Cloud-based & modular insurance software solution (SaaS)

Project TitleCloud-based & modular insurance software solution (SaaS). enabling latest InsurTech trends like IoT, Telematics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence.
Current StatusGrowth
Amount Invested€1.200.000
Funding Required€1.000.000
DescriptionOur highly scalable cloud-based software helps insurance companies in the current process of the digital transformation. We simplify the launch of new innovative insurance products (e.g. Telematics), opening new digital sales channels & increase the overall profitability with greater operational efficiency.
Business OpportunityAs nowadays insurance companies are in a tremendous change to digitalize their whole enterprise software, they are confronted with new customer demands and changing market requirement. With our modular and API-driven approach we can offer insurers a complete solution, wether they just want to manage their whole business, do Sales Analytics or want to launch new products quickly.
While many companies are also offering insurance software solutions, no existing solution has the same speed and cost efficiency like tigerlab.
TAM for General (Non-Life) Insurances worldwide => €2tn
Current Markets (DACH/ASEAN/AU/NZ/UK) => €218bn
SAM (North America/South America/Europe) => €1.4bn

Opportunites are tremendous due to the digital transformation in the Insurance industry. 73% of CEOs in Insurance want to invest and restructure their software and product offerings. 74% of Customers would like to interact with modern technology.

Changing to a flexible software like tigerlab is offering, will not only reduce cost saving in the operations, also it will increase sales, due to new sales channels/journeys and innovative products.
Revenue / Business Modelxxx
Management Teamxxx
Company Background– 20+ Clients including international big (Re-) Insurer like Hannover Re, UK General or Ubi Car
– Revenue 2018 €750K
– TAM: worldwide €2tn / current SAM: €218bn
– self-invested with €1.2m
– Strategic ownership stakes in Insurance Companies, valued €500K
– Profit Margin 30%
– Based in Kuala Lumpur (HQ) and London
Funding Milestonexxx
% Equity Allocation10%
Expected ROI3x
Risks and Mitigation– Insurance is quite recession proof
– retention rate is high (Avg. Duration of insurance customer to change Enterprise Software is 17 years)
– Risk can be legislative issues, regarding Data Privacy
Exit StrategiesEarliest exit is in 5 years time, buyout
Company Namexxx
Business AddressPetaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact PersonTobias Bergmann

Australia Golf, Sports Technology

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested1.3 million USD
Funding Required1,000,000 usd
DescriptionEstablished 1982 (Greencare)
CoreMaster 12 released 1984 to many accolades
Several machines developed through to 1990
Sold into many famous sites including:
Pebble Beach Golf Club
The White House
St Andrews Golf Club
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club
Royal Sydney Golf Club
Sydney Olympics
10,000 models sold from 1984 to 2011
Business OpportunityOf 32,000 golf courses globally;
Core target market
9,000 A & B (comp level) US Golf and country clubs
Compete for members on the basis of:
Facilities & especially golf turf quality
Turf solutions ubiquitous & undifferentiated – lack of innovation
CoremasterTM delivers Innovation
3 in one functionality = Avg: 38% lower capital cost, clear and roll (see App 2)
Acclaimed & proven superior turf surface (see App 1)
Solves the lack of competitive advantage on Turf
Sets a new standard in turf excellence and cost
$1.4 million dollars already invested by current management
Revenue / Business ModelLife Cycle = big & mature but growing
Golf globally is a $70Bil a year industry (Forbes)
Golf Equipment sales rise after GFC 2008 to 14 – 0.3%; 2014 +1.8% (Cision Research)
Capital intensity
Little innovation R&D; approx: 5% of rev; slow threat emergence if any
Coremaster applying some of capital raised to ‘new’ walk behind model = >5%
Advertising intensity
Very targeted advertising, low intensity; < 10% of sales rev
Coremaster budget Yr 1 -12.5% reducing to 3.4% in Yr 5
Industry concentration
Very high – 4 firms own 100% of the turf grooming industry
Patents and targeted marketing very important
Average firm size
Very large – Toro $2.6Bil total rev; Jacobson $2.8 Bil all turf care
Will compete on strong Brand, history and innovation
Management TeamKey personnel

Andrew Moss – CEO/COO
Andrew has been with the business in all of its various forms for over four years, he lead the establishing of the Thai plant and has been a driving force in the business establishing relationships with global trading partners.
Ake Sampong – Production Director ( Thailand )
Ake comes to CoreMaster Thailand with over thirty years engineering experience, he has been responsible for the development of the relationships with many of the part manufactures in Thailand and is in charge of the parts engineering team.
Steven Johnson – Manufacturing USA 
Steven has been involved with the golf industry for over twenty years and has worked for Smithco Humboldt industries for all of this time. Steven has worked in R&D, manufacturing, sales and management.

