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Foot Solutions

Foot Solution Franchise Retail Company is a franchise company with more than 240 locations worldwide. We are the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and proper fit

Our Company

Foot Solutions™ Franchise Retail Company is a franchise company with more than 240 locations worldwide. We are the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and proper fit. Foot Solutions™ focuses on providing a full line of quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care accessories for all customer lifestyles.

Franchise OpportunitiesFranchise Business

Our Formula For Success

Our stores attract people from every walk of life, but we do have focused markets. We attract customers who want and need comfortable footwear and inserts to improve their balance and strength.

Each franchisee has a protected exclusive territory with a minimum of 100,000 people with a number of ways to reach the market around them.

As a franchisee you receive extensive training for both you and your staff and also receive in the field store set up and “Grand Opening” support and ongoing counseling and seminars.

The Foot Solutions pedorthic Training Center is a certified facility by BCP (Board Certified Pedorthists) and you will have the opportunity to complete course requirements to allow you to sit for the certified Pedorthic exam given twice a year. We offer a unique mix of products and marketing methods. You’ll feel good and your customers will thank you!

A reasonable investment. Our average franchisee has a total investment of $200,000.

10-6 Monday – Friday ; 11-5 on Saturday ; Closed Sundays.

Low labor costs.

Off on all holidays.

Very attractive margins.

A profession you can be proud of!

Franchise Support

Unique Foot Solutions system and concept with scientific 10-step fitting analysis system

Authorized use of the company’s name and trademark

Protected territory of at least 100,000 people

Assistance in Preparing Loan Portfolio and Business plan. Foot Solutions has been pre-qualified by SBA Program.

Foot Solutions Business Management System, Training, and Support

Training at Corporate centers and in the field
Operations Manuals & Videos
Operation and Work Flow Guidelines
Record Keeping Guidelines
Start up Inventory Product and Tool Guidelines
Delivery of Merchandise Guidelines
Inventory Control Guidelines
On-Line Support via Associates Web Site
Start Up and Management Support

Site Selection Support
Lease Negotiation Assistance
Store Design and Layout
Equipment Installation and Testing
Store Opening Support
Set up 3 Days in Field
Grand Opening 3 Days in Field
Continued Promotion

Extensive Marketing Support
Press Releases
Advertising Copy for Local Advertising Monthly and Quarterly
National and Area Programs and Events
On-Going Research and Development

Continual Research and Development to maintain our leadership position and role.
On-Going Support

Field Support and visits
Technical Support
Accommodating Corporate Staff
Toll-free Telephone Lines
Web site
888-FIT FOOT National locator number
Professional Associations National Memberships:

Canadian PFA
Canadian Franchise Association.
Continuing Consulting Services

Monthly Support and Educational Portal Calls

Benefits of Owning a Foot Solutions Store
Foot Solutions CEO & founder, Ray Margiano is also the founder of Heel Quik, Inc., a strong franchise established in 1984, with more than 700 franchises in 34 countries, and brings strong leadership, experience and vision to the Foot Solutions program.
Foot Solutions offers each franchisee a protected exclusive territory of at least 100,000 people with a number of ways to reach the market around them.
Foot Solutions franchisees receive extensive certified training for both themselves and their staff. They also receive field support for set up and ‘Grand Opening’ support, along with ongoing counseling, seminars and field support.
Foot Solutions offers a unique product and marketing method in a niche industry that we dominate. You’ll feel good and your customers will thank you!
Foot Solutions is a reasonable investment. The average total investment is $200K.
Foot Solutions can be operated successfully with reasonable working hours and a 5 1/2 day work week.
Foot Solutions are typically closed on all holidays.
Foot Solutions offers very attractive profit margins.
Foot Solutions has low labor requirements, usually 2 to 3 employees.
Foot Solutions has a high percentage of repeat customers.
Foot Solutions has a high number of referral customers.
Foot Solutions has little or no competition.
Foot Solutions has low inventory requirements.
Foot Solutions is currently at the beginning of the business life cycle. We fill a real need in an under served market and are enjoying very successful growth every year.
Foot Solutions uses the latest, state-of-the-art computer technology for foot scanning and mapping.
Foot Solutions customers typically spend more in our stores because of the higher-end products and time that is spent working with each client.
Foot Solutions franchisees experience a high level of satisfaction. Most say it’s very rewarding to offer a customer a superior product that usually produces immediate results. Your customers will thank you! A hug is not unusual!

