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ImASIA Mobile payment and transaction ecosystem

Project Title : DO IT Project Cost: 50 million RM Amount Invested : Amount Required : 15 million Knowledge / Experience Required: general management Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time; as consultant Industry: informatics / multimedia; financial services Project Stage: start-up More Information: ImASIA Group of Companies through its ImASIA Mobile is looking for partner to participate in Mobile payment and transaction ecosystem. Our global payment and transaction technology have been designed to improve both convenience and safety for consumers, businesses, financial ...

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Health Tourism

Xxxx Sdn Bhd (“Xxx” or the “Company”) brings the world of health tourism to the finger tips of the masses. Xxx’s portal allows its subscribing members to browse through its substantial list of participating hospitals who offer world class medical treatments. Not only are members able to choose which treatment they would like to have, they are also able to book flights, accommodation and exclusive tour packages offered at the website. Members will be able to pick and choose ...

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Seeking RM300K for Ultra Spray Dryer project in Kedah

We are looking for angel capital who are interested in fund our project : designing, assembling and maintaining spray dryer. We are planning to build 2 prototype of spray dryer for our prospective client from Singapore and US. So far we have received order from Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang to assemble and commisioning a ultra spray dryer. We estimate the cost to developed these 2 prototype to cost approximately RM 300,000 Currently we are still looking from premise to set ...

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6,000,000 USD for Growth in Profitable Technology Firm, China

Project Cost: $6,000,000 USD Amount Invested : Reinvested profits Amount Required : n/a Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: others (financier) Industry: manufacturing electronics consumer goods industry products Project Stage: early expansion Information Memorandum: After successfully introducing our LED-product line into the market we are currently at a stage where we are looking to expand our production to be able to supply the high demand. We are looking for 6,000,000 USD loan or equity (or a ...

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Special Investment Offering in IT Company. Revenue 75%, Dadang Darmawan, Indonesia

Project Cost: USD 50,000 Amount Invested : USD 15,000 Amount Required : USD 35,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant Industry: informatics / multimedia, agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare Project Stage: start-up More Information: PROBLEM: We have insufficient infrastructures to accomodate human resources to develop the program. PRODUCT: Free distributed software & online media for health / medicine field and professionals funded by third parties through sponsorship. POSITIONING: The program is ...

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Indonesia French Gauging System

My company has signed with Scantech France on sole distributor for its Gauging X-ray systems in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We are currently setting up the Malaysia office and we plan to find an investor to help us to do a JV or setup an Office in Indonesia and Thailand. This Product is a Scanner that uses X-ray technology to measure the thickness or weight of a flat web products (thin films, glass, rubber, paper, metals) Most competitors product is ...

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Singapore Patented Riveting Tool

Innovations (Global) Pty Ltd was set up to commercialise a patented Riveting Tool that will drill and set Drill Point Rivets in one operation. Normally two tools are used to set Pop or Blind Rivets – one tool to drill a hole, the other to set the rivet. Our Tool will cut down on time in setting rivets, thereby cutting costs, which all tradesmen desire. We built a prototype tool which proved the mechanical action in setting Drill Point Rivets. ...

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China Amusement Park IT Outsourcing, seek pre-IPO funding

xxx is the top solution provider in China & Malaysia for Amusement-park Information Management, providing Ticketing & Admission Control solutions Funding Proposal – RM3MIL Investment in: – IPO activities – Park IT Outsourcing Investments TERM: Selling 10% of xxx Technologies Sdn Bhd (“the Company”) for RM 3,000,000. Investor has a Director seat. The discounted valuation of the Company is MYR 30,000,000 as the IPO (April/May 2012) projected valuation is MYR 60,000,000. • The IPO market is London Stock Exchange, AIM, ...

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