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Seeking Rugs and Carpet Distributor

A leading world calss global Saudi group from the land of the two Holy Mosques engaged in the rugs and carpet industry seeking distribution agents / companies in Malaysia & Indonesia

Alsorayai is a respected name in its field of carpets & rugs. The group has a long tradition in making carpets, thanks to the expertise they gained over the period of 55 years. Today the company is regarded highly, not only in its home base of Saudi Arabia but also across all continents where their products are being used.

Interested parties may contact us through:
Al Sorayai group
Export Department
Tel: +966 2 6369900 ext 265
Fax: +9662 6377121

Jatimas Franchise Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Specialized distributor of teakwood furniture and accessories. The company prides itself on its flexibility, broad range of product and attention to quality. Established in year 2000, the company has grown as the largest teakwood distributor in Malaysia with a talented group of local designers, managers and indigenous craftspeople

Who is Jatimas?

The first and only one (until Aug 2008) worldwide offering franchise business, a homegrown undoubtedly well celebrated amongst wood furniture lover. The most sought after brand that won Business Superbrand, MBOR and verified by MTIB (Malaysia Timber Industrial Board) for using 100% pure teak species. The brand has been patented with MyIPO in 2005.

Why would I Choose Jatimas?

Jatimas as a leader in the teakwood furniture business with excellent products, proven operating system and strong marketing, Jatimas believes that the next step in its success story is that of the success of its franchisee: YOU.

Please explain further on the investment?

The investment will depend on the size and location of the outlet. There’s going to be investment consist of franchise fee, renovation, inventory, pre-opening cost etc. As for the working capital will only occur once the business start.

What are the benefits of franchising with Jatimas?

Our proven business system and support program will help nature the entrepreneur inside you. The excellent franchise owner support services you’ll receive include :

You are awarded the license to use intellectual property including name, trademarks, proprietary information, operating system, training procedures and all other aspect of our unique teakwood furniture franchise system.

We will provide you with detailed site selection guideline for choosing your site, and will perform detailed evaluation before approving a final location.

There will be comprehensive classroom training at our corporate training centre and/or your location.

You will gain access to ongoing operational support critical to owning and operating a Jatimas franchise.

Jatimas will coordinate the development of advertising materials and strategies integral to the benefit of Jatimas franchise network.


Your Investment of a Lifetime is Now Here

In view of growing consumer demand of affordable footwear and based on their experience in the footwear industry, JUKEBOX SHOES decided that the next phase of growth would be driven by franchising opportunities. This growth would benefit entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity…..

Franchise Opportunities

In view of growing consumer demand of affordable footwear and based on their experience in the footwear industry, JUKEBOX SHOES decided that the next phase of growth would be driven by franchising opportunities. This growth would benefit entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity.

The embarkation of Harian Shoes into the franchise business in September 2003 has set JUKEBOX on a new area of growth.

We are now poised for a nationwide expansion in both Peninsular and East Malaysia. Malaysian entrepreneurs looking to start a business through franchising are welcome to join us and grow together.

Simultaneously, we are taking the first step in realizing our vision of bringing affordable footwear to the world by introducing JUKEBOX SHOES to various countries in the Asian region namely Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. We plan to appoint master franchisors in these countries that share in our beliefs and are committed to working together towards success. These master franchisors would live out our vision of acing locally in each country whilst working in partnership with us to grow the JUKEBOX franchise in their respective countries.

Business Opportunity Business Opportunity Business Opportunity

Concept of Franchising

Attractive products At Attractive Price!

JUKEBOX shoes is a fully footwear retail business on the concept of “Every Day Low Prices” This is in response to the declining purchasing power of consumers following the economics slowdown and worldwide crises. However, while we are committed to affordability, we also ensure that our products follow the most up-to-date trends and styles. Thus we offer consumers Attractive products at Attractive Prices!

Attractive Products

Our worldwide distribution and marketing network gives us access to invaluable products knowledge for which launch initiative new products. We constantly perform surveys and trade visits to ensure that we have a grasp of what is in and what is not so that we are able to cater to wide range of tastes and needs.

Attractive Prices

Our Products are moderately priced for high sales volume. This is to ensure that we are able to cater to all income groups, especially middle and lower wages earners, as shoes are necessary part of modern living. Thus, our large sales volume gives us great power to acquire the most competitive priced products and materials from suppliers for the benefits of consumers and ultimately the Franchisee.

