country : Malaysia

Telephone : 088413395
Mobile: 0195304528

ePerolehan Directory 2012

Project Cost: RM 492,700.00

Amount Invested : RM 180,000.00

Amount Required : RM 312,700.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: others (Publishing)

Project Stage: seed

More Information:

The project is a joint initiative between our company, Trendnexus Sdn Bhd and Commerce Access Sdn Bhd – a subsidiary of Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd (CDC) – capitalizing on the renowned ePerolehan, the Exclusive eProcurement solution for the Malaysian government.

The Commercialization of ePerolehan Directory 2012 is basically turning the directory from a cost center for CDC into a profit center. TrendNexus, as a media company, realizes the very high value of the said directory as a commercial media since it is a main reference to over 36,000 government procurement managers & officers. For the 140,000 companies registered in ePerolehan, it is a MUST to be highly visible in the directory.

The directory (as a media) offers high visibility and exposure of the advertisers, sponsors and premium listers directly to their main target audience – the 36,000 Government procurement officers all over the country, as well as GLC\’s and SME\’s. The comprehensive registration and renewal (profiling) process of ePerolehan system makes the directory the most up-to-date, most validated / reliable and most accurate business directory in the market.

The total projected revenue of the project is RM 5,387,400.00 over the contract period of 12 months, with 50% nett profit share between the two companies.

The initial funding sourced to assist in mobilizing the project is RM200k to cover for the shortfall at the beginning of the project. We are looking at a short term loan in the period of 6-8 months with an interest allocation offered at 20% per annum.