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Hibou Cloud SolvePro Smart Management

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM57,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Hibou Cloud is the eco-friendly connected safety home system that you can install in seconds. This plug & play device will simply inform you about your home; your temperature, air quality as well as has a motion-activated camera. The sensor provides complete intelligent advance wireless IoT platform that provides correlated real-time sensor data to enable all kind of smart applications controlled by a smartphone application. The sensor data may serve the customers directly to monitor and take a decision based on real environment data.
Business Opportunity The Hibou Cloud system provides the user a simple home safety supervision system that senses different aspect of the home or office. These could be used by the user mainly for two purposes.
1) Events notifications when the user is not at home. (People are most of the time not at their home), This notification is based on the detection the Hiboud cloud system does, like human or other living being body movement detection, door/ window opening detection, light on/off, temperature high / low, sound impacts.
2) The system can be used for Trackback and home comfort adjustments. Like air cleaner, lights and Air Conditioner.
To learn different living quality aspect in a home environment, the sensors log a different kind of data into the cloud for later use. (data can be room humidity, air quality, light UV levels, temperature levels, etc.)
3) A smartphone application can send instant notification to the user or user build public or private network when somethings is wrong in the users home.
Revenue / Business Model We are looking into each 100K sets on the 1st year launch. Then 250K at second years.
We have our marketing point at Malaysia and Singapore.
Management Team Axel Hammer – Sweden and Co partner. He is founder for Smart sensor Devices.AB
Alex Juanrno – Business Development Director
Ulf – Back end Developer
Jacky – ( Myself ) Founder for Solver Smart Management and Co partner for Smart sensor devices.AB
Chris – Mechanical Designer
Company Background SolvePro Smart Management is a company who run project management and sourcing management for customer and partners. SolvePro smart management has signed a contract and awarded as partnership with Smart Sensor Devides. AB in Sweden. SolvePro will manage all projects belongs to them and localise all material.
I also own the share from Smart sensors devices.AB.
Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company working globally with the latest IoT solutions. We are located in Stockholm, the hottest hub for IoT inventions. Get in contact with us today and explore how you can become part of it! Our long time experience in IoT devices and systems are crucial for giving your business the most for your investments, improve Time To Market and lower your risk.
Funding Milestone 100k for prototyping tools and NRE.
100K for Marketing and sales.
200K for production NRE.
400k for 1st production planning.
% Equity Allocation 49% for 1million ringgit invested
Expected ROI 2 years ROI
Company Name SolvePro Smart Management
Business Address SP Kedah.
Contact Person Jacky Chong

3p optimization systems dmcc

Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description One of the key challenges in the industry is having real time visibility on the critical information on Toxic Gases and H2S . This are very hazardous elements that could cost lost of life and shut down of facilities , which can cost millions of dollars lost in revenue.
By implementing MOS (Metal Oxide System) Tracking System , we can manage the sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients also includes equipment calibration alerts . It has the ability to deliver MOS real time viewer with users can view information real time which will also provide equipment reliability , calibration alerts for preventative maintenance, and location changes from a single application . With our experience, expertise and commitment towards the industry we want to make the working environment more safe and efficient
Business Opportunity ADCO (Abu Dhabi Oil Company for Onshore ) has huge issue on the sensors for the toxic gases and H2S , as it has to be manually monitored and calibrated regular , as this is a very critical . If wrong reading it could cost human life and facilities shutdown . Which in turn could lead to Millions of revenue lost .
We were approached to make a study for the best solution . Based on the functional study by implementing real time monitoring and predictive analysis . We could reduce the cost by 70% and increase equipment utilization by 40%

Currently 80-90% H2S and Gas detection data are being collected manually . Proposed solution is to provided integrated and automated solution to have data access and calibration of equipment. The potential market for this is big and untapped .

This solution cuts across Upstream , Midstream and Downstream market as all the the process will have toxic gases and H2S sensors that requires constant monitoring .

Other Market
mining industry , Power Plants and Refineries which provides the same type of sensors which are manually monitored .

