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Mitigating Global Warming & Poverty through Community-Based Waste Conversion Projects



Global Warming results from increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) in the atmosphere. The problem we now face is that human actions-including the burning of fossils fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and land clearing-are increasing the concentrations of some of these gases, creating the prospect of further warming of the globe.

Scientific evidence shows that, left unchecked, climate change will impact on many aspects of our society, with far-reaching consequences to human health, global food security and economic development.

One might wonder how significant the relation between a natural phenomenon and an economic condition could be. But, in truth, global warming can have disastrous effects on the progress to overcome poverty. Global warming is a scientific phenomenon in which global temperatures rise because of the release of harmful gases into the environment. The rising of temperatures can negatively impact the advancements made in eliminating global poverty.

Rising temperatures greatly alter agricultural yields. Good crop yields not only help to eliminate malnutrition, but also invigorate the economy by creating jobs and encouraging trade. Drought would leave many unemployed and hungry, which actively denies families the ability to rise out of poverty.

Another problem with global warming is water conservation. Higher temperatures lead to less water, which is already a problem in a number of poverty stricken areas. Another side effect would be severe rains and flooding, again, resulting in hardships. Changing weather patterns result in more storms and high sea levels, both of which can have disastrous effects on agriculture and crop yields.

Global warming’s negative effects do not only relate to changing sea levels, endangered animals, and disappearing glaciers. Its impact is very much related to humans, as it will affect water supply, crop yields, and potential natural disasters. Global warming’s origins may be debated, but its affects are unavoidable. Within the next few decades, temperatures will rise, resulting in terrible consequences especially for those who do not have safe, sturdy shelters and a dependable food source and income.

As the uphill battle against poverty is fought, so must the uphill battle against global warming. Damage has already been done, and while it is hard to undo, changing our ways today has a chance of alleviating the impact on tomorrow.


Research studies have determined that a viable climate change strategy cannot be achieved without a viable economic development strategy, and vice versa. As such, development strategies should alleviate global warming and poverty at the same time and cannot be done through piece-meal/ knee-jerk reaction.

Novel biomass conversion technologies are seen as the main route that will directly help the economy and conserves the environment from poor waste management and utilization. Furthermore, biomass has the highest potential for small scale business development and mass employment. An interesting characteristic of biomass is local production and local consumption.

Since the answer to alleviating (if not eradicating) poverty is not through mere education, gifts, subsidies and health programs but the understanding about the minimum earnings needed by an individual to live decently, global warming and poverty can be answered simultaneously by building Poverty Alleviation into biomass and waste conversion businesses and economics thought/actions.

With that concept, AGRO BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD have initiated and pioneered a New Business Paradigm that simultaneously answers GLOBAL WARMING and POVERTY (GWP) by developing Village level Industries to convert each village into wealth creation centers through the setting up of AGRO-POLYMER INDUSTRY COMPLEX-SUSTAINABILITY ENGINEERED PROJECTS (APIX-SEP) using ZERO-WASTE ZERO-CARBON BUSINESS-MODEL (ZW-ZC-BM).

With HQ in India and established in the year 2010, AGRO BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD is a manufacturer and service provider working towards converting available local Renewable Resources (RR = Plants/vegetation matter, agro-wastes, animal wastes, rain, sunlight, wind and soil) in villages and rural areas into Alternate Energy, Alternate Engineering materials, Bio-Petrochemicals, Bio-Fertilizer, Carbon Sink Engineered products and Bio-water, and also to set up Development projects in Villages in India and worldwide.

Visualizing its’ potential and convinced that a similar concept can have a positive impact in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, me and my group have initiated a collaborative working partnership with AGRO-BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD.

We believe that by introducing the concept of converting the huge cache of wastes and unused biomass into value-added GREEN PRODUCTS and MATERIALS with the activities dispersed in RURAL/FARM/VILLAGE AREAS would help in not only mitigating Global Warming, but would also help change the economic scenario of our nation.

