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Real Estate Development project in Cambodia seeking RM2 million

Project Cost: RM2Mil

Amount Invested : None

Amount Required : RM2Mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

real estate

Project Stage:


Company History:

Pioneer to start property development project. This venture works for those angel investors who wish to explore profitable development business in Cambodia.

Product / Service Description:

I plan to work as a fund manager. We have projects that requires RM 2M to build 10 two-story houses in Cambodia. And plan to sell 300K each. The whole process would take up to 2 years to fully complete selling all units. Our team will take 20% of total returns. Based on our study, angel investors could benefit between 20 to 28 % per annum. Angel investors can exit the project within no longer than 2.5 years.

Business Opportunity:

We see opportunity in higher quality residential development. If we could accumulate such fund:

-we deliver units with 10% to 20% cheaper
-Quality development that many developers ignore
-Improve Exterior and Interior design
-We no longer tie with bank assessment of loan application with tedious process and high interest rate.

We wish to share great return to investors that have similar vision.

Revenue Model:

We buy empty land, build residential bloc, sell at a reasonable price.
The price sensitivity and trust is the foundation of building business. Buyers won’t buy house without seeing 50% to 100% completed house ( Cambodian sentiments). Within 2 years, all 10 Units ( per project) would be sold out.

Management Team:

This is me who would manage the fund. I find any plot of Land, prepare the building plan, calculate total development cost (from season developers), look for investors, prepare financial cash flow, seek property agent to sell units. I will work as the networking professional who know where to get fund, pass to developers who will develop as planned, and secure profits for investors.

Current Status:

Work as Business Intelligence Consultant in KL. Have been doing seasonal agricultural product holding and sell it during high demand. 30K invested, 18% percent returns in 6-10 Months

Funding Milestone: To be discussed

Business Valuation:

To make the process simple, the investors are the actual owner of all equity bought under the project. I would prefer to act as temporary name owner whereas all legal documents would be held by investor.

Expected Return On Investment:

Based on the calculation. Investors should get at least 20% to 28% return on investment. The whole project should be completed with 2 years but not up to 3 years. The deal will ends there.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Every stage of financial transaction, investors should get hold of major financial cash flow. Even though the equity is under me as the acting owner, the legal documents should be kept by investors. I would try to purely manage the fund.

Exit Strategies:

Within 2 years:

-If all units is sold, investors will get returns and all investment deposits, I will get my commission too.
-If some still unsold, their should be a discussion prior to development, I wish to hear what investors would want or do.


S O Oudom (
Company Name: n/a
Postal Address : H05-01-02 Pantai Hilpark phase 2
Kirinchi , Kuala Lumpur
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 59200
Country : Malaysia

Loan and investment and joint venture proposals for the development of an international tourist resort in Vietnam

Viet Nam Ferimar Resort Project
Location : T1,T2,T3, Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Area : 3,284,446m2
Amount Required: USD20 million

A. Project Permits

It takes about 2 years to obtain the project investment certificate with 100% foreign investment in Vietnam and about 3 years to complete business license after the investment certificate has been obtained. In order to obtain the business license, a lot of fees and expenses must be paid off that has caused many projects break off in the middle of their process. Normally, it takes about 4-5 years to complete business license with 100% foreign investment. Therefore, most foreign construction companies purchase projects in which business licenses are all completed with expensive prices from Vietnamese enterprises and they are now constructing these projects.

B. Many Risks on Compensation Payment

The most difficult matter for property development in Vietnam is land compensation. In accordance with the act on land compensation, projects with 100% foreign investment strictly follow the act on national land compensation and all procedures. The local government will negotiate with local people and after these negotiation come to a satisfied result, they will compulsorily comply these rules. However, for projects of Vietnamese enterprises or co-investment by Vietnamese enterprises and foreign ones, these enterprises have to do all procedures on site clearance and compensation by themselves difficultly and this often takes about 4-5 years. Because of this reason, many joint ventures between Vietnamese enterprises and foreign ones must quit their project although they have invested a huge amount of money and time for it.

C. Overloaded Situation of Apartments and Office Buildings

In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, overloaded situation of apartment and office building provision causes all construction companies in both Vietnam and overseas face many difficulties.

