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Development of a International School in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM1,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description The purpose of this business plan is to raise capital for the development of an International School, a premium Singapore-Cambridge curriculum school in Johor
Bahru, Malaysia whilst showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next five years. The company has been providing preschool, primary & secondary level education programmes and also tuition services to customers in its targeted market using a holistic education system approach.
Business Opportunity – The Malaysian education industry is undergoing monumental shifts with the constant evolving landscape coupled with transformation and enhancements in government policies
– Increasing demand for quality education both locally and regionally
– Education landscape in the state of Johor is undergoing a major upgrading programme under the Sultan of Johor’s economic development project, namely Iskandar Malaysia
Revenue / Business Model – Planning & Development of the physical infrastructure of an International School to be completed within 6 months
– Through an extensive marketing campaign, we are targeting a student enrolment size of about 400 – 500 for the first year of operation and to achieve full capacity of 1,000 enrolments in the fifth year of operation.
– To ensure at all times, the quality of our education and to position our International school as one of the most prestigious schools in the country. This would be achieved through our persistent demand for excellence from our dedicated teachers, inspiring students and the professionalism of our management team.
Management Team Founded and run by husband and wife team. Currently, there are 4 directors and shareholders of the company.


Mr Muhammad Azhar Bin Abu
– Managing Director/Co-founder
As Co-founder and Managing Director of the company, Mr Muhammad Azhar manages and monitors the activities of the school in accordance with the Education Act 1996 and Companies Act. He is responsible in leading the company’s transformative change projects.

Ms Sharifah Noor Hidayati Binte Syed Muhammad
– Principal/Director/Co-founder
Ms Sharifah was formerly a Head of Department with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. She has served more than 15 years in various education roles. Also the Co-founder and Principal of the school, she ensures the quality of teaching and learning meets the expectations of the Mission and Purpose statement and to set and adopt a long term development plan for the school.

Mr Syed Yasir Arafat Bin Syed Muhammad
– Operations Manager/Director
Currently taking the role as the Operations Manager, Mr Syed Yasir is a shareholder and Director of Starclub Resources. Coming from police and uniformed background, he joined the company to apply his knowledge and experience in duty of care in the education industry.

Mr Shaik Faizul Bin Ameer Batcha
– Business Development Manager/Director
As Business Development Manager, Mr Shaik oversees the strategic planning of the long term directions of the school. Prior to joining the company, Mr Shaik was involved in the administration of Fairview International School, as the head of Admin & Marketing.

Company Background – Started operating tuition and home school at office building in JB – Jan 2014
– Permission to promote in public schools granted by Kementerian Pendidikan – Oct 2015
– Obtained license from Pejabat Pendidikan Islam Johor to operate as an Islamic School / Centre – Dec 2015
– Acquired occupancy of a 12,000sqft lot with a total of 8000sqft built up space (direct tenancy from Pejabat Daerah) – Aug 2016
– Participated in Private & International School Fair – Oct 2016
– Major renovation works – Dec 2016 to Mar 2017
– Applied International school license – Aug 2017
– Student enrolment reached 130 students – Jan 2018
Funding Milestone – The materialisation of these plans and the success of current and new business ventures will translate into increased student numbers and overall revenue for the company.
– We are seeking a funding of RM 20 – 25 million in order to propel it to a higher level in order to leverage the business to a higher standard
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Contact Person Muhammad