Locating the industry/economic activities to be in village, farm or rural areas using SUSTAINABILITY ENGINEERING and SELF REGENERATIVE RECYCLING (SRR) methodologies in a Zero-Waste, Zero-Carbon Business Model (ZW-ZC-BM) would obliterate the impacts of global warming due to near total independence from fossil fuels and petroleum products, the development of the local villages would offset the problems due to shifting populations; local areas and villages would become centers of wealth creation, resulting in a cascading development effect.


We have set-up AGRO BIOGENICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD to operate as the MANAGEMENT CENTRE for community-based agro-resources and renewable resources conversions industrial projects to mitigate Global Warming & Poverty (GWP) simultaneously.

The business objective is to commercialize the innovative interconnected industrial complexes, APIX-SEP, in villages, farmlands and rural areas with the goal of making a significant difference to the growth of nation and region. As the parent company, AGRO-BIOGENICS (CLEAN-TECH) PVT LTD will provide the Appropriate Engineering and Total Know-How.

AGRO BIOGENICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD will design, devise, construct, operate and implement the APIX-SEP to utilize, convert and recycle Organic/Vegetation RENEWABLE RESOURCES (Non-farm plant vegetative materials, Felled and fallen trees, and Shrubs, weeds and grass clippings) and Non-Toxic Wastes (Agro-Industrial wastes, Farm/Plantation Waste, Food waste, Timber Industry waste and Organic Industrial waste).

These are huge resources not yet considered for any economically viable products, by mainstream production technologies and economics paradigm. In fact, we are not utilizing these appropriately. There are more than 100 million dry tonne of biomass generated in Malaysia on yearly basis to be tapped into higher value chain but studies have indicated that less than 10% of it are being used, wasting almost 90% or more of the total biomass. Neither have we correctly and fully identified all of these nor have we visualized the huge potentials to utilize all of these to develop the overall national economy in a sustainable manner.

However, together with our parent company, we have taken up the works of converting all these resources into Economic Development resources, through a MISSIONARY zeal and these are the renewable resources that would be the main systems in the AGRO BIOGENICS scheme of things.

Looking at the huge cache of Renewable Resources … the plants/ vegetations/ animal world … as the answer to energy/materials needs of mankind and focusing on two new technologies, Natural Fiber Polymer Composites (NFPC) and Carbon Sequestration Technology, AGRO BIOGENICS’s main thrust will be:

1. Natural Fiber Polymer Composites- based Engineered Green Products and Materials
2. Bio-Petrochemicals/Green Bio-Chemicals from vegetation resources (pure green sulfur, organic silica and building block chemicals).
3. Carbon Sink Engineered Products (CSEP) that are “reacted” and converted using Industrial wastes + CO2 (the waste being environmental pollutants otherwise). Examples of Carbon Sink Engineered products are “Green Cement”, Construction Bricks and Prefabricated walls/partitions.
4. Value-added byproducts such as Bio-Energy (electricity and heat to provide self-sustainable energy system), Bio-Fertilizer and Bio-Water.
5. Carbon Sink Engineered Products (CSEP) that are “reacted” and converted using Industrial wastes + CO2 (the waste being environmental pollutants otherwise). Examples of Carbon Sink Engineered products are “Green Cement”, Construction Bricks and Prefabricated walls/partitions.
6. Value-added byproducts such as Bio-Energy (electricity and heat to provide self-sustainable energy system), Bio-Fertilizer and Bio-Water.

The Target Markets for the end-products are Construction, Automotive, Industrial, Communication, Furniture, Textile, Crockery and Sporting Goods.

The setting up of APIX-SEP programs would be through a cooperative arrangement, through joint ventures involving AGRO-BIOGENICS and one or more of the following groups:
1. Federal or State Government in their rural development and poverty eradication effort
2. Educational Institutions as part of their CSR activities.
3. Entrepreneurs and/or Corporate companies who wish to take advantage of the huge market and profitability potential.
4. International Institutions, who may support by way of various assistance such as “Seed Capital”, Net based support, UN support and the like.

