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Swiftlet Farming

Swiftlet Farming Investment is a ONE-time investment and you can reap the increasing profits for several generations. Your investment will be double secured as you invest in not just the farm but the property as well. It is a double investment. Either type of investment will fetch you good returns.

In Swiftlet Farming Investment, you don’t have to face the headache of managing staff or workers and servicing customers or entertain suppliers. No office working hours, meeting, piles of paper work, frequent travels etc. You can enjoy your life with no stress, no worry, no anxiety and pressure and yet you can afford a luxury life style and travel around the world for holidays.

Below show Income base on lowest yield record (which is half of good yield record). For a 20ft x 80ft double storey bird house

Operating Income Birds Count Nest Build RM
First year Call 100 Birds to stay in and it multiply 3 times a year
Second year 400 birds 200 RM 7,000.00
Third Year x 3 1600 birds 800 28,000.00
Fourth year x 3 6400 birds 3200 112,000.00
Fifth Year x 3 25600 birds 12800 448,000.00
Sixth year and so on x 3 x 3 x 3

Operating Expenses RM
Electricity & Water per month 50.00
Misc _50.00
Total Expenses per month 100.00 only

Investment method

1) Build a permanent Swiftlet house on your own land
2) Use our demountable house which can be re located to any place in future and if you
decide not to continue with the business, we offer to resell the deountable house for you.
3) Convert your premises, such as shop lots, houses, or warehouse to a swiftlet house.
4) rent a swiftlet house from Artbuilders for trial basis.

We can train you to manage your own Swiftlet Farm, but in the case where you are
only interested in the investment, we can manage the farm for you base on long term
contract of profit sharing basis.

Computer generated animation film production

xxx Studios is a computer-generated (CG) animation film production house situated in the northern region of Malaysia. For the past few months, we have been working on a concept of developing a full flesh Stereoscopic 3D Animated feature film named “xxx”. Its a 93 Minutes full length Animated English movie.

We expect a high degree of profitability based on our business plan, as we will be focusing on broad market segment worldwide in the field of entertainment and coupled with the use of open source 3D technologies in this project, we are all out to set a new trend in this revolutionary industry. Our development team with their specialized knowledge in this field, our marketing strategy plus backing from GLC ( Government Linked Agencies ) such as KPERAK will be the cornerstone of our success

Total budget required for the development is USD 2.9mil. Together, the co-owners and GLC’s will fund USD1.05mil to meet the initial working capital requirements. We are currently pursuing for the remainder of finance on our project. The marketing strategy has been devised immensely for the proposed project, from product tagging to worldwide distribution. Investment offer ratio stands at 50:44:5:1, in respect to 50% for the Investor, 44% for Pixelbud Studios, 5% for Stakeholders & Advisors and 1% for the Project Development Team/Crew.

Eco-Luxury resort on the island in the Sipadan region


Project scope is to develop an Eco-Luxury resort on the island in the Sipadan region. The resort will be a luxury “destination” resort, with luxury, comprehensive activities and facilities including medi-spa, gym, nature walks and tours. The resort will also sponsor and manage a rehabilitation centre for wildlife brought in from the neighbouring Palm plantations. The resort will have the highest standards of construction, the finest interior decorating with influences from the local environment, and conform to all environmental standards as well as helping socially with training and jobs for local people.

The Market Opportunity – why Sipadan?

The reasons to invest in a resort in an island development in Sipadan include:
– It is world famous as one of the top dive spots in the world
– Unlike the more developed tourism areas of Bali, Phuket, Maldives, it is still very undeveloped with tourists loving the untouched locals, wildlife and environment
– There is little competition – this will be the first luxury destination resort in the area
– Room rates are extremely high – average 1,000RM per night per person
– International visitor numbers are increasing around 20% per year to the region and islands
– Supply of hotel rooms will always be limited as the region is quite small and conservation NGOs are putting stops and limits on developments.

Joint Venture – Directors

The project will be a Joint Venture (JV) between the founder and investor. To keep things simple, flexible and fast moving, we propose only these 2 persons/companies to be on the board of directors.

