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Proprietary modular service platform

Transaction Value :  US$1.0 to 3.5 million

The company specializes in the rapid development and deployment of mobile enterprise solutions and field force automation platforms.

Currently seeking strategic equity investors.

Company overview

Since its inception in 2010, continuous investments on field force automation platforms facilitated the Company to cement its position in the domestic mobility solutions market.

The Company’s technology solution leverages enterprise grade Microsoft (MS) software platform at the backend and Operating System (“OS”) agnostic mobile platform at the device end.

The Company provides solutions to large local conglomerates operating in various industries including pharmaceutical, banking and finance, retail, FMCG and telecommunication.

The Company opened its first international office in Malaysia in August 2015, as part of its international growth and expansion plans. Towards the later part of the year, the Company opened a second office in Singapore, to function as a representative office aimed at managing regional partners.

Food Tech industry looking for seed funds

Project Title Amazing opportunity in the food tech industry-Looking for seed funds to scale in Kuala Lumpur
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 16,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description SmartBite wants to offer the best food experience to working professionals.
Food tech is not solving many problems in the industry both regarding the customer side and the sustainability of the the business itself.SmartBite operates in the industry adopting a different business model that can
1) Give to customers a greater experience (working professionals for lunch)
2) Provide to restaurants more sales without being to heavy on their daily business (off peak hours) and DATA, useful for them what their customers want.
3) Building stronger unit economics not squeezing restaurants or charging unreasonable amount to the final customers. Instead we reduce logistic costs per order keeping an great customer experience.
Business Opportunity As mentioned before the food tech market is incredibly huge but with no focus on how to handle different problems it will be difficult to scale in this market.

Our maximum potential in Kuala Lumpur is 1.2 Million working professional that ordering once a week it me.ans 240,000 orders a day for an average basket size of RM 17 means RM 4.1 a day. We want to solve problems for working professionals and give them the best food experience (lunch).

They don’t order because the order process is tedious and long, there is a minimum order and delivery fees just make people drop off. If they order they might order again, why? Because the food arrives late (working professionals have limited time) and because the food arrives from too far away, for example centralized kitchen.

SmartBite wants to solve these problems. We started 3 months ago in the toughest area of the city KLCC where working professionals have more than +300 restaurants to choose from, even there we validated many of our assumption showing growth in traction, repetitive buyers and subscribers. Now SmartBite is active in 6 Office towers in KLCC with almost 2000 orders in less than 3 months.

Bio Compressed Technology

Project Title Bio Compressed Technology the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested More than RM1 mil.
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description Bio Compressed Technology is believed to be the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology especially in Oil Palm industry right now comparatively over the conventional method which is no longer relevant due to the up to 70% losses of nutrient without our realization during the natural environmental process takes place which gives a big losses to the country and does not give any benefit to the small holders and farmers in the rural areas.

With Bio Compressed Technology it will help the owner of the estates to save up to 50% of their production cost per annum, to increase miminum of 30% of yield after 6 months application, optimum up take of a complete nutrients (macro & micro) with zero losses over the natural environmental process (details explaination in due course).

Business Opportunity Very big business opportunity is widely open zero market has been tapped and would cater all the small holders via our National Subsidy Programme and Cooperatives market which are not known to this method yet.
Revenue / Business Model Based on my simple arithmetic calculation over the ready made market by the government and 1,320 cooperatives involved in the oil palm plantation in the country would easily gives a RM20 million revolving turn over per month.
(Details to be explained in due course)
Management Team Will be tabled out during the meeting or presentation talk.
Company Background Personally I am the founder for this method which has involved more than 10 years in the R&D and in the trade..To
Funding Milestone Long term basis as this is a never sunset business..
% Equity Allocation To be discussed during the meeting or presentation.
Expected ROI To be presented during the meeting..
Risks and Mitigation Minimum risk with high return.. Details to be explained in due course.
Exit Strategies To be discussed.