Revenue / Business Model Currently we are working on ADCO requirement which is 30,000 devices , there are only from 2 Fields . In Total ADCO has 8 fields .
We have funnel size of USD2Million for the first 6 months . This are only from Middle East , have not included SEA region .
Iran market we are looking at another USD1Million
We are working with TYCO with their device and packaging our software for ADCO project .
Locally we are in talks with Petronas and RAPID team , Also have been in discussion with partners in Indonesia and India on potential deployment on trial basis for the end users there.
Management Team CEO/BD – Worked with Top 10 , Fortune 500 companies . Experienced working across Middle East , Africa , Europe and Asia Pacific . Delivered Complex projects and solution – while in Shell and Halliburton . Increase solution sales for Roxar Middle East and Africa by 60% and Integrated Roxar into Emerson Flow group .
COO – Worked with SHELL on numerous senior management role across Africa , Middle East and Asia . Strong Procurement and Legal background .
Technologist – One of the few online intrusion and fraud security certified in the world .
Company Background 3P core business function is to enable oil and gas companies to optimize their production with proper set of tools, processes and experts in predictive technology . 3P, have also tied up with some of the leading production optimization companies in US and UK. As 3P being projected as one solutions company for production optimization, our core skill is in optimization , predictive analysis and IIOT implementation . As part of our production optimization offering , we have MOS core functions which could provide predictive analysis and calibration tracking, which can manage the calibration and sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients.
We started at Middle East and decided to relocate to Asia Pacific because we are group of Malaysian whom believe we can contribute to our local economy by leveraging our local talent and growing them globally
Funding Milestone Month 1 – Staffing and Development — RM450K – hiring core engineers and completing the development

Month 4 – Implementation and Deployment – RM350K – Getting the team to site to implement and deploy

Month 7 – Sales and Marketing – RM400K – increase funnel and growth from the existing funnel.

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI Within 3 yrs 50-60% return
Risks and Mitigation Key Challenges
New brand in the market
Customer confidence
Customers/end users are ready to use latest technology with lot of precautions, references, proofs etc.
Educate customers
Geographical challenges ,as most of the organization works in a clustered method

Excellent Products, Excellent Technology
Focused on the applications and products
Ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and adaptability
Excellent trial at the largest oil producer in UAE on different applications , different fields
Technical Experiences
Big players are cutting down staff as their over head is big . We are Lean and Agile

Exit Strategies 3 Year , investor can cash in at the market rate to the company .
Company Name 3p optimization systems dmcc
Business Address 708 , 1 Lake plaza , Cluster T , JLT , Dubai

Fidu, Virtual Assistant for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers.