The project is initiated and managed by Australian manager who was sole Founder and Director for Asia Pacific’s most successful tourism company. After 8 years, the company has been sold to allow the director to now concentrate entirely on this new project.

The director will be backed by Asia Pacific’s most successful and talented individuals – in regards to architecture, development, F&B and spa operations. These will be employed on a contract basis only, with no shareholding.


The initial investment we are seeking to build 30 luxury pool villas is $9m USD total. This will also include a state of the art medi-spa, gym, restaurant, landscaping and staff quarters.

Payback from the initial investment will just be 4-5 years, and returns will be ongoing as we seek to create a loyal base of customers through programs seeking repeat and referral visitors.
Revenue per year is targeted at $4m, this is only room revenue. Additional revenue will be through F&B, tours, spa operations.

Operation costs are around $800k per year, allowing extra than normal resorts for more staff and training to excel in our service.

As well as excellent economic returns, the investor will also gain:

– International recognition as the owner of one of the leading resorts, if not the best, in Sabah. With international representation through Australia, NZ and the UK, we will aim to get the name through international media, to target the cream of luxury travellers.
– Helping the environment and local displaced wildlife that has been displaced with plantations
– Giving a new life to many local people through training and employment of otherwise underprivileged people
– Lifestyle – A large residential villa can be built and reserved for the investor to keep if desired so that there is always a permanent luxury residence for family and friends


A new holding company will be set up, incorporating the Investor and the Founder – with a mutually agreed equity split. The venture can last as long as mutually agreed by both parties.


The villas may be sold to individual investors, or the entire resort to a single investor – in which case, shares will be valued by professional valuer and proceeds will be split on exit.

The aim is that the resort will not be sold, and instead our profits will be reinvested in more developments as we build the brand of eco-lux boutique resorts through upcoming unexplored regions in Asia Pacific. E

Health Tourism

Xxxx Sdn Bhd (“Xxx” or the “Company”) brings the world of health tourism to the finger tips of the masses. Xxx’s portal allows its subscribing members to browse through its substantial list of participating hospitals who offer world class medical treatments. Not only are members able to choose which treatment they would like to have, they are also able to book flights, accommodation and exclusive tour packages offered at the website. Members will be able to pick and choose suitable packages in 5 destination countries; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India & the Philippines.

To further facilitate a seamless and borderless business, Xxx offers its members a device called the iPHER (“Individual Personal Health Electronic Record” or the “device”) which enables them to convert and store their entire history of medical records. Information mirrored from the device to the portal will also facilitate online medical consultation from over 2000 medical practitioners with the members prior to embarkation.

Supported by a 24×7 multi-lingual call center based in Malaysia, India & the Philippines, Xxx strives to provide world class customer service to visiting tourists. Armed with a customized Customer relationship Management (CRM) system the portal also allows its members to synchronize, back-up and restore information into the device. With USD2 million invested to date, 28 issued patents and over 20 world class private hospitals in negotiations for partnership, Xxx is poised to take the health tourism market by storm. There are no other organizations in the world at the present moment that offers a complete and total solution to individuals who wish to travel abroad for medical treatment. The iPHER is unmatched by current and visible future competitive offerings.


Open source EMR. Many countries have embarked on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) across their nations but have failed. This is due to the fact that many hospitals utilize Hospital Information Systems (HIS) that are not compatible with one another. With the iPHER, we have resolved the issues of protocol and incompatibility.

Patent-Protected Technology. The technology platform of the iPHER is protected by 28 patents which would make it very difficult for competition to duplicate. Currently it is the only device in the world that is stand-alone, able to store scientific medical images, videos, etc without any other external software or the need to be online.

Multi-Billion dollar global business. Global health tourism is a large and growing market, estimated by the Boston Consulting Group™ at USD20 Billion in 2006, growing to USD58 Billion by 2012.

Multiple revenue streams. The power of this investment comes from the marriage between the health tourism portal and the iPHER device. It generates not only sales income for the company but also recurring income, which is absent in most business models. Current model accounts for 5 different revenue streams with many more unaccounted for as there are many spin-offs that can be generated from this business.

