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TAA 3651 Media Partnership – VerifiedSocial✓™

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 50,000.00
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description™ utilizes deep embedding messaging tactic to push campaigns to targeted X, Y and Z generation of the world. Campaigns will be altered as such the subliminal message thru auditory or visual to the limits of human perception.™ understands traditional advertising has a major problem in viewability. Consumers are less forgiving to displayed and audible advertising (non-relevant triggers). The community tend to psychologically filter out non-relevant information which results in loss of intended campaign communication. The uniqueness of subliminal perception, occurs whenever stimuli presented is below the threshold or limen for awareness are found to influence thoughts, feelings, or actions. Traditional advertising tend to blast non-relevant triggers that has resulted in technologies like “ad-blocking”. We are here to break the traditional advertisement eco-system.

Ultimately, we will spearhead communications in an effective manner for government programs or corporate companies that will receive a greater reaction and loyalty from the general public of Malaysia. Using deep embedded technologies, we will be able to initiate concrete recall on psychological effect from the large population on periods of importance like during the period prior of an election (we will need investment to acquire technology to assist in rapid data mining on incoming traffics from known sources like facebook, twitter, etc). This services may be acquired by the government or the highest bidder within the private sector.

Business Opportunity Currently, we would acquire potential stories through feeds and news creation and match advertising that is only relevant with the stories that is uploaded within the world wide web. We would also acquire social media leaders followers to create a trend that will trigger mass acquisition on product or program. Data mining visitors interests and peaks on what is the next big trend. Probe markets, on what is relevant next.

Market we aim to acquire in phase 1 of business operation by year end 2018.
Digital Advertising Market – Malaysia – RM 1,397,292,143.22 (2016/2017)
VerifiedSocial✓TM taps realistic market of 0.2 % – RM 27,945,842.86

Digital Payments Market – Malaysia – RM 3,648,317,843.80 (2016/2017)
VerifiedSocial✓TM taps realistic market of 0.2 % – RM 72,996,356.87

Facebook Users in Malaysia 10.9 Million Users
Instagram Users in Malaysia 4.9 Million Users
Twitter Users in Malaysia 2.1 Million Users
Whatsapp Users in Malaysia 24.7 Million Users
Wechat Users in Malaysia 7.02 Million Users (statistics provided by STATISTA)

Revenue / Business Model Membership Subscription to VerifiedSocial✓™ Lifestyle Platform Customer Front :
32.26 Million Population in Malaysia
17.8 Million Population uses smartphone (statistics provided by STATISTA)
RM 2/month (based on market above): RM 35,600,000 / Realistic market tap at rate of 0.8 % burn rate per month : RM 248,800Sponsored Campaigns :
RM 0.40 for each click or eyeball on planned campaigned by client

In-Platform Credit For Purchase :
RM 1.99 credit purchase – Purchase for followers, recognition and spotlight campaign to all users on platform or
RM 5.99 credit purchase – Purchase ELITE Experience Within Their Day to Day operation or
RM 8.99 credit purchase – Purchasing for direct access to enhance their posting within VerifiedSocial✓™

Management Team The management team for VerifiedSocial✓™ both came from companies that deals with digital currencies like PayPal and the Royal Bank of Canada. They harnessed the understanding on how to streamline work processes within their digital respective. We will be the leaders in digital acquisition in future advertising/communication campaigns. Capital would be apart of a vision that will mobilize psychological and emotional triggers that will entice the Malaysian populace to be a part of a movement that goes in the interest of governments, transnational companies and local SMEs through web applications and mobile application alike. Each team member brings deep knowledge, expertise and understanding to the table needed to create a product that is relevant for the X, Y and Z generation of any community. We are driven by a common passion for wanting real-time information assisting us in our day to day decisions. We believe VerifiedSocial✓™’s relevant capabilities lies in our passion to provide a socially advanced technology that may support you in your own way of life. VerifiedSocial✓™ wants to be there to provide helpful information, during mysteriously awkward moments
Company Background When was the last time you received a piece of information on your social media that you can with out a doubt accept it and state that the information you received has not been watered down or spiced up ? This is why we created VerifiedSocial✓™. VerifiedSocial✓™ was incorporated on 23 Jun 2016, RM 50,000 was invested in acquiring a foot hold on digital economy loophole within the government infrastructure and the rapid development of front end of VerifiedSocial✓™ web application. We have had
Funding Milestone Funding Required : RM 2,500,000.00
Usage :
1. Talent Hiring
Front End Developer / Full Stack Capability
Back End Developer Focused
Business to Business Marketing Officers
2. Legal Support
Trademark Acquisition
Increase Brand Protection Advisory
3. Accountancy expertise on growing financial health of the company
% Equity Allocation 18.5 %
Expected ROI 10.5% / 2 Years
Risks and Mitigation Years : 2
Rate of return : 10.5%
Initial investment : RM 2,500,000.00
Inflation rate : 3%
Tax rate : 24%Yr A.Int Taxes Net Return Total
0 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 RM 2,500,000.00
1 $0.00 $61,165.05 $120,873.79 RM 2,620,873.79
2 $0.00 $64,122.35 $126,717.98 RM 2,747,591.76