Internet Anywhere

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 1,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Internet Anywhere is a registered company located in Vancouver, Canada. The company
is formed by PhD graduates in Telecommunijcations, Mathematics and Integrated
Circuit design. Also, the leaders of the compaby have many years experience in IT
industries with a good background in startups.
This company have planned to commercialize its products and services for extending
the market to overseas. The products and services of the company are innovative
and unique and the management team believe this business can be profitable and
growing. At the moment we are talking with investors to convince them to join us in
flexible and negotiation-able way to fund for next major step of company.
Business Opportunity As mentioned IAT technology consistss of three technologies. The IAT IoT Umberella
will be used by end users to access IAT IoT-enabled devices. This software will be
available for free download on Google Play, iOS App Store, Windows, and Mac. The
target customers of the IAT solutions are IoT vendors. The IoT vendors will use the IoT
IC in their product design as a communication module.
Revenue / Business Model We have four channels for revenue and for each one need to define method of setting
1. Selling devices/ICs
2. Selling Software
3. Transaction Fee
4. Technical Support/selling spare parts
Management Team Garry is a creative business
leader with success in
developing information
technology, security,
and telecommunication
businesses. He displays
excellence in communications with an intelligence to quickly grasp complex
issues, apply common sense approaches, and motivate teams of resources
to integrate new concepts and methodologies. Most effective working in
a multifaceted and problem solving operating environment with focus on
business objectives and exceeding user satisfaction. Garry has a proven track
record creating new markets and teams within both large and emerging
Reza is a PhD condidate from
The University of British
Columbia. He has had more
than 18 years of employment
experience in network
security, cryptography, the
telecommunications industries, and worked for various companies, including
AT&T and TELUS. Reza has managed the development of different products
includes the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software. He has several publications
on Blockchain technology in academia.
Kyle has had more than
15 years’ experience in IT
Industry specialized in Identity
& Access management
security control. He has
worked and done projects in
different sectors, including oil, utility, transportation, telecommunication, and
global retail companies. Kyle focuses on assisting various organization to select,
develop, and implement IT solutions as a senior consultant.
Company Background We propose the IAT blockchain and three related hardware products as a facilitator of
IoT e-commerce utilizing a smart, secure, opt-in system based in the IAT IoT Umbrella,
IAT IoT IC, and IAT Access Point.
Funding Milestone The following are the basic components of our realistic projected costs for developing
the IAT technological products.
Requested Fund for IAT IoT Umbrella: 500,000 USDT
Requested Fund for IAT Access Point: 500,000 USDT
Requested Fund for IAT IoT IC: 500,000 USDT
Requested Fund for All: 1,500,000 USDT
% Equity Allocation 49%
Expected ROI 10%
Risks and Mitigation We already have developed the products and the likely risk only is failing in sale the products.
Exit Strategies After 2 years company will be in profitable state and can pay the investment fund.
Company Name Internet Anywhere
Business Address, vancouver, canada and Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Parsa

12Green ease public transportation and convenience cashless payment methods

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM200,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description 12Green’s focus on easing the pressure on public transportation and efficiency will also implement in a new way of cashless payments through phone applications. The application will be a part of the new age cashless payment technologies that are now starting to become a norm in society. Bringing technology, energy efficiency and convenience all in one. 12Green’s aim is to ultimately kill two birds with one stone with a sensible solution. By helping go green, ease public transportation and convenience and introduce in new cashless payment methods. We would be delighted and thrilled to have potential investors to join the 12Green family and its vision for a greater, greener, faster and safer future.
Business Opportunity 12Green’s bike sharing system is not only a growing trend but one that is here to stay. 12Green’s aim is to ultimately kill two birds with one stone with a sensible solution. By helping go green, ease public transportation and convenience and introduce in new cashless payment methods. We would be delighted and thrilled to have potential investors to join the 12Green family and its vision for a greater, greener, faster and safer future. please visit our website and also our social media pages for more information. Go Green!
Revenue / Business Model For profit will be generate through the deposit and riding fee on Bike sharing and cashless payment system
Management Team 12Green’s bike sharing system is a joint program between 12Green and a reputable company in mainland china. Have strong tech support backup
Company Background 12Green is a bike sharing company based in Malaysia, a go green tactic towards today’s public transportation issues and pollution. 12Green doesn’t only aim to tackle the transportation and pollution issues but also new payment methods that are cashless. New payment methods which could revolutionize how we today, pay for items and services. 12Green’s bike sharing system is a joint program between 12Green and a reputable company in mainland china.
Funding Milestone early stage funding is important for us to expand our team and operating cost. We need atleast 2mil as funding of the early stage
Company Name 12Green
Business Address C21-11, Empire Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya 47820 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact Person Gigi Tan

Retail and whole sale accessories and fashion clothes.

