Alternative Funding Sources for Businesses

Bangladesh Integrated Poultry Farming, Feed Mills, Processing & Further Processing Units

The proposed Enterprise is an Agro-based industry comprising of Broiler & Layer Breeder Operations along with Hatchery, Poultry Feed Manufacturing, Fish & Shrimp Feeds Manufacturing, Commercial Broiler & Layer Farming, Poultry Processing & Further Processing, Egg Grading & Processing complex with the aim & object to produce Poultry Meat i.e. Dressed & Cut-up Broilers, Further Processed Poultry Meats (Ready-to-Cook & Ready-to-eat items), Live Broilers, Table Eggs, Broiler & Layer Day-Old-Chicks, Poultry Feed, Feed Concentrates, Fish & Shrimp Feeds and related products. The management of the company has taken a plan to establish its production units in both south & north parts of the country.

SWOT analysis

• Long experience of the sponsors
• Industry growth and trends are satisfactory
• Integration plan by up to 25 -30% by own commercial farming.
• Contract farmers are conversant with broiler production
• Skilled and versatile management team available with the company
• Large number of stakeholders are with very wide profile
• The project will act as nucleus enterprise (nucleus enterprise model) integrating vertically with both backward and forward linkage industries
• Well known markets & its mandatory networking those are done by the entrepreneur previously through effective marketing systems.
• Planned R & D division set up and well connected with other R & D facilities, Sponsors have acquired knowledge to source local unconventional raw materials to reduce the production cost.

• The total concept needs integration by own farming in some extent.
• Scarcity of the skilled labor/worker
• Presence of middleman in the different stages of marketing & sales channels.
• Needs crop diversification in the country to produce more agro by- products

• Own commercial farming & scopes of contract farming for vertical integration.
• Marketing potentiality is high.
• There is a scope for exporting the value added poultry products if ensured HACCP program to be implemented in the production process.
• Huge supply gap in the market.
• Different subsidy program may enjoy by the project like electricity bill rebate & other time to time Government subsidy program.
• Possibility to reduce the unemployment and poverty alleviation.
• Growth of urbanization, changes in food habit & culture lead processed meat & egg markets.
• Tax exempted income of the company as an agro based industry. Tax holidays facilities can be enjoyed.

• Political Chaos between political parties, strike and other financial instability in some times, but not significant.
• Road communication system is not up to the mark in the country.
• Poultry diseases and uncertainty in weather.
• Price volatility.
• Raw material price fluctuation in the world market.
• Natural calamity like cyclone, storm, earth quark, flood & etc.

Australia Global Payments service focused on Education Export & Remittances market

The education export market is Australia’s 4th and New Zealand’s 5th largest exports in 2009. We offer a differentiated online international payments and collections service targeting niche markets of education providers, parents, students & expat workers.


We are a start up Online Global Payments and Collections Service backed by a committed management team with solid experience in payments and the international student market.

We offer an Online Bank grade service that fills a need in the market for cheaper, easily accessible and transparent funds and foreign exchange transfers while guaranteeing the security of our customers funds.

Global Labor Migration and Education Export are high growth sectors with education export in 2009 earning $18.6 and $1.3 billion for the Australian and New Zealand economies respectively.

The target market is the booming Education Export and Global Remittances Market with our initial focus on funds transfers in and out of Australia & New Zealand into the Asia-Pacific region.

Our client base is large and includes international students, education providers, expatriate and migrant workers who send and receive money regularly. Our business model is highly complimentary and have initial traction with relationships formed with future customer groups.

Our main competition is Banks who charge expensive send and receive cross border fees as well as high foreign exchange f(x) margins for currency conversion. Our competitive advantage is the ability to process transactions locally within the platform allowing us to charge lower fees and offer very competitive f(x) margins to our customers while delivering a bank grade service. The outreach is to over 60 countries worldwide within our network of segregated client accounts

We are in the final stages of product development and payments platforms integration. These are proven and operational systems with differentiating technology ready to be deployed. We are fully compliant with AUSTRAC regulations in regards to maintaining Anti Money Laundering(AML) and Counter Terrorism funding programs.

Our base is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and are planning for the website service of the business to go live by August/ September,2010.