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM60,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Fidu is a B2B procurement system for HORECA that automates the end to end sales process between buyers and suppliers. Fidu acts like a virtual assistant that handles procurement, logistic, payment and sales without any manual intervention. Fidu comes with an automated ecommerce marketplace, an automated inventory management system and integrated logistic and B2b payment solution. Fidu is a plug and play system that is able to be integrated with other POS (Point of Sale) Systems, inventory management systems and accounting systems.
Business Opportunity Buyers constantly look for good products at a competitive pricing and the process to source for reliable suppliers is a tedious and manual one. Fidu covers 3 components : sales of suppliers, procurement and inventory of buyers. Buyers come onto Fidu platform to search for suppliers and procure from them. They will procure in 3 clicks and enjoy payment, same-day delivery and analytics solution that comes with the platform. With the analytics, Fidu is able to forecast and recommend its users accordingly. Buyers are also able to understand their consumption and buying pattern and hence able to make decisions to improve their operations and revenue. We remove middle men between buyers and suppliers to keep the pricing competitive. There is a total of 190000 HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafes and caterers)players in Malaysia in 2015 and the total revenue of HORECA in ASEAN is RM500billion. Fidu targets cafes, restaurants, caterers and 3-star, boutique hotels. By 2020, Fidu will have 14,000 users across ASEAN. In Malaysia, Supply Bunny and Dropee are the B2B ecommerce marketplace that services restaurants and retail. In the international market, there is Zeemart (a procurement system) and Marketman ( Inventory Management System). Fidu covers the whole supply chain from inventory to marketplace to procurement with integrated logistics. Our big data analytics is the key to help our users in this traditional industry to improve their operations and revenue.
Revenue / Business Model There are 4 main revenue streams for Fidu. Buyers pay a monthly subscription fee of RM50 whereas it is free for suppliers. Buyers and suppliers are able to pay for additional features that they might need, ranging from RM1 – RM50. These features include additional user accounts, detailed analytics report, additional product listings and etc. There is a a convience fee charged on every transaction that takes place on the platform, bore by the buyer, ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%. Lastly, suppliers are able to pay for advertisement on our platform to boost their posts, increase visibility and showcase their promotions.
Management Team Sarguna as the CEO has 10 years of experience in manufacturing and 5 years of experience in hospitality. He is also the founding partner of Simply Cookies Sdn Bhd, a cookie manufacturing company and My Spices and Condiments Enterprise, a B2B sales agency in spices and condiments. Sue as the COO of the company has 10 years of experience in product development across IT and engineering industry and 5 years of experience in food and beverages industry. She is also the co-founder of Simply Cookies Sdn Bhd, a cookie manufacturing company and JM Nutrition Consultancy, a nutrition school for children. Chhua the CTO of the company has 15 years of experience in leading an IT department and 17 years of experience in technical software development from IT R&D to banking software and machine translation. Han the CRO of the company has 7 years of experience in Human Resources Consulting. He is also the founding partner of My Spices and Condiments Enterprise. We have 3 advisors who are playing active roles in the company and they are Haresh, Jofri and Dr. Vinay. Haresh has 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Jofri has 22 years of experience in Sales and Telco IT industry and Dr. Vinay has 27 years of experience in hospitality industry.
Company Background The company is incorporated as Fidu Technologies Bhd on 7th July 2017. So far we have raised RM60,000. Currently, we have a demo account. We have validated our solution with users who have signed up with us even without the platform ready. Currently, we have got 150 restaurants and hotels, 70 suppliers on board with us. The suppliers are filling up our product template listing form for us to create the marketplace with their products. Our buyers include mamak chains all the way to big groups of restaurants like TGI Fridays, Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai, Oriental. Our suppliers include CP, Safe Egg, Piau Kee, Long Seng with goods ranging from fresh produce to dried goods. We have Deans of hospitality school of universities like Taylor’s as our co-founders and active directors. We have struck up partnership with Zepto, Ipay88 and ARMS ( a top 10 local POS system).
Funding Milestone We are currently doing our pre-seed round to raise RM600k. RM200k will be used to develop web version 1, app prototype and integration with other softwares. RM50k will be used for office and IT equipment, RM120k will be used for grand launch in April and other branding and marketing exercise. RM250k will be used OPEX for 6 months. With this funding round, we will have 3950 users and a total of 12 features on the platform, targeting to bring in RM2 million of revenue by May 2019. Next round we will be doing Angel round to help us penetrate ASEAN and we will be raising Rm4.75million. The target will be to rake in RM9.5mil of revenue through 10550 users and 20 features on our platform by May 2020.
% Equity Allocation We are diluting 10% of equity for pre-seed round and 5% of equity for Angel round.
Expected ROI For investors who come in at pre-seed round, they are looking at 150 folds of return by year 2021.
Risks and Mitigation One of the risks faced by the business is the refusal of traditional business to adopt the solution. To mitigate this risk, we will be collaborating with associations and government bodies like Halal Hub, Matrade to run campaigns to educate them. Another risk is the heavy groundwork involved in verifying our users as we only accept verified users on our platform to ensure trust. This can be mitigated by creating SOP for verification. Once we have gone through a few rounds of verification, the SOP can be up and we will be able to streamline the verification process. The other risk is the various SOPs and processes among our users. As Fidu is a solution for our users, we have to learn and understand our users through data collection on our platform. With sufficient data, we will be able to cover all aspects of our users. Lastly, since we are a plug and play solution, it is time consuming to integrate with other software. This encourages us to create a nimble, flexible platform that can be integrated with any other software and by making a name for ourselves, other software will come knocking on our door to request for integration too.
Exit Strategies We are going to list on LEAP market in Malaysia by year 2020 and we are assisted by Arris Venture, a VC firm to shape the company towards that from today itself. Arris Venture is also looking to set up a VC fund to govern the investment that comes into Fidu. After LEAP market, we will be able to catapult to other boards in other regions.
Company Name Fidu Technologies Bhd
Business Address 7, Jalan Bayan 4, Puchong 47100 Selangor.
Contact Person Su Seau Yeen

Palm Leaf Processing Machines (Technology)

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 450 000 USD
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Dear Sir

I am Denis Kipson and I would like to introduce our company Kipac armature d.o.o. – that has been in production of special machines for the past 45 years.Our company has developed,patented and manufactured FORAGE MAKER – machine for separating the fibres from the soft part of the leaf oil and coconut palms.The leaves that been separate is good as new and cheap source of livestock feed and fibre can be used in other industry ( textile,brooms and etc.).