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM120,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Dear all,
I started and running a business for last two years. I’m handling Indian fashion jewellery, Tailoring accessories, fashion clothes from India. I have a retail store in JB. I’m also supply the above items to various twons, cities in Malaysia. The was huge requirements of all the items that stated above in Indian small business owners. But I have limited financial situation. So I’m looking to raise funds in order to establish in big scale including full Malaysia Singapore and indonesia.
Business Opportunity The was huge requirements of all the items such as fashion jwell, clothes, handcraft items from India in Malaysian small business owners. But I have limited financial situation. So I’m looking to raise funds in order to establish in big scale including full Malaysia Singapore and indonesia.
Revenue / Business Model I have direct contact with manufacturer from India across all over the India. So that I can purchase items with lease price then any of the wholesalers avilable in market. All this items have huge requirements in Malaysia and Singapore as well as.
Management Team MD, manager and a stafe.
Company Background Dec 2016
Funding Milestone 300k
To purchase a vehicle for wholesale.
To purchase items from India.
Company Name JC Energy Enterprise
Business Address 18, jalan dataran Larkin 1, Larkin, Johor bahru, Malaysia.
Contact Person Murugadoss

Eventda, the Online Digital Comparison and Booking Platform for Event Spaces and Services with guaranteed lowest price

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM450,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Eventda Sdn Bhd is a MSC-status e-commerce company which was incorporated on 15 June 2016. Eventda provides an online marketplace for comparison and booking of event spaces and related services. Its listings include hotels’ function rooms, ballrooms, and meeting rooms along with other offerings such as photography, videography, emcee, sound and lighting & performances. Users can now plan and book their entire event on Eventda, pay, attend the event and enjoy while the service providers take care of the rest!
Business Opportunity Market Size:
a) Corporate
Based on MCEA,Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau *case study, business & major events alone has RM18b in economic value.

b) Weddings
With an average of **300,000 mariages each year in Malaysia at an estimated RM30k spend/couple, bring us to a RM9b market.

Problems we are trying to solve:

•Compare live pricing and book instantaneously without having to wait for quotations from multiple sites and people.
•Ability to negotiate via chat functionality
•Ability to check availability of service providers immediately through calendar functions

b)Service Providers
•Increase space utilization
•Increase visibility and transparency. Matchmaking service providers & customers on global scale
•Enjoy free marketing through platform
•Mobile office

Revenue / Business Model EVENTDA’s revenue sources are as follows:

i. Commissions taken for each successful booking for each segment on our platform (10-15% depending on type of service sold)
ii.Additional advertisement placed out by SP’s on including ad space/banner placement

Management Team Kushwin Kaur
•A Management Consultant with Axcelasia Inc. She has led advisory-related engagements covering internal audit, enterprise risk management, business process improvement and fraud investigation for GLCs and MNCs in Malaysia and Indonesia. She has also advised with VCs, fund providers and a corporate registrar in Malaysia.
•She is well exposed to the challenges faced by start-ups and how to remedy them. She is familiar with the key processes and best practices required for a company and even for start-ups. Her knowledge in internal controls, risk management and all things business will ensure our decisions are made with a proper consideration on risk factors and best practices in day-to-day operations.

Dabraj Sing:
•Formerly from Ersnt & Young and went on to join Lion & Lion, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing digital marketing company as a CFO. In Lion & Lion, Dabraj worked with former Rocket Internet MD & Groupon Asia founders, Mads Faurholt Jorgensen and Raphael Strauch who now successfully runs Compare Insurance group around the world.
•His strong marketing, financial and commercial background will add great value to this project in ensuring our finances are kept in check at all times and all regulatory requirements are adhered to. Dabraj’s knowledge in digital marketing will be essential is scaling our brand name to greater heights.

Company Background Business registration date: 15 June 2016
Platform Launch Date: 1 June 2017
Investment Made to date: RM100k from shareholders, RM250k from private investors
Sales per FY 2017: RM213k
No of service providers: 250 including but not limited to likes of Marriott KL, Equatorial, Armada, Sime Darby and others
Funding Milestone Digital Marketing & traditional marketing expenditure for Malaysia RM200,000
Investment in sales and business development personnel RM200,000
Product expansion, improvement on the current platform and development
of integrated app RM100,000

Total RM500,000

Note: The management team believe that this funding will be pivotal to achieve profitability of the Malaysian market.

