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Smart Home & Building Control Technology

Project Cost: RM10 million Amount Invested : RM2 million Amount Required : RM8 million Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy sale & marketing internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor as consultant Industry: real estate consulting engineering Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer & experienced ELV Solution provider company in KL & Selangor Product / Service Description: Integrated Smart Home & IP Video Intercom System for condominium and building control for building and factories. Business ...

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Intelligent Power Generator (Fuel free power generator)

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Amount Invested RM 875,000 Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Description Link Tech Manufacture has a 10 year history of inventing the world’s truly first fuel free generator. The engineer who invented this technology was formerly employed by Japanese Robotics company and has a vast experience in power electronics. This generator is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and NO it is not one of the power banks! It is a generator that has charges ...

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TAA 3651 Media Partnership – VerifiedSocial✓™

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested 50,000.00 Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Description™ utilizes deep embedding messaging tactic to push campaigns to targeted X, Y and Z generation of the world. Campaigns will be altered as such the subliminal message thru auditory or visual to the limits of human perception.™ understands traditional advertising has a major problem in viewability. Consumers are less forgiving to displayed and audible advertising (non-relevant triggers). The community tend to psychologically filter out ...

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Waste to energy in Melaka

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested Not Disclosed Funding Required RM300,000 or less Description Details: (a) Involves Mining the landfill to recover combustible portion to be used to produce power, thru a Biomass Solid Waste Power Plant of 15 MW, which will be sold to TNB under REPPA for 16 years, and also to recover recyclables which will be sold to recyclers. (b) Also building a Solar PV Power Plant of 20 MW, which will be sold to TNB, under REPPA ...

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Biomass pellets manufacturing plant in Johor seeking RM22 mil to expand production capacity.

Executive Summary: 1) This project is a design and built for 2 production lines of Biomass Pellet Mills. 2) Total production capacity is 20 TPH or 10,000 TPM or 120,000 TPY. 3) Raw materials are wood and palm oil waste. 4) Total investment is RM 22 million including factory. 5) Total annual revenue is estimated RM 40 Millions to 60 million. 6) The ROI is estimated 2.2 years (including 9 months factory set up). Project Status: 1) This project has ...

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Custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software

The only company that offers clients a custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software along with manpower at no cost. WE NEED RM 2 MILLION FOR 25% OF THE COMPANY Problems worth solving Inequality with vendor selection Certain Vendors monopolize the market Corruption in procurement departments Ineffective procurement systems No right software fit for organizations Outsourced procurement services and software are expensive Our solutions We build custom made cloud based purchasing Portals have open vendor listing and transparent price ...

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Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd. ePayment

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Amount Invested RM300,000.00 Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000 Description   One the greatest challenges for the Nation in achieving full fledged e-Payment agenda is the strong resistances from SME’s which are customary tend to continue using manual cheque mainly due to internal documentation and multiple signatory requirement. The introduction of Echeq will be a game changer which will able to blend and fulfill the requirements of SME’s of customary practices and the need to ...

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