D. Outdated Equipments of Resorts

Vietnam has been developing international resort construction projects only since 2008. All equipments for previous projects are outdated. Currently, there are many resorts along the coastline of Southern region of Ho Chi Minh City but most of them are only small-scaled projects and there is no mixed-use resort that can meet various needs of foreign visitors. And companies that has been investing in resort construction since 2008 up to now has been earned many profits because land values have also been risen significantly.


1. The project is the first international mixed-use resort project in the nearby region of the coastal Southern of Vietnam.

2. In comparison with the payments for site clearance and compensation, till now the project land value is beyond it a very far distance.

The big profits of this can easily be seen, because if we only count for the land purchase, it is clearly that the land value is increased at least 10 times.

3. Currently in Vietnam, the situation (or condition) for doing business in villas and resorts is still stable. At cities, it is not favorable to do business in apartments; however, it will be completely favorable if we do business in resorts.

4. The process of paying for site clearance and compensation expenses is done simultaneously with the construction & villa sales installment process, and also simultaneously with the infrastructure construction process for villas.

5. Because this is the first sales installment, if the business condition is favorable, the huge profits that we can gain from the small investment fund can immediately be seen.

6. This project is a wide-scaled luxury seaside resort project with the white sandy beach’s spread of 80 m and beach’s length of 3 km.

Strong points of our project (objective opinions):

There are about 50 to 60 resorts with different scales along the coastline of Southern region which is contiguous with Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Among these resorts, there is Ho Tram Strip Casino, which is being constructed to become a tourist area with all provided facilities as of an international resort.

In our opinion, the remaining resorts in the area which only provide residential and restaurant facilities are not so suitable for becoming a tourist area.

In addition, all current facilities of resorts in Vung Tau City just provide services for relaxation, so there has not been any resort’s facility along the Southern coast of Vietnam that can be compared with an international resort. Once our project is completed, it will become a relaxation and sightseeing place with all provided facilities as of an international resort in this coastal area.

Particular strong points of our project:

There is a 3.5 km beautiful white sandy beach.

It is the first resort which has a Powered Hang- glider Practice Field in Viet Nam.
It is the first resort which has a Relaxed Hospital in Vietnam.
It is the first resort which has Marina facilities in Vietnam.
It is the first resort which has Leisure & Entertainment facilities in Vietnam.
It is the first resort which has a Workshop and Seminar Center in Vietnam.
It is the first resort which has a Vietnamese Traditional Village in Vietnam.
It is the first resort which has a Shopping Mall in Vietnam.
It has Condominiums and 5-star hotel bordering the beach.
Resort land lots can be subdivided to sell for foreign sub-investors individually based on their nationality.
It is the first resort in Viet Nam that provides facilities for beach sports such as motorboats, powerboats, windsurfing, jet-skis, etc.
We can do business on rowing games on the lake because we have already planned to construct a man-made lake in Silver Town area.
It is the first resort which has a Golf Course in Viet Nam.

The unique of our project:

1. The land price is cheap, so we can get rather much profits after finishing construction.

2. It is the first complex resort along the Southern coastline of Viet Nam.

3. There will be no risks because Vietnam government supports us in all fields.

4. Sun Resort Vina Co., Ltd. can cooperate with investors who intend to invest into the projects that will be carried out in future.

5. At present, the Vietnam’s government has planned to construct Son Mi new town, a complex factories area, a container port that is about 10 kilometers to the North from our project. These projects are carried out by companies from United Arab Emirates.

The total land area is 39,210,000 m2 in which area for new town is 13,070,000 m2 and the remaining area of 26,140,000 m2 is for factories construction. Factories’ land areas are being compensated at the phase 1. The expected time for completion of these projects is within next five years.


According to Vietnam’s law:

1. Our project is a project with 100% foreign investment capital. The site clearance and compensation work, therefore, will be executed same as government’s projects (it means that the government will revoke lands and make lease to investors) (Sun Resort Vina Co., Ltd. is a one-single member limited liability company with 100% foreign investment capital).

The land recovery coercion can be executed in this case.

2. This project is different from projects in which Vietnamese joint ventures and Vietnamese businesses join in together by contributing their capital and the land use right.
The site clearance and compensation procedures for Vietnamese businesses will be based on the joint venture legal entity basic. These Vietnamese businesses handle all compensation by themselves (only when there is any obstacle in the site clearance and compensation process, they can ask for helps and supports from the local authorities)

The land recovery coercion cannot be executed in this case.