The initial plan is to set up two Pilot Projects in Malaysia …to be named: APIX_PILOT, piloting a small scale cluster modules in a farmland/village/rural area of 30 ha to 35 ha, to be followed up later with more systems with bigger land allocation (up to 100 ha). It should be noted that APIX-SEP – the ZW-ZC-BM – could be set up even in an area bereft of any agricultural activity; and in this case the locally available vegetation and other animal/ human wastes could be the starting materials for the SRR processes.


With rising energy costs and the threat of global warming, many businesses are now recognizing the benefits of using technology to reduce their carbon footprint and to minimize waste, while having a positive impact on their business”. As such “Global warming” is the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century.

The use of materials from renewing resources is attaining increased importance as sustainability, industrial ecology, eco-efficiency, and green chemistry are guiding the development of the next generation of materials, products, and processes.

At a time when we are facing SHORTAGES in all Engineering Materials (Wood, Metals, Cement etc) due to a Two-fold problem of Global Warming and Environmental degradation, those products now available in the market are “traditional” systems with certain costs and many “drawbacks”. However, ALL products under AGRO-BIOGENICS do not have such drawbacks, cost lesser and Unique being CO2 Reducing GREEN products… at Costs that the traditional products cannot compete.

However, though it needs a very low capital investment (around RM 150,000) but have high growth potentials and high profitability (it is estimated that the potential businesses involved through utilizing available Renewable Resources (RR) are about US $15 Trillion to $20 Trillion), we do not have the Working Capital to start-off and implement a pilot project. As such, we would like to explore the possibility of working together with an ANGEL INVESTOR or VENTURE CAPITALIST to start the business operation of AGRO BIOGENICS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD.

Let us combine together to make this happen… thereby paving the way for offsetting global warming, shifting populations… and above all, eradicating poverty…to be brought about not through subsidies and incentives, but through creating value to so-called wastes and useless renewable vegetation and plant resources; not through grants and loans, but through offering work and wages to those in the locality, and empowering people…all these finally resulting in government tax earnings, bringing about more cascading development of local villages and surroundings.



Waste to Fuel seeking RM2 million fund

Project Cost: RM2 Mil

Amount Invested : –

Amount Required : RM2 Mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: early expansion


Background of key managers/founders and shareholding:

Education background for shareholder/ founder is in Chemical Engineering
Experienced in harzardous and msw management for 20 years
Working experience with GLC

Current status:

Constructed 2 technologies for Harzadous Waste Facilities for GLC via Design & Build. (Total Project Cost, RM7Mil)
Currently Operating 1 Hazardous Waste Facility (Project Value RM12 Mil) and 1 MSW facility (Project Value RM30 Mil).
Design, Build & Operate (PFI) 3 Hazardous Waste Recovery Facilities, investment amount RM5Mil. Total Project Value RM50Mil.

Product / Service Description:

The nature of the business is to convert waste (in this case mixed plastic waste extracted from municipal solid waste or plastic industries) through certain processing equipment in order to produce alternative oil (equivalent quality to diesel oil) as a product.

Business Opportunity:

With the implementation of this project, it will be the turning point for the overall management of waste in Malaysia. Currently waste in Malaysia is directly disposed to the landfill. The propose project require certain amount of material in the waste to be processed and convert it to valuable material such as fuel. Potential Market Value of the Project in Malaysia is RM5.6Bil/ year.


Nasli (
Company Name: Ecoaqua Synergy
Mobile: 0196211011


Sentinel DVD Copy Protection

Project Cost: RM3.0 Mil

Amount Invested : RM 2.5 Mil

Amount Required : RM 500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: informatics / multimedia; manufacturing

Project Stage: others (Transfer Technology)

Information Memorandum:


The Company currently has developed and owns prototype software called SENTINEL SYSTEM, which will prevent DVD movie from unauthorized copying.