We wanted to use this opportunity to present our Business Plan (investing into new and innovative technology of machine for separating midribs from the soft part of the leafs oil,coconut and date palm and facility for producing animal palm compound silage).

On the 12th Malaysia Technology Expo 2013 our machine was awarded the gold medal for the invention.

We are working on this project last 6 years and we have made a detailed analysis potential of manufacturing machinery for separating midribs from palm leaf and producing facility for produce animal palm compound silage for all kind ruminant whose forage is the green mass, which is obtained from the leaves of oil, coconut and date palm for countries which have large amounts of palms.

Our new innovative way of producing animal palm silage allow intensive cultivation of all types of ruminants in countries that do not developed cattle breeding and have large amounts of palm leaf which don’t use. Leaves have used such wastes which are burned.

We are looking for a partner that can help us to start producing new machinery and facility for producing animal palm compound silage.

If you are interested in our project I can send you more details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any documents or information, that may help process.



Desinićka 14
10000 Zagreb

TEL: 00385 1 3691-971
FAX: 00385 1 3633-745

Business Opportunity Starting from the fact that in many countries huge quantity of palm leaves has been collected every year and since we have found that oil palm leaves and date palm leaves could be used for the production of voluminous forages needed for the ruminant feeding we have been developing technological and technical solutions in order to make the palm leaf compound silage production efficient, ecologically acceptable and profitable. In this respect we would like to emphasise that we have already produced a prototype of the oil palm leaf processing machine that may be used in the preparation phase of the compound silage production.

The objective of this Prefeasibility Study is to elaborate the alternative model of milk-and- meat production in countries that dispose with a large number of oil and date palm trees. Namely, in accordance with the expert research palm leaves could and should be the source for the green mass production. It is the base for the livestock feed production and the intensive cattle farming, accordingly. In order to utilise the palm leaf as an ingredient in the ruminant ratio a new technology proposed in this Prefeasibility Study should be applied. It is about the entirely new and innovative model of livestock breeding which could be implemented by the use of the innovative palm leaf processing machines, compound silage production facilities and the innovative compound silage recipe mixture.
The intention of this Prefeasibility Study is to show that the milk production can be organised in the corresponding countries by the usage of the green mass obtained from de- fibred palm leaves, particularly. The oil palm and date palm leaf could be a base for the livestock feed – the compound silage production enabling a considerable increase in the milk and meat production. The mission of this Study is to show that there are possibilities of the dairy development and an increase in the milk production using own national natural resources.

Revenue / Business Model There has been identified the three major market niches on the demand side of the market exchange. These market niches are:
1. Planters
2. Livestock Feed Producers
3. Farmers.

Planters are identified as the potential investors or those entrepreneurs who may be interested in solving their own problems, i.e. the huge annual quantity of palm fronds that has to be cut in accordance with the palm cultivation procedures. It is about palm leaves that have been treated as the waste with the real disposal problem they generate instead of treating them as the valuable national natural resource usable in the compound silage production.

What are the potential narrower market niches for the palm leaf processing machines and compound silage facilities to be supplied to? These are the following major ones:
• Oil and date palm planters who get the opportunity to enter the production of compound silage by proactively using of the present waste – palm fronds and leaves for this purpose;
• Livestock feed producers who could innovate their production by substituting the present standard silage mixtures with the innovative ones in which palm leaves make one of the important components;
• Farmers who may convert the extensive cattle farming into intensive ones that should change the development of animal husbandry in general generating the increase of production and decreasing the production costs at the same time.