Onontrip – A Travel Itinerary Generating Website with Artificial Intelligence

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 100,000.00
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Onontrip is a self-planning itinerary website, which will generate an itinerary automatically based on users interest and budget. The websites could help travellers to save time during trip planning and also avoid tonnes of time spent on researching on the point of interests of a particular destinations. Onontrip gives the best suggestions using our own-invented algorithm, which calculates the best attractions to visit, the amount of time to spend on each location, the best time to visit an attraction, budget to visit an attraction, best route to travel around, best transportation method to use, and also the best accommodation options. Onontrip also allows users to customize their trip using an easy approach user interface. In overall, we understand travellers need, and trip planning will never be easier than Onontrip.
Business Opportunity 1. Travelers nowadays often faced dilemma in choosing to go with a tour package or travel independently. ANS: We provide comparison of budget, places to visit, time spent etc. to a tour package vs a self-planned free and easy travel.2. People nowadays love to go with free & easy independent travel with evidence showing that more than 60% of travellers are travelling on their own. At such, travel itinerary planning becomes very vital before going on a trip. However, itinerary planning is very tedious and time consuming.
ANS: Our website will generate an itinerary automatically based on users’ interest while also allow users to customize their itinerary easily.3. Based on UNWTO data, year 2015 has recorded a total of 1.2billions tourist arrival internationally and recorded a total spending of over 1.3 trillion USD. It has grown 4% compared to year 2014. We target to focus on the 1% of tourist which are reluctant to plan an itinerary but keen to travel on their own.

4. More than 80% of the travellers are booking their hotels, flights tickets or even car renting through booking websites rather than travel agencies. Online booking websites for travel industry has now become a formidable force.

Revenue / Business Model Our source of revenue will be mainly relying on affiliate programs offered by various booking website. The website will recommend best deals for hotels and flights which suits the planned itinerary for travellers to choose from. This will encourage our users to book their flight tickets and hotel via our website.1. Hotels Affiliate Partnership with /
These affiliate partners offers a commission sharing up to 60% for each hotel booking made.
Commission paid by hotels retailers to these website normally ranging from 10% to 30%. At such the commission received on our side will be ranging from 6% to 18% of the accommodation price.2. Airlines Affiliate Programs with /
Commission up to 60% on each flight tickets booked.
Airlines normally shares a 10% commission to these booking website where our commission will be 6% of total flight ticket price.

3. Tour packages with local travel agencies or
Travel agencies or travel agent websites offers 5% of total package price as commission to their partners.

4. Car Rental Websites
Car Renting websites commission ranges from 25% to 35% of their total profit made from car, GPS and other tools rental.

5. Telco services
It is always convenient to have internet access while travelling. We will provide various source of telco services and offer to users. Users can collect their sim card with the mobile services they have purchased in airport counter.

6. Advertising Fees
We offers wide range of passive advertising for restaurant or attraction business owners. Those advertised restaurants or attractions will be featured to our top recommend list while planning a trip.

Just an insight, for example a couple planning to travel internationally for 4 days and 3 nights, the revenue breakdown will be as such:
Hotels: RM200 per night x 3 nights x 18% = RM108 (commission earned)
Flights: RM800 per person x 2 person x 6% = RM96 (commission earned)
Local Tours or Ticketing: RM300 per person x 2 person x 5% = RM30 (commission earned)

Assuming a minimum spending from travellers, the revenue our of this couple will be RM234 or RM 117 per traveller.

Assuming 60% of travellers are independent travellers, each year we will have:
1.2 billions x 60% = 720 millions independent travellers.

Assuming we target 1% of these independent travellers.
720 millions x 1% = 7.2 millions travellers market size.

Assuming 1% of our target audience made their booking through us.
7.2 million x 1% = 72,000 bookings made each year.

Based on our preliminary calculation, each travellers booking will generate RM117 revenue,
72,000 x RM 117 = RM 8.424 million revenue each year.

*All calculations showed are based on realistic assumptions where the website is in fully completed stage internationally.

