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Resort in Langkawi Island

Located at very strategic and hot spot area along Pantai Cenang, with very good sea view. It is also very popular among German/European tourists, and always fully booked during peak season. The facilities are as per below : 13 ROOMS PLUS ONE SUITE SWIMMING POOL RESTAURANT (Swiss delicacies which is very popular among foreigners) Garden Bar Lobby n Parking Space Libraries Sundeck PRICE : RM15 M and above As you are aware, Langkawi is a very popular destination for tourism ...

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Vietnam Sealand City Project

LAND AREA: 3,284,446m2 Location: Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. (Length of the beach: 3 km) The company is going to develop the first world-class resort city on the Southern coastline of Vietnam near Ho Chi Minh City. It will transfer 50% of company shares and 50% of the project shares to those companies who are willing to invest USD 500,000 of joint venture capital and USD 30,000,000 of loan amount in the company. We would ...

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10 years Building project in Yangon, Myanmar seeking JV partner

Project Cost: 1 to 1.5 million ringgit Amount Invested : 2.5 million ringgit Knowledge / Experience Required: sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time part-time as consultant Industry: real estate others (Resident or Hotel) Project Stage: startup EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: My father is the owner of the land in a prime area in Yangon which is called Nat Maut Lane 1 road. Product / Service Description: He want an investor to invest on his land for 10 years. ...

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Real Estate Development project in Cambodia seeking RM2 million

Project Cost: RM2Mil Amount Invested : None Amount Required : RM2Mil Knowledge / Experience Required: finance internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time as mentor as consultant Industry: real estate trade Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Pioneer to start property development project. This venture works for those angel investors who wish to explore profitable development business in Cambodia. Product / Service Description: I plan to work as a fund manager. We have projects that requires RM 2M to build 10 ...

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Golf Course Resort Project, Binh Thuan, Vietnam

Seeking US$20 mil to fund an international tourism project in the Southern coast of Vietnam, near to Ho Chi Minh City. Project Site: Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam Current Status Silver Town Land – Selling Management Center- Operating Powered Hang-glider Practice Field – Selling Workshop and Seminar Center – Operating Relaxed Hospital – Selling Leisure Centre – Operating Vietnamese Traditional Village – Operating Resort Area – Selling Shopping Mall – Selling Resort Hotel – Selling ...

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Vietnam Property Development Project

Project to build 334 residential apartment units in district 8, HCM City, Vietnam PROJECT PROGRESS The promoter/ investor has obtained all necessary licenses and permits to develop the project. The project broke ground in 2009 and significant foundation and piling works are 40% completed. The project has pre-sold 50 units out of the total development of 334 units. The development company will obtain a new market valuation of the project land in next 1-2 months. NEW INVESTOR PROPOSAL Provide development ...

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Australia Land and Water Assets Investment

An experienced astute agribusiness-man with a well developed business model who requires Au$500K equity injection to in-act a plan to purchase multiple profitable commercial business assets up to a total value of 100M. Exit in 3-5 years via valuation in the interim a return of 100% pa on the 500K is expected and 49% of asset value gain at exit. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY XXX Aginvest creates sound and profitable investment using a combination of solid agricultural land and water assets and ...

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Fiji Islands Civil engineering firm seeking a 49% equity partner for projects

Absolute beach front with unobstructed view and only 5 minutes drive to capital city. Plans are to develop the fronting sea to my land for water park hotel, marina and up market residence and apartment, area 20acres (no competition for this plan yet in the capital city) executive summary attached Need us$3m to develop with sales us$7m in max 2 years Further investment us$20 for water park hotel and marina to manage. 20 acres seafront land 10 km to city ...

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Hong Kong Retail Shops Investment Project

Funds needed within 1 yr. – HKD20,000,000 (by the end of 2012) Funds needed from 2 – 5 yrs. HKD40,000,000 Funds will be used to finance, together with mortgage loans, the purchase of prime retail shops mainly in HK, and secondly shops in Mainland China. Required yields between 6 – 8 % per annum, excluding asset appreciation (currently only 2.5% !!) We are looking for 80-90% injection, i.e. with other investors taking up 80-90% ownership Our task is to perform ...

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