BBQ Chicken

The Korea’s No. 1 Chicken Restaurant-BBQ Chicken is now in Malaysia!
We acknowledge a high level of interest from prospective franchisees to be part of our business brand.

BBQ Chicken seeks highly motivated and ambitious individuals to be our BBQ Chicken’s franchisees and be on their way to run a successful business.

It’s NOT Barbeque……It’s BBQ!

‘Best Believable Quality’

BBQ CHICKEN was originated in Korea by Genesis Co. Ltd Korea back in September 1995. BBQ Chicken has grown to be the No. 1 franchise brand with more than 1,850 outlets in Korea and was the 1st Franchise Company to be selected as Korea’s TOP 100 BRANDS.

BBQ Chicken keeping its business firmed existence at international level. At the moment, BBQ Chicken is already penetrated countries like United States of America, Australia, Japan, Mongolia, China, Spain, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

Korea’s No. 1 Chicken Restaurant is now in Malaysia!

The 1st outlet in Malaysia was opened at Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur in July 2007.

BBQ Chicken’s Strong Selling Points

1st in the World to 100% use Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Healthy Chicken meal served

Fresh Chicken is used
• Chilled not frozen is our way to serve you the best chicken meal

Wide Variety Menu
• Broiled/Grilled – International & Korean Authentic
• Fried – Western & Eastern Cuisine
• Smoked – Original & Ginseng Recipe
• Healthy Kid’s Menu
• Healthy Salad Side Orders
• Tasty Udons & Appetizers
HALAL Certified Products

ALL BBQ Chicken products and restaurants are certified Halal by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia)

We acknowledge a high level of interest from prospective franchisees to be part of our business brand. BBQ Chicken seeks highly motivated and ambitious individuals to be our BBQ Chicken’s franchisees and be on their way to run a successful business.

BBQ Chicken Support

We provide a franchise support system designed to support all of your business needs. BBQ Chicken is committed to provide a superior level of service to our franchise family members. The supports shall include but not limited to:

Site Selection. Provides customized assistance and guidance in determining the ideal site for each restaurant.

Restaurant Opening. Offers assistance in every aspect of the pre-opening phase providing architectural services and suidance in outlet constructions, equipment fittings and up to the local store marketing and launching day activities.

Comprehensive Training Program. Establishment of BBQ Chicken Malaysia Franchise Entrepreneur Development Program with a support from Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS), Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development (MECD) and Chicken University of Korea.

Advertisement & Promotion. Provides support and assistance to franchisees in marketing plan development, assist with local marketing efforts, evaluate and analyze marketing effectiveness.

Support Services. Offer continuous visitation, consultancy and customized guidance to all franchisees.

Information System Services. Offers systematic IT foundation with Point Of Sales (POS) platform with a web based inventory ordering system.

Excellent Product Development. Establishment of R&D Centre and Chicken University (Korea) to support in developing quality products worldwide. An advanced biotechnology is applied.


Dead Sea Water Spa – Magic Sea

We would like to introduce you the opportunity to bring to your country the revolutionary project of Magic Sea. Be the first to improve life quality of the peoples around you with our concept of floating bath created by Magic Sea. Enjoy our fast ROI (Return on Investment).

Today the wellness trend is well known worldwide and many investments are tuned to this market, where many peoples are balancing their time between work and relaxation / pleasure ……

The Benefits of Dead Sea water

The water of the Dead Sea are known for their therapeutic effects. The main minerals of the salts in Dead Sea water are magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides.