Sentinel System aims to prevent all sorts of copying (and copyright infringement) by taking control of the layout and access of a CD. This means that a DVD protected with the Sentinel System would be able to play on a Personal Computer and a DVD player but would not be able to be copied.

The system does not need intervention in terms of hardware; thus, end users will not notice any changes unless duplication takes in place.

“Sentinel System” is developed to address a major global issue, that is, content piracy. Piracy of DVD/VCD is a huge problem worldwide amounting to USD Billions in losses. The amount of losses is still climbing yearly.


Sentinel System works as a set of CDROM media layout control, access control and program control.

It uses access control to access to and from the protected CDs and ensures that the data on the CD is the only media it executes from.

Sentinel System uses a combination of encryption, code protection and multiple levels of polymorphism to make it a very secure system.

It also involves program control by protecting itself (the Product) from being hacked and makes it virtually impossible to create a “crack”.

The system does not need intervention in terms of hardware thus; end user will not notice any changes unless duplication takes in place.

Sentinel system value is that it is a system that can be installed on all parts of the delivery chain (operating system such as Windows, Mac and VCD, DVD players) and can be installed on any hardware or software platform. The product itself has been created to suit the changes in hardware/software platform standard.


The current technology in copy protection available in the market currently can still be copied by using widely used free software such as \”DVD Decryptor\” and other software which can be easily downloaded from the internet. Sentinel system have been tested and can protect itself from mostly available ripping software such as DVD Decryptor, Alcohol 120, Nero Burner, AnyDVD, and other ripping software which can be download from the internet.

Sentinel System copy protection have been compared with protection from Rovi Corporation and currently Sentinel System still can protect itself. We are inviting interested party to acquire the technology or help us to meet international businesses for technology transfer purposes. Sentinel System is ready from market implementation.

Contact Information

Mohd Afendy (

Postal Address : 12-02-03 Villa Seri Puteri Jln 3/92B Taman Kobena Cheras
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 56000
Country : Malaysia

Telephone : +603-92268106
Mobile: +6019-3688946

Waste to Energy Power Plant in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


The Office of the Ministry of Economic Development of Sri Lanka on March 2013 had given approval to XXXX (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a Company incorporated in Sri Lanka to build, operate and run the Batticaloa Waste-to-Energy Power Plant of 5 MW using Municipal Waste in the Eastern Province of Batticaloa in Sri Lanka.

Initially a subsidiary company of a Malaysian Company, listed in the Malaysian Bursa funded all the basic researches and feasibility studies and had obtained all the approvals, necessary to operate the Power Plant, on the understanding that the Company will come up with the total investment of the Project in exchange for 80% equity in XXXX. All approvals had since been obtained from an estimated expenses around US$ 200,000 for a period of 6 months. Unfortunately by late 2013, the Company could not proceed and was delayed. Ultimately the option to participate in the project expired.

Waste Studies for Batticaloa had been done by an independent waste management consulting group, HMRE Consulting Group , based in Germany, to confirmed the suitability and availability of Feed-stocks. Six municipals had signed the feed-stock agreements, plus a letter of assurance from the Deputy Minister that there will be sufficient feed-stocks to operate the Plant. A few meetings were held with the off-takers of Electricity, Ceylon Electricity Board, together with the officers from the Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Energy. Assurance had been given that the Ceylon Energy Board will sign the Power Purchase Agreement for the off-takes of electricity from the proposed plant, when the plant is in operation. Once XXXX is officially registered with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka with new Investor/funders, official letter of approval will be issued, prior to official PPA been signed.

XXXX will be designing, fabricate and installed the latest advance gasification technology, using proven fluidized bed technology and maximizing the electricity output, based on turnkey installation. XXXX will jointly operate the plant for one year, after installation and commissioning. After the one year period, XXXX will be willing to enter into an Operation and Maintenance contract at a reasonable fee.

