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Cambodia Rice Cultivation Investment

Project Title : Rice Cultivation Investment

Project Cost: $5,000,000.00

Amount Invested : $337,500

Amount Required : $3,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, finance, other (Open to partner interest)
Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Open to partner interest)
Industry: consumer goods, others (Agricultural Business)
Project Stage: start-up, others (Diversify into agricultural Business)

More Information:

I am looking for joint venture partnership to invest in Rice Production Investment in Cambodia. The land available for this investment is 1,500 hectares (one thousand five hundred hectares) fertilize land around Tole Sap, I own 150 hectares my partner will acquire 1,350 hectares and put together for business. Number of share will be divided based on percentage of capital investment and agreement on MOU. Basically, I am will share 15% and my partner will share 85% for this business. ROI over 85% in second year and profit will at 18 month from the start of business. Interested investors are welcome to contact me for further detail at

Contact Information


Postal Address : #43B, Street 271
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Telephone : +855 (0) 23 997 117

Mobile: +855 (0) 67 558 888

Coal trading company in Indonesia is seeking financier

The coal is from west Kalimantan, the value between usd5m per shipment, have 1 year contract, the buyer from Korea will issue at sight LC with CIF term.

More information:

We have company at Indonesia (PT) and Labuan offshore Malaysia (Limited). Our main business activity is trading. For coal business, we have good end supplier at Kalimantan and Sumatra we also have a potential buyer from Hong Kong, India and Korea, most payment from buyer is irrevocable letter of credit at sight. Each buyer looking for 50,000mt per month minimum and up to 100,000 mt every each buyer. We also have offer the coal concession but need big money to buy the area and operation facility.

We also have contact with our consultant which can help us by issuing back to back LC or usance LC, so we can arrange our buyer issue the at sight LC to our consultant and they issue usance LC but cannot SBLC. At Indonesia also we cannot get loan by usance LC, that why we are looking for lender can give us loan against at sight LC, usance LC or you can issue SBLC. We spoke to our banker like BUKOPIN bank at Banda Aceh, the bank agree to give us loan by SBLC at a collateral, if possible also if we can lease SBLC, but we don’t want bank know that instrument is lease.

Some problem also the bank will not issue a conditional letter to show to funder, and if the draw down happened we cannot transfer direct from Bukopin bank to outside, we prefer we transfer local or we do transfer to our another difference bank in our account and we transfer out. The Bukopin Bank give us facility up to usd100 million by stages, example usd10, 20, 20 and 50m.the draw down between 10 banking days. Project we submitted is coal trading and coal mine, iron ore trading and iron ore mining located at Aceh.

If the lender cannot issue SBLC also we also try to fine which lender can issue mt103/23 to some provider which stated will pay within 14 banking days so after our draw down within 10 banking days we can pay direct to provider and cancel the mt103/23 or we transfer to lender with amount and plus profit and the mt103/23 is release at the provider.

Bukopin bank which is gives us facility against SBLC. Most facility is over draft 60% trade line give us loan against sblc is depend on maturity SBLC. All our share holder and director are clean and clear, no black list person.

Lanka Mammoth (pvt) limited Tourism hotel on the sea, Sri Lanka

Project Cost: $10 million

Amount Invested : $ 2 million

Amount Required :$ 8 million

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time, part-time, as mentor, as consultant

Industry: tourism / hospitality

Project Stage: seed, start-up

Sri Lanka, an island off the Indian subcontinent with land area of 64,470 square kilometres, has a population of around 19.7 million people. The workforce, highly literate, makes up 35% of the population. With an economy of $43.3 billion (2010 estimate) and per capita GDP of approximately $5300, the country has experienced sustained growth in recent years due to political stability, the removal of travel advisory, and favourable tourism rating. The government is committed to further developments of the economy- ranked as one of the most liberalised in south Asia – by creating a business climate conductive to private investment. Investors receive preferential tax rates, guarantee on investment agreements, exemptions from exchange control, and 100% repatriation of profit.

Lanka Mammoth(pvt) limited company will launch the physical components of interrelated systems providing commodities and services essential to enable, sustain, or enhance societal living conditions, with satisfied business communities. Lanka Mammoth is planning to hit the core of the industry with new idea and unique passion at unique place, to take the full advantage of recent changes in tourism industry.