The management team have over 20 years of combined experience within the payments, remittances, IT infrastructure, corporate governance and education export market. We are very confident in this proven business model and are committed to the successful execution of our business plan. That is to grow this business into a profitable venture and position it for a strategic acquisition within 3-5 years. Our exit strategy is modelled on recent buyouts and developments in this space. Our focus areas of market penetration is the European and Asia-Pacific corridors.


The company seeks a financial partner(s) to commercialise the business model through funding initiatives and advisory services for the working capital requirements totaling. $650,000. The offer to the investor(s) is an equity interest of 35% in the form of shares. The exit strategy is to position the company for an acquisition sale value of a minimum of 8 times its projected EBITDA value of AU$4,837,800.00 by the 4th year of operation.

Capital Needed :AU$650,000
Minimum Investment :AU$32,500
Region :Queensland
Industry 1 :Financial, Business & Legal Services
Industry 2 :Internet & eCommerce
Investment Reason :Working Capital
Business Stage :Near Finished Product
Investor Role :Any
Amount Invested :AU$50,000

Japan Adventure Golf Course seeking US$400K Seed Capital

General Overview

Putter King is the next generation of miniature golf – Japan.s .rst indoor adventure golf franchise featuring 18 themed holes and electronic scoring.

Trade Name: パターキング合同会社(Putter King LLC)
Incorporation Date: December 1st, 2010
Initial Paid-In Capital: ¥4,000,000
Executive and Representative Partner: Kevin Dias
Trademark Registration Number (Japan Patent Of.ce): 5368458
Trademark Registration Date: November 12th, 2010
Headquarter Location: Tokyo, Japan

Market and opportunity

Putter King will be Japan.s .rst indoor adventure golf franchise
– There are currently no adventure golf courses in Japan

The first planned location positions Putter King in a huge potential market
– Over 600,000 people within 30 minutes of the planned location, and over 20 million people within 2 hours
– Within 100 km of Tokyo
– Tochigi has the sixth highest per-capita income in the nation
– Tochigi is known as “Car Kingdom” in Japan; 67.3% commute to work by car; 95.1% car ownership rate allowing consumers easy access to our location
– The first planned location is within 200 meters of a large, beautiful and busy park and children’s playground

Why Putter King can generate superior, sustainable returns

Adventure golf is a proven business model that has been successful for almost 100 years in North America and Europe
– Lean fixed cost structure
– Scalable business
– High gross margin business
– Future growth potential -Franchising model improves equity investor economics and avoids leveragingthe company

Kevin Dias, will be the Executive Member and Executive Manager of the G.K. (GodoGaisha) corporation and will be responsible for all aspects of managing the business including, but not limited to:

Day-to-day operations
Marketing strategy and implementation
Investor relations
Accounting and tax
Future domestic expansion and franchising

Highly motivated and capable management
– Dean.s List graduate of Wake Forest Calloway School of Business and Accountancy
– 3+ years experience in Japan (1 year at Kansai Gaidai University; 2 years at
AEON Corporation
-Strong financial background (2 years investment banking experience at PNC
Capital Markets)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Store Revenue ¥20,000,000 ¥20,000,000 ¥30,000,000 ¥30,000,000 ¥30,000,000
Franchising Revenue ¥0 ¥0 ¥4,750,000 ¥15,000,000 ¥17,250,000
Merchandise Revenue ¥100,000 ¥100,000 ¥100,000 ¥100,000 ¥100,000
Advertising Revenue ¥750,000 ¥750,000 ¥750,000 ¥750,000 ¥750,000
Total Revenue ¥20,850,000 ¥20,850,000 ¥35,600,000 ¥45,850,000 ¥48,100,000

Net Income -¥1,087,126 -¥1,087,126 ¥8,793,426 ¥21,094,474 ¥22,542,574

Exit Strategy

1) Dividends of Net Income Earnings

As Putter King will be franchising, and doesn’t have any plans to expandorganically, the majority of any capital expenditures will be to upgrade or refurnish the existing physical assets, equipment, and property. After accounting for any necessary working capital needs, Putter King plans to dividend the remaining net income earnings to investors.

An investment in Putter King is thus a unique opportunity, as an investor is able to begin to recoup the initial principal investment over the first few years while still maintaining the upside of a future acquisition or sale.

2) Acquisition or Sale

If Putter King’s franchising model is successful, it is anticipated that Putter King’s business will start to hurt the major competitors (such as Round One). As Round One has no space to expand into adventure golf and compete with Putter King, their bestoption would be to consider acquiring Putter King.