First mover initiative. There are no similar offerings in the world at the moment that provides customers with choice. All other health tourism initiatives are conducted by hospitals themselves.

World Class Customer Service. The crux of this business is customer service. If Xxx positions itself as the concierge of every private hospital in the region, Xxx could very well take over the health tourism market of the world!

In-line with Government Initiatives. Almost every government in the region is gunning for the opportunity of earning foreign exchange from the health tourism industry. Hence market penetration into these countries will be encouraged by their respective governments.

In-line with Private Hospital Initiatives. Almost every private hospital in the region is gearing up for health tourism. Specialized floors have been designated for tourists, apartments/hotels being built to house families of these tourists. Multi-lingual personnel being hired to manage non-English speaking tourists. Hence they would welcome the portal with open arms as it would add to their bottom line.

Tremendous spin-offs. There are a lot of other businesses that can be generated from the portal eg. Data mining, pharmaceutical, software development, document imaging services, insurance etc

Passionate and visionary management team. The team has been working on the project for over 3 years now and has brought the company thus far, from a simple website to a full scale portal coupled with brick and mortar elements. They will continue to strive to bring the company to the next level.

Grants are available. The company is in the final stages of its MSC status application. It has also aligned itself with MIMOS initiatives in the field of semantics. There are many R&D funds that the company can acquire for software and hardware development.


Xxx is seeking USD12 million in equity financing. The business model is cash driven with minimal assets required. This is a sound investment opportunity, with the added advantage of tax free benefits (minimum 5 years with the possibility of up to 10 years) in Malaysia once Xxx is approved as a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) company. Being cash driven, there is every possibility that dividends could be declared immediately as returns to the shareholders. Xxx anticipates that this financing will be sufficient for the company to be profitable after 2 years. The Company may also undertake to consummate a reverse merger or public listing in the next 24 months.

Seeking RM1.5 mil Working Capital for Housing Projects

1 The Company – xxx Sdn Bhd

The Company was incorporated on the (xxx) of (xxx) 2010 with a Paid Capital of RM 1.5 mil to carry out Property Development and Construction Works, principally on a Joint Venture basis with the Government Authorities where payment will be very secure.

The Konsortium, while incorporated very recently, comprises of very experienced individuals as shown in the Company Profile attached. It can be seen that the Company has Mr Pee Kang Seng, a very experienced Civil Engineer leading a team of proven contractors to form a consortium of very efficient builders to undertake projects of medium sizes.

2 The Projects

2.1 Cadangan Perumahan……….di Cerang Guling, Kuala Trengganu

The Company has entered into an Agreement with Warisan Marang Sdn Bhd ( WM S/B, the Developer ) who has in turn, entered into an Agreement with Lembaga Tabung Warisan Trengganu ( LTW , the Land Owner ) to build 213 units of residential houses and shopoffices at Cerang Guiling, which is 20 km away from Kuala Trengganu town.

The Company shall assume the role of contractor as well as the marketing and sales of all the properties within the scheme,

In consideration of the above, the Company shall pay LTW a sum of RM 2.5 mil and WMS/B a sum of RM 1.5 mil on a quarterly basis over 24 months.

The first tranche of RM 600k was paid on April 2010. The next payment shall be due on April 2011 and thereafter every quarter.

All Buiding Plans have been approved and the Developer License has also been obtained in the name of Warisan Marang Sdn Bhd, whose role is only confined to assisting speedy Government Approvals for all submissions.

Currently, earthwork is in progress and is anticipated to complete by early April 2011 where upon the Company shall proceed to build 4 units of sample houses to launch the sales which hitherto has been very encouraging.

The project is expected to be completed within 20 months from the commencement of the sales.

2.2 Mawar Hotel in Johor Baru

This project is a 3 Star Hotel sitting on a piece of land belonging to the Majlis Wanita Johor under the patronage of the Consort of Sultan Iskandar comprising of 200 rooms plus other ancillary facilities.
The project is expected to cost RM 60 mil and shall be built on a Build, Finance , Lease and Transfer basis for a term of 40 years.

xxx Sdn Bhd has been requested by the Consort and her Personal Assistant, xxx to come up with a more detailed proposal and thereafter to proceed to build the hotel.