The Lanka Mammoth form as a start up company in tourism industry charming a tourist hotel in southern coastal part of Sri Lanka, located overlooking the Galle fort, is a world heritage site and the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European occupiers. The Dutch built the present Fort in the year 1663. Other prominent landmarks in Galle include the natural harbour, the Natural Maritime Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral founded by Jesuit Pries. Galle is also an exciting internationally famous visitor destination and it marks the highest in Sri Lanka of 35.16%.

The Lanka Mammoth hotel (with capacity of 150 rooms) will be set up as a Limited Liability Private Company of southern Galle and will reside in the country. Lanka Mammoth is the centrepiece for the entire tourism experience.

6.5 Acres land that we proposed to purchase is the only private island of this size off the south coast of Sri Lanka. A unique island of high elevation which is connected to the main land by a narrow beach of beach and is surrounded by spectacular rock formations. There is a small beach to one side shaded by coconut palms, and screw pines are abundant on the southern point facing the ocean.

Company has planned to spend $ 10 million on this project from purchasing the land and to the budgeted expenses for the first 3 months of business run, with $ 2 million from the owner, and the balance $ 8 million as a loan for a 10 year term with 8 to 12 months of grace period of repayment, and rate of no more that 5% per annum. We anticipate repaying the loan by March 2023.

Sources and uses of funds
Sources of funds $
Proposed loan/Investment 10,000,000
Total funds available 10,000,000

Uses of funds
Land purchase 4,000,000
Construction Capital 4,500,000
Start-up Utility/wages 500,000
Insurance 400,000
Marketing 600,000

By year 5 our hospitality will be producing over $ 5 mn annualy, and is expected to opperate at 80% of net profit. Revenue projected for Fiscal Year 1, without external funding, is expected to reach $ 2.4mn. annual growth projection indicade an avarage increase of 6.5% to go for a $ 5 mn target in FY5.Now, Lanka Mammoth at a point where intend to secure $ 10mn through a loan/investment, to start the journey to be the Mammoth of the tourism industry.

The Market Opportunity

Within the hospitality industry, the Lanka Mammoth hotel will be competing with hotel as there are only 17 star rated hotels( 2 to 5) in south coast with no more than 1500 rooms(total number of rooms is 5099 in south coast) to accommodate around 250,000 tourists, therefore more than half of them accommodate by supplementary establishments. Total number of foreign guest nights in south coast region was 1,213,203 and local guest nights were 430,445 in year 2010. The Lanka Mammoth hotel facilities will be higher and far nicer than other hotels in the area. All of the hotels in the area are fairly standard chain hotels, nothing noteworthy. The Lanka Mammoth – on the other hand, is a beautiful, elegant hotel – in a unique island, on the sea.

The Lanka Mammoth hotel has different target groups that it is going to successfully attract. The first are the tourists more than 250,000 per year who travel south coast region. The second groups are the locals that just want to get away for the weekend. They may have activities planned for the weekend at the parks, local towns or just choose to relax in a comfortable at Lanka Mammoth hotel. Others will just want to have the experience of service presented by Lanka Mammoth hotel. While we will certainly get customers that fall outside of these groups, this classification should be fairly accurate.

At first glance you might not even notice the unassuming glassed building festooned with flags of many nations. But once inside the front door you realize that this could only be the Lanka Mammoth hotel. A graceful “Thambili”, (king coconut)and the nuts of which Sri Lankans regard as a \”living pharmacy\” is the most versatile and medically practical may greet you as one of the staff takes your bags and leads you to a cozy alcove for Ceylon tea and delicate biscuits.

Competitive Edge

The Lanka Mammoth PLC has two distinct competitive edges that differentiate it from the competition. The first is the never-ending attention to detail and customer service. The Sri Lanka recognizes that their mission is to ensure that their customers have the finest stay with them. Lanka Mammoth PLC/Hotel will do whatever it takes to ensure the customer\’s happiness. This will be showcased in hotel which will offer certified and trained service system from the beginning. Their second competitive edge is the unique facility. The facility is so wonderful in part because of the actual structure – which is a magical place to behold and stay at. The tiffany lamps inside, the original gas, solid-silver fixture lamps, at the hotel gallery where you finds historic stories about the country, antiques are all amazing and aquarium – as are the only hotel which has those in the country.

To create a hotel whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations along the lines learned of “unprecedented hospitality and service standards” by doing that, projected revenues for year 1, without external funding, are expected to be $ 2.4mn. Annual growth is projected average to be 6.5% to achieve $ 5mn in year 5. We feel that within 7 years Lanka Mammoth will be suitable position for further expansion.