Management Team Authors of the project:
Mr. Mladen Kipson , constructor Engineering
Mr. Mustafa Nušinović, Ph.D. Economics
Mr. Drago Vrbanac, M.Sc.- B.Sc. Crop Science; M.Sc.- B.Sc. Animal Science Mr.
Mirko Tomičević, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Company Background Company Kipac armature d.o.o. – that has been in production of special machines for the past 45 years has invest 450 000 USD in that project.
Funding Milestone 8,100 000,00 USD
% Equity Allocation 44,88 %
Contact Person DENIS KIPSON

Agrotech Product For Palm Oil Tree Pollination

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are currently in the process of marketing a new product for pollination of palm oil trees which is proven to increase the fruit yield by 29 to 147%.

Please contact me for the product research article.
Dr Faisal

Business Opportunity In 2012, the annual revenue received by Indonesia and Malaysia together, the top two producers of palm oil, was $40 billion.

Between 1962 and 1982 global exports of palm oil increased from around half a million to 2.4 million tonnes annually and in 2008 world production of palm oil and palm kernel oil amounted to 48 million tonnes. According to FAO forecasts by 2020 the global demand for palm oil will double, and triple by 2050.

One of the problem for palm oil plantations are low yield resulting from reduced number of weevil for pollination of palm oil trees. With less weevil, Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) from palm oil trees are reduced to 10 to 20 tonnes per hectares per year. Dr Zulkeflee Mohammad recently discovered a product that can help solve this problem. With reduced weevil number, Dr Zulkeflee thought that we could no longer depend on the weevil alone. So he created a product to help with the pollination of palm oil trees. His product was tested in a Felda plantation and the result showed an increase in FFB by 29%. The plantation already produce around 25 tonne FFB per hectare per year, but with his product, the plantation managed to produce more than 30 tonne FFB per hectare per year.

Revenue / Business Model We are in the process of marketing this product to Indonesia, and after our first talk with plantation owners, 250,000 hectares of plantation signed up to use the product. In Indonesia there are around 10,000,000 hectares of palm oil plantation all over the country. The first phase of application will cover around 15,000 hectares in July/August 2017.

The first marketing talk only covers plantations near Medan.
We believe after the first phase, the product will gain popularity quickly as the evidence for the product are available locally.
By the end of 2017, it is estimated around 100,000 hectares will use the product, and by end of 2018, the number will grow to around 1,000,000 hectares.

There are no known competitor as the product is a new category product.
We hold the patent to the product.

Management Team We are focusing on the manufacturing of the product for Indonesian market.
We currently have marketing team in Indonesia to introduce the product.
Company Background This company is newly formed.
We already have orders from customer in Indonesia, around RM 1Million+

Please contact me for the product research article.

Funding Milestone We are looking for RM 250,000.

With this investment, the investor will get a profit of RM 0.50 per bottle sold in Indonesia.
We now have 15,780 bottles ordered, and 250,000 more waiting.
If we cover 5% of total palm oil plantation in Indonesia, we are looking at 2 million bottles per year.
That would result in RM 1 Million per year in income for the investor.

% Equity Allocation 0
Expected ROI 100% in a year
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact Person Dr M Faisal

Smart Home & Building Control Technology

Project Cost: RM10 million

Amount Invested : RM2 million

Amount Required : RM8 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

real estate

Project Stage:


Company History:

Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer & experienced ELV Solution provider company in KL & Selangor

Product / Service Description:

Integrated Smart Home & IP Video Intercom System for condominium and building control for building and factories.

Business Opportunity:

We have developed a full spec smart home system which functionality wise is comparable with international big brand conglomerates. Apply to every condominiums. Targeted profit will be 2 million per condominium which has 300 lots.

Revenue Model:

Supply & install integrated smart home & video intercom system to condominiums.

Management Team:

Lead by MBA engineers, technical support by engineers and site works supported by experienced ELV contractor partners in Klang Valley.

Current Status:

The products, the system is ready. We need partner to market and sell it to real estate developers. So the best investor will be the property developers itself as smart home concept is trending. Example, Google and Microsoft is buying smart home companies. Because this will be the future, basic need of a home someday.

Funding Milestone:

Finalize the hardware packaging, specific app for ios and android, finalize the design of the current software. Marketing expanses.

Business Valuation:

8 millions for 20% stake. Investor can easily get back the investment with 4 condominium projects (300 lots).

Expected Return On Investment:

100% in 6 years.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Delay of project.