Advantages in Franchising

Low cost of Stocks Investment
Nationwide Retail Chain
Nationwide Brand Identity
Group Purchasing Power
Comprehensive Training
National and Localize Advertising
Professional Retail Support
Pre-Opening Support

Market Reviews
Site Selection
Lease Negotiation
Development of Layout Design Plan / Interior Design
Suppliers Appointment
Merchandising Planning
Training Programs
Manpower Support
On-Going Support Services

Franchise Support
Accounting Support
Manpower Support
Regular Meeting & Training
Purchase Debates
Products Developments
Site Visits
Franchise Investment Summary For Malaysia Only

Smart Wash

Smart Wash Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of JM Venture Sdn Bhd was formed in 1998. We are the first franchise laundry company in Malaysia. The laundry concept was proposed by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development to provide a cost effective and reliable launderette to high rise residential tenements.

Business OpportunityWe are the first franchise laundry company in Malaysia. The laundry concept was proposed by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development to provide a cost effective and reliable launderette to high rise residential tenements.

Today, our target market includes flat, apartment and condominium dwellers, colleges, higher learning institutions, petrol stations and supermarkets.

Now as we are expanding, new re-branding and concept has been introduced. Together with a new system and multi services, we believe we will grow to a new higher level.

Why Franchising?

Traditional equipment suppliers make money by getting the maximum mark-up on the equipment they sell you. To accomplish this they need to keep their actual equipment costs a secret.

Equipment suppliers also like to avoid price competition because it tends to reduce their profit margins. Most people getting into the self-service laundry business are not in a position to competitively bid the equipment and services required to build a Laundromat.

Because of lack of knowledge and the need for financing most Investors are at the mercy of the equipment suppliers.

Reliance Travel Franchise

The Reliance Travel Franchise is a fully Malaysian homegrown travel franchise system has been carefully and meticulously developed by a specially selected team of professional practitioners in the Reliance organization.



The Reliance Travel Franchise (RTF) has been approved by the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development (MECD) and is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism (MOT). Being the 1st. Travel Franchise in Malaysia as endorsed by Malaysia Book of Records, RTF has won The Best Homegrown Franchisor for 2005 from The Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA).

The Reliance Travel Franchise is completely adopted from the highly successful Reliance business model and every aspect of it is taken from all its ‘best practices’, acquired over 30 years of travel management services.

A partnership with Reliance means a whole new world of opportunities and benefits:

Common Identity that has been widely advertised and recognized
Training program in the basics of day-to-day operations, finances, sales & marketing
Transfer of technology, know-how & trade secret
Standard Operating Manual as a guideline to minimize the risk of failure
Sure-success business formula – Reliance Travel Management System
Increase in retail business due to extensive nationwide advertising & promotions
Ability to cut down operational cost
An ongoing marketing / advertising campaign nationwide
Multi tasking & knowledge worker
Posses variety of products to sell instantly
Enjoy benefits of negotiated rates
Expanded partnership network
WHO will qualify for the Reliance Travel Franchise?

This travel franchise award will be selectively and carefully given only to prospects that demonstrate not only business capabilities, but also share the Reliance’s business ethics philosophy. This business philosophy is founded on the belief that business success is reapedt through the provision of high quality and value-for-money products, delivered at an exceptional level of customer service standard.

Aspirants must also have good business track record in relation to sound leadership and management capabilities. Owners of licensed travel agencies will be in an advantageous position due to their experience in the industry. However, non-owners of travel agencies may be considered if they are prepared to invest in an existing travel agency. Aspirants must also have sound financial resources so that their investments can grow without disruptions.


We are currently franchising our retail franchise format through out Peninsular & East Malaysia. You may recommend your preferred location for our consideration.

We will consider YOU if:-

You posses a full Travel Agent License (In/Outbound & Ticketing);
You are an enthusiastic, hardworking with strong desire to learn and succeed;
You are able to devote your time and best efforts to be hands on, on the day-to-day operations of the outlets;
You possess a positive attitude, excellent interpersonal & financial management skills.
Application Process:

Step 1 Submission of the application form together with a photocopy of your business license;

Step 2 If we find you our potential business partner, we will call you to attend a short presentation session for you to have a better understanding of Reliance Travel Franchise System (RTFS);

Step 3 If there is a mutual interest; an interview cum “Get To Know You” session will be arranged for you to meet up with our Franchise Appointment Committee.

Step 4 If both you and Reliance agree to proceed, a letter of offer will be issued to you with a requirement for you to submit to us some relevant documents.

Note : All the above stated investment costs are subject to change without prior notice

The I Can Read System!