Investment Risks and Mitigating Factors

Risk: Miniature golf is a fad – As we have seen in the history of miniature golf in the United States, there have been ups and downs in the popularity of miniature golf. However, to call something that has managed to stay around for almost a century a fad is a mischaracterization.

Given the scenario that continued year after year growth in same store sales for Putter King is unlikely (if not impossible due to the clear customer traffic constraints of aminiature golf course), Putter King plans to mitigate the risk of a sudden decrease inpopularity by:

(a) Franchising

By favoring franchising over organic store growth, Putter King is able to outsource the risk of a sudden drop in popularity to the franchisee

(b) Continuing to innovate

New hole designs and the utilization of the latest technology will help keep thebusiness fresh and keep customers coming in the door

Risk: Initial success for Putter King brings many copycat competitors

If Putter King is able to achieve success in Japan, it is inevitable that some competitors will try to enter the industry. Generally speaking, the barriers to entry for starting a miniature golf course are relatively low compared to many other businesses. However, Putter King’s strategy is to find as many ways as possible to increase the barriers to entry for other companies and to build a moat around the Putter King business model. These include:

Comprehensive and well-built database systems for POS, customer tracking,scoring, etc.
Use of technology in regards to electronic scoring
Innovative, creative and fun hole designs
Hole design technology
Strong, clear brand image forged through:
– Being first to market
– Clear, focused marketing campaign
– Excellent customer service

JV with experience pilot/manager in helicopter utility market in S.E. Asia

As an investment and profitable business opportunity, certain sectors of the aviation industry are good to be involved in. The sector that this proposal concentrates on is the helicopter utility market with the current areas of operation requiring helicopters in greater numbers. The utility area e.g., fire fighting, mining, logging, seismic and oil support etc., are where the shortage of suitable heavy lift machines is at a premium. Due to the specific nature and often remote areas of operations high end contract rates are able to be negotiated.


The Company has signed a four year contract for the supply of three (3) helicopters to satisfy a Turkish Forestry Ministry requirement and is currently finalising contract details for a fourth helicopter to be placed in Malaysia on a helicopter logging operation.

Existing annual revenue is between USD 96 000 to 125 000. With funds received the projected five year revenue is:

Projected revenue for the fire fighting contract, based on contracted guaranteed flying hours, is US$17.2mil.
Projected revenue for ad-hoc construction work (based on twenty (20) hours per machine per month, is USD 2.204m) giving projected revenue for the Turkish operations of US$10.4mil
Projected revenue for the logging operation is US$42.4mil
Total projected five year income is US$70mil.

To service this contract as well as place the company in the recovering South East Asia market a company and office will be established in Singapore to support growth in SE Asia.


The owner/director has been in the aviation industry for thirty four years, with twenty years experience as a pilot/manager and ten years as a consultant to the helicopter industry, the bulk of it being in the international utility field. As a pilot he has logged over 6 800 hours in various and often diverse sectors. He has managed contracts while in the employ of various companies and has been involved with negotiation and procurement for helicopters to service contracts on both short and long term periods. He has been the owner/director of a company in South Africa (which no longer trades) and a company – xxxx Sdn Bhd – in Malaysia, a company being allied to the expansion of operations contained in this proposal.


The company is seeking to raise US$23.7 million fund the purchase and operational management of helicopters for their contracted work through direct equity and debt/leasing facilities. This will fund the helicopters required for the contract – including maintenance and modifications that are needed prior to shipping them from Canada and the US – as well essential specialist equipment. Included in this amount is a figure for operational costs and any possible underestimation and/or price rises.

The Company is offering 25% shareholding for US$6,000,000, with the balance of the investment amount to be in either structured leasing, or preferably, a debt facility, with the helicopters purchased as the asset backing.

Nevertheless, the Company will be flexible subject to funder’s requirements.

Use of proceeds (projected) US$
Capex for purchase of aircraft $21,704,152
Working capital; contracting personnel $1,995,848
Total Equity funds Required $23,700,000

Singapore’s First Japanese Styled Hotdog Joint


The Cafe is determined to stand apart from the local F & B competition with an innovative and creative concept. We are also proud to introduce ‘Singapore’s First Japanese Styled Hotdog Joint’.