Another alternative will be for XXXX is to take minority Equity Stake out of the Foreign Portion of 80%, and be responsible for the management of the Power Plant’s operation.
The land for the site of the Power Plant has already been allocated with a size of 22 acres in Batticaloa Province with easy road access and also main power grid nearby, which will be part of the contribution by the XXXX to the Joint Venture project.

Based on the 10 years profitability projection, it is reasonable due to the favorable factors surrounding the project, to expect a Return of Investment (ROI) of 17%. ( If based on 80% Equity, it will be around 14%). In conclusion, the Waste to Energy Power Plant in Batticaloa in Sri Lanka, is a very viable project due to the fixed financial income with assurance of supply of sufficient feed-stocks, high rates for electricity off-takes, as well as world class technology, yet economical, more durable and little maintenance requirement.


Clean Technology, zero waste mangement project

Our proposed project is based in Malaysia. Malaysia, together with Indonesia are the world’s largest palm oil producers in the world. They consume 40% of the world’s total fertilizer production annually. Malaysia produces 21 million tons of oil palm waste per year, an environment hazard.

There are 420 oil palm mills in Malaysia, only about 40 have implemented waste management control, however, none of the systems todate is as superior and efficient as ours. The attached power-point slides presentation on CDM on Composting show the difference between our Invessel System as opposed to the conventional Windrow System.

Our technology is patent pending for Malaysia & Indonesia. Our zero waste technology processes 100% of liquid and solid oil palm wastes into organic compost fertilizer. The system has been proven to be the best option and solution to reduce global warming effect, in accordance with research report by the Institute of Agricultural Technology and Biosystem Engineering, Germany.

We are proposing to build the first plant, capital cost for each plant is RM 41 million (approx. US$ 14 million ) . We plan for 10 plants over 5-7 years. Each plant produces minimum 36,000 tons of compost fertilizer, from about 72,000 tons of oil palm solid wastes. This is a small step towards resolving a huge environmental problem.

We are able to secure debt financing up to 70-80% from lenders such as the Malaysian Development Bank if we can secure an equity investor. This project qualifies for zero tax status in Malaysia, an incentive to invest in oil palm waste management projects in Malaysia.( We are open to any structure of financing, whether equity or debt or a combination of both.


ImASIA Mobile payment and transaction ecosystem

Project Title : DO IT

Project Cost: 50 million RM

Amount Invested :

Amount Required : 15 million

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia; financial services

Project Stage: start-up

More Information:

ImASIA Group of Companies through its ImASIA Mobile is looking for partner to participate in Mobile payment and transaction ecosystem. Our global payment and transaction technology have been designed to improve both convenience and safety for consumers, businesses, financial institutions, MNO, MVNO, MVNE and governments, enabling them to use digital currency via they mobile instead of cash, credit cards, debit card and checks.

Our Technology “Do IT”, is a fully legal payment instrument that is implemented with general principles similar to those of payment cards,using a four party transaction scheme. However, “Do IT” is an entirely new solution that takes advantage of the best characteristics of payments cards, alternative payment methods, and mobile telephony, thus opening up new possibilities and features unseen to date in competing payment instruments.

“Do IT” represents an opportunity to provide new services and payment products, enhancing consumers payment experience. Our “Do IT” technology transforms automatically any existing mobile phone, in an all-in-one transaction instrument, with no need of phone modification or new software, that make our solution totally independent of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and mobile manufacturer. Our solution immediately work with any mobile phone in the market, enabling consumers to collect and redeem bonus points, pay for products and services, top up the balance on pre-paid phone accounts, pay bills, redeem coupons, send and receive funds, use mobile tickets (or in you case buy collect, redeem or validate air line Ticket), and buy and send electronic gifts.