“We are committed to bring the superior for the southern coast area and surrounding all over the country as well. We will exceed the expectations of our guests and colleagues by providing a contemporary, world class experience, through continuous commitment to the development of our colleagues and product to achieve maximum growth and profitability.”

Management team
Like starbuck’s coffee where every must have “a passion for coffee and the coffee experience” at Lanka Mammoth, everyone we hire will have a passion for tourism industry. Although no one has build exacly like Lanka Mammoth before, we will be assembled a team of people who have build unique passion at Hotel servece. With the Owner and appoineted directors to complete our team, Lanka Mammoth will be hiering a General Manager, Marketing manager, and the chef. These execatives will manage our Hotel and staff respectively, and assure that Hotel goals and objectives are accomplished. With these positions filled, we will have evreyone we need to effectively and efficiently execute our plan.

Keys to Success
By offering unique experiences and service to our guests, position the Lanka Mammoth hotel will be the majestic in the region among tourists and travellers. Company will patronage strong market position with the world wide tourists by link into the strongest referral engines and tourist association engines for reservation, which will maintain sound financial management of the venture.

The market for Lanka Mammoth Company/ Hotel will clearly grow, giving us a prime opportunity to provide better unieque services to new cutomer needs. The explosive growth for this market supports Lanka Mammoth Hotel to be reaching its break even point occupying 12 rooms per day. And profitability in 6 years. By driving more than 70% of avarage profits back in to the company, we expected to accelerate loan payment and be debt free by 6years , a full 4 years ahead of schedule.
Contact Information

Milinda Perera (

Postal Address : A/1/2, Manning town buildings, narahenpita, colombo. Sri Lanka

Telephone : +94112688571

Knowledge NoteBook Student Software

A simple and convenient tool to help students to improve learning by 15% to 25% at the little cost of $25 is undeniably a good choice. US alone has 15 million college students. Diamond buried at the bottom of a mountain are nothing but stones (our product, Knowledge NoteBook is not known to its vast customers yet), we need resources to bring its awareness and value to its customers. In the end, all stakeholders benefit from it. Google consistently ranks our student software, Knowledge NoteBook, as one of the top guys in the field. For instance:

#1, “free download best student software”,
#1, “download best student software”,
#1, “best student study tool program”,
#1, “top software for students free download”,
#1, “cool study notes program”, (May 20, 2012)
#3, “download study software for students”,

Product – Knowledge NoteBook

A continuously evolving learning tool for students.
At the basic level, it’s a note-taking tool;
At the sophisticated level, it’s a study and research tool;
At the higher intellectual level, it promotes logical and critical thinking.

Platform-wise, both web and downloadable.

Long Term Goal

Becoming a key learning tool player in the global education/learning market.
Market size: US alone is $325 billion according to Forbes.

Financial Possibility of 2013: Total Projected Revenue for 2013 ranges from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000

Evolving Business Model and Game Plan

A) Give college students a super simple way to capture class notes over the web (hence supporting all devices as well). See the following screen shot,

B) Once they are “hooked” get them to use the full version (downloadable hybrid) KN software, once we truly gain great traction with them, sell to their institutions.

C) Have another e-commerce website running to support third party e-commerce platforms to leverage hundreds of affiliates to sell for us, keep some revenue come in, good for investors’ confidence…(

D) Selling to the consumers in large.

Intended Use of Investment

For a minimum of $50k Investment
Campus marketing $7000
1. Marketing materials: $2000
2. Hiring students: $3000
one student team of 3 members / @$15/h, 1 week = 225, w x 4 = 900, bonus/m = 100, $1000/m
(2 paid teams for $3000 budget runs for 6 weeks).

3. Website promo: $1000
4. Software enhancement contractor: $1000

Operation $40800 (6 month)
1. Founder, $6000 / month: $36000
2. Car rental: $400/m: $2400

Misc. $2400
Total: $49,800

With $50k investment we have some room for maneuvers, and it increases the odds of achieving objectives, however, at the end of 2012 cash flow would be negative $14,368.

With $100k or even more investment, we would most likely be able to iterate faster and make the product to reach 70% to 80% acceptance rate by end of Fall 2012, and equally important the reach of the product would be much wider and extensive, and the network effects would kick in… then, we would be in a better position to sell to higher education institutions for the spring and fall semesters of 2013. Also, the relations established via LinkedIn would kick in at right time, which would facilitate deals.