We aim to marry the café and fast-food concept into a unique niche offering quality gourmet coffee and tea, ice-cold blended smoothies and iced teas; mouth-watering freshly made Japanese styled Hotdogs and an excellent range of side dishes including all-time-favourites such as Japanese breaded Shrimp, Calamari Frittes, French Fries and Onion Rings.

Our dining concept seeks to provide an informal living space where customers can relax and feel comfortable in any attire. This would appeal to teenagers as well as adults seeking a cozy nook – a haven from the heat of the Singapore summer.

This innovative and creative idea stems from the need to satisfy the various target markets surrounding our proposed modern concept food outlet.

The Company will operate a 510 square foot café located on the ground floor of a 96-room 3-star Hotel, at the corner of Beach Road and Tan Quee Lan Street. We shall secure this location with a minimum 2-year lease at a monthly rental of $8,000 per month with an option for renewal.

The Cafe will capitalize on its close proximity to Bugis Junction, a popular shopping and tourist attraction, to build a core group of repeat customers. We will offer our customers an alternative great-taste experience that we are confident will generate promotion by word-of-mouth.

By launching the Cafe in close proximity to our desired target market (youths and young adults) and at a reasonable rental rate with a suitable kitchen area (to act as a central kitchen), the expansion growth for this Café is deemed possible within 1 year of operation.

We have conceptualized and drafted a plan to expand within five-years and to evolve to reach a wider audience. This five-year plan is divided into 3-phases that includes expansion to food kiosks at busy shopping malls across the island and setting up outlets in 2 – 3 tertiary institutions.

This business plan shall strive to focus on the feasibility and viability of running a single cafe. We are expecting sales revenue to increase from $685,000 in year one to $905,000 in year three. As we will strive to maintain a 65% contribution margin and reasonable operating expenses, we will see net profits grow from $87,000 to $129,000 during the same period.

We are seeking $200,000 start-up funds from a potential investor and/or working partner.

Seeking co-investor to take over a Singapore wire mesh company

Due to our nature of business, we knew one of our supplier who are willing to let go his business for retirement in Singapore, and we’re seeing a potential of this market therefore would like to take over the business. However, due to the amount of investment is quite huge so we’re seeking for investment fund to support us.

Here’s the briefly break down of their financial outlook

Selling price: 1.8 Mil (not include the properties warehouse)
Revenue : 3.2 ~ 3.6Mil
Gross Profits : 1.2 Mil
Net Profits: 0.9 Mil

Their business are quite steady now, and we’re quite confident on the prospect if we’re able to focus on certain industries to growth further especially in the Malaysia market. Hence we’re quite optimistic and targeted to break even within 3 ~ 5 years and profitable from the 4th year onward.

An overview of the market and opportunity;

The targeted company is the biggest stockist in Singapore and they has been servicing the local market since 2002. They’re also supplying to the region market including Indonesia, Thailand, & Malaysia. We’ve started the similar business in Malaysia last year and discovered many opportunity and potential of the market over here.

Why our business model can generate superior, sustainable returns;

Coz the owner did not market much on their product however, the business are able to maintain & profits since then. So as long as we’re able to stable & maintain the exiting market share and focus on certain high margin industry then we’ll be able to achieve higher.

3 year financial projections

As mentioned, we’re quite optimistic and estimated to return of investment in the 3rd year based on 0.5 mil per year and seeing profit on the 4th year onward.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholding;

It will be managed by existing manger who currently looking after the SQC wire mesh S/B in Malaysia.

Current status of our business: including investment made to date; sales made to date etc;

xxx wire mesh S/B is making a good progress and seeing profit in the second years.

Funding required

0.9 Mil to take over the business and growth the market further by focusing in certain high margin industries

Equity to allocate to the Investors
30% – 49%

The figure are based on the existing stock & asset value

Expected rate of return or IRR to investor;
ROI is 30%

Investment risks and mitigating factors;
The business has been running and very steady now. The only risk is the fluctuation of material price this can be mitigated by monitoring closely on the stock level and working with the manufacturer closely.

What is the exit opportunity for investor?
Investor should be able to exit in anytime after 3 years.