Management Team Currently our team is formed by 2 website developers and our design team partner.
However, our proper management team should our company get funded shall consist of:1. Website developer team consist of 3 software engineers
2. Database management team consist of 2 experienced travel professionals.
3. Customers Relation and Feedback team
4. Website technical analyst team
5. Finance and Accounting team
6. Marketing and Advertising team
7. User Interface Designing team
Company Background Our company – On On World Network is formed and registered in August 2015. Up to date we have received total of RM100k funding. The company now owns 2 website domains – and and a rented server based in US. Our website is fully functional but nonetheless we are still optimising it. We are currently working on our user interface design. We target to launch our beta version in mid year of 2016.
Our first target shall be on tourist interested in travelling to Malaysia, and will subsequently expand our services to target attractions in South-East Asia, Asia, Europe, North America, and lastly South America.
Funding Milestone 1st quarter – RM 300k
To boost attraction databases to 10,000 locations in South East Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc.
For advertising and boost monthly unique visitor count to 10k users per month.
To further enhanced algorithm to predict tourist interest based on their country of origin and characteristic.2nd quarter – RM 300k
To enhance customer relation and feedback system.
To boost attraction database to 30,000 locations and expand to Asia region including Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc.
For advertising and boost monthly unique visitor count to 30k users per month.
To start developing mobile application.3rd quarter – RM 200k
To boost attraction database to 50,000 locations and expand to high tourist visit count countries such as Australia, London, Paris, Rome etc.
Boost monthly unique visitor count to 50k users per month.
Enhance attraction spots photograph.
Introduce point award system for bookings rebate.

4th quarter – RM 200k
Boost attraction database to 80,000 locations.
Boost monthly unique visitor count to 80k users per month.

% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation Startups company in US and India has started to develop similar websites, and may be a huge competitor to us. However, our understanding in the needs of trip planning could help us stand out from the competition. We find that all the trip planning websites currently have overseen some very important factors.There may be some misleading information shown on our website where we may costs the confidence level of our users.
We have planned a corrective feedback system which would allow users to notify us the error easily and help us to rectify the problems as soon as possible.There is a risk where our website developers will steal our script and ideas.
We do sign several agreements with our staffs including Non-disclosure agreement, Non-competition agreement, and Work for Hire Agreement to prevent leaked of information and company’s intellectual property.
Exit Strategies Buying back shares by the company at desired value by the investors in 3 years.
Company Name On On World Network
Business Address 57 Jalan BU 6/13, Bandar Utama Damansara
Contact Person Lee Yan Sheng

Xhai Studios (Mobile video games)

Project Cost: RM180,000RM

Amount Invested : RM60,000

Amount Required : RM120,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

Xhai Studios is Games, Application and Web development team, consisting of developers from various cultural and national backgrounds, each bringing their own unique composition into project idea binding and development. Our team consist of young, passionate and talented personas, who besides being producers, are also addicts of modern mobile application and gaming industry in whole, which gives us a very good edge in bringing personal experience into app and games development. Xhai Studios Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based smartphone games and application developer company, consisting of a team of five programmers who finished top of their class from Malaysia’s premiere Information Technology University. The Xhai Studios team is focused on producing high quality smartphone video games using the latest technological advancements. To keep up to the standards of the international high-end global gaming market, the Xhai team uses the latest software, such as the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 to develop their products.

Product / Service Description:

I prefer pitching the ideas face to face, or in email.

Business Opportunity:

We are focusing mainly in producing high-quality mobile video games that have profit projections of at least 10Mil USD a year

Revenue Model:

We make money with different ways:
1- Advertisement
2- In App-Purchases
3- One time Fee

Management Team:

The Xhayans are a team of creative and skillful young minds, hailing from various parts of the world who are passionately working on the games and apps they want the everyone to experience and enjoy.


3 directors, 2 foreigners and one local.

Current Status:

we are a start-up company. our expenses so far was the founders own expenses. we have ready products, some others in-production. we are currently looking for investment to complete our products and to market the ones that are finished.

Funding Milestone:

– few hardware (testing phones-computers)
– 6 months salaries till we make acceptable revenue so we can be self-efficient
– Utilities- Rent

Business Valuation:

we are willing to give 17% for 180,000 RM

Expected Return On Investment:

250,000 RM annually. a year from the date the investment made

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The beauty about Video Games, is that you never lose. The video games market is three times more than the movies and the music market. We have great projections for our games and we are confident that it’ll be successful with your help.

Exit Strategies:

After a specific period of time that the investor and the owner will agree on, the owners will pay back the investors the amount of money they invested as an exit strategy if things didn’t go as planned.