3. Land Clearance & Compensation Costs and Land Rent (for organizations with 100% foreign investment capital)

Under legal regulations, the Government will revoke lands, do the site clearance and compensation process and have cleared lands leased to foreign organizations. However, in reality, the Government do not have enough budget to pay for these land clearance and compensation costs; therefore, investors have to spend their own money paying for these costs in advance. These advanced amounts will be deducted from the Land Rent (in case when the land clearance and compensation costs are over the total land rent, the balance will be deducted from taxes or counted to the development fees).

Complete set of business plan and business feasibility study is available. Please contact for more information

JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up, Philippine


The new kid on the electronic block, JuanTribe Inc.—a ‘brick n click’ ecommerce start-up company that offers that aims to position itself to become the market leader in offering companies the ability to sell their products, present bills and receive payment electronically and consumers to buy and pay for the dues online.

JuanTribe Inc. will address the consumer’s desire to have one destination cater their every need. Company revenues will be generated from two specific resources: (1) Multi-tiered commission for receiving payments. If merchant partners receive more than the base amount per month, they’re eligible to apply for a Merchant Rate—which lowers their fees as their sales volume increases. (2) Rate per transaction commissions. (3) Sale of sponsorship packages for premier site placement. The Company will develop and market its own branded storefront service.


JuanTribe Inc. will provide a comprehensive set of valued added consumer services that will be specifically catered to our audience and product sponsors. These services include:—is an online and offline EBPP (Electronic bill presentment and payment). It is a form of electronic billing in which a company presents (sends) its bills and customers pay these electronically Online and Offline.

Future Brands

o MartJuan
o JuanMarketPlace
o / aims to be a leading solution provider and operator of an Electronic Service Delivery Network (ESDN) and Electronic Bills Presentment and Payment (EBPP) System, platforms that allows organizations to reach out to their target audiences. intends to strategically put up stations and/or kiosks nationwide, where the users will have convenient access to more than a hundred services, including bills payment, prepaid reloading, hotel and resorts reservation, flight and cruise reservation and etc.

* Note: Full Business Plan Ready


Jeremy Lloyd de Jesus
Mobile: 63 917 908 9362
Phone: 02 907 4551

Filling LPG Plant (SPPBE), Indonesia

Seek investor’s to build a Filling LPG Plant (SPPBE) at South Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Indonesian biggest Gas & Oil Company already convert the kerosene fuel to LPG, they need more 100 plants at East Indonesia. Each plants need US$ 2 million.

The Indonesian Government was to convert from kerosene to LPG wich is more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Distribution of the conversion has been done in accordance with the map below.

Use the number of LPG will be very high, especially in densely populated areas such as provincial capitals and district capitals throughout the territory of Indonesia.

3 kg LPG tubes one of the commodities that are subsidized by the government so that the whole community will use it , which as foodstalls, restaurant, household consumption and others.

PT Pertamina leaving the management/development SPPBE to private/foundation/cooperatives that wish to cooperate in the provision of sufficient LPG to meet needs of users/consumers all over Indonesia.

South Kalimantan has a number of high population density is one of the cities in the distric Pelahari Banjarbaru that in fact the use of LPG is High.

Business Plan

PT Pertamina policy give the permit for SPPBE in 1 district [Kabupaten] max. 2 unit. Opportunity is still wide open for establishment SPPBE outside Java Island. LPG Filling Business one profitable business in Indonesia especially eastern Indonesia that is still a little plant that gets SPPBE and operating permits.

The use of LPG as well as highly efficient and environmentally friendly than using kerosene and get subsidies from the government. By having a lot of charging stations will increase the gain and will get ease licensing oh PT Pertamina.

With the resources and experience that we have as a kerosene dealer for 12 years prior to the conversion and development consultant SPPBE, we strongly believe and trust can provide benefits and return capital to our investor with less than 10 years.

Term loan :
Loans = Rp. 20 Billion
Interest Rate = 12 % pa.
Duration = 8 Years
Installment per month = Rp. 318,353,496.49
Grace period = 12 months
Collateral = Funded Project
Bankers = PT Bank BJB Cilegon Branch
Insurance = PT Jasa Asuransi Indonesia [JASINDO]

Contact for more info.

Golf Course Resort Project, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Seeking US$20 mil to fund an international tourism project in the Southern coast of Vietnam, near to Ho Chi Minh City.