2.3 Perumahan 1 Malaysia

xxx has also made a presentation to Yang Berhormat Tuan Hj Jias bin Hj Sarday, the State EXCO of Dewan Undangan Negeri Johor recently to build a MIxed Development Scheme in Kluang comprising of a wet market, dry market, shopping complex, medium cost apartments, industrial shoplots and a boutique hotel.

The project shall be built on a piece of state land measuring 20 acres on a Build, Finance , Lease and Transfer basis.

2.4 Hostel for KPTM ( Kolej Politeknik MARA ) in Bangi and Cheras

The Company has also submitted an application to MARA to build student hostels for KPTM Bangi and KPTM Cheras which , upon completion can house 4000 and 2000 students respectively.

The Project is also expected to be built on a Build, Finance, Lease and Transfer basis over a period of 20 years.

3 Financial Requirement

In view of the Government’s call for more PPP Programmes ( Private Public Partnership Programme ), the Company , in view of its networkings, is desirous of enhancing its revenue and order books. Thus, it is imperative that the Company has sufficient working capital to appoint Architects and Planners to come up with the relevant concepts and proposals to impress upon the Government Authorities that schemes proposed by the Company is a Win-Win for both the Government and the Rakyat.

Planting of Aloe Saponaria with properties of Ginseng based on technology From Korea

Average ROE of the project is for three projected years of FY 2011 (P), FY 2012 (P) and FY 2013 (P) is approximately 32%.


Planting using Biotechnology Methods under license from Do Yeong Aloe, Korea. The planting of Aloe Saponaria with both Aloe and Saponin based on doubled haploid technology shall be provided by Korea upon the execution of a technology license agreement. Saponin are a structurally diverse class of glocosides comprising a central aglycon, ( non-sugar portion) which is typically a triterpenoid with sugars attached one of two locations ( C-3 and C-28) comprising the glocon. Sapnonins are widely found in plant genera including ginseng.

Extraction. Extracts from Aloe Saponaria shall be extracted based on methodology to be provided by DY upon the execution of licensing agreement.

Profiling and standardization. The ingredients in the extracts shall be profiled, determined and standardized with the assistance from both DY and research conducted locally.


The company’s main mission and objective is to become a regional exporter of extracts of Aloe and Saponim extracts and downstream end products of Aloe and Saponim extracts combined with Ginseng and other juices for the global market.


(i) Extracts -There is a ready market for extracts produced as DY has agreed to buy back under a buy back agreement to be executed of which the terms are presently under negotiation.

(ii) End Products – There are numerous ranges of end products that could be produced when the Company embarked on its down stream activities as end products such as beverages, health drinks and cosmetic products are being produced in Korea.

This means that expansion strategies are tremendous and could be implemented speedily as there are a range of end products that have been manufactured by DY, Korea. In addition, as there is already a ready market in Korea and Japan for such products it makes business sense to produce such end products in Malaysia, as the cost of production is lower in Malaysia compared with Korea. This shall therefore enable the Company to market its products more competitively to capture market share.


Aloe Vera is also known as the “plant of immortality” and the “medicine plant”. Aloe Vera is an amazing mixture of more than 200 constituents, including polysaccharides, enzymes, glycoproteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The healing power of Aloe Vera comes from increasing the availability of oxygen to the skin, and by increasing the synthesis and strength of tissue.

Aloe Vera is one of the most potent sources of Vitamins E and C -anti-oxidants that counter the aging effects wrought by free radicals. There are young people who take it to prevent the premature aging symptoms, and of course those who take it to cure physical problems.

However, at xxxx (M) Sdn Bhd we aim to pioneer in Malaysia the unique beauty secrets that will far surpass the benefits of ordinary Aloe Vera.
Our technology works miracles in anti-aging, tissue regeneration and rejuvenation; giving you not just beautiful skin with vibrant vitality, but also a regenerated younger, healthier you. Your face will also look younger and healthier in texture and color. Your body will be physically fitter and more flexible.

xxxxx’s product range will concentrate exclusively on Aloe Vera Products, such as

Aloe Beauty Gel
Aloe Ginseng
Aloe Prune Juice
Aloe Soap
Aloe Collagen
Aloe Apple Juice
Aloe Facial Mask

Cultivation of Aloe Vera plants is predominant and most successful in warm, dry countries. The Malaysian climate is well suited for Aloe Vera cultivation. Aloe Vera plant requires low maintenance once the climatic conditions are right, it grows slowly and needs little water.