Reading is the Key to a Prosperous Future

Provide an environment that is client-centered and outcomes-based. All programs are created by educational psychologists and involve intense interaction between teacher and student according to individual requirements and through understanding rather than rote learning.

What does being illiterate really mean?

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) claims there are 900 million people in the world who are illiterate. This number cobers about 25% of the world’s population. This means that nearly a quarter of people aged 16 to 65 are functionally illiterate.

Literacy is the ability to communicate by either reading or writing. To be literate means to be able to understand, interpret, analyse, and respond to different types of information. This can be information that is written, visual or oral. so, to be illiterate means not being able to read or write but also being able to interact with and understand different texts.

Business Opportunity

Who does it affect?

World illiteracy affects a lot of people. For example, a survey conducted in 2000 exposed about 45% of Australians with poor literacy skills. This means the affected people struggle with reading a parking ticket or TV guide. Illiteracy levels within English speaking countries are quite high for concentrated groups.


The I CAN READ® system, incorporating the reading program, has been developed over several years by registered psychologists and came about through research conducted between 1995 and 2000 by Antony Earnshaw and Annabel Seargeant. It is structured, cumulative and hierarchical, and is the first system in the world to direct students how to link clusters of letters to single sounds in a unique manner.
The I CAN READ reading program enables the student to seehow letters combine to create invariant sounds, empowers the student to take control of his or her own reading progress and is fun and easy for children and adults. I CAN READ created the approach to reading which teaches students to analyse single sounds (phonemes) and more importantly theorised the neural linkages between the left inferior frontal gyrus and the left parieo-temporal area which subsequent research has shown enables beginning readers to phonologically link sounds and letter(s) and to assemble the sequence of sound-letter correspondences. Recent evidence using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) supports the I CAN READ approach.

I CAN READ teaches three essential skills that the beginning reader must have:

Phonemic awareness
Blending sequences of phono-graphemes

The I CAN READ reading program overcomes the difficulties that beginning readers face when they learn to read and have to combine letters into blended sounds. The I CAN READ system overcomes the problem of knowing how to pronounce a grapheme when so many letters and clusters of letters can be associated with more than one sound. Commencing with simple, invariant graphemes, the student progresses to more difficult graphemes, building upon his or her successes on the way.


I CAN READ is proven effective because of its hierarchical approach to learned skills. The reading program has been developed over six years of research with children affected by dyslexia, ADD and developmental delay. Piloted in Australia in 1999 with over 400 children and then in Singapore in 2000 by the Ministry of Education, it has proven effective with children suffering from learning difficulties including reading difficulties, dyspraxia and dyslexia. It is ideal for students from non-English speaking backgrounds. It is also the ideal system for pre-school and primary children who need to learn to read and for children who, for various reasons, have fallen behind their chronological age in their reading age. It is equally effective with children and adults who have English as a second language.

I CAN READ is not simply a reading program for students with reading difficulties. It is a total literacy system, which is open to all ages and all abilities, to all children and adults wishing to acquire and improve English literacy skills.

I CAN READ is unique because it offers: Business Opportunity

Specialised literacy programs
Pre-test / post-test outcomes-based environment
Quality pre-reading foundation program
Qualified and trained teachers
Effective reading instruction program
Language rich environment
Strong use of expressive (spoken) English
Well designed and efficient operations system
Systematic procedures that are evidence based
Franchising opportunities exist for suitable investors who demonstrate a commitment to literacy development and who know how to run a business. The licensing company reserves the right to approve all applicants. All applicants will complete due diligence to determine a compatibility between the licensing company and the investor.

Lion Best Sdn Bhd – Health Product

Lion Best offers a profound opportunity for financial independence and personal development, and also helps to enrich a lifestyle of uncommon freedom. Lion Best assures you of an ideal working environment where you can develop your full potential, establish your own career, realize your ambitions, and become a distributor of an invincible family………
Category: Distributor

LION BEST SDN BHD (a member of The Lion Group) established in December 1989, is a Malaysian based direct selling company. It’s headquarters is located in the vicinity of Damansara Utama.

We are endowed with a solid and resourceful financial background, quality products, and proven marketing plan. In line with our business philosophy of operating in perpetuity, we shall continue to pursue an ever-higher quality of service as well as to develop products of superior quality, hence offering our extensive network of distributors a truly risk-free business opportunity.

In 1993, Lion Best built a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Malacca, with an investment more than RM10 million. Vitarite Pharmaceuticals production techniques conform to the prestigious Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a standard recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), where stringent Quality Control is adhered at all times.