Compared to other innovative technology, our “Do IT” solution is substantially more secure than other services currently available on the market. Transactions are executed over a special communications channel, which is a part of the GSM network eco-system, and the user is identified on the communications transport layer (mobile phone MSISDN) as well as on the application layer (unique to the user PIN) which ensures system access security.

The ImASIA Mobile Network is very cost effective in setup and operations for telecommunications operator, and the merchants, which provide an easy integration and gives access to a complete variety of services, including merchant offers that are tailored to consumers\’ lifestyles and locations, transaction alerts and mobile payments at the point of sale and on the go, to improves consumer purchase experience and security.

The primary benefit for us and our partners is focused on new revenue stream, essentialy from each transactions, platform fees, terminal rental, and the potential for new customer acquisition as an additional benefit for us and our partners. If the merchant acceptance infrastructure becomes widely available, consumers may view the technology as a convenience and purchase products or services that are \”Do IT\” enabled, which will increase customer retention. With \”Do IT\” , we will focus on it\’s core competencies and minimize for our partners the risk and cost of new infrastructure, as well as fraud, privacy and risk as management are handled by ImASIA Processing Center, a trusted platform. Therefore, we would like to follow up and explain further to your group on the above system and its huge potential opportunities.


Health Tourism

Xxxx Sdn Bhd (“Xxx” or the “Company”) brings the world of health tourism to the finger tips of the masses. Xxx’s portal allows its subscribing members to browse through its substantial list of participating hospitals who offer world class medical treatments. Not only are members able to choose which treatment they would like to have, they are also able to book flights, accommodation and exclusive tour packages offered at the website. Members will be able to pick and choose suitable packages in 5 destination countries; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India & the Philippines.

To further facilitate a seamless and borderless business, Xxx offers its members a device called the iPHER (“Individual Personal Health Electronic Record” or the “device”) which enables them to convert and store their entire history of medical records. Information mirrored from the device to the portal will also facilitate online medical consultation from over 2000 medical practitioners with the members prior to embarkation.

Supported by a 24×7 multi-lingual call center based in Malaysia, India & the Philippines, Xxx strives to provide world class customer service to visiting tourists. Armed with a customized Customer relationship Management (CRM) system the portal also allows its members to synchronize, back-up and restore information into the device. With USD2 million invested to date, 28 issued patents and over 20 world class private hospitals in negotiations for partnership, Xxx is poised to take the health tourism market by storm. There are no other organizations in the world at the present moment that offers a complete and total solution to individuals who wish to travel abroad for medical treatment. The iPHER is unmatched by current and visible future competitive offerings.


Open source EMR. Many countries have embarked on Electronic Medical Records (EMR) across their nations but have failed. This is due to the fact that many hospitals utilize Hospital Information Systems (HIS) that are not compatible with one another. With the iPHER, we have resolved the issues of protocol and incompatibility.

Patent-Protected Technology. The technology platform of the iPHER is protected by 28 patents which would make it very difficult for competition to duplicate. Currently it is the only device in the world that is stand-alone, able to store scientific medical images, videos, etc without any other external software or the need to be online.

Multi-Billion dollar global business. Global health tourism is a large and growing market, estimated by the Boston Consulting Group™ at USD20 Billion in 2006, growing to USD58 Billion by 2012.

Multiple revenue streams. The power of this investment comes from the marriage between the health tourism portal and the iPHER device. It generates not only sales income for the company but also recurring income, which is absent in most business models. Current model accounts for 5 different revenue streams with many more unaccounted for as there are many spin-offs that can be generated from this business.

First mover initiative. There are no similar offerings in the world at the moment that provides customers with choice. All other health tourism initiatives are conducted by hospitals themselves.

World Class Customer Service. The crux of this business is customer service. If Xxx positions itself as the concierge of every private hospital in the region, Xxx could very well take over the health tourism market of the world!

In-line with Government Initiatives. Almost every government in the region is gunning for the opportunity of earning foreign exchange from the health tourism industry. Hence market penetration into these countries will be encouraged by their respective governments.