Investments made so far: About 400k. Of which less than 10% are promised equity to relatives for their financial contributions.

* The subject domain is “learning”. Graduated from one of the top 20 universities in China.

* Technical skills
15+ years of IT industry experience as a software designer and developer including experience with Booz.Allen & Hamilton (a world class IT giant). When worked as a consultant for a DC firm back a while ago, a project manager asked my project manager, Andrew Palmer, to “trade” me for three of his consultants, what do you think?

Expected Rate of Return: greater than x5. A Method to Mitigate Investment Risk is to tie equity percentage to performance

Contact Information
Chunshen Li
3164 Berry Lane, #119
Roanoke, VA 24018
US /
Skype: knowledgenotebook; 540 491 0769

Philippines low-cost carrier investment proposal

Project Title : Airline Investment Proposal

Project Cost:
Amount Invested : USD 1,030,401.00
Amount Required : USD 500,000.00
Knowledge / Experience Required: finance
Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant; others (Silent Equity Partner)
Industry: Aviation
Project Stage: Expansion

More Information:

The main goal of Aero Majestic Airways Inc. is to provide the services and features of a full-service airline and the comfort of a charter airline at the cost equivalent to a low-cost carrier. Thus the airline will provide its customers with the best value for money. The project is motivated by the booming tourism industry in the Philippines and the occurrence of investors flocking to Asia. Both effects significantly influence the transportation business in Philippines, primarily the airline business. Due to recent regulation changes in the Philippines Civil Air Regulations, an airline or air operator cannot perform their own maintenance. Instead, it is required to have an Approved Maintenance Organization to perform the maintenance, the airline or air operator monitoring and performing audit functions only.

Aero Majestic Airways Inc. has the following permits and certifications:

Civil Aeronautics Board Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to operate Domestic Non-Scheduled Air Transportation Services.
Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines Air Operator Certificate
Authorized Airports:
• All CAAP authorizes airports/airstrips Special Authorizations
• Low Visibility CAT I Operations
• Continuing Airworthiness
• Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines Approved Maintenance Organization

The authorizations give Aero Majestic an advantage – the right to perform air transportation and aircraft maintenance to its aircraft and also to third party aircrafts.

Areas of Operation:

Aero Majestic is operating with an intention to provide convenience to the Filipino and the foreign public by serving the majority of the feeder airports as well as the major airports in the Philippines. The main operations base is situated at the Zamboanga International Airport, Zamboanga City. The main base is where the hangar and aircraft parking are located, and is also used for maintenance and technical work. Aero Majestic’s corporate office is located in Paranaque city area which serves as an executive headquarter and finance department of the company. The purpose is to centralize the management operation of the company. Aero Majestic has a sub-base at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport, Clark and has capability to establish a sub-base at Mactan International Airport. Currently, the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport sub-base is used as a technical stop for Aero Majestic’s operations in Luzon region.

Market development plan:

The YS-11A 500 series turbo porp aircraft have proven their performance capability over the years. YS-11A has a reputation for the lowest operational cost in its class. Also, one of the main characteristics is that the aircraft has capability of carrying either 64 passengers or 5 tons of cargo, or performing a combi operation with 64 passengers and 2 tons of cargo. This creates a big advantage over other turbo-prop aircrafts utilized by other airlines which have limited load carrying capabilities and higher operations. Also, being the only carrier which can provide large capacity aircrafts to cater for ad-hoc and on demand charter, Aero Majestic has an advantage over its competitors who don’t have the same capacity, including major airlines who cannot perform charter.

The current routes operated by Aero Majestic have no competitors, allowing us to command the fare prices.


TOTAL GROSS REVENUE Php15,971,239.68

NET MONTHLY INCOME Php9,095,599.68

We can offer 40% of the monthly profits to the prospective investor as his returns from the investment made in the company. My equity in the company will serve as guarantee for your investment. All investments made by the company are from my personal capital. The company has no loans or liabilities. The current book value of the company is USD 1,030,401.00.

The cost remains the same as operating a low cost no frill airline. Currently investments are needed to further improve cash flows and provide capital for expansion and upgrade of services.