Your original investment of $2,500,000.00 will be worth $2,747,591.76 after 2 years. This assumes an annual rate of return of 10.5%. All values are shown after inflation is taken into account.

Exit Strategies Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Merger/Acquisition by year end 2019
Company Name TAA 3651 Media Partnership – VerifiedSocial✓™
Business Address 9, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Mukhri

Waste to energy in Melaka

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested Not Disclosed
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Details:
(a) Involves Mining the landfill to recover combustible portion to be used to produce power,
thru a Biomass Solid Waste Power Plant of 15 MW, which will be sold to TNB under REPPA
for 16 years, and also to recover recyclables which will be sold to recyclers.
(b) Also building a Solar PV Power Plant of 20 MW, which will be sold to TNB, under REPPA for
21 years.
(c) Finally, after the land is cleared, it will be used for Property Development.
Business Opportunity Turning Landfill into energy which would be sold to TNB and also land will be cleared so that it can be used for development.
Revenue / Business Model We have been awarded with a Contract by the State to manage the landfill.
Management Team You can visit
Company Background You can visit our website
Funding Milestone Not Disclosed
% Equity Allocation 1% for MYR 75K. Open to negotiation and percentage of equity is for nego.
Exit Strategies Public listing by 2020.
Company Name Mogh Bioenergy Sdn Bhd
Business Address Cheras and Melaka
Contact Person Gobikrishnan

Biomass pellets manufacturing plant in Johor seeking RM22 mil to expand production capacity.

Executive Summary:

1) This project is a design and built for 2 production lines of Biomass Pellet Mills.
2) Total production capacity is 20 TPH or 10,000 TPM or 120,000 TPY.
3) Raw materials are wood and palm oil waste.
4) Total investment is RM 22 million including factory.
5) Total annual revenue is estimated RM 40 Millions to 60 million.
6) The ROI is estimated 2.2 years (including 9 months factory set up).

Project Status:

1) This project has been obtained GTFS certificate from Malaysia Green Technology Corporation by KETTHA.
2) This project is categorised pioneer status by MIDA.
3) Factory location has been identified.
4) Machinery Suppliers have been identified
5) Raw Material Suppliers have been identified

Company Background

xxx Sdn Bhd is founded in 2011. Company is located in the biggest palm and wood industry state, Johor. xxx initially has set up its pilot plant in Pontian, Johor. After 2 years of research and development on pelletisation technology, xxx has successfully completed and predominated the entire process, started from the collection of wood and palm waste, screening, drying, grinding, and packaging. Finally, xxx is capable to produce wood pellets and palm pellets.

Next, xxx is currently planning to expand its production capacity to 20 tons per hour or ten thousand tons per month. The project has been recognised by Energy, Green Technology and Water Department (KETTHA) Malaysia and obtained Green Project Certificate under Green Technology Finance Scheme (GTFS) issued by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation. With this project commenced, xxx will be able to reduce significantly the agricutural waste, to provide long-term supply of biofuel energy fulfilling the industrial needs,
creating value for its customers as energy-saving solutions provider, while creating a clean, low-carbon environment. Subsequently, xxx will become the leading biomass pellet fuel provider in Malaysia .

International Demand :

1) Asia – China
• September 12, 2013 the State Council has issued the “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” and clearly stated to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, improve the proportion of clean energy and control the total coal consumption.
• Target : Reduce the proportion of coal consumption to total energy to 65% or less.
• The industrial heating is the main energy market, there are currently more than 50 million units of small coal-fired boilers (>20 tons) and the annual coal consumption is 270 million tons. The 30% of consumption is accounted for an estimated 80 million ton solid fuel.