In-line with Private Hospital Initiatives. Almost every private hospital in the region is gearing up for health tourism. Specialized floors have been designated for tourists, apartments/hotels being built to house families of these tourists. Multi-lingual personnel being hired to manage non-English speaking tourists. Hence they would welcome the portal with open arms as it would add to their bottom line.

Tremendous spin-offs. There are a lot of other businesses that can be generated from the portal eg. Data mining, pharmaceutical, software development, document imaging services, insurance etc

Passionate and visionary management team. The team has been working on the project for over 3 years now and has brought the company thus far, from a simple website to a full scale portal coupled with brick and mortar elements. They will continue to strive to bring the company to the next level.

Grants are available. The company is in the final stages of its MSC status application. It has also aligned itself with MIMOS initiatives in the field of semantics. There are many R&D funds that the company can acquire for software and hardware development.


Xxx is seeking USD12 million in equity financing. The business model is cash driven with minimal assets required. This is a sound investment opportunity, with the added advantage of tax free benefits (minimum 5 years with the possibility of up to 10 years) in Malaysia once Xxx is approved as a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) company. Being cash driven, there is every possibility that dividends could be declared immediately as returns to the shareholders. Xxx anticipates that this financing will be sufficient for the company to be profitable after 2 years. The Company may also undertake to consummate a reverse merger or public listing in the next 24 months.

Seeking RM300K for Ultra Spray Dryer project in Kedah

We are looking for angel capital who are interested in fund our project : designing, assembling and maintaining spray dryer. We are planning to build 2 prototype of spray dryer for our prospective client from Singapore and US. So far we have received order from Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang to assemble and commisioning a ultra spray dryer.

We estimate the cost to developed these 2 prototype to cost approximately RM 300,000
Currently we are still looking from premise to set up a mini lab.

If you are interested, we can arrange for a meeting to discuss the proposal at any place and time convinient to you.

P/s : spray dryers are commonly use by R&D dept in Universities and Pharmaceuitcals industries

6,000,000 USD for Growth in Profitable Technology Firm, China

Project Cost: $6,000,000 USD

Amount Invested : Reinvested profits

Amount Required : n/a

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
others (financier)

consumer goods
industry products

Project Stage: early expansion

Information Memorandum:

After successfully introducing our LED-product line into the market we are currently at a stage where we are looking to expand our production to be able to supply the high demand. We are looking for 6,000,000 USD loan or equity (or a mixture of both). I want to sell 20-49% shares or get funded by a loan.

* Register to view Executive Summary / Business Plan.

Contact Information

Norbert Ernst (
Company Name: Astera LED-Technology
Country : China
Website :

Special Investment Offering in IT Company. Revenue 75%, Dadang Darmawan, Indonesia

Project Cost: USD 50,000

Amount Invested : USD 15,000

Amount Required : USD 35,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: informatics / multimedia, agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: start-up

More Information:

We have insufficient infrastructures to accomodate human resources to develop the program.

Free distributed software & online media for health / medicine field and professionals funded by third parties through sponsorship.

The program is supported by certain pharmaceutical companies as this can be one of the their CSR program implementation. The community is absolutely open and welcome for “free things” and helping their works. Absolutely no competitor at all and this is an original concept due to those companies opinions.

We are really unique company with unique program (services / products). We create free software and online media for community funded by third parties as part of their CSR and marketing programs.

We have some existing companies commit to join and support the program. They are willing to switch some percentage of their CRS funds & marketing budget. We are now still working to find extra companies to catch our sponsorship amount target.

Programmer (web, desktop, mobile) 3 persons, Designer 1 person, Marketing 2 persons, Others 10 persons

75% of net profit with guaranteed min. 20% of investment amount revenue per year. Contract is 2 years and available to extend.

Contact Information

Dadang Darmawan (

Telephone : +62 22 61440210

Fax : +62 264 8388113

Mobile: +62 81910009071

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