The capital will be used for the following main reasons
1. Marketing
2. Expansion: opening of new routes
3. Covering operational expenses
4. Improveing the ticket reservation system

Contact Information


Postal Address : Rm. 2A, Sapphire Logistics Center, Multinational Ave., Sto. Nino, Paranaque
State : Metro Manila
Post Code : 1700
Country : Philippines

Telephone : 006328235607
Mobile: 00639995852777

Gambier ekstract and pure catechin production, Indonesia

Project Cost: US$ 425,000. –

Amount Invested : US$ 8,000.-

Amount Required : US$ 425,000. –

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: agriculture

Project Stage: start-up

The Business:

Gambier is an extract from the leaves of plants uncaria Gambier. Catechin and the tannin is important economically valuable compounds contained in Gambier. Gambier many in need in the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical, leather tanning, as well as for consumption of betel (a habit of the people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and most of the Middle East).

Company profile :

CV.Ronamora founded in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia in January 2004. In the course of the early moves in the field of General Trading especially in trade and spice plants, and only works on local trade (not export).

Alhamdulillah, Allah willing, in March 2009 we agreed to produce Gambier, Gambier mainly yellow to fill orders exporter company in Padang.At that time we invested the money of
US$ 8,000.00 for equipment and production costs and has had the ability to produce yellow Gambier by 10 MT / month. Because it has no direct market to the consumer countries, particularly Pakistan and Bangladesh do not develop our work, in December 2011 our production activities temporarily closed and re-turned to trade. After we did the production and Gambier catechin is not economical on a small scale (small capital). For that we intend to go back in production after having sufficient capital or obtain financing to fund the production and marketing.

Problems and solutions:

The problem that we face today is lack of capital so that the cost of inefficient production, and can not meet the export quantity. When the company\’s ability to produce:
Production Equipment:
1. Gambier black = 40 kg / day
2. Gambier yellow = 350 kg / day (due to lack of capital for purchasing raw materials and we only produce a maximum of 150 kg / day)
3.Catechin = no equipment for large scale production.

To increase the quantity, quality, and efficiency of production costs is the large scale production (Yellow Gambier 10 MT/month, Black Gambier 10 MT/month, and Catechin 1 MT/month). These capital needs are great, because we have to build a factory, making equipment, and purchase of raw materials are many.

Our proposed budget is US$ 425,000. – The details are:

1.Land and factory building US$ 100,000.-
2.Production equipment : US$ 180,000.-
– Black Gambier Production equipment capacity of 10 MT / month US$ 80,000.-
– Catechin production equipment capacity 1 MT / month U $ 80,000.-

3. Raw materials for 2 months : US$ 90,000.- For production during the two months it takes as much as 600 MT of raw materials and raw material prices currently US$ 150/MT
4.Production Costs for 1 month : US$ 20,000.-
-Production costs for Yellow Gambier US$500.-/MT x 10 MT/month = US$5,000.-
-Production costs for Black Gambier US$750.-/MT x 10 MT/month = US$7,500.-
-Production costs for Catechin US$7,500.-/MT x 1 MT/month = US$7,500.-
5.Transportation, Truck capacity 5MT 1 unit : US$35,000.-

The Market:
We target to enter a major market that is yellow and black Gambier Gambier. This product is in the average export 150 MT / month to the country India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh from Indonesia. We currently do not have the export market, but we have been making plans to visit the country to market directly to consumers.For the production of pure catechin our target markets of Europe, Japan and the U.S. that had been supplied from India. Overall market and Gambier catechin extract large enough range 150-250 MT / month with a growth rate of 5-10% / year.

The Competition:
Every business must have no competition. In the production of Gambier extract our main competitors are the local farmers who perform traditional production. For the production of pure catechin our main competitor is India. For marketing Europe, Japan and the U.S. Our main pesaiung India as well, but we are optimistic in the face of this competition with our two main plans cost efficiency of production and marketing directly to consumer countries.

The Financial :
During this time we are working with a small capital and a small quantity so that the efficiency cost can not be applied.The result is little advantage gained is US$ 200.-/MT with the production of 4 MT / month.