Magnesium is important for: Business Opportunity

1. Combating stress and fluid retention.

2. Slowing skin aging.

3. Calming the nervous system.

Calcium is effective at:

1. Preventing water retention.

2. Increasing circulation.

3. Strengthening bones and nails. Business Opportunity

Potassium is good for:

1. Energizes the body.

2. Helps to balance skin moisture.

3. It is a crucial mineral to replenish following intense exercise.

Bromide is good for:

1. Ease muscle stiffness.

2. Relax muscles.

Sodium is important for:

1. The lymphatic fluid balance (this in turn is important for immune system function)

So we can see that bathing in high quality sea salt could replenish the minerals which are critical to our skin metabolism.

Those genuine water are the water that we bring to you and to your clients to enjoy.

Why Magic Sea

Because first of all – we care for your success.

Before you will invest in the project it is important for us that you will make a business program plan with your local experts to check all the expanses and incomes that we predict.

Based on this program we will decide together the right steps and the right strategy to penetrate your market successfully and we will face the targets of the most important thing – the ROI – the Return on Investment.

We believe that after you complete the ROI you will have a business that creates you “Golden eggs” .
Our offers

Our offers depend in what grade of collaboration and investment you are interested.

Our program is build of different levels, one of them might fit you.

We would like to introduce you the opportunity to bring to your country the revolutionary project of Magic Sea.

Be the first to improve life quality of the peoples around you with our concept of floating bath created by Magic Sea. Enjoy our fast ROI (Return Of Investment).
If you are:

A spa or beauty saloon owner.
An entrepreneur interested to establish a small but unique business.
An entrepreneur interested to establish a big but unique business.
A hotel or chain of hotels owner.
In each of those different levels of investment there is a fast ROI which is based on a very demanded service that has until now a very high cost and was very hard to get, but now thanks to our concept it is here at your place, ready to serve peoples as often as they like to come and relax and of course – they pay you just a fraction from what they were supposed to pay to make a tour to the real Dead Sea.

Website :

Foodtiam Coffee

The outlet offers the combination of good food with comfortable ambience for you to enjoy the day to its fullest. Our flagship outlet in Seremban 2 has grown successfully into a full fledge licensed chain with 2 other outlets in Jusco Kepong and Ara Damansara NZX respectively…..
Category: Franchise

Foodtiam Coffee Corporation Sdn. Bhd., founded in March 2008 started its first concept outlet in the famous township of Negeri Sembilan in Seremban 2. The outlet offers the combination of good food with comfortable ambience for you to enjoy the day to its fullest. Our flagship outlet in Seremban 2 has grown successfully into a full fledge licensed chain with 2 other outlets in Jusco Kepong and Ara Damansara NZX respectively. Foodtiam Coffee offers the best coffee experience in a comfortable ambience alongside with our famous Malaysian Cuisine.

Foodtiam Coffee plan to grow the licensing aspect of our business in Malaysia progressively, from 3 outlets to 25 outlets over the next three years. Interested entrepreneurs who qualify are invited to join Foodtiam Coffee family as our licensees and grow the business together.

How much money can I make as a Foodtiam Coffee licensee?

We expect our licensees to have good returns in the first few years. However, profitability also depends on a number of factors, including sales, location, occupancy and operating costs as well as the ability of the licensee to manage and control the business.

What is the first step to obtain a Foodtiam Coffee License?

Each party involved is to submit an application form. Qualified parties will be notified and invited to a Foodtiam Coffee Business Meeting at our Seremban Office to begin the process.

How much will the initial investment cost?

To ensure that we can accommodate the different kinds of people interested in our business, our license approach is flexible. Basically we offer two main types of license packages:

Developmental, where the licensee meets all costs of required investment.
Conventional, where the cost of investment is shared between Foodtiam Coffee Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and the licensee.
The initial investment varies according to the type of outlets, i.e. mall outlets or shop front outlets and it al

so depends on its location, size, style of décor and landscaping. The total cost to build a Foodtiam Coffee outlet ranges from about RM300,000 to RM450,000 depending on the type of outlet as mentioned previously and the cost will include: all equipment, the entire store fit out, the initial license fee, the security deposit as well as the training fee. The initial investment depends on the type of license package and outlet.