Thailand Bio Oil & Renewable Energy Investment

Project Title

Bio Crude Oil Refinery & Activated Carbon, LMB

Finance Request

USD$2,500M , Each BREIZ Basic Cost Is $115M, cover land 1,600ha +

LOAN : Interest Rate 5.0-7.0% and Start Repay Term 2-10 years.
Joint Venture : 20 years/average $125M , JV Get Profit Sharing 10%

Deposit 3% [$75M] at K9GB’s Account for K9GB’s Business Partners/Land Lord

Principles : Plantation Hybrid BAMBOO As The Bio Feedstock For Renewable Energy Plants

Annual Income [Exclude Drinking Water, Bio Fertilizer, Carbon Credit 15% annual income]

o Estimated Annual Income $74,577M [2,282,056MB], annual increase 10% onwards.

o Costing Operation $4,000M , Profit Before Tax $70,577M [2,159,656MB/year].

o Taxation 30% pay $21,173M, From 9-20 years under BOI exempt 8 years.

o Net profit $49,404M [1,511,759MB] x 20 Years = $988,078M [30,235,187MB]

o Joint Venture gain Profit Sharing [PS] 6-10% is $4,940M /year x 20 years=> $98,808M

Phai Kim Zung : Bambusa Bacheeyana The Greatest Biomass Of Humanity and Earth !! Why Biomass Must be PKZ in next future ? 16 Reasons , Right Biomass

1. Low cost plantation,
2. Most fast growing,
3. Easy to Take Care,
4. Edible Sweet Shoot,
5. Plentiful seedlings,
6. Thick walled canes,
7. Able cut after 2 years ++,
8. Re Growing 1-2 months,
9. 108 Usefulness in Artisan,
10.Highest heat colorific values charcoal,
11.Canes 1,400 tone/ha,
12.Seedling 65,000 pc/ha,
13.Sweet shoot 20tones/ha,
14.Income > 60 times of Rice growing, real lowest cost.
15.No need chemical insecticide, just need bio fertilizer, water form good man only.
16. Bamboo is bright future to solve Global Warming Crisis, Solve Poverty of Humanity.

Estimated basic funding needs 3,100 MTB [$100M], from investment joint venture and Loan will used for A& B Zone. Project will have Operation Cost 3,600 MTB [$117M]. Net Profit from Full Operation 25,336 MTB [$827M], we will pay taxation is 30% around 10,858 MTB [$354M] per year. Project will have Thai Farmer and Network 84,000 persons cooperation sustainable long live 50 years.

Return As Great Profitability 20 years is 1,464,949 MTB or $47,874M. . Break Even Point 2,181 MTB [$71M], mean within first year we can freedom. . Pay Back Period 1st year project will run full capacity, 8 plants get max income. . Internal Rate Return/IRR at end 2030 is 713% of 158,194 MTB [$5,169M], . Net Present Values at finished project 207,195 MTB [$6,771M].

Vietnam Property Development Project

Project to build 334 residential apartment units in district 8, HCM City, Vietnam


The promoter/ investor has obtained all necessary licenses and permits to develop the project.
The project broke ground in 2009 and significant foundation and piling works are 40% completed.
The project has pre-sold 50 units out of the total development of 334 units.
The development company will obtain a new market valuation of the project land in next 1-2 months.


Provide development financing commitment of US$15.0 million to be disbursed progressively over the project development cycle.
The project inflow can be structured as pure debt option or convertible debt option to be discussed and agreed later.
The development company shares and land can be pledged as security for all development financing.
The new investor has further option to build Phase 2 in adjacent plot of land on JV basis.


Limit of Facility : US$15.0 Million
Tenure of Facility : 24-30 months
Interest : 8-9% per annum
Fees: 1-2% per annum of funded facility
Convertible option (exercise period 6-12 months)
Security: Shares and Land
Purpose: Development Financing


Local Banks have been forced by State Bank of Vietnam regulations to reduce loans to property development projects without 30%+ equity in the project development costs. This punitive requirement affects many developers in Vietnam who are forced to find overseas partners or funders to complete the project.


Debt Agreement – registered with State BANK OF Vietnam for repayment of loans and interest in future periods.
Convertible Debt Agreement – option to exercise debt to equity conversion of loans
Business Co-Operation Agreement – legal framework to establish clear nexus of investors and project owners in the development of project.
Asset Pledge Agreement – create legal charge over shares and land of Company
Both parties can appoint independent legal counsel to execute these Agreements in Vietnam.