With large scale production we projected the production of capital:
Gambier yellow US$ 20,000/10 MT = US$ 2,000 / ton
Gambier black US$ 22.500/10MT = US$ 2.250 /ton
Catechin (min level 90%) U$ 22.500 / ton

Current selling price for FOB Indonesia:
Gambier yellow US$ 2,500 / ton
Gambier black US$ 2.750 / ton
Catechin (90%) US$ 60,000 / ton

The potential of the company\’s gross income each month:
Gambir yellow (US$ 2.500 – US$ 2,000) x 10 =US$ 5.000
Gambir black (US$ 2.750 – US$ 2.250) x 10 = US$ 5.000
Catechin (90%) US$ 60.000 – US$ 22.500 = US$ 37.500
Total potential gross income = US$ 47.500 / month

We are ready to offer to the results with interested investors and we made the target for 5-year repayment.As an exit strategy if the 5-year settlement is not reached, then we are ready to sell the equity that we have to others, or we allow the investor to sell its equity. We understand that investors usually only menanm capital and supervise, but we can accept that investors also want to be actively involved in marketing and financial management. We expect investors who are interested in coming to our country to see first hand and we are also willing to bring investors to meet with government officials the authority to deal with foreign investors. With your arrival we hope you will see first hand the truth of our business and offer more guarantees your investment.

Contact Information

Roni Aulia (

Postal Address : Jalan Palinggam No 48 Padang
State : Sumatera barat
Post Code : 25213
Country : Indonesia
Telephone : +6275120055
Fax : –
Mobile: +6285365053702

Indonesia French Gauging System

My company has signed with Scantech France on sole distributor for its Gauging X-ray systems in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We are currently setting up the Malaysia office and we plan to find an investor to help us to do a JV or setup an Office in Indonesia and Thailand. This Product is a Scanner that uses X-ray technology to measure the thickness or weight of a flat web products (thin films, glass, rubber, paper, metals) Most competitors product is wholly own by the company itself (eg. honeywell, ABB, EGS, NDC) we manage to find this product and able to tie up with them. I am in this industry for 8 years and have a working experience of 12 years…..

I have been working in the engineering line for almost 13 years and been doing Gauging Systems for 8 years. I manage to get a sole distributor for a French Gauging System (Scantech) for Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

In this Industry i am selling, marketing, servicing and consultancy to a wide range of industries. This Gauging system is able to measure the thickness or weight of a web film production. Obviously this gauging system that i carry has its potential from its technology, safety and lower pricing compare to the other competitors.

Most competitors of this gauging systems are wholly owned by the company itself and does not have any distributorship in this region.

We are in the process of establishing the Malaysia company and working towards getting startup grants. I am currently a Director of a company that provide Servicing, spare parts and consultancy (process) on gauging systems (Honeywell Measurex).

We are looking for an investor to help us so that we can set up operations business in Indonesia and Thailand. The market for this gauging systems are still in a very much need in the industry it serve. Upgrades, Line expansion and new system production line are a very much ongoing solutions in manufacturing even though of the economy slow down

Sago-Based Forestry Plantation & Starch / Bioethanol Industry

Investment Highlights

Industry/sector :

1. Food (Starch)
2. Renewable / alternative energy (Bio Ethanol)

Stage/transaction type : Fund raising to fund new projects

Current shareholder : Privately owned by the founder

Management : Capable management is in place. The management has been engaging in cassava based industry, hence having relevant expertise and experiences. The management is backed by technical expertise from academic institutions and the state-owned National Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (or Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi or BPPT for short).

Unique selling proposition:

• Plantation project with no requirement of doing an initial planting because its feedstock is abundantly available in the form of natural sago (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) forest, a palm family tree with high starch content.

• The company has obtained the license from local government to manage approximately 20,000 hectares of natural sago forest in the eastern part of Indonesia.

• The company has also got the support from local society in form of an Agreement Letter to optimize the use of this natural forest for higher value-added products. The Agreement Letter gives the company rights to manage the natural sago forest for 30 years, and the company will give compensation to the local society as per sago tree cut basis.

• The project offers an excellent combination of commercial and financial feasibility and many positive environmental and social aspects, including preservation of biodiversity and original forest, greenhouse gas reduction, poverty elevation and community development.

• The sponsor has also received a purchase order for its sagobased starch which practically absorbs 100% of the planned capacity to be built.

Industry / macroeconomic aspects

• Worldwide starch production is about 71 million Metric Tons in 2010, and demand increases by 4% per annum. As one of the major food commodity, increase in demand for starch continues to be steady.

• Due to recent climate change and abnormalities of weather in Russia and some other wheat producing countries, wheat starch production is declining in 2010, thus causing sharp increase of starch prices.