Project Site: Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Current Status

Silver Town Land – Selling
Management Center- Operating
Powered Hang-glider Practice Field – Selling
Workshop and Seminar Center – Operating
Relaxed Hospital – Selling
Leisure Centre – Operating
Vietnamese Traditional Village – Operating
Resort Area – Selling
Shopping Mall – Selling
Resort Hotel – Selling
Condominiums – Selling
Youth Hostel – Selling
Marina – Selling
Golf Course (27Hole) – Selling
Infrastructure Development Plan

Highway: The #1 national highway is currently under construction (It would take about 2 hours driving after completion)

Flight: A new airport is planned to be built in Long Thanh district near Ho Chi Minh City (2012 ∼ 2020). After the highway expansion, distance would be reduced to about 1 hour driving distance.

Infrastructure: Numerous oil fields would be developed in Binh Thuan Province (Related infrastructure secured would give advantage to the development / investment)

Harbor: A cargo / complex harbor would be built around Ba Ria Vung Tau (Saigon River Area)

Tourism infrastructure rich in the business site (Famous tourist places lined up within 1~2 hour distance of the business site)

The Ho Chi Minh ~ Dau Giay highway is currently under construction, and it would be much easier to get to the business site from Ho Chi Minh City after completion

High-speed railway: Ho Chi Minh – Vung Tau (100㎞), Ho Chi Minh – Nha Trang (400㎞) are planned to be built (2010 – 2015)

Project Strengths

Vietnam – Poor Sightseeing Infrastructure in comparison with its size
Potential resort area representing southern area
Its size and Differentiated Concept
Specialized facilities

Rice Bran Oil in Sri Lanka

Project Cost: 391,850.69

Amount Invested : No

Amount Required : No

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Sielent)

Industry: manufacturing

Project Stage: start-up

Information Memorandum:

I selected Rice Bran Oil Plant because of the oil benefits, can be produce lower in price than other oils and very low competition for this industry and it don’t harm to environment. Rice Bran Oil Factory is new to Sri Lanka but the Oil is becoming very demand in the international market because of its benefits and taste. Sri Lanka’s population is over 20 million and there is whole variety of oil exclude rice bran oil in the market. Many people still don’t know about rice bran oil in Sri Lanka, since sell rice bran to India to make oil. At now there are two companies have started to build a rice bran oil plant in Sri Lanka.

I have a background in rice mill industry and studied lot of about what kind of rice bran has high oil lead, about machineries about the market include local and international and lot. The main machineries have to import from china and I have select from the one of the best rice bran oil plant producing company. It will take whole together 90 days to install the plant. My goal is to produce minimum 444.444 Ton oil at the first year. Sell our products whole the parts in Sri Lanka where oil is used and making our products as one of the best selling oil in Sri Lanka and best rice bran oil in the international market.

This business plan is created by my self with the help of an accountant. I have included whole expenses that can be possibly happen and maximize the amount of expenses. The net profit I have reduced to minimum amount can be obtained after reducing the expenditures and taxes. I have included miscellaneous income which can be obtained by selling remaining products after making oil. I pleased to explain the every segment if needed and please see the references which I have included to know more about the product.

Contact Person

Muhammed Hakeem (
Postal Address : 111,Mullegama,Ambatanne
State : Central
Post Code : 20000
Country : Sri Lanka
Telephone :
Fax :
Mobile: +94773659299

PRE-IPO Australian Mining Resources Company


An Australian Mining Resources Company has the vision to become a profitable mining and exploration Company in Australia and overseas that will excavate and extract gold and other minerals from resource deposits. Achievement of this objective will create wealth for shareholders through capital growth and dividends. The Company aims to achieve this goal through a strategy to acquire undervalued and somewhat distressed small to medium scale mining projects and mineral assets that will provide profitable income streams to the Company.

The Company has identified an opportunity where significant profits can be achieved by acquisition and joint venture of existing small to medium scale placer gold operations that have proven gold deposits using the latest placer gold recovery techniques. Gold recovery techniques have been substantially revolutionised over the past 20 years where gold recovery wash plants have become mobile, mounted on a flat-bed semi-trailer chassis and able to process gold bearing material up to 400 tons each per hour. These wash plants boasts fine gold recovery down to 50 microns, making it effective to recover between 95% and 98% of the gold suitable for river bank-run sedimentary material processing for a high yield and very cost effective system requiring minimal operator skills. Several wash plants can be grouped together in parallel to process 1,000+ tons per hour and very capable of processing lower grade ore bodies.