What are the initial costs?

(a) RM 50,000
License Fee paid prior to the commencement of the license for a period of 10 years.

(b) RM 25,000
Interest-free security deposit for the faithful performance of the license (approximately 2 months’ deposit for royalty, advertising & promotions and stock supplies or 3 months’ rental deposit), refundable upon the expiration of the license.

(c) RM 40,000 – RM 50,000
Pre-opening expenses – Foreign workers application fees, training and salaries, stock supplies, living expenses while training and other normal start-up costs.

(d) RM 200,000 – RM 250,000
Approximate cost for kitchen equipment, signage, seating, POS system, CCTV, decor and landscaping.

(e) RM 100,000 – 150,000 [depending on store type (Mall or Shop Front)]
Approximate cost for all civil works, ventilation system and renovations to the premises.

What are the Ongoing Fees?

(a) Royalty Fee
A Royalty Fee, which is a system fee, is based on a percentage of the outlet’s monthly gross sales, which is currently at 3%.

(b) Advertising & Promotions Fee
Currently at 2% of the outlet’s monthly gross sales.

Business Opportunity

What are the other Fees involved?

Training Fee of RM 5,000.00 which is for the training of 1 Management Staff and 6 General Workers for a duration of 4 weeks.

What kind of training does Foodtiam Coffee provide?

Licensees and their team must attend and successfully complete the Foodtiam Coffee unique Business Management Training Program. The Training Fee includes the cost of lodging and meals for the 6 General Workers.

What kind of continuing operations support will the Licensee receive?

Besides the Operation Manual and other materials, our Foodtiam Coffee Operation Executives will visit each licensed outlet regularly to render on-site assistance besides helping you to set up your first outlet. In addition we will provide you with on-going training, guidance and support to ensure your business remain competitive.

Do I need to be involved in day-to-day outlet operations?

One of the partners/shareholders has to be appointed as the Managing Principal of the licensed business. The Managing Principal is required to undergo the full initial license training and to spend a reasonable amount of time to oversee the overall aspects of the Foodtiam Coffee licensed business. However, competent outlet managers and staff can be hired to manage the daily operations of the licensed business.

Foodtiam Coffee

Cell Act

The Answer to Beautiful skin

Our company is looking for corporate and individual investors who have the capability to develop and manage a master country franchise for CellAct Business System and passion for beauty related business. The individual(s) will need a business background in management and experience in marketing of beauty product and services….
Category: Franchise

International Business Opportunity

This is a people business and the most successful CellAct partners care about helping others achieve success. The individual(s) will also need sufficient capital to sustain and support them during their master development period. The Master Franchisee will share in the revenue from franchise development and ongoing royalties. The Master Franchisee (MF) is CellAct partner and management representative in it respective country. The MF is responsible for interviewing and recommending applicants for the awarding of a CellAct Business System area franchise. In addition they provide assistance in the initial development of the franchise store and with continuing operational support once the store is open.


Since its early incorporation in 1998, Strata Pro Sdn Bhd has expanded its business of importing and supplying international cosmetics and skincare brand products to provide therapeutic and corrective skin and beauty care solutions to its customers in Malaysia.

Strata Pro is an innovative skin care distribution company specializing in the marketing of range International brands of Anti-Ageing skincare and make-up products. Strata Pro is the sole distributor in the Asia region for professional skincare brands CellAct (Switzerland) and DermaPro (Italy), International Make-up brand Barbara Bort (Italy) as well as professional aesthetic equipments from Europe.

Currently, Strata Pro has distributorship network strength of more than 300 dealers and beauty salons in 13 states in Malaysia. With the realignment of the company’s structure and inclusion of new management team members in 2007, Strata Pro’s business ventures has expanded to include local and global retailing by a subsidiary company namely Sprinkle of Radiance Sdn Bhd.