Paul Viviers –Accounting & Administration
Paul is an accountant with over thirty five years experience. He has run and managed several businesses and has a very practical and open work ethos. Paul comes to CoreMaster not only as an accountant but as a shareholder

Doug Haselwood –Technical Director (Australia) 
Doug is one of the few people that can make a CoreMaster by hand, having an intimate knowledge of all processes and procedures involved in the development of the Xtreme range and is excited to be involved with the walk behind model.
Company BackgroundCoreMaster Pty Ltd is the owner of the assets and intellectual property developed by Greencare Industries and CoreMaster International.

Greencare Industries was a global leader in turf aeration with over 10,000 units (CoreMaster 12) sold worldwide, 80% being into the US market.

CoreMaster Pty Ltd has invested in the development of the next generation of turf aeration machines which has resulted in quantum improvements in now market ready machines.Ownership & Corporate Structure
CoreMaster Pty Ltd
CoreMaster is an Australian registered company
Funding MilestoneSince acquisition of the intellectual property, significant steps have been taken in development of the product, manufacturing capability and distribution, including:
• 2013 established relationship with Positron Engineering, Thailand 
• 2013 sold machines to Ridgewood Golf Club in Texas and Broadmoor Golf Club in Seattle 
• 2014 production of the first CoreMaster Xtreme in Thailand
• 2014 CoreMaster starts internal manufacture of own parts 
• 2014 established CoreMaster Thailand LTD 
• 2014 sold five CoreMaster 12 models to Toyo green in Japan 
• 2014 sold first Thai manufactured CoreMaster Xtreme to Malaysia 
• 2014 moved into purpose built factory in Thailand 
• 2015 entered into a distribution agreement with Luber Brothers Texas Care to supply the CoreMaster Xtreme for 2016 
• 2016 entered into a manufacturing agreement with Smithco Humboldt industries to manufacture in the USA
% Equity Allocation40 %
Risks and MitigationJohn Deere

Are three of CoreMasters major competitors 

John Deere is a manufacturer based in the USA. They produce a range of globally recognised equipment for agriculture and turf grass industries. They also have a large marketing and R&D budget however John Deere turf aeration products have not changed in twenty years and don’t seem to be committed to turf aeration products as they focus more on the heavy agricultural machinery business.

Toro are similar to John Deere but only specialise in the sports turf industry and do not manufacture large machinery as John Deere do. Their weaknesses can be seen as they do not innovate, and seemingly rest on their reputation as a market leader of their turf aeration products such as the Toro 648. Additionally, the cost of the spare parts for their products is uncharacteristically high potentially due to their dominance in the market.

Redexim have very strong brand recognition of Vertidrain, which is iconic in the industry. They too are based in the USA. The general market consensus is that their machines are heavy, unwealdy and more time consuming on maintenance which also cause damage to turf surfaces due to the old technology utilised in their aerators. 

CoreMaster believe that people will move from the above competitors to our machines because of the quality and depth of aeration that our machines produce which is the best in the market place. It is the quietest and most stable machine on the market as well as extremely user and mechanic friendly. Our maintence cycles are now, with the new CoreMaster Xtreme, spaced at six month intervals. 

Once the CoreMaster Xtreme enters full production and starts to be sold to golf courses, the company does not expect our competitors to react in a negative manner as the CoreMaster Xtreme is quite revolutionary. Our competitors will at first adapt the ‘wait and see’ approach to see how the industry reacts to this technology.
As the machine gathers momentum, people will start to take notice and will have an adverse effect on the current competitors. If competitors start to lose sales they will have to either compete on price i.e. lower their prices or try to develop a similar machine 