2) Asia – Korea

• South Korea has adopt Renewable Portfolio Standard, RPS. 14 public and private electric utilities company MUST, at the time in 2015, using a 4% share of renewable energy sources, and then gradually increase to 10% in 2022
• In addition, South Korea will allow to import palm oil biomass due to limited wood pellet sources in September.
• The total consumption in 2022 is estimated 19 million tons as below.

3) Asia – Japan

• Since the nuclear accident occurred at Fukuda, Japan has been actively developing renewable energy projects.
• In July 2012, Japan has began the energy buyback program – Feed in Tariff (FIT), to subsidise and develop various renewable energy.
• For electricity generated by biomass, the FIT price is set from 13.65 to 40.95 yen / kWh for a 20-year contract,
• The main market is industrial heating.
• Japan’s current demand of biomass is one million tons and its demand is estimated will reach three million ton in 2015.

4) Europe

The European Union member agreed to a 20% binding target for renewable energy (including 10% from biomass) by 2020 as well as a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in March 2007. The potential pellet quantities required from 10 million p.a. (2010) to 90 million p.a. (2020)


• Malaysia adopted the “Five-Fuel-Policy” with Renewable Energy as the 5th Fuel for Power generation in 2000.
• Small Renewable Energy Power (SREP) Programme was started in 2001 covered Biomass, Biogas, Landfill Waste, Mini-Hydro.
• National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan (2009)
• Renewable Energy Act (2011) & Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act SEDA (2011)
• Feed in Tariff (FiT) Programme – To encourage building of power plant including Biomass Power Plant Malaysia Energy Policy – 5th fuel Policy

Local Demand:

• The total power generation by Biomass 2015
= Commissioned plant + Plant in progress
= 43.4 + 91.0
= 134.4 MW
Hence, all plants require >500,000 ton wood Pellet annually > 40,000 ton wood Pellet per month.
Assume RM300/ton, Potential Business Value >RM 150,000,000 OR 150 mill annually >RM 12,500,000 OR 12.5 mill per month Not Including factories which needs heating for steam and hot water! E.g. Glove Manufacturer, Chemical Plants, and etc !

Advantage of proposed location:

1) Very close to raw materials sources。
2) Located center of southern johor.
3) Raw material supplies are within 50 km.
4) Palm oil waste is estimated 20,000 ton per month
5) Wood waste is estimated 3,000 ton per month
6) Located center of 2 sea ports.

Custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software

The only company that offers clients a custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software along with manpower at no cost.


Problems worth solving

  • Inequality with vendor selection
  • Certain Vendors monopolize the market
  • Corruption in procurement departments
  • Ineffective procurement systems
  • No right software fit for organizations
  • Outsourced procurement services and software are expensive

Our solutions

  • We build custom made cloud based purchasing
  • Portals have open vendor listing and transparent price competition.
  • Since it is open, corruption or monopoly becomes limited.
  • Odd purchasing decisions can be detected and reported.
  • We have tools such e-bid to create real savings.
  • We offer manpower to handle clients purchasing
  • We do all of the above at no cost so we create administrative and software savings as soon as we start.


  • We do not charge buyers
  • They see value in our no charge service and sign on with us
  • We build their custom platform
  • We register their pre-existing vendors and we source for new vendors
  • They start purchasing through our portals
  • We charge the vendors 3% out of every transaction
  • All payments are upfront

Funding needed: RM2 million

Will primarily be used for customized website building, manpower, marketing and branding efforts.


We currently have the following in the pipeline :

  • RM 490 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a large local GLC. Final stages of negotiation on the LOI. (Operations start in May 2017)
  • RM 30 million annual procurement via our platform deal with an oil and gas firm. Negotiating LOI terms now. ( Operations start in February 2017)
  • RM 230 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a Malaysian based MNC. Have a meeting scheduled to finalize terms and operational concerns. (Operations expected to start in April 2017)
  • RM 60 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a Malaysian based Public listed company. Negotiating operational terms now. (Expected to start in February 2017)
  • RM 70 million annual procurement via our platform deal with an Oil & Gas firm. Have agreed to start using us and negotiating LOI now. ( Expected to start in March 2017)

Although some of the above are already in the final stages of negotiations, projected revenues are based on the transition needed for these companies to completely start purchasing everything via our platforms.

Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd. ePayment

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM300,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000


One the greatest challenges for the Nation in achieving full fledged e-Payment agenda is the strong resistances from SME’s which are customary tend to continue using manual cheque mainly due to internal documentation and multiple signatory requirement.

The introduction of Echeq will be a game changer which will able to blend and fulfill the requirements of SME’s of customary practices and the need to forge ahead with nation’s e-Payment agenda. Echeq will by far the leading FinTech solution providing fully electronic cheque issuance and depository system as compared to even the best practices already in place at advanced nations such as U.S. and U.K. which only removes the usage of Cheque Depositing Machine (CDM) in this regard. The other components that we will be addressing the problem statement are as follows;

a) Echeq allows SME’s to print their own cheque just like how large corporation print their own cheque, the additional features in Echeq is, it will print on blank paper at their premises by login to current SME Internet Banking portal, once required signatory sign the cheque it will be deposited via smart phone and the cheque will be processed in “real time”. This will be the most efficient and lowest in cost of cheque processing.

b) Echeq will cater for Inter Bank Cheque, House Cheque, Inter-Branch Cheque and Cash Cheque. Once cheque is deposited, it will process and stored digitally. This will completely eliminate storage and logistic cost that normally accrued for manual cheque processing.

c) Echeq will be deployed and processed by using current Infrastructure such as; SME Internet Banking platform, dedicated secure network between Central Cheque Clearing House and Banks and smart phone with downloadable “Echeq” Apps will be used for depositing cheque.

d) By using the current Infrastructure, Echeq implementation cost will be at minimal, deployment risk will be keep to the lowest and Return of Investment (ROI) potentially can be achieved in less than 3 years.

e) In terms of security, Echeq is the most secured form of cheque transaction with extremely low Risk, because the solution is hosted behind the current SME Internet Banking eco-system.

f) As for the forgery and fraud, the cheque information will be captured in the banking system at source when the cheque is being issued and its details verified when the cheque is presented for payment by the cheque beneficiary making it extremely safe and secure.

Business Opportunity Central Cheque Clearing House – is the one of target customer which mainly processes Inter Bank Cheque. The salient Echeq features is, it will also process House Cheque, Inter-Branch Cheque and Cash Cheque which in turn will generate higher revenue. Cheque processing will be completely automated, streamline the day to day operation and operate in high efficiency.

Banks – able to save a minimum of $2 on every cheque processed via Echeq and cost saving in manual cheque storage, transportation, Man-Hour cost in Manual Cheque Handling and efficiency has not been factor in.

SME’s – According to NCR white paper, SME’s able to save USD 10 for every cheque deposit via mobile phone alone. Their savings are driven from a trip to & from Bank to deposit cheque, labour, improved cash flow, increased productivity and efficiency. Whereas Echeq provides end-to-end cheque processing solution and cost benefit analysts to process a cheque in “Real Time” is unquantifiable.

Revenue / Business Model xxxxx
Management Team xxxxx
Company Background xxxxx
Funding Milestone 500,000.00
Company Operational use and application development.
% Equity Allocation RM500,000.00 for 10% of Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Expected ROI 1-2 Years period
Risks and Mitigation Currently we are exploring partnership with International solution provider to minimize risk.
Exit Strategies We intent to raise 2nd round funding in 1-2 year period and this could be 1st level exit strategy and we intent to list the company in 5year time and that could be 2 level exit startegy.
Company Name Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Suite 109A, Block A4 Leisure Commerce Square, N0.9 PJS 8/9 Petaling Jaya
Contact Person Rajasuriya