Through Lion Best, you will have unlimited opportunities to capture a market, and the Lion Best network is truly a proven avenue to the lifestyle you aspire.

Product :

Health Care
Personal Care
Home Care
Auto Care
Food & Beverage

Lion Best Sdn Bhd
Contact :
Marketing Department
Lion Best Sdn Bhd
No 1, Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel : 603 – 7728 6421
Fax : 603 – 7728 6451
Email :

Website :

Car Care Center C3

Wanna have a MONEY making MACHINE?

Car Care Center (c3) is focusing at modern and professional One Stop Care Center who provides high quality services of integrated car care……
Category: Franchise


Car Care Center (c3) is focusing at modern and professional One Stop Care Center who provides high quality services of integrated car care, consist of : Manual Car Wash, Touchless Automatic Car Wash, Car Detailing, Rust Protection, Tire Service, Oil Change, Window Film and Car Accessories.

Founded in Indonesia year 2001, now C3 is offering a great franchise opportunity to have your own C3 business which have a very big market in automotive industry and have a high profitability derived from services revenue.


Franchisee can start the business without previous experience in automotive industry
The business risk of this typical investment is small
Low Business Investment compared to other premium retail businesses
Gather big number of members derived from C3 customer loyalty program
High profit margin, Fast return of investment (LESS THAN 2 YEARS)
High Brand Awareness
Solid operational system and evaluation
Your shop is directly known as a branch of big C3 network (instead of opening your own individual shop with ‘new’ name)
Continuous national marketing and sales promotion program
Hi Technology Management Information System
Full support on business consultancy, training and development
Best technology equipment and best working material
C3 is committed to consistently launch innocative products and services




Touchless Automatic Carwash
Professional Car Detailing

5 years term
Fixed Royalty
Monthly USD 500

min 400 m2
4500 ft2
Touchless Automatic Carwash
Professional Car Detailing
Rust Protection & Dent Repair
Tire Service & Oil Change

5 years term
Fixed Royalty
Monthly USD 800

min 800 m2
9000 ft2

Howards Storage World

Howards Storage World® offers storage and organisational products for the home and office. The word “Storage” covers a very broad meaning, but when you see our huge range of wire baskets, elfa® Storage System, waste bins, wine racks, TV support brackets and plastic containers of all colours, shapes and sizes, you will be fascinated by our “storage world” speciality retail concept…..
Category: Franchise

Introduction to Howards Storage World® Franchising

With international master franchisees now operating in Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, Dubai, Ireland as well as the Philippines, and over 58 Stores in Australia, the Group is undergoing exciting growth.

The first international franchise outlet was opened in Singapore at Parkway Parade in January 2005 and is enjoying tremendous success. With the wide variety of clever space-saving products and innovative storage items never before seen in Singapore, the experience of visiting Howards Storage World® is all you need to get your home or office organised and clutter-free!

Howards Storage World® has always been proud of its customer service and Store appearance. This has been rewarded with Howards Storage World® Singapore being nominated as a finalist in the “Best New Retail Entrant” category in the Singapore Retailer’s Association Awards 2005.

In June 2008, Howards Storage World® marked its expansion in Singapore with the opening of its second outlet at HarbourFront Centre.

The success of the Howards Storage World® concept can be attributed to the ever-changing needs of the consumer and the desire to “take control of clutter” and live more organised lives.

Business Opportunity

Our Concept

Howards Storage World® offers storage and organisational products for the home and office.

The word “Storage” covers a very broad meaning, but when you see our huge range of wire baskets, elfa® Storage System, waste bins, wine racks, TV support brackets and plastic containers of all colours, shapes and sizes, you will be fascinated by our “storage world” speciality retail concept.

Our shop sizes vary, but ideally are a minimum of 3500 sqft and up to 5000 sqft in shopping centres or well-patronised suburban locations. The larger format stores enable our products to be better presented.

Franchisees come from all walks of life, but ideally enjoy relating with people. After the Howards Storage World® training programme, you are equipped with the knowledge to offer your customers advice on their home storage needs.

There is a core range of storage products sold. Customers are always remarking over the huge variety of interesting merchandise carried and love to browse the Store’s incredible range of over 3,500 items.
Howards Storage World® Products categories include:

Elfa Wire Basket & Ventilated Shelving System
Laundry Storage / Airers
Wardrobe Accessories
Kitchen Storage & Accessories
Bathroom Storage & Accessories
Plastic Containers / Bins & Boxes
Office Storage
Wine Racks
Home Entertainment Storage/Organisational Solutions
Workshop/ Garage
We encourage you to visit our Store to personally experience the Howards Storage World® concept.