Our competitive advantages are:
• This is the first new aerator design in 30 years with new patented coring technology 
• Utilising aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fibre transmission systems to reduce flying mass and vibration resulting in a stable and quiet machine. 
• The CoreMaster Xtreme range cores twice as deep as any other coring machine on the market achieving a perfectly vertical hole up to 9” (210mm) deep.
• Our new design is 70% faster than the original CoreMaster 12 and a person can complete a tine changeover in 2 minutes.
Exit Strategieswe are looking at a five year time frame to excit
Company NameCoremaster pty ltd
Business Address6 Irrubelle rd Newport NSW Australia
Contact PersonAndrew Moss

Hydron carbon emission elimination in fossil fuel engines

Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM 1.5 M
Funding RequiredRM 2.5M
DescriptionThe Hydron is a patented technology by xxxx Sdn Bhd a R&D company.
The development took more then 4 years to create the only viable solution to eliminate carbon emission in all vehicles using diesel or petrol engines.
In addition it saves the users up to 30 to 40% on fuel consumption.
Business OpportunityThis device brings about a cleaner non toxic environment while keeping operating costs lower for users of vehicles, especially for fleet operators including marine boats.
Huge business opportunity in all parts of the world.
Revenue / Business ModelThe business model is to licence the technology by region / territory to automobile linked companies.
Or by JV in specific countries.
Management TeamComprises of ex Global Sr VP of operations of a US MNC as MD n founder, major shareholder.
An ex Sr Mgr of Malaysian GLC, and a French Plantation company.
A US partner n a Marketing Expert.
Company BackgroundHarit Ecotech was formed in 2017. The company is heavily technology development based. It employs all engineers.
The technologies being developed are focussed on environment, green technology as well as green medical devices.
Funding MilestoneThis funding is for pre commercialisation.
Products are ready to sell. In few hundred vehicles in Malaysia, China and the UK are already running with the Hydron.
This funding is for expansion of facilities, hiring of relevant staff and sales and marketing efforts.
% Equity Allocation10%
Expected ROI17%
Risks and MitigationAll auto buffs are focussing on electric vehicles. There are major challenges to this technology.
Meanwhile, the Kyoto protocol demands the emission limits are met by vehicle producers.
The Hydron is a perfect low cost, easy to fit solution.
Exit Strategies1. Sell to major auto companies 
2. Licencing
3. IPO
4. Part of 3rd auto focus Malaysia
3 years
Company Namexxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Addressxxxx Shah Alam. Selangor
Contact PersonMohana K

Electronic Signature Signing Platform

Project TitleElectronic Signature Signing Platform combined with Facial verification technology and Contract Automation Chatbot
Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount Invested0
Funding RequiredRM100,000
DescriptionGonnasign is an electronic signing platform that adopts advanced facial recognition technology to verify signers’ identity before signing. This solution can be widely introduced in the industry of law, real estate, human resource and organisation that require high safety and security in the business process. 

The problem of eSignature could be fraud is the main issue we would like to solve in the current legal system. Hacker might hack your email, people can access your email through saved password, and the loss of mobile phone could lead to misuse of email. Our solution will target on those professionals in the industry of law, real estate, human resource and organisation that need to sign many contracts daily and those contracts require a certain level of safety and security to verify the real signers.

Other than that, we also hope that our application is not limited to a certain age group of people. By creating the Chatbot Contract Automation concept, we allow people with limited technical knowledge to create the contract and send to signers by just answering an AI-enabled chatbot. The chatbot will be built with maximum efficiency with zero complexity in mind.

The operational cost for Gonnasign will be mainly used to support the server cost, office rental, founder’s salary, SSL certificate and legal consultation fee. Once we launch the beta version, there will be another two additional cost which are third party software fee and cost of designing mobile app. For marketing cost, we have the zero cost marketing strategies where we can give free credit for users and also give extra free credit if they invite their friends to sign up. Words of mouth is always the best marketing strategy. Facebook ad will be used to target on certain groups of user and Google ad will be used to target on some search keywords.

The pricing of a single user is USD$12 per month if they pay 12 months. If there is 100 paid users sign up for the first year, the calculation will be $12 x 4 x 100 paid users x 12 months = RM57600. Assume we will take RM100k as our initial funding, the break-even point is estimated to be 2 years plus after deducting operational cost and marketing cost. Given the condition the paid users remain the same for two years. If there is more users sign up, then the break-even period will be shorter.