Project licenses, development permits and approvals
Project design and approved engineering drawings
Land title deeds
Company and share ownership forms
Financial plans

All documents available for inspection during site visit and after signing LOI’s and Confidentiality Agreements.

Australia Land and Water Assets Investment

An experienced astute agribusiness-man with a well developed business model who requires Au$500K equity injection to in-act a plan to purchase multiple profitable commercial business assets up to a total value of 100M. Exit in 3-5 years via valuation in the interim a return of 100% pa on the 500K is expected and 49% of asset value gain at exit.


XXX Aginvest creates sound and profitable investment using a combination of solid agricultural land and water assets and commercial property opportunities, combined with water trading to return in excess of 24% per annum before tax.

A specific company will be formed to operate in Australia for this opportunity. Exit strategies with investors will be determined before investment to ensure all parties are content with their investment. These strategies could be stay long term and take profits including capital gains; sell shares or part shares at pre-determined times; or sell the total assets at a pre-determined time and close the company.

XXX Aginvest seeks $100 Million of equity or debt in tranches to commence their operations where:

95% will be invested into land and water assets with direct leaseback to farmers and commercial properties managed by the company with a small amount for working capital
5% will be utilised to purchase unencumbered water rights for trading opportunities and carbon trading opportunities
In this way XXX Aginvest builds a sustainable land and water base of high quality assets with a better than average capital growth, supported with sustainable leases paid 3 months in advance, with a guarantee of lease payment for the following term at all times. This frees up capital for the lessee, allowing them to continue their farming operations without asset driven debt, which results in greater inputs into the production business. This in turn ensures the lease is paid to XXX Aginvest and acts along the lines of insurance where the asset will be well looked after. Further, the opportunity exists for easy succession or for young and new farmers to enter the industry.

The model is a combination of long term assets being land and water with yearly lease returns, and commercial properties, with potential for greater access and control to commodities, and short term income from the trading of water. Results will be as follows:

Sustainable lease income rural from 6 to 12% per annum before tax
Sustainable lease income commercial from 8 to 15%
Capital growth ranging from 8 to 16% (based on historical averages) with a high probability of enhancement
Water trading returns of 12 to 20% per annum before tax

Fiji Islands Civil engineering firm seeking a 49% equity partner for projects

Absolute beach front with unobstructed view and only 5 minutes drive to capital city. Plans are to develop the fronting sea to my land for water park hotel, marina and up market residence and apartment, area 20acres (no competition for this plan yet in the capital city) executive summary attached

Need us$3m to develop with sales us$7m in max 2 years
Further investment us$20 for water park hotel and marina to manage.
20 acres seafront land 10 km to city for mix use.
Working on prime 15 acres land near international airport town for world class mall, with offices, cinema, hotel, food outlets etc. We have not acquired this site yet
Other smaller sites


Business name – Hussein bulldozing works operating from 1970
Owners – Nab Husain & Into Fayez Husain
What we do – civil engineering & property consulting
Our vision – to develop landmark projects
Our products and services – gated waterfront marina lots
Our target market – local executives and business personal, overseas buyers
Our goals – to make 100% profit after tax
Capital requirements – us $3 million for land development access land to development site has been acquired
Our offer – 49 % share on a new joint venture company

Capital waterfront a fresh start in paradise offering unprecedented levels of luxury, prestige, security and privacy. A major new marine destination offering contemporary living and lifestyle to discerning residents and visitors, we are set to establish Fiji as the marine hub. Just five minutes by car or boat from capital city of Suva.

Capital waterfront will harbor marinas, an exclusive residential community, and vibrant water park hotel centre.

A must for boat lovers the world over, capital waterfront provides the quintessential pacific link for super yachts.

Capital waterfront is an exclusive residential gated community of more than fifteen acres in pristine water’s edge setting with a choice of freehold homes and condominiums.

Development lease in accordance with their terms be converted to 99 year leases as each section of the project is completed

Hussain bulldozing works is established company with experience principals. Mr. Nabi Husain is well known figure in civil engineering business. Mr. Intaz Faiyaz Hussain has extensive experience in the real estate, property valuation and has maintained excellent reputation in this same industry. In addition, he has worked for the ministry of lands & survey for the past 18 years and currently pursing postgraduate in real-estate.