Benefits of Franchising

Franchising is a dynamic marketing tool.

Growth to a desired size and strength can only be achieved over a period of limited time by embracing the “culture of franchising”.

There are two main reasons a business is franchised:

Using investor’s capital (the franchisees) to expand the brand name.
Owner operators are committed financially, emotionally & physically to the success of their business and are never too far away for control.
Non-franchised businesses that utilise employees and commission sales people often struggle to maintain control over their staff.

Without you, we won’t achieve our goals; without us, you may not achieve yours.

Our job, as Franchisor, is to show you how to make a good living, a fair return on your investment and to feel personally terrific in being a part of our Howards Storage World® Franchise Family.

We challenge you to ask a lot of “why” questions, and we will, in turn qualify you as best we can, to ensure you understand what it takes to succeed in retailing in today’s marketplace.

Our goal is to have approximately 12 profitable Stores across Singapore, and expand into Malaysia and Brunei. We also strive to be recognised as the ‘knowledge specialists’ about all aspects of home and office storage.

Franchisee Profile

You may be surprised to learn that most people who decide to open up their own business have not done enough homework.

So, we suggest you take time to really get to know what motivates you, what you are passionate about and how you define success in your own life. The following are just some of the highlights that would make you a successful Howards Storage World® Franchisee.

Are they in line with your plans?

You are a self starter
A team player
Enjoy interaction with people
Are realistic when it comes to the work you need to put into growing your repeat customers
Are not frightened by the idea of quoting for home installations
Will listen and take advice
Enjoy getting together to share ideas
Are honest, and can constructively communicate both triumphs and challenges to your staff, your franchisor and your fellow franchisees
Don’t expect to make a million dollars overnight but are hungry for the material benefits a successful business can deliver
Enjoy the idea of your own business but are smart enough to see the advantages of group buying power and joint advertising clout.
Get all the facts, call Tony Chin at 012-320 3683 / +65 62415739

For more information:

Home Furnishing – BAAGUS

BAGUS CURTAIN SDN BHD is the first curtain chain store to provide franchise to keen investors or professionals, who have the capital or the expertise. Bagus Curtain Sdn Bhd is a well-known in curtain business since 1993 in Malaysia, and we have successfully established a nationwide business network throughout the past years

Franchise Opportunity

BAGUS CURTAIN SDN BHD is the first curtain chain store to provide franchise to keen investors or professionals, who have the capital or the expertise.

Your Confidence Partner

Bagus Curtain Sdn Bhd is a well-known in curtain business since 1993 in Malaysia, and we have successfully established a nationwide business network throughout the past years. Strategically, we have rapidly been developing our business chain group throughout our nationwide network.

With a vision of “Always seeking for quality and continuous improvement? we are vast invested and operating in curtain manufacturing, trading and retailing business.

Our Competitive Advantages:-
– Centralized Operation and established production
– Effective Management Team
– Quality Products and experienced Installation Team

Moreover we are able to deliver the best and quality services. Now all interested parties, business owners, and entrepreneurs are welcomed to join us as franchisee to grow with our business-Baagus Fasionable Window Dressing brand throughout nationwide network.

Hotline : 03-6275 2222 (Ms Ng)

About Bagus Curtain

When people mention Bagus (a Malay word for Good), the first impression that one gets is something of Value to Heart. Its because that word is what gives the effort one puts in to have value. Certainly everyone wants Good Quality, Good Service & Good Value.

From Bagus one ‘a’ to Baagus two ‘a’, why did we add to the original?

We decided to undertake a bigger objective upon reaching our 10th Anniversary as Bagus Curtain.

Therefore, with the need to Internationalized our brand and image, we invited a credible Brand Designer to conceptualize for us.

Since Bagus already means Good, it was therefore maintained but with an additional ‘a’ to represent the Added Quality, Added Service & Added Value on top of whatever that was already Good in the first place.

Hence the birth of ‘Baagus’ as a trademark brand for our future in this industry. This will carry our company to greater heights with vigor towards the S.E.A region.


To continuingly provide furnish stylish, fashionable curtain products, and to render best quality of services to meet our customers?needs.

BAAGUS Mission

To make curtain a fashionable window dressing for Malaysian home deco
To bring the Malaysian BAAGUS brand to overseas