Gonnasign is actively looking for funding to bring the facial recognition technology into electronic signing platform. The amount we are asking is RM100,000 with the exchange of equity at 8%. The 60% of the funding amount will be allocated to marketing plan while the rest 40% will be used on company operation.
Business OpportunityGonnaSign will provide a comprehensive line of electronic signing platform enhanced with facial recognition technology for all level of professionals and public. Although eSignature platform has many benefits like simple to use, convenient, faster turnaround and lower cost, but there is still one major security concern – the signer’s identity. Gonnasign works with the advanced facial recognition technology to verify signer’s identity through any browser, and you doesn’t have to install any mobile app to capture signer’s face image. 
Before signing, GonnaSign will detect if signer has registered or not. If no record is found, signer is required to enter his/her mobile number and the platform will send a link to the mobile phone. Signer will open the link using their mobile browser and capture 2 necessary pictures – physical ID card image (eg: driving license card) and selfie image. After the first step, for security purpose, we will request again mobile number. If signer record is found, step one will be skipped next time. A verification link will send to the mobile phone and the cam will send the face image back to the server once it detects face. Our advanced facial recognition technology will compare both faces and complete the signing once the identity is verified.
Other than that, drafting a contract may prove to be a difficult for the public in general who are equipped with limited knowledge. GonnaSign aims to solve these problems by creating a bridge between the current legal system and the advancement of legal technology. This can be achieved by developing a fast and responsive AI-enabled chatbot. In layman terms, it is essentially a chat robot which aims to ease the process of drafting especially in areas of conveyancing. The chatbot would interact with the public and help fill the technical details which are needed. This ensures that the contract is not lacking in certain clauses or any important information which are needed. 
Furthermore, the contracts drafted will always be updated with the latest development of the legal system, this helps provide certainty to the chatbot users. The chatbot will be built with maximum efficiency with zero complexity in mind which in return may attract more people to use it without the need to learn it.
Revenue / Business ModelThe following is a breakdown of anticipated SaaS fee, per month and per annum: 
SaaS Solution USD$12 per month (if pay 12 months)
USD$15 per month (single use)
Management TeamCurrently there are 3 people inside the team, which consists of 2 developers and 1 law student. One developer currently is full time on this project. This idea is a winning idea from last year LawTech Hackathon happened in KL.
Company BackgroundTeam Gonnasign is currently a 3-man developing team that consist of 2 developers and 1 law student. Gonnasign was formed with a vision to solve problems inherent in the current Malaysian Legal System such as issues in relation to distance, location and time which leads to backlog of cases.

It is also without a doubt that currently lawtech solution is not gaining much attention in the South East Asia and because of this, we’ve seen very less lawtech startups were created on the past few years. Gonnasign aims to change the mindset of investors by creating a bridge between the current legal system and the advancement of legal technology. We aim to become the biggest eSignature platform in South East Asia.

The founder of Gonnasign has completed the entire eSignature platform on 2018 but he feel that the entire system has nothing niche compared to our competitors – HelloSign and DocuSign. This is the reason why he has stopped the launching of his startup until he met his teammate in a hackathon which they’ve integrated the facial verification technology to authenticate signers’ identity and also the AI-enabled chatbot to automate the process of drafting a contract. Currently, we are actively looking for funding to bring the Alpha version out.

We believe that eSignature will be a positive trend in near future, if you look for any research online, it is not hard to realize an increasing number of people started to adopt eSignature whether in business tasks or in personal matter. Other than this, the trend of green office is also one of the reasons why people switched from traditional paper into digital document. The solution of eSignature can be widely adopted in the industry of law, real estate, organisation and human resource. There is no limitation as long as your country law recognize the legal power of one’s eSignature.

Used one year plus of time to study our competitor’s platform and to build the entire eSignature platform, we believe there is no one here has more knowledge and determination than us to bring out the eSignature platform. But there is still something we are still lack of – the legal knowledge. This is why we require a funding to hire or to consult law related issues with professional lawyers in the South East Asia because not all countries used the same regulations on the eSignature matter. 

Other than to become the biggest eSignature solution in South East Asia, we actually have another vision to bring eSignature platform into fintech, insurtech and stock market where important contract can be signed digitally and get recognized under Malaysia law.
Funding MilestoneWe will need a funding RM100k to bring the alpha and beta version out by Q2 of 2019 and also to reach 300 paid clients by end of 2019.
For more about the budget calculator, we’ve made a excel file of all expenses.
Here is the link:
% Equity Allocation8 – 10
Risks and MitigationElectronic Signature is protected under Electronic Commerce Act 2006.