It is a medically proven and well established fact that aloe vera is good for skin. It is also one of the most vitamin and mineral-packed nutrition drinks that you can find. Many people drink aloe vera as well as use it on their skin, gums, hair and scalp, for a number of reasons. Among the top 10 reasons include: Energy, Immune Function and Support, Digestion, Skin Regeneration, and more.

There are over 240 different species of Aloe, growing mainly in the dry regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Though Aloe vera is a member of the Lily family, it is very succulent-like in appearance. Of the 240+ species of Aloe, only four are recognized as having nutritional value. Aloe Vera gel contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins.

The proposed activity of the Company involves the planting of Aloe Saponaria which is specially treated using Korean technology that provides high Saponims in the plant.

SWOT Analysis


Ready Markets. The end products already has a ready market in South Korea and Japan. Upon full scale commercialization in Malaysia, there is a ready market ( under buy back agreement ) with technology provider Do Yeong, Aloe. There is a large untapped market in Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Strategic partner with proven busines concept. The technology partner has successfully, started from the planting, right up to full scale down stream products. With the technology transfer agreeement, the Company shall be able to replicate the Company in this region with exclusive market territorial rights.

Scalability. The business could be expanded as Malaysia has available resources which are competitive such as land, labour and intellectual knowledge workers.

Barriers of entry. The cultivating, planting and extraction requires technology know how of which the Company is able to secure under a technology licensing agreeement, of which shall provide some form of exclusivity in its identified markets.


Large untapped global markets. The end products has a large global market. The Company has plans to set up various regional marketing offices in various parts of the world and having strategic alliances with its global contacts to enhance on the distribution channel.

Biotechnology, a promoted sector in Malaysia. The project falls under Biotechnology which the Company is able to explore some tax and grants incentives by Malaysia government.

1. Not identified.

1. Threat of competition. This threat is mitigated as all the Company shall be given an exclusivitiy with territorial rights to market the product of extracts from Aloe Saponaria with high Saponim contents.

Generating Carbon Credits from Energy Efficient Buildings


Why this Project?

This paper explains the reasoning behind the Building Virtual Power Stations (BVPS) Project and how various stakeholders can gain from their involvement.

The world is undergoing enormous changes in climate, with the primary reason considered to be due to the emission of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from our use of fossil fuels from industrial activities. Activities such as generating and using electricity, transportation of goods and people, and even from our commercial scale agricultural activities.

What is a Virtual Power Station?

Part of the response to those outcomes are to reduce or modify the activities that generate those emissions. When reductions in energy usage are sufficient (we are using 1000MW coal burning power station as a standard power station size and type), either in an individual project or via the aggregation of multiple reduction activities, then it removes the need for construction of a new power station to cater for that energy usage. Therefore, by saving that energy usage, it can be considered that there has been a Virtual Power Station created; hence the Project is called “Building Virtual Power Stations”. And for every 1000MW of energy saved, there is a reduction of between 6M and 10M tonnes of CO2 (depending on the coal type used). For the purposes of this Project, a standard 8M tonnes of CO2 emission are saved every year for every 1000MW “Virtual Power Plant” built.

Energy Saving Areas

One area that is considered ripe for opportunity is in the reduction of energy usage (and resultant reduction in CO2 emissions) from commercial buildings and other business-related facilities. For example, Governments and businesses the world over (including Malaysia) are promoting Green Buildings standards, both for new buildings and for retrofitting, as well as encouraging energy reductions across business generally. Right now in 2010, the Malaysian government is providing funding through the Green Technology Funding Scheme (and other schemes) to enable businesses to increase the use of more energy efficient materials and practices. Many other countries are doing the same.

