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善用政府補助金, 小企業做成大企業

沒錢把生意做大,是許多中小企業的心聲。不少業者也在苦訴政府沒有好好援助推動經濟成長的中小企業領域。 現實的情況卻是,政府旗下援助基金多達40個,但國內很多企業家依舊對相關援助、優惠貸款便利及補助金或獎掖等毫無頭緒,以致錯失大好機會…… 問題出在沒有找對管道!

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10 Things you should know about the Singapore startup landscape

With Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH) just around the corner, there is a significant interest directed at Singapore these days. Of course, there has always been interest in Singapore’s tech and startup scene, especially when the city-state became the only Southeast Asian country to rank in Startup Genome’s Top 20 Startup Ecosystems in World report in 2015. But if you’re only just discovering Singapore’s tech and startup scene, here’s ten things you should know about it. 1. A ...

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Key differences between a strategic plan and a business plan.

You’ll want to create a Business Plan when you are looking to: Start a new company Organize their thoughts Judge the viability of your business idea Identify your general business strategy Understand potential financial results Present to bank or investor for financing And you’ll want to create a Strategic Plan in order to: Grow an existing business Identify the best opportunities for growth Determine and prioritize your financial and HR needs Effectively communicate your plan to your team Provide a ...

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How can get funding for your business?

Here are some common ways to fund your business: Angels / Venture capitalists (VCs). More on that here. Use a crowdfunding website like Alix Global, Ata Plus, Crowdo, Eureeca, pitchIN and Propellar Crowd+. Make sure you read the fine print in your agreement with the various sites. The Pros and Cons of Equity Crowdfunding Loans / grants provided by the government agencies. A lot of different options here, and historically a solid option for small businesses. SME Loans / Grants ...

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Labuan: Asia’s near-secret haven for an offshore corporation

Labuan is the “secret weapon” of Asian companies like AirAsia that want the benefits of a tax haven with the perks of a legitimate offshore corporation. Reporting from: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I’m sitting at the Kuala Lumpur Airport Low Cost Carrier Terminal, and directly in my view out onto the tarmac is the Air Asia jet that will take me the 50 minutes or so to Singapore. It’s not the first class travel I’m used to, but for $11 plus ...

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Crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investing?

Crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investing – there seem to be so many different ways to get funding for my business. Which one is best and are there any downsides to letting other people own a share of my company? Eleanor Lawrie of This is Money replies: You could feel like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to the different forms of investment on offer for your small business. But while the offer of ‘free money’ may sound tempting, ...

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The five key growth drivers

If there was a guaranteed formula for fast growth, more companies would be achieving the same kind of stratospheric revenue increases as Mobile Interactive Group (MIG). And somebody would be getting very rich selling it. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs can help their companies develop quickly by simultaneously harnessing five key growth drivers. The first key growth driver is strategy. Every fast-growing business starts with an idea, which turns into the business plan. The strategy might revolve around bringing a new product to ...

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The 50 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Social Media Marketing Strategies Social media is about connecting with the people in your niche: customers, potential customers, people who are interested in what you do, or who share similar interests and circles or hubs with you. It’s about building relationships and networking, not selling, although that does come as a result. Get Out of The Store Business owners with a brick and mortar store need to reach out to a bigger audience online. Social media isn’t new. People have ...

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7 Steps to Startup Failure

Let me tell you a story about Joe. You see — Joe (not his real name) used to be a fired-up and motivated entrepreneur. Huge dream to make it big in the world of business — he set out to build his empire from scratch. Yes — another startup. But guess what? Joe is now toast. Dry toast with no jam. And worse? It went from grand to gutter in less than 18 months. In my role as mentor, coach ...

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