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Footprint Tourism

Project Cost: 15,000,000 Amount Invested : 900,000 Amount Required : 200,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: finance; other (Link to 2nd round fund raising (PE, VC)) Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor Industry: real estate tourism / hospitality trade restaurants / f&b consumer goods financial services Project Stage: early expansion Information Memorandum: Background Footprint Tourism was form in 2011 in Penang, targeting to be the number 1 Boutique Tourism Attraction Developer in Malaysia. Footprint currently owns a F&B business on top of ...

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Vietnam Property Development Project

PROJECT PROGRESS The promoter/ investor has obtained all necessary licenses and permits to develop the project. The project broke ground in 2009 and significant foundation and piling works are 40% completed. The project has pre-sold 50 units out of the total development of 334 units. The development company will obtain a new market valuation of the project land in next 1-2 months. NEW INVESTOR PROPOSAL Provide development financing commitment of US$15.0 million to be disbursed progressively over the project development ...

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Seek project funding of RM400K at Precint 16 & 18 Putrajaya

Completion of Lake Development:The Propose Construction and Completion of Promenade at Precint 17%19 and The Remaining Works at Precint 16 & 18 Putrajaya Project Cost: RM1,742,000.00 Amount Invested : RM570,000.00 Amount Required : RM400,000.00 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time Industry: engineering Project Stage: second stage expansion EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: GREATWAY AG ENGINEERING SDN BHD founded by Nasrul Hafiz and Che Mat Ghani. Che Mat Ghani was experienced in engineering works and specialist in oil ...

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Felimar Resort Project (Updated Version), Vietnam

Project’s name : FELIMAR RESORT Location : T1,T2,T3, Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam Area : 3,284,446m2 EXPECTED RETURN ON INVEST MENT NPV Analysis-100% on the Sale(Loan USD20,000,000 Interest expense 10%) Net Profit = (1) Cash 138,608,605 + (2) Real Estate Assets 87,000,000 Total investment (Total assets) = (3) Borrowings 20,000,000 + (4) Paid-off Expenses for Project: 7,000,000 225,608,605 / 27,000,000 x 100% = 835 % ( RETURN ON INVESTMENT ) 183,228,608 / 27,000,000 x 100% ...

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Putrabay Integrated Development Project – Support from the State Government

Introduction Kuala Perlis is the third largest town in the state of Perlis and has been regarded as the main entrance and the seagate to the world renowned island of Langkawi. According to statistics from the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), more than three million tourist visited Langkawi in 2013, and almost 70% arrived from this humble town and fishing village of 21,000 population, while the rest departed from the port of Kuala Kedah and Penang. The current ferry terminal in ...

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Agri Land of 6.3 acres with 1.3 acres converted and approved to build 17 units 3-storey shop house

Project Cost: RM 5,500,000.00 Amount Invested : RM 500,000 Amount Required : RM3,500,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time Industry: real estate Project Stage: early expansion seed start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: *Agri Land of 6.3 acres with 1.3 acres converted and approved to build 17 units 3-storey shop house *I have been an International Sales/Marketing Manager for a US firm since 1996 *First time into own business start up which is ...

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Developer seeking loan for developmenet project of RM130M at Lumut, Perak

The project is in Lumut, Perak on 4.98 acres of leasehold 99 years. It is a mixed developement with 2 floor of retail shops, 2 blocks of 580 nos of serviced residence and 1 block of hotel, 21th storey. Status:- Development order obtained. 2 floor of retail shops will be firmed by latest Apr14, 1 block of serviced residence had been booked and soft launch is planned on Apr14, hotel will be management by well know international operator. We are ...

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Seeking RM1.3mil to kick start project: “16 units bungalows at Sepang”

Project: To develop 16 units bungalows at Sepang” One of the government arms confirmed to buy over 12 units. Project duration estimated around 18 months. Total estimated project cost: RM13,000,000.00 We need only RM1,500,000.00 (11% of the total cost) to kick start the project. Subsequently the cash flows will be generated from stage claim payments. Investor’s ROI can be negotiated. * Register to view Executive Summary / Business Plan / Owner’s Contact Info

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Seeking funder to build 2 storey Semi-D at Penang

Project Cost: RM650,000 Amount Invested : RM5,000 Amount Required : RM650,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: other (house interior design) Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant Industry: engineering, others (construction) Project Stage: concept Information Memorandum: Currently property demand on penang very high and there are a lot of condominium build at the island. Average selling price would be reach 400-600 psf. Penang people may not affortable on island property. Most of them are choose to buy house at mainland. This may one ...

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