Underwater Drone prototype development

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM300,000 ++
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description We are currently at 70% of R&D stage and seeking for external fund to fund our prototype making, testing and manufacturing.
Business Opportunity Across Malaysia, we are being surrounding with ocean and we have a lot of businesses going on with it. For Q1 of 2016 report by BMI Research; 85 oil field are active. Further more, we have more than 20 international ports, more universities are offering marine subject and so the scientific research related to marine, our diving industries are growing even faster, underwater footage is very demanding and RC hobbyist are currently showing the trend of pioneering new things. By these data, Our market research has shown that low cost ROV are highly demanding. Currently, ROV is only for big industry’s related company. The cheapest ROV is around 50,000USD and yet the owner still has to hire ROV’s Pilot. 9 out of 10 marine industry’s player do not have the capacity to afford this almost compulsory tool. They would prefer rental and the cost is still expensive. What we are offering is an affordable user friendly ROV for everybody.
Revenue / Business Model Based on the size of market and defined market area, sales projections for the first year are RM3,700,000.00. We project a growth rate of 20% per year for the first three years. On start up, we will have six trained staff to provide ROV services and expect to hire four more this year once financing is secured. To begin with, co-owner Pupa digital studio will be scheduling appointments and coordinating services, but we plan to hire a full-time marketing group this year as well. Already, we have served 40 potential clients and we plan to aggressively build our client base through internet, newspaper, local television and direct mail advertising. The enthusiast on-site professional underwater technologist is sure to appeal to the target market throughout the Malaysia (before we go international).
Management Team PUPA DIGITAL STUDIO have been in diving industry for almost 16 years. Headquartered in Cheras, Selangor. The company is owned by partners of MOHD NAHAR BIN MOHAMAD and SHAHRIZAN SALLEH. NAHA has extensive experience in diving industry (technical and recreational) and been there since 2000 while SHAHRIZZ (Honda’s top salesman award 2015) has worked in sales and marketing for 15 years and counting.

Even though PUPA DIGITAL STUDIO are production and broadcasting related company, we are proactive at finding new opportunity to expand our business venture. For years we have been shooting underwater and this new product finding are 200% related to us and our company’s mission and vision.

The management of PUPA DIGITAL STUDIO consists of co-owners NAHA and SHAHRIZZ. Both partners will be taking hands-on management roles in the company. Beside that, we are being supporting by our recently appointed staffs for research and development program of “Ayer Satu”. Siti Noor Amani Mohamad, a master’s degree holder in Science Mathematics from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu is our coding and formulation engineer. Siti Mardhiah Mohamadon, a bachelor in Aircraft Engineering Technology (HONS) is our software engineer. Nor Athira Azli, a diploma holder in Architecture is our CAD designer.

Together, we were working very hard to achieved our first milestone of the R&D.

Company Background PUPA DIGITAL STUDIO has started business since 2008 but registered as company on 2014. Working originally as freelancer, we decided to form a company to move further. Our nature of business are videography, photography, editing, outdoor event, consultation and assisting marine research. Even though we are most likely film production company, but we are always been optimise about opportunity and development. This propose project we see as our next venture. We have invested to this project R&D for about RM300,000.00 ++ and its 70% done.
Funding Milestone SEPT-OCTOBER: Chassis fabrication, special part ordering, assembling process. (RM600,000)
NOVEMBER: Prototype’s lab testing before prototype meet the real environment.
DECEMBER: Heading to real ocean. Testing the prototype to the limit and fine tuning. Final step is to send for manufacturing and certification.
JANUARY: Product launching. Event, Internet, TV, Newspaper. PRE-ORDER
FEBRUARY: Sales And Marketing.
MARCH-APRIL: Product in the market.
% Equity Allocation to be advise
Expected ROI 7%
Risks and Mitigation Big company with fund might copy this and do better promotion. That’s why we seek larger fund to make sure we are able to play this game.
Exit Strategies to be advise
Company Name Pupa Digital Studio
Business Address NO 12A Lrg CP4/38, Tmn Cheras Perdana, 43200 Cheras, Selangor,
Contact Person mohd nahar mohamad

Proprietary modular service platform

Transaction Value :  US$1.0 to 3.5 million

The company specializes in the rapid development and deployment of mobile enterprise solutions and field force automation platforms.

Currently seeking strategic equity investors.

Company overview

Since its inception in 2010, continuous investments on field force automation platforms facilitated the Company to cement its position in the domestic mobility solutions market.

The Company’s technology solution leverages enterprise grade Microsoft (MS) software platform at the backend and Operating System (“OS”) agnostic mobile platform at the device end.

The Company provides solutions to large local conglomerates operating in various industries including pharmaceutical, banking and finance, retail, FMCG and telecommunication.

The Company opened its first international office in Malaysia in August 2015, as part of its international growth and expansion plans. Towards the later part of the year, the Company opened a second office in Singapore, to function as a representative office aimed at managing regional partners.

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