Sprinkle of Radiance Sdn Bhd established in 2007, (a subsidiary company of Strata Pro Sdn Bhd) is the management company of CellAct’s retail business operations.

Sprinkle of Radiance (SOR) offers business opportunities to women entrepreneurs, promoting beauty and encouraging women’s contributions to the national growth and development, transforming them to be successful business operators via CellAct Business System, a Malaysia franchise-compliance business system with comprehensive support systems plus IT infrastructure.

SOR has grown from one idea into an organization composing of a variety of talented and passionate team members with 2 operating outlets.

SOR offers the following business packages to individuals who are seeking to become knowledgeable, self-sufficient and successful in the beauty business: –

CellAct Rejuvenation Centre (CRC)

CellAct Retail Outlets (CRO)

CellAct Certified Centre (CCC)

About CellAct
CellAct products are developed biotechnologically and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standard.

CellAct products are dermatological safety-tested. Being always on the forefront of advanced technology, intensive ongoing research and development are done by Swiss skincare experts to ensure the high quality and effectiveness of CellAct products, producing remarkable and immediate satisfactory results.

CellAct’s cellular treatment skincare holds international levels of scientific and technological achievements and is a Swiss world-renowned tradition with strictness of Switzerland quality control that is ranked highest in the world.

CellAct products are carefully developed based on a blend of different plant cells extracts, DNA, pure enzymes, proteins and uses only pure glacial water in the formulation. This makes CellAct special when compared to other conventional cosmetic products in the market. It is why CellAct is ‘The Answer to Beautiful Skin’.


What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, such as bacteria or yeasts, or biological substances, such as enzymes, to produce high value extracts with proven benefits and applications to the cosmetics and skincare industry. The most modern technique in biotechnology is DNA technology, an alteration of genetic material with atomic precision. DNA plays an active role in controlling the skin’s vital function that slows down the cellular degeneration.

Standard Of Quality

Sophisticated use of biotechnology with cosmetology and dermatolog
Stringent Research & Development
Microbiologically tested by Meditest SA Switzerland
CellAct products’ effectiveness tested in vitro and in vivo
Stabilization for 30 months in active state
Expiration date stamped on each container to ensure freshness of the products
Developed & manufactured in Switzerland with highest Swiss quality standard
CellAct products are Non–comedogenic
CellAct products effectiveness is reinforced by the pleasure procured from using them: textures, fragrances and colours are carefully studied to make it a multi-sensorial pleasure.

CellAct products are constantly invented to appeal to all women, wherever they live and whatever their age.

No 51-1 Jalan SS24/8
Taman Megah
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Telephone : 603 7804 5733
Facsimile : 603 7880 6079
Email :

Ms Jessica Lim :
Mr Danny Lee : danny@

Kumon Method of Learning

Be part of the Kumon family that now consists of more than 35,000 students enrolled in over 190 centres nationwide. Join the fulfilling venture of delivering high quality education to the future leaders of our country and at the same time, be immersed in a strong brand that has been…..

Be part of the Kumon family that now consists of more than 35,000 students enrolled in over 190 centres nationwide. Join the fulfilling venture of delivering high quality education to the future leaders of our country and at the same time, be immersed in a strong brand that has been in existence for the past 50 years.


We do not produce tangible products like cars or hamburgers, but we nurture children with academic skills, for instance, a satisfaction “I’m so glad I’ve done Kumon.” Thus, we are looking for educators who are earnest learners and who are willing to go out of their way to ensure the growth and happiness of all children.