The Company is reviewing a number of opportunities to acquire existing producing gold mining operations that fall into the distressed asset category and is seeking to raise the capital required to acquire some of these assets and become an immediate gold producer in Australia, USA and Canada. A number of projects are also being reviewed in Mongolia.


The Company is seeking initial seed capital up to AUD $200,000 (MYR 625,000) for the immediate company requirements and progress immediately to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) through an initial public offering (IPO). The seed capital will be used for:

* Company Office Establishment – Perth (Western Australia)
* IPO requirements including prospectus; legal requirements; ASX initial listing fees
* Due diligence requirements of project acquisitions
* Application for prospective exploration projects (Australia)

The IPO will raise the capital required to acquire the gold mining operations and exploration projects. It is proposed to raise the capital through the IPO prospectus with 3 levels of subscriptions:

– Minimum Subscription
– Full Subscription
– Over Subscriptions

It is anticipated the minimum subscription for the IPO will be around AUD $5 million.

The higher level of subscription would allow the Company acquire additional gold producing projects; increase the exploration budget; or acquire additional equipment to increase the production of one or more mines. The current project opportunities and funding requirements for each project are described below.


It is anticipated the seed capital requirement of up to AUD $200,000 required under this offering will be share equity based at a price of AUD 5 cents per share. The minimum listing requirements of the Australian Stock Exchange is AUD 20 cents per share. This will a potential of up to 300% return on investment for a successful ASX listing. It will be the investor(s) responsibility to ensure they understand of pre-ipo seed capital investing and that some of the investment may be subject to an escrow period.


The company is currently writing a prospectus inhouse for the proposed company acquisitions and projects. The Company has received positive feedback from Australian brokers and promoters. The Company will engage into broker negotiations during January 2012. It is anticipated to list the Company onto the ASX by April 2012 or earlier; providing all necessary listing requirements have been completed.


The management team is in place and has the necessary experience ready for a listed Company including Commerce Degree (Economics and Banking) & Applied Finance; experience in business management, resources sector and financial services industry, stockbroking and wealth management.


The Company will progress for a stock market listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).


The gold producing projects at hand are currently being assessed. The Company is expected to be cash flow positive with Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) in excess of AUD $2,500,000 per annum.


Many new exploration Company\’s appear on the Stock Market with an exploration program in the hope to find an economical resource to develop and mine. Our Company aims to achieve positive cashflow immediately by acquiring existing, producing mineral deposits where the cashflow can be used to fund further exploration, development of existing mines and acquisition of additional mines.


Dennis Fry (

Postal Address : PO BOX 551
Post Code : 2620

Telephone : +61 435 818 048
Fax : +61 7 3112 6111
Mobile: +61 435 818 048

Car brake shoes manufacturer at Indonesia

Project Cost: RM 970,000

Amount Invested : RM 430,000

Amount Required : RM 540,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

Industry: manufacturing, industry products

Project Stage: early expansion


Company History:

PD. Spartindo Jelita Part has been established since 1996 which mainly focuses on brake pad of motorcycle. It was formed by Mr. Hasan Chahyadi Tjhang with the vision to accommodate Indonesia with high quality brake pad and affordable price. He spotted a huge market demand in car industry and the supply could not accommodate the demand of market which makes him believes that there is a huge untapped market in car industry. He is the expertise in manufacturing motorcycle and car brake pad/ brake shoes since he was young. It was the talent he gained from generation to generation.

Product / Service Description:

For starting, PD. Spartindo Jelita Part will be producing 25 models of different car brake shoes and will be distributed around Indonesia with the help of sales team and connection of existing distributors. The car brake shoes mainly accommodate the cars that are frequently used by Indonesian citizens such as Honda Jazz, Toyota Kijang, Toyota Avanza, Hilux, etc. For future expansion, PD. Jelita Spartido Jaya aims to accommodate 100 different models of cars including truck, sedan, and family car.

Business Opportunity:

Indonesia is the largest automotive market in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region with 2011 sales growing 16.4% and in 2012 the sales growth 7.5% (Harman. A, 2012). This fact gives a huge market for Indonesia in automotive industry especially brake shoes which the demand is higher than the supply making this industry having a ready market to be tapped. It is expected the growing market of automotive industry in Indonesia is increasing because there is a lot of liquidity in the banking system currently helping loan interest for car purchases to remain low (Bisara. D, 2012), therefore, bank regulation makes it easier for Indonesians to purchase car.