The opportunity presented in this paper is to use that lower energy environment to not only encourage the continued growth of the Green Building industry and the other sectors, but to capture the positive by-product of those activities; (i.e. the reduction in CO2 emissions), to create a pool of saleable Carbon Credits.

Aggregation and “Feed-In”

The way that would be done is to aggregate the CO2 savings generated under a UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project, as the individual savings from any one building or facility are insufficient to warrant the costs involved in developing a CDM project. The emission reductions from “greening” buildings and facilities could be available from any developing nation (see more on the potential countries below).

A “feed-in base” will be established by partnering with Environmental Consultants who conduct environmental audits and reviews and recommend energy efficiency measures for governments and industry. As they finalise audits and recommendations are implemented, the savings will be “fed-in” to the Project for aggregation purposes. A similar approach has been taken in the forestry area, where farmers are paid to plant stands of trees and the resulting CO2 reductions are aggregated into a pool managed by the CDM project owner.
Again, micro projects in Africa where wood burning stoves have been replaced with solar stoves, provide another example of aggregation.

By branding the CDM Project “Building Virtual Power Stations” or BVPS, (a term coined by the Asian Development Bank for a similar project, although the ADB project was not aimed at “banking” carbon credits), the concept will be easily understood by government, business and the general public, allowing support to be gained from all sectors.

Benefits for Stakeholders and the broader community

The Project will be a hybrid social improvement and profit driven entity, and will derive revenues from the sale of the aggregated carbon credits. Business will have the opportunity for CSR branding, i.e. their owned buildings or the buildings they lease being a BVPS building, indicating both energy efficiency and social awareness. 35% of earnings will be used to fund social improvement projects in developing nations.

Environmental consultants will have opportunities to leverage off their existing activities, add value to their client transactions and improve their own brand image.

The Process
The process for establishing the BVPS CDM Project consists of:

1. Developing the Project Framework

2. Registering the Project with the UNFCCC

3. Undergoing the UNFCCC CDM Project Methodology Review

4. Gaining the partnership of Environmental Consultants currently conducting energy efficiency reviews for government and business clients

5. Creating an Energy Efficiency Review Data Management web based platform which enables Environmental Consultants to enter baseline and post-review implementation data into the system to assess energy savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Revenue Streams

Carbon Credit Unit (CER) Sales – The Project will aggregate the small CO2 emission reductions from multiple commercial sites and create a pool of saleable CERs. This pool will be made available to the market for those entities that require CERs to meet their mandatory compliance situations.

Government Grants and other funding – There are numerous grants and other types of funding available from Governments around the world – where relevant, the Project will apply for those funds to assist in the growth of the feed-in base.

Locations for Energy Efficiency Projects

CO2 emission reductions from all non-developed nations that are classified as Tier 2 countries under the Kyoto Protocol can be used in the aggregation process.

These include (but are not limited to) Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, China, all African countries and most South American countries. As can be seen, the scope for gaining feed-in projects is very large.

Competition & Challenges

Competition is always in place for any sector with profit potential. However, there are no known direct competitors providing this service; if there were, it would make the marketing and branding of the service even easier as there would be some awareness in the market. However, even with any current or future competitors, the market is so large that there is sufficient to share, and collaboration is even a viable option.

Other challenges include:
Gaining UNFCCC approval and accreditation of the Project – it is believed that there are no inherent grounds for rejecting a Project application of this nature, however it is intended to use very experienced consultants to tailor the Project proposal to suit the UNFCCC CDM criteria.

Gaining sufficient “Feed-In” collaborators – as this project will provide consultants, governments and business with a convenient opportunity to participate in a program that uses already generated “products” (i.e. carbon credits or CERs), and will offer social community benefits and CSR / branding benefits for those organisations, it is believed there will be sufficient collaboration generated to achieve significant outcomes.

Funds Being Sought and Utilisation of those Funds

Projected Company Valuation
The valuation of the company (post-funding) based on 2 Virtual Power Plants being built every year (from Year 2) is USD$96M (based on 16M tonnes of CERs being available for sale at a wholesale price of USD$5 per tonne and nett margin of USD$2 per tonne x 3 years earnings).