Lot 13A-01, Level 13A, Menara Milenium,
No. 8, Jalan Damanlela,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 603-2093 9040
Fax: 603-2093 2460


Level P1 – 02, City Plaza,
No. 21, Jalan Tebrau,
80300 Johor Bahru,

Tel: 607-333 1378
Fax: 607-333 1379

Laksa Shack

Recipe for Success
Laksa Shark has been the talk of the nation when it venture into the Food and Beverage industry in 2003. It has successfully established its brand name in Malaysia by virtue of its authentic and original lakso……..
Category: Franchise

A Taste of Laksa Shack

A Humble Beginning……. Truly Traditional Malaysian Delicacies

What is Laksa?
It is ‘ten thousand’ as there are many condiments added to make up this very special recipe. This Southeast Asian quick service concoction is said to be the creation of ancient Chinese who migrated to Malaysia, and it is served as a meal from thousands of soup vendors, all of whom, have their own special recipe

It has a humble beginning. Laksa Shack® was first launched in 2003. Sierra Circle Sdn Bhd, the operating company was established with the view of tapping into the country’s lucrative specialty food and beverage retail business at selected high traffic locations in the Klang Valley

Its maiden “shack” was established at a renown suburban mall, 1 Utama Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya serving a variety of local delicacies, specialty coffee and laksa noodles which became its signature must-try offering. Laksa Shack® currently has 20 “shacks” in Malaysia and has plans to open more shacks locally and abroad. The founder, Anita has since trademarked and registered the brand

Dishing Out Truly Traditional Malaysian Delicacies
Take your pick from our Everyone’s Favorites, Anytime Favorites, and Strictly for Sharing. Choices from a variety of noodles with different soups rice with choice of meat, all from our authentic home-cooked delights, mouth-watering sweets and selection of hot and chilled beverages.

Laksa Shack Franchise….
Why it is the best choice

Strong Business Model
The Laksa Shack® franchise offers a strong business model for our franchisees and potential franchisees who are looking for a good investment or business opportunity that provides stable and continuous returns
It has an easily adopted turnkey business model and you can start almost immediately without hassles

A popular brand name with existing customers

A proven operating system

Economies of scale in supply, quality and cost containment

Ready support in continuous product development, advertising & promotions, and training

New Store Opening
Franchisee will be provided with comprehensive training and support in developing the “shack” including site selection, “shack” development and opening

Ongoing Franchise Support
Includes ongoing staff training, product development, advertising & promotion campaigns and assistance, and business support such as accounting & control systems

A proven business with strong profitable track record
The Laksa Shack® chain has proven to be profitable & viable in Malaysia since its inception. The “Shacks” continues to grow strongly
The Future of Laksa Shack

In the world of retail and franchise marketing, the rule is to be different. Laksa Shack’s business philosophy is built upon this and hence the company is constantly assessing its growth strategies and reviewing future plans aimed to extend the business reach and revenue. Among these are innovative concepts such as :-

Laksa Shack Delivery Service
Laksa Shack Retail Market
Laksa Shack Catering Services
Dietary Laksa Market
F&B HR Industry Training
Laksa Shack’s Vending Machine
The Global Potential of Laksa

The potential of the laksa market is seen not just in Malaysia but also in other countries in the world. There has yet to be a LAKSA SHACK concept, a concept that will be a hit internationally and become the talk of the world. Noodles with spicy flavoured curries have gained acceptance by all people from all races, cultures and ethnicity. We believe out Laksa will definitely be a star in the global food industry. Laksa Shack has spread its wings further and will always be on the move to promote laksa as a global food.

Come share Its Success

Laksa Shack passionately invites suitable entrepreneurs and companies to share its success by owing Laksa Shack cafe’s and be among the franhcisees of the system with reasonable investment and generous returns. The franchisees will enjoy the full benefit of the Laksa Shack system supported by a team of experts and a supportive franchisor.



Business Opportunity

We are offering exclusive territory rights to entrepreneur to operate GeniusBrain Centre in Malaysia and worldwide. GeniusBrain Learning Centre conduct exclusive children programmes from the age of 5 to 65 years old. Our range of programmes include arts, quick mathematics, super learning methods…..




A high growth market :
Over the last decade, there has been an increased awareness of the benefits of accelerated education and arts education. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of early intervention in education. Parents seek Business Opportunityopportunities for their children to learn and develop skills at an early age, continuing through primary and secondary school.