But minority of Malaysian still not recognize it, we tried to listen to many voices and feedbacks and they seems like confused with digital signature and electronic signature which are two different stories. Luckily, if eSignature is widely to be accepted in Europe and USA, including Singapore, China and Hong Kong.
Exit StrategiesI am not sure if Capital do offer pre-seed funding or not, I apologize if I come to the wrong place. Plus we also not sure about the exist plan as this is our first time to ask for funding.
Company NameGonnaSign
Business AddressACAT, Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, 16, Gat Lebuh China, 10300 Penang
Contact PersonChuang Kok How

E-Receipt Delivery System

Current Status Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM 40, 000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We want to eliminate paper receipt.
Business Opportunity Paper receipt is a hassle to keep, organise, costs companies and has not changed for the last 50 years.
Current E Receipt solutions requires consumer to share their email or phone information for receipt delivery. Our system will solve this issue.
There are up to 1 million SME in Malaysia with 90% in retail and service sectors.
Initially we will target the franchise F&B and grocery shops.
Revenue / Business Model Software As A Service. Monthly subscription of RM 30 per month.
Data Analytic Services – Consultancy, Certificate of Authenticity for high value item purchase
Management Team Shamsul Amry Bin Muhmad – 17 Years Experience in Accounting and Finance. Experienced in setting up computerised accounting system MNC and PSC environment. Managing costs, budget and schedule.

Azrulhizam Bin Shapi’I – 17 Years Experience in the academic sectors. Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Information Science and Technology, UKM. Specializing in Blockchain Technology, Computer Aided Design, Computer Graphics, Games Technology. Masters on Science in IT in Manufacturing and PhD in Industrial Computing.

Kouh Wee Lian – Business Degree Holder from University of Oklahoma. 18 years experience in Sales, Marketing & Maintenance. Relationship with many SMEs, local government and abroad.

Entrepreneurship experience in manufacturing, services, food and beverages industries.

Company Background Oct 2017 – Company Set Up
Feb 2018 – Completed proof of concept software
Funding Milestone MYR 500,000

45% Software and hardware development
35% Marketing
10% Human Resource
10% Operationals

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 10x
Risks and Mitigation Founder Breakup – Clear expectation from each team member
Running out of cash – Proper budgeting and thrifty spends
Technology risks – Proof of concept completed before proceed with seed funding
Market Validation – Market research conducted and results from polls.
Exit Strategies Series A funding – 2/3 years
Series B funding – 5/6 years
Company Name Bits In Motion Sdn Bhd
Business Address 13B, Jalan SG 3/4 Pusat Bandar Sri Gombak 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
Contact Person Shamsul Amry Muhmad

SavvyMariner Maritime and Marine Software

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 1,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description N.Jayasankar (Founder & CEO)

Entrepreneurial by nature and able to see the ‘bigger picture’, utilizes skills from an extensive background in the maritime sector, within Product Management, Business Strategy & Development and establishing KPIs representing fundamental business drivers.

In excess of 20 years hands on experience gained from within the shipping, banking, food traceability, manufacturing industries, with specific skills in Product, Performance Management, Business and Stakeholder Performance and Analysis, Business Growth and Development.

V.S.M Mohan (Director)

Over 30 years maritime and marine software experience, an accomplished campaigner in Business Development and Sales with Fourteen years of exposure across Technical, Operational and Commercial Shipping across Europe, Central/South East Asia and Middle East.

Rapidly identifying business problems, formulate tactical plans, initiate change and implement effective business strategies in challenging environments to enhance revenue generation, market share expansion and profitability.

Capt. Girish Lele (Director)

Master Mariner with over 40 years experience in the Maritime industry. Based in Monaco since 1997 and has a vast knowledge of the needs of software requirements of the Maritime industry and provides the ‘user’ input and technical input to improve and give finesse to the product.