Sami Abuzarifa
Company Name: Xhai Studios
Postal Address : Xhai Studios Sdn Bhd, C-3-7, i-Tech Tower, Jalan Impact, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
State : Cyberjaya
Post Code : 63000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-86894494
Website :
Mobile: 0123489296

Software development firm in KL seek RM1mil investment

Amount Invested : RM 50,000.00

Amount Required : RM 1,000,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage:


XXXXXX Sdn Bhd, the nature of our business will be solely focusing on the IT industry, giving priority to software development services which consist of ERP system, EIM system, Mobile Application and IT troubleshooting services. We want to set a new standard of software development in the IT market whereby we customize software development for our clients, by only providing the necessary functionality according to our client’s requirements and at the same time maintaining an affordable price range to penetrate the market.

We have set a target market initially we will be focusing on private sector this is due penetrate the market by building up our company’s reputation and credibility. During our company’s expansion period, will be focusing on government projects, which has a lot of potential growth especially in IT field due to high demand, but not many companies could penetrate into government sector , due strict rules and regulation factors which most of the IT unable to fulfil , we strongly believe that we have advantage in obtaining government projects ,as we have bumiputera partners assisting us and also family members that are working in high positions for the Malaysian government itself. We believe there is a strong future for us at Info Essence, to hold a big amount of market share especially in the government sector as competitors for the IT field are less.

Currently we have a physical office at Damansara Heights (KL) which we are renting, we have 3 staff which consists of two directors (with 10 years’ experience in software development) and one senior accountant (part-time) (with 8 years’ experience) , and our business at the moment is basically at start-up stage. Therefore we require a significant amount of investment which is (RM 1,000,000.00) in order for our business operation to start and together with this business plan we have attached details on how we can ensure our client and investors can gain benefit not in the short-term but in the long run as well. We have provided with detailed financial break-down of how and why we need such amount of investment and how our can get back their return in the given period of time.

*Full business plan available upon request


State : Kuala Lumpur

Green Technology Project: e-Boat

What’s this E-Boat?

A fully homegrown Electric boat which uses pure electric to power.
Harness the power from Solar panels and dedicated battery cells to power an electric motor embedded in the boat.
Ergonomically design to cater all the necessity needs of a fisherman( can be customized to other types as well).
First of its kind in Malaysia, and to cater the huge demand of Malaysian Fisherman’s.
What’s Different?

Uses the more lightweight and durable materials(classified).
Full electric energy from high powered electric motors to run these boats.
Renewable energy from Solar panels and rechargeable batteries.
Very economic in consumption.
Assisted with latest technology (GPS,Tracker and etc).
Current Boats Issue

Guzzling diesel and polluting the sea and air.
Aluminum fishing boat is not good for use when there is bad weather approaching. Lightning can easily target the boat and the users in it
Low energy efficiency
Extra fuel consumption
Choppy rides(bumpy)
Non aerodynamic compared to Fiberglass
Corrosive due to salt water
What’s next?

Agreement on product with exact specifications, funding allocation, involvement of other stakeholders (subsidiary/JV/commission based)
Work on design, passing FEA test
Purchase of machines, equipment, tools and parts
Hiring of skilled/semi-skilled workers
Fabrication and assembly
Testing of the prototype
Marketing for mass market/JV/
Decision Time

Excellent ROI is expected from the number of boat sales to be done.(Asia/Mid East)
Details ROI and Investment / Technical specility would be shared upon NDA and Agreement signing.
57,095 vessels need upgrading or change, calculate the potential.

Green Technology Project: Electric Truck

The Project

Our first project is aim to introduce a 10-tonne load carrying commercial truck which is:-

At least 50% lighter in term of gross weight compared to conventional trucks in the market
Easy to assemble
Uses green technology to reduce environment pollution
Heavy duty structure accompanied by Telematics system
Able to reduce the maintenance cost by almost 50% compared to similar types in market
To be priced at only 70% of the market price for similar vehicles in the market
Key Features

Design Methodology
Assembly Approach (Modular Design & Fixture )
Payload to Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio(GVWR) Ratio
Suspension System( Independent Suspension)
Eco-Friendly Propulsion Philosophy
Drive by Wire system.
The Current Setback:

Suspension systems available now are either rudimentary units or minor improvements of such systems.
And better systems are complex and far too expensive to be adopted by fleet users.
Vehicle structures are also made as a single highly rigid unit.