We are offering exclusive territory rights to entrepreneur to operate GeniusBrain Centre in Malaysia and worldwide. GeniusBrain Learning Centre conduct exclusive children programmes from the age of 5 to 65 years old. Our range of programmes include arts, quick mathematics, super learning methods, student’s self esteem development, photographic memory, memory enhancements, speed reading etc. We invite suitable individual/company to join us as Area Licensees with pioneer status.

Suitable candidates should:
1. Possess keen interest in helping students to success in their life. Business Opportunity
2. Must be enterprising and able to operate exclusive centre with minimum supervision.
3. Minimum education level: Diploma Holder

For more information, kindly logon to our website at <>

You can also contact us for more information at:

(Co. registration: 200413478N)
420, North Bridge Road, #06-11/12 North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727
Tel: 65-6534 3433 Fax: 65-6534 1800

(Co. registration: 659493-K)
A-3-3, Wisma MFCB, No 1, Persiaran Greentown 2, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 05-253 9868 / 9 Fax: 05-242 9378
Kuala Lumpur Regional Office: Tel: 03-2116 5683 / 019-233 8001
Suite 33-01, 33rd Floor, Menara Keck Seng, 203, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100.
Call Us Today: Ms. Jessie Ha: 019-233 8001 ( 9.30 am to 5.30pm. Monday to Friday)

Clara International

A pioneer in skin care since 1977, Clara International has strived to become a true leader, acknowledged beyond Malaysia, breaking new ground in almost every facet of the industry

Over 30 Years of Expertise, Professionalism & Dedication

A pioneer in skin care since 1977, Clara International has strived to become a true leader, acknowledged beyond Malaysia, breaking new ground in almost every facet of the industry.

With our own R&D facilities, manufacturing plants, beauty centres, beauty colleges, beauty equipment distributorship, and time-tested business format franchise, Clara International has successfully evolved to become one of the largest beauty chains in Malaysia, with over 50 beauty centres throughout Malaysia and with associates in Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Mauritius, India and Myanmar.

Business Opportunity Business Opportunity Business Opprotunity

Clara International Franchise
~ Sharing In The Name Of Beauty ~

Our belief in the power of beauty and our dedication in perfecting the art of it, are the driving forces of our successful evolvement into one of the largest beauty chain in Malaysia.
Backed with more than 3 decade of proven track record in the beauty business, we are making our presence in the local & global market through the exclusive Clara International Franchise Program.

Since 1977, we have been actively involved in the setting up of more than 50 Clara International Beauty Centres, out of which more than 60% are franchisee-owned. Our acclaimed success in this area is attributed by our time-tested Business Format Franchise – a replication of our business practices in which we abide by.

Business Format Franchise

Besides enjoying the goodwill of an internationally recognized name in beauty, franchisees also stand to reap the benefits of our fully-integrated setup – Clara International own R&D facilities, manufacturing plants, beauty centres, beauty colleges and beauty equipment distributorship.

As such, we are eager and more than ready to share this beautiful business opportunity with the provision of seamless support to all our potential investor


Business Opportunity

1901 – Food for Friendship
The company is the global franchisor for the 1901 Hot Dog and a registered franchisor with the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development (MECD). 1901 hot dogs are “Halal” certified and cater to all walks of life…….
Category: Franchise


Although the fast food industry is very competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people have less time, resources, and ability to cook for themselves. Trends are very important and 1901 is well positioned for the current interest in lighter, healthier foods at moderate to low prices. Further findings:

“Consumers will spend a greater proportion of their food dollar away from home.
Independent operators and entrepreneurs will be the main source of new restaurant concepts.
Nutritional concerns will be critical at all types of foodservice operations, and food flavors will be important.
Environmental concerns will receive increased attention.”
Background of 1901TM

We named our brand “1901” to commemorate the birth of the term “hot dog” in the USA, in the year 1901. Naturally, we also chose to inaugurate our company in the month of July 1997, to coincide with the official Hot Dog month in the USA. As you can tell, we were serious about getting everything right, even from the beginning!