• In the region, demand for tapioca starch has brought tapioca price to reach a record high of US$ 490 /MT. Meanwhile, average tapioca starch price in 2010 is US$ 460 /MT. Whereas, our sago starch is competitively priced at US$ 300 /MT.

• Starch has a variety of use, in food and beverage industry, paper making and plywood industry, glue and adhesives, filler in oil and gas industry, garment industry, etc, as well as a variety of downstream products, i.e. glucose / fructose (sweetener), dextrin and maltodextrin, ethanol, acetic acid, etc.

• Worldwide ethanol production is about 19 billion gallon in 2009, or an increase by more than 10% p.a. and posts the strongest growth among bio-fuel commodities.

• The Indonesian government has issued a decree in 2006 and 2008 that requires a 3% bio-fuel blending in 2010.

• Based on the estimated gasoline consumption Indonesia in 2010 of 20.6 million kl/yr, this decree translates to a bio-fuel demand of 610,000 kl/yr vis-à-vis local fuel-grade bio-ethanol
production capacity of only 93,000 kl/yr.

• The government guarantees the minimum buying price of biofuel for this blending will be set monthly referring to average ARGUS price for the previous month + 5%.

Foreseeable Development:

• Upon the completion of the starch mill and the bioethanol production facility, the next development will be to build a Biogas waste-to-energy facility to bring the project into an energy self-sufficient status.

• The factory capacity is scalable and expandable because raw material availability far exceeds the initial planned capacity.

• The company could develop similar projects in other locations because it has been repeatedly requested by many other local governments having similar resources to replicate the concept.

Investment Considerations

Size : ~USD8.5 million project costs, to build a 200 MT/day starch mill
~USD17 million project costs, to build a 150 kL/day bioethanol brewery
Valuation : Project cost plus premium
Exit scenario : IPO, trade sale
Est. return : Project IRR of around 40%

Financial Projection
In US Dollars Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Revenue 10,500,000 29,812,500 42,001,875
EBIT 2,938,246 9,529,598 13,462,314

Additional Key Information
The sponsor has expressed the need to look for INVESTMENTS and/or LOANS for the project.

Wibowo Yoso, +62 816 954 496, (Chinese / Mandarin)
Eri K. Widjaja, +62 855 102 0468, (English)

Singapore Health Enhanced Chair

I seek at least one investor to finance an international patent application (PCT), that has potential for very high returns. As a Singaporean residing in Singapore, I am entitled to a heavy subsidy in the fees.
My products/service and what problem does it solve?

I have a patent application for sale, titled “Chair For Providing Enhanced Health Care And Comfort”. I have filed it in Singapore. Date of Filing: 12 March2010, Application Number : 201001769 -7. It is to be published soon (early publication).

The present invention relates to a chair that provides a healthier and a more comfortable sitting posture, particularly when the sitting duration is long, such as during long flight journeys, during watching movies in theaters, while waiting in lounges, during long automobile rides, while studying in libraries and the like.

Where do I fit into the market ?

The patent application has a very wide scope for commercial exploitation. The idea is very simple and cheap to implement, while the good effect is enormous and would benefit the public at large.
The potential licensees for this application (when matures to a patent) could be:
a) management bodies for aeroplane, auditorium, theater, waiting lounge, automobile, library and the like,
b) chair manufacturers for informal public seating arrangements,
c) foot rest manufacturers.

Who is in my team and what relevant experience do I have in this field?

I am the inventor and applicant for the patent application filed in Singapore. I could forward you the application as filed, for your review. Thus far I have borne the filing cost in Singapore.

I am a PhD in Microelectronics with more than 28 years of working experience including 10 years of experience in Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd Singapore, as a Senior Principal Engineer. I also hold a Graduate Certificate in IP Law from NUS Singapore. Currently I am a Patent Consultant, working for Patent Agents and Attorneys, in Singapore and abroad.

What am I offering an investor for getting involved in this?

I seek at least one investor to sponsor for applying an international application (PCT) within 12 Mar 2011, with the priority date of 12 Mar 2010, at a cost of about SGD$1700. As a Singaporean, I am entitled to a significant subsidy for the PCT filing. In case the International Search Report (ISR) and Written Opinion (WO) are positive, I propose to sell the patent application to the investor who could then file the same in countries of interest (like US, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore etc) for protection, under his/her ownership and cost.