Market Analysis & Reports (reports courtesy of Deloitte)

Statistics from Road Transport Department shows that a total of 6,261 units of tipper/dumper were sold in 2012.

One of the key player in the market is Sinotruk Sdn Bhd, who have their own assembling plant and selling about 400 units per year (Based on their annual return and price per unit of RM218,796.10 (without cargo bay) and turnover of around RM 103 millions.
Another competitor, Automotive Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, is selling the truck for RM253,000.  Approx. 19,374 (Year 2015 March) commercial vehicle registered in Malaysia (This includes Trucks, Prime Movers, Pick-up, Panel Vans, Bus)
Approx. 12,104(Year 2015 March) commercial vehicles being produced and assembled in Malaysia. This includes Trucks, Prime Movers, Pick-up, Panel Vans, Bus)

The Opportunity

Estimated price of the Transporter ranging between RM150,000 to RM180,000 (before tax) and may cost the customers around RM210,000 and RM240,000 after the taxes. Our price is competitive as our product offers many features which are not offered by the current players.
We are planning to sell 720 units on the second year onwards, which represent about 12% of the total market demand only.


The long term return on investment is about 40.7% p.a.
The investor is expected break even by the 3rd quarter of 2019, roughly on the 40th month of operations.

Additional Info

Green energy advancement and utilization is the key element in the current market trend , countries like Brazil , UAE, India , China is expected to grow tremendously in the coming year hence our opportunity to tap this untouched market is very lucrative.
The approval to use any product which is environmentally friendly is always accepted; hence our product is always on the plus point.
Future Plans

For a start, we plan to assemble 60 units per month, 3 units per day or 8 hours to assemble a single unit.
This rate is expected to increase further when the workers get used to the assembling processes
On top of that, we have plans to migrate into semi automation or full automation, which will increase the production rate up to 4 units every shift, thus quadrupling the revenue, i.e 2,880 units per year.
However, this may need additional investment in future.
There are also plans to expand the business into other regions, especially those undergoing rapid growth, such as Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Electrical contact cleaner BIOTECH seeking RM200K

Project Cost: RM200,000

Amount Invested : RM5000

Amount Required : RM200,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
energy / natural resources
biotechnology / healthcare
industry products

Project Stage:


Company History:

*Greenevap Electronic Component Cleaner™ (ECC)* is a powerful liquid that can effectively rinse and clean inside of the electric components. ECC can be a solution for many difficult electronic cleaning problems that cannot be resolved with air-dusters alone. Best of all,* ECC can clean while the
electrical equipment is powered on and fully operational *. Because of its unique non-conductive property to electricity, rated up to 25,000 volts, it can clean and maintain anything that carries an electrical charge or current safely without the downtime involved in taking the equipment on and
off line. Greenevap ECC is a cleaning chemical that is 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and citrus scented. These properties allow ECC to be sprayed indoors even without ventilation, because it contains no harmful chemicals.

Product / Service Description:

My ideas was to expend to whole malaysia.its because of the product it self is for electrical porpose.and every country is using it.there is also some product that is similar to it but the special of this product is that it is 100% Green product. the name is GREEN/ means the product is environmentally safe , and EVAP means evaporate.The bonus part of this product is that IT CAN BE USE WHILE ELECTRICITY STILL RUNNING.

Business Opportunity:

Theres alot of problem in every kind of business.The main thing about this product is advertisement.I manage to counter it by research how to advertise the product from television,facebook,lowyatforum,doing 1 on 1 interview about the product to some big company like sapura,Kereta api tanah melayu(KTM),lowyat building,and TNB malaysia.the feedback that we get is REALLY GOOD!

Revenue Model:

Firstly,we need money to import it,repacking,advertise and market the product to electrical services company.let them try the product themself.


Mohd Naqib Bin Ahmad (
Company Name: Greenevap malaysia SDN BHD
Postal Address : 160 Jalan I6 Taman Melawati
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 53100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-41052333
Website :
Mobile: 012-3615576


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