Under the guidance of the founding members, comprising of husband and wife team Y.M. Tengku Rozidar and ahmad Zakir Dato’ Jaafar, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, 1901 is recognised in Malaysia, as one of the leading home-grown, premier brands.

1901 Mission, Vision & Values


We are dedicated to a sustainable businesspratice that links prosperity with our product, corporate and social elements.


To become a friendship icon via our products, conduct and aspirations.


we choose to exist in a business environment that upholds the values of love, peace and harmony; where we celebrate togetherness, unite for peace and respect the uniqueness of every individual.

1901 – Our Expertise

Franchising provides a higher success rate.
Guidance is provided and matching your skills with the franchisor’s required skills will ensure success.

1901 is a quick serve franchise business model that offers a comprehensive business format which is easy to manage.

1901 caters for both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs. We would like to believe that we are a brand with a difference, because not only do we provide our franchisees the opportunity to achieve financial prosperity but also for them to prosper physically, intellectually and emotionally as well. Let’s just say, we believe in the holistic approach of doing business!

We will take you through the whole process – from business planning and financing to training and marketing. we provide you the necessary guidance and advice – from bulk buying to advertising, from hiring staff to accounting. We will guide you every step to the way.

1901 – Our Range of Products

We have established ourselves as a preferred brand for many hot dog lovers!

We believe it is because of the quality meat cuts used in our frankfurters – no mechanically de-boned meat allowed. Perhaps, it is also because our wide variety of garnishing always taste home-made. Good old-fashioned, wholesome, goodness made from high quality ingredients.

At 1901, we make food we feel good about serving our friends and families.

We are a strong believer in enjoying food in moderation and making healthier choices. We use low fat alternatives for our sauces and topping. To minimize the use of additional fat in our cooking process, 1901 hot dog are Steamed!! the texture and flavours from our steamed frankfurters are preserved and remain great tasting and natural. We have included yogurt drinks into the menu as well as minimizing the amount of carbonated drinks we sell.

1901 offers many variety of hot dog from the best selling New York Chicken to sizzling favourites like Texas Beef and Deutsch Doodle Dang.

1901 – Business Models

1901 offers quick-serve business concepts that are affordable and easy to manage.

We offer 2 exciting outlet formats to suit your budget and preference:

1901 Pushcart
1901 Snack Cafe
The 1901 Pushcart

Neat – no smoke, no mess
Wheels for easy movement
1-2 person operation
Highly visible
1901TM Pushcart is reminiscent of the traditional American hot dog stall. The concept incorporates innovative, systematic and easy-to-manage franchise business with wholesome, nostalgic image.

1901TM Pushcart is a self-contained business premise. It comes complete with a steamer, sink, water compartment, electric water pump, filter unit, storage space and other required accessories. It operates hygienically – no smoke and no mess. This is crucial for food outlet where cooking is required, and proves to be one of the determining factors in convincing the premise management of its suitability to be stationed at premium locations.

1901TM Pushcart has limited mobility. It can be moved around on its four wheels, but as it relies on electricity and shelter from the elements, 1901TM Pushcart is primarily operated indoor.

Affordable Concept
1901TM Pushcart offers attractive investment opportunity with healthy returns. As the concept requires minimal investment, it provides everyone a chance at becoming an entrepreneur.

The 1901 Snack Cafe

Neat – no smoke, no mess
Bigger floor space
More extensive menu
2 – 5 person operation
Attractive design

Highly visible
1901TM Snack Café is stationary concept developed for franchisees who intend to operate a larger scale business. It has bigger retail space, therefore, offers greater sitting capacity. The menu for Snack Café is extended, offering customers wider choice. The design is more customised to fit the offered premise yet the look and feel that define 1901TM are retained.

Distinctive Design
Its design is eye-catching, contemporary and friendly, depicting the personality of the brand very strongly.

Bigger Outlet

Setting up 1901TM Snack Cafe involves renovation works to a premise. Thus, the start-up cost is higher than that of 1901TM Pushcart. The investment however varies; depending on the location and the size of the outlet.


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