Funds Being Sought
The funds being sought from investors are USD$1M, which will gain the investors 10% equity in the company. Based on the projected post-investment valuation of USD$96M, this is an 85% discount on the projected value for a stake of this size. Alternatively, a trade partner may agree to provide working capital as required for a negotiated percentage, or as a means of accessing funding via the Malaysian Government Green Technology Fund.

Use of Funds
In the case of direct investor funding, the promoter will receive USD$100,000 as payment for work and services performed in the establishment and ongoing management of the business. The remaining $900,000 will be utilised to as working capital to gain the UNFCCC accreditation for the Project, to build the collaboration networks for large scale “feed-in” and for marketing and branding to establish the Project as the leader in its field. The business will be self-funded from that point from CER sales revenues.

Alternative funding avenues will see a negotiated outcome for the Promoter.

Return on Investment and Investor Exit Strategy

Potential Exit Options
It is planned to explore potential synergy partners within the first 3 years of operation to locate trade sale and other exit options for investors. These partners may be environment related companies wishing to enhance their client value offering, or companies from other sectors who find the association with such a project of value to them.

Projected Returns
The investment of USD$1M will see dividends paid from year 3, with the intention at that time to retain 25% of earnings for future enhancements and expansion, while returning 75% of earnings to investors as dividends.

At year 3, investors may choose to utilise the entry of identified trade sale partners to exit with a projected payment of USD$9.6M for the 25% stake (based on projected value of $96M at that time) Alternatively, investors may opt to remain as longer term shareholders, should they see the future growth of the business as promising.

Plant Seedling

We are using patented Bio Technology Systems to produce plant seedling with better immunity, growth and yield. It is highly efficient, compact with minimum operating costs, secure and improved contamination control, produce superior planting stock & greater profitability. Seeking potential investors to grow and continuing our expansion plan


Government (MTIB) – Replanting forest trees using high technology seedling via tissue culture processes. Project value: RM 2 mil; Location: Olak Lempit, Banting, Selangor.

Commercial (4 acres model) – Supply seedling to local farmers – bananas, dragon fruits, chilli, ornamental plants & Export to Singapore – Bananas, orchids. Project value RM 2.5 mil ; Location: Batu Pahat, Johor


Weaning Chamber –Tropicalised tissue-cultured plant weaning system for acclimatising tissue cultured plantlets.

• Crafted to suit tropical climate
• Reduced Weaning period Survival rate up to 95% (~Higher Profits)
• Fully Automated.
• Mobile and instantly operational Compact with minimal operational cost

iTC Lab (Instant Tissue-Culture Lab)

“InstantTCLab”: – Advantages

• Highly efficient, fully equipped, instantly operational, & completely mobile
• Compact with minimum operating costs
• Continuous technical support(e.g. online support & training for key personal)
• Efficient utilization of space(i.e. maximized production per unit area)
• Secure and improved contamination control
• Dedicated and convenient plant production
• Ideal for training & incubation (especially for young start-up entrepreneurs)
• Mobile, thus can be strategically located (i.e. where most needed and beneficial)
• Reduced depreciation value (i.e. has resale value)

Eco-Cools Climate Control System

“EcoCool” climate control: – An efficient cooling system for climate control in greenhouses under tropical climate.


Tissue-Culture Seedling: Ex-lab and Polybag (Plantable)

Advantages of TC Seedlings
1. Superior planting stock
2. Uniform growth & performance
4. Greater profitability
5. Produce True-To-Type planting material
6. Enhanced using Redox-Bio (Better immunity, growth and yield )



Korea – Malaysia Fish Farm JV seeking RM3mil – Kedah

The company is a join venture with Korean company CCOR for research on marine ornamental fish breed and has success with 200+ type of fish for thank breed and plan to form an integrated farm for marine fish thank breed at Malaysia. Currently have business P/O for 5 years period from Korean company and are looking for loan/investment or any type of fund ( 3 Million ) to fulfill ther project.

Executive Summary

The fundamental of this project are to develop and increase of marine fish by breeding/farming due to trading amount is increase by yearly because of the demand on global market for marine fish and more countries are imposing strict marine environment protection. Therefore this project will be one of the major industries in Malaysia.