Responsible for sales & marketing and opportunities in Europe, identify development needs and expand penetration across Europe

1. Team Committed Full Time
2. Business Background with Managerial Experience
3. Technical Background with Solid Experience
4. Collective Experience of more than 80 Years

Business Opportunity Market Segmentation and Size:

1. General Cargo (19601) 235M USD – 42%
A cargo ship or freighter is any sort of ship that carries cargo, goods, and materials from one port to another. Thousands of cargo carriers ply the world’s
seas and oceans each year, handling the bulk of international trade
2. Bulk Carriers (10884) 130M USD – 23%
The work horses of the fleet, these transport raw materials such as iron ore and coal. Identifiable by the hatches raised above deck level which cover the large
cargo holds
3. Oil Tankers (10152) 121M USD – 22%
Transport crude oil, chemicals and petroleum products. Tankers can appear similar to bulk carriers, but the deck is flush and covered by oil pipelines and
4. Container Ships (5154) 61M USD -11%
Which carry most of the world’s manufactured goods and products, usually through scheduled liner services.

Driving factors on Software Compliance imposed by IMO for Ship Owners / Managers to procure an integrated Ship Management Software:

Key Driving factors to use Maritime ERP:

1. Compliance to International Maritime Regulations of IMO (International Maritime Organization)
2. Compliance to Survey and Classification Societies

Why SavvyMariner?

Centralized Financial Management for Maritime Companies:
1. One Off Solution that is designed with Financial management as the Core and foundation
2. All modules integrate seamlessly into the Finance, Budget and Accounting work flows
3. Eradicates fragmented software packages within a Shipping Company

Advanced Business Intelligence:
1. Huge Treasure of data collected across the fleet in real time
2. Automated assimilation and analytical representation of data
3. Provides for informed decision making by Managers
4. Primarily financial judgements can be made accurately and more effectively

Innovative and Futuristic Software Design:
1. New Technological developments in software, [under-utilized for maritime Industry thus far] are exhaustively utilized
2. Application design tools
3. Fleet Broadband
4. Non-implementation of software on Ships
5. Graduated Automation approach to work flows to reduce costs and risks created by human error
6. Easy adaption to further advances in technology

Existing Competitors: (Top 5)

1. Spectec – 12% of Market Share
2. DNV (Det Norkse Veritas) – 4%
3. ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) – 4%
4. BASS – 1.5%
5. SHIPNET – 1.5%

Our Competitive Edge:

1. Pure Web Based System:
We are the only software providers in the market providing pure web-based integrated software.
2. Integrated System
Our system integrates all the modules and processes into accounting and provides management insight by means of interactive dashboard/KPI and reports
3. Technology
The only software provider in the market to use the latest technology
ASP.NET/ Boot Strap
Mobile Technology – Android
4. Computer Based Training Videos
Due to dynamic composition of Fleet, computer based training videos ensure that the training on software is available for crew/officers full time
5. Additional Modules
1. Shipboard Forms
2. Permit To Work
3. Chartering
4. SEEMP/EEOI – Pollution Analysis

Revenue / Business Model Our Business Model:

Key Partners:
1. Technology Partners
2. Support Partners
3. Implementation Partners
4. Existing Customers
5. Strategic Partners

Key Activities:
1. Innovate
2. Product & Tech Upgrade
3. Marketing
4. Support
5. Deliveries

1. Direct
2. Thru Partners
3. Social Media

Customer Relationship:
1. Direct Sales
2. Sales Thru Partners
3. SaaS

Projections: (projected profit before Tax for next three years)
2020 – 1698865 USD
2021 – 5833689 USD
2022 – 11440745 USD

Management Team 1. N.Jayasankar ( Founder & CEO)
2. V.S.M Mohan ( Director)
3. Capt. Girish Lele ( Director)
Company Background SAVVYMARINE SOFTWARE SINGAPORE PTE LTD was incorporated in Singapore and Malaysia to consistently deliver Enterprise Class Business solutions and software services to all types of Surface Transport organizations with a primary focus on the Maritime Industry.  At this time, with an economic squeeze on the IT Budgets, SSSPL aims at providing the best of the solutions at a significantly less time and cost with a high Return On Investment to their customers.

The people behind the organization with their vast experience in providing solutions clubbed with domain expertise and implementation experience have ventured with a view to facilitate their customers to reach and exceed their business objectives. With focused services, analytic capabilities, exceptional client service, and ability to deliver go-to-market solutions regardless of their complexity, SSSPL is aiming at becoming partners in business.