% Equity Allocation Up to 20%
Expected ROI 15x in next 3-4 years
Risks and Mitigation a) Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT)

i Strengths
• Real-time booking with prices upfront
• Eliminates quotations and saves time
• Numerous payment option; service provided by MOL payment gateway
• Allows cross-country and continent booking with systems ability to factor in transportation cost and additional surcharges
• Chat function that caters for negotiation and final agreed price is automatically captured by the system for payment purposes

ii Weaknesses
• High initial marketing cost to acquire customers
• High initial investment to educate the consumer on the service provided by the platform and its benefits

iii Opportunities
• Using Big Data Analytics to understand customer preferences and increase conversion

Iv Threats
• New competitors adopting a similar business model

b) Type of Risks and Mitigating Factors

i) Technology (Cyber Security Threat)
– SSL, Firewall Installed, hourly backup of data and source codes to cloud storage system to enable instant platform restore

ii) Financial (Funding Constraints)
– Source for government grant, investment from angel investors and venture capital firms

iii) Operational (Customers bypassing the website directly to suppliers)
– Prices on Eventda to appear cheaper as compared to price on counter at all times
– Hotels requiring board approval for additional discounts inherently protects Eventda from price discrimination

iv) Market (Seasonal Sales)
– Focus on corporate clients who generally carry out seminars, training and events throughout the year

Exit Strategies a) Merger or Acquisition
– Investors would be able to exit during the merger & acquisition

b) IPO
– Investors will be allowed to sellout the shares during the IPO

c) Sale of shares
– In the event investor obtain an offer to sell his/her shares, approval can be obtain from board of directors to complete the transaction

Company Name Eventda Sdn. Bhd
Business Address A2-20-2, Soho Suite @KLCC, 20th Floor, No 20, Jalan Perak,50450, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Kushwin Kaur

Food and groceries delivery mobile application

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM0
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A mobile application for food and groceries delivery that gives a user the ability to place an order from smartphones at their fingertips.
Business Opportunity Our mission is to provide solutions for our community of working people, students, elderly, disabled people and suburban residents. With our mobile application, we able to influence people with busy lifestyles, heavy traffic issues and job fortuity. Besides that, we give an opportunity for our local merchants to expand their market and values.
Our target market is based on Malaysian population which is 31,381,992 (est July 2017). We target 10% out of Malaysian population beginning from Kuching Sarawak (969,400 est 2017). Our age target is between 15 years old to 65 years old, we believe by doing those target market we are able to improve our mobile application in the future.
Revenue / Business Model 1. We charge our user RM 2.00 per service fee followed by the delivery fee.
(example: 10% population of Kuching Sarawak 96,940 x RM 2.00 = RM 193,880.00)
2. Our merchant monthly sign up fee is RM 50.00, we have more than 2,500 active merchants in Kuching Sarawak
(example: 10% merchant in Kuching equal to 250 merchants x RM 50.00 = RM 12,500.00 per month
= RM 150,000.00 per year
Management Team 1. Andhie Joshua Melling (Founder)
10 years in Business Marketing
8 years in IT
Diploma in Political Science

2. Valerie Sulau (Co-founder)
6 years in Administration
3 years in Business Marketing
Diploma in Business & Information system

Company Background Pre-seed and startup business
Funding Milestone 40% Mobile Application Development
55% Operation Cost
5% Consumable
% Equity Allocation maximum of 20%
Expected ROI minimum of 10%
Risks and Mitigation Risk
1. Pre-seed
2. moderate revenue growth for the 1st year operation.

1. Weak competition.
2. Strong marketing strategies.
3. Growth forecast and research.

Exit Strategies Exit Strategies (5 – 6 years)
1. IPO
2. Merger and acquisition
Company Name Bahtera Megah
Business Address PIBU office, Block 2, 2nd floor, Sultan Tengah Road, 93050 Kuching.
Contact Person Andhie Joshua Melling

UYA ASIA entertainment market place

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description UYA ASIA is an entertainment market place where we are changing the way people shop online.
We launch since 28 Nov 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.