If the ISR and WO are negative, the investor would lose the amount of SGD$1700 paid. This is the only risk the investor needs to take. Hence the prospective investor may evaluate the patent application with the help of a patent attorney and move forward for investing if it is reasonably assuring.

In case multi-parties are interested now or after receiving the ISR and WO, the expenses could be shared while the benefits could be enjoyed by all of them.

We could negotiate further details. It should be a win-win situation for all of us.

Any current or projected financials?

Filing cost for the PCT application (latest by 12 Mar 2011) to receive the ISR and WO: SGD$1700
If the ISR and WO are positive, the application may be bought from me at negotiated price and filed in countries of choice (such as US, Europe, China, Japan, Singapore etc) for being granted. The cost would include the application processing charges as well as the patent agent fees.

I look forward to hearing from you as a prospective investor. Please contact me such that I could forward you the application as filed in Singapore.

Singapore Patented Riveting Tool

Innovations (Global) Pty Ltd was set up to commercialise a patented Riveting Tool that will drill and set Drill Point Rivets in one operation. Normally two tools are used to set Pop or Blind Rivets – one tool to drill a hole, the other to set the rivet. Our Tool will cut down on time in setting rivets, thereby cutting costs, which all tradesmen desire. We built a prototype tool which proved the mechanical action in setting Drill Point Rivets. Code: IGPL

Riveting SystemOur Dynamic Riveting System, which comprises of a Riveting Tool and Drill Point Rivets, will most certainly capture the global markets. It will be the only Riveting Tool on the market that can set a Rivet in one hit/operation. From market research, major fastening companies have being trying to develop such a system for many years.

We could go the route of licensing the patented innovation (Riveting Tool) (Drill Point Rivets) to one of the major fastening companies. However, our preference is, to have an Investor finance the project, or in preference, look for a Joint Venture with a suitable company. We provide the IP and Technical know-how – the Investor/Joint Venture Partner provides the funding.

Future management of the Riveting Project will be negotiated with the interested party. We would welcome a top experienced executive to be involved in this project.

From our research, the global market for rivets in 2004 was US$ 50 Billion dollars. We would expect that to have increased. Our target customers are all Fastening Companies, who have distribution into hardware stores, or who directly supply major companies who build for example Ships/Boats/Factories/Major Constructions etc, or who supply directly to the Army/Navy.

When the Riveting Tool goes into production, we will be setting up in all trade fairs, to sell the Riveting Tool & Drill Point Rivets. Demonstrating the Tool to buyers from many countries, will ensure very good sales. In addition, all fastening companies globally, who distribute into the retail sector, will be contacted by email, and directed to our website. A Video demonstration of our Riveting Tool setting Drill Point Rivets will be available on website.

The only competition in the global markets – the present method of fastening pop or blind rivets, which has been around for many years.

As China produces components for our tool at a fraction of the cost it would be here in Australia, and with labour costs so very low, we know that to set up in Hong Kong/China, would ensure far higher profit margins for both the Riveting Tool & Drill Point Rivets.

We envisage setting up a company in Hong Kong, to manage the Riveting Project. As all components for the Riveting Tool are manufactured in China, once the Riveting Tool has been fully tested, and ready for the markets, a factory can be rented where the Tool will be assembled /packaged / and made ready for shipment. A highly qualified mechanical engineer would be employed to work on this project with us.

We know that all the components for our Riveting Tool can be produced in China for below US$ 75 dollars. As this Tool will be top of the range, we believe that the retail price will be in the region of US$ 700 – $ 850. Within a five year period, we would expect sales of the Riveting Tool to well exceed 500,000.

We obtained a quotation for the manufacture of Drill Point Screws. The cost to produce the screws indicated that the Drill Point Rivets can be produced at a very low cost. 1,000 Drill Point Screws — US$ 8.04 cents or US$ 0 .00804 cents each. We envisage our Drill Point Rivets will retail at US$ 0.12 cents each, which will allow an excellent mark up for our company.

A company or companies in China will be licensed to manufacture our patented Drill Point Rivets.
We are in the process of filing further patents for the Riveting Tool & Drill Point Rivets.
We have received a quotation from a company in China –, to have CAD Drawings for the Tool completed, and have Rapid Prototypes made for the inner/outer housing for the Tool.

This company have carried out work for Black & Decker, so have excellent reference.
We now look to negotiate with an Investor/s or company to set up this Riveting Project.
We know that with good company structure, this global business will bring in very high revenue.