1. Scalable Business
2. Demand validated by Competitors
3. Internationalization planned and active
4. IP (Copyright) protected with barriers

1. Legally constituted in Singapore and Malaysia
2. Incorporated in 2013
3. Core focus on Enterprise Class Web Based Ship Management Software Solutions ERP
4. Product rolled-out – already in market
5. Advisory Board in Place
6. Expansion Stage
7. Positive Profit

Funding Milestone Total Enterprise Value: 57766620 USD
Investment Ask: 3700000 USD
% share offering: 20%
Enterprise value at the end of 3rd Year – 11553324 USD
% Return on Investment – 312%
% Equity Allocation 20% (negotiable)
Expected ROI 312% (by end of third year)
Risks and Mitigation 1. Existing market leaders bouncing back with web based solution
2. Minimum 12-18 months lead over competition, and hence enough time to establish leadership
3. Global recession slowing down decision making
4. Disruptive pricing : License cost = AMC of Competition
Exit Strategies Option1: Company Buy Back
Company buy back the 20% shares at a price of 11,644,244 USD.

Option 2: Sale of Shares to Third Party
Investor can sell his/her shares to the third party as per the calculation listed below.
PE Ratio: 12 times (IT Sector)
9,558,068.68 * 12 = 11,46,96,824 USD
20% Share Value: 2,29,39,364.80 USD

Option 3: IPO
Offer Shares to Public

Option 4: Merger
Merger with other big professional Software Company or one of our leading Competitor.

Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address xxxx Petaling Jaya 47810 Malaysia
Contact Person N.Jayasankar

Internet Anywhere

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 1,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Internet Anywhere is a registered company located in Vancouver, Canada. The company
is formed by PhD graduates in Telecommunijcations, Mathematics and Integrated
Circuit design. Also, the leaders of the compaby have many years experience in IT
industries with a good background in startups.
This company have planned to commercialize its products and services for extending
the market to overseas. The products and services of the company are innovative
and unique and the management team believe this business can be profitable and
growing. At the moment we are talking with investors to convince them to join us in
flexible and negotiation-able way to fund for next major step of company.
Business Opportunity As mentioned IAT technology consistss of three technologies. The IAT IoT Umberella
will be used by end users to access IAT IoT-enabled devices. This software will be
available for free download on Google Play, iOS App Store, Windows, and Mac. The
target customers of the IAT solutions are IoT vendors. The IoT vendors will use the IoT
IC in their product design as a communication module.
Revenue / Business Model We have four channels for revenue and for each one need to define method of setting
1. Selling devices/ICs
2. Selling Software
3. Transaction Fee
4. Technical Support/selling spare parts
Management Team Garry is a creative business
leader with success in
developing information
technology, security,
and telecommunication
businesses. He displays
excellence in communications with an intelligence to quickly grasp complex
issues, apply common sense approaches, and motivate teams of resources
to integrate new concepts and methodologies. Most effective working in
a multifaceted and problem solving operating environment with focus on
business objectives and exceeding user satisfaction. Garry has a proven track
record creating new markets and teams within both large and emerging
Reza is a PhD condidate from
The University of British
Columbia. He has had more
than 18 years of employment
experience in network
security, cryptography, the
telecommunications industries, and worked for various companies, including
AT&T and TELUS. Reza has managed the development of different products
includes the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software. He has several publications
on Blockchain technology in academia.
Kyle has had more than
15 years’ experience in IT
Industry specialized in Identity
& Access management
security control. He has
worked and done projects in
different sectors, including oil, utility, transportation, telecommunication, and
global retail companies. Kyle focuses on assisting various organization to select,
develop, and implement IT solutions as a senior consultant.
Company Background We propose the IAT blockchain and three related hardware products as a facilitator of
IoT e-commerce utilizing a smart, secure, opt-in system based in the IAT IoT Umbrella,
IAT IoT IC, and IAT Access Point.
Funding Milestone The following are the basic components of our realistic projected costs for developing
the IAT technological products.
Requested Fund for IAT IoT Umbrella: 500,000 USDT
Requested Fund for IAT Access Point: 500,000 USDT
Requested Fund for IAT IoT IC: 500,000 USDT
Requested Fund for All: 1,500,000 USDT
% Equity Allocation 49%
Expected ROI 10%
Risks and Mitigation We already have developed the products and the likely risk only is failing in sale the products.
Exit Strategies After 2 years company will be in profitable state and can pay the investment fund.
Company Name Internet Anywhere
Business Address, vancouver, canada and Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Parsa