Revenue Model:

PD Jelita Spartindo Part earns the profit from the sales of brake shoes of car which the initial production will be 20,000 units.
The net profit of each unit at minimum RM 2 and maximum RM 7
Total the minimum profit for initial stage: 20,000 units x RM 2 = RM 40,000
Total maximum profit for early stage: 20,000 units x RM 7 = RM 140,000
PD Jelita Spartindo Part has ready distributors which covers all parts of Indonesia.

This business model is sustainable because of the founder of company is having sufficient knowledge and experience to run the automotive manufacturing business provided with strong team which has been in the company for over ten years.

Our company has executed bonuses to employees which make employees become more productive. Our company will introduce bonuses for distributors and sales team who able to hit the target of sales. Moreover, PD Jelita Spartindo Part will be having few departments to ensure the growth of the company such as marketing & PR team, sales team, accounting and manufacturing team.

Management Team: PD. Jelita Spartindo Part will be consisting on four departments which are:
1. Marketing & PR team – The team will be responsible in developing strategy to monopoly Indonesia market and build a good image of Motogawa to Indonesia market
2. Sales team – The team will be executing the sales job by channeling Motogawa product to distributors and automotive workshop around Indonesia. Commission scheme will be introduced.
3. Accounting – This person will be accountable in keeping record of expenses and income and allocate budget for each department. This person will be the one to keep track on the health of company.
4. Manufacturing team – This team will be responsible in producing Motogawa product with best quality and on time.

Current Status:

Currently PD. Jelita Spartindo Part has made investment up to RM 430,000 to purchase most of the machines to produce and the factory for the production place. The company still need RM 540,000 to run the business.

Funding Milestone:

First stage of funding: RM 200,000 to produce 5 models of car brake shoes to be distributed in few parts of Indonesia. Once we get the profit it will be shared with the investor based on equity which can be discuss further. The remaining RM 340,000 can be invested once the profit shown in six months time.

Business Valuation: Depend on the amount of money invested in the business. Can further discuss during meeting.

Expected Return On Investment: n/a

Investment Risk and Mitigation: n/a

Exit Strategies: Investor can sell the shares in 3 years time.


Felicia Regina Tjhang (
Company Name: Jelita Spartindo Part
Postal Address : Jalan Dadap Raya, Periuk, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15131, Indonesia
tate : Tanggerang
Post Code : 15131
Country : Indonesia
Telephone : 0182863220
Website : n/a
Mobile: 0182863220

6,000,000 USD for Growth in Profitable Technology Firm, China

Project Cost: $6,000,000 USD

Amount Invested : Reinvested profits

Amount Required : n/a

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
others (financier)

consumer goods
industry products

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

After successfully introducing our LED-product line into the market we are currently at a stage where we are looking to expand our production to be able to supply the high demand. We are looking for 6,000,000 USD loan or equity (or a mixture of both). I want to sell 20-49% shares or get funded by a loan.

* Register to view Executive Summary / Business Plan.

Contact Information

Norbert Ernst (
Company Name: Astera LED-Technology
Country : China
Website :

Special Investment Offering in IT Company. Revenue 75%, Dadang Darmawan, Indonesia

Project Cost: USD 50,000

Amount Invested : USD 15,000

Amount Required : USD 35,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia, agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: start-up

More Information:

We have insufficient infrastructures to accomodate human resources to develop the program.

Free distributed software & online media for health / medicine field and professionals funded by third parties through sponsorship.

The program is supported by certain pharmaceutical companies as this can be one of the their CSR program implementation. The community is absolutely open and welcome for “free things” and helping their works. Absolutely no competitor at all and this is an original concept due to those companies opinions.

We are really unique company with unique program (services / products). We create free software and online media for community funded by third parties as part of their CSR and marketing programs.

We have some existing companies commit to join and support the program. They are willing to switch some percentage of their CRS funds & marketing budget. We are now still working to find extra companies to catch our sponsorship amount target.

Programmer (web, desktop, mobile) 3 persons, Designer 1 person, Marketing 2 persons, Others 10 persons

75% of net profit with guaranteed min. 20% of investment amount revenue per year. Contract is 2 years and available to extend.

Contact Information

Dadang Darmawan (

Telephone : +62 22 61440210

Fax : +62 264 8388113

Mobile: +62 81910009071