Asia News Today:
Capital TV:

Media Write Up:

Teaser Ads

The Grand Launch:

Company Website and Social Media Sites:

Business Opportunity With integration of new technology, cross border logistics and lifestyle mobile APP, we are expecting good take up rate and high volume of downloads and big database. It’s a common platform between Singapore, Malaysia and China in times to come. We are expecting full swing marketing by end of 2018.
Target to reach out to 10 countires expected with minimum 4 rounds of funding.
Revenue / Business Model 1) Quality Focus
2) The Only Entertainment Market Place integrated with Lifestyle APP (Need to meet up for detailed explaination)
3) One platform shared between Singapore, Malaysia and China (Transaction in Ringgit only thru various payment gateways)
4) Same Day Delivery with 4 Hours (Selected Locations only)
5) Licensed Alcohol Plattform & Distributor in Muslim Country
6) Unqiue tie up with KOTRA (Korea Trade)
7) Exclusive Phone & Laptop Pickup & Repair Services (In Malaysia only)
Management Team We are working on a lean team now with KL and Johor Bahru office in placed.
Need to explain more in details when meet up.
Company Background UYA ASIA is a Singapore company where we already setup the followings:
1) UYA ASIA SDN BHD (Online Entertainment Market Place) – Malaysia
2) UYA ASIA HOLDINGS SDN BHD (Trading Businesses) – Malaysia
3) UYA ASIA ENTERTAINMENT SDN BHD (Events Management) – Malaysia
4) UYA ASIA PTE LTD (Online Entertainment Market Place) – Singapore
5) UYA ASIA HOLDINGS PTE LTD (Trading Businesses) – Singapore
Funding Milestone 2017 – Stage 1: Seed And Development
2018 – Stage 2: Start-up
2019 – Stage 3: Growth And Establishment
2020 – Stage 4: Expansion
2021 – Stage 4: Expansion
2022 – Stage 5: Maturity And Possible Exit
% Equity Allocation 10%
Expected ROI Expected company to be valued over USD 1billion by 2022
Risks and Mitigation Possible risks of new platforms and evolution of current players like Lazada, Fave, 11 Street, Qoo10 in ASIA market.
However im very confident in the new lifestyle APP that we are introducing which we will change the way people shop online in a very short period with decent exposures and creative marketing strategies.
Exit Strategies We are open to merger or even sell the entire business when reach matured stage in 2022.
Business Address VO3-13-17 Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
Contact Person Philip Chow E-Commerce for Automotive Accessories Services

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description allow car enthusiasts, to purchase car body kits, soundproof, and tints via e-commerce platform set up in and drive straight to the nearest workshop based on their preferred installation location with PROVEN professional services with warranty at least 1 year of the products.
Business Opportunity There are a lot of e-commerce platforms selling auto accessories parts such as Maxaudio, Lazada, Shopee, Mudah, etc but none of them offering services. is here to integrate the specialist car workshops in every urban area based on their specialty with the local car enthusiasts. Local car enthusiasts no longer required to hunt around the services around the town, and straight drive their cars to the specialist workshops in their area for the installation/services.

Revenue / Business Model We take 20% commission on each transaction on site
Management Team Founder – Kelvin Ang
1) car enthusiasts who know well how the buyers suffering when looking for the profresional workshops that run the workshop with good business ethic too.
2) car blogger for past 5 years ( started out as blog in 2012)
3) Past experience as engineer in MNC and startup in SG, with great exposure for what its take to grow and run a company
4) Event organizer in Meetup platform SG – more than 900 pax members
5) Account Manager in 3M in 2015 – know what it takes to close deal and partnership with other company
6) Self learned Digital Marketing Skills – improved the’s Google page rank from 0/10 to 6/10.
Company Background Started in Apr 2018
Investment made to date – RM2000
1) Marketing and market validation – RM1K
2) Operation and platform set up – RM1K

Secured 3 partnership in just Butterworth, Penang. Yet to expand to the island and other area northern area.

Funding Milestone Amount of Funding required – RM100,000
Marketing and Branding – RM40,000
Web development – RM20,000
Operation and Hiring – RM40,000
% Equity Allocation 50
Expected ROI 200%
Risks and Mitigation Market researches and validation will be done before each new category is formed. We will start with the car bodykits, soundproof basic package for the hottest ride first such as Perodua Myvi, Honda City, Civic, Toyota Vios before creating another new category.

If the new category is not working, then we will close down the category and stop working on the digital marketing for the selective category.

Exit Strategies Liquidation and close, when the revenue is no longer upraising or declining.
Company Name
Business Address 34, Tingkat Bagan Baru 10
Contact Person Kelvin Ang