Exit Strategies:

Sell the technology to another developer who has condominium projects.


Patrick Au (
Company Name: VYROX International Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : No. 13, Jalan BPP 8/3
Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor, Malaysia
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43300
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-82136222
Website :

Intelligent Power Generator (Fuel free power generator)

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 875,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Link Tech Manufacture has a 10 year history of inventing the world’s truly first fuel free generator. The engineer who invented this technology was formerly employed by Japanese Robotics company and has a vast experience in power electronics. This generator is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and NO it is not one of the power banks! It is a generator that has charges in it that will last an entire year without recharging if not used. The product is well accepted as can be seen by the many enquiries. In 2014 this engineer had other investors investing the capital to help it grow to the current size. In 2016, in its first real year of operation, it had sales of more the RM 700K. There are so many queries as to becoming distributors globally that the company needs to set up the structure to support the growth of the company. Recently the company hired a CEO whose charter is to raise funds and set up a professional organization while expanding the markets and sales.
Business Opportunity With extremely limited funds , as all funds were used to develop the technology and for certifications etc, the company advertised via websites and via trade sites. With this alone there are now 6 countries in discussions to distribute the products, namely, India, Slovakia, Yemen, Bahrain(Iraq and Iran), Romania, Australia and Indonesia. The products are already available in Malaysia but in very small quantities sold to initial customers.
The real opportunity for the business is very huge provided there is reasonably good marketing and sales efforts. Currently there are only 2 senior employees, namely the CEO who has just joined the company effective Feb 1st 2017, and the original creator/inventor. Patent has been applied for and is pending. SIRIM certification is pending. IEC certification is pending.
Potential value of company can be in 100’s of Million Ringgit in next few years if aggressive marketing tools are applied.
Revenue / Business Model In 2016 the revenue was just above RM 700K. About 420 units have been sold. The gross margins on the product have been consciously kept at about 40% as the company has an introductory price to distributors. The company does not sell directly to end customers but via distribution.
Raw materials are mostly brought in from China. The Intellectual Property is built into the motherboard and controller with proprietary software and this is built by the company in Malaysia. It is possible to set up a manufacturing where there are volume sales in excess of 100k per year. (India, Indonesia, Europe are potentials)
Management Team The new CEO hired recently has vast >37 years in technology operations, marketing and sales. He has worked for US MNCs as senior VP level. He has lived in the USA, Germany, Brazil, Caribbean , India and China during his tenure as SR VP of his previous Electronics technology, US based company. He is himself an electronics engineer. His success has been impeccable.
The Engineering Director is a Singapore trained Power Electronics engineer and has a track record in power electronics and power engineering.
The investors in the company are 3 angels, with 2 of them being Electronics Companies professionals as GM and VP. Both being MNCs. While the 3rd is a businessman with history of experience in Uninterrupted Power Supply business.
Company Background The engineer had resigned from the Japanese company as power engineer to invent this technology. It started in 2006 and in 2011 had units in the field for testing. 6 units in burger stalls/ pasar malam stalls to prove the concept. It was in 2011 that newer and nicer units and the technology was finalized. It took him 3 more years to find friendly investors to take it to next level. In 2015 , a Matrade exhibition at PWTC helped attract distributors from Africa and the first sale was executed. For 300 units. Yemen, however went through civil wars and this customer has put next orders o hold.
Funding Milestone xxxxx
% Equity Allocation 8% negotiable
Expected ROI 12%
Risks and Mitigation This is a Malaysian technology. Malaysian technology is somehow not well known globally. The company has an uphill task of convincing customers of its goodness.
The technology itself is world class however. After sales service is practically zero as the product requires zero maintenance. But setting up this structure is required to convince customers.
Copying of the functions is possible but due to the strong motherboard and software techniques used, copying to similar quality can be tough. The engineering is continuously developing next generation technology such as to be ahead of the game.
Exit Strategies Many options possible:
1. Grow its as a greenfield and go public in 5 years
2. M&A with reputable tech company in US or Europe
3. White label the product by partnering with established International MNC
4. Simply hold as a private company and enjoy the money!!
Company Name Link Tech Manufacture Sdn Bhd
Business Address 91, Jalan S2/C3 Green Technology Park, 70300 Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person Mohana Krishnan

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