In the community aquaria, fish species having the soothing effect of aquaria is of immense geographical distribution. Fish has been kept in variety of importance to relieve pressures of today’s urban life. Receptacles including bowels, glass tanks etc. According The ornamental fish keeping is a popular hobby which is to psychiatrists, placing aquaria with ornamental fishes in gradually replacing outdoor leisure activities and it is the the patient’s vicinity could treat certain type of mental second most hobby after photography . The number of disorders . public aquaria displaying coral reef organisms is on the The marine ornamental fish trade has a significant rise and the size of display tank is also steadily increasing role in the economy of developed and developing.

World wide, approximately 1.5 to 2 billion people keep countries both as a foreign exchange earner and as a marine aquaria, with 6, 00,000 households in the United source of employment.

The world ornamental fish States alone. trade is about 4.5 billion US $. The United tropical in nature and is broadly divided into two major States of America alone imports ornamental fishes worth sectors based on the groups (i.e.) fish and invertebrates. more than 500 million US $. In Holland, 20% of the houses Marine ornamental fishes are collected from the dynamic maintain ornamental fishes, 14 % in UK, 8 % in USA, 5 % coral ecosystem. The fantastic shapes, brilliant colors in Germany and 4 % in Belgium and Italy. Asia is the and fascinating patterns of marine ornamental fishes major exporting region accounting for 56% of the global have won the hearts of millions of people and hence they exports.. Among freshwater countries recently, contributing only 2% of the Asian ornamental fishes, around 90% are farmed and reproduced export. while 10% are collected from the wild, but in the case of There is an urgent need to develop marine ornamental fish, about 95% is collected from the aquaria in all possible areas to conduct research on wild.

Current market status are 70% under supply by collecting in sea and 30% still shortage because of conservation of marine resources by each country. The major export countries Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand are still collecting from the sea and don’t have export country of Marine fish by tank breed. This project will be a fist in the asia and also in Malaysia to breed the Marine fish by tank. By using technology, the Marine fish are breed in the tank which is support by some system that apply for water treatment to treat the sea water before supply to aquarium tank.

The project determined that breeding and farming by tank which are 5 kind of ornamental fish in first stage is Clark’s Clownfish, Ocellaris Clownfish, Saddleback Clownfish, Maroon Clownfish and Yellow Kuda Seahorse. Currently we are receive the P.O from JS Trade, Korea company which is required 300,000 fishes for a year by each stated fish.

The company will be a project owner which is share by 3 directors and in initial stage will be 20 ~ 38 staff in this company. xxxx and CCORA are will be joint to make computer rice breeding and farming the marine fish and the technology for breeding will bring by CCORA from Korea. xxxxx are already invest RM100,000.00 for R&D on Marine Breeding project with CCORA company and success with prawn, Crab, Crawn fish, Turban and others by supported Mr.No sum ( Professor of marine college ).

The contribution from this marine fish project able to provide a platform for more research into marine farming technology which will increase national competitive power neighboring countries. By this project will know-how on the marine farming technology, information sharing with government, agencies and universities and also able to create job opportunities in Malaysia. This will be a education and training industries for the next generation to get more knowledgment on marine fish breeding and farming by this project.

3D Parallax Barrier Component Manufacturer

A self sustaining 10K class manufacturer of 3D parallax barrier component which provides 3D viewing without the use of viewing aids (i.e. anaglyph, shutters, VR helmets) seeking strategic partners and investors. Current paid-up capital: RM23.6 million. Code: TVTSB


Capable of volume production of Parallax Barrier Component.3D2
Designs and develops high quality, customizable parallax barriers for LCD displays in sizes ranging from 8.4” to 47”.
Rapidly growing 3D market ($2 billion by year 2010) with projected 40% CAGR.
40% + Net margin on manufactured lenses.
Significant upside: Projected revenues of RM560 million + by 2015.
Potential partnership with worlds top 10 panel manufacturers.
Development of our own content provider subsidiary and R&D division.
Development of our own 2D to 3D content conversion service, potential revenue : RM180 million.
Strong management team

10K clean room3D3
Up to 3000 units max capacity